Kaala Teeka now joins the 'Trishul' brigade!

Oct 8, 2016

Kaala Teeka now joins the 'Trishul' brigade! (By Medsuper)

Indian daily soaps have shown different types of murders; some use guns, and some use knives. For some, bare hands are enough! But there is this one weapon which stands out and looks totally rad! This weapon is accompanied by a red saree and can give Poseidon a complex! We are talking about the holy Trishul! The Trishul is a weapon used by Goddess Durga and our TV bahus come for it whenever they want to get rid of someone evil. After making appearances on shows like Sasural Simar Ka, the Trishul will be seen on the show Kaala Teeka!

In the upcoming episodes of Kaala Teeka, Acharyaji gets hold of Kali and will decide to kill her off once and for all. Acharyaji has also sourced a revolver for a quick clean kill. Acharya is just about to kill Kali but Manjiri will come to her rescue! Manjiri got hold of a Trishul and is also wearing a red Saree. What a coincidence! Manjiri will take the Trishul and stab Acharyaji in the torso! 

This sequence will mark the end of Bhupinder Singh's track on the show Kaala Teeka.

Credit : Tellybuzz

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