My little bride. (Completed)

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Nov 25, 2016

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 118 times)

“Khushi, Khushi…”, a lady of 30s called the name searching for her in whole mansion.

A little girl, wearing a sky blue skirt and white top hiding under dining table and licking her little fingers covered with strawberry ice-cream caught her attention. She sighed, placing her hands on hip- Khushi!!!

A little girl of 8 years old closed her eyes tightly hearing the voice of her Anita Mumma. And was about slip away from her hand but before that Anita Singh Raizada held the little girl by her tiny waist skipping her in her arms at the same time tickling her.

The haveli filled with the laughter.


“Di, what is this?? White white clothes?? And this crown?? I am not wearing anything?? And where is Khushi”, a little boy of 10 years old asked  his sister irritatingly.

“offo Chotey, can’t you just stand for a moment??”, came the reply.

“then why don’t you tell me why are you making me wear this??”, again asked the boy.

The girl stood up from ground where she was kneeling before- you will know that soon. Now come..

She started taking him with her.

“where is Khushi?”

“you will meet her soon”


 He just could not what the priest was chanting Sanskrit mantras and looked around. His di, his Mumma, his papa were there standing beside him but where is she??

He heard the priest saying, “go and bring the bride.”

Anita nodded and looked at Anjali indicating her to bring the bride. Within some minutes, Anjali was there with a little bride holding her finger tightly while her hand was holding a lollypop.

Wearing a red little lehenga, a loads of jewellery, kohl on eyes, mang tika on her forehead and little anklet on her little feet, the Little Bride sat beside the groom in front of holy fire, showing him her toothy grin.

She was loving her new attire today, colourful and bright!! Just like her.

The little boy was confused, he looked at his sister- why is she wearing this?? She is looking like goddess durga maa..

He giggled.

His sister slammed his hand- shh.. she is your Bride..



“what’s a bride??”


And before they could understand the meaning of marriage, two little souls were bonded by a thread called marriage.



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Feb 23, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 136 times)

Khushi, age-9 Arnav, age-11

Running inside the house, Arnav screamed at Khushi who was busy in shuffling those CDs got by his father Aarav Singh Raizada.

Arnav- Why are you touching my CDs???( he screamed, pushing her away from his stuffs..)

Khushi got up, stood near sofa with teary eyes- Baba has got these for me too..(she replied while sniffing)

Arnav replied gathering his stuffs- Don’t touch my things..They are mine and Papa has bought these for me, not for you..

Khushi looked at him, she did not like it when Arnav spoke rudely to her and ran to kitchen calling, “Mumma..Mumma..”

Arnav heard her, he turned his face and said- Mumma’s baby!! Grow up.. But don’t play with my things you fool!!

“Khushi..khushi..”, Anita was trying to stop Khushi who was almost making her run with her holding her hand towards Arnav’s room.

Pushing the door, Khushi showed her index finger towards Arnav and turned to Anita- Mumma.. He pushed me.. I fell down.. He took all those CDs and is saying Baba has got these for him only.. You throw him out of this house..

Her big eyes were looking at Anita innocently while complaining against Arnav. Arnav who was sketching laying on his bed, came down- This is my house, this is my room and she is my Mumma.. You got that Mumma’s baby!!

Khushi punched him hard on his stomach- I’m not baby.. I’m big girl you fool..

Arnav marching towards her- How dare you call me fool??

Khushi- How dare you call me baby??

Arnav- Because you are behaving like a baby.. Calling always, “Mumma..Mumma..” Can’t you just stand for yourself while fighting with me?? You can’t stand for yourself, because you are scared to lose, Mumma’s baby!!

Khushi pouted sadly, looked up at Anita who was silently witnessing their argument- Mumma..

Arnav laughed, teasing her- See.. Mumma..Mumma.. (pinching her cheek) If you have courage, then talk to me not dragging Mumma between us.

Khushi- Why will not I drag Mumma?? She is my Mumma.. and you..(thinking for a brief seconds) you are a thief.. who steals stuffs.. Thiref..Thief.. Arnav is a thief..( Khushi giggled..)

Arnav- You!! Don’t call me that..

Khushi- Then why did you steal those, if you are not a thief..

Arnav- That’s because, what’s mine is always mine.. Not yours you Mumma’s little baby..

Before they could argue more, Anita silenced them- Will you both stop here?? Or I should throw you both out of this house right now??

Khushi put her finger on her lips looking up at Anita- Mumma, I’m not talking now..

Arnav- Yeah..(mocking) (turning to Anita) Mumma, that was not Khushi’s but my voice..

Anita sighed, pulling them both on bed. She sat on bed, making them both in front of each other, when Khushi’s forearm brushed against Arnav, he was about to push her but Anita held them both- Not again Chotey!!

Khushi giggled- Chotey!!

Arnav- Mumma’s baby…

Anita- Fine, when you both will end your fight, tell me then. I’ll talk to you guys then..

Arnav and Khushi looked at Anita, Anita held their small hands in her- It looks so bad when you both argue like this.. Do you know??

Arnav- Mumma, she starts always..

Anita-OK..Then why don’t you end it??

Arnav looked away, Anita- You both know one important thing?? (they both looked at her..) You guys should share everything with each other. Because life partners do that..

Khushi looked at Anita confusingly, What’s life partner??  She has heard many times, partner in crime, partner in sport, partner in her science exhibition even She has heard her Baba’s business partner.. But which kind of partner a life partner is??

Khushi- What’s a life partner Mumma??

Anita- With whom you spend a life, being a friend for life time.. that’s it.

Arnav- Yuck.. She is not my friend Mumma.. and I’m never going to spend my life with her. I’ll chose my friend..

Something made Anita stopped there, she stared at Arnav, then at Khushi.

Anita- But will you like it if your Papa leaves your Mumma??

Arnav hugged her- No..

Anita looked up- But you just said, you will never spend your life with Khushi.

Arnav- Are you and Papa friends??

Anita- Yes, life time friends..

Arnav thought- But Khushi is foolish.. She is Mumma’s baby..

Anita rolled her eyes- Ok fine, then no life time friend but at least a normal friend..

Khushi- Only if he gives me jelly everyday..

Anita smiled hearing her- Ok..Mumma will give jelly to Khushi. Is that ok??

Khushi giggled hugging Anita.


Khushi, age-10  Arnav, age-12


Khushi was walking towards her school bus after her school, licking a jelly lollypop happily given by her friend Rohan. Arnav passed Khushi but not before giving one glance to her who was lost in her world. Both took their seat with their friends. After 20 minutes, bus stopped at the stop where Arnav and Khushi would get down. They both got down.

Arnav saw her still licking her candy, he frowned.

Arnav- Who did give you this?? ( he asked curiously)

Khushi- Umm..Rohan..

Arnav- Who is he??

Khushi- My friend.. Rohan..

Arnav- Why??

Khushi- Because today is his happy birthday..  But you know, this is so yum..

He did not like the face Khushi was liking this candy given by someone named Rohan. But he did not say anything.

No sooner, they both entered inside, Arnav ran upstairs to Anita- Mumma..

Anita who was reading some magazines looked at him- You both came?? Come, I’ll give you food. I have prepared your favorite aloo paratha today and Khushi’s sweet.

She was about to walk away, Arnav came running to her- Mumma.. you did not give Khushi her jelly candy today??

Anita tried to remember-But why??

Arnav-  Have you given or not??

Anita- May be no.. But..

Before she could say anything, Arnav opened the drawer where candies were kept. He took that box and ran to Khushi’s room.

Khushi was feeding her rabbits in her room, caressing them softly talking to them. Rabbits were eating carrot given by Khushi. Arnav pushed the door, ran inside.  He saw her playing with rabbits laying on floor. He came to her, placing all jellies in front of her- You will not be Rohan’s life time friend.. You promised Mumma to be my friend, you cheater..

Khushi twisted her lips- I’ll not be your friend.. You are so bad like devil.. You always scold me, take my toys, break my colour boxes, you even threw that nail colour Anjali Di gave me when she returned from her boarding..

Arnav thought for a moment, got up from floor. Ran to Anjali’s room.. Anjali who was studying, looked angrily at Arnav- Chotey, don’t mess with my stuffs unless you are going to clean my whole room.

Arnav- I’m not your servant..(he screamed back..)

Anjali frowned- You know what, I’ll make you clean prepare all projects for my exhibition. You have to draw all pictures..

Arnav- What if I don’t??

Anjali thought for a second- I’m going to tell Mumma your secret and you know the consequences..

Arnav thought to reply back, but right now he thought he should concentrate back on his work. He found the thing he was searching for and ran away from Anjali’s room taking that. Anjali’s jaw dropped- Chotey..Chotey..Get that back to me.. How dare you??

But he did not hear, he again went back to Khushi’s room. She was still playing with her rabbits. He pulled her leg making her fall flat on floor-Ahhhh..Mumma…

Khushi screamed feeling pain on her back. Arnav silenced her-Chup..

He pulled her feet again, before Khushi could ask more, he started painting her toenails with the nail colour. Khushi pouted, but later she liked the colour which was similar to one that Anjali has got her but Arnav had thrown.

Arnav gently colored her all nails showing his artistic talent, he pulled back and stared at her small cute feet painted with color on nails. Something made him smile, he looked up at Khushi- Your feet is more beautiful..

Khushi giggled.. as his finger on her feet tickled her.

Arnav- than your face!! (he teased her..)

She tried to hit him, but by then he was gone.


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Feb 25, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 119 times)

Khushi, age-11   Arnav, age-13

After school, kids were in near by playground playing there. Khushi was playing hide and seek with her friends, while Arnav and his team decided to play cricket, like most of the boys they were also fond of cricket.

Arnav was captain of the team as well as doing batting.

After playing her hide and seek for some time, Khushi got bored of this play, but her friends were still enthusiastic to play this game than any other. So she gave up the idea of asking them to play any other game seeing their willingness in this game. Excusing herself from her friends, she came a little away, sitting down on grass she looked at those boys playing cricket at other end of playground.

She got excited and ran to that direction,

Khushi called out loudly, “Arnav!!!”.

Arnav looked behind and right at that moment he missed the ball. His team screamed his name angrily, while rival team laughed at him.

His anger reached its peak, he went towards Khushi who was standing there looking at him all excitedly. Coming near her, Arnav asked angrily- What happened that you screamed my name so loudly you fool?? Do you know because of you I missed the ball but thank to god I did not lose the game..

Her excitement faded as he scolded her.

Khushi- I want to play with you..

Arnav asked stretching his arm- What??

Khushi-Cricket, budhu!!

Arnav glared at her- How dare you call me budhu?? And do you know a single thing about cricket apart from that bat and ball??

Khushi pouted sadly, her eyes fell on Naina who was also Arnav’s classmate, she saw her joining guys.

Khushi- But Naina joined you guys?? Why can’t I??

Arnav turned to see, there was Naina there smilingly. He turned to Khushi- So what?? She is our friend, our class mate, you got that?? Now get lost and play with your friends-hide-seek…

Arnav was about to leave, Khushi ran and stood in front of- If you don’t let me play with you, I’ll tell Mumma that day you made me write down your history notes from Akash’s copy..(almost threatening him showing him finger.)

Arnav narrowed his eyes- Are you blackmailing me??

Khushi shuddered her shoulder- I don’t know.. But I’ll tell Mumma and you will be punished later. Even I have many more secrets of your with me, I’ll tell those your friends too..

Arnav came closer asking- Oh! Really??

Khushi nodded her head confidently- Yes.

Arnav thought for some time- But still you can’t play with us..

Khushi- WHY??

Arnav- Look at your height.. and our height!! What if by any chance, the bat hit your face and you end up in that canal?? Oooo..Khushi and Canal!! Hahaha..

Khushi- But even Sachin also small in height, still he plays cricket?? Are you fooling me Arnav??(she asked dangerously putting her hands on her waist.)

Arnav did not hear anything, ran away from there- Ask Mumma to give you complan..

Khushi sat on a wooden bench sadly, looking around. Her eyes stick to Naina who was playing so happily with them, then her eyes fell on canal. Something came in her mind, she smiled wickedly.

After their game, all started getting back to home. Khushi also came to Arnav as Anita has strictly told her and Arnav that Khushi will come with him not alone!! Arnav was taking his bicycle, when Naina came-Hi Arnav..

Arnav smiled at Naina-Hii..

Naina asked sweetly- Arnav, can I come with you today?? Everyday Papa comes but today he has not come yet.

Arnav-Yeah, sure..

Khushi’s jaw dropped, she remembered all those drama that day Arnav had done when Anita asked him to accompany Khushi while coming home in evening. And today he agreed without a second word. She felt like hitting his head hard.

Arnav looked behind at Khushi thinking, what’s taking her so long.

Arnav screamed at Khushi- Have you any plan of staying here tonight Khushi?? or are you glued there??

Naina giggled hearing him, Khushi flared her nose angrily. She came to them, Arnav rode his cycle, while Khushi sat behind him on cycle, clutching his shirt tightly near his waist, in her fist. Naina and Arnav started cycling, while talking and laughing. But none of them talked to Khushi. That again made her angry and unknowingly she pinched Arnav.

“Ouch!!”, cried Arnav..

“Khushi..I’ll throw you right here.”, he barked at angrily.

Khushi was about to slap him on his back, she remembered her previous plan. Her eyes fell on an icecream vendor, she screamed- I want to eat ice cream..

Naina and Arnav came to halt hearing her scream, Arnav-What??

Khushi pointed her finger-Ice cream..

Arnav rolled his eyes- Are you a kid?? Then stop behaving like that.. We are getting late.

Naina saw Khushi’s fallen face, Naina- Arnav, It’s ok. We both will wait here till you get her ice cream.

Khushi’s lips curled into a sweet smile, throwing one angry glare at Khushi, Arnav marched towards the vendor. He bought 3 and came back. Handing Khushi her blackberry flavor one, he was about to go near Naina to give her one, Khushi remembered his denying to get her one ice cream and now he is here offering one to Naina!! The moment Arnav was about to cross Khushi, Khushi pulled her leg out as a result Arnav hit and fell on ground!! But ground was slippery downwards, and before Khushi could understand, he fell into the canal flowing nearby!!


Aarav and Anita were sitting beside Arnav who was laying on bed, doctor examining him!!. Anjali was also standing by her mother, but Khushi was standing at door observing the scene. She never knew her little prank will pull him to this mess, she never wants to hurt him physically like she did!! She just wants to annoy him.

After some time doctor left, Anita kissed Arnav on his forehead getting up from bed to get him some warm milk. Arnav’s eyes fell on Khushi who was hiding behind door, he turned his face away from her!!

Something hurt the little soul, she ran away from there following Anita- Mumma.. Mumma..

Anita looked back at her-Han??

Khushi asked- What are you doing Mumma??

Anita- I’m warming milk, Arnav should have something before taking medicines.

Khushi did not ask further, Anita-But Khushi, you both were returning together!! Then how did Arnav fall into canal??

Khushi gulped hearing her, what if Anita Mumma scold her angrily!!

She lied-I don’t know Mumma..

Anita sighed, while Khushi’s eyes got teary.

Khushi followed Anita holding her palu. She almost hide behind Anita when he gave Arnav milk to drink. After giving him medicines, one by one all left except Khushi!! Though she was scared to face Arnav but still she stood there playing with her frock.

Arnav looked at her angrily-What??

Khushi climbed the bed, standing on bed she started doing sits up-1..2..3..4..

Arnav saw that- What’s this??

Khushi- I’m sorry Arnav..

Arnav-You are sorry??


Arnav-Fine, then you have other punishments for it.

Khushi stood still-What??

Arnav eyed to his drawing book and colours-Bring those here..

Khushi got down from bed, taking them to him, she asked- But you are hurt.. how will you do drawing??

Arnav smirked- It’s not me but you!!! You will be doing this..

The thing that Khushi hates to do is painting, coloring, drawing!! She gets messed with colours spoiling her face, hands, dress even floor and carpet. She just hates these drawing,colouring all these, she hates these stuffs as much as Arnav loves doing them!!

Khushi-I’m not doing anything.. Yuck.. I hate these painting..

Arnav-Fine.. I’m calling Mumma then.. Mumma..Mumma..(he screamed)

Khushi quickly covered his mouth-Shh.. Don’t call Mumma..

Arnav-You will be doing this??

Khushi nodded her head unwillingly not knowing one day this painting will give her both name and fame!!


Khushi, age-12  Arnav,age-14

While returning from his tution in evening, Arnav heard some murmuring. Leaving his cycle, he went at direction. Anjali and Khushi were whispering while caressing something between them!!  Arnav came closer to have a view, his eyes got widen seeing a puppy.


Anjali and Khushi got alerted!!

Arnav screamed on top of his voice- Mumma..Mumma..

Khushi quickly hide that puppy behind a basket, Anjali ran to stop Arnav-Chotey..Please..Please.. Don’t tell Mumma..

Arnav screamed more loudly calling Anita, Anjali hit his stomach- Shut up Chotey.. Don’t even try to scare me and Khushi!!

Arnav-Awww.. You guys are not scared.. let me call Mumma then..

Khushi came in between- We are not scared and we did not do any crime that you are threatening us.

Arnav-First those rabbits, now dog..What are you thinking?? Is this a zoo?? (he asked marching to Khushi..)

Before Arnav could say anything more, a new water colour packet in his hand was snatched from his hand, Arnav-Khushi!!!

Khushi- If you don’t tell Mumma our secret, we will give you your this colours. Decision is in your hand.

Right then Anita reached there-What happened?? Why were you all screaming like this??

Anjali gave one glare at Arnav, Arnav ignored her look-Mumma.. I..

Khushi standing at far, waved the packet teasing him.

Arnav sighed, turning to Anita-I am hungry Mumma..

He just said whatever came into his mind, Anita-Ohkay..But are you thinking to eat here in this messy place??

Khushi and Anjali giggled, Arnav-So what?? I am hungry.. I want food now..

Anita-Fine, get inside first, get freshen up, I’m serving you food.

Arnav nodded his head, after Anita left Arnav turned to Khushi and Anjali- Di, ask her to get my colour back to me unless none will be worst than me.

But before that Khushi ran away from there speedily, Anjali’s jaw dropped, she giggled thinking what trouble Khushi has called for herself.



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Feb 27, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 118 times)

Khushi ran inside the house followed by Arnav who was chasing behind her. She was just about to hit Anita who was coming from other direction holding a bowl, but some how Khushi controlled herself and ran upstairs to her room laughing loudly.

Arnav screamed- Khushi ruko..Khushi!!!

Anita tried to stop both of them thinking they both might end up getting hurt- Arnav, Khushi Stop you game now and come down stairs.. Are you guys coming now or I’m going to call your Papa??(she spoke almost threatening them.)

But they both were in their world, finding no way to get escape Khushi climbed on the bed- Arnav..No.. Leave, unless I’ll tell Mumma what happened that day..

While trying to catch her, Arnav asked- When?? Don’t try to fool me Khushi, give my colour box now.

Khushi giggled seeing him almost catching her but she got escaped- I know.. I know about you and..

Arnav glared at her- And??

Khushi- I know.. I know your secret. I’ll tell Mumma right now, if you don’t leave my room. What are you doing in my room??

Arnav- I have no interest either to see your this girly room..Look around the room and think how disaster it looks??

Her jaw dropped, her speed also slowed down- Disaster?? At least better than your room. Your room is world’s most boring place.. You know I’ll never live in such a place where there is only two colour white and grey!! Yuck..

By then she was standing still on bed, looking at Arnav in her fighting spirit, sticking her tongue out. Arnav found his trick working and the moment he was sure she was standing still, he jumped on her snatching his colour box he ran away from her room.

Everything happened within a blink of eyes even before Khushi could predict anything. She looked down at her empty hand, then towards door- Argh!! You cheater Arnav..

Arnav screamed from outside- You are a cheater..Khushi is a cheater!!!

Khushi frowned hearing him, she made her mind to pay him back. She certainly does not know how to take her revenge from him, but she was sure she is going to make him pay back. But nothing came in her mind.

After dinner, Khushi was playing video game in her room while Anjali was studying beside her on bed. Khushi called her- Di..


Khushi- What’s Arnav’s favorite subject in school??

Anjali looked up- What?? Why suddenly today you want to know??

Khushi sat on bed crossing her leg- I just want to help him in studies Di.. Poor boy..

Anjali raised her brow while biting her pen cap- Oh really?? Says who??

Khushi raised her invisible collar- Khushi..

Anjali giggled- he actually loves painting..But his favorite subject in school is math. He loves it. (Khushi nodded her head.) Are you going to help him in math?? You are in class 6th , he is in class 8th

Khushi- Offo Di.. Everything is about talent. You don’t worry, I’ll just see him and come back. Ok??

Anjali narrowed her eyes-Khushi!!!

She knew something was surely going on in her naughty brain. Khushi ran away from there giggling. She peeped inside Arnav’s room, found his room empty, some note book laying on bed. She entered inside, heard water falling in washroom. Grinning herself, she went to bed, found his math notes book and torn few last pages where he had done the home work!!

She escaped from there before he comes.

Next morning, Khushi woke up with a beautiful smile, getting ready quickly she ran downstairs to see Arnav. Aarav, Anjali, Arnav were at dining table, Anita serving them!!

Aarav saw her- Khushi.. Come here.

Khushi went to him smiling. Aarav pulled a chair for her beside him, gesturing her to sit. Arnav frowned seeing this as he does not share this close bond with his father like Khushi.

Khushi- Baba..

Aarav- Yeah..

Khushi- Baba, today Di and I want to go to the fair.

Anjali spoke in support of Aarav-Yes Papa, we want to go. Can we??

Daughters are always father’s weak point and one smile on their face, makes father do anything. Aarav nodded his head- But be here at home before evening. I’ll ask your Mumma, she will give you some money.

Anjali and Khushi hi-fived. Anita smiled, she turned to Arnav- Chotey, are not going with them??

Arnav-I have better work to do than this Mumma.

Khushi and Anjali hit him on his leg under table, Arnav-Ouch!!

Aarav-What happened Chotey??

Arnav threw one glare to both of them, turning to Aarav said- Nothing Papa..


Khushi’s class was just opposite to Arnav’s. she was counting her time, sitting on her desk while looking out through window. And right then she found Arnav coming out from his class and stood in front of class. Khushi giggled as she understood her effort brought result.

After class, she was passing by Arnav to tease him more when heard others teasing him

“I think it was your bad day Arnav.. Tut..tut..”

“Awww.. You look so funny getting punishment Arnav.”

“But still look at him, his eyes, his attitude!! Looser..”

Arnav could not reply back as teacher was looking at him strictly. He turned his face away, when his eyes fell on Khushi who was standing a little away from him, his eyes were staring at him while her’s looked down feeling guilty. He looked away from her angrily, but there was another thing in his eyes that day apart from anger, that Khushi could not understand but that particular thing pricked her heart.

Later that night!!

Aarav Singh Raizada stormed inside all angrily- Chotey..Chotey!!

He called out Arnav. Arnav who was in his room after school, came down holding railing- Papa..

Soon Anjali, Anita and Khushi came.

Aarav marched to Arnav- What’s this??

He asked angrily showing him a message on his mobile- Your teacher sent me this text.

Anita came in between- But Aaravji , what did he do??

Aarav looked at Arnav- Had not you told your Mumma?? (he turned to Anita) Today his teacher complained to me that he is not doing his home work and over this, he has torn few pages from his own notebook and still trying to convey his teacher he has done his home task!! Even he got punishment today, he was not allowed to sit inside the class today.

Arnav tried to say- Papa.. I..

Aarav- You are not a kid and..

He remembered something, dragging Arnav with him he pulled him towards his room. Anita ran behind her- Aaravji..What are you doing?? Let him speak..

Pushing Arnav, Aarav went inside Arnav’s room and threw all his painting, colours, canvas, drawingbook.. Aarav- After today onwards, I never want to see you doing this. You have to study only, you are growing up and behave like that. stop playing with colours.. Let me be clear, I want you join our company Arnav and for that you have to study management. You better concentrate on your study, unless this time none will spare you from me.

For very first time, Khushi saw his moist eyes as Aarav was taking away his things from his room. He could not raise his voice against his father, but his innocent broke into million of pieces.


It’s been almost week now, Khushi had no guts to face Arnav and talk to him. Even Arnav has also turned to silent mode. Arnav has avoided her as if he has not seen her all these days. His anger was reflecting in his gesture.

Khushi thought sometime, went to his room and knocked the door, a grumpy replied came from inside-What??

Khushi gulped down-Arnav!!

Arnav screamed from inside- You just leave Khushi unless this time I’m not sparing you for anyone. Don’t talk to me. I hate you.. I hate you..

All these were pricking Khushi. She was in her room, when she remembered something. Getting up from bed, she opened her closet. Took out some sheets, few colour sketches and pencils. Sitting on ground she drew something from her heart for first time. She quickly folded those sheets, ran to Arnav’s room. Arnav was not in his room, seeing the chance Khushi placed those on his bed and left.

When Arnav came inside his room, his eyes fell on those. He saw those, there were not-so-good drawing, and scribbled under each page “Sorry..Sorry..!!” he saw the last sheet, “There was a picture of cartoon character, and it was written in its fat tummy.. “ I’m getting bored Arnav, why are not you fighting??” with a question mark..

A smile came across his lips. He took out something from his cupboard and ran to her room-Khushi..Khushi..

He knocked the door, Khushi opened the door slightly-What??

Arnav pushed the door- You gave me this??

His eyes then fell on some other funny drawings, he laughed-You made these??

Khushi was embarrassed- I am not as good as you. (she said looking down feeling bad.)

Arnav came to her bed, spoke- You know, our Drawing teacher says what we can’t even understand colours can make you know. Colours are the best thing that god has given to mankind, unless imagine whole world will look like having two colours that’s grey and white!!, like my room.

Khushi giggled. Arnav laughed with her.


Khushi, age-13   Arnav,age-15

Khushi was in her room, playing with her dog Veeru, she just loves this name after watching the movie with her Baba. Aarav’s all time favorite movie. Suddenly a stone hit her window, she was shocked and came to window to see but found Arnav standing below, throwing those stone.

Khushi- Are you gone mad Arnav??

Arnav tried to silence her, gesturing his hand- Come down..

Khushi could not understand much, she screamed-What??

Arnav sighed, he took out his pen and paper from his school bag, quickly wrote something and wrapping in another stone, threw that again towards her. It was about to hit Khushi but she luckily got escaped. And was about to throw that same stone on him, but found a paper.

She read that, “come down, but don’t tell anyone.”

Khushi asked gesturing “Why??”

In reply Arnav angrily eyed her to come down. Khushi pouted her lips sadly, seeing him still getting hyper on her even after them being FRIENDS. She came down escaping from anyone’s gaze. Reaching near him, she asked- Where are you going??

Arnav replied happily- There is an art exhibition. It’s the last day, you wanna see??

Now Khushi totally loves painting, with time her skill has improved too. She loves colours, canvas just the way she loves fighting with Arnav. These both have become her addiction now.

Khushi quickly nodded, this is going to be her first time to visit an exhibition. She was thrilled. Arnav and Khushi left from there.

At exhibition, there were many people, many hidden theme behind each image. Painters were still painting. Khushi asked- But here there so many painter!!! You know Ma’am was referring about solo exhibition.

Arnav replied- Yeah.. But those are very cost consuming and over to this, here all gate the scope to show talent.

Khushi hummed.

Khushi- Will people like my painting if I show them??

Arnav laughed- People will kill you if you show them.

Her jaw dropped, she hit him- Shut up.. I am better now.

Arnav-Oh..Self appreciation!!

Khushi gave no ears, she knew he though never expresses his view on her painting positively, still she knows he likes those.. Arnav was looking around, when Khushi said- I wanna join art college.

Arnav turned to her-What??

Khushi-Art College!!

It was his dream and passion to join Art College. To become one of those famous painter whom world will remember not by his name but by his impression. But it’s not always needed every dream to be fulfilled, some dreams are meant to be dream.

But will his dreams be fulfilled by her?? Or again that will again be termed as a broken dream once again??


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Mar 2, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 135 times)

Khushi  age-15, Arnav  age-17

It was Arnav’s classmate Payal’s birthday, she has invited her classmates on her birthday party. Akash reached at Arnav’s place in evening as they both were going together, Khushi was having chowmein with Anjali.

Akash-Hey Khushi!!( he called her seeing her.)

Khushi turned her head- Hi..Akash. Going anywhere??

Akash nodded his head- Yup, you know Payal, right?? Payal Sharma??   

Khushi- Yeah.. She sings well, right??(she asked resting her elbow on chair, playing with fork)

Akash-Yeah..It’s her birthday party.

Khushi-Wow.. You guys are invited or are going without invitation..

Before Akash could reply, a paper ball hit Khushi’s head, even without seeing she knew who hit her-Arghh!! Arnav!!

Arnav asked while tying his shoelace- Why do you think all are like you?? The one person who can die for food is YOU by the way, (he turned to Akash) Akash, you know once it was Di’s friend’s birthday and Khushi went there with Di..even without any proper invitation.. Bhukad!!

Her jaw dropped- You lier.. Di’s friends invited me too..

Arnav nodded his head, replied mockingly- Yeah..After you nagging her where Di is going??

Khushi stamped her feet, turned to Anjali- Di..

Arnav grinned seeing her- Even look at you now.. Few time back you were attacking those swissroles and now this chowmein.. That’s why I was why in our country is having food scarcity some times?? You have become a pumpkin!!

He left from there teasing her once again, throwing a paper made rocket towards her.


Arnav and Akash wished Payal. Arnav presented a beautiful pen, while Akash gave her a quite larger gift packet. Seeing that Arnav looked at Akash and pushed him by his shoulder- what’s this??

Akash- You will see.. wait and watch buddy.

Payal unwrapped the packet, there she found a mobile phone. Arnav’s eyes reached high- Phone?? Have you stolen Akash??(he asked dangeriously)

Akash hit him- Shut up..You will spoil my name one day Arnav.

Payal thanked them both, giving one shy smile to Akash. Arnav just could not make out anything from this gestures of their. He pulled Akash a little away- What’s going on between you and Payal, Akash??

Akash replied giving one smile to Payal- A special gift for my beautiful girlfriend!!

Arnav raised his brow- Excuse me..Did you just say girlfriend??

Akash-Yup.. And for you kind information, let me tell I gifted her from my own earned money.. (Arnav was looking at him confusingly..) My cousin told me about this, this is very easy task. You have to distribute pamphlets for the organization and in return they will give you Rs10 for each 100 pamphlets. That’s it..

Arnav- And you did this for Payal??(he asked uncertainly)

Akash nodded his head- Some special things should be done for special friends, unless how can you refer them as your special friends??


Akash-Yes.. Like Khushi..  I know, I know. ( he teased him..)

Arnav- Are you nuts Akash??(he was surprised seeing Akash teasing him with her name..)


Arnav was reading his book, late at night in his room, but his mind was still ringing with Akash’a words. Special friends..special treatment!! But who is his special friend?? Akash..NO.. Naina..again NO…Ajit..NO.. Atul..NO.. Simran..NO.. Then who the hell??

Suddenly a loud knock came across his door- Arnav!!!

Arnav frowned looking behind at close door. What is she doing at this hour??

He got up, opened the door and she barged in like a storm.

“Khushi!!”, he called her name angrily seeing her messing his bed climbing on it.

“Get down from my bed..”


“Because I say so..”

She pouted her lips, came down. Arnav went back to his study table, Khushi took out some gems candies from her PJ pocket and popped into her mouth.

“What are you studying so seriously??”, asked Khushi coming to his desk.

Arnav replied- Internal is coming up in a week.. and By the way.. Why are you roaming around like you are a kindergarten kid?? And this gems..Are you..

Before he could complete his sentence, she pushed all candies from pocket into his mouth, making his eyes got widen and said giggling- Kyun ki No umar for lalach..

Arnav stared at her when she laughed seeing him finding it difficulty to have all these candies together.

Khushi-Aww..Chotey can’t eat..(asked Khushi teasingly, Arnav rolled his eyes.)

Arnav-Don’t call me that.. And you too stop having so many chocolates.. Because I am not going to come anywhere with a chubby person like you.. After all it’s all about my reputation.

She hit him on his shoulder- I knew it..I knew it.. That’s why you roam around with Naina, right??

Arnav asked surprisingly, from where did this Naina come??

Arnav-Naina!! When??

Khushi- I hate this girl..when she says hi..she sounds so ridiculous.. and Yuck.. I hate her attitude..always behaving like a princess, and clings to you!! Should I tell Mumma about you and that drumstick??

Arnav laughed- Friend hai meri..

Khushi- Ohh..Really?? then why don’t you ever talk to me in school?? I’m your friend too.. In fact I should be the special one.. Because I stay here with you not Naina!!!!

She said whatever came in her brain!! She is too difficult when it comes to hide anything?? She might be innocent, childish but at the same time she can’t let go the thing, she thinks is dearer to her!!!

Arnav remembered Akash’a teasing, then her naive words!! What’s the meaning of this special friend?? And is she his that special friend for whom Akash was referring to do special treatment!!

Khushi’s face was all turned red due to high density of anger, her cute nose admiring her both chubby cheeks raising its tiny head. Her cheeks were all red, like apple!!!


Months later..

Khushi turned her head, seeing Arnav entering in one evening in her room. They had once again fight. Arnav stood in front of her and handed her a small packet. Khushi looked back at him, scrunching her brows- Are you bribing me??

Arnav sighed- Open it..(he ordered)

Khushi-Kyun kholu main??

Arnav- Because I said so!!

Khushi opened the small packet, cursing Arnav numerous times. When she opened the packet, there was a wristwatch, a cute one!! Her lips broke into a automatic smile..

Arnav smiled seeing that bright smile on her lips- Acha laga??

Khushi nodded her head- It’s so beautiful.. Should I keep it??


When she was busy in admiring the watch on her milky wrist, Arnav stopped at door way!! Is this what Akash was referring as special feeling?? There is a different joy, spending his first earning on her. This was so unlike!!


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Mar 5, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 126 times)

Khushi  age-16, Arnav  age-18

Khushi was trying to match the speed of Arnav while following behind him- How could you just hit him Arnav?? what if he had got hurt severely?? What if he had got hurt on his head..Have you any idea what would have happened then??

Arnav stopped and turned around only to make her to take two steps backward with the intensity of his action- Tumhe bohot bura lag raha hai?? (his eyes were spitting fire)

Khushi looked at him angrily- Han to.. You hit him god dammit.. Are you even understanding the situation??

Arnav- He should have thought the consequences before misbehaving with YOU..(he spoke angrily, more than his lips his eyes were looking scary that day to Khushi. )

Khushi replied with same pitch of voice- So?? If he was misbehaving with me, I was there to handle him. When did I ask you to come and show your so-called energy?? I know how to take care of myself Arnav..

Arnav was about to reply hearing her words which he did not accept at all, but stopped as heard a laughter sound from inside the house. They both were fighting near the door.

Khushi asked herself which was sufficient enough for Arnav to hear- What’s so funny happening inside??

Arnav- I’m also standing where you are standing.. How would I know?? Use some humor sometime..

She narrowed her eyes- And why do you think I asked you?? There is something called self-communication.. Have you heard such phrase??

She moved her face away, pressed the door bell. Within a minute, the door was opened. Arnav and Khushi stepped inside. At a distance they could see Aarav, Anita, Anjali were occupying seats along with some other persons were also present there. Arnav scrunched his brows not recognizing these new faces.

Khushi mumbled to herself- Who are they??

Arnav looked at her irritatingly but before he could ask Khushi was already gone by then saying- Self-communication. Remember!!

Arnav shook his head, followed Khushi to the same direction. Anita saw them, she got up- Arnav, Khushi.. Come here guys.

Khushi smilingly reached near her while Arnav’s face was all sullen.

Anita introduced them to new faces- Mr. and Mrs. Singhania, Arnav and Khushi!!

Mr and Mrs.Singhania smiled at them- Hello Guys.. We were waiting for you both??

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other confusingly, Mr.Singhania asked smiling at others- What’s your opinion on our son (pointing at the young guy sitting beside them) What do you both think will he suit your sister??

He asked jokingly, Anjali bowed her head smiling while the young man smirked. He got up from seat, extending his hand, he introduced himself- Karan.. Karan Singhania.

Khushi was about to shook her hand chirpily, but Arnav extended his hand first- Arnav..Arnav Singh Raizada!!

Khushi looked at Arnav hearing his arrogant, not so happy voice. What’s wrong with him?? By now they both had known why are they here for?? Khushi instantly likes Karan and Anjali’s pair, they both were complementing each other.. Even others are also happy.. She just hoped Arnav does not do anything scene here!!

She turned to Anjali and sat on edge of sofa, asking her quite loudly- That’s called cheating Di!! You did not share this secret with me?? And guess what, after today never expect anything from me either.

Mrs.Singhania- Khushi dear..Don’t be upset with your Di now.. You guys have very less time in your hands now.. Because very soon we are taking your Di with us away from you!!

Khushi pouted her lips, wrapping her arms around Anjali- How are we going to live without you Di??

Even Anita and Aarav also felt a lump, hearing this!! Anjali’s eyes got moist hearing this. Arnav, whose concentration was drawn to this conversation did not like it a little bit!! Why his Di has to leave the house and that too for some other person??


Anjali was in her room at night, reading a book, when Arnav entered- Why are marrying Di??

Anjali has never expected something like this from him. Seeing his face, she could clearly see how unhappy he looks since the time he has heard this. She extended her arm- Come here..

Arnav walked to her, sat on bed beside her- Will you miss me??(asked Anjali.)

Arnav cut her- That’s not the point Di.. I want to know why are you marrying?? Don’t you like staying with us?? Mumma hai, Papa hai, main hun, Khushi hai!! Then why Di??

“Because one day a girl has to leave her own house Chotey!!”, they both heard the voice from behind.

They both looked behind, found Anita at door with a glass of milk in her hand. She crossed the distance and came to them. Arnav asked- Why a girl has to?? Can’t a boy do the same?? Why can’t Karan Singhania stay with us at our place??

Anita smiled- It’s an unseen rule Chotey and we are abided by this. Har larki ek din esa karti hai..


He locked himself in his room after this talk with his mother. He just does not like this fact.. How could his Di leave them like this and how could others are also taking it so casually?? If others are so happy with it, why is not he then??

Will Khushi do the same oneday too?? Leaving him, Mumma, Papa and go away from them?? He will never let her go away like this and if ever she does this, he will never forgive her?? He promised himself!!

At that time he heard a beep sound, he went to check his mail, there he found his letter got accepted by a famous college in Mumbai where he was desiring to pursue his bachelor degree in business management.

The only nice things happened in this last 24 hours is it. He sighed rereading the mail once again.


Next day at breakfast table,

The news was announced by Arnav, all were so delighted hearing a happy news. Anjali hugged Arnav so tightly- Congratulations Chotey.. I’m so so happy for you. Tell me what do you want??

Arnav looked at her, asked with hopefully eyes- Will you??

Anjali nodded her head- Anything you want..

Arnav asked- Don’t marry Karan..Don’t leave us.


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Mar 8, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 131 times)

Anjali smiled, holding Arnav’s hand that was on dining table- When am I leaving you Chotey?? Can I ever leave you guys??

Khushi was watching them, eating her cornflakes.

Anita came and said caressing Arnav’s hair- She will be staying only some kilometers away from us, only the address will be changes Chotey, but she will be always your Di!! Distances grows heart fonder.

Anjali giggled- And don’t even think of using my room Chotey, that will be always mine no matter wherever I stay.. forget about that.

Arnav replied with sarcasm- As if I’m dying to shift in your so girly type of room whose wall is also of pink colour. You don’t even have a taste in colour Di.. And same reflects in your life partner too..

Anjali’s jaw dropped-Haww.. That’s so rude Chotey.

Arnav-Whatever..  But remember whenever I want you have to be available not seeing what’s the time, first you are my Di, never forget!!

Anjali-Aww.. I wish I would have got married since childhood!! At least I would have come to know someone will miss me to this limit..

Arnav cut her in middle- Don’t fly high.. I’m not missing you!!

Anjali raised her brows, resting her chin on her arm, she asked- Oh..Really??

Arnav-Yes, and by the way I’m also going away from here too. I just want you to available when someone fights with me and later with the fear of losing ran towards you.. (Khushi’s eyes popped out.)

Did he just drag her in between their conversation and that too mentioning she fears to lose?? He is surely suffering from memory loss then!! When did she lose from him?? In fact in their every fight, both have come across with flying colour!! She twisted her lips.

Khushi spoke- Kindly can you tell me when was the last time I was afraid of you?? (she asked angrily.)

Arnav’s concentration was brought towards her than Anjali- I can’t sit here and count.

Khushi- Lier!!!

Arnav- Don’t call me that Khushi..

Khushi- Then don’t think I’m afraid of you either.. You are a human, not any monster who will gulp down me.. Ok??

Aarav sighed getting up from there seeing their childish talk, excusing himself he left from there, then Anita also left!! Anjali was about to leave when Khushi called her name so angrily- How could you leave Di?? You were waiting here till he was talking his not-so-important talk??

Arnav smirked- That’s called a conversation Khushi, not this one!! (she rolled her eyes.) And about not afraid of me, then why were you stopping me that day when I was talking to that guy??

Khushi sighed!! This boy has really grown a loads of misconceptions which need to be solved soon. He has grown a habit of taking everything in an opposite direction.

Khushi- That’s not call being afraid of someone.. I was concerned of you, me and that guy too!! You were acting violently and everything always does not have a rough solution at the end.

Anjali stared back at Khushi. Is this a sixteen year old girl saying?? Is this the same girl who was once behind of chocolates?? Not that she does not fond of them now, Anjali thought!! But yes, with time, she could see a touch of maturity touching her gently!!

She looked back at her brother.. If she is acting mature, why is he becoming stubborn and adamant with time?? It’s not that she does not like her brother, in fact she loves her little brother a lot actually.. She still afraid, this difference in their nature does not bring any complex to that relation they are sharing with each other unknown to that special bond.

She always wishes to see them together!!


Door bell rang, Khushi went to open that. A teenage boy of her age was standing there at door stop, wearing a cargo pant, shirt half tucked in, khaki jacket and a funky goggles!! Arnav who was descending the stairs, stopped at the middle.

Khushi- Excuse me!!

The boy gave a smile-Hi..Krishna.. Naam to suna hi hoga..

Khushi laughed- Actually NO..

The boy took off his goggles, said smiling- Krishna Singhania.. Karan bhai’s brother!! I hope you know Karan bhai, right??

Khushi-Ohh.. Please come in.. I could not recognize you as I have never met you.

Krishna smiled- Yeah..By the way I forgot what did you say your name??

Khushi turned her head- I remember I have not told you!! By the way where is Karan Jiju??

“I’m here..”,.

Khushi could hear a happy voice from behind, she turned around- Hi Jiju..

Karan- Hi Khushi.. How are you??(he asked)

Khushi nodded her head- Good Jiju.. Please come in.

By then Anita and Anjali also arrived. Karan greeted them, while Krishna whispered- Khushi.. Tum se mil ke hume bhi Khushi hui..

Khushi raised her eyebrows- Same here..

But there were two chocolaty caramel like eyes, which did not like a single bit of this greeting or meeting. Firstly the elder brother, now why this younger one has to come!! From far he could see Anjali, Khushi and Anita talking to Karan and Krishna so happily..forgetting him!! A bit of uncertainty rose in his heart seeing them!!

It was so new for him, sudden changes in his so normal like life where he was staying with his Mumma, Papa, Di and last but not least Khushi!! he did not approve this changes in his life that easily.

Till now he was the only male child in house on whom all love was pouring..and today he felt like his share of pampering, love is being shared with some persons who are not from their family!! Will it always be like this?? Will be become a second option in everyone’s life??

A bit of insecurity started building its nest in his mind??


It was Anjali’s engagement shopping day.

 Arnav was passing by Khushi’s room, when found her getting ready so excitingly. Why is she so happy?? He barged in her room, Khushi was startled hearing sudden door sound and turned around leaving her hairbrush.

Arnav-Tum kahan ja rahi ho??

Khushi frowned!! Did he forget the reason??

Khushi replied carelessly while trying to select her watch from her collection-Kyun?? Tumhe nehi pata??

Arnav was getting more and more irritate with pass of time and thanks goes to these Singhanias brother!!

Arnav-It’s Di’s engagement shopping Khushi.. Not yours that you are so happy??

Khushi- Think Arnav, if I’m so happy (while choosing two watches on her wrist) for Di’s wedding..Can you imagine how happy I’ll be on my wedding!! I just wish to grow up quickly.. Did you even see those designs of Di’s wedding dress designer was showing!! Those were pretty good!! I’ll wear world’s best wedding attire with a loads of work of on it.

She was giggling, she chose one watch and placed back the one that was once gifted by Arnav!! her actions were being seen by someone very carefully!! He was so happy the moment she picked up his gifted watch but the moment she placed that back, a storm of disappointment hit his mind!! Did she just reject his gift??

He did not wait longer to hear what’s she dream of..He just saw her giving his gift as second option and left from there!!

Khushi who was unaware of his absence, spoke to herself caressing the watch given by him in draw- It’s my favorite one, you know!! And you will find it funny, but I think that’s my lucky one too..

She turned around to hear his reply, but found herself in that room alone!! When did he leave??


Wedding functions were going on with full passion and joy!! Anjali was so happy enjoying her little time with Karan before being wedded to him!! Anita was busy showering all her love, pampering, joy on this first wedding of their family which was reflecting in each things seen there!! Khushi was helping Anita sometime. Aarav and Mr.Singhania were busy in sharing responsibilities so that the wedding would be a blast, grand and memorable for everyone!!

It was Anjali’s mehendi ceremony. She was wearing a maroon lehenga, hair left opened, maang tika enhancing her face, and a shy smile adding the effect of natural blush on her cheeks!! Arnav came there, the thing that he only likes in this all fiasco was his Di’s smiling happy face!! But that does not mean he has accepted Karan and Krishna Singhania in his family!!

Anjali found him staring at her, she called him- Chotey.. Come here..

He went there, Anjali asked happily showing him some beautiful designs of mehendi- Tell me which one should I apply?? I’m just so confused.. Will you help me??

He nodded, chose one. Anjali was watching him silently, Arnav gave the designs to her saying-This one Di..

Suddenly they heard a loud voice, they turned their heads and found there were standing Groom’s family, Aarav greeting them happily. Anjali blushed, when Karan smiled at her!! While others were busy, Karan escaped some how from their eyes and made his way to Anjali who was sitting beside Arnav.

Karan-Hi Arnav..(he smiled genuinely at Arnav.)

Though they never got any chance to exchange few words between each other, but from Anjali he has known a little bit about her brother!! Being his fiancee’s brother, as well as being a elder one, though he has never got the chance to  express his feeling but he still considers Arnav as a younger brother of him too!!

Arnav smiled a little.

Karan- Hey..What are you doing??(he asked Anjali.)

Anjali looked down at her lap indicating him, Karan raised his eyebrow, picked up the designs.. and said indicating one- Apply this one.. I’m sure it will look beautiful on you..

Arnav who was about to leave giving them some space to talk, stopped in mid way.

Anjali looked at Karan- This?? I mean why not this one..(she asked showing another one chosen by Arnav.)

Karan first gave a disapprove look- Come on yaar.. Can’t I choose what will look best on my wife?? after all shadi hai meri bhai..

Arnav once again felt that storm passing in his mind when he found his Di who once asked him to chose for her, actually gave importance to Karan’s choice!!


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Mar 9, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 135 times)

It was the evening before Anjali’s marriage. There was hustle bustle around the house, most of the relatives have arrived, and few are coming soon. Decoration was going on with full speed, mandap was almost done!! Different types of sweets were preparing, girls were busy in deciding what to wear, how to do their make up, selecting matching accessories for their outfit, boys were busy in having their gala time at backyard of house in a small yet fascinating room!! Anita was talking to ladies about marriage preparation while Aarav was supervising everything.

While all were busy in their respective work, Arnav was in his room, sitting quietly on bed, packing his stuffs as after his Di’s bidai, he is also going to take his flight to Mumbai. His mind is totally disturbed, there are two reasons, firstly he was going away from his family for first time and second one was he Di was getting married!! He was feeling so aloof, as if he had lost any single reason to be happy. He was unable to comprehend the situation.

Khushi who was passing by, by chance got a glance of him. She found him packing his stuffs with sullen face!! She stopped at door way and got inside the room. They both never got any reason to ask the otherone’s permission before entering into.

“Done with packing??”, she asked seeing him giving his whole concentration on his stuffs.

Arnav looked up hearing her voice, watched her for few milliseconds before diverting his eyes-Hmm..

Khushi twisted her lips seeing his cold behavior. She went, sat on edge of bed facing him- Should I help you??

He replied annoyingly, not understanding the reason behind his own weird behavior- Nehi chahiye..

Khushi raised her brow- Tum gussa ho??(she asked)

Arnav looked back- Why?? Should I be angry??

Khushi-God!! Arnav, what’s the matter??

Arnav got up from bed, went to his book shelf to take his few books- I don’t want to talk to you.. Leave!!

Khushi got up, stood behind him-Ohh..So you are angry with me?? What did I do now??

He did not reply, pretending himself busy. Khushi hide her smile seeing him fuming on her without any specific reason. She came, stood in front of him- To main jaun?? You sure you don’t wanna talk to me??

He again kept mum.

Khushi- Arnav, you are leaving tomorrow!! Don’t know, when we will get the chance to talk again or not?? (his finger stopped but he did not look at her..) Will you call me??

Arnav-Nehi karunga!!(he replied instantly.)

Khushi asked pressing her lips- Message bhi nehi??

Arnav turned to face her-Kyun karu main?? You must be happy within, right?? I’m going away from here, there will be none to fight with you, you will be happy here.. Mumma and Papa will love you more as me and Di are leaving!! Even you have made so many new friends these days that you would hardly remember there is anyone named Arnav!! (he spoke in one breath)

Khushi- That means you are going to forget me after you make new friends??(she asked sadly??)

Arnav- I did not say that..

Khushi- Then how come you get to know I’m going to forget you after making new friends??

He felt sort of words..  he moved away saying- I have heard that..Distance creates gaps..

Khushi- But I have heard, distance makes heart grow fonder!!


Barat has arrived, Anita and some ladies were busy in welcoming barat, Arnav was standing beside them silently, while Khushi was looking around smilingly seeing joy when heard a loud call from crowd-Khushi..Khushi!!

Krishna waved his hand out calling her name, Khushi smiled brightly-Hey..

Krishna rushed to her- Come on.. All are dancing, why are you standing?? Let’s dance..

Before Khushi could even protest, Krishna dragged her with him to where all were dancing happily. Khushi who was a reluctant at first, got mixed with others soon and her legs, hands started moving with the rhythm of song.. She was wearing an off shoulder floral design lehenga, her hair was in fish tail braid, giving her a cute and beautiful look!!

She was dancing like there is none around her, forgetting everything, lost in her world.. Even forgetting HIM!! Thought Arnav staring at Khushi. how easily she had said last evening she will not forget their friendship and today she herself backed off from her own words. His eyes moved further towards her wrist, he saw her wearing the watch given by him!! He moved further towards her, held her hand stopping her moving.

Khushi also stopped, looking at him confusingly but before she could understand he removed that watch from her wrist, throwing that away whispering- I hate you Khushi!!

Everything happened so suddenly, she was blank for initial seconds, staring down at her wrist. He threw the watch!! He said he hate her!! But why?? What did she do??

She could see Arnav going away, she could not wait longer to ask him the reason was about to go behind him, but was held from behind. She turned her head, Krishna- What happened?? Why are you looking so dull suddenly??

Khushi- I’ll be back..

She ran away from there, searched for him in every corner of house but he just vanished like air. She could feel her eyes getting moist!! Why did it hurt her that much?? Why did he say he hate her?? Why his eyes were accusing her of something that she failed to understand??

A girl was passing by, she stopped her- Kajol.. Have you seen Arnav??

She shook her head negatively, Khushi moved away from there. She looked around, when her eyes fell on stairs leads to terrace. She took that way, reached at terrace. At far she could see him standing, she sighed in relief!!


His body stiffened hearing her voice.

“Arnav, what happened??”, she asked not controlling her weep.

He said, not turning his face- LEAVE Khushi..AND DON”T SHOW ME YOUR FACE EVER!! You are a cheater, a liar..

Tears flew from her eyes, as her mind stuck with nothing but his words!!


Each ritual was done, Anjali and Karan were declared as life partner for next 7 lives!! When two hearts bonded here, another thread between two hearts were broken!!

It was time for bidai, Anjali burst into tears, hugging her Mumma, Papa. She thought, Arnav was right!! Why a girl has to leave her paternal house always?? Her heart cried. She looked around for her two favorite person- Mumma..(sniffing)..Cho..Chotey(sniffing) and Khushi??

“I’m here Di..”, she heard Arnav’s voice, turned her head.

Arnav walked to her, hugged her tightly. Anjali kissed his forehead- Study well, take care of yourself..(Arnav nodded.)

Arnav-You too Di..

Anjali asked- Where is Khushi?? I have not seen her since long..

Arnav’s jaw line tightened, he replied- I don’t know Di..

Anjali looked around, she left Arnav and turned to Anita- Mumma, Khushi??

Anita also looked around for her- I don’t know Anjali..Where did she go?? I have seen her some time back..(she said panicking.)

Anjali got tensed, Karan was noticing her tensed face, said gently- I think, she must be too disturbed about your bidai.. Why don’t you see her in her room??

Anjali nodded quickly, Karan held her hand- Come, we will meet Khushi.

They were about to go, Mrs.Singhania stopped them- Karan, Anjali..It’s bad omen returning back. Don’t go back..

Karan could feel Anjali’s hand becoming cold. She is newly bride, she can’t deny her mother-in-law at the same time she can’t leave without meeting Khushi. he held her hand-Anjali..

Karan turned to Mrs.singhania- But Maa..

Mrs.Singhania stopped him- Karan, we are getting late for that auspicious time. I want my bahu at my home at the most right time.

None could say further..


Aarav and Anita gave a teary good bye to their daughter. Anjali sat in car with Karan but not before turning her head behind to look around for Khushi once. Car left the premises soon..


Khushi cried burying her face in pillow, she has never felt this much empty within ever in her life. She felt like a very major part of left her body, when Arnav asked her to never show her face to him!! She forgot everything including her Anjali Di’s wedding as her mind became inactive.


Guest started leaving one by one consoling Anita who was totally upset. But Aarav still tried to act strong, again became busy as not only his daughter, his son was also leaving the same day. his heart was breaking seeing his kids going away from him. He placed his arm around Anita’s shoulder- Don’t cry.. We can’t send Chotey like this.. Did you forget he has to leave in an hour..

Anita- Why he has to leave today?? Was it that urgent?

Aarav- It is Anita, unless why he has to go??

Anita sighed high, her motherly heart was not listening anything. Aarav asked the maid to load Arnav’s luggage in car, Arnav went to change into his casuals as he can’t travel wearing this traditional suit!! While passing by, his eyes fell on close door of Khushi’s room. His feet stopped, but his mind did not let him stop there.

He quickly went to his room, changed his clothes and left this time with a straight face.


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Mar 13, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 130 times)

“ Did you call Chotey??”, asked Aarav, next day morning taking a seat beside Anita who handed him a cup of black tea without sugar.

Anita replied sipping her own tea- No, he called me last night after reaching there. I thought not to disturb him more calling him again. He had some formalities there too for hostel admission, over to this he must be tired due to whole day’s affair here!! I thought to call him in morning.

Aarav nodded his head, agreeing to Anita- Yeah.. And when Anjali is coming??

Anita- Mrs.Singhania said they would be here by 10 o’clock.

Aarav looked around for Khushi whom he has not seen since long as per his calculus- By the way, where is Khushi?? I suppose I have not seen her for a long time. Is she still sleeping??

And that made Anita alarmed, her eyes got widen- Even me too!! How could I forget about her??( she cursed herself for being careless not keeping an eye on Khushi who has gone missing!!)

She got up from her seat and hurried to Khushi’s room, the door was locked from inside. Anita knocked the door very gently first- Khushi.. Khushi..

She knocked harder this time- KHUSHI!!! Khushi, it’s too late, get up!!

But heard no response, a sudden worry made her go restless, she called out for Aarav- Aarav ji.. Can you get me the duplicate keys!! She is not opening the door..

Soon Aarav reached there, he also tried to call her once, but got same silence in reply. Without wasting much time, he tried the duplicate keys to enter into the room. And coming inside they found Khushi sleeping on bed on her tummy, burying her face as much as she could in pillow. The room was still dark, Aarav went to slide the curtains to let the sun light peer in while Anita came to her.

Caressing her hair softly, Anita called- Khushi.. Get up beta. Khushi!!

Khushi opened her eyes feeling a gentle touch on her, followed by a sweet calling. She looked up and found Anita on bed- Mumma?? (her eyes fell on Aarav) Baba??

She stared at them confusingly, Anita asked- Are you ok?? You are looking tired Khushi?? What happened??

She shook her head negatively, gathering herself she sat on bed leaning towards Anita, hugging her- when is Di coming??

Anita- Very soon..BTW where were you yesterday?? Anjali was looking for you.. Even you got disappeared and did not bid bye to Chotey..  

Her body stiffened hearing Arnav’s name!!  She looked up- Arnav chala gaya??(she asked)

Anita- Han Khushi, he had his flight last night, you forgot!!

Has she forgotten anything?? NO..but he has forgotten something for sure!! He did not think it necessary to meet her once before leaving, was not he the one who initiated this fight and that too without giving any proper reason to her!! May be he is right..Distance creates gaps!! Thought Khushi feeling all of sad once again.


It’s been one month now. Anjali Di is quite a more than happy in her new life, Mumma, Baba too seeing his kids happy.. Arnav calls every day..or at least once in each alternate day but never cared to talk to her!! And she..she is also busy in her school, it’s her 11th grade now!! These times are very precious, she can’t afford to neglect it. Thought Khushi in one afternoon after her school, sitting on one wooden bench in garden!!

But she can’t deny the fact, she feels lonely, empty within these days. How long can she bury herself in her books, gadgets, drawing?? She needs someone to talk too..Though to avoid these void she has started helping Anita in her daily c****s, still she thinks her time is going on a very low speed of a tortoise.

“Khushi bitiya, I found it from that corner..”,

Khushi was brought back to present hearing the voice of gardener!! He gave her something, Khushi saw in her palm and there was laying that broken watch of her that Arnav had gifted once and destroyed too!! She felt heavy all of sudden cause of this thought.


New life, new friends, new place, new surrounding!! One month is not enough to get acquainted with so many new things all of least not for a guy like him!! He has very few friends here, but none of them he got as his type except Aman who was more or less like him!! And thank to luck they both share on room. It’s a 3 seated room in hostel. Their other room partner is Manish!! Totally a chilled out guy type unlike him!! But still he also matched his tunes some time..

Over to all..It’s all OK type here at least none is here to annoy him unnecessarily!!Analyzed Arnav playing with his pen sitting for study.

But was not he missing that annoyance too?? He asked himself.

It’s too confusing.. The thing you call as annoyance you miss it the next moment!! Why it has to be this complicate??

He got a call, it was from Anita.

Arnav answered- Yeah Mumma..

Anita asked her routine question even if she calls him thrice a day- How are you Chotey??

Arnav replied- Good Mumma..(Coming here only he realized how much his mother misses him still never sharing it with him. Distance makes heart grow fonder!!! His brain remembered these words again)

Anita conversed for some time with her son, until she saw Khushi entering totally drenched up in rain. She sighed,

Anita- You are again totally soaking in water Khushi?? this is the 3rd time in this week that you forgot your raincoat. (Arnav’s mind was brought totally to Anita’s words to concentrate there this time.)

Khushi gave her a sheepish smile, in return was about to hug her to bribe her in return Anita glared- First change then come to me.. Get back to your room now..

Khushi made face, biting her lower lips mischievously she pushed herself on sofa clinging to Anita as close as possible, hugging her tight- Ohh..My sweetest muffin.. Don’t be so angry..( she nuzzled on Anita’s shoulder making her irriate..)

Anita shrieked- God..  Khushi.. When are you going to grow up?? Look at yourself..

Khushi giggled, smacking a kiss on her cheek as loud as possible- Fine, I’m just coming..

Arnav who was hearing all these on other side, could feel a smile broken on his lips!! He leaned backwards and watched his face on mirror!! Is he smiling?? And that too hearing her so childish talk?? And was she calling Mumma as muffin?? Yeah..only she can compare their mother with sweet only!!

But right then, that smile vanished!! She was sounding so happy..full of joy!! Was not she missing him a little?? She has never called him..Has she forgotten him?? His jaw line tightened and that bit of insecurity again started showing up in his mind..What if by the end of this 4 years, she forgot him totally!! His mind started freezing.. Will she really forget him one day??

His foul mood and teenage hormones are not giving his disturbed mind any positive and relaxing ideas. He gave a second thought of his coming to Mumbai to pursue his studies here!! It was better there in Delhi..


“Wow Jiju, I liked it.. It will suit perfectly for my Veeru, right Veeru??”, Khushi asked her dog veeru, hugging her tightly.

Karan Jiju has brought a very nice leather band  where Veeru’s name in engraved for Veeru. Khushi admired that on Veeru’s neck. Veeru licked Khushi’s cheek happily.

Karan and Anjali laughed seeing Veeru and Khushi’s bond.

Karan asked- By the way Khushi from where you got Veeru??

Anjali giggled- It’s long story Karan..

Karan- I’m not going to catch my train either!! (he teased Anjali..)

Khushi smiled seeing the sweet bond between Anjali and Karan. Khushi- Actually one day Di and I got Veeru while coming from market..

Anjali interpreted- You remember Khushi, how Chotey was scaring us to tell this to Mumma??

Khushi smiled a little, why everything in her life brought his name either directly or indirectly!! She has never thought, one day even her Veeru will cheat on her making her taking her back to him  again!!

Karan laughed- Arnav was scaring!!! That’s something new I heard about him..

Anjali- There is lot more Karan to know about him..sometime even he becomes too complex for himself!! You can’t even predict when his mood is going to change from happy to sad to angry.. Is not it Khushi?? (asked Anjali..)

Khushi just nodded her head.. Di is right!! He is too difficult to understand!! Sighed Khushi, thinking last 3 months of their life, he has not thought once to talk to her!! It’s been more than 90 days and for first  time they have not talked this much longer..


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Mar 14, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 148 times)

In one evening, Khushi was studying in living room, when the landline rang. As phone was beside her, Khushi picked up-Hello.

“Hello..”, came from other side.  

It did not take longer for them to recognize each other’s voice, one side it made them delighted on other instance the memory of last  4 months, none of them trying to initiate the talk first made them furious too!!

“Give the phone to Mumma..”,

Her jaw line tightened hearing this roughness in his voice..He has not changed, right!! Same commanding attitude!! For a moment she thought not to waste her time hearing his not-so-important talk and handed the receiver to Anita but then again another thought came in her mind.. Is she his servant on whom he is commanding like this?? NO.. it’s him who wants to talk to Mumma..if it was so urgent and private he would have called on her mobile than on landline!!

“Main tumahra gulam nehi hun..”, she replied with same attitude!!

If he has to show his attitude every time, she can’t act compose always too.

“ Don’t show your so called arrogance to me..”, he replied.

“Kyun?? Arrogant hone ka haq sirf tumhara hai??”, she asked spitting anger.

Forget about being sober, he has become too rigid!! Firstly he had called first, secondly he is showing himself as if he is the PM of the country and she is like a third person.

Arnav- Khushi, don’t spoil my mood god dammit!!(he screamed over phone.)

Khushi gritted her teeth. How could he scream at her like this?? What does he think of himself??

“Now why are you silent dammit..Baat karo..”, he said angrily hearing no reply from her from last 10 seconds. He very well could her holding the receiver then why can’t she just talk!!

“Hey Khushi.. Chale??”, he could hear a happy voice from other side of phone. It was a boyish tone!! Who is this guy and that too meeting her at his home!!

“Who is there Khushi??”

“Krishna hai Chotey..”, suddenly he heard his mother’s voice.



So she gave the phone to Mumma, did not care to reply the answer herself. And she thought it’s more important to talk to that Krishna Singhania than him!! How could she just compare that Krishna with him?? She chooses Krishna first over him!! All these ideas are giving him only and only ample amount of insecure feeling. His blood started boiling as he imagined Krishna and Khushi talking so happily with each other, laughing their heart out which had never happened with him!!

Here she was talking so rudely in a careless manner with him, but with Krishna she could laugh, talk and becomes happy!! Then why can’t with him??

“Mumma.. I am going to Delhi this weekend!! I have three days off here.”, Arnav declared over phone, but before Anita could reply anything, he hanged up it.



It was dinner time, Khushi, Anita and Aarav were having their happy meal. Anita said- Chotey called today, he said he would be coming this weekend as he has some 3 days off there in college.

Aarav- Tha’t actually very nice.. It’s been more than 4 months now.

Anita- Yeah.. I was thinking to invite Anjali’s in-laws too over dinner. What do you think??

Aarav- That would be very nice.. Anjali also asks about Chotey very often.


Khushi was hearing all these silently, so he was coming in weekend!! That’s actually good thought!! She excused herself, got up wiping her lips.

Closing the door of her bed room, she quickly dialed her friend Nitya.

Khushi- Hi..Nitya.. Acha listen, all did submit their form who ever going for this school tour??

Nitya- Tomorrow is last date, why?? Are you joining??

Khushi- Yeah.. I thought I should join you guys..

Nitya smiled- We were trying to tell you this only but you were too adamant to understand.

Khushi- Hmm.. But yaar, I don’t have any form..

Nitya- That’s not a problem, I have extra form with me. You can fill that and deposit. Ok??

Khushi agreed, keeping her phone aside, she laid down on bed pulling the quilt on her covering her totally.


It was Friday night, Anita was sadly packing Khushi’s stuffs- Tomorrow Chotey is coming and today you are going!! Is this fair Khushi?? I thought this time we will have some nice time with all kids, but..(she sighed.)

Khushi also felt sad seeing fallen face of Anita. Don’t know why Arnav has become too important to avoid for which she is indirectly hurting others. Thought Khushi!! but she was firm in her decision, hugging Anita tightly, she kissed her cheek- Don’t be sad na Mumma, next time we will enjoy.

She consoled Anita less, but herself more!!


Arnav had never expected his Mumma, Papa, Di and Karan Jiju would be coming to airport to receive him!! It gave him a nice feeling, feeling of coming to home!! Aarav and Anita kissed his forehead lovingly while Anjali hugged him tightly- Missed you Chotey..

Arnav smiled-Me too..

Karan- I’m in line too buddy!!

Arnav stared back at him, this is the first time he is meeting his Jiju after marriage!! He did not have any good view of his before marriage and he is not even sure if he is wrong or right on his perception. But still he smiled back even though that was not heartedly.

Karan could feel some uneasiness in his behavior each time he meets Arnav. But ignored not wishing to drag that conversation to make situation a bit more uneasy for Arnav. He thought to talk to him later!!

After occupying seats in car, Arnav looked around! All came, but she did not??? Why??

May be she must be at home. He thought himself.

They reached home after some minutes of journey from airport to home. Coming inside, his eyes first did scan around to have a glimpse of her. But she was no where to be seen!! Is she even at home??

Arnav (to Anita)- Mumma, I’ll just freshen up and come.

Anita- Yeah Chotey, you must be tired. You go and take shower.

Arnav climbed up the stairs, he was passing by Khushi’s room which was adjacent to his, he stopped at the door to her room!! Is she inside??  Arnav was about to open the room but heard from behind from Anjali- Whom are you searching here Chotey?? Khushi is not at home!!

He turned around- Matlab??

Anjali- Mumma was saying, she has gone for her school trip last night.

Arnav- When is she coming back??

Anjali- I don’t know correctly but probably in Monday evening.

And if he is right, he also knows the reason behind this plan of her!! She has gone for school trip, and that too then when she knows he would be coming!! Her trip was more important than their meeting now. He could feel his blood boiling in anger!!

She says there is problem in his attitude, then what should she call this behavior of her own??



Khushi giggled with her friends, while enjoying special barbeque dinner. She is having a very good time here, she patted her back on her right decision.

“Khushi, your phone has been ringing for a long time. It’s Anjali Di written.” Her one of the friend mentioned handing her the cell phone.

Khushi wiped her hands, and dialed Anjali’s number coming aside from her friend circle.


Anjali who was helping Anita in kitchen, heard the phone rang. Her hands were covered with flour, she found Arnav passing by, called him in mean time- Chotey..

Arnav stopped- Han Di.

Anjali- Can you please see whose call is this?? My phone is in hall.. here my hands are totally covered with flour..

Arnav nodded, he answered the call without noticing the displaying name- Hello..!!

“Hello Di..” , Khushi’s voice reached in his ear..


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