Kaala Teeka 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Oct 4, 2016

Kaala Teeka 3rd October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

The chandelier falls on Kali. Yug, Nandu and Manjiri take her out. Gauri says if she survives, would Yug’s heart melt? Vishwa says she won’t survive.

Yug and everyone bring Kali to hospital. The nurse recognizes its the same girl who was is in coma. Manjiri says please save my Kali God. Nandu says I won’t let anything happen to my bride. Doctors treat Kali. Doctor says the blood has been wasted. There are pieces of glass everywhere. Nandu comes to temple and says I will keeping standing on one foot until my bride is okay.

Manjiri is taking care of Naina. Leela says see why she is crying. Save her mother God. Nandu has candles in both his hands and stands on one foot to pray for Kali.

Manjiri tries to take care of Naina but she is crying. Yug says let me try to handle her. Manjiri says you are really selfish Yug. You only care about your daughter. You worry that your daughter shouldn’t lose her mother. But you killed my Kali alive. Yug leaves. Doctor comes out. She says I have to talk to you Yug. She says you have to take care of your wife. This is the second time she has had an injury in her womenly organs. She has had a miscarriage before. She might not become a mother again. We will try this not to happen. You can meet her when she is conscious. Yug says in report it was written that Naina is my daughter. Vishwa overhears all this. He says on call, did do what I said?

Vishwa’s men come to Nandu and start beating him. They abduct him.

Manjiri comes to temple and says God protect my Kali. what I am going to do is for her better.

Gauri asks Yug what happened? Why are you so silent? Yug looks at Naina. He kisses her. Gauri says what are you doing? Yug gives Naina to Gauri. Gauri says why are you giving me Naina? Yug says I am giving Naina her right by giving her to her real mother. Gauri says what are you saying? Yug says this doctor was posted in Mirpur hospital. she told me Kali had a miscarriage there. Naina’s DNA matches mine so that means Naina is your and my daughter. Everyone is dazed.

Nandu is taken to metal center and given electric shocks there. He screams with pain.

Leela says if Naina is Gauri’s daughter then who is Sunaina? Gauri says I don’t know. Leela says you brought her as your daughter. Vishwa says why are you asking that from my daughter? Gauri says I consider Sunaina like my daughter. Leela says consider? Manjiri says she is right. She considers, but Sunaina is not her daughter. She brings in a woman and says this is the real mother of Sunaina. She gives her Sunaina. Leela says aren’t you the same woman who came home? Manjiri says this was all Gauri’s plan. Yug says tell me truth. If I get to know it from somewhere else, don’t expect anything from me. Gauri says Sunaina isn’t my daughter. Leela says oh God. Gauri says please listen to me. I did all this because I lost my baby and I was very depressed. No one cared about me. You were giving all your time to Naina. I am sorry. Raghu says to the woman forgive us if you can.

Gauri says please forgive me yug. Yug says go away from here. Gauri says manji ma please ask Yug. Manjiri slaps her. Manjiri says you have made motherhood ashamed. To have a baby you took someone else’ daughter? Gauri says yug please pardon me. Yug says go away from me. I hate you. Vishwa hugs Gauri. Leela says how Kali got Naina? Vishwa says there is no point in asking that. yug says why not. Vishwa says Kali tried to kill Gauri’s baby, she might have stolen Naina so she can use her to be in the house again. Manjiri says stop lying. Vishwa says now you will say I kidnapped her baby? Manjiri says yes thats the truth. First time you have said the truth among your lies. He kidnapped Naina. Because he had believed that Naina is his Kaal. And that baby can take his life. Vishwa says how dare you? He throttles her.. Yug saves Manjiri.

Precap-Kali is walking alone on the road all injured. A car hits her. She falls down, bleeding. 

Credit :  Atiba

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