Kaala Teeka 27th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 28, 2016

Kaala Teeka 27th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Kali is fainted inside the car. Nandu tries to wake her up by hitting the window.

Kali opens her eyes, she comes out of the car. Nandu says what are you looking for? She says badky papa. Nandu says take the baby out. That man is devil. Kali takes out Naina. Vishwa hits Nandu and says you attacked me. Kali says leave him. Vishwa shoves her. Kali’s head hits the car. Vishwa throttles Nandu. He sees the everyone is coming. Vishwa says hit me if you can. Nandu hits Vishwa. Everyone arrives. Yug controls Nandu. Nandu says he is evil he will kill all of us. He is a murderer. Leela slaps Nandu.

At home, Vishwa says get him arrested. He tried killing me with help of Kali. You know how all this happened? Kali mixed something in the Tulsi das. You all drank it and fainted.

Thank God, I drank a little. So I gained consciousness. When I woke up I saw Kali trying to kill Sunaina with this Nandu. He hit my head with a rod, Kali says enough. How much will you lie? Nandu says he is a liar. He will go to hell. i will tell you what it is. He was shoving my bride and her baby. He shoved me from the cliff. I hung with a stem. Gauri says and you came back up? This is all filmy dialogues. One thing is clear, there is some connection between you two. That day you came to take Kali with you and I also know that Kali knows you too. He came here to take Naina and Kali with him. Manjiri says shut up Gauri. Kali has no soft spot for Nandu. She did that for humanity. Gauri says wait I have a proof, there see papa. Vishwa says oh my God. She shows Kali’s video to everyone. Kali was applying medicine on Nandu’s wounds. Kali slaps Gauri and says how low will you stoop? You know this is a lie, Gauri says you dared slapping me? There was a time when you had no worth. I will answer this slap for sure. And about this video I showed what you were doing. And you are no one to decide right or wrong. The audience will decide. Manjiri says no one can point a finger at Kali’s character. Leela says we saw in the video what’s cooking between you two. yug says the trust was broken long time ago and the humanity left for you is also over. But unfortunately you are my child’s baby. I give you three days to prove your innocence. If you can’t then.. Kali says then I will go to jail. I won’t only prove my innocence but will show who the real culprit is and then he will have to go jail. Yug says okay. Kali says Nandu go to your home. Nandu says I can’t leave you with this evil. Kali says you have helped me and I am grateful but I have to fight this battle alone now. Your mom must be waiting for you. Nandu says okay I will go but if anyone tries to harm my bride I will come back and won’t leave you all.

Prohit says take him. They take Nandu. leela says you should Vishwa. Take care of the kids.

Manjiri says to Kali thank God Naina is okay. In Naina’s form Kana ji is with you. Manjiri says Vishwa thinks Naina is his kaal and this Naiana will expose him now.

Kali says I will give Naina to her real mother and leave this house forever but before that I have to expose Vishwa.

Vishwa says I accept your challenge Kali. Just for three days, after that who will save you. He ties a protection thread but it tears.

Manjrii comes to room and says what broke? Why are you worried? He says your trust. Vishwa says you trust Kali more than your husband. Manjiri says yes I trust Kali but I am your wife. Kali can’t take your place. Manjiri says since a few days I feel agitated, and feared. He says why? Manjri says nothing. vishwa says its my responsibility to shove away your fears. Manjiri says fear of losing you. vishwa says means? Manjiri says my mangalsutra broke. But I have decided I will fast every week for you.

manjiri says to Kali that he is feared. Kali says I don’t think he is doing this alone prohit is helping her. Manjiri says you are right. we just have to scared Prohit. Manjiri says we will do this during pooja. Kali says how? Manjri says just tilt the finger a little. Kali says while I will gather proofs.

Precap-Manjiri says to Prohit you know what kalantran is? He says why are you asking me that? Manjiri says Vishwa was studying about it. Pandit ji tells Kali that this man saw Vishwa shoving the baby in river. Kali says will you tell this to everyone? The man says yes.

Credit : Atiba

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