Arshi-FF Beautiful Pain

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Jun 30, 1918

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Dec 19, 2016

Arshi-FF Beautiful Pain (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 88 times)


I can feel the heat rising, everything is on fire

Today is a painful reminder of why

We can only get brighter

The further you put it behind ya

But right now I'm on the inside ~ Eminem ft SIA 

The hall is full with so many people, she doesn't even know them, almost half of them are alien to her. She sighed, it's her day, she should be happy, right? It's their second wedding anniversary… for everyone here, she is luckiest person alive, but only she know how ‘lucky’ she is!

Wearing red designer Sari, which is simple with matching blouse. Her lips are painted red,  her arms hold red bangles, she is wearing 5 inches heel, her eyes hold thin layer of kohl along with sad tales which nobody can read...maybe they are too busy in their own life. She stood there looking like a million dollar Queen. Difference is that this queen's hands have been bounded for too long.

She smiled as people greet her, her eyes speaking but they don't hear it but they sure tell her “You are so lucky to have such loving husband” her heart clenched at woman’s words, her eyes become heavy but she smiled nonetheless and replied “Thank you”

Her pretty smile mesmerized everyone.

“I didn't expect you to be here for this long” she heard familiar voice of her sister in law, Anjali, “You surprised me” she said smiling, glancing at Arnav “But I am glad, at least he is ready to settle and it doesn't matter if he is with you or someone else as long as he us happy” she looked back at khushi and handed her a box “Its for you khushi, happy wedding anniversary”

Khushi without opening the box, smiled and said “Thank you, di”

“Stay happy” with that she left.

Khushi opened the box and sighed, another diamond necklace added to her collection. If only diamonds could make her happy! But unfortunately, they don't. They hurt her, mock her all the time.

She smiled as another couple approached her and greet he'd with enthusiasm like they knew her but she knew it was fake. People in the room were fake! They were respecting her because her husband was multi billionaire and a gangster. It was obvious, if they hurt her, they die…

“Khushi” she sighed, why just why she was here?

“Hello” khushi faked a smile and Alia rolled her eyes.

“Can't believe Arnav spent 2 years with you, khushi” she shake her head dramatically like it was the most unfortunate thing but Khushi ignored it.

“But know what? He will leave you soon. That's what he does with everyone. When he was a kid, he had a doll, he loved playing with it but know what? He tore it apart and threw it away because I didn't like that doll” she held khushi’s hand and placed a ‘box’ there “He is my son, he will even kill himself for me. He will leave you too” she withdrew her hand and smiled “But I think you both deserve each other” Aliya smiled wickedly, mocking her.

Khushi sighed, her mother in law did never like her. Why would she? She was just a lower class girl who (according to aliya) didn't even deserve to be Arnav’s maid. She wondered,

Time passed from seconds to minutes and 2 hours passed away, with her meeting people and laughing or maybe faking it all. She wasn't sure herself.

“Khushi ji smile” NK, her brother in law chirped taking her photos but her smiled died down when she felt hand on her waist, familiar touch...she sighed. She sighs more than she ever spoke in these two years.

“You look beautiful, love” he whispered and her heartbeat raised. She Stayed silent.

“What did mom tell you?” he asked looking in her eyes.

“You had a doll, you loved it but you broke it because your mom hated it and asked you to tear it apart” she replied, her eyes empty. His jaws clenched, he fist his hands into balls. His hands no more holding her, he looked angry, his muscles were tensed and locked up. Khushi touched his, now white knuckles. He let out a shaky breath.

“I..,” she tried to speak but she felt his rough lips on her. He kissed her brutally like every time he did when he was angry. After about 2 minutes, she felt out of breath and he let her go. She panted and he hold her chin up, cupped her cheeks “I love you” she didn't say a word just like always. “Don't let them hurt you khushi, I know….” he sighed frustrated “**** i am not a good husband but i know i will never ever leave you. Not for anyone. I will protect, you aren't a doll, you are my f****ng Queen, anyone standing here” he glanced at the hall and continued “Can not disrespect you, love” off course, everybody is afraid of him. Hell, even khushi was.

But she sighed in bliss, this is what she lived for! Him treating her nicely.

“What gift do you want, love?” he asked, pulled her closer by her waist and placed kisses on her face.

“I want our daughter, my Shreya” his body tensed up “I know she is in this house, not so far from me but i want her with me, always” her throat tightened and she choked at her words.

“Is that what you want? Will this make you happy?” khushi nodded her head.


“Alright” he said and her eyes widen in shock and she gasped.

“ You are not lying?” she felt tears escaping her orbs but he caught them before they even touched her cheeks.

“I love you, khushi” she hugged him and he sighed in contentment. He felt happy, overwhelmed. His eyes teared up and he swallowed a sob rising in his throat. He f***king Loved her. It wasn't funny or a game...this was what he wanted, to be accepted but he knew she didn't accept him. She was just happy because he gave her what she wanted. But felt good.

Nobody can love a monster. A bad guy, bloody murderer and unfortunately a terrible husband.

“Promise me you will love our daughter, always” he suddenly said breaking spell of the megical hug.

“I will always, every mother love her child” khushi broke the hug and smiled, a genuine smile.

Arnav curl his fists into balls, he wanted to scream but he lost his voice.

Not every mother loves their kids...he was never loved, but his thoughts stayed within him and he went to fetch their daughter from nursery. 


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Beautiful Pain chapter 1 is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 63 times)

Chapter 1

                             *Opposite Lives*  

Holding the paper in his firm hold, he inspected the sketch he created a few minutes ago.

 It was beautiful and fine sketch of heart but as always he wasn't satisfied. He wasn't inspired. He loved art. But right now it felt like he had nothing to paint, no inspiration, no beauty.

He felt empty! He always felt hollow but this emptiness seems to increase ten folds. It's frustrating when an artist get no inspiration. Only he knew what hell they go through.

Arnav Singh Raizada wasn't an ‘artist’ to the world, this side of him was anonymous, no one knew this cover of ASR. His eyes piercing the paper and he threw it in the pile of papers.

He got out of his private room, he liked to call ‘heaven’ and walked in his massive bedroom, freshen up and walked out to see his men who have been waiting in his office downstairs.

The house, Raizada mansion, has two portions;one for his ‘work’ and other for family. He lived most of the time in portion one - for work. Anyway both portions opens in same living room and his men were somehow part of the family. Not all but few most trusted ones.

One of them, Aakash Raizada; his cousin brother, son of his maternal uncle, second, Shyam Jha; his brother in law, third; Aman Mathur; who is an orphan. Arnav found him on road, when he was making a team of his own. 

Fourth is Ali Khan, who happened to be a street fighter and a spy but joined Arnav, initially because Arnav paid well but now he seems to have an emotional relation with Arnav and rest of the gang. Ankit Ansari; a homeless guy who lost his parents, joined hands with Arnav with a condition that Arnav will help him get revenge from his parent’s murderers. 

Five of these men were together stronger than steel and were determined to end anyone who dared to even think bad about Raizada family. Family didn't just include Arnav’s relatives, it was constitute of every single person who worked for Arnav in anyway, in any field! Their family had only expanded with time.

“Done?” Arnav asked Shyam walking ahead of everyone with his head held high, jaws clenched, eyes cold as ice, hands by his sides, his back straight and his features demanding attention. Everyone bowed their head as they see their boss walking by.

“Done” Shyam smirked so did Arnav.

“Great, let's see what the b astard has to say” his eyes darkened as they walked inside their ‘work room’ which was basically a ba****t where they took lives of many ruthlessly.  

“Hello, Mr Sharma” the guy who was sitting on the floor shivered and started moving backward. “Oh won't you say hello to your nephew” he shacked his head wishing he would just disappear in thin air or the earth will swallow him but little did he know there is no escape from ASR’s clutches. “Ankit....your promise is fulfilled, pardon me for being a bit late” he turned to see already seething Ankit “But they say late is better than never”

Mr Sharma was now shivering like a leaf. Ankit said nothing but Arnav understood, he had waited for so many years for this day. “Everyone can kill him bit by bit but let Ankit have climax” everyone smirked, so glad to see their prey after so many years, finally in their mercy. Mr. Sharma was their rival and this was one of the reason why Ankit joined Raizada family,  2 enemies together are strongest!

Arnav was about to make a move toward the guy but his phone rang and he groaned “F*ck what do you want NK” he gritted his teeth angrily and NK on the other hand replied sheepishly in visibly shaking voice “Mom wants to see you and others now, she had called us all in living room” Arnav wanted to refuse but then replied “I am coming’ cut the call.

“Carry on without me” he said moving away

“Oh no, we could wait” Shyam said convincingly.

“No, carry on! I have other plans” they understood what he meant “Moreover let my man enjoy his revenge”   

“Good luck” Ankit said “Your plans are dangerous than mine”

“Stop exaggerating and get to work” with that he walked out of the workroom Mac made his way to living room.

When he arrived he saw his sister, brother, and other family members along with his mother. What he noticed was his mother’s rare smile, that beautiful smile, he missed the most. His heart skipped a beat and he suddenly felt nervous.

“Arnav you are here. where are the others?”  his mother exclaimed merrily.

“Well…” he cleared his thraot, nostalgic feeling overwhelmed him “They are kinda busy”


“Guess what?” my brother NK butt in and replied to his own question “We are going to husnapur” he stood there shell shocked but he showed no expressions. His eyes moved from his brother to Aliya who was now ready to cry “Your grandmother is ill, I want to see her”  


“No buts and ifs” he mother added full stop to the conversation by saying “Tell the boys, we are leaving in afternoon, 2 pm, you have more than 5 hours to work” she walked pass him and he sighed, why can't he refuse his mother? Why, just why he love her so much?


Khushi smiled as she sings “aaj mausam hai suhaana…” her signature song, she loves it so much. Even though it is the cause of frustration for her aunt but she just love this song and to this excitement, her aunt’s irritation is like cherry on the cake.

She giggled hearing her aunt’s loud voice, telling her to shut up. All the birds cheered her up by their different sounds, even winds blow with her moves. The most beautiful - at heart - off all the women, anyone can meet with!

“Khushi” she tried to hide her laughter and replied “G [yes]”

“Stop with this noose, my head hurts” her eyes widened, what?

“Bua ji!” she ran in her aunt’s direction, concerned. “Are you okay? I promise I will not sing this song again if it causes you headache” Madhumati smiled at her innocent niece.

“No, I love it when you sing but my head it hurting from morning and the pain doesn't seem to go away” she whines, holding her head and khushi bite her lip.

“I will call the doctor” khushi said worried.

“Oh my Lord!” her aunt smacked her arm playfully “I will be alright by dawn” she assured khushi and told her to continue her work that was washing clothes.

“...I don't know, why Bua ji doesn't care for her health? I told her…” she has been ranting for hours now about her aunt’s health, who she loves so much.

No one is home other than birds chirping around her, her hens, and few other pets that she raise with so much love.

“Bua JI! Do you feel good?” she asked now it's dawn and she wanted to know if she is feeling well or not.

“No bitya, Its getting worst”

“I told you let me call doctor but no, you don't hear me” khushi got up from bed where she was sitting beside her aunt “I will go and call doctor saab” she grabbed big shawl, that hides half of her body except her legs and of course face. She ran toward doctor’s clinic. With the grace of Lord, fortunately there is this good doctor in their village.

She put her foot out of main gate of their little house. And to her unfortunate, she had already lost her freedom!

Khushi, 18 years old, lived a simple but colorful life in Hasnapur along with her family, consisted of her father like uncle (taya ji) Shashi Gupta and mother like aunt (ty jaan) Garima and her other aunt (phupho) Madhumatti whom she loved the most. Her cousin sister; daughter of Garima lived with them but for now was studying in college in neighbouring village where khushi was supposed to join her after her matriculation.

Khushi have her own insecurities, fears and tears that she hid from everyone. Pain of losing her parents was still fresh like a scare given just a few seconds ago. Her angel like smile hid everything but her eyes showed everything. She was scared of darkness, shoutings, cries, thunders, heavy rains, loud voices, stranger’s touch and blood was the most scary sight for her. In short she had seen more than she remember and lost more than she ever own and had more weaknesses than strengths.

She was fragile, weak and innocent but her soul was stronger. She could endure every pain with a smile on her face….


What do you think of first chapter? Comment if you want me to continue :) thank you for your comments and thanks :-) love y'all

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Beautiful Pain nezt chapter is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 2

                                                        "First Encounter" 

"Sirens" (Tom Odell)

Tear me down

Tell me I don't need to fear

Tell me now

Tell me somebody's near


Sirens are all I hear"

Here, take it” Arnav looked in his sister’s eyes, who was holding cup of coffee for him. He silently took the cup and started looking out of balcony.

“When are we leaving?” he asked

“Mom told me, tomorrow evening” his sister replied playing with her black locks “If you need anything call me, there is no servant here for today” she left after few seconds taking his silent as a response.

They were not closer siblings, both had their own problems and would rather ignore each other than to try to solve each other's complexities. It wasn't their fault, they were just supposed to be like that, aloof.  


“Let's take a look at the fields here,” Shyam entered in Arnav’s room where other four guys were already present “Mother in law told us to!” he quickly added knowing how Arnav hates it.

“Let us have evening tea man” Ankit winched and Shyam rolled his eyes “look at the baby here” Shyam added to irritate Ankit “You know, mom will prepare feeder for you later, don't worry”

“Shut up!” Ankit threw glare “You better shut up or I will kill you” everyone resumed their works while they both fought like ‘old married couple”, how Ali calls them every time they fight!

“There is no medicine for their stupidity” Aakash shook his head while other rolled their eyes.


“WAOW, I didn't know this place is actually beautiful” NK who had accidently joined his brother with his 4 companions, was in awe. Arnav just stared at NK bored to hell, this isn't his job to look after his ancestor’s land? Hell, he would rather go back to time and kill every pregnant woman in his family, so his father would not have born. Maybe he would've been different born in another family. A good man!  He didn't dwell on it more. He did not think about becoming a ‘good’ man ever. It would be too boring.

“NK” he called his brother who was busy in photography “Enough, we are leaving”  

“Just five more minutes” NK said, not looking back at his mad brother and his friends who happened to be his brothers too. They are good, very good but sometimes they annoy him with their bossy behavior. Can't they be normal just for a day? Or maybe an hour? He has been hoping to see these men ‘normal’, especially his brother -Arnav - but it seems hopeless to him now,

“Enough, five minutes are over man” Arnav said irritated.

“Let the boy have a bit more fun Arnav” Aakash interrupted. Arnav glared at him and he just chuckled. “He is still young, let him have fun” there was silence for next 30 minutes.

“I am done” chirped NK smiling broadly.

“Thank heaven” Arnav muttered and they started for home.


“What?” khushi cried, her eyes widen “Doctor is not here, my aunt is so ill” her eyes filled with tears. Her aunt is unwell and doctor is out of village.

“Where did doctor go?” khushi asked hoping to get information about doctor's whereabouts.

“To Delhi, you know the Maliks?” the boy Who was doctor's assistant asked her.

“Who doesn't know them” she replied

“Well their grandmother is on death bed and they send doctor saab to bring stuff from city” he sighed “Mrs Malik’s grandsons are very dangerous people” he made a face “You see these rich people have no sense, they came from city but forgot to bring medicines that doctor Saab told them to bring, and you know rich people, they treat poor people like slaves” he said disgusted, “As I told you, these Malik grandsons are very dangerous they threatened doctor Saab without any respect” the guy shook his head and khushi sighed, “I understand,” she said “I hope doctor Saab will be out of trouble.” the boy nodded in agreement.

“Khushi,” he called her in low voice “You should not roam around so freely like that” khushi furrowed her brows, “Why?” she asked surprised.

“These men are dangerous and bad”

“I know but they have nothing to do with me, I am of no use for them” the guy shook his head.

“Bad men are attracted to beautiful women like you and innocence of such creature is like cherry on the cake. Your charm can allure and it can get you in trouble.”

“So you want to say, I am a bad woman, who trap guys?” so innocent, the guy sighed.

“No, I don't mean that, you are friend khushi. Why would I say that?”

“I am leaving” khushi started moving away.

‘Wait” he called her out and she turned to face him again “When I said take care of yourself, I wasn't kidding” he said looking into her eyes “we have played together khushi and I think you are beautiful and I think you deserve the best and I as a friend, I care for you. Those men are not good”

“I understand” she said with a smile and left the clinic.

She started walking on the lonely road, the advice of her friend in her mind. He was right, she should be careful, until these devils leave their village.


Walking for 5 minutes, she was greeted with her little friend Nash “Hello, khushi di” she smiled, instantly forgot about bad guys in her mind and sat down to match the height of the child.

“Hello laddoo” she pinched his nose and kissed his cheeks.

“How are you?” he asked smiling.

“Oh, I am beautiful” khushi grinned at him.

“That you are” he giggled.

“Here, my little prince” she handed him chocolate, a gift she gave to every kid in her village. She loves kids so much!

“Chocolate” his eyes widened and he grinned ‘Thank you” she kissed his cheek.

“I have to go now” she said and started walking away from the boy waving goodbye smiling. She was so engrossed in waving goodbye to Nash that she didn't see a car moving in her direction. Of course road was narrow and no one in village own car so khushi never cared or worried over such stuff.

The boy ran to his friends who were now on the far corner in the fields. Her eyes widen looking at the black Mercedes just a few feet away from her.

Strangely her mind went numb,

Run……” cries of a woman echoed in her ears and she stared at the car dumbfounded. Her mind was digging holes, trying to remember something, to understand the vivid pictures.

“Thinking about dying, huh?” a strong and firm hand gripped her right arm tightly, pulling her out of her thoughts. She looked up at his face and for a moment thought him to be Prince charming but as she looked deep in his chocolate brown eyes, she knew he was a monster. They spoke louder than words will ever.

“Y-You a-are hu-hurting m-me” she stammered, her voice laced with fear.

He scanned her face looking through her eyes, he could read fear. He was staring at her face as if taking in every facial feature that she had. She looked afraid, great! He liked it. His hold didn't lose even at her plea. it gave him sick pleasure to see her struggling in his grip. she didn't know, she was there to stay with him. 

“This is what you get when you mess with wrong people” when did she even messed with him? He was so weird! He was satisfied seeing her battling with herself. it gave him time to explore her more. She has beautiful eyes and pink soft lips, he sure as hell knew that they tasted like heaven. Sudden urge to kiss her aroused in his heart and it angered him. He didn't ever kiss women? His lips were still virgin even if he wasn't!

“Let me go” she said stammering again, trying to get out of his tight grip only to hurt herself in return.

“What is your name?” he asked, looking deep in her eyes making her more nervous and afraid.

“K-K-Khushi” she said trying to control her breaths and heart beat. He smirked feeling her nervousness and helplessness. It made him happy somehow.  

“I didn't understand”

“Khushi” she said after few second taking all the courage.

“Khushi” he repeated and it stuck him “We named her Khushi Kumari Gupta” the smile of woman and the flashbacks angered him.

“Full name” he commanded, his eyes darker than before and his tone harsher and commanding as if she was his slave and he just brought her soul. She felt she was chained.

“No!” she exclaimed fearfully, she needed to get away from him. He was so dangerous and powerful.

“Did you just say no to me?” his painful hold tightened and he pulled her closer, their lips inches apart. Unable to look in his dark brown eyes which were digging holes in her soul she looked down, forcing her head to bend, even though every part of her body was hurting.

Holding her chin he made her look in his eyes You will never look away when I speak.” His hold painfully tight and she sobbed. A few tears made their way on her rosy cheeks.

“Khushi Gupta, that's your full name, right?” her eyes widened “How-how…” he cut her off saying “I know how you were born, when you were born, where and with whom” he smirked seeing her almost pale face. Not that he intended to do that but since it was happening, he liked it.

He liked her...He wanted her! like how a man wanted a woman and an artist wanted an inspiration.

“Go!” he let her go and she hiccuped looking at five big guys staring at her like she was a source of entertainment to them, she cover her face (except eyes) with her shawl and ran away, crying.

“What?” Arnav raised his right eyebrow.

”Bro, you were about to kill that poor girl” Shyam said sitting in the car, others copied his action.

“This is not how you treat a beautiful girl like her” NK butt in and continued “You need lessons on ‘how to treat little women like her?’”

“Shut up!”

“What?” NK raised his brows “I am not lying, you are terrible human when it comes to handle a woman, maybe you should become my or Shyam’s student, even Aakash is better”

“I agree with NK” 4 guys said in union.

“Never” Arnav started the engine

“One day you will come to me for help” NK winked at his fellows sitting behind and they broke into smirk. If Arnav ever got into a relationship, they were going to tease the sh*t out of him. but that would never happen.

Arnav didn't give an ear to their discussion, his mind was somewhere in those hazel eyes and in those big innocent tears which he so wished to wipe away.


It's raining now

It's raining on someone's fears

Raining down

I've heard the rain is the city's tears

But these sirens

These sirens are all I hear

And they keep calling out

Keep calling out someone's name

Keep calling out

And all I can do is pray

That these sirens

These sirens don't come our way

Khushi ran inside her room and cried.

“Are you okay daughter?” her aunt ran by her side. She hugged “Oh my Lord, you are burning with fever khushi” Madhumati exclaimed worried.

“Let me bring vegetable soup for my beautiful niece” Madhumati softly carressed her hair, laid her down on her bed and tucked her in.

“Nobody will hurt me, right?” she choked as she put her insecurities in front of her beloved aunt who somehow without asking knew how broken she was.

“No one can hurt your soul. People may think you are weak but you know what I see?” khushi looked in her warm eyes and she smiled “I see a warrior…”

“I want to be stronger” she cried hugging her “I don't want to be afraid of anyone but the more I try to stay strong the more I fall apart. What can i do? I am of no use, I am weak and I should just die”

“No!” her aunt broke the hug “Never ever say that. don't you trust me?”

“I do”

“You are beautiful” she smiled warmly “And your smile can even melt a frozen heart” she laid her down again “I see it in your eyes, the beautiful girl who understand the language of everything around her. Khushi, we cannot expect everyone to love us or we cannot expect everything just for us, in order to get something we have to lose something. That's how the system of this world goes. See the brighter side of everything even death holds beauty if you see it through light” she closed her eyes taking in every word her dearest aunt was telling her. She knew these words would stay with her even if everything disappeared. 


Thank you for your comments and support on previous chapter. Do share your views about this chapter :-) i re write this chapter :( it was accidentally deleted.  


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Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 60 times)

Chapter 3

Madhumati looked at her sleeping niece and sighed in relief. At least her temperature had lowered. Just when she was about to get up to go to her room and get some sleep, she saw her stirring in her sleep. She is having a nightmare! Worriedly, she ran outside and brought water. She sprinkled water on her face to wake her up. Over the years she had learnt this to be the most effective method to wake her up when she was having a nightmare.

“Shhh it's okay.”

“Bua ji” her eyes filled with tears, “I want to tell you something.”

“What is that?” her aunt asked softly.

Khushi drank water and told her everything that happened in the evening when she was returning from doctor’s clinic.

“...He said he know me, where I was born, with whom I was born and I am afraid. He seems dangerous and he hurt me do bad. It was as if I was chained when he talked. I am scared.” she cried. Why was she so emotional today? Her heart isn't at peace, something was going to happen...She just knew.

“Its nothing, he did it to confuse you and play with you innocent brain,”

“But he knew my full name..” she protested, “I have these feelings like really bad feelings.”  

Madhumati though alarmed but chose to hide it for her niece.

She knew danger was coming, they have to do something about that. She made khushi sleep and left the room.

In living room (Gupta house)

“Its him!” Madhumati announced her prediction after telling whole story which she had known from khushi.

“Are you sure?”

“I am, who else would know such information?” Gupta family was thoughtful.

“We will send her to neighboring village where her sister lives in college hostel, I will talk with principal.” Mr Gupta said thoughtfully earning approval from both ladies.

“Do it, today, I will wake khushi up. We cannot waste time. These men are dangerous and our daughter is too fragile.” Madhumati being protective aunt suggested.

In Malik haveli

“We have got some work,” Arnav announced to his friends excluding his brother.

“Can I come too?” NK chirped but Arnav refused plainly.

“Why not?” he whined.

“Stop acting like a child, stay at home with Ankit and inform me if anything goes wrong here... ” NK sighed, his bossy brother!

Once in the car, Arnav directed Ali to drive in his given direction.

“Where are we going?” Sham inquired

“To get my bride,” Arnav replied coolly and his friends almost got a heart attack.

“What the f*ck?” they exclaimed in union.

“To the left,” he directed Ali ignoring their surprise expressions and question, “No questions.” he said sternly and there was silence in the car after that.

“We will take the girl and if necessary, we kill 'em. You know what to do with dead bodies.” he ordered and his men nodded in yes. They chose to stay quiet when he is mad or serious. They knew him well…

“Stop here,” car stopped in front of hazelnut eyed girl’s home and his heart beat faster, further confirming her presence.

“Break the door, silently” it happened in seconds and soon they were in the courtyard of her small house.

Family members who were planning to send their daughter away were surprised to see four men with arms in their home. Their heart beat raised and they knew trouble had entered their home without knocking. Even before they could move, 3 guns were pointed at three old aged family members.

Arnav looked at the faces in front of him, so familiar. They have just grown old but he has no time or interest to explore his past. He is here to take his woman and nothing more.

He walked in her small room, saw her lying on her small bed like snow white, sleeping! He moved closer, he stared at her face for a few seconds and caressed her cheek. He sighed in bliss. her skin was so soft and his hands were sharper than pricks. But didn't roses have thorns? 

“Wake up,” he whispered softly but she didn't wake up. He roamed his hand all over her face, neck, her visible cleavage and this woke her up, of course.

Just as she opened her eyes, she met with chocolate brown eyes and she was paralyzed with fear! Her lips were sealed, no voice came out. Wondering if it was a dream or reality or was she hallucinating?

“Hello beautiful!” his voice broke her chains of thoughts. her eyes widened. She knew it was real because his hands were roaming on every part of her upper body that wasn't covered.

“Get up,” he ordered standing before her bed.

“H-” khushi tried to speak but his firm voice cut her frail one off “Get the f*ck up” her eyes widened in fear and she got up trembling and shivering.

“Good girl,” he pushed her stubborn hairs behind her ears, “You have five seconds, grab your shawl," he announced but seeing her not moving immediately he stressed “NOW.” She shivered and started finding her shawl clumsily.

“Here,” he handed her shawl and grabbed her hand after she had put shawl on, “We are leaving.”

“W-here?” she asked softly

“No questioning, “ he told her sternly not letting his soft side show.

“But I don't want to come with you,” she said with all the courage she could gather.

“Did I ask your permission? Or suggestion?” he dragged her out of her room and her eyes widened to see her family members with fear of death.

“No” she said breathlessly.

“Do you want them to live?” he asked in her ear and she just nodded in approval “Then order these men to stop.”

He knew it would not be easy for someone like khushi to order so it would be fun to see her struggling. He liked her. He knew that when she was born, when he had held her for the first time, he knew that he liked her but never realized it until he saw her today. She has become so beautiful just like her mother.

“S-St-op” he smirked

“Is that what you call an order? Huh?”

“I can't”

“Shot th-” Arnav was cut off by his soon to be bride “No. DON'T hurt them,” her voice was louder and he liked it. He signaled his men through his eyes and they back off.

Holding khushi’s hand, he dragged her with him while her family was held back by threaten of ‘killing their second daughter’. It was enough to stop them or they had to murder them all.   

“Let me go” she cried helplessly. Guys were now ready to leave.

“Where next?” Ali asked respectfully.

“Mandir,” khushi felt her heart breaking, oh no, she cried cupping her mouth.

“I d-on't w-ant t-o mar-ry yo-u,” she told him, stammering. He ignored her and ordered Ali to make it quick.

They were in front of a Mandir where priest was already waiting for them. He made sure he was there before going to khushi's house. 

“Make it quick,” he told the priest, holding khushi in his tight grip.

Soon in few minutes, they were married.

When it was over, he signaled his men to scatter and let khushi’s arm go. As expected, she moved away from him and to his utter amu****t ran away from him. When Ali saw this, he sighed “You are b astard” he told Arnav and he smirked.

“Let her know there is no way she can get out of ASR’s clutches."   


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Feb 6, 2017

Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 54 times)

Chapter 4

“I spend a quarter of every day inside you. When you set limits outside of that I can't help but see them as arbitrary.” 

After running for almost 20 minutes, she was exhausted. Her temperature has increased and her feet were bleeding. She was now sitting under a tree quietly. Maybe ground will hid her from the monsters. Her body shivered and she got up to continue her running.

Just when she thought she was safe, there she saw him standing in front of her. “No…” she cried moving backward but her feet had no power to walk. She fell on her the ground and hugged her knees.

Arnav stared at her ragging. Why was she so afraid of him, he wasn't that bad? His jaws clenched. He stared at her shaking form and wondered why was she so sad? Was he so disgusting that she wanted to run away? She didn't even care for her bleeding feet just to escape him? Was he that bad? Anger shot through his body.

Ali sighed and put his hand on his shoulder, “She is you wife, in case you forget” he said sarcastically and walked forward toward scared khushi, slowly put his jacket on her shivering shoulders. “Its okay!” he said not softly but it wasn't harsh either. Khushi clutched his jacket and kept on looking down.

There was no response from Arnav, he was lost! Why her rejection was affecting him so badly? Why her cries mattered ? Why? Because, she is yours! Came a reply from his frozen heart and smart brain, “when something is yours, it's yours exclusively. She has to accept you and if she doesn't, you made her to!”  

“Bhai!” Akash came forward but didn't dare to take an action without ASR’s order.

“Leave…” everyone standing their sighed. They left giving khushi one last look. It was going to be a long night…

“Get up…” he ordered her shivering self once everyone left but she didn't seem to notice his command and ASR hated repeating himself. Holding her arm in his steel like grip, he dragged her toward black car, brought by his driver who was sent back with guys. He was alone with her on this lonely road.

Khushi was shivering and sobbing badly and her feet were not supporting her and his forceful attempt to drag her with him has doubled the pain in her body. “Y-o-u a-a-are h-urt-in-g m-e,” she attempted to gain a bit sympathy from this man with frozen heart but her stammering added fuel to the fire as anger doubled by the realization of how much he scared her. But why wouldn't she just cooperate with him? Why was she tempting him to hurt her?

Well, he didn't know any soft emotion existed in this world but he surely knew that he owned her and she was his!

Pinning her to the car door, he looked at her face intently “Look at me,” but that didn't happened. She again disobeyed him...he forcibly made her look in his eyes and her eyes were widen with fear.

“Let me go,” she whispered with remaining courage and it angered him further. He frowned at her and if she had known him before she would never have angered him this much. Because it was well known fact, when ASR frowned, he was going to show you hell!

But why was he even angry at her? Khushi’s innocent mind was battling constantly. Her heart was hurting, she wanted to go home and it all to turn out to be a nightmare. She was an orphan, but she was loved and pampered by her family so much that they never ever let anyone hurt her. Even her elder sister was so possessive and protective of her. She was raised as princess probably because of two reason: one was because she was daughter of Mira, secondly because she had lost her parents and worst of all she has nightmares so her family was always treating her like she was a flower. Now this man here was hurting her with no mercy. Who was he? Why was he after her? Why would he marry her? How did he know her? What relationship she had with him? Why his eyes were familiar? Why he didn't look like a devil? On the top of all, why was he hurting her so much? Her head was bursting with pain, from crying so much. Her throat was aching from sobbing.

“Go!” he suddenly let her go and she was shocked. Was he really letting her go? “If you succeeded in running away from me, I will let you go and if you failed,  you will submit yourself to me.” she, being way too naive didn't see how dumb the deal was but instead seeing his seriousness she accepted! Maybe she will be able to run away from him.

She ran faster than she ever did in her life. Her feet, which were bleeding, didn't stop her. She was determined to escape this man’s wrath and she ran for minutes, stopping in between. But eventually, her legs gave up and she was in no state to even stand properly. Arnav was observing all this but he didn't interfere, he wanted her to loss after trying hard. She was sick and sad. looking around the silent road, she was sure she was out of village now because this road didn't belong to her village. She breathed in and out, preparing herself to run again but it seemed useless because she was losing her consciousness now. No! No please! she has to run, run away from him. She cried and ran. As long as she could! But in few minutes, it was the end. She has lost it. She sat on the road, crying on her fate and asking her Devi Mayya, what wrong did she ever do to deserve this? 

“Still having faith in yourself,” her heartbeat rose hearing his sarcastic tone, she shivered, no please let the ground swallow her. She was crying again. Oh no! please no…

“Get up,” another command but she didn't, “Do you remember our deal?” he said in commanding tone.

“What have I done to deserve this? I don't even know you!” her innocent confession, surprisingly aroused him ****ually. What was happening to him? At this moment, he knew it was not just a ‘want’ it was his necessity and need to make her his… but for now he controlled his desires. He needed to settle this matter tonight.

“Darling,” he rose her up and kissed her forehead, softly, “Look at me,” but she didn't. He held her chin and made her look at him, “Do I look like a beast?” she looked in his deep brown eyes and her heart was beating like a drum.  

She nodded in denial. “Y-ou a-re bea-u-ti-ful” even though she stammered but her words were shock to him. He was what? His eyes widened...for the first time in his life, someone called him beautiful. What the f**k!?!? Was she kidding or making fun of him? But he knew she was too naive to deceive.

“I am beautiful!?” he raised his eyebrow and she was speechless. What did she just said? She was unable to look in his eyes, so she closed her eyes. “Look at me,” but she didn't. Even though Arnav was amused by her earlier comment but her disobedience was not settling well with him. “Open your f*king eyes,” he gritted his teeth.

She was now ready to faint, even more scared. She opened her eyes.

She was dragged by him and was pinned to front of his car.

“You lost this deal, so now you are mine,” he announced arrogantly.

“No please…” she tried to convince him but she was not suppose to talk.

“There are only three rules in this wedding: first, you will never try to run away, second, you will never let any other man touch you, third, you will obey every command of mine. Am I understood?” she was naive but not dumb. Was he trying to make her his slave? Was she a doll? Getting no response from her, he continued “If you break any rule, you will be punished.”   He started wiping her tears and in no time scooped her in his arms and made her sit on passenger seat, buckling her seat belt, he locked the door. Once settled in car, he looked in her direction and found her lost, “Thinking of me?” she was startled and nodded in ‘yes’. She was thinking about his ‘proposal and how he was caging her’. She was thinking, how to escape him.

“You can never escape me,” he said without looking at her, his eyes were fixed on road. She gulped, how did he know what she was thinking? “Well, you are mine, khushi, and accept it or deny, I will be the only one on your mind from now on. No one can take my place there,” he poked in her head and she gulped scared. Now she can not even think freely? “You can!” came his reply “But just about me.”  


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Feb 21, 2017

Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 5 (Thank you for your love and support <3 and thank you for trusting me!)

“I want you to put bandage on her wounds,” ASR ordered to the doctor, who was already looking at khushi with great concern.

“What happened khushi? What-” the doctor was cut off by angry voice.

“Treat her, you don't get to question MY wife,” khushi hiccuped. The doctor looked at khushi with pity. Pure sympathy shone in his eyes. How can someone so innocent suffer so much?

“Please save me!” she begged once Arnav was out of the small office like shop.

“If only I could,” the doctor replied helplessly.

“Why?” khushi asked crying. Why can't anyone help her?

“He is mafia king!”

“We can call police,” khushi suggested.

“He is above all the laws not just in India but everywhere he goes,” the doctor replied putting bandages on her feet. Khushi didn't understand what it meant to be above law but she sensed it was something dangerous.  

“It huts,” khushi cried.

“I know,” he sighed ”Scars may hurt you so bad, but they are the symbol of bravery.”

“No I am weak and pathetic,” she said looking helpless not even hissing in pain as spirit made contact with her wounds.    

“No, anyone would be helpless in this situation.”

“But they can at least face it! I can't even do that,” she shook her head shedding countless tears. “All I can do is cry, how pathetic?”  

“Khus-” Arnav’s call for hurry interrupted them.

“Done?” asked Arnav after few seconds. His eyes not moving from khushi’s fragile figure. Had he scared her too much?

“Yes!” said the doctor handing Arnav a piece of paper with names of few medicines. without saying anything he walked closer to his bride, scooped her startled self in his arms and turned to leave.

“Thank you!” khushi told the doctor smiling weakly, “DONT forget to check my Bua ji every week.”

“You have a tongue,” Arnav looked at her beautiful face, walking toward parked car. Khushi stayed silent but spoke after few seconds.

“I have manners.” he was amused by her reply.

“And how do you define manners?” he asked, once settling her in car, raising his eyebrow.

“You don't know?” khushi gasped innocently. Arnav stared at her surprised face. Was this really a tough question or too easy? Why was she so surprised?

“No,” he said sitting on driver seat.

“Oh respecting others and loving them no matter what. Helping others….” he didn't start driving, just stared at her beautiful smart mouth from where words were pouring out and it sounded like music to his ear. How he would love to listen to her all day and night? What was she talking about he didn't care.

Manners! He laughed to himself.

“Why are you laughing? Are you making fun of me?” khushi asked frowning.  

“Yes!” he replied plainly.

“Bad manners!” khushi told him like a teacher.

“F*ck manners!” khushi’s eyes widen in shock. Did he just said what she heard? He really have no manners. Wait! “he is mafia king.” she remembered doctor's words.

“What is mafia?” she asked slowly and carefully not to anger him.

“Why?” he asked “You don't know?” he raised his eyebrow. She nodded her head sideways. He opened his mouth to say something but decided otherwise. He started to drive in full speed. Khushi held the sides of the seat tightly, closed her eyes, thinking that she would surely die tonight.

He didn't look at her scared form. What had he done? She was so innocent? He didn't know that….he knew she was naive but this naive he had no idea. Does she even know about ****? He sighed. It's going to be a long way down. But that didn't mean he would let her go. Arnav Singh Raizada, never let anything or anyone belonging to him, go. Not so easily. And she belonged to him, if she was naive or a slüt, didn't matter.

Khushi was silent, afraid to ask anything. Suddenly she felt like crying again.

“Why are you crying now?” he asked irritated. Did she know anything other than crying? Khushi looked in his eyes “My feet hurt,” she lied, even though they hurt but the reason of her tears wasn't her physical pain.

“DONT lie,” he gritted his teeth.

“I am not-” he cut her off.

“Shut up!” she was silent after that until she found herself in his arms “DONT lie to me. I know you don't know how to lie,” she looked at him amazed and gulped as he took her inside the giant house. Who the hell was he? how did he know her so well? Was she crazy or him?

“Why did you marry me?” she asked once again carefully. Maybe he will answer her.

“Because you are mine!” he said not looking at her. She wanted to ask him other things too but they were already in a big living room where his entire family was sitting. They stood up seeing them. Arnav didn't put her down. She suddenly felt shy. Her cheeks turned crimson pink. She was an introvert and shyness was with her since she had grown up. 

“I heard you got married,” Aliya asked eyeing khushi. Everyone else was silent.

“I did,” he replied confidently. Even though in his heart, he was praying and thinking maybe God existed and He would help him.

There was silence for few seconds until NK broke the ice “What bro, didn't know you liked her so much. Why did you marry without us?” Anjali stayed silent, her eyes fixed on khushi’s silent and terrified form.

“Put her down, she seems afraid of you,” Anjali walked closer to Arnav and he obeyed his sister’s command. Khushi hissed as her feet touched the floor.

“Are you hurt?” Anjali asked softly and khushi nodded in yes. Maybe she wasn't that bad after all.

“I…” khushi started softly but soon ran out of words.

“Anjali, love, maybe you could take her to Arnav’s room and help her settle down,” Aliya said eyeing khushi. The girl was too innocent for her son.

Anjali took khushi away.

“Who is she?” she raised her eyebrow.

“Khushi” he said thinking for a second “Khan” there was silence for a second of two.

“What happened to her feet?”

“She got herself hurt,” Arnav trailed off.

“I am not a fool Arnav,” he looked up in his mother's eyes.

“She ran away and hurt herself.”

“Why would she run away?” she questioned “You forced her to marry you.” Arnav was speechless. “Am I right?” he nodded not looking in her eyes. Everyone in the room was silent. No one dared to interrupt mother-son conversation. They just hoped everything will at the end be okay.

“Why?” he opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out. She furrowed her brows.

“What is it, Arnav?” Aliya asked more sternly, “I didn't taught you this?” he wanted to fight her. He wanted to tell her that it was because of her, he did every bad thing. He wanted to shout at her and tell her she was the reason of his misery and pain. He wanted to shook and tell her that she was the reason why he married her forcefully. And why he was always afraid to be soft or to love or show affection. But everything stayed within him just like always, he looked down and muttered, louder enough for everyone to hear, “I am sorry…”    

“You are a shame Arnav,” saying this his mother left and Arnav clenched his fist and left the spot.

He had always wished, he wasn't born or had died before even seeing anything... he hated himself more than anything.

Gupta house was silent. No one spoke anything. Too busy in their own state of self pity. Bau ji looked at the idol and prayed for her daughter's safety.

Arnav spent rest of the night punching the bag. Taking out the frustration, anger and pain.  he sighed, it was morning and everything was changed in his life. If he wasn't married, he would have slept with some random woman but now it was not his cup of tea. And he couldn't simply sleep with khushi.  

He will not touch her without her approval.


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Mar 8, 2017

Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 6

                          'kill for her'

Arnav entered in his room at 5 a.m. to find his bride sleeping, cuddling herself as if protecting herself from demons. He walked close to where she laid and sat beside her. He stared at her face for few seconds then took her in his arms, lying down beside her. Feeling stranger’s touch khushi woke up with a jerk.

“Who are you?” she asked breathlessly.

“Shhh,” Arnav held her hand and whispered “Its me!”

“So it is true, i wasn't dreaming?” khushi whispered loud enough for Arnav to hear.

“Come here,” he called her softly, extending his arms. But she didn't move. Too scared to react. And of course it angered Arnav even though he tried to stay calm and called her again but she moved backward.

He held her arm in his rough grip and pulled her in his lap, not so softly. Khushi gasped but didn't resist. She knew it would hurt her more.

“Didn't I declare the fact that you are to obey me? Or you will be punished?” she didn't look up. Like a kid caught doing a mischief, she hung her head low. Praying that he wouldn't hurt her. But this thing angered Arnav more. He liked confident women not so stubborn and frightened selves.

“You should be punished,” she looked up at his face with her big innocent eyes, ready to cry. “Have you ever been punished before?” he asked tucking her hair behind her ears.

She nodded sideways indicating ‘never’.

“If you promise that you will not disobey again, i will not punish you.” he whispered softy, caressing her neck. She stayed silent. He looked at her for few seconds then said “I guess, i need to use force khushi. I didn't want to hurt my bride but…” he sighed and decided to use old trick.

He carried her toward a dark corner of his massive room and whispered in her ear, “I heard you are afraid of darkness.” a chill ran through khushi’s body. Tears blinds her vision. Her stomach twitched in most painful way. Her grip on his shoulder tighten but most importantly she lost her voice to fear.

Even though Arnav sensed her fear but he couldn't give into soft feelings he has for her. She has to learn the lesson or it will cause troubles in future. Her disobedience can get her killed by his rivals. And her life was important.  

“Do you want-” she sobbed louder cutting him off. He bite his lip.

“Pl-e-a-se….” khushi begged hugging his shirt. Her fingers digging in his shoulder,

“Would you disobey?” he asked staring at her pale face.

“N-o” she stammered struggling to get her voice back. Her throat was tight.

“I didn't hear you love,” he said in her ear and it felt like he was mocking her and making her feel like worthless but this is how ASR worked. Manipulating people with words or power to do what he wanted. And unfortunately khushi was a victim of his manipulation too.

“No” she said with all the power she could muster.

“Say you are sorry for disobeying.”

Khushi cried because she couldn't utter a word more. And fear that he would throw her in darkness ate her more. She hiccuped.  

“Alright then, i am leaving you here.” khushi’s hold tightened and her eyes widened.

“No, please….” she hiccuped “I a-m so-rr-y” if someone else had apologized like khushi did, he would have thrown the person in dungeon until he/she would lost his/her senses. He hated stammering. But he couldn't hurt her anymore. He knew, her fragile self wouldn't be able to take anymore. He walked to where they laid before and laid her shivering self on the bed.

“It's alright,” he hugged her lying beside her. “Shhh” but she sobbed. He furrow his brows, why did she fear darkness so much? Her mother was brave but...He decided to dig in her past.

He soothed her frightened self down and pressed kisses on her head. He told her soft rare words he never told anyone before: he sang for her.

“I am not going to hurt you as long as you don't disobey.” khushi heard his words after calming down.

“Look at me, love,” he caressed her chin softly. His tone surprised khushi and she looked in his surprisingly soft eyes. “Don't be afraid, I will not eat you.”

“But y-yo-u….” she ran out of words and it worried Arnav. She is too fragile for him. DAMN.

“Say, I am listening.” but she didn't say anything.

“I am scared of you,” khushi said after few minutes.

“Don't be,” he cupped her face with one hand while other was holding her waist, “I do not hurt people related to me unless they disobey.”

“Who am I to you?” she asked innocently.

“My Queen.”

“How was I when I was born?” curiosity got the best of her. If this man knew about her past she will take the risk to find out more information about her childhood and parents which was blur to her.

“****y!” he replied smirking.

“What?” she furrow her brows.

“You don't know what is ****y?” Arnav’s jaws almost touched the ground.

“No,” khushi said nervously.

“Do you want to know what it meant?” he asked  all of a sudden. khushi replied instantly “Yes!”

“Get up!” he ordered and khushi did as she was told to. He got up himself. And turned on the lights. Khushi closed her eyes as the bright light hurt her eyes. He stared at her body breathlessly. There she sat in her Salwar suite with no bra and shawl. He couldn't take his eyes off her front. He wanted kiss her then and there. But decided otherwise. Khushi opened her eyes slowly and suddenly felt shy. She wasn't wearing shawl.

“Meri chunry” she exclaimed putting her hands on her chest. He grabbed her shawl and put it around her shoulders.

He took her soft and small hand in his rough and large one and kissed it. Khushi was mesmerized. She have never felt so special. She should be hating this guy but she wasn't but sure, she was feeling special just because of his one kind gesture.

“You sing so well.” khushi said looking at her hand which was still in his hand.

“You liked it?” he raised his eyebrow.

“I loved it” she said honestly. It calmed her down, as if it were not just poetry but magic mantras.

He left her hand and got out of bed.

“Come here,” he called her and she said not looking up at him “My feet hurt,” he sighed and bend down to scoop her in his arms.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked hesitating a bit.

“To show you, what is ****y.” khushi smiled just like a kid finding out something new.

He stood in front of large mirror and made her stand on soft cushion, not to hurt her feet.

“Look at yourself,” he whispered standing behind her, towering over her tiny body. Khushi did look at herself.

“Someone is ****y when they make eye contact,” khushi abruptly looked in his eyes, “Smile genuinely,” he paused for a second “and embodies self assurance.” her face fell.

“I am not ****y,” she frowned.

“Do you think you are not pretty?”

“No,” she blushed “The mirror says I am beautiful.” she looks down blushing, not meeting eyes with him.

“Then you are ****y khushi, you were ****y,” he was staring intently at her face. So beautiful. And so innocent.

“You should sleep now,” he scoop her in his arms and walked toward bed. All the time khushi looking at him from the corner of eyes.

“Arnav…” his heart skipped a beat and Arnsv’s breath hitched. He looks at her with hidden surprise and he strangely felt joy coursing through his body. He haven't felt this for years. He didn't utter a word. “Whoes piano is that,” he narrowed his eyes, confused but in a second understood what she ws talking about. “Di said it's yours and you know how to play,” she hesitated for a second but decided to say “Would you play for me?”

His tongue was tied. Was he dreaming? He didn't say anything.

He again picked her up in his arms and started walking toward adjusant room where piano was placed. He made her sit on the sofa placed in the corner.

“Lay down,” he ordered softly and khushi obeyed.

Walking in the direction of piano, he took a sharp breath. He was going to play for the woman who have become his inspiration.

He played Dance with the devil from his favorite band ‘Breaking Benjamin’. Nobody knew he loved music but now his pretty, soft and innocent bride knew.

Khushi looked at him with wonder, amazement and affection. Yes she felt affection for him. He was so deep. She forgot that this man was the reason, she couldn't walk and she was away from her family. But it all felt right. She strangely felt safe in his embrace. She felt she was in heaven when he sang for her. And right now when he was playing piano, she felt she was being carried to another world where she was free, where nothing called fear, loneliness or bitter memories existed. And she have wings and she could fly. It all felt right.

Arnav played with passion, he always felt while playing. He loved art. He loved creativity in everything. He could write a book on ‘The Art of killing people’ he was a criminal, known as father of laws but he loved art and nobody but now his bride partly knows that. He has never played for anyone and he had no idea why he was playing for her. But it felt right. He felt at peace. He felt inspired and admired. He strangely felt loved...which he never felt before.

He will play her piano, sing for her, paint her, and kill for her. Because she was his long lost possession.

She was his, it was clear as crystal. 


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Mar 11, 2017

Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 61 times)

Chapter 7


Morning were always detested by khushi, she loved sleeping and that too after 7 a.m. because she hated her school and the painful thought of leaving her bed and that too, to attend classes was out of question. And right now when someone was nudging her softly, it aroused irritation.

“Umm let me sleep Bua ji.”

Arnav rolled his eyes. It's 8 AM and she still needed sleep. Arnav hated doing such stuff but her sleepy voice was rather sensual entertainment so he carried on irritating her.

“Khus-” he stopped and khushi sat up pouting but her eyes widened.

She was silent for few seconds, staring at Arnav with her wide hazal orbs.

“You kidnapped me, you bad guy!” khushi threw the pillow in his direction and he caught it before it could hit him. He held her wrists in soft grip and hugged her. Khushi struggled but gave up in his steel grip.

“I want to see my parents!” she sobbed softly.

“No! You can't.”

“Why not?”

“You belong here now.”

“How would you know where I belong?”

“I just know…”

“I want to...please!” She pleaded and he gave up.

“Fine!” he sighed “But you will have to give me something in return.”

“What is that?” khushi asked getting out of his soft embrace.

“You will let me kiss you,” khushi’s frown deepened, clearly clueless of what of what he was demanding. She blushed realizing what he said and move closer to his cheek and kissed him.

“WAOW! Wait…” khushi looked at him confused. He persue his lip clearly annoyed at how naive she is. “Let me show you what is a ‘kiss’.”

In a second, his lips were on hers. Khushi was flabbergasted. She was pressed again his chest by him. He licked her lips and sucked them. He bite her lip and khushi’s eyes widened in astonishment. Her mouth opened and it gave him opportunity to explore her more passionately..  he never knew kissing could be this refreshing and it made him feel like he was stronger. In that moment, he felt he had no weaknesses and he has to protect the angel in his arms.

He broke the kiss when she was breathless. He licked his lips staring at her now pink face.

“You are shy as F-ck” khushi looked at him and glared at him.

“Don't swear in front of me, I don't like it.” she said upset at his ill manners.

“Alright!” he said surprising himself. Was he really obeying someone other than his mother?

“No promise me,”

He took a sharp breath, “okay.”

“We were talking-”

“-I accept it, now will you take me to see my family?”

“Did you like the kiss?” he asked caressing her soft cheeks and unconsciously a soft, shy smile broke on khushi’s face and she lowered her gaze. She didnt hate the kiss. She didnt think it was wrong. She felt good. She only knew two feelings: one called fear and second feeling extremely good. She has fears but she never thought she was ugly or anything. If she thought she was weak and it was a bad thing, she also knew that she was special and beautiful. It added positivity in her life. And right now when He asked her if she like the Kiss, she had no reason to deny. She felt good and there were no other feelings, khushi held precious than feeling good.

“It-” she stammered. She hated stammering but she couldn't help. Whenever she was sad, or afraid or nervous. Every feeling that overwhelmed her brought stammering along.

“Say it!”

“-felt good.” he smirked. The crook smkle on the corner of his lips, made khushi more nervous. It aroused strange feelings in her stomach, that she never felt before.

The knock on the door broke their moment and there stood his sister on the door with a silver plate in her hands.

“Khushi! You are up. Great…” she smiled and handed her sweets that she brought from temple and a pink sari given by her mother.

Khushi felt sad.

Where was She stuck? In one night, she was kidnapped, married and had made a deal with a bad guy. She was worried for herself. What if Arnav wasn't as nice as he was last night? What if he hurt her? Her breath hitched and heart racing.

“Khushi…” she looked up at Anjali from mirror and smiled at her. Anjali is nice and she can at least pretend to be a bit happy.

Being nice has its own side effects. Good families teach their kids to be nice but majority of them forget to tell the side effects of being too nice. You can't be yourself completely if you are always too nice.

Once in living room, everyone was staring at Khushi like she was an alien, that's how khushi felt. But they were mesmerized by her beauty and the gentle aura she carried with herself. She was hell nervous. Why were they staring at her? Anjali came in for her rescue.

“What's wrong?” everyone shifted their gaze.

“Your brother is just like your father!” came a reply from Aliya who was drinking her morning tea. Anjali sighed and chose to ignore her mother's bitter remarks about Arnav. After all he was her brother.

Khushi couldn't understand what Aliya said and how Anjali responded. It was all new to her. She was brought up in open and positive environment. And now, this negative vibes were painful for Khushi.

“Khushi is so pretty so bro had to marry her,” said NK sipping his coffee. Khushi felt uncomfortable in their presence. She furrowed her brows.

“Shut up, nandhu!” Arnav’s Dadi scolded NK and he pouted. “You have no sense” she shook her head and turned to khushi, “Khushi will you cook some sweet, dear?” khushi was dumbfounded at old woman’s affectionate request. The so-nice khushi in her, nodded in ‘yes’ without wasting a second.  

“I will show you our kitchen.” she smiled which khushi returned enthusiastically.

“No!” Aliya butt in, “You are ill, mother-in-law.”

“Oh no, I am okay now.” she looked at khushi’s direction and said, “Arnav have settled down, what else can I ask?”

“Still your health is more important.” everyone watching the ladies intently. Ankit and shyam has already placed a bet on who will win this war.


“-No” Dadi sighed.

“You see my daughter won't let me in kitchen so Anjali will complete this duty.” Dadi smiled, so did everyone.  

“I won!” shyam whispered in Ankit’s ear.

“Son of b*tch” came a reply.

“Yes! Rani Sahiba make khushi your friend. And cook something real delicious. I am hungry.” Shyam chirped.

“Do you think anything other than food?” Anjali rolled her eyes and everyone laughed.

“Come khushi.” turning to Shyam “And I am not cooking anything for you.” his face fell.

“You both had a quarrel again?”

“Unfortunately.” everyone rolled their as if it was a most usual thing. They would fight in morning and would be laughing together even before afternoon. Such were their fights.


Once Ladies left to freshen up for breakfast, NK took the opportunity.  

“Where is the groom of the century?” NK said jumping from his seat excitedly as if he just remembered something funny. “Weren't we gonna tease the sh*t out of him?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Only you can think something so dumb. Do you think it's safe to mess with ASR.”

“But Ali does that all the time.” all eyes were on Ali now.

“What…?” he looked at them suspiciously.

“Arnav just had his first wedding night.”

“Stop day-dreaming. He was in gym all night.” their jaws almost touched the ground.  

“Wha-” they couldn't complete seeing Arnav enter the room.

“What's going on?” he asked eyeing NK.

“NO...NO-THING” his voice louder than intended.

“I heard my name.”

“Arnav, they were-” Ali started but Shyam cut him off and everyone glared at him. He just shrugged.

“Anjali is not letting me in our room. Thanks to Lavanya. You know she doesn't like her much,” Arnav pursue his lip. He knew he was lying but decided to ignore it.

“What's for breakfast?”

“Our sister in law is cooking,” NK  beamed with happiness. Finally he got a friend.


“Dadi did,” Ali replied calmly.

Arnav got up and started walking toward kitchen.


He entered into massive kitchen to find khushi fidgeting with her dress. He walked closer only to find her sobbing.

“What's wrong?” she jumped holding her heart, hearing his angry voice. He cupped her face.

“Why are you crying?” he asked softly this time.

“I-I…” she burst into tears. He didn't like that. He didn't like her tears. He clenched his jaws.

She sobbed as he hugged her.

“I don't know how to cook.” she said after calming down.

“Then f*ck it! what are you doing here?” khushi broke the hug and with upset face she turned her back to him. He was taken aback but realized that she hated cussing.

“Khushi.” she didn't turn. “Alright. I won't say that again.”

“You broke the promise,” came her instant reply.

“So?” he asked amused.

“Say you are sorry!”

“No ASR doesn't say sorry,” khushi huffed at his reply but didn't turn around.

“You cheated and I hate cheater.”

“I AM NOT A CHEATER,” he said angrily making her shiver and she closed her eyes, what if he hurt her?

“But...yo-u broke th-e Pro-mise,” he took a sharp breath. He held her arm and turned her around to face him. She didnt make eye contact.

“I don't like it when you stammer. Did I tell you to stop stammering like a kid caught doing mischief?” she nodded sideways. “So why don't you understand that it's an old f- okay habbit I can't get over it so easily. Just accept me!” his last words were exclusively for himself. He had no balls to tell this to her, tell her to accept him. Because he knew there were so many bad things khushi didn't know about him. And he can't cheat on her or trap her to love him.

She looks thoughtful. The smell of something burning hit their nostrils.

“Oh my God!” khushi cried putting her hands on her head.

“Khushi calm down. Servants will do it.”

“But I told grandma that I can cook. I lied,” she said looking at him from the corner of her eyes, pouting. “I am being punished for lying. I swear I thought I knew how to cook kheer since my aunt made it all the time. But my teacher was right, I am dumb....” She kept on chanting.

“What's the name of your teacher?”

“Why?” khushi asked carefully. His voice was full of madness like it was when he warned her parents.

“So I can blow her head,” her eyes widened and she chanted “No, wasn't her fault...I-”

“Nobody gets to hurt my Queen without paying.” she would be lying if she said she was not fluttering but she was scared too. She had always wanted a protective husband but she wasn't if she wanted Arnav.  


“Tell me her name.”

“No, I won't.”

“Fine! I will find her myself.”


“-Is kheer ready?” Anjali broke in. And stared at Arnav-khushi suspiciously.

“Yeah! Ask maids to serve it.” khushi wanted to bury herself with shame. What was she going to tell Dadi? She messed it all up.

“What are you doing here?” Anjali demanded, seeing khushi standing scared and nervous.

“My house, I can go anywhere I want. No need to investigate or dictate me.” khushi shuddered hearing his harsh and rude tone. But Anjali seemed used to it. She left to call servants. Who were asked to leave by her mother so khushi would cook alone with no help.

“You shouldn't talk to her like that….she-she is so good,” khushi said trying to not to show her shivering hands. He held her hands and turned her around. She was facing the stove.

“Will this make you happy?” he asks referring to ‘him being nice with his sister whom he didn't really like’.

“Yes!” she glanced up at him and said gently.

“What if I tell you I don't like her.” khushi was surprised. She fluttered her eyelashes.

“Still” she looked in his eyes this time, “You should treat her nicely.”

“Okay then.” khushi smiled. The real smile. He was mesmerized. The servants marched in and Arnav took khushi out with him where food was to be served.  

Breakfast went surprisingly calm (partially because Aliya wasn't there) even after everyone rejected khushi’s kheer, Arnav and his Dadi didn't. They just couldn't. They both had this swiftly growing soft spot for Khushi that couldn't be ignored. Both saw her as an angel but the difference was that Arnav found her extremely s*xy too.


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Mar 31, 2017

Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 8

                                  “Stay with me”

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Khushi spent her morning with Arnav’s Dadi. It was good while it lasted. At 12 pm, she was there in front of his study. Study means a room where he has meetings with his men. She didn't know how it looked like from inside. Anjali told her, they worked there. It was arnav's old room.

“Can we go now? It's 12,” Arnav looked at time.

“Waow you are so punctual.” he looked down at her feet, “Do you feel Good now?”  

“I do.” she said urgently. She wanted to see her family. She was restless. Anjali has applied this ointment which has numbed the pain. She feel good but not better. She wanted to hug her aunt and tell her everything and ask for advice.

Arnav stared at her face for a moment then said “Alright, we will go in evening.”

“But you said we will go now.” khushi protested.

“In evening.” he put the full stop but khushi wished to continue.

“But why?” he was impatient. Nobody got to question him. They just obey.

“Shut up! Go to your room.” she looked afraid but he didn't care this time. He has some important work in his hands, he can't ignore that just to entertain her.

Khushi ran in the direction of where her room was. Khushi shed tears sitting on the bed, hugging her knees. She was stuck and didn't know how to escape. A part of her had thought he was a good guy but he wasn't. He was cruel just as people defined him. She didn't feel good. She wanted to walk away.

Anjali knocked the door and khushi wiped her tears. She didn't want Anjali to think that she was coward. Anjali smiled.

“How are your feet?”

“I feel good.”

“Good. Were you crying?” khushi glanced at Anjali’s face and nodded side way. “Come on! I will show you around the house, granny told me you never visit this house before.”

“Bua ji told me I would cause trouble here.” khushi smiled sheepishly. One of her feature was that she was clumsy. You can't trust a nervous Khushi. But she didn't know it was all going to change in just 24 hours.

“Well…” Anjali started walking with khushi beside her, “Tell me about yourself.” Anjali asked what her mother asked her to. According to information provided by ASR, khushi was orphan, daughter of Mia and ishaan. Her mother has some other doubts. Khushi looked too familiar. Way too familiar.

“My parents died and I lived with my aunt and uncle and bua ji.” they walked in long corridor.  

“I am sorry about your parents.”

“Don't be,” khushi cheered, “I don't even remember them.” they were silent for few moments.

She asked What made her so curious about khushi, she knew khushi would not lie, “What was their name?” they were in balcony in the far corner which was silent. No one to disturb them.

“Mira and Imran Gupta…” khushi kept on talking about her parents and how she didn't remember them and how she wished...but Anjali wasn't listening. She gulped and looks at khushi’s face, those eyes she inherited from her father, her jaws, she inherited from her mother. Those lips were just like her mother's. Skin creamy, hands unusually long, height almost equal to Mira, Brown hairs just like her both parents. She was replica, how did she not guess? Anjali took a deep breath. She didn't hear anything Khushi said.

She held khushi’s hand and started “Khushi don't-” but someone interrupted them.

“-can I borrow my wife.” Arnav’s sharp voice rang in their ears. Khushi was left alone with Arnav as Anjali left giving Arnav a look that said we-need-to-talk. But Arnav seemed preoccupied. He wasn't even looking at her, His eyes were for khushi. He walked closer to his bride who was looking down at her feet, fidgeting with her shawl. He cupped her face and made her look at him. “You cried?” he asked sternly and khushi shivered, She was hell scared. She stayed still. Getting no response, Arnav held her shoulders and shook her violently and pulled her closer. She closed her eyes tightly, partly because of fear, partly because of his breaths mingling with hers.


“I hate stammering.”

“I hate you too.” khushi said courageously. She will not bow in front of him and tell him or at least pretend that she wasn't afraid. It worked, she felt confident.  

A wave of hurt passed through his eyes just for a nano-second but khushi didn't know how to read eyes. She only knew communication through language.

“Say that again.”

Khushi breathed in and said looking in his eyes, “I hate you!” this time more firmly.

Arnav singh Raizada felt what he hated feeling. He felt rejected and worthless. But that was just to last for few seconds. He recovered. He was used to it. The only thing he hated was why he still felt?

“We are leaving.” he let her go started walking away But khushi interrupted.  

“But-” he glared at her but she continued, “You promised that you will take me to see my family.”

“I never promised. Did I?”

“Please, you can't do that.”

“I do what I want to, nobody gets to interfere.”   


“-If you waste another minute I will not hesitate to hurt you.” he left and khushi let tears flow. She did not care to wipe.

“I hate you Arnav, I hate you. I really do.”


She sat in the car silently not even glancing in his direction. He didn't like that. Hari Parkash, Arnav's loyal driver, was driving. They both were sitting on the back seats. He has decided to leave earlier than other so he can fulfill his promise. 

“Khushi...look at me,” his voice was soft. If khushi wasn't naive, she would have sensed his pleading but she wasn't. Not now at least. But she will be, in future, sharp enough to understand every single move he ever made.

“No, you hurt me, I will not.”

“I will not.”

“You will. I know.” he swallowed a lump formed in his throat. He forgot for seconds that he wasn't alone, he turned her around and hugged her, hid his face in her hairs. His lips quivered. He took a deep breath and whisper, “I-I’m sorry.” he meant it. He was regretting from the moment he left her outside his study. He didn't like to hurt her or to shoo her away. She was his wife, he cared about her her.  

 khushi was frozen. Literally stilled, he said sorry and she didn't know how to respond. She slowly put her hands on his big shoulders. The typical nice khushi forgave him. She forgot that she hated him.

“I was busy. I really was. But i also dont like it when you cry” he explained without breaking the hug. Khushi stayed silent. She was struggling to find words to say. He broke the hug and looked at her face, “I will fulfill my promise.” khushi’s face broke into a beautiful smile as she realize what he meant. He tucked the hairs behind her ear and she looked down, shyly. Her cheeks turning red.

He wanted to ask her if she still hated him but that stayed within him. He wouldn't dare to ask that not for next two years.

The car halted in front of her parent's house and she got out of the car.

“Come back soon, I need you to stay with me.” he pleaded and this time khushi felt it too, so did the old driver who just sighed and prayed that things wouldn't take opposite turn. But they would, he knew deep down.

She met her parents. Hugged her aunt and cried. It was all she needed.

“Don't let nobody play with your heart. Physical scares can heal but heart can never.” she remembered her aunt’s advice but still they both will play with each other’s heart unknowingly for too long



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