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Dec 29, 2016

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 48 times)


A man in his 50 s running on the roads madly. His hand was bleeding but he cared less about it. After all it is his boss last wish that she needs to know the truth.


 His boss Pratap Gupta lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood. He and family all were shot by bullet.
Pratap Gupta

 Pratap : come Mo..Mohan .

Mohan : sir

He ran to his boss and take his head on his knee.

Pratap: I... i...want you to say everything her. Ab..about me. .. About Raizadas.

Mohan went numb. His boss was asking him to say the truth to her. It's have been 15 years. What if she takes in wrong way?

Pratap : promise me...

Mohan : yes sir . I will do it.

Pratap smiled but a bullet hit on his head and died. Another bullet hit on Mohan's hand and he ran from there.

Flashback ends.

He stood in front the building. It has the board stating Sunshine Orphanage. He walked through the gates but stopped by the guards.

Guards: hey stop! What are doing here at this time? Don't you know that the visiting hours are over?

Mohan : I want to meet....

And fell down. Then the guards noticed his bleeding hand. So they immediately took him inside.

Doctor treated him. And removed the bullet.

Next day-

Sunshine Orphanage-

Mohan opened his eyes. He saw the unfamiliar surroundings and started shouting.

Other members came to him and tried to make him calm.

Doctor: sir you need to be calm.

Mohan: I want to meet someone.

Guard: yeah last night also he was saying the same. Who do you want to meet ?

Mohan: khushi.

So guys here is the prologue. Please hit thank-you and do comment so that I can know your views.

Thank you

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Dec 29, 2016

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 46 times)


1) Khushi.


20 year, simple , orphan girl with mystery which will be revealed later. Completed 12th class with high marks and got scholarship for college but used that scholarship money for other children of Sunshine Orphanage.

2) Arnav Singh Raizada.

Age 22, cool , handsome dude of St.Marks college, hate his father Arjun Singh Raizada for some reasons and Love his sister Anjali Singh Raizada.

3) Anjali Singh Raizada.

Age 20, simple mature girl, love her family, mediator between her brother and dad.

4) Mohan Kashyap.

Age 50, employee of Gupta Industries, Manager and friend of his boss Prakash Gupta and knows everything about him.

5) Arjun Singh Raizada.

Age 56, Owner of Raizada group of companies, hate his rival Pratap Gupta that's why he killed him, father of Arnav and Anjali and loves them, want to mend his relation with Arnav. Arnav is his weakness.

6) Shanti.

Age 64, Warden of Sunshine Orphanage, Sweet, caring , understands Khushi very well.

Other characters will be revealed later.And thank-you soooooo much for such a great response that I have never expected. Thank-you. And I hope you will like the story too.( Fingers crossed)


Lots of love


Dec 30, 2016

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 46 times)

Here it goes-

The Warden takes Mohan to khushi's room.

Warden : Mr. Kashyap, here she is.

There he saw a girl decorating her room with the Stars. Her hazel eyes shows how innocent and how pure she is. He thought that it's time her to say goodbye to her sorrows. Warden called out her name.

Warden : khushi beta.

Khushi turned only to get shock of her life. She stood still seeing the person besides her Shanti Ma. She shouted.

Khushi : Shanti Ma! Stay away from him. He is bad man.

The two don't know what exactly is happening.
Shanti calms her down and asked why she is behaving like that.

Khushi : he is the man who follows me whenever I go out. He....
Mohan.: chutki beta.

Khushi get shock. This is the which her .... that means. But how it is possible.

Khushi :kaka ?
Mohan : yeah beta.

His eyes get moist in fact her eyes too. It's almost 15 years he heard that from her. kaka. She used to call him by that name.

Shanti get glad seeing them and moved out of the room to give some space.

After some time-

Khushi heard the truth. She don't know how to react. She got to know the truth that the family she thought was actually alive and got killed yesterday by none other than Arjun Singh Raizada.

Khushi : I want to bury my family.
Mohan : yeah come but we have to be careful. None should know that you are alive.
Khushi : hmm.

They walked out of her room and told everything to her Shanti Ma. She felt sad for khushi and also got glad that at least she knows the truth now.

Khushi performed all the rituals and buried her parents. And she cried out fell on her knees. From the last 15 years she thought that her family is dead but today she came to know that they were alive and killed yesterday. All this happened because of the one person.

Khushi : mom dad I swear, I will not leave Arjun Singh Raizada. He destroyed my family. And now it's his turn. His count down Begin.

So guys here is the update. If there's any mistake then please forgive me . It's my first attempt to write a revenge story so if you have any opinions or suggestions then please do say through comments.
Don't forget to hit thank-you and do comment.

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Jan 2, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 56 times)

Happy new year guys!!!! Forget all the sorrows of 2k16 and restart 2k17.

Here it goes -

Khushi and Mohan came out after the cremation.

Khushi : kaka, I want every details of That man.
Mohan : ok.

After some time-

Sunshine Orphanage,

Khushi : I will stay here only.
Mohan : I know, you are hurt. Im sorry. I should have told you before but....
Khushi : im not angry at you. It's just I don't want him to know truth.
Mohan : oh... So here are the details of the Raizadas .
Khushi : thanks kaka.

She go through the file and smirked.

Khushi : the Raizadas count down starts.I want admission in St.Marks college.
Mohan : what you will do?
Khushi : my first target is his weakness. get ready Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.
Mohan : Arnav?
Khushi : yeah. I want every single detail of him.
Mohan : But chutki Arnav and Arjun don't talk with each other.
Khushi : but Mr.Raizada is very protective and that is in our favor.
Mohan : do you think this will work? He will do anything not to hurt Arnav.
Khushi : kaka , trust me . This will work. And don't worry this time Mr. Raizada can do nothing.
Mohan : ok take this file but be careful beta.
Khushi : I know kaka.

Mohan just smiled but he is tensed. He only prayed silently for her safety.

After some time-

Sunshine Orphanage-

Khushi , Mohan and Shanti were sitting in khushi's room.

Shanti : Im with you but be careful beta.
Khushi : Shanti Ma don't worry nothing will happen. It should Raizadas to be worry.
Shanti : you can leave here and can go whenever you want to your kaka's house.
Khushi : I know ,you are the best.

With this khushi hugged her. Mohan smiled looking at them. Khushi got parent's love from her Shanti Ma.

Next day-

Mohan : here is your books and other things. I had talked to the principal about you. He was quite impressed that you are a merit student.
Khushi : thanks kaka. You have done so much for me. I ....
Mohan : stupid . Don't talk like that. It's your family who had done so much for me. Im just a mere employee but your father included me in Your family and your kaka.

Khushi hugged Mohan. Both faced so much but now everything will be good.

Enjoy your first day with this update. Please hit thank-you and do comment.
Thank you
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Jan 5, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 60 times)

Thank you- Archanasuresh , spriya , Angel23, Noordina , Tparvaiz, Lily30, lazydoll, Arshi for your comments. And also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Here it goes-

Next day Khushi got ready for her important day in her life. Today she is going to execute her plan, her revenge. She faced a lot her life. That doesn't matter to her but her family also faced equal difficulties. She didn't spend much time with them but she will give justice to them. She can't take police help. Can she? It is quite obvious that Mr. Raizada had bribed them which will cause death of her as well as her Mohan kaka. She can tolerate anything to her but she cant loss her dear one. No never.

Shanti : khushi beta. Today is your first day of your college and also your first day of plan , here take this prashad. I went to temple for your blessings.
Khushi : thanks Shanti Ma.

She ate the prashad . She took the blessings of her and went to college.


St. Marks college-

Khushi walked through the gates of the college. It is huge building with a nice garden which contain her favourite flower , Rose , that to her favourite colour , Red. Oh she loved the atmosphere.
Then she saw the students. All were in groups pulling each other legs. Khushi thought -" maybe this is the college life ." She saw a girls group. All were wearing Short skirts exposing their legs. Khushi thought - " hey Devimaiya ! Is there any shortage of clothes that they wore such a short clothes." Then she saw her dress. Red churidar with white and red combination of dupatta. Her hair is half opened giving her simple look. She again looked at them but now they were looking at someone. She followed the direction and saw a guy with his back facing in white T-shirt and blue jeans. All girls were praising him. She moved towards him and saw his chocolate brown eyes which were so deep. His get black hair was perfectly gelled making his look more than handsome. She clearly saw his face and get shocked. Finally he is here , right in front of her eyes.

He turned towards her saw top to bottom. He thought - " churidar in college? Interesting. " He saw her hazel eyes and get lost in them. Her eyes remind him of someone which he want to forget but he can't do that. Can he? That person who changed his life and made him what he is today. They both were lost in each other's eyes.

Khushi (to herself) : finally Im here, Infront of you , Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.
Arnav (to himself) : it's better to stay away from her.

So finally they met. One want to take revenge and other want to stay away. But what is written in their destiny only God knows and me too ( *wink ).
Don't forget to hit thank-you and please do comment as the next update will be on your response.

Thank you,
Lots of love,

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Jan 7, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 55 times)

Thank you - Spriya, Jelebigiri, lazydoll , Farakhan , Lily30, Tparvaiz, Kshamadeeksha, Noordina, Angel23 for your comments.
Farakhan- it's pleasure to know that you liked it.

Also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Here it goes-

Khushi and Arnav lost in each other but only to come to the reality by the peon. He called Khushi as the principal wants to meet her. So she went from there.

Here Arnav's friend Akash tapped Arnav's shoulder.


Akash : what happened bro? You like her that much?

Arnav got angry. Here he is trying not to see her and his friend is thinking that he..... So irritating.

Arnav : if you applied this much brain in your studies then you would be topper.
Akash : if I don't apply my intelligent brain then how can I propose Payal?
Arnav : you will never change.
Akash : I know that.
Arnav : if you are done with your love lessons then can we go to class. We came here to study I guess.
Akash : oh yeah let's go. Payal may be reached there.

And he ran away. Arnav just smiled at his stupid friend. He moved towards his class room but his mind is preoccupied by the red churidar girl. Damn he don't even know her name. He had to admit . She indeed look beautiful in red. Her hazel eyes ...... Wait didn't he thought to stay away from her then why he is thinking about her. He brushed her thoughts concentrated on the way to his class room.

Here in the principal room, the principal was praising Khushi since 10 minutes. Khushi was feeling awkward. She didn't excel in academics so that people will praise her. She studied so hard to make her late parents proud and with the scholarship money she helped other students to study.

Khushi : sir sorry to interrupt you but I have a class now. So may I .....
Principal : yeah sure miss. Khushi.
Khushi : thank you Sir.

She came out of the room and took a deep breath. She walked through the corridor and thought about Arnav. She don't know but there is something in those chocolate brown eyes that maybe she can only understand. But again She remembered all those and why she is here . Her face turned angry. She saw the time and ran to her class.

Khushi got confused as she is new here but she don't know anyone to ask. She heard a soft voice from behind -" excuse me? Are you new here?
She turned to see the person and stood still.

So Im stopping here. Till then guess who that person can be.

Don't forget to hit thank-you and please do comment as the next update will be on your response.

Thank you
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Jan 10, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 57 times)

Thank you - Spriya , Angel23, Noordina, Lily30, Irene, Tparvaiz , Lazydoll for your comments.
And also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

I tried to give long update. I hope you will enjoy it. Happy reading.

Here it goes-

Khushi got confused as she is new here but she don't know anyone to ask. She heard a soft voice from behind -" excuse me? Are you new here?
She turned to see the person and stood still. She came to reality when she heard- " hello! Are you listening? Are you new here?

Khushi : yeah. Today is my first day in college.
Person : oh... So welcome to the St.Marks college. Im Anjali. Anjali Singh Raizada.
Khushi ( thought ) : I know who you are. Miss. Anjali Singh Raizada. Oh god! I just hate this surname.
Anjali : hey you again lost somewhere? What's your name?
Khushi : Khushi.
Anjali : khushi. Nice name. What's your surname?
Khushi ( smiled ) : I live in Sunshine Orphanage.

Anjali felt sorry for her. She know the pain of losing someone. Her mother.... How can forget that incident. At least she has her father but he also always on business trips. She only has her brother who is her friend , father , mother everything. He never make her feel her loss. He was and will always there for her.

Anjali just hugged Khushi showing her condolences. Khushi first get shocked and then get confused. Khushi thought - " what is this? This is all because of her father and she is giving me condolences. Amazing."

Anjali : never feel that you are an....Im your friend. And friends are also family right?
Khushi ( thought) : friend. Family. These words are not meant for you Raizadas.
They came out of hug. Khushi shocked to see Anjali's eyes were moist. She don't know whether those were fake or real. They looked real and genuine. But how can it possible. Don't she know anything about her father? Whom to believe? Argh... my life is so mess.

Khushi ( smiled) : thank you. But for now can you please tell me where's my class?
Anjali : oh no. Im also late. Come we both are in same class.
Khushi : let's go.

After some time-

Anjali and Khushi both came out of class. All think that college life is great but the first day is horrible. All the professors were like threatening them. Seriously, school life is awesome.

They moved to canteen. Khushi noticed that Anjali is looking here and there.

Khushi : Anjali is everything alright?
Anjali : yeah my brother is also in same college. 2 years senior to us.

Khushi came to know she is talking about Arnav. But she asked his name so that she doesn't get any doubt for which she got reply. Khushi just nodded to that.

Anjali : where is he?

But came a reply from behind -" here I am "

Anjali and Khushi both turned back to see Arnav. Arnav smiling face turned to shock seeing Khushi with Anjali. Both were lost in each other.

Arnav ( thought) : what is she doing here? why I have a feeling that I know her. She is.. . No . It can't be. But those eyes?
Khushi ( thought) : his eyes always remind me of.... No. It can't be. Maybe Im have a misunderstanding. It's have been really long time. But still I have a feeling that.... Hey Devimaiya! Please what are you doing? Please be always with me.

Anjali saw them lost in each other. She smirked. She never saw her brother looking at a girl but here he is somewhere else looking at her friend. Hmm interesting.
She snapped her hand in front of them getting them to reality.

Anjali : Bhai, she is Khushi ,my friend.

Arnav just smiled. He need to stay away from her. It's good for him. It took him really long time to get over from that. He can't face all that again. But the thing is did he really got over from that? He brushed that thought. What can he do? He is trying so hard but it is difficult for him. Very difficult.

Anjali : and Khushi as I told he is my sweetest bro , Arnav.
Khushi : namaste.

Arnav looked shocked and thought -" Namaste? Im I looking like an uncle? " He looked himself top to bottom.

Anjali saw this and started laughing like hell. Here Khushi stood confused and Arnav felt embarrassed and getting irritated with the whole situation. First he meet someone whose eyes remind him his past , he decides to stay away and later finds that person is your sister's friend. Argh...It's so frustrating.

Khushi : what happened? Why are you laughing?
Anjali : asking... hahaha.
Khushi : but Anjali....
Arnav ( shouted ) : ok stop.( towards Khushi) And you miss. Whatever, this is what your mother thought you the manners? Making fun of your seniors? Don't know what my sister saw that she made you her friend.

Khushi's eyes welled up and soon started to flow. She tried not to cry at least in front of him but when he said about her mother , it was out of line. How can he say something like this when his father is the reason for all this mess? She wiped her face and looked at Arnav.

Here Anjali got angry at the way Arnav behaved with Khushi. This is not him. She know he have temper issues but he never behaved like this with any of her friends. Never. She about to say something but interrupted by Khushi.

Khushi : Mr. Raizada ,you don't have any Right to question my upbringing and say anything about my mother. And may I ask you , what I did that you thought I didn't gave you respect when you don't even deserve it. And second thing, Im not the one who forced your sister to be my friend. She herself came to me and helped me. So better you ask her what she saw in me?

She looked at Anjali and went from there.

Here Arnav and Anjali stood there feeling guilty. Anjali saw her brother standing still without any expression.

Anjali : now you are happy Bhai? What you got by doing all this? It just thing Bhai and you created the big issue. And how can you say about her mother? Do you even know that she has no family god dammit.

Now Arnav got a huge blow with this new revelation about the girl whom he insulated just few minutes ago. How can he do this? He was already so frustrated about her whose eyes looked like the one very close to his heart and he released all his frustration on her but now this information. He really have to pay for what he did today.

Anjali : you are unbelievable Bhai.

And she went to console Khushi and ask her apologies.

Arnav saw her sister went away from him. This was the first time that his sister talked to him like this. How can he complain when he know he totally deserve it. But now the question is how can face the both. Dammit it. He hitted the wall so hard that he gained some unwanted attention of the students but one look is enough for them and they all went from there.

So here im stopping. None able to guess who that person could be. All were guessing Payal but no.
Spriya - you were so close. Your first guess was right ( Anjali).

So please hit thank you and do comment.

Thank you,
Lots of love,

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Jan 14, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 60 times)

Thank you- Spriya, Lily30, Angel23, Jalebigiri, Noordina, lazydoll, Tparvaiz, Irene for your comments.
Also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Happy pongal guys and happy reading

Here it goes-

Khushi went to washroom after hearing those words about her mother from the one whose father killed her family. She broke down completely today. For the first time in these years she was missing her mother. She was crying like a nursery child who cries for her mother in the playschool. She wiped her tears.

Khushi ( herself ): just stop it Khushi. Why you are affected by his words? You never cared for other's words then why it hurts this much by his words?

She heard even bad being an orphan in her school days. Her classmates used to bully her. She never cared then but what happened now?

Khushi ( herself) : I think I should talk to kaka. I will feel better then.

She came outside in the garden and about to call him but stopped seeing Anjali in front of her. She don't want to create a scene and don't want to say anything that might hurt her....... at least for now. She needed to be alone. She about to go but was stopped by a hand.

Anjali : Khushi. Im sorry. I know my brother said lot to you and also I know my sorry won't change what happened few minutes ago but I don't want to lose a friend like you.

Khushi saw that Anjali was crying. She don't know But she always feel positive vibes around her.

Khushi : Anjali, I know you are feeling guilty even when it's not your fault so don't be. I couldn't control myself when he.......

She couldn't complete the sentence and broken down. Anjali immediately hugged her. She rubbed her ( Khushi ) head to calm her down. Seeing Khushi like this her eyes also got moist.

After like ages Khushi cries subsidised but soon Anjali felt weight on her body. She saw that Khushi became unconscious. She shouted.

Here Arnav was sitting lonely on the bench in the garden heard Anjali screaming. He ran to her to saw Anjali is balancing Khushi not to fall. He immediately went there.

Anjali glared him but he ignored it and lifted Khushi in his arms and went to college medical room.

After some time-

Anjali and Arnav were standing outside the medical room. Arnav was pacing here and there. Anjali saw this but didn't thought much.

Few minutes later Doctor came out of the room and said that she fainted because of the stress and told them to bring some medicines from dispensary which beside two rooms.

Anjali took the prescription from Doctor went from there. Here Arnav stood alone. He was in dilemma whether to go in or not. How can he face her now?

He went inside taking small steps. He saw her lying lifelessly on the bed. His eyes get moist. He sat beside her and kissed on her forehead. A drop escaped from his eyes and fell on Khushi's cheek who was awake before he came inside.

Arnav : im so sorry. I know I shouldn't have said those words to you but you know what , your eyes remind me someone. It took really long time to get over my past. I can't face all that again........I can't say all these looking at your eyes which makes me weak. Sorry. I will never come in your way.

He turned to go out of the room band saw Anjali standing there. He know she is angry at him so he thought to go. His first preference now is Khushi. He don't want to create any scene here. He walked out of the room.

Anjali went to Khushi and moved hand on her ( Khushi ) Head. Khushi opened her eyes to see Anjali. She looked at the door to see no one. Anjali understood that she was looking for Arnav but thought not to bring that topic in front of her which is not good for her health.

Anjali : you okay?
Khushi : yeah thanks. I think I should go.

But a sound came from outside-" don't you dare ". Both looked at the direction of voice.

So guys im stopping here. I have my pre board exams so I can't update it regularly. I will try to update on Sundays but it is your choice completely. If you want me to stop then it's fine. Don't forget to hit thank-you and please do comment and share your views.

Thank you,
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Jan 20, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 57 times)

Thank you- Jalebigiri, Lily30, Noordina, Angel23, rereshmi23 ,Tparvaiz for your comments.
Also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Here it goes -

Anjali : you okay?
Khushi : yeah thanks. I think I should go.

But a sound came from outside-" don't you dare ". Both looked at the direction of voice.

Arnav : don't you dare to put your feet on the floor.

He came to them and took the packet and prescription from Anjali. He checked the medicines and took a glass of water and gave that to her.

Khushi just looking at him not able to understand what was happening. Seeing her Arnav again indicated her to take medicine but she was lost. Anjali took the medicine from his hand and gave that to Khushi which she took. Arnav saw this and thought that maybe she is not interested in talking with me. His heart told- " do you really expect her to be nice with you after what you did? ". He slowly moved out of the room. Khushi saw him going and thought -" what is happening to me? Why im not able to judge him? Some times I feel he is bad and then I feel totally opposite of it. Who are you Arnav? ".

After some time-

Arnav came to the medical room. He saw that Anjali and Khushi were talking. He smiled and thought -" atleast she is taking to Anjali. Uff...Today I almost broke their friendship. "

Arnav : Anju. It's time to go home.

Anjali and Khushi saw him and stopped talking. Khushi's smiling face turned to serious one.

Anjali : I will come after dropping Khushi.
Khushi : no need of that Anjali , I will manage.
Anjali : you are weak Khushi. I can't leave you like that.
Arnav : OK you both come , I will drop you.

Khushi looked at him not knowing what to do. Anjali put her hand on her shoulders and nodded. They came out of the room and moved towards parking lot.

Parking lot -

Akash and Payal were already there waiting for Arnav. They came to know what he did today. They also felt bad for Khushi and angered at him but later forgave him. They know him from childhood. Whenever he thinks of his past, he do something weird......Really weird.


Arnav along with Anjali and Khushi came there. Khushi thought-" who is this guy and girl beside him?"
Arnav saw the confusion on Khushi's face.

Arnav : he is Akash and that's Payal. My friends.
Akash : hello Khushi. You don't have to be scared of us. I know what this idiot ( Arnav) did today but don't worry. We are not like him. Right Payal?
Payal : of course Khushi. We are definitely not like him. If you have any problem please consider me as your sister ok, I will show them what happens when they messed up with my sister even if he is my friend. What's say?

Khushi smiled seeing all this and just nodded her head as yes. Till now no one considered her as sister. It's really emotional for her.

Akash : by the way Khushi, will you not show us your Orphanage?
Khushi : I will but visiting hours are over. So can't come now. You can come on Sunday if you like?
Payal : OK done. Sunday plan in your Orphanage.
Arnav : OK guys see you tomorrow. Bye.
Akash : yeah bye . Bye Khushi. Bye Anjali.
Anjali : bye Aki Bhai. Bye Payu di.
Payal : bye bye.

They all went from there. Arnav came to his car . Anjali sat on the back seat.And Arnav opened the front door for Khushi. Khushi saw this and got confused.

Khushi : if you are sitting here then who will drive the car? I can see no driver?

Anjali saw this and giggled. Arnav sighed told her to sit in the car. They all seated in car and Arnav about to start but stopped by Khushi.

Khushi : Im not that weak to open the car door.

Arnav felt like to hit his head on something hard after listening to her. How can be one so innocent?

Anjali started laughing seeing them. Khushi turned to see her but Anjali pretended to laugh on joke in her mobile.

Arnav(sighed) : I will keep that in my mind.

And he started his car. He asked her the route and stopped his car in front of her Orphanage. Khushi came out of the car. She said bye and thanked Anjali.

Arnav looked at Khushi but she didn't say anything to him. She turned to go but Arnav came out of the car.

Arnav : I know that I did wrong so im sorry.
Khushi : you don't be. I know you said all those in frustration. And by the way you already said sorry in medical room right.

Arnav stood still. How did she know? Khushi saw his confusion and smiled.

Khushi : I was awake when you said all that.
Arnav : oh....... So you forgave me right?
Khushi : I will think about it.

And she went inside the orphanage. Arnav didn't move until she gets disappeared . Arnav thought -" oh no! This is embarrassing. She heard everything. But I hope she forgives me."

He came to his car.

Anjali: Im glad that you said sorry Bhai.
Arnav : I did wrong so I said . But she didn't forgave me.
Anjali : give her some time.
Arnav : OK.

Then he moved his car towards his ' hell ' ......... Raizada Mansion.

Thank you so much guys for encouraging me to write more by your huge response. Seriously this really means a lot. I will try to update twice in a week. I had already written two exams and did well. Monday is my chemistry exam so next update will be on Tuesday. Till then enjoy.
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Jan 24, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 72 times)

Thank you- rereshmi23, Lily30, Noordina, Tparvaiz, Angel_ Arshi, lazydoll for your comments and your wishes.
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Here it goes-

Arnav stopped his car Infront of the big gate which has the name plate but has blurry image on that stated "Shantivan". He only scratched that when he was a child. Argh.....he hate this place.

Anjali know what is going on in his mind. He always do this. Whenever he comes back to home, he reminds his past seeing the garden Infront of the house. He is her elder brother but in emotions.... he is still a child. She knows everything about him. She put her hand on his shoulder and called him - " Bhai ". Arnav came to reality and nodded his head telling her that he is OK. She just smiled.

Arnav drove his car and parked it. They came out of the car and went inside.

After some time -

After having dinner, Arnav went to his room and sat on his green recliner chair, closing his eyes thinking about the incidents happened today.

Arnav ( himself ) : what is happening to me? Why im always thinking about her? Why she is affecting me so much when no girl dared to? I think I have to go there tonight ........ to calm my nerves.....To think correctly which will be good for me and her too. But how? Anju won't let me go there. Especially this time. Damn.....

He slightly opened his room door to see if anyone is there in living room but to his bad luck, Anjali was sitting in the sofa watching TV and his servants were working in the kitchen.He closed his door.

Arnav ( himself): damn it. Now what will I do? I can't go now? I had to wait until everyone sleep. But I can't wait for that. What should I do?.......


At the same time,
In Sunshine Orphanage-

Khushi was in her room standing near the window.She was thinking about the incidents that has happened today.

? Khushi (herself) : I will not forgive you that easily Arnav Singh Raizada. But what you said in the medical room.......Was that truth? Do you really my....... Hey Devimaiya! I don't remember anything much about my childhood. Should I ask kaka? But how can he know when he don't know anything about that? Calm down Khushi... Just forget all this now. You have to concentrate on your goal. Goal to destroy Raizadas.

Khushi ( herself) : hmm... Plan 1 is successful. Anjali became my friend. But Arnav.... You didn't do the right thing. But I have to forgive you as I need you for my plan 2. Get ready.But before that I have to tell this to Kaka.

She called her kaka.

Mohan : hello chutki. How are you beta? How was your college?

Khushi eyes get moist when he asked about college. How can she say him what happened today? She wiped her tears and smiled.

Khushi : it was awesome Kaka. And most importantly Anjali became my friend. By the way where are you now?
Mohan : Im with Bhai saheb.

Khushi get shocked. Her kaka is with her dad?


Raizada Mansion-

Arnav was pacing here and there in his room losing his patience. He had to go there now. He know..... that is the only place where he can feel good. Not exactly........but he feel good there. But Anjali always think about its consequences. She had seen him breaking again and again after he came from there. But now he can't do anything about it. He had became addicted to that pain.

This is too much. How can he go now? He walked out of his room to see servants were about to go and Anjali still watching TV.

Arnav : Anju. Please stop this tv. I can't able to concentrate on my project.
Anjali : Bhai please Na. just 1 minute. Show will over.

Arnav waited until it got over.

Anjali : OK Bhai. Now you can do your work and sorry for the disturbance.
Arnav : don't be sorry but yeah now onwards stop these TV shows. You are in college now. Study hard OK.
Anjali ( puppy face) : OK. Good night Bhai.
Arnav : good night.

He kissed her forehead and went to their rooms respectively. He went to his room waiting for her to sleep.

Arnav ( to himself): Anju went to sleep. I have to wait for more more time then I can go from here. I have to be very careful. If Anju comes to know that I went there then she will not talk to me.

He peaked at Anjali's room to see the lights off. Now his route is clear, for his destination.

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