FF- Tales Of Secrets-The Shadow and The Soul.

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Dec 1, 2016

FF- Tales Of Secrets-The Shadow and The Soul. (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

“Razors pain you, River are damp, Acid stain you, And drugs cause cramp.

Guns aren’t lawful, Nooses give, Gas smells awful, you might as well live,”


16th December 2010,

“After going through all the evidences , The Delhi high court today declared Khushi Saha responsible for the market place blast , She not only involved in that but also in many criminal activities , Even though Delhi Police is able to collect all the evidence against her but till now not able to track her down , it is orde.....”



The door bell rang breaking her trance as she tear off her eyes from the tv screen where the reporter is going on and on about today’s biggest news “The market place blast”. Surely Delhi is no longer safe!

 Anjali opened the door to come face to face with her Husband .

“Ohh Dear I am so proud of you, I knew it ,you will surely do it like every time.”

Dhiren Smiled at his wife and her crazy way of welcoming home someone , but nevertheless today she is over the top and very happy , anyone can guess it from her ear to ear smile.

And why not be !

Today after whole five month of chasing the trivial case ,Her husband succeed to close the case with victory , all evidences are approved, and the hearing of court is also in their favour adding much to his personal career .

If only he would have able to track down the Girl, it must have added another feather to his career as Criminal Lawyer.

 “But isn’t someone was  saying that the Girl look very innocent to be a criminal?’’

Dhiren raised his eyes questioning her, while she just hide her face into her husband’s arms , the safest place ever.

“Yes, the Girl look too naive to be a criminal but I also know that you will always support the truth.”


Same time , some other part of Delhi ,

Khushi Saha stare at her own blood as it trickle down from her cut vain of wrist drop by drop into her lap, Her lips breaking into a painful smile but however her eyes remain unmoved and focused.

The smile broke into dry laugh resonating in the dark room before turning into a painful cry,

Pain !!

She again laughed between her cries ,

She is in pain, her wrist is throbbing in pain from the brutal way it was cut. Her head is paining like hell , but among all these the only thing that she is feeling is the aching of her heart.

It’s paining , paining a lot, so much that she stopped caring for others , even for herself too. so ,brutally cutting her wrist now sitting in this secluded dark room she awaits her death.

The only thing she wants now is relief, and Death is only thing that she can afford now, as living become a far dream now......


The word again brought tears into her eyes, she wants to live, live like a normal girl , She has so much dreams in her eyes, a perfect job, loving husband , blissful life so on and on. but irony of the life , her dreams are going to be enclosed in her eyes never to be seen.

The surrounding feels more darker now , as she fights to keep her eyes open . she is losing it, she finally losing upon life.

Congratulations Khushi,

She smiled genuinely this time, as the relief of freedom wash over her. Her whole life dance in front of her, as her mother’s smiling face look upon her.

She forwarded her hand, at least for once , for the last time cares that face,

Her lips part away to say her mother that she loves her a lot, and probably never be able to express her again, but the words failed her, she has no energy left in her body to even form a coherent word.

“Maa!! It’s .............pain..ing a.. lo..ttt”

With the little consciousness left she can feel someone is calling for her, patting her cheeks to open her eyes.

As she fight to open her eyes , she smiled at the worried face looking down at her...

“Revenge is a very a strong word Saheb, A very powerful feeling you won’t know before you actually feel it. Starting might be theirs, but ending will always be mine”

And she laughed with it as  Finally the freedom graced the deprived soul.


Hello Friends !!

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Dec 6, 2016

Chapter- Encounter! (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 25 times)

3 YEARS LATTER.........

 2nd January 2016,New Delhi, AR Fashion House.

“Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a first page”

“What should we do Madam!”

He asked uncertain and a little irritate, The sun is scorching too much today. It is way past 12 pm now, and here they stood in front of AR fashion house for a single chance to interview the Young rising business tycoon , The CEO  of AR industries. A hell lot difficult task, even impossible too looking at the sea of reporters and media,

Hell they even don’t have the bloody appointment!

Nandkishor Khurana in short NK is a sweet and simple guy who wants a simple risk free job, 3 times food and 2 times sleep in a day. Not in his worst case to be a part of mad race or be a photographer in a media company. But as you see fate is above all. The last job that come knocking at the door when the world is going to end is the only job that which has all but not that he want.   

As he again looks at the face of her madam who is looking ahead without any cringe on face, He again curse himself even for thinking to accompany her in first place.

Don’t know now what is there store for him to bear!

He saw her face twist in a unique way, which he comes to know very well, this only calls for more and more danger and the best thing is to do is escape before caught.

“Don’t even think of that, you see we have a mission to accomplish.”

She give her best cheeky smile enlightening her beautiful face,

Provided any other situation or day he must have drooled over her, must have feel the beating of his heart which usually beats around her presence , but not today , at least not in this mad race.

“There is no point on backing off NK after coming this far. And specially you are going to do it”



“Excuse Me !”

The receptionist of AR Fashion House  look up from the screen to come face to face with a handsome Man. With half Khaki jacket and Kargo pants . the man smiled at her too sweetly showing his fully dimpled cheeks . she look back of the man to see a worried girl , continuously nudging the Man, she rolled her eyes, Girls these Days !!

Her eyes again rolled back to the Man, and stopped at the thick black band hanging down from his neck and ending at the camera, OMG!! A freaking Leica Series-Nr 107 !

“ wow you own this!”

“ohh yes ! you see I have this craze about cameras.. and...”

A perfect 45 degree nudge from the girl behind him and he come to earth remembering actually why they are here, in the mean time the receptionist give some weird glances to the girl not liking the interruption.

“Ohh ! am really sorry , actually my friend wants to use the washroom urgently , can you allow her to use the one inside of the office?”

The receptionist look at them sharply before nodding a no.

“am sorry sir !, the inside facilities are only for office staffs only and we are strictly instructed not to let any media person inside. Besides outside the media conference hall there is all facilities for media peoples ”

NK smiled a her acting as cool as he can, but in real sweat buds are stared forming from the lines of his hair.

“you see my friend needs it urgent , and the conference hall washroom is fully packed with unhygienic condition, and she is prone to allergy , will you please..”

The receptionist look quite unsure but NK added quickly  ..

“let her in , in the mean time I will show you my camera, and if possible a picture of this beautiful lady.”

He winked at her, as a blush crept up her cheeks as she nodded.


She apply deep khol to her eyes before putting on the thick rimmed big round reading glasses , adjusting the perfect deep red colour to her lips, winked at the lady that stare back at her from the mirror.

“Lets go Khushi, you have to do it !”

Putting all the items that left scattered on the top, she put all them in her bag, before holding the file in most professional way and in a way that hide her much she come out of the washroom hurriedly  before come banging at a hard surface , well say A Man!

“What the..!”

“Sorry !”

Before the man could say anything Khushi left the sight without another back look, adjusting her miniskirt , hell this job !

Don’t know how these girls manage to wear these micro minis even in workplace !

She entered into the conference room and cleared her throat in order to gain everyone’s attention.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen , we are very sorry to inform you that Mr.Raizada is having bad health issues now, and can’t be available for an interview. So I request you all to leave , the next scheduled date will be notified shortly . and we are sorry again for the inconvenience.”

Khushi Gupta watched with satisfaction as one after other all started leaving the hall. She done a mental dance with patting herself for the great idea. The one thing Khushi love about her job is this adventurous works. She laugh thinking about the crazy idea she and NK has planned.

She took out the phone from her back pocket to dial NK , letting him know that their plan is succeed and he is no more required to woo the ugly fake mannequin of receptionist .

“Thanks Mr.Raizada for saving us “

She laughed again as she dialled his number, but her hand stopped as she heard someone  very close, very very close to her, even while talking his breadth fanning the back of his ear.

“Is that so...?”

She turned suddenly being alert , and this process loose her balance  only for those strong arms to go round her waist and pull her back to him.

She opened her eyes to come face to face to the man , on reflex her hands go around his broad shoulder clutching a fistful of his Armani black coat.

As she relaxed herself and now look at the direction of the bloody intruder , she happens to look directly into those dark chocolate colour of eyes deeply staring into her eyes, beyond the thick rimmed glasses and beyond the shadow of her kholed eyes...

As Arnav Singh Raizada stood before her in his all glory, with his shadow falling onto her,


Hello friends !!!

Even though its a new story with nothing solid given for time being to hold the interest of the readers, but the response to it seems very low. If these continue I have to discontinue it. As there is no point in sharing my thoughts here when I can effectively use this time in studying,

Awaiting your responses ,

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Feb 17, 2017

CHAPTER - The Heart Rules unknowingly ! (By Luckyarshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

The moment I keep loose my Heart, it leads me to a path which is equally thrilling, exciting

And at the same time towards a known destination with a unknown Path ......

Arnav look at the lady in his arms,

Being in fashion industry these are not new for him, This craze , the attention ,the paparazzi all. Sometimes He enjoys this, sometimes it amuses him, sometime may irritate all these .

On other day it might have angered him, may be he would have gone ahead and bashed the person for her these unethical and unprofessional behaviour but today these utter nonsense and crazy act had amused him and the result he had waited for the crew to clear the area.

As much as she seems crazy , she is very clumsy too, and somehow a bubble of laughter just about to explode seeing her stumble and land in his arms, but with great human effect he controlled it by any case he laugh on her face and offended her.

But then also as he look into her eyes, something stir in his heart, may be his heart skipped a beat or two.

Arnav singh Raizada has a eye for beauty, if not then who has thought that a nameless textile company one day be the leading one in the fashion race, and redefine the fashion just by its brand name only. So when looking upon the lady on his arms when his heart choose to skip a beat, it is absolutely normal, is it?? May be it is.

Her eyes fluttered !

And his revive broke.


Minutes latter..........


Khushi found herself sitting in front of the amazing looking young business man who is staring at her from the past 15 minutes don’t know why and exactly why this intense look making her toes curl every time he glance at her, and why her heart skip a beat in anticipation of something which she can’t exactly put a finger upon.

Well ! may be she is too nervous about the whole stunt that she pulled upon, and being caught in the hands of none other than the CEO himself.

Khushi , you should be proud of yourself for surviving this long on this holy planet Earth !

She glanced side ways , through the glass wall of his cabin she can see NK giving him weird looks, of course! He is hell nervous too, but He is assuring her too with the little hesitant sign.

And then the Blinds are on , blocking her view and locking her with him.

As her shocked eyes clashed with him, he gave her his trademark smirk, before getting up from his chair and proceeding towards her. She sink further into the chair as he choose to sit on the table exactly restricting her space between the table and himself so that she can’t escape    without banging with him or hurting her with the table, she muttered a curse under her breath, trying to find some way to escape.

“I heard you Miss Gupta!”

Shocked she is ?? then she shouldn’t have, Being the CEO of a multinational company is not a game, of course it will take him just few minutes to pull some strings and get all her Janam kundali (life history) on his desk.

“And for your betterment I will suggest you don’t even think much, cause there is no way out.”

He just put his right leg just centimetres apart from her left leg, even though it is not touching her but enough to intimidate her.

“okay lets come to the topic! As much as I want to praise your courage to pull that stunt in my office, I want to laugh at your face for the nonsense of plan of yours. What did you think I created this empire with in minutes like this?

Arnav did a hand sign , and see as she flinch on the sound. And it give him a kind of thrill which he is missing don’t know how long. He told his mind that it just only for fun , as He never seen such innocence with beauty, which is even not possible in this fashion world.

Arnav looks on as varied type of emotion rush on her face, does anyone told her that her face is the mirror of her inner self ! from confusion to realisation, worry to determination, and like this he realise he don’t even feel guilty for harassing this little girl , on the other hand he is feeling thrilled, excited and very much looking forward to execute all his plan and then see how see will deal with it.

“Look Mr..” she started defending herself but on look from him with raised brow lines she knows that she have to polite in case she  wants no further trouble.

“look sir.. its my work to get an interview with you, and I did what will make it to work. Then sir....”

“Arnav !”

“Huhh !”

“Yes ! call me Arnav, actually what we are going to do, it won’t be appropriate if you call me Sir..”

As he blew the few strands from her face bringing his face close to her, He look on with amused as how much her face heated up , shading into a light red colour.

“what do you mean we are going to do??”

Khushi asked with   shocked , No this is not what she is thinking, Yes ! she know He is a well known Casanova but by no means he is suggesting her this.

“You know exactly what I mean” Arnav twisted the words exactly imprinting her every expression within himself, this is fun.

“If you are forgotten Mr.Raizada , then let me remind you I am a journalist, if I want I can defame you with in minutes.”

In a swift movement he brought her chair close to him, as he bend his face further she can literally breath him.

 “ohh very well Miss.Gupta but how will you do it exactly? And if you are forgotten let me remind you too that you are a journalist of a nameless firm, that I can buy within the blink of your these beautiful eyes.”

“Go to hell you Mr.” Anger flashed through her at his open comments and proposal, “don’t forget am a girl too, and I can sue you even without journalism “

Saying this she stood up suddenly pushing the chair backward,

A wrong move exactly,

Cause as the chair fall backward hitting her leg , she prepared herself for a nasty fall but only to found herself cased within his arms with his hands around her waist , closing her body to his.

“I don’t know if I ask for a journalist and that to a girl, out for a party as my date will be   crime,  and I know you are a girl, and a beautiful one I must add.”

As he eyes upon her, she coloured up to a beautiful shade of red , as with it the realisation hit her that he is just asking for a date not anything at all.

Looking at her as she coloured up so much, he couldn’t control himself any longer, don’t even know what the last time he was so out of mind, but who cares actually !!

He slammed his lips with her, as he started kissing her middle of the chaos ,of course she is shocked at first as how stiff her body become, but then she started pushing him, but he is more stronger that her, and as all the attempt go in vain, she become silent as he kissed her to his hearts content.

Coming out of the kiss as he look upon her, Ohh God !! her eyes !

He can spent all day looking at it, but now the eyes are just throwing angry gazes at him,

Before she or he could justify what exactly is this, or go for another kiss as much as Arnav’s  desire , his secretary choose to intervene at that moment breaking the spell.

“Sir you have meeting with Mr.Mehra  post lunch.”

Dismissing his secretary at the nod of his head , he look upon the lady still in his arms,

“I will look forward to the party, be on time “

“And what makes you thing that I will agree with you?” she asked with equal dominance .

“if you are forgotten , then let me remind you, I can still sue you for your that stunt in my office without my permission earlier of the day.”

Throwing her words at her, he proceed to leave not before giving a peck on cheeks, leaving her in his cabin, but stopped as he remember something.

“and yes ! Miss Gupta , I will suggest you to do something to your eyes so that it will stop provoking me to do much more  that this” he suggest with is eyes shocking her and the same time making her angry more if that possible,

The nerve of this man to first cage her, then suggesting some stupid date, then kissing her without her permission that too two times and now saying this !

Ohh so much happened in a day !!

“ Pervert “

“I heard it “


Hello guys !

Here is the new long update, hope you liked the first meeting of our main leads, any suggestion and comments are heartily welcomed,  And do check my Blog for a new story “Mr. Billionaire and His Chef”

NOTE – My blog link is in the comment section. and as I had notified earlier I am going to delete some of my stories as I have lost the track of the story line, please do tell me which you don't want to be deleted. 

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