Kaala Teeka 21st September 2016 Written Update

Sep 22, 2016

Kaala Teeka 21st September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Vishwa mixes something in the milk. The pooja is on going. Leela says we will give bath to Gauri’s daughter from milk. Suddenly the fire blows. Pandit says we can’t do this pooja anymore. Kali says by mistake Naina’s foot kicked the water pot. Gauri says can’t you handle a baby? Yug says this is not Kali’s mistake. Leela says find a way out. Pandit says the grand father will take the bath from milk first. Vishwa says what are you saying? I never heard anything like this before. Leela says why are you saying no.. Gauri says papa do it what’s the problem. Vishwa says I will but let me talk to Prohit ji first.

Manjiri says look Naina’s smiling.

Nandu is dancing in the baraat. Nandu comes outside Chaudhary house and says whoever dances

more, Nandu’s bride will give him most candies.

Pandit says are you ready Vishwa? Vishwa says I have to check whether the milk is cold. Leelaa says this is babies why would it be cold.. Vishwa says in heart this is the end. They are about to bathe Vishwa. Manjiri comes and throws the bowl away. She says no. The milk spils on the floor. Leela says what is this? Don’t you feel ashamed doing this? Manjiri says ma ji look at the carpet. Manjiri says the carpet it burnt. That means there was something mixed in the milk. Yug says this means someone wants to kill Naina and Gauri’s baby. Pandit says Vishwa you are so lucky you have a wife like this.

They hear the baraat.

Everyone comes out Nandu says I have come with all band baja. Come with me now my bride. Vishwa says in heart yeah take her. Yug says what are you saying. Nandu says you are the same guy who was stuck between tree. Yug says there is no bride of you here. Nandu says bride tell him I married you. Yug says stop calling her your bride. Gauri says calm down Yug maybe he is right. Nandu says go ask my mom. She is my bride.

Yug is beating Nandu. Manjiri says leave him Yug. He is not mentally stable. Gauri says Manji maa he is stable. If he is saying Kali is his wife something must have happened. Chulbuli says who am I? Nandy says how would I know. Chulbuli says he doesn’t sound mental. Leelaa says to vishwa come downstairs. Why are you looking from balcony. Nandu says he is the one.. Badky papa.. He is responsible for everything. Vishwa says he is mental. Kick him out. He calls the guards. Nandu says I am not mad. They are dragging Nandu out. Manjrii says Kali you can’t stop them. If you support Nandu it will be bad. Let nandu go from here. Kali says he saved my naina so many times. He was beaten up last time too. I have to fight for him and save him. Gauri wonders what Kali and Manjiri are talking about. Nandu throws a stone at Vishwa and it his head. Manjiri runs to him.

Precap-Naina is in hospital. Vishwa’s blood group matches with her. Doctor says it had to. She is your granddaughter after all. Vishwa says this means that kali’s baby is the one I shoved in the river. She is my kaal and Gauri’s real child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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