Kaala Teeka 28th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 29, 2016

Kaala Teeka 28th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Manjiri asks Prohit what is kalantaran? Prohit says giving your trouble to someone else. Manjiri says its suhagan pooja today. Prohit says but why? Manjiri says my wedding locket broke.

Kali meets the pandit. Pandit ji says this boy saw Vishwa leaving the baby in river. Kali says will you tell that to everyone? He says yes, that sinner should be punished.

Manjiri and Vishwa are in pooja. Pandit ji says give this pot to Prohit ji, after pooja. Prohit says why me? I can’t take it. Vishwa says take it Prohit ji. Prohit says I can’t there is some game behind it. Leela says what are you saying? The candle sets Vishwa’s shirt on fire. He blows it. Leela says what is happening? Prohit says Kaal is doing all this with him.

Vishwa moves aside and calls someone

and says kill her if need be and if she gets any proof, kill that proof too.

Gauri says what are you saying Prohit ji? Prohit says I have not told whole thing. Prohit says Vishwa is throwing his kaal on me. He has been doing kalantaran on me. I won’t be his grand daughter’s kaal. Leela says what are you saying? Vishwa says he is mentally ill. Kali is in her way to house. She calls Manjiri and says I am coming.

Prohit says to vishwa you are moving your kaal on me. I served you all my life and this is how you are returning it? Prohit says what are you saying? Prohit says you sent me this as a trick of Kalantaran. Vishwa says I never sent you this. Why would I? Vishwa says someone is playing with us. Do as I say now. They come back to hall. Leela says what happened. Prohit says I lost my mind. Vishwa gave me my med. Kali reaches the house with two pundits. A truck comes and hits both pandits. Police comes there. Vishwa and rest of the family reaches too. Yug says why were you with them Kali? Kali says I was bringing proofs. Vishwa says she would say that. Gauri says she hates our family. Inspector says to Vishwa we will be looking for proofs.

Kali says I wanted to show you all but someone didn’t approve this try of mine. I didn’t know someone can stoop this low. gauri says you would bring anyone and we would believe what he says. whats the proof that you didn’t shove them under truck so you can point finger at us? Kali says don’t cross the limits. I can’t kill anyone. They were coming to tell truth and this happened. Kali sobs and cries. Manjiri takes her home.

Vishwa says to Manjiri what is hidden? You want me to go away from you right? What Kali is saying is that right? Manjiri says yes. I regret the time I married you. I always thought you were doing this because of your daughter’s love but what you did with Naina, that baby. I feel ashamed to be called your wife. I must have done a sin that I became your wife. Vishwa says I am glad you got to know me that good. You should know that I can do anything for my family. Manjiri says if anything happens to Kali and Naina I will also learn how to cross limits.

Raghu and Leela come home and see blood all over the floor. Leela shouts blood.. Everyone comes. They follow it, Manjiri says Kali is nowhere. Yug says so isn’t Naina. They look for Kali and Naina everywhere in the house. Vishwa comes and asks what is wrong? Sharmila says look at this blood, Kali’s home room is full of blood. Manjiri throttles Vishwa and says where is Kali? Where is my daughter. Gauri tries to stop her. Manjiri says stay away Gauri. Manjiri picks a trishun and says if anything happens to my daughters I will become a widow myself.

Precap-Police asks Yug to open the back of car because they see a cloth hanging out of it. When they open it, everyone is dazed. .

Credit :Atiba

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