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Beautiful Pain next part is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 25 times)

Chapter 19


In village,

“I'm leaving for Delhi in an hour, Anjali and Shyam are coming along.” Alia announced at the breakfast next morning. “I still think you should join us.” she turned to her mother in law and spoke gently.

“This is where I'm gonna die!”

“I've told you a million times not to talk about death!” Alia said angrily.

“Why are you so bothered if she dies? She is the mother of the man you despise.” Arnav gritted his teeth. His mother glared at him.

“Good morning!” Khushi chirped kissing dadi’s cheek.

“what's wrong?” she asked Shyam sitting on the chair beside Arnav, “Why are you so silent?”

“You can't jump into tornado. I love my life!” khushi furrowed her brows confused at his response began eating.

“We are going back to Delhi. Pack your stuff!” Alia ordered khushi who choked at her food. Khushi looked at her and bite her lip.

“No I'm not going anywhere. My family lives here! How can you expect me to leave this place where my lovely bua ji lives?” khushi replied sternly.

“Your bride loves the place you loathe,” Alia said looking at Arnav with an expression of amu****t on her face.

“You don't get to decide things for khushi. She can do it for herself, mom!”

“So you thinking about settling here?” Alia questioned with the same expression.

“Mom…” Arnav stared at her face for a moment, “You look gorgeous in this sari, phone me if you need anything.” saying this he stood up and left the dining room.

Khushi stared at Alia for a moment to see any blush but instead she found indignation in her eyes. Khushi witnessed the scene between mother-son and was left perplexed. Did his mother not love him or was he a bad son? She ate in silence and didn't even look at Arnav when he left the room.

Anjali began talking to lighten the situation and it worked. At least for Khushi.

*Arnav on call*

“Amit mom is coming to Delhi, make sure everything is fine and if she need anything just ring me directly…”

“Arnav..” he cut the call hearing khushi’s call and turned to see her. “Your mother is gone.” she said sounding sad. He covered the distance between them by taking long strides.

“What happened?” he cupped her face in his big rough palms.

“she doesn't like me…” Arnav sighed.

“Name a person my mom likes? None!” he said bitterly.

“She likes NK, Anjali, Shyam and Akash. But...she doesn't,” Khushi spoke reluctantly what she observed.

Arnav tried to ignore her comment. All his life he consoled himself by lying about the fact that his mother liked no one. No one never really told him this even if they observed this behavior of his mother they chose to ignore it.

“Forget it…”


“-I said forget it!” he said a little sternly. Khushi flinched away from him.

They stared at each other for a moment.

“Will you one day tell me why she detests you?” she asked with a hope in her heart. For the first time, looking in his eyes, she realized she wasn't the only one with fears and insecurities.

“She doesn't detest me!” he gritted his teeth.

“She does… bua ji says, eyes never lie, Arnav.” she left the room and Arnav wished the earth would swallow him or Khushi would lose her emotional intelligence. Because all he wanted was a friend who knew nothing about him: his dark secrets, his past and his insecurities. He wanted Khushi to be that friend: The one who loved him as a stranger and unconditionally. Maybe he was asking for too much because Khushi suddenly have wits to observe everything going on with his life.

He shook his head and called Ali.


“Prepare room for khushi, I will be there before dusk.”

“Okay. How is khushi? Maryam is asking…”

“None of your business Maryam!”

“She is my friend, maryam says.” Arnav rolled his eyes.

“Ali get things together in mansion. I don't want Khushi to see any weapon lying around.”

“Are you pissed off?”


“What's wrong?” Arnav had an urge to pour his heart out but his throat dried.

“Not on the phone.” he said hoarsely.

“See you around then!” Ali cut the call and Arnav sat on the bed think in hard about how to convince Khushi without hurting her sentiments. Taking Khushi back to Delhi was necessary. Her bua ji would unveil his past to Khushi which he didn't want and she probably would tell her about their mothers’ feud and he didn't have enough energy or courage to explain everything about their past to her. Not yet. He has always ignored his past like one ignores a worst book after reading once. He will never open up about it. He could never. He was tired of his ugly life.

He heard her footsteps nearing and decided he was gonna deal with her.


“Hmm’” she hummed smiling to herself. He cleared his throat to get her attention.

“Can we talk?”

“Yeah...sure.” she sat beside him earnestly.

“We are going to Delhi in an hour.” it took khushi a minute to understand what he said.

“I...You said I…”

“Forget what I said...we are leaving now.” he said in a tone of urgency.

“I don’t wanna go…”

“You didn’t want to marry me either but you did.”

“You forced me to.”

“I’ll force you to come with me then.” khushi gulped hearing his cold voice.

“Wh- What happened?”

“Nothing you should know about.” he closed his eyes turning his face away from hers. Don’t melt Arnav…

“I refuse to leave this place…”

“Alright then.” he got up, scooped her up in his arms and started walking out of the room and the the haveli.

Khushi struggled but his hold tightened making her wince in pain. “Stop! you are hurting me!”

He didn’t say anything. “Stop! Let me at least meet Dadi!” but he didn’t stop till he made her sit on the passenger seat and buckled her seat-belt. He started driving very fast and it scared khushi. Tears streamed from her eyes and she turned her face away from him. She wiped her face with shivering hands.

He drove unaware of khushi’s state. A defensive wall has been set up around his heart and only thing he remembered was that he has to take her away. Away from his past and that horrible place.  

The car came to a sudden halt and her eyes widened in fear and shock. There was a guy standing in front of their car with his hands in the air.


“I’m sorry...I just…” but before he could continue Arnav threw a punch on his face.

“I just needed a life! Calm your knickers bro!”

“I’m not your bro. Get the f*ck out of my way.” Arnav glared at him. Khushi stared at them confused and scared. She began trying to unlock the window.

“I need a lift…”

“What is it?” Khushi asked through open window.


“Madam...hello!” the boy took his hat off and smiled “Can I get a lift please, I’m new here. And I’ve got no family here either. Can I?”

“Sure!” Khushi smiled “We have plenty of space here..” khushi said pointing at the back seat.

“You’re an angel.” he smiled again and khushi smiled this time genuinely.

“Can you unlock the door please?” the boy turned to very angry and jealous ASR.


“Arnav…”  khushi stared at his face with her big slightly red eyes making him take a sharp breath. No. he can’t  

“Right...get in.” khushi closed the window and the boy whispered to Arnav, “How come that woman married a prick like you?”  

Arnav sat in the driver seat without responding and unlocked the door for the idiot. Let khushi safely reach home then he’ll teach this moron a lesson.   

“Where do you wanna go?” khushi asked the boy once he settled on the backseat.

“Delhi.” he smiled cheekily and khushi smiled back. Arnav closed his eyes trying to control his anger.

“Why are you here?”

“To find someone.”

“Who?” khushi asked frowning.

“A woman.” khushi smiled at his answer.

“Your childhood love?”

“Not mine.” he laughed and khushi raised her eyebrows. “My father’s.”

“Your whom?”

“It sounds silly but well...I’m just curious.”   

“It’s not silly!” khushi smiled.



“You must be really special khushi for you’re the only person to say that!” khushi smiled and suddenly her smile left her face, she turned her face away from him and looked out of window. She wasn’t special. On the contrary she was just too ordinary for her own good. Today she has no love for herself. 

She felt like crying again. Why was he so bad? And why was she angry at herself for his heartlessness? Shouldn’t she fight him? But it was her fault. She chose to trust him. She chose to have faith in his goodness. She chose to have expectations higher than mount Everest. She deserved that pain and disappointment. He was just being himself , normal ASR. nothing new. She had seen him that night when he woke her up from her room and abducted her in front of her family and claimed her as his bride.

“Can I get some water?” the boy’s voice pulled her out of pits of self pity.

“Yeah..” she cleared her throat which made Arnav look at her in concern. She handed him bottle and took it with a ‘thank you.’ the car came to a halt just then. Arnav turned to khushi.

“Are you okay?” he asked seeing her red eyes. Was she crying, again?

“Yeah…” she lied and turned her face away. He held her hand and kissed it. Khushi closed her eyes trying to suppress her cries. She was melting away, again. Why was she so soft and relentful?

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m.” said the boy with a grin.

“Shut up! I’m asking my wife.”

“No. I’m not.” she said and pulled her hand out of his grip. He turned his attention back to driving. This time he didn’t stop not even for red signals.

Khushi closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“You should apology to her.” the boy said to Arnav seeing khushi asleep.

“And who are you?” he said through gritted teeth.

“A man with common sense.” Arnav didn’t reply.

“Why don’t you smile?” Arnav didn’t reply again.

“You have an angel for a wife. I wouldn’t stop grinning if i was married to her!” if it wasn’t for sleeping khushi, Arnav would’ve threw him out of moving car. But such an action would wake up khushi and she needed rest.

“What gel do you use? You hair look dope!”

“Where is your wedding ring? Don't indians wear those?”

“What are you gonna do in Delhi?”

“Where did you brought this SUV?”

“Is that Rambrandt’s mini statue? Oh i love that man!”

“Do you know you look like someone I know?”

“So are you deaf or what? Or you’ve some kind of phobia for strangers?” Arnav’s response to boy’s chatter was silence. His head was aching already.

“Get out!” he ordered the boy once they reached Delhi. Khushi looked around and yawned.

“Goodbye angel!” khushi smiled at him.

“Goodbye….your name?”


“Goodbye Zayn!” he grinned and left.

“What?” khushi asked Arnav who was looking at her with his eyes filled with unknown emotions.

“Is he better than me?”




“-Answer me!”

“What if i don’t?”

“You hate me…” he nodded his head trying to block off his insecurities.

“Yes I hate it when you are acting like a prick.”

“A prick?”

“Yes!” khushi gulped. She didn’t want to fight him. But she couldn’t stop. “And that’s why, I’m scared of you.”

He turned the engine on and sped away toward RM. he didn't want her to be scared of him. But it was you who wanted her to be afraid of you. It please you, remember? Now he wanted her to be his fearlessly...nothing more.  


Cooment? thank y'all. my exams are over and I'll try to update regularly. 

And don't y'all start thinking dirty stuff about Z. he is here for a reason and *spoiler alert* is related to asr.


Jan 13

Beautiful Pain next part is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter# 20

                                                             "Needed him" 

"'cause I'm a fool for you/and the things you do"

In Delhi, AR Fashion House

“I’m so done with these so called new designers. They have got no talent Ali! If the next one is as trashy as the others I won’t leave you alive.”

“Maryam will avenge my death. Fear me!” he grinned stupidly making Arnav snort.

“You look happier!”

“And you pissed off!”

“These untalented people-”

“-Aren’t the real reason of your’on you can’t lie to me!” Ali sat up straight and placed his elbows on the table and stared at Arnav’s hard face.

“Amit..” Arnav called his assistant who ran inside, “Next portfolio without candidate! I may as well end up beating this one.” he turned to Ali once Amit left, “Stop staring at me Ali!”

“O.K” he shrugged and started sipping his coffee. “Since you are gonna reject this one too, I’ll just chill.” he spoke coolly and Arnav shook his head at his attitude. He is always sure about stuff.   

Amit placed the portfolio on the table in front of Arnav and Left. “Wish Shyam was here, I wouldn’t get bored.” Ali remarked and Arnav rolled his eyes.

“You can leave if you want to!” Arnav spoke offended.

“What? Don’t tell me you’re jealous!” Ali winked at him.

“Oh shut up!” Arnav pushed opened the portfolio and surprisingly found it interesting enough to give it his whole attention.

“Holly Madonna!” Ali exclaimed, “Seems like you found what you’re looking for!”

“Yeah...Amit!” his assistant came running in, “Call this guy or person whoever it is.”

After about two minutes, the door opened and entered a guy with green hairs wearing ripped jeans and Bob Marley shirt and Ali noticed the guy had his ears and nose pierced.

“The real artist here!” He cried and Zayn smiled at him, it didn’t vanish seeing Arnav whose jaws were clenched.   

“What are you doing here?” he asked gritting his teeth which he did often in anger.

“I’m here for interview.” his smile was making Arnav mad.

“Do you both know each other?” Ali butt in.

“Oh yes! He or more precisely Mrs. ASR gave me lift yesterday.” Zayn replied earnestly and Ali understood exactly why ASR has been so pissed off.


“-Such an angel she is!” Arnav had an urge to strangle him but Ali interrupted his very aggressive thoughts by suggesting Zayn should wait outside for a few moments so to give them some space to talk privately.

“I’m not hiring this guy here!” Arnav announced as soon as Zayn was out of sight.

“Arnav I know you’re jealo- *Arnav glared at him* -I mean we need him or we are doomed this season…”

“Not a chance! I don’t trust him.”

“Look! Whatever personal complications you’ve with him, don’t involve them in business. Look at me, I’m gonna have to work with Lavanya and you have no idea how awkward things are between us! Just put your personal differences aside and lets take advantage of his talent and kick our rivals’ asses!”

Arnav looked thoughtful and after a moment nodded, “Okay but you’ll have to keep an eye on him. Ali I don’t trust him, I’m telling you again!”

“Leave it on me.” Arnav relaxed a bit at his assurance and called him in.

“Sit Down MR.-?

“Call me Zayn.” he said sitting down on the chair right in front of the two men.

“Zayn...where is your CV?”

“I thought Portfolio was enough…” Arnav gave him a hard look, “I mean I don’t have a college degree.” he shrugged.

Ali: “What does it have to do with your CV?” .

Zayn: “I heard AR admires talent.”

Arnav: “How would you know we are hiring?”

Zayn: “I read newspaper.”

Ali: *mutters* smartass

Arnav: “You’re hired! You get to work from this very moment and we can discuss your salary once you settle down a bit. *calls Amit* Show him the way, he is hired.”

Zayn: “Can I get a place to sleep here? Umm I’m kinda homeless.”

Arnav: “Studio is all yours.” Zayn leaves grinning ear to ear.

“You’re a great actor, bro!” Ali exclaimed and Arnav left without replying. Zayn, whoever he was, he was here for a mission and Arnav was anxious to know what it was.

Raizada Mansion,


After lunch khushi was in a room that Anjali said was hers. It has grey and white paint with many artistic sceneries hung here and there. The room was big, airy and well lighted with a king size and very soft bed; a coffee table in one corner with three armchairs around it, a small bookshelf standing next to coffee table; a big TV (khushi couldn’t comprehend from its slimness and great size what kind of tv it was) and the room had a bathroom and a big dressing room attached to it. There was also a secret garden guarded by locked door.  

The floor was covered with colorful persian rugs and there were many ancient decoration pieces on display on the coffee table, in between books, on the nightstand and in the decorated almirah built in the wall near big TV.

It was better than all the rooms and houses khushi had seen in movies and tv shows. It was so beautiful.

Khushi was examining a book about aesthetic arts, sitting on the armchair when her thoughts went to Arnav. She began thinking about him again even though she told herself she won’t think about him anymore. She tried to concentrate hard on what was written on the silky and smooth pages but failed miserably. She hasn’t talked to him after their little fight in the car yesterday and it turned out that not talking to him made her more unhappy than leaving her village.

Arnav walked in her room to find her lost and contemplating about something staring at the opened book in her lap. He took baby steps and pulled the book out of her clutches, placing it on the table, he swept her in his arms and she just stared at him with her wide eyes and slightly opened mouth.

“ do-wn” she stammered.

Instead of putting her down, he captured her lips in a soft kiss and strolled toward bed. He broke the kiss and placed her gently on the soft mattress.

“Darling!” he breathed in her hairs, half lying above her petite figure and began kissing her neck. Khushi closed her eyes feeling herself getting lost in his touch. Her stomach filled with butterflies. Suddenly, her pride kicked in and she with all her might, slightly pushed him away from herself.

“I’m still angry.”

“How do I pacify to my pretty little missus?”

“By telling me why you brought me here?” she asked with firmness in her tone. He was her husband and bua ji said she could fight him and question him too, it was her right.

“Your life was in danger there, the guys are out there ready to hunt me down by hurting you. I am just trying to protect you.” he told her half-truth, half-lie.

“You and and I are two different people-” he cut her off, "-but bound together by a vow khushi. and I vowed to protect you” he kissed her forehead, “if you get hurt, I get hurt 10 times more.” khushi stared at his face for moment and nodded convinced that he was stating the truth and that she should forgive him.

“Am I forgiven?” even though he probably knew the answer he asked anyway.

“Yes.” she smiled. She craved to hold him, talk to him, kiss him and giggle at his strange sense of humor. Maybe she needed him more than he needed her.

“Can I *kisses her knuckles* make love to you?” she closed her eyes feeling pleased and nice and nodded giving him approval to love her like he wished to.

AR Studio

Zayn *over the phone* “Listen mate, if you provide me necessary information about the woman and man, you’ll get twice the amount you’re asking me.”

Person on the other side: “Its hard sir, no knows who killed her however I’ll try my best to to get back to you with some useful information soon.”

Zayn: “Okay.” he cut the call and got engrossed in his drawings but thinking about the mystery woman his father loved so much and he felt excited too because he was gonna unveil secrets of his father, his ancestors and it felt good. Smelled of adventure and he lived for it!


what's your theory on Zayn? why do you think happy and so in love Arshi ended up hurting each other like stated in prologue? I'm so ready to unveil their future. just few more chapters and we''ll get to prologue!

please comment, thank you very much!

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