Kaala Teeka 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 23, 2016

Kaala Teeka 22nd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Nandu throws a stone at Vishwa. Vishwa says how are you. Hit him. Vishwa’s men hit Nandu. Kali says I have to save him. Kali runs towards nandu and says don’t hit him. He is mentally unstable let him go. Yug he saved you and Naina. Gauri says you saw Kali’s love for her mad husband? Nandu says I am not mad. Gauri says you are mad. you hit my dad. Hit him more. Kali says no don’t hit him. A stone hits Kali’s head. Yug says Kali.. Gauri stops him. Nandu stops Kali’s bleeding with a piece of cloth. Kali looks at him in tears. Nandu says ama said keep it pressed it won’t bleed. You hit my bride. He hits the men with stone, it his Manjiri instead. Manjiri’s forehead starts bleeding. Kali screams Mannji maa.. Manjiri falls and Naina’s

head hits the wall as well. Naina faints.

They bring Naina to hospital. Kali says let me go inside. Yug says nothing will happen to her don’t worry. Nandu comes there Nandu says I am sorry. Leela says we will take you to police. Yug says it was not his mistake he was trying to save Kali. Doctor comes out. Raghu asks how isd Naina? He says we can’t say anything as yet.

Vishwa’s is getting his wound dressed. Doctor asks nurse to take his blood sample.

Kali is praying for Naina. Kali says I am here just to tell you no one can take my Naina from me not even you. You gave her to me and she gave me a hope to live. I was really happy once again. Naina is my reason to live. No one can take her from me. I am here with a wish. I won’t go unless my Naina is okay. I will keep ringing this bell. She keeps ringing the bell.

Nandu comes to temple and sees a man hitting himself. He asks what are you doing? He says this is a way to repent. Nandu hits himself with a belt. Kali keeps ringing the bell. Naina gains consciousness.

Doctor says to Vishwa your and your granddaughter’s blood group is same. She is your daughter’s daughter after all. VIshwa says how is that possible? A- is Gauri’s blood group. Kali can solve this.

manjiri comes and stops Kali. She says God listened to you. Your motherhood took your daughter out of danger. Kali says thank you ram ji. Pandit ji gives her parsad. He says you are the same who saved that baby from the river. Vishwa overhears this. Pandit ji says I asked you to bring her up. You are more than a real mother. Your are a devi ma. Who does this for not their own daughter? Vishwa says this means that is Gauri’s daughter not Kali’s. My Kaal is in Kali’s hands.

Scene 2

Prohit says Vishwa what happened why you called me so late? Vishwa says Naina is yug’s daughter. Prohit says everyone knows that. Vishwa says Naina is Yug and Gauri’s daughter. Prohit says are you in your senses? How can you say that? Vishwa says I am sure about it. I heard this from the pandit. Kali saved my Kaal. This Kali had ruined my life. Prohit says I told you kill her but you didn’t listen. You left her alive and made it more difficult. Vishwa says I will solve this in a second. I will kill my Kaal.

Manjiri asks Kali on call are you outside, take auto from the street. I am here. If someone asks I will say you are ill. Gauri is peeking in. She says where is this Kali going? I have to follow her.

Scene 3

Ama says to Nandu why you did all this? Nandu says because of me bride’s daughter got hit. Amma says let me dress your wound. You hit yourself. You were hitting yourself and praying for the baby. Nandu says I had to repent. Kali comes in. Nandu asks amma not to tell her. Kali says I heard everything. You did all this for my daughter.. Kali says Naina is fine. She is out of danger. Thank you so much. Nandu says not mention. Ama says in heart I know you have no relation with her but he becomes so good when you are around. Nandu says you should thank God.

Gauri says where is this Kali? Why has she come here. She looks around.

Kali says let amma dress your wound. Ama says I will apply medicine gently. Nandu says bride will apply the med. Kali says I can’t.. Nandu says only she should. Ama says to Kali help me a little. Kali takes the medicine and applies it on his back. Kali says you are stubborn like a kid. He says I won’t. Amma says in heart what is their relation. He listens to you always. Gauri peeks in and sees Kali applying medicine. Gauri says so Kali came here to meet him. He lives here. No wonder why he was calling her his wife and she was saving him. She clicks photos. Gauri says trump card is in my hands and I will use it on right time right place.

Precap-Vishwa comes in Kali’s room and picks Naina.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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