Kaala Teeka 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 24, 2016

Kaala Teeka 23rd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Vishwa says to Gauri this is not your baby? Gauri says there is no such thing. Vishwa says I had DNA she isn’t Yug’s baby. Gauri says if that’s true then Sunaina is not my daughter, she is crying. Gauri says I plotted this story because of Kali. She took Yug from me using Naina. Vishwa says I can understand. Kali bothers me too. Gauri says find me my baby. Vishwa says I have found her I mean I will soon.

At night, Vishwa comes to Kali’s room and picks Naina from her cradle. Vishwa sneaks out he says I should all Prohit. But I forgot my phone inside I can’t go upstairs. He sneaks out. Prohit calls Vishwa and says where is he? Let me check in his room.

Prohit comes to room and sees a baby with Yug in cradle. He says I think this is Naina. Vishwa couldn’t pick her up. He picks Sunaina too and sneaks out.

Kali sees Vishwa’s phone and reads texts of Prohit on it. I have stolen the baby. I am taking he to railway. I will kill her there. Kali says Naina’s life is in danger. Kali rush out and takes an auto.

Vishwa comes there with Naina. Prohit comes there with Sunaina and says here is your kaal. Vishwa says I have Naina already. This is Sunaina. Prohit says you were not calling. Yug was there how can she be sunaina. Vishwa says let’s kill both of them. They hear a horn. Vishwa says we don’t have time. Let’s tie them on the track. Kali comes running to the station. Kali sees naina. She screams and runs towards the track to save her. Vishwa hits Kali from behind with a rod and Kali faints. The train is coming.Kali Naina and sunaina are on the track. Prohit says we should leave now. They leave. Kali opens the eyes and screams to stop the train. Kali screams Naina..Scene 2

Leela says both babies are missing. Gauri says I want my baby back. Vishwa says Kali is missing as well. Vishwa says Manjiri call Kali. Manjiri says her phone is home.Gauri says I know this is all because of Kali. My baby is missing. Vishwa says to prohit I killed my kaal and Kali in same time.

Kali comes in with the babies. Prohit says Vishwa look there. Vishwa and Prohit are dazed. Manjiri says what happened? Kali says nothing. Gauri says give me my baby back.

Yug says where were you? Kali says Naina was crying so I took her out. Sunaina was crying too so I took her too. Gauri says if you touch my baby again I will kill you, leela says you have no right. Yug says her intention wasn’t wrong.

Kali tells Manjiri everything. Manjiri says thank God, you and kids are safe. Kali says I still feel scared. Manjiri hugs Kali. Kali says could you see them? Kali says I tried so much but I could. Chulbuli comes and says have your breakfast.

Prohit says to Vishwa don’t be so mad. What would anger do.

Precap-Vishwa says to I have been doing everything from behind the curtain but I will hunt in my jungle. He tells Prohit the plan and says make sure there is no mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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