A Learning Curve!! - An Arshi Story on Sheetal Track

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Oct 23, 2016

A Learning Curve!! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 60 times)

This story is an Arshi story!! Been a big fan of "Iss Pyaar Ko KYa Naam Doon" and my first attempt to write a simple story. The starts from Sheetal Track and how Arnav and Khushi work their way in their marriage!!

Chapter 1 – Lost In Transit of Life!

It was a wonderful Sunday morning and Khushi was looking forward to Arnav’s basketball match and a chance to talk to him when he is in good mood and settle things to normal between them. But then as usual Sheetal taking a dig at her and Arnav joining her this time, Khushi just had enough!! She never felt so angry and lost in her life….. She could no more watch her husband playing basketball with his ex-girlfriend Sheetal and behave as if she never existed in his world!! How could he enjoy with a woman who hurled insults towards his wife in front of him? Did she even matter to him anymore??

She just gave up and did not even feel like crying this time!! Slowly she started walking away from the game and decided to visit her best friend, her Devi Maiya in Laxmi Nagar temple. She also thought of meeting her amma, bauji and buaji would lift up her spirit…. Or maybe not…

She sat in the corner under the tree after aarti at the temple. She took a deep breath and paused to think about her life in last one year!! It was more dramatic than her favorite Salman Khan’s movie or for that matter any Bollywood commercial movie.

She was a simple girl from Lucknow, just 20 years old yet to finish her graduation. She had hardly come once before to Delhi as a child and moving to Delhi was something her family never thought. Gupta family was happy in their small world in Lucknow until Arnav released his and Khushi’s video and life became unbearable back in Lucknow for Gupta family.

Khushi had simple dreams, study well and finish graduation or may be a master’s degree in food technology while earning and helping her bauji in his sweet shop….. Even her jiji always wanted to see if she can achieve an extra degree in painting and arts after her graduation. Khushi even though younger sister, always behaved like the son of the family but Payal too wanted to help out her bauji.

But where are they now?? Her mind argued. Jiji’s first marriage broke, well it never happened – Baraat had gone back from their door and her jiji had suffered a long depression before she met Akash jiju. So Khushi initially felt her sacrifice to marry Arnav forcefully was worth it for her jiji’s happiness. But then today she doubted whether her jiji was happy; Khushi could clearly see some disconnect between her jiji and jiju along with continuous taunts and misbehavior from Mamiji. Khushi could never understand what problem Mamiji had with Payal and jiju never stepped up to stop or stood up for jiji. All knew Akash jiju always was a calm and silent person, but could he never read jiji’s crest fallen face or see her tears whenever Mamiji picked on her for simple mistakes!! She was lost again this time for her jiji….

And about her own marriage, did she ever dream to marry at the age of 20 in the first place?? She did have big dreams about her prince charming and marriage but still marriage was never on her cards until she sets things for her family. She could have easily worked with bauji for 4-5 years, paid off loans for the shop, house and then saved some for her jiji’s marriage.

But then here she was married twice to the same man at the age of 20!! Irony was both the sisters were married to richest men in Asia but their status never changed from Gupta sisters!! Even today they were still doing all the c****s in Raizada mansion, listening to all taunts, and tantrums from family members or the new guests and unfortunately lost the opportunity to do anything for their family. And how can they even think of taking any money or help from their husbands when they were declared gold diggers by Arnav and Mamiji in the past!!

And about her own marriage, Khushi had no clue what is right and what is wrong!! She never did any DNA test but just being curious about DNA test and asking few questions landed her in a situation where her husband blamed her for not trusting, acting childish, jealous and immature. He started ignoring her after the DNA incident and it hurts Khushi to the core.

What does he expect from her? She is just 20 years old came from a simple world with secure family background. May be they never had enough money but a very close knit family that respects and takes care of each other a lot. She had never seen his fashion world and its side effects – x and y girlfriends, too many affairs, live in relationships. All these things were alien and beyond her imagination!!

She had decided to help out Sheetal knowing she was Arnav’s classmate at Harvard and had a kid to look after. Never realized it could back fire on her this bad. She could gauge Sheetal never liked her and never missed any opportunity to put her down in front of Arnav and family. But then what could Khushi do when neither Arnav and nor Raizada family found it important to stop her or fix Aarav’s behavior. Raizada family women were enjoying their new company completely ignoring how rude they both were behaving towards Khushi and Payal. Di had found her lost baby in Aarav and Mamiji found her weight loss and makeup counselor in Sheetal!! 

Khushi was young, naïve and Arnav acted far too mature, dominating and control freak. Even with love, they always had trust and respect issues. Khushi at this point was not even sure if Arnav really loved her!! She was amazed how it never bothered him when Sheetal treated her like ****!! He stopped being romantic, always busy yet found time to spend with Sheetal, Aarav and his Di. This was not her Arnavji or was he ever hers in the first place?? Would he ever listen a word against his Di or any other family members?? She wondered what went wrong and when?

Anyways Khushi had no clue how to fix problems in her marriage when she could not talk freely to her own husband who kept mocking her saying she was childish, jealous, insecure, clumsy or silly. She did not even know how she can fix her insecurities alone when he ignores her and spends time deliberately with Sheetal and the kid behaving like him!! Even though she trusted Arnav, her heart never trusted Sheetal ever!! She did not know how to take care of everything at home alone from cooking, all other c****s to everyone’s mood swings…. While Mamiji never liked both the sisters and always taunted them, Anjali Di was always in her self-pity mode and Khushi decided to be super careful while talking to her after their last fiasco of Anjali trying to abort the baby and made sure not to hurt her…. Facing wrath from Arnav was last thing on her mind!! Khushi’s family was simple, always together in happiness and sadness and she was struggling to understand Raizada family traits fully.

Can she even talk to Mamiji or Di?? Naniji always loved Khushi but then she was not sure how even she can share anything with old lady without burdening her heart?? She so much missed her best friend in the house Nanheji who had returned to Australia and was not planning to visit at least for a year!!

Then again she felt why she alone has to do everything and then explain or defend herself and her sister all the time?? She had seen her parent’s marriage and looked at the beautiful bonding, unsaid words, understanding, companionship, respect and trust - Nothing that she could find in hers or her jiji’s marriage. Somewhere her heart refused to take the blame and fix things alone, expected Arnav also to participate, feel and work towards their marriage. For god sake, they were married for just two months in reality and already the romance, sheen was lost!! Did they even build basic foundation in their relation as husband and wife and already started seeing major cracks??

Too many questions clouding her mind and no answers!! Khushi first time gave up and decided to head home since it was getting past lunch time and she felt very hungry. At the door she heard her amma Garima’s excited voice telling buaji how Dr. told her with extra therapies and different medicines could help her husband move his hands and might even walk in 3-6 months!! Only concern was they needed more money for all these new treatment options.

Khushi opened the door in one go hugging her amma from behind and thanked her Devi maiya for bringing her home at the right time. Khushi was super excited with the news of her father’s recovery and promised her mom that she will pay the expenses. She forgot her own worries after a long time and decided to tackle one thing at a time.

She decided her personal life could take a back seat and her bauji’s recovery was the most important thing at hand. She needed to arrange money for bauji’s further treatment and no way she going to tell or ask Arnav any money. 

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Been a regular reader but this is my first attempt, hope you like
Oct 23, 2016

Little more info on the storyline (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 30 times)

Please note this not going to typical Arshi story purely based on the show but I am taking creative liberty to write my own story by adding few additional characters as Khushi's friends. 

Also I am adding few chapters to portray Akash and Payal growing in their relationship as well. Somehow I felt show did not do justice to their characters as much. 

This is going to be a short story of about 20 chapters. Stay tuned and I will try to upload chapters regularly. 

Hope you all will enjoy!

Oct 24, 2016

Chapter 2 – Old Times with Ks (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 75 times)

I am so happy with all your comments and encouraging words.... Here you go with second chapter.

Chapter 2 – Old Times with Ks

Khushi still standing at the door lost in her own thoughts, when someone hugged her tight from behind, closed her eyes and asked her to guess who it was?? Khushi’s heart immediately recognized one of her best friend’s voice but how can Kritika be here?? Still she screamed – Kriti is that you?? And turned around to see Kritika standing in front of her….

Khushi felt so overwhelmed after seeing her bestie after almost more than a year and hugged her tight. Happy tears rolled from both their eyes and both said together - Missed you so much yaar!! Khushi simply could not help but ask where the rest of the K’s were. She couldn’t believe her life got so busy with a roller coaster ride in last one year that she forgot her 5K gang – Khushi, Kritika, Kamya, Karan and Kavi. Though Khushi was 2 years younger and Payal was 2 years older to all remaining Ks, they all stayed in the same area of Gomati Sadan in Lucknow, grew up together and were besties until Khushi and Gupta family moved to Delhi.

Kritika took a deep breath and was about to start when buaji came up with her patent dialogue “Sanaka Devi do you plan to stand at the door or go to your room with Kritika while Amma will send you both tea and snacks!!”

Kritika looked at her watch and it was 2 pm. She was hungry too and declared she will have lunch with Khushi and cannot miss Garima auntie’s delicacies anymore. She also declared to take Khushi with her to meet remaining K gang in the mall at 4 pm. Khushi was shocked hearing Kriti!! Her K gang was here in Delhi?? Khushi dragged Kriti to her room while Amma was making lunch ready. Kriti told her how Karan, Kamya and she were in Delhi working in an educational institute part time while finishing their masters. Kavi had gone for higher education to USA.

Khushi’s face fell realizing how much she missed out and how much she wished she could finish her bachelor degree and she could also be doing something she always wanted to do – Related to event management or food technology.

Karan was managing the Institute gaining management experience while doing his masters in Event Management. Kamya was doing her masters in arts and so was Kritika. Khushi felt bad again realizing even Payal would have loved to join masters in arts or specialize in her painting, sculpture hobbies. Her heart pained remembering her jiji always busy in the kitchen and housework trying to please Raizada family who was never going to be happy with her jiji or her!!

Khushi just wished she could do something different and not feel the pain from her current life!!

Khushi and Kritika hopped into an auto to get to the mall. Khushi promptly informed Anjali Di that she was visiting her parents and will come home late, she knew no one bothered or cared but she did not want another argument over such trivial matters.

Karan and Kamya were waiting in the food court and were wonderfully surprised to see Khushi with Kritika. They both jumped towards Khushi for a group hug. Lots of eyes were on the friends when they screamed in happiness after meeting each other. They got the table, their coffee and snacks and started discussing their personal lives and what they all did in last one+ year.

Kamya, Kritika and Karan were shocked yet happy to hear that Khushi and Payal were both married in best possible family of Raizada and especially Khushi being married to the greatest Arnav Singh Raizada… Still all 3Ks felt something was amiss looking at Khushi!! Khushi’s face looked marred with worries, her smile not reaching her eyes, her usual spunk and chirpiness was gone and she suddenly looked too mature or trying to act mature than her age and behaved way too serious.

They all enquired about Payal and their family and looked at each other while Khushi was still finishing her snacks!! They could easily guess even Payal’s life was not all that happy or blessed. Something was wrong maybe it’s their financial status gap, educational gap or culture / family lifestyle gap – Something was a big time miss…. Who had not heard Arnav Singh Raizada’s tall list of achievements in the business and fashion world yet it came along with lots of Page 3 stories of his affairs, arrogance etc.

What was more surprising was Khushi did not behave or look like Asia’s richest business man’s wife from any angle!! Not only she still wore similar dresses that she wore back in Lucknow, she did not have much money in her wallet or a standard cell phone… Her friends were super happy she still was down to earth person but something was definitely wrong… She still was completely Khushi Kumari Gupta with no positive glimpse of marrying the great Arnav Sign Raizada.

They did not dare ask her details about her marriage or Payal’s. Decided to leave it for some other time. But then Khushi suddenly dropped bomb and cemented their doubts when she requested Karan for a job part time or full time!! All Ks were always known for their very high self-respect but still Khushi looking for a job was beyond their common sense.

They all could easily guess how much Khushi wishes she and Payal could complete their education, earn the degree and do something in life!! Why was she so insecure or suddenly turned timid, they had no clue….. But did she not just now mention that hers was a love marriage and the great Arnav Sign Raizada married her twice and that they were recently married again!! Then how can Khushi be so lost??

Karan just took Khushi’s hand in his hands and promised her to help without asking any other questions. They all wanted to wait until she opens up and shares the details. But Karan suggested and asked her if she wanted to complete her graduation (her last semester and exam) by correspondence course and achieve her degree!!

Khushi could not believe what she heard from Karan’s mouth and third time today she was super excited!! In fact she felt happy after a long long time almost after a month since Sheetal had moved in their house…. She felt Devi Maiya has heard her prayers today – First she was happy with her bauji’s treatment and progress news, then meeting her K gang and now the biggest news of her being able to complete graduation. Just thought of studying further and completing her education and may be earn a master degree made Khushi so excited, her eyes sparkled and her friends could see glimpse of their old Khushi.

Suddenly a thought came in Khushi’s mind – Arnavji is so highly educated, worked so hard towards getting his degrees from the best university in the world, why he never suggested her for further education or asked if she wanted to study further? And there, the sadness in her eyes was back!!

They never realized it was already 9.00 pm and they decided to drop Khushi at RM which was very close from the mall. Again they stopped feeling surprised that Khushi insisted on going alone and that too in an auto.

Khushi was reluctant yet could not help take Kamya, Kriti and Karan to RM to meet Payal. Now a days she was not sure of anything when it comes to her family especially Arnav. As soon as she opened the door, she heard everyone in living room still talking about basketball game, how much they enjoyed the game and their dinner outside. As usual Sheetal and Aarav were the center of attention and her jiji was serving everyone water or tea…..

Khushi first time felt suffocated to return to RM and to her husband Arnav….. So Arnav never missed her after the game or does he even need her anymore!! Everyone by then felt their presence and turned around.

They could see Khushi returning back home with 3 other new faces. They could clearly see she knew them well from their expressions! They looked like her friends and they were not wrong! Khushi smiled and introduced her friends one by one…. All the three greeted and said hello but were looking for missing person. Just then Payal came out from the kitchen and was shocked to see Kamya, Karan and Kritika standing right in front of her eye!! Oh boy, how much she missed her old buddies…. Before she could think more, she was crushed in a group hug!!

Akash, Arnav and Raizada family were stunned was an understatement. Suddenly the Raizada living room was a chaos, loud screams, group hugs among long lost friends! Arnav and Akash felt out of place first time in RM. Mamiji just made face, muttered her patent “Hello Hi Bye Bye” and left…. Mamaji followed her. Naniji was happy to see Khushi and Payal smiling after a long time, blessed them all and left.

Sheetal was fuming mad looking at the current scenario and because the center of attention had moved away from her. She left with Aarav to her room. How can Anjali stay back when Aarav was going to bed? Left were Arnav and Akash. Common sense prevailed and they both decided to stay back and listen.

Arnav as usual started feeling jealous seeing Khushi so comfortable with her friends especially Karan. They were all still happily chit chatting when realized the presence of Akash and Arnav. Also they realized it was getting late. Karan side hugged Khushi and Payal and promised them to meet up next morning.

What is going on here? Yes, that was the first though in both Raizada brother’s mind!! 

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Enough Bashing Arnav & fly - Positive twists coming and hope you like it.
Oct 25, 2016

Chapter 3 Quick Glance (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 31 times)

Almost there with next chapter with a title - "Exposing Payal and Khushi by Ks" so keep guessing....... 

Really appreciate your feedback and votes..... It's my first time writing a story.....


Oct 25, 2016

Chapter 3 – Exposing Payal and Khushi by Ks (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 77 times)

Wow, 100 likes...... I am really happy..... Here you go with 3rd chapter and I am hopeful for more likes for this story..... 

Long update... Hope you all will enjoy!!

Chapter 3 – Exposing Payal and Khushi by Ks

Arnav was still in his own world of basketball though he felt bad not seeing Khushi after the game was done. But then his Di and Sheetal never let him think and dragged him home for lunch to further continue with the fun they were having... Di even showed him Khushi’s message that she was Lakshmi Nagar and will come later. He wonder why Khushi messaged Di but not him…. By the time he ponders over his thoughts, Aarav came with chess board and wanted to play chess. He attended couple of business calls with foreign delegates and instructed Aman over phone. He came down looking for Khushi when Di announced they were having dinner outside to celebrate their basketball game. Payal was trying to ask Arnav to call Khushi but Sheetal quickly distracted Arnav with their college talks and Aarav dragged him to the car. Of course his big ego also was stopping him to call her!! Payal felt odd and decided to talk to Khushi later. Payal had never liked the idea of Khushi inviting Sheetal to stay in RM and now Sheetal acting the lady of the house. Payal was always shy and timid between the sisters but she was taken aback when Khushi started giving up and Sheetal started getting more aggressive openly saying things to Khushi in front of Arnav.

Dinner was a quiet affair. Akash was sitting next to her but busy attending his mother. Payal missed her sister’s company. Aarav as usual ordered and ate whatever Arnav ordered. Sheetal was enjoying her moments with Arnav and Payal wondered if Arnav even missed Khushi.

The only good thing happened in her life after a long time was meeting her old friends. Even though Payal was 2 years older than 3Ks and they called her jiji, they always involved her in their chats, gossips, teasing and acted as besties.

Akash was curious to know why Payal’s friends wanted to meet her next day. Payal herself had no clue and she ignored his question saying no idea. These days Payal talked minimal with Akash and his mom to avoid any arguments. She was slowing losing faith and respect in Akash. Even after Arnav explained his sudden marriage to Khushi was forced by him, she could not completely forgive Akash and his mom for their behavior towards her and Khushi. It hurted her how Raizadas never apologized to them after knowing the truth.

Arnav was still his arrogant best and asked Khushi “Did you leave the game to meet up with your friends?” Khushi just looked at him shocked and said no. Arnav was curious to know about her friends, why Karan wanted to meet up the next day but his ego and her one word answer closed the chapter.

“Good night Arnavji” and Khushi slept. First time Arnav felt bad seeing Khushi sleeping. Who was he kidding, he had missed her during the day and dinner. He wanted to sit with her and chat. Somewhere he felt he was going away from Khushi and initially he decided to ignore her over DNA issue, he realized maybe he should talk and forgive her. Oh hell, why was she so adamant not accepting her mistake of doing DNA test? But he decided to let it go but maybe has to wait another day.

“Good morning rainbow and happiness!! Morning Payal and Khush” Karan’s loud voice moved everyone at the dining table. If they all heard correctly, Karan just called Payal rainbow. Akash was stumped at the thought of someone calling his plane Jane Payal a rainbow meaning full of colors and life!! Even Arnav hated and felt like choking Karan for calling Khushi Khush, but he was more surprised about Payal being colorful as a rainbow.

“Jiji, you take the toast and juice and I will bring poori sabji” Khushi said walking out of the kitchen. She gave a big smile to Karan who ran to help her out in keeping things at the dining table. Kritika was right behind.

“Your famous 540 calories diet Indian breakfast!!” Both Karan and Kritika shouted together and did hi-fi to each other. “Khushi and calories!! Does she know what that means?? Now Arnav was at the edge and about to collapse. Payal just smiled and nodded her head saying “You guessed it right!!”

“Hello Hi Bye Bye, Khushi do you even know what diet and calories mean?” spat came a question from Mamiji.

“What do you mean? Don’t you know Khushi’s specialty? She cooks every meal taking calories into consideration and makes sure to serve delicious yet well managed calorie food?” Kritika asked Mamiji back. Not only Mamiji but everyone including Arnav were shocked.

“Khushi may not be fluent in English and talking all those diet related words but she is the best when it comes to serving Indian delicacies combined with perfect portions, adequate proteins and vitamins. How do you think she manages to maintain perfect slim figure by eating so much food that she eats all the time? Hold on, did you think it was magic or god gifted?” Added Karan winking at Khushi.

Arnav Sign Raizada was shocked to death. There was a sudden silence at breakfast table and Payal broke the awkward situation by saying whatever Karan and Kritika mentioned was true. Karan forced Khushi to present what breakfast she was serving today. 

Even though hesitant at first, Khushi started “9 multigrain wheat pooris fried in fat free oil - 70 Cal / poori, mix vegetable - 80 Cal / bowl (most of low fat veggies), low fat yogurt - 40 Cal, moong papad with veggie pickle - 40 Cal, salad - sprouts, radish, lettuce and cucumber - 40 Cal, mix fruits - papaya & mango - 60 Cal and overall Protein - 30 gms. So with 4 pooris, and rest all servings it comes down to 540 calories. And you can safely call it a low fat, high energy and protein diet breakfast or brunch to start your day!!"

While Sheetal choked on her water, 3Ks, Payal, Anjali and naniji clapped on Khushi’s answer. Mamiji simply ignored Sheetal, ran and hugged Khushi and requested her to serve diet meals from today onwards. After all Mamiji wanted to be slim and trim like Khushi and if she was allowed to eat all the food, nothing like it!!

Arnav still mad at Karan for talking openly about his wife’s figure, could not help but admire Khushi’s hidden talent. It made him sad to find it out this way and he did not know it before. He always taunted her on her status and pea sized knowledge and brain. Oh god, what else he does not know about his wife? Or does he even know his wife? Question lingered in his mind.

“Come on Khush and Payal. Let’s get going and you both need to fill up forms also” Karan shouted.

“Khushi bitiya, all the best and hope you get admission to complete your degree.” Naniji said when Khushi bent and took her blessings.

Now Arnav was completely lost. But even before he ask anything, Payal questioned Karan “What? Why me? What forms am I filling?”

“I was wondering if you want to do Advance Painting and Sculptures class before you figure out what master degree you want to pursue Payal. You always wanted to do it, remember. So I just got all the details. Of course I run an education institute so things were handy” Karan spoke sheepishly.

Now it was Akash’s turn to get a heart attack. Did he just hear his wife being interested in painting and making sculptures?

“No way” refused Payal bluntly. Mamiji stopped on her way to her room and turned back.

“We knew it Payal. Come on, you always wanted this. Remember you always won the 10 minutes painting competitions and never let go your Uno numero position. What happened now? This one is going to be just 2.5 hours a day class that you can easily pull off. And just 3 months course Payal” said Kritika in one go.

All Raizadas were stunned with the second news Payal being so good with paintings.

“Arnav, let the friends spend time admiring each other. We have meeting to attend and work to do” spoke Sheetal sarcastically and mocked Khushi as well as Payal, while asking Arnav to start for office. Both Arnav and Akash did not like Sheetal’s tone for the first time.

“Sheetal, you carry on. If required, I will attend meeting from home.” Akash replied looking at Arnav and Sheetal fumed. Akash was anxious to know his wife’s talent and first time felt bad that he never looked at her beyond her day-to-day c****s.

“Sheetal, go attend the meeting and I will reach later” Even Arnav declared. Sheetal was cursing herself now. Not only she has to leave for work now but go by taxi since Arnav and Akash would need their own cars!!

“I may not be able to do it. If Khushi gets busy with her studies, I will have to take care of lot of things at home and it’s ok with me.” Payal still refused politely.

“You are so NOT escaping this Payal jiji!” Kamya walked in with canvas and painting tools in her hand. Payal guessed what was coming her way. Her famous 10 minute canvas painting session. Khushi ran and got her jiji her favorite white frock dress with pockets and handed over to her. Payal was more than embarrassed with all this going in front of her in-laws and naniji and was still refusing.

“Payal bitiya it is my request” naniji politely pushed Payal and blessed raising her hand. Payal quickly got into white knee length sleeveless dress and tied her brush and paint pocket belt to her tummy. By then Karan and Khushi mounted the canvas on the holder and kept things ready for Payal. They requested for a water painting.

Payal looked here and there. All the family members were seated and waited for her to start. She was still hesitating and but got into her trance. And then there was no turning back. Her hands and strokes moved like an expert on the canvas, she was moving back and forth, around the canvas thinking. Her face was so expressive, hard to imagine this is their pale Payal. She had this cute habit of putting paint on her hands or at times on her own cheeks or dress while thinking and engrossed in painting. She had created a beautiful paining of landscape with sunset in the background and presented it to naniji. Needless to say painting looked amazing and complete professional job!!

Everyone looked at Payal and they exactly knew why her friends called her rainbow. She was looking like rainbow with all colors on her face, hands and dress. Everyone gave her a double thumbs up and she ran to her room. Suddenly Akash felt the urge to run behind her and hug her tight and acknowledge her talent.

“Bhai, you go ahead and I will be joining you in the office later” Akash informed Arnav.

“Karan, make sure to run those painting courses and forms by me. Payal is 200% joining the courses and will pursue her master degree. Thanks so much. I owe you big time.” muttered Akash while running to their bedroom behind Payal. 

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Love your comments and votes - Requesting feedback as always!!
Oct 25, 2016

Chapter 4 - Can we start all over again? (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 85 times)

Love to see so many comments encouraging me.... My first time in writing and really appreciate your every comment. 

No Preview this time - I know I might be disappoing few of you who were expecting Payal and Khushi not to give in but this story has a little mature take. 

This story line is positive yet everyone is evolving in their relationship. 

This chapter is dedicated to Akash and Payal. Hope you all enjoy!!


Chapter 4 - Can we start all over again?

Even Mamiji was shocked with her son’s boldness and taking quick decisions for his wife. She felt immensely happy with Akash’s decision. First time she had seen real and happy Payal hiding inside her daughter-in-law who was always quiet, pale with sad face. She was feeling tremendous guilt on treating Payal so bad all these days. What was she doing really by taunting a girl who has joined family as a daughter and who is so simple, beautiful inside out and respectful towards elders? She realized Payal was such a talented soul yet never answered her back to her horrible taunts. Suddenly Mamiji had new found respect for her daughter-in-law and she decided in her mind to encourage Payal.

“And what was that?” Akash pulled Payal and she jerked, crushed into his chest.

“What?” she asked innocently.

“Why you never told me you were so good in painting, art and wanted to pursue it further?” Akash was now getting angry.

“You never asked my hobbies or choices.” came a spat reply from Payal.

Akash stood there thinking how their relation has never taken off to a normal understanding level. Right from the day 1, when Bhai and Khushiji suddenly walked in getting married secretly the same night of their marriage, both families were very upset and angry. His mom had started taunting Payal on everything. He could never even talk to Payal properly in middle of all this chaos. Then a series of mishaps hit the family – Arnav Bhai getting kidnapped, Shyam’s hideous truth, Di losing her baby and her depression. In all this, their relation was lost and never took off. As it is, it was almost an arrange marriage for them even though Akash loved Payal at first sight. They both being so shy, always dominated by family needs and surrounding situations, it all had taken a big toll on their relationship.

“Can we start all over again?” asked Akash coming out of his thoughts.

“What?” Payal was now confused.

“Look at me Payal, all I want to say is we both have been through too many things, misunderstandings, family issues and somewhere we lost each other. And we both are responsible for it. Or maybe it’s my fault mostly and I am really sorry from my heart. But can we start all over again and this time with all our hearts, sharing, caring, honesty, love and trust?” Akash was now holding Payal’s hand and playing with paint on her hands and cheeks. Tears rolled from her eyes and Payal just launched herself into his arms. Kept nodding her head, not caring all her paint was on his suite now.

They had already lost precious first year of their marriage in all the misunderstanding and chaos. Akash promised her to prove his love by his actions going forward. He would rather not waste time justifying his past behavior but would show her his real love and care.

How much ever Payal wanted to punish Akash for his cold and disrespectful behavior, she could not deny they lost their first year of their marriage owing to misunderstandings. She always asked herself, would things have been better if she had shared Shyam’s secret with Akash taking him into confidence? So she could not blame him alone. Trust was kind of never built between them.

“Akash, thank you so much for allowing me to study further. It means the world to me. And yes, let’s retry and redeem our marriage!” Payal genuinely thanked him. Payal decided to take the plunge and see how things go for them. She was also tired, exhausted and was ready to grab any positive change in their life…..

It was second chance for both of them to revive their marriage and they both happily grabbed it!

“Don’t say Thanks!! It is your right to do whatever you want, Payal. It is my mistake I did not know it else you would have already been enrolled but never too late. Oh gosh, I had a meeting to attend with Bhai and looks like I have to take a bath.” Akash said smirking, Payal looked at him and said “Sorry! I did not mean to do this. I was just too happy.”

“But you do deserve a punishment first for hiding your talent and now for messing my suite” with that Akash picked up Payal in his arms, before she understands what he meant and headed towards the bathroom to take a shower with her…. Payal was all red and hid her face in Akash’s chest……

Khushi lit the lamp in front of Devi maiya inside the temple in their house and thanked her from the bottom of her heart. She never thought this day would come and that too so early. She was ecstatic and over the moon when Akash announced Payal will pursue her education. She knew how much it meant for her jiji. She decided she will personally thank jijaji later.

Arnav thought he guessed it right!! Akash would be a NO show at work the way he ran behind Payal. First time Arnav found his brother happy and expressing feelings freely in his marriage without worrying about what will Mamiji say. To some extent, he was the one to blame for problems in his brother’s marriage. His sudden marriage to Khushi on the same day has created lot of problems for them and he was aware it. He had seen the tension between Payal and Akash, and had thought to discuss with Akash but was glad it might not be needed anymore!!

Arnav was surprised to see Akash walk into office by 1.00 pm. He was talking on phone and walked in Arnav’s cabin.

“Bhai, guess what? I was talking to Karan. He suggested courses for Payal in one of best Institutes in Delhi that happens to be closer to our house. I just now enrolled Payal for the first course. The timings are 4.00 – 6.30 so she can easily go and come back. I have asked driver Manoj to take her to the classes and bring her back every day. Payal would be so excited. I need to tell her.”

“Breath Akash and take a break!” suddenly Arnav had the urge to stop his brother and offered him water. His brother was acting like he was married yesterday.

“Bhai, I am heading home, need to inform Payal about her classes and go shopping with her. So you guessed it right. I am a NO show at work today.” Before Arnav could stop, Akash vanished and Arnav could not help but smile looking at romantic version of Akash.

Sheetal was re-planning her moves now that she could smell 3Ks can be a big trouble for her motives. She heard Akash was leaving and took opportunity to take Arnav out for lunch. “Let’s go Arnav, I am so hungry” Sheetal as usual walked in showing herself busy and banged into Arnav.

Arnav was lost in morning’s incidents, how Payal and Khushi turning out to be different talent all together. He felt annoyed with sudden hug.

“Not again Sheetal, can’t you watch and go?” Arnav was kind of convinced she purposely runs into him. Now a days he was getting annoyed with her behavior.

“Italian?” she asked ignoring his comment. Suddenly Arnav missed Khushi coming to his office and getting him home made hot lunch. He decided wrap up work as soon as possible and head home early for lunch.

“I just remembered I had an urgent call. Please leave.” Arnav could not be polite even though he tried hard. Sheetal was disappointed and she knew today morning’s circus was the reason but decided to let go and try harder next time.

Arnav reached home at 2 pm. There were no signs of Khushi being at home. He decided to finish couple of calls relaxing on his recliner and started working on his laptop.

Time went by and he came down for a cup of coffee at around 6 but still no signs of Khushi.

Payal informed him about Khushi going with 3Ks and doing part time job in Karan’s institute. Arnav was hopping mad now. 

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Oct 26, 2016

Chapter 5 – Thick Headed ASR (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 99 times)

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Chapter Name says it all - ASR is ASR, he cannot budge so easily so he is going to take some time to let go of his ego and turn around......

Smaller Updates but I can't believe I pulled off 5 chapters in 3 days since I started posting.... I will try and keep up this speed. But need your votes and comments!!

Chapter 5 – Thick Headed ASR

Payal made dinner for the family while Khushi walked in at round 7.30 pm. Payal and Akash bid good bye and headed out for their dinner date. Khushi just smiled and gave a double thumbs up to her jiju.

Dinner at home was a quiet affair, only Sheetal and Aarav were talking and trying to get attention from Arnav. But Arnav was in foul mood and Sheetal felt happy inside guessing he could be mad at Khushi. She just warned Aarav to stop bothering ASR indicating using her eyes.

Naniji enquired about Khushi’s admission and Khushi walked naniji to her room with animatedly explaining the day’s charade. Khushi wound up remaining c****s and headed to her room.

“What is this Khushi?” Arnav just pulled Khushi and almost shouted at her.

Arnav Sign Raizada was never good with words. As is he was already irritated that he waited from 2.00 pm for her and she returned home at 7.30 pm and was coming to their room now at 10.00 pm. Waiting for someone was never his thing and he was totally agitated. On top of it when he heard Khushi informing nani about her correspondence courses, he really felt left out. He was waiting for Khushi to pounce on her and get some answers.

“What?” Khushi asked.

“What what? How could you Khushi? How dare you not inform me or ask me about you further education?” Arnav asked annoyed.

“Arnavji, you never asked me whether I wanted to continue my education. Moreover you clearly told me not to bother you with trivial matters” Khushi replied.

Arnav remembered how Khushi used to call him frequently in his office and he used to love that. He used to look forward to her calls. But when Sheetal made fun of Khushi being typical wife and keeping tab on him, he simply shouted and messaged her not to disturb him at work for trivial things. He immediately regretted his behavior that day.

“Khushi, it’s not like that. But you should have talked to me” he said not hiding his disappointment.

“I asked naniji and she said yes. Why? Don’t you want me to continue my studies?” Now Khushi was confused.

“No Khushi. Nothing like that. I am happy for you.” Arnav was still sulking over her not discussing or sharing her wishes.

She could read his face easily and replied politely “Arnavji, you were very busy last month, always going to work early and coming late so I did not want to bother you with additional things. I was getting bored alone so thought of studying further.”

“Still Khushi, you should have talked to me” Arnav just couldn’t let go.

“Arnavji, many times when you go to business trips or some party, you never informed me. I got to know from Di or naniji. So I thought it should be OK with you too. Anyways I had informed naniji, she being the senior most in the family and took her permission before deciding” Khushi replied Arnav calmly and entered bathroom to change clothes.

Her reply hurted him the most.

Did he miss something? He realized he has lot of talking to do with Khushi. He sat on recliner waiting for her. Khushi walk passed Arnav, went out pool side and looked into the sky. The stars were shining. She looked at her two favorite bright stars (her amma, bauji) and gave them big smile as if she was conveying something important.

“Good night Arnavji” and she went to sleep on her side.

“Good night” Arnav pretended to sleep but the sleep was far away from him. He just did not know how to initiate talks with Khushi anymore and why she was going away from him. He decided, he had a lot to ponder over before he talks to her. 

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Oct 26, 2016

Chapter 6 – A Wake up Call (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 99 times)

Here you go.... Arnav is getting there slowly..... haha... Love all the comments... Please bring it on more and more....

Chapter 6 – A Wake up Call

Arnav came down for breakfast as usual. He could see lot of rush and running around the kitchen.

“Khushi has to go to Institute and she has taken the whole house on her head while getting ready. Nothing unusual though. She always does that” Payal explained him sheepishly.

“I know. She can be over hyper sometimes” Arnav tried to cover up as if he knew she was going to Institute to further enquire on courses.

Arnav did not like the fact that again he was not aware Khushi was going to Institute early morning to enquire for her courses.

“HPji, I have already made naniji’s favorite breakfast. Make sure to serve her after her Pooja. Also make sure she takes her medicines” Khushi ordered HP while walking out of the kitchen.

Arnav was shocked to see Khushi. She was wearing light blue tight jeans with a beautiful red embroidery top with short sleeves. She looked gorgeous was an understatement.

She also had a trendy bag in her hand and was wearing a trendy moderate heel sandals. She looked so refreshing and perfect college going girl.

“What?” Khushi asked Arnav after she realized he was checking her out. But Arnav fell short of complimenting her.

“Nothing, never seen you wearing jeans before” He casually mentioned.

“Kriti and Kamya helped her pick few clothes at the mall last week, doesn’t she look so amazing” Payal said.

“Khushi, what’s so special? You are looking so beautiful” Akash complimented her. Even Di agreed.

“Thank god Khushi, you listened and decided to wear the jeans for college and thank you naniji for allowing Khushi to wear her age clothes for college. Get going Khushi, else you will be late and here is your lunch” Payal commented and handed her lunch box.

Khushi quickly had her breakfast and headed towards the door.

“Wait Khushi,” Arnav barely made up his mind to call her but she was gone.

“All the time Sheetal keep asking him for the ride or never misses chance to go with him. Why can’t Khushi ask him once?” Arnav was angry in his mind.

“Why she has to ask you fool? She is your wife. You could have simply taken her with you and you could have got the chance to see what courses she is interested in and you could have guided her” His heart chided him. But he and his big fat ego could not just move from the dining table. How can he even run after her and take her with him?

Driver Mohan was ready waiting for her.

“Thank you Mohanji, pick me up at 4 pm” Khushi let the driver go.

Khushi was exhausted by 4 pm. Luckily she had carried lunch box since Payal forced her. So at least she could eat lunch but it was a busy day at the Institute and she has to learn so many processes for her part time job.

It was heavy traffic time and would take at least 45 minutes to get home. Khushi’s mind was already overworking thinking about house c****s and yet she never knew when she slept off in the car.

Suddenly there was jerk and she bumped her head on the front seat. A car behind theirs had dashed into their car and Khushi got up with pain in her head. It was a very minor accident and she got a small bump on her forehead.

Driver Mohan stopped the car and went out of the car and checked the vehicle. The Insurance numbers were exchanged. He took photos of both the cars and called Insurance Company to report the accident.

Khushi was holding her head and Mohan tried to call Arnav to inform him. But Arnav did not pick up his phone, maybe he was busy in a meeting.

Since it was just 5, 10 minutes they had started from the Institute and due to traffic, they had hardly moved so Khushi called Karan immediately and he reached within 5 minutes.

Karan took Khushi home with him while Mohan took the car to mechanic for repair.

Naniji prayed and thanked Devi Mayya that Khushi was OK and she just had slight headache. She asked her to take some rest. Anjali Di gave her tea and headache medicine and Khushi slept off.

Arnav saw missed call from his Di and called her back. He started for home and ran towards his car after hearing Khushi had an accident even though DI had said Khushi was ok.

He checked his calls, he could see couple of missed calls from Mohan but not a single call directly from Khushi. He was really worried for her now and getting worked up.

He got into his room running and saw Khushi sitting leaning on the headboard with a minor bump on her head. He was relieved to see her OK but then started getting angry realizing she did not bother to call him and inform.

“Why the hell you did not call me, Khushi?” He raised his voice.

“Arnavji, Mohanji tried to call you but you did not pick up the phone so we thought you might be busy in a meeting” Khushi whispered. She still had headache.

“Are you kidding me Khushi? You had an accident and what do you mean I might be busy? You could have left message with my PA, called Akash or tried my phone again and again until you reach me?” Arnav was still hopping mad.

“It was a very minor accident and we were very close to the Institute when accident happened, so Karan came just in time and got me home” Khushi replied trying to calm him down.  

“Are you purposely doing this Khushi? Are you trying to ignore me?” Arnav asked with no nonsense attitude. He was so done with all this tension going on between him and Khushi.

Today was the height. His wife was involved in an accident and he got to know about it last.

“No, Arnavji. First of all it was a very minor accident and no one is really hurt. I slept off due to headache medicine and in the meantime Di informed you” Khushi tried to explain.

Arnav did not know how to convince her now. He should be the first person to know anything and everything happens in her life.

He really did not want to discuss it further right now and stress her. He was more worried about her health but he realized it was high time he talk to her. He went close to her, pecked on her forehead and asked her to rest.

Just then Kritika, Karan and Kamya walked in. Payal brought Khushi some soup and Kritika took the responsibility of feeding her soup and then Kamya gave her nice head massage while Karan and Kritika entertained her with some silly jokes.

Khushi was enjoying the attention she was getting over such a small accident.

“Khushi, this is not the first time. You know why you do these things. Just to get our attention, we know it for sure. You are still the same old attention monger, Khushi” Kamya teased her.

“Oh Hello, I used to fall while riding cycle back then in Lucknow but this was car accident that too someone else hit our car. How is it my fault?” Khushi sulked.

“We just love to tease you but we love to pamper you more” Kritika hugged Khushi.

Arnav so much wanted to talk to her and get some privacy but felt left out. First time he still showed some patience and quietly listened to all of them.

“It’s late guys. Let Khushi have some rest” Arnav reminded them politely and gave Khushi her medicines. Ks had left. Khushi dozed off in few minutes.

Arnav knew she did not mean not to call him after today’s accident. Yet it hurted him so much not to receive call from her. Their talks yesterday and today’s accident had made him completely restless. He was desperate to talk to Khushi now.

He barely ate dinner sent by Di in his room. He just kept watching Khushi…….

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Oct 27, 2016

Chapter 7 – Soul Searching Night (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 111 times)

Loved all those comments.... I know some of you feel Khushi being harsh towards Arnav but some people need harder push before they realize things..... And Arnav has been such a thick head in this story..... 

But I am sure you will love Chapter 7 - Name says it all...... 

Chapter 7 – Soul Searching Night 

Sleep was far away from Arnav. Khushi slept immediately due to medicines, he could hear a small snore and he did not miss the cute smile on her face. After a long time, he was seeing her sleeping peacefully without crying or turning and twisting.

That made him think, was Khushi happy without him? Was he not the first person on her mind when she was in an accident? The thought almost killed his heart. He walked out poolside for some fresh air and started remembering the things happening last few days.

Last few days or may be almost more than a month, he was always busy at work or was surrounded by family, Aarav, Sheetal and never got his chance to relax with Khushi.  Or for that matter, due to Khushi’s insecure behavior and DNA fiasco, he was purposely ignoring her. Today just one day he came early, he had to wait for her for few hours and he was completely pissed off. And poor Khushi has been waiting for his glimpse for more than a month now. It felt awful remembering how he was purposely sitting with Aarav and Sheetal for late hours. She questioned him and begged him to spend time with her and he had mocked her!!

While driving back home today, he had talked to driver Mohan to get firsthand information on the accident. He knew Khushi had slept off in the car and got jerk when accident happened. Looking at her holding her head, obviously first call was made to Arnav. Then after 5 minutes, she took logical decision to call Karan since he was at the nearest distance. Di had told him how at home, everyone gathered around Khushi not letting her chance even to move or talk and forced her to lie down and rest. Dr. was also called and Dr. too suggested her to rest. Her friends coming and seeing her later in the evening was natural and expected. Still he felt ignored or left out.

And all these days he was ignoring her purposely!!

What the hell was wrong with him? He was hopping mad with Khushi’s friend Karan when he interacted with Khushi. He was so jealous when Karan side hugged Khushi while leaving though he also hugged Payal and he could see it was a pure friendly gesture. Still he felt like choking Karan for being so close to Khushi. But then he had called Khushi childish, insecure when she was seeing him day in and day out with his ex-girlfriend Sheetal. How could she not be insecure when Sheetal always talks about their college days, acts as his best friend and shows off that she knows Arnav better than his own wife? And not to forget her son acts, walks, talks and eats exactly like him!!

What is going on around him?? He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. All these days he ignored all the obvious signs and conveniently blamed Khushi!

He could easily connect the dots and realized Sheetal is never even looking for an apartment. She has been in their house for more than a month and given a chance she is showing no signs to move out. Suddenly he was shocked with this new revelation. He realized Sheetal was always joining them to work related parties by travelling with them stealing their privacy as a couple, she would always go and come back from office with him, Aarav and she would hog his evening time.

He had always been surrounded by too many women to not understand how Sheetal was all the time openly flirting with him, trying to be physically closer to him and trying to hog all his time in the name of work or Aarav. She did it many times in front of his family and especially Khushi. How the hell did he allow that? And how painful it must have been for Khushi?

He had seen Khushi’s face always pale these days, her smile not reaching her eyes and she was mostly quiet. Was he always this dumb? His Harvard brain was useless when it came to his relationships, he knew that but was he this blind too??

He recalled how Khushi had tried to talk to him indirectly, asked him questions and ended up asking if he ate jalebis with anyone else? He could not help but laugh. She was trying hard to make things work and he was being thick headed. He just hated himself that moment!!

He could have, would have and should have done so many things differently. He was older and supposedly more mature in their relationship. He could have simply asked Aman to look for an apartment for Sheetal and stopped Khushi from calling her to stay at RM. He could have spent more time with Khushi, been romantic and naughty with her like before and made her feel wanted and secure. After all she was the only one he ever loved!! He could have ensured her time and again that no old flings meant anything. Instead he chose to ignore her and was spending time with his ex-gf and her son in front of her!! He felt like slapping himself.

He looked at the sky. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He knew he has failed as her husband. She was never childish or doubting him. She was just any young 20 year old, newly married, trying to take care of his whimsical family, encourage her jiji, and help her to save her from Mamiji’s taunts. She was just trying everything, running everywhere and managing everything with a smile. She never missed out any responsibilities towards him or any family members. And what did he do in return? Ignore her!!

And to top it all, he realized he has been always keeping quiet whenever Sheetal or Aarav behaved rude with Khushi or Payal. He was angry at her for DNA test but then how could he allow someone else to hurt his Khushi? Again he felt miserable not being able to protect her.

He walked inside. Felt peaceful looking at her sleeping. Suddenly remembered, Payal mentioned Khushi working part time job. He could not ask her why she needed or wanted to do the job. Even if he asked her now, he knew she will not tell him the real reason. Was her bauji / family ok? Why did she need money suddenly or she just wanted to avoid seeing him spending time with Sheetal and Aarav?

He had no clue when and where things started slipping from his hands. Usual control freak Arnav Singh Raizada was in total mess when it came to his relationship with his own wife. No wonder she stopped trying. No wonder he was a complete snob, jerk and what not!

What would he do with her? He kept smiling looking at her and again tears rolled down from his eyes. Should he just feel lucky she did not leave him after his insensitive behavior, apologize her forever, kiss her senseless and knock her out of her senses with his love, what should he do? Buaji’s name for her – Titaliya was so perfect for her, he acknowledged. She spreads her wings and spreads colors of happiness in everyone’s life around her. He needed to love and protect his fragile Titali…..

He literally felt like going to kitchen and make jilebis just like Khushi and eat them!! What The?? He shook his head and smiled. What has she done to him? Right from the day one when she landed in his arms, his life was changed for good. It was time to cherish her.

And he clearly knew saying sorry or showering her with expensive gifts wouldn’t cut the deal for him this time! This was his Khushi, love of his life!

Arnav decided he needed to take control of too many things!! First priority his wife, then find out motive of Sheetal’s sudden visit. He apologized and kissed Khushi on her forehead and promised her he would work hard to mend their relationship while she was in deep sleep. He would always love and make her his utmost priority. He was devastated to acknowledge in his mind that he chose some other woman over his wife, his Khushi but then he was determined to fix his mistakes, be her partner, companion. He more than ever wanted to build his relationship with his wife. He wanted to know her in and out, wanted her to share her innermost feelings, and wanted her to run to him as she always did. Oh boy, he so much missed his Khushi.

Khush, he again felt sharp pain in his heart when he remembered Karan calling her Khush. His first thoughts when he had met her couple of times was she brought happiness in the surrounding. He so badly wanted to start calling her Khush but never did. He could never express himself well and now he had shunned her. He so badly wanted her to stop calling him Arnavji and just move on to Arnav. But he could wait for it now.

He just pulled her into him again kissed her forehead, held her hand and slept with new found resolution in his mind!! 

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Oct 28, 2016

Chapter 8 – ASR in Action (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 91 times)

I am so glad you all liking the story so far.... Now ASR will be charged up to fix things.... 

A small chapter today but almost ready with next chapter so hang in there.....

Chapter 8 – ASR in Action

“Aman, find out why Sheetal is here and all her activities. Do a complete background check on her since she graduated. I would like to know what she did in the past. Also find her a one bedroom apartment. You have 48 hours else you would be fired” ASR shot instructions to Aman in no nonsense attitude. He really needed to know fast and turn the tables.

Khushi was still sleeping so he decided go for his regular jogging. He needed energy for the day.

Khushi was downstairs preparing breakfast, his clothes, wallet and watch were kept aligned. She never missed taking care of him. He was again guilty!! He had wronged her enough! He decided to blow her away by his love and dedication now.

“Who will eat toast when my wife makes extra ordinary calorie conscious meals?” commented Arnav casually while trying south Indian breakfast made by Khushi. Everyone looked at Arnav if he was OK.

“But I do not like this, make something else for me” ordered Aarav trying to copy Arnav and wanting to eat whatever Arnav eats.

“Aarav, this is not how you talk to elders and if you need anything else, you can ask your mom to cook for you. Sheetal, its high time you take care of Aarav properly and teach him some manners” warned Arnav in no nonsense tone.

Sheetal was aghast and tried to cover up for Aarav. She knew things were not moving as she had expected and she needed to have patience. She warned Aarav with her eyes to eat whatever served in his plate.

Just then Akash and Payal walked in for breakfast. Everyone teased them about their dinner date and then night out at the farm house. Akash quickly ate breakfast and vanished towards his room while Payal rushed to kitchen.

“Let’s get going Arnav, Aarav is getting late for school” Sheetal demanded.

“Come on ASR, let’s go” Aarav too joined.

“Sheetal I am working from home today. So you can carry on. By the way make sure to reach on time for 9.00 am meeting. It’s important.” He didn’t care it was already 8.15 and she had to reach office after dropping Aarav to school.

Sheetal could recognize winds in RM were turning in different direction and she was not going to lose this time!! Or so she assumed!!

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