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Mar 28, 2012

ISHAQ,JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 17 times)

Okay guys, Its my very very first time in my life, I never even write a diary but inspired with so many tenanted writers here; I got this urge to write this story. Please, don't mad if you don't like it welcome to criticize.

It's totally different story and I also placed it in different country. IT IS ABOUT ARSHI, so keep reading it. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. If don't you like it tell me please and I'll stop it right away.

Thank you in advance.



A black BMW arrived at the door of a four story building says"GUPTA PROPERTIES."

This Property office is based in Thailand for last thirty years. This family has been here in for more than thirty years and very successful business family in HuaHin.

A usual good morning from the door man brings out the usual smile on Diya's pretty face.

"Good morning to you too joe." Diya replied, smiling and handing him the car keys as she got out of the car.


"Tell Tessa I said hello,"she added,referring to his wife. Diya was on familiar terms with many of the office employees; they were like family to her now,and this office was as much a home to her as the mansion or apartment of her own for last three years.

She hurried to the elevator looking at her wrist watch and smiled remembering about her best friend that how much he would be angry with her.

"Mr. Gupta, as I told you before that all the paper work has done and as soon as our Clint will be here; we'll final the deal. Is Diya bitya coming today sir?"

The gentleman asked the old man in his mid fifties and in wheel chair.

With gentle face intelligent eyes looked at the lawyer and another younger persons around the table and nodded. He was thinking something.

"Ah, she must be sleeping all we know and you are so sure that she is coming or may be she is downstairs socializing with every person and more over asking about the families of all employees. You are not even calling her or letting me call her." Akshay was clearly very annoyed, knowing her hobbits, while he is up early and already in the office and has to wait for Diya and not liking it at all when he has to go to meet someone.

And how much I wish that you would be a bit like my Diya bitya; I would call myself lucky."

Gupta ji sighed and smiled at the young gentleman pacing the room.

"Sit down Akshay baita, you are ruining my rug." Gupta ji joked again and Akshay stopped and turn when Door opened and a girl entered in the room.

" Namastay,Sorry, I got stuck in traffic, she smiled and apologized."

Akshay stepped forward and took the files from her hand and gave her the sweetest smile, oh really well you should've called me and I would have blocked all the traffic as Mahrani Diya Gupta Ppidharnay wali hain.

She smiled while hugging the man on the wheel chair and winked."seems like someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today.

"Okay, both of you don't start now."

"How are you singha uncle?"Diya asked the elderly person.

"I am fine how are you Diya bitya, long time no see. Where are you busy your aunty was asking about you too."

"Say Namastay to her too, I'll come visit her soon."

"Okay, okay mother India, sit." Akshay dragged her to beside him on the sofa and she glared him.

"You are so rude, don't even know how to handle the ladies, Idiot."

Sigha ji I think we should start before they will go out of control.

Gupta ji is the head of the family and living in Thailand for thirty years. After the death of his wife they moved to Thailand. He is the owner on of many hotels here and also have the property business for selling and buying and then sell them on profits.

Gupta sahib has two sons, Older one is Rajeeve Gupta and younger is Akshay Gupta.Rajeeve has his own business in Newyork and Akshay is helping Gupta ji here in Thailand. Rajeeve is already married to an american girl and happy.

Diya is adopted daughter, they say it adopted but the real story;there is more.

But she was the life of them. Both, Gupta ji and Akshay; he was the best friend one could have ever asked for and brother she never had.But they prefer to stay more like friends.

Diya was really excited about the project which she is about to start.

Will you park my car for me? I had a lot to carry this morning and didn't want to have to bring it all the way garage."

"Certainly, Miss Diya."


Apr 4, 2012

ISHAQ, JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 16 times)

DEAR FRIENDS, I just have to say that keep reading. I hope you like it. Don't forget to comment.


Aksahy and I were working on this property near the sea view we determined to sell.The dealer who wants to buy this has agreed to draw up a contract.

Mr, Gupta informed Diya and Mr.Singha about the new deal they are bout to make in few days,regardless that they didn't want to sell this property, but Diya had argued and urged and ultimately persuaded her babajan to sell this place of course with the help Akshay.

She herself had done all the work and all the details which were the requirement of the buyer, because the dealer apparently is very demanding and wants every thing perfect. She had spent more than a month looking for suitable site on which this company not only wants to built the hotel but the place where they can have have the fashion shows.

She'd finally located an absolutely ideal spot.

She was even more happier that the dealer is giving a very good Price indeed and he didn't even negotiate about it and just inform them that he wants to see the place for himself in two days.

"Just keep them inside ,even my jaw is start hurting just seeing your sooooo wide smile." Akshay elbowed her.

She frowned and he smiled.

"Now all the paper work has done and we'll be meeting Mr. Aakash in two days. So, be ready with your presentation Diya."

Guptaji said while looking at Mr,Singha for approval, he nodded.

"Aakash, no there are many Aakash, why I am.........

"Are you okay Diya?"

Akshay asked worriedly, looking at her face whose smile has gone. "yeah, yeah I am alright, she smiled again looking at everyone.

She glanced at her watch and stood up, "Don't worry babajan, I'll be ready, see you in the evening and don't forget to take your medicine on time."

"Uncle are you going to stay for a while?" she asked the lawyer, which were family friends and lawyer for a long time and Guptji's best friends.

"Yes I'll stay, we've a chess game to finish." yeah he wanted to loose this game since last time. Babajan smiled at her. She smiled back as Singha ji as well not going to take it easy and strike back.

Akshay and Diya smiled at two friends and get up to leave.

"Okay if you two managed to not kill each other in this game, then we'll see you at home."

Akshay Said the elderly people in the room and open the door.

"Come on girl, you are waisting too much time," he almost drag her out while she was ordering her babajan about the medicine and not fighting.

Arnav singh Raizada's limousine barged through HuaHin afternoon traffic, making its way toward the resort by the beach. Usually Arnav prefer to drive himself, but since the accident last year. On his Di's demand this body guard and his personal driver has to go everywhere with him.

Mohan is also very loyal to him. H e also saved Arnav's life last year in the accident, when Arnav was driving very fast and lot control on breaks and his car crashed in a tree, engine caught fire. Mohan, dragged and brought him in time to the hospital. Since then he was with him.

He was better suited to the job of a bodyguard then a chauffeur; he look like a wrestler.

He glanced up from the report he was reading just as their car has entered the beautiful resort.

'welcome to HUAHIN sir." said the receptionist cheerfully.

She doesn't like parties anymore, especially parties like these, boring people with fake smiles, but you can't find everything according to your choice. She has learned this lesson when she was very young.

But she like this place, resort friendly people, they are familiar faces some of them she knew fairly well, others not as well. When she walked to the hall way she nodded and smiled automatically at the people she knew.

"See this is not that hard." AK smiled at her while looking around and also greeting people.

Clearly, people admiring them both, AK was twenty nine years old handsome man tall, broad shoulder and quite good looking.

Diya was twenty three years old young girl. Long black hair With big Brown eyes. AK, always tells her that he likes her eye very much, he always match them with ocean, he said her eyes are seem always little wet, like you'll start cry jut anytime. He teased her sometimes that don't stare anyone too long they might just sink into your eyes and i've to jump after them to beat them up. He was very protective of her and thats why boys always keep distance off her.

When he had met her first time, she was crying and later on when she was a little comfortable around him he told her that she has the most amazing eyes. At that time he didn't knew that she is capable of joking and find it very pleasant.

"Actually,I am terribly nearsighted," she told him with a smile."I've been known to walk into walls, It's pitiful to watch." Oh so you are funny too, I thought you just mastered in crying."He chuckled and teased her.

She was Very Indian, even living here out of india; her heart is still pure Indian. She does wear European clothes but in parties she always wear her traditional clothes, like sarees and lehnga's and even now she was looking beautiful in black saree.

She can sense when people turn around and whisper to the other. "you know I've a charm in me who ever come with me; start looking beautiful."

She couldn't control her laugh, "yeah right, keep dreaming."

" you are just jealous,lets have drink," he offered her his arm, She smiled and close her arm through his elbow they walk together towards the bar unaware of the a pair of piercing eyes following them.


Apr 4, 2012

ISHAQ,JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 14 times)

Part 3

It was Aakash's project and he was suppose to here to close the deal for the new property they are about to buy. It was all his idea to built a hotel in Thailand.

He was the one looking for the new project and came up with this idea, which was not bad. According to the graph and seeing the demand of this country and thousands of tourists just from India visit This country every year. Not only for vocation, but to have their weddings, they bring whole khandan here in resorts.

So, he was here last week and already have seen the place and he was to come to final the deal and also Arnav wanted him to do it and Arnav wanted to have him in the ownership of this place.

But, because of Aakash's wife, Payal pregnancy was little complicated, she had to go to emergency and of course it is necessary Aakash to accompany her and now Arnav was here to final the deal.

He was told that Location was ideal for just not only for the hotel but for fashion shows as well. He was still in charge of fashion line.

He was in states and Europe before, But never here,in Asia. so far he likes the place and as a businessman, he judged it that Aakash's idea will work more than hundred percent.

Fashion industry here was not behind from Europe and the number of foreigners here is very good, so all in all good signs and he was very satisfied with every thing.

He was sitting in the dinning hall of the resort, where he is staying and was attending the dinner with the company who will build the hotel.

He was looking around,

The glass slips from his grasp as his eyes fall on her. There was a distant crash; he also can feel the broken shards flying everywhere. Just like his heart, it is shattered.

She was rigth there, few steps away. His heart was racing fast,but everything is still and silent. Everything, He was about to call her when a young handsome man stood beside her and put his hands around her shoulders ; introducing her to someone.But the thing he noticed and got shocked was that when she turned around; there was no sandoor in her forehead and there was no mangalsutar in her neck.

He was frozen but inside anger and hatred surges through him. The blood pounds through his veins and his heart was hammering against his chest. How could she? After all these years, have I been nothing? Just a vague memory lost in her own little world? While I searched and pondered everywhere to find her, a sign, a scent. But no, I am nothing. As she flashes that dazzling smile of her that always made him melt.He felt the urge to shake her so hard, but right now it was too much for him.

Someone was squeezing his heart, the pain was unbearable.

He decided to leave but then he glares at her

"what the think I'll leave you alone in peace, I'll tell you, your place you....."

His partner noticed his staring " oh that is the Mr. Gupta's daughter, the land you are going to buy is their. It's quite famous family and she is their daughter miss Diya."

'What....?" How? I mean" he was confused and asked again"What is her name you said?" He couldn't understand whats going on and just keep staring at her mouth open.

"Quite pretty I know, her name is Diya Gupta" His partner said smiling.

"I see GUPTA."

Arnav said and sit back thinking and still looking at her.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta and Diya Gupta...."

"Very clever."

Apr 18, 2012

ISHQ, JUNOON, DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 19 times)

Hello every one i am here again with part 4 of ishq ,junoon,dewangi.

I was some some project, you know things are going on but I wish I have more time to update more frequently. But so far what I have done is here. I hope you like it. Don't forget to comment, they means a LOT to me.

Thank you.

Part 4

"So She is Khushi, not Diya Gupta, but Khshi kumari Gupta......Singh Raizada" She may not agree but her reaction on his introduction was enough for him to find out that she IS khushi.

He kept staring at the girl who have been his wife, THE girl he have been fallen love with. In the years he had last seen her,her figure had ripened, she was sophisticated the way she moves, the way she was dressed, the confidence and surprisingly she was fluently speaking English.

"Khushi"...It was a natural reaction that he called her name,but stopped in the middle of his track towards her as some one called her with a different name,"Diya."

Arnav's shock didn't vanish but he controlled himself as his partner asked if everything is okay.

He just stared at her with open mouth that when he was so worried about her, she is all dressed up and seems happy here in her new world, not thinking about any of them, not even her own family. he couldn't hold the tip of the matters and was angry with her the way she left him . How could she........but he can't help also thinking that he had done the worst thing with her and ashamed that he is still thinking that she should stay.But he was Arnav Singh Raizada and never show his regret,but he was amazed to find out that his heart could not entirely harden against her.

He manage to finish his drink and nod at what ever his partner saying and he continued to study the lush beauty on the staircase with confusion as how she become Diya and about this family she was so into it and sharing their family name, how she is in Thailand and so many other questions. He was so confused that first he thought that she might be her lost twin and then he decided to conform that she is Khushi or Diya?

Khushi was coming from the staircase when she stopped to talk to someone. Arnav's partner stood beside him,"Beautiful, isn't she?" his partner nudged him and he was surprised with himself that he didn't like it and he glare at him.

"Let me introduce you to miss Diya Gupta." He was hesitant thinking about what happened three years before. What would be her reaction, how he'll face her but then he took a deep breath and nod and look at her again.

She stood there listening to the couple, who were talking to her. There was gentleness about her that he had not forgotten. She had always gotten along with people of every age. She has the same smile, same eyes and he prayed that she would be his Khushi And despise himself, his heart softened more.

Khushi was looking for AK, who left her here as she was talking to this old friend couple and went to bring the drinks when someone called her name.

She smiled as she recognize Matt's voice, people knows her very well. He thought.

She was already smiling when she turn and heard the name of the person who matt was about to introduce to her.

"This is my friend and business partner Arnav Singh Raizada from India."

The girl froze in her tracks .The empty glass slips from her grasp as her eyes fall on him. She hears a distant crash; she can feel the broken shards flying everywhere. Just like her heart, it is shattered. Destroyed. Everything is still and silent. Everything, except for him. She was frozen but inside anger and hatred surges through her. The blood pounds through her veins and her heart is hammering against her chest. How could he? After all these years Her eyes shift to the person beside him. They were staring each other. She saw the man who had been her first love, who had hurt her the most, who had what she called it raped her and when she got pregnant, he let her lie alone in the hospital when she lost his baby, then sent her the divorce papers.

Now he was smiling down at her as nothing had happened....the same, unforgettable, intimate, charming loathsome smile,, which she hated now.

As he flashes that dazzling smile of his that always made her melt, he looks her way and stops dead in his tracks. Eyes wide, mouth parted, he stares at her.He was half sure that who she would be but when he founded out that she is the same girl he was looking for he froze too.

She is Khushi

she stares back. She was in a daze, she couldn't speak. her tongue has failed her yet again. He takes a step towards her but she back up. She doesn't know why but she can't seem to face him. He calls her name. The name only she knows and was surprised he still remembers. It sounds so gentle with his voice but she doesn't know what to say. Her throat was dry and still can't speak. He starts walking towards her and that's when she knew she had made the biggest mistake in her life....AGAIN, but it was so sudden that he was there and came up to her and called her real name that she couldn't control her reaction .

Mind reeling, stomach crunching, khushi felt she was about to throw up. He was looking at her, who was staring him incredulously, like she has seen a ghost. She was shivering .Her skin was drained of all color.He step towards her again.She turn and barge out of the hall.

Apr 20, 2012

ISHAQ,JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 18 times)

Hello dear all, Thanks for liking the story. Keep reading please and don't forget to leave the comments.



It was 2:00 o'clock in the morning and he couldn't relax and keep pacing the room thinking about her. Since he came back in his room; he urge to go back to her, find her and never ever wants to loose her again. He wanted to hold her in his arms and wanted to say sorry and also wanted to shake her so hard for leavening him. His emotions were on roller coaster. He was happy that he had found her and also sad to see the look on her face.

He doesn't want to think about what would happen when he will tell her that why he married her at that time and why he had blackmailed her, that he actually thought that she was in love with his jijaji and he thought that she was a gold digger and going to ruin his Di's life and top up to all of that he thought that she was character less and thats why he treated her that way that night. This thought has already been killing him....really killing him since he found out that she was innocent in all this matter of Sham.

He couldn't stay there any more thinking what if........, he'll not be able to find her again not see her again and this thing is bothering him a lot.....means a LOT. He wanted to hate her for so many reasons which he had found out when she was gone left him wondering that how and when she had become the biggest part of his life. He wanted to hate for loving her so leave him there like that and not giving him any chance of saying sorry and ran away; but couldn't and that making him more furious.

He was cruel with her, he had hurt her a lot, but still she had stayed, she had stayed with him as she promised for six months . But in those six months were not as compare to the night she left him and she had the reason to leave him.

And then that letter. She had left for him, heart breaking soul crushing....his soul had been crushed.

He was surprised that he was convincing himself for her accuses.

He didn't want to remember but memories doesn't ask permission


He came from office late night and already called home to not wait for him for the dinner. When he entered the house, it was already passed dinner time so hall was empty every one must be in their rooms so he was not expecting anyone there.

But then he noticed from the entrance door that Sham was coming down from the stairs of pool side.

Pool side stairs go to two landings on the house, one is in the second floor which has guest house and store and upper that the roof.

HE ignored him thinking that he must be coming from the roof and start walking towards his way when he stop dead on his tracks again and saw that Khushi is also coming down on the same way. Sham was there by the time, Arnav see her vanish in their room beside the pool. Sham noticed him there and startled.

“Oh Arnav.....”

“What the hell you were doing there?” Arnav asked angrily

Sham knew that khushi was in guest room with kids, so he smirked and said “Oh, Arnav me and Khushi ji were just meeting on the roof you know you are very tough with her...”

Arnav's eyes turned red with anger”Lair....”

“Oh come on Arnav go ahead ask her about it...but she would probably lie with you that she was in guest room or some where else anyway, you don't need any proof ….I know and you know that I am telling you the truth, but if you insist I can provide that too, you know Khushi ji told me that you blackmailed her into this marriage that if she wouldn't marry you then you won't let Aakash marry and Payal.” he know......about your fake marriage and I know you two don't have any husband wife relationship.

I know she won't let you touch her the way I touch her.......”

It was the last straw in Arnav's self control and he punched his face. Sham was not expecting this so taken aback from his anger that he was scared and ran away.

“That bitch....she told him when she promised me she won't......

Arnav remembered when he was this angry in his life before, when he saw Sham and Khushi together on the roof and now it was the same pain he was feeling, same rage uncontrollable urge to rip apart something and he knew what he exactly want and what he'll do.


He barge towards his room and opened it with the bang that it shook from its hinges.

Khushi was sitting on the bed corner thinking something when Arnav came in like a storm. He was obviously angry with something and the way he was glaring at her it was not hard to figure out that he was angry with her.

She stood up,”Arnavji.......”

Suddenly he threw his bag aside and turn to lock the door and then close the pool side door,

“Arnavji...what is it, what are you doing...?” She was so confused with his behavior and scared of him now he can tell that she was really scared but he was blind with hate and rage and draw the curtains and turned to her.

He took off his coat and keep glaring at her and slowly stepped towards her while loosing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, she backed off and end up to the bed side wall, shivering she couldn't made the sound more than “Arnavji......”

Today she was wearing pink saree, she was looking beautiful and so innocent and had tears on his lashes ,may be she was crying,his heart jumped as usual when she cry but then remembered what sham has told him”you know you are so tough with her and she told me about your fake marriage” he cornered her there and she was trapped there like deer trap in search light and couldn't move.

“where were you?”He asked stonily, half prying she would not lie to him.

“What......?” she was so confused that she was speechless with his question.

“You heard me khushi, where were you just now?” he shook her roughly and demanded

“I...I was in the guest house you know....'

“She might just lie to you that she was in guest room or some where else.”


but he didn't let her complete her sentence and yelled so loud that she put her hands on her ears scared

“Arnav ji what are you saying.....I don't understand” and try to free herself but his grip was like iron and bone crashing that she cried out painfully.

He threw her on bed, she was surprised by his sudden out rage and tried to speak again but suddenly he was there on the bed beside her . She tried to jump off the bed but he grabbed his palu and pulled her on the bed again and she helplessly landed in his lap, palu aside , she blushed and try to get up again she froze with horror when she saw the look on his face. Beautiful figure of her was so inviting,

“She won't let you touch her like the way she let me touch her”

He was blind with rage and hatred . He turned off the light.

After that he didn't pay any attention on her crying, on her begging, he put his hand on her mouth tightly until he finished with her.

In the middle of the night he woke up confused with complete darkness and turn on the light and see the time, it was 4:00 Am.

He was shirtless and there was sheets around his waist and then he looked around and froze.

The bed was crumbled up and every where were broken pieces of bangles...khushi's bangles and then blood...... there was blood on the sheets.

He remembered the what happened and his heart twisted painfully, he looked around the room but khushi was no where to be seen.

But there was a folded paper on his bedside.

He picked it up and with regret opened it and first thing he noted that there were spots on the letter where some words were lighter. It didn't take much him to think that those were tears marks.

His heart twisted painfully, he slid slowly beside his bed.

“You told me so many times that you hate me, tonight you proved that how much you hate me. You show me tonight. Only God know what have I done that You D graded me, humiliated me, rejected and all other ways of hurt me. You hate my oukat, you think I am third class. I am cheep but tonight you sow that how low you think of me.

You never explain yourself .I begged you to tell me how did I hurt you, but you didn't tell me. I cope with all of it. It is ironic now that even after all of it, I always felt safe with you I knew ;had believed that you would not hurt me like the you did . But.....why?why did you do it. You wound my soul and for this I won't forgive ever.

I've nothing else say to you.

Today our contract is complete. I am sure you must know that as you were counting days.once you said, I made your life hell in your room and it suffocate you to breath in the same room with me. I am going, leaving.

I don't have any hope from you, but being Arnav Singh Raizada show that you are the man of your words like I did and stayed with you for six months; you won't do anything to my jiji's marriage.

Have a happy life Arnav singh Raizada.

He clenched the letter painfully, cursed himself and put on some clothes and check the washroom then pool side, roof, hall, Mandir and every where but she was not there any where.

He came back to the room and remembered what he had done but there was no time to think he grabbed his keys and ran lock his bed room and went off to find her.

Flash back over

How can she forgive me after that. He still remembered the way she was crying and begging him to stop and tell her the reason of his anger, but whenever he did explain to her his reasons of anger with her.


“What the hell....”he opened the window for air.

He even hated himself next morning when he came from the outside and everyone asked him where have he been and told them that khushi had left last night, he didn't tell them what happened .

There were obviously many questions raised and then he found out that she was actually in the guest room with bubbly and cleaning the room after tuition kids left the house.

His world was upside down then.

''you bastard you lie to me......” he accused Sham and grabbed his collar and wanted to beat him in pulp.

“No Arnav, you did this to yourself and khushiji, It shows that you didn't trust your wife. It's not me.”

And he was right.he knew he was right.

He had cried when he told his Di later that she had left him.

He had red that letter again and again,

Who I am kidding...I've lost her, the way I treated her........after that........., He couldn't forget the look on her face when she saw him that pain and hatred ,how could she look at him like that? He was not used to it with her, she always looked him with love, longing...... with her lovely smile he understood when she was in love with him, it was so easy it was all written on her face but he ruthlessly ignored it and knew that she was in his control and he forbid her to love him. And now he also knows too that she hates him.

His heart twisted painfully thinking about her.

After she left, everyone was angry with him , he had to face the people and answered.

But he had nothing to say.

He had been looking around for her since then and now he has found her; he won't let her go.

she is my khushi....MY..... SHE....IS..... STILL......MINE. Period. Doesn't matter is she has taken off her mangal sutar or didn't put the sindoor,but she is still my khushi. Does she think that contract is over so she is free.

Have I been nothing? Just a vague memory lost in her own little world? While I searched and pondered everywhere to find her, a sign, a scent. But no, I am nothing.

the Arnav Singh Raizada merge through all the cloudy mind and shook him.

”But I'll win her back, I CAN'T LET HER GO NOW”.

May 4, 2012

ISHQ, JUNOON, DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 21 times)

Chapter 6

Khushi was shocked, she had the shock of her life. She didn't think that she'll meet him again like Her first impression was,"I am dreaming."

Than he called her name...her real name,


and dream was over,of course it was not a dream, he was there.

But how...surely he didn't come after me because he was as surprised to see me there as was I.

She doesn't want to cry but angry tears were not in her control.

"why?" She couldn't get rid of this question.

He had made her life hell. Consciously or unconsciously, he had hurt her in every possible way. There was no one to blame but herself...for she had gotten herself into a situation where she was clueless of what to do or how to react? She had wanted to run away and break loose. However, She loved him. she had been afraid of hurting him...even though he was the one making her life impossible. It had hurt her more when she had learnt that she would always be his victim unless she set herself free.

For this liberty she had scarifies his family, she was not selfish, but alone. But all because of him, memories rush to her with a wave. Memories which she doesn't want to remember any more. That only cause pain.


It's been six months of their marriage and according to the contract, Arnav had said that he'll free her, will give her divorce.

She doesn't want any of it. She was so scared of facing him tonight, that what would he say. Of course he'll be very happy, because he hates her.

But what about me I love you Arnav ji, No matter how badly you've treated me; but my heart still only beats for you. I am unwillingly, helplessly, hopelessly in love with you. Only God knows for how long. She thought sadly. What about me?

He still didn't tell her for the reason of this marriage.

Since evening she was crying, didn't eat the dinner.. Actually didn't bare to see all those lovely faces.

What I'll tell them about our divorce? How I'll face them again. They will hate me. And jiji, she'll never forgive me.

These question were making her head spin and aching.

Last time she taught the kids and say good bye, with passing her time she cleaned the room and bubbly helped her. She came down and start waiting for Arnav to come. He called that he would be late. She packed her bag just few suits, which bowa ji sent her after marriage and only few her own sarees. She was sitting there and thinking about the six months she had spent here, how much she would miss everything, how much she would miss HIM and she cried.

She startled when the door opened with a bang and very angry, Arnav come in the room, actually she had never had seen him this angry before.

"Khushi" he yelled

"Arnav ji

She got scared even more when he threw his bag aside and lockied the door he moved to shut the sliding door of pool side and then shut the curtains.

She tried to talk but she was very scared of him now.

"Arnavji... what is it, what are you doing...?

She was really shaking now when she the blood and hate in his eyes. He threw his coat aside and stepped towards her an unexpected question.

'where were you?"

what he is on about


he shook her so hard that she thought that her body part will disassemble.

And when she told him, he didn't believe her.

"Lair" he yelled so loud that she covered her ear and try to reason with him again.

Why would he think that I would lie about it that I was in guest room.

She had been afraid so many times that she thought she knew exactly what it felt like, but this was something different altogether, like the difference between water and ice. Ice in her belly, in her chest. Cold sweat traced her spine cold sweat and fear.

This was not Arnav Singh Raiza, but the animal in him, darkness she can see now that she was so afraid that she was frozen with fear.

She could say that he was the meanest person to her in the world but she never felt insecure with him. She knew that no matter what; he won't hurt her this way but she was wrong.

He shred her into pieces, insulted her, he showed how low he think of her.

Flashback ends.

And now when she is in the verge of getting control back on her life...... again he is here.

Why again? Why me Davi maya? She only ask her so, she asked the question she has in her mind now.

She rested her head on the wall and closed her eyes tiredly.

"Diya...Diya open the door Diya, you know I am not going to leave until you tell me what happened there and who was that guy, you know I'll make so much noise that Babajan will wake up and you have to open the........."

door opened,

"Huh...are you okay Diya?" His shoulders sacked with relief.

"I am fine don't make so fuss about it." she said and get a side to let him in her room while glaring him with warning look.

"So, I am making fuss over nothing...." He raised his eye brows. "Okay you ran out of the hall was nothing, all the people were looking at you was nothing and who the hell was that guy?" he asked putting his both hands on his hips, that he has just all time to argue about it.

" I didn't get the chance to beat him because he also left after you. I thought he was going after you but by the time I came out he was also gone."

"I am sorry, I left you there like that." She said emmbaraced and sit down on the bed crossed legged

"That's not the right answer Diya. You know I am not here to ask you that why you left me there." he asked softly.

"Array.... it's nothing, you are worrying too much , look I felt as I was going to throw up, but thank God I didn't do it there." She start laughing nervously. Slowly he came up to her and sat beside the bed and hold her cold hands, which she were kept in her lap tightly. Ak kept staring at her strained face.

" yeah I see that from the bar that it seems like you have seen a ghost and your face turned green."

"Actually I didn't eat much, it was just nausea, nothing serious..." she tried again smiled faintly.

"you know, what I have learnt first thing about you, that you are a very bad liar."

"oh, come on Ak.....

"who was that?" he ignored her protest.

She sighed deeply," I don't know him, he seemed familiar,someone I met before, but you see the light was dim so.. but he was not that person I thought he was."

"okay if you say so."

She smiled, you should go now it's late.

"Okay see you in the morning then, but don't come to office because babajan just told me that the meeting is postponed for one day. Have a god rest, you need it."

He turn on the door and looks at her, " Promise me, that you will tell me if you need anything,you know I am here if you need to talk."

"Of course, who else I would bother."

He ruffled her hair brotherly and said good bye.

After he was gone she took ,a long breath flanged herself across the bed and cried her eyes out.

"I"ll not cry any more and face him bravely, why I am crying; I'll not cry." but why would he want to meet me. He wouldn't want to meet me ...yes...he won't. she told herself ......and then.......cried some more and didn't know when she went to sleep while crying.


She felt the hold on herself than two days before, hoped, that she won't see him again. But fate had decided something else for her.

So here she was again in the situation, she was not expecting and shocked.

Two days later when she reached to office, she came early to check everything is okay.

Today she wanted to be fresh any want nothing on her mind. She wore a lemon colored saree today and looking very fresh and also keep reminding her to feel fresh as well.

" why I am not surprise to see you here."Asha smiled at her boss's daughter and also her friend.

Everything is under control don't worry, you fuss too much Diya."

khushi smiled, "no I promised babajan that I'll take care of every thing and you know AK, hazaroon sussut mray hoon gay, tub wo paida how hay."

Asah smiled as well

"Okay let me know when every one will be here." she went into her office.

"Diya! Someone here to meet you." after fifteen minutes Asha come to her room. Normally she just call her for that kind of thing, she came by herself meaning this is very important.

"Who is that?" Khushi rolled eyes on her blushing; it must be a man

Khushi asked confused and checked the time, Meeting will start at 9:00AM and now is only 8: 15 AM.

" Oh, my God!" Asha said, wide-eyed. "Talk about animal magnetism! Talk about male charisma... sex appeal..."

Khushi rolled her eyes again.

" Did you able to ask his name, when you done drooling ?"

"Yeah! Arnav Singh Raizada." Asha replied sheepishly.

khushi felt everything around her freeze. Is universe still revolving.

"What a handsome guy, I must say, my ideal man has come alive." Asha keep stopped

"Diya are you okay, you look so pale."

"I am fine." she didn't feel fine at all and felt like someone has thrown the cold, ice water on her.....she release the breath that she didn't know she was holding in.

How in the world he finds out that I work here,how he finds me out? More importantly what he wants from me now. Surely, not come for a friendly chat and catchup.

Do I want to see him again? NO, What I would say to him, I've nothing to say to him. But one thing is already decided, he can't intimidate me and I owe him nothing.

"what should I tell to Mr. Hottie." Asha, interrupted her.

"Tell him to wait, I am busy."

"Okay." Asha's noticed her serious face and left.

She stood by the window, confuse still thinking that why he is here behind her desk and momentarily distracted from the commotion out side the door by Asha's raising voice.

"What do you think you're doing sir?""Well you can't! You can't go in there!"

The door burst open and in front Arnav Singh Raizada stands there and behind frustrated Asha was trying to stop him.

With the sinking heart she gazed at the person who just entered her room without permission.

Their gazes caught and locked., khushi's fists clenched tightly beside her.

"Diya I told him that you are busy, he should wait.....but....."

"It's okay, Asha."

Asha get back out side,

She turned her gaze to Arnav with blank face, who was looking at her face tentatively.

"Hello........khushi......Diya? What should I call you?"

Khushi's didn't know, she should cry or laugh at his friendly "Hello." like it would be the simplest thing in the world to just walk in and say hello to an old fried.

She didn't answer and just stare at him fixedly.

He steeped forward tentatively, nervous.

He felt strange he never felt nervous with her, WHY, and he finds the answer right away, because she never saw him the way she was looking at him now, he is not used to this, like he is a stranger.he didn't like the feeling.

She just stood there with blank face. It was so unnerving for Arnav. she didn't say anything and moved to behind the chair to hold it tight for support and looked at the handsome face in front of her.

She didn't see him that night properly, it was dark and she was shocked now she see dispassionately, that how handsome he has become. More actually, little bit more border a bit thinner and more graceful. In dark grey three piece suite and white shirt, he was breath takingly handsome.

But I know this only from outside , inside is totally opposite. Poor Asha,"she doesn't know that every shinning is not gold. And he is not a ideal person at all."

Arnav noticed that she didn

May 4, 2012

ISHAQ JUNOON, DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 18 times)

Coninued Part 6

Arnav noticed that she didn't ask him to sit, infect she didn't say anything at all just standing there staring at him with those beautiful eyes he loves so much. He saw her that night but it seems he has seen her for the first time.And looking at her now, Arnav finally and completely understood his long obsession with her. Khushi was the girl who was essential for him- she was changeable and unpredictable, haughty and sweet, witty and solemn, serene and volatile, and seems incredibly proper ...and now she was in yellow simple saree and without make up, unconsciously provocative.

He felt hard to breath just looking at him, he wanted to hold her in his arms and wanted to hide her away from the world and just want to keep her for himself.

But still something else was missing in her.

"Wouldn't you ask me to sit Khushi?"

"You didn't ask any permission to come in, so I guess it doesn't matter."

Arnav smiled, "So you are no denying that you are khushi, not Diya."He felt that if he wouldn't sit, he will not able to control himself to grab her in his arm so he wants to sit. And sat down.

She didn't say anything but seeing him sitting down on chair comfortably , she clenched her fists again in anger. She didn't want him to stay here.

She was still standing on the same spot.

"I need to talk to you, sit down."

He was ordering her, in her office, how dares he. Arrogant ASR. Nothing will change for him. Anger boiled in her, but she stayed calm.

Asha knocked and entered the room,"Do you need coffee or tea?

Khushi glared at Asha.

"No Thank you Asha, Mr, Raizada is just leaving."

"I would like a cup of coffee." Arnav said to Asha, who noticed Khushi's anger towards her and confusingly look at khushi.

"I am in a hurry, I would like you to leave, I have nothing to say to you."

khushi told him rudely. Asha also looked her with surprise that khushi is never been rude to anyone, noticed the tension in between these two and left hurriedly.

Arnav looked at her strain face and said softly, "But I have, and for that I want to meet you."

"I am listening, say what you have to say and leave."

"NO, not here and not now, tomorrow meet me in this place, I am staying here." he holds a card towards her.

She didn't hold the card., actually totally ignored his forward hand.

"Did you listen. No."

He put the card on the table,"suite yourself Khushi. I'll wait for you, If you will not come here; I 'll come to you house then."

Khushi flinched from that all- too-familiar voice. It had the same clipped authoritative tone. She glared at him furiously, her patience were very thin now.

"I'll not go any where to meet you, infect I don't want to see you at all and you will not come to my house. "

"please khushi, don't make it difficult, It's just........there are few things I want to say somethings to you and don't you want to ask anything to me......., about your family? Anything?" He stepped towards her, but stopped when she stepped back.

"No, I've nothing to ask you, leave now please."

He stopped there and look at the stubborn girl in front her with frustration for a moment and pick his cell phone and make a call.

Khushi's cell phone rang. She pick it up and see the screen , she look at him with wide accusing eyes.

"Are you calling me? How do you know my number?"

"I'll see you tomorrow, call me where ever you want to see me, out side or at your house. I'll wait." And left the room.

What the hell.........who he hell he thinks he is, come here and ordering ME. I am not khushi Kumari Gupta Sing Raizada any more.

She was angry, breathing hard then she calm herself down, thinking,

"He is just bluffing, he doesn't know where I live and he won't dare to come there, must not be that shame less and besides what on earth is left to say to me, may be accusing more of gold digger now he has seen me here. Yes, this is what he wanted to say.....insult me some more. And I am not going to take his crap now, I'll not allow it and for that I"ll not go."

she decided after along conversation with herself and calm down.

She shook herself and took the files and see the watch and went for the meeting in the office.

Asha told her that every one was in the office and Mr. Gupta was asking for her.

"She stepped in the office and said good morning to every one and went to sit by Akshay who just entered before her.

Then she looked around the room, In the head chair, was babajan, on his left Singha Uncle the lawyer and when she looked at the right side, she froze, she literally felt that her blood freeze in her body.

Arnav Singh Raizada was looking straight at her.


May 5, 2012

ISHQ, JUNOON, DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 18 times)


Along with victory, Arnav also acquired a reputation as a ruthless businessman. That didn't particularly faze him; None of that bothered him; what did bother him was that he no longer derived much gratification from his successes. The exhilaration he used to feel when he faced a difficult business deal had been missing for years, probably, he'd decided, because success was virtually a foregone conclusion now. There was nothing left to challenge him-just this girl.

Now he was feeling that thrill that excitement again.

No one has and have brave enough to challenge him, but this girl; always, she brings out his provactive side.Thats what Arnav made fall in love with this girls. He felt the desperate desire to prove that he could be more and better than he was.desire to experience those tormenting, stormy, crushing emotions again.

Arnav was looking tentatively towards Khushi . He wanted to see her reaction. She entered the room and sat with the same boy he saw her in the hotel before. When she saw him there;

Arnav noticed Khushi's back stiffen, and AK reached for her, his hand tightening on her arm. Arnav frowned at the boy the way he was behaving, tuching His khushi..... Ak looked over him and frowned.

Arnav doesn't like the way he was comfortable with khushi, looking at her fondly.

"Don't-," he began, but she had forward, and was staring at him with freezing contempt and then she turned her face quickly and nodded some thing to the boy which he found out later when Gupta ji introduced him his younger son. Akshay Gupta.

So, he is the son who seems very attached to her, Khushi I hope you have not dare to think of him more than a brother or friend or.......God knows what would I do to him.

He thought bitterly. Matt, his partner nudged him and he realized that he was staring at khushi, who had her head bend and when she raised it she was back to herself again.

Gupta ji introduced everyone and after that through out the meeting she tried to concentrate on the topic, but it was very hard when he was there and annoyed with his constant stare on her. Once she glared at him and become more frustrated with his lopsided smile and control her urge to throw the glass of water on his arrogant smirking face.

He knew he was making her uncomfortable, but he was enjoying it. After a half an hour presentation about the area they want to buy and all the details; he was really impressed and felt so proud of her that how professionally she had handled every thing about the presentation, all the details and was not bit uncomfortable about it.

Gupta ji and Arnav were discussing the matters and they settled down with another meeting to finalize the deal.

"Diya! You remember Mr. Arnav singh Raizada....." "You really ought to be more careful and selective about your friends and business partner and turn to exit, leaving behind stunned Matt, and an infuriated Arnav Singh Raizada.

Ak chuckled and go after her.

"so..." Ak entered in her office and she stopped him there.

"Don't you start with me Ak." He stopped there and look at her worried face.

'Are you okay?"

"I am fine."

"You don't look fine."

"it's just I should not react like this."

it's natural, when you see a person whom you least expect to see and you find it there, believe me, people do drastic things."

she laughed light heartedly and he smiled with her.

"I....I know him...." she said softly to him, looking at table.

"I know you know, even if you didn't tell me, he told me he knows you too."

"what....when he told you that?"

"He didn't tell me it's verbally, but I guess it. Mr. Raizada couldn't take his eyes off of you."

Kushi glared at him."okay ,baba I am not saying anything."he put his both handsin defeat.

'I am leaving now I have to go to out of the town. I'll come late at night. You now your program tonight going out with gang." he

"Yeah, Poja, Ajay and David are coming. For tonight."

"Have fun then."

Ajay,and Poja were brother and sister and the same age of Khushi and first cousins of Ak and become very good friends of Khushi. They live in hostel and once in a while come to stay at house but they just graduated so they come to celebrate.

She was not interested to go to the restaurant but wanted to go beach, but gang wanted to go to the restaurant. Ak was not in the town otherwise he takes her to the beach. She had no choice.

The bar was loud and hectic, full of soon to be people out to get trashed. David was good friend of Ajay. He was from America. He wasn't graduate for another year, but he's in the mood to party and never loose a chance to get close to khushi. He ordered for himself margarita and ask if anyone else cared for one. All of them turn down the offer. Khushi was very quite, she was getting annoyed with noise. David ask her why she is so quite and Poja told him that she is just moody.

Without anyone realizing, David, pour his drink in her juice. After a glass of margarita mixed with juice her head was getting spin.

"What did you order for me Ajay?" she asked Ajay dizzily. Poja and Ajay look at her worriedly.

"We order juice, why what is happening, David winked at both Ajay and Poja and raised his own glass. Let her relax a bit.

'Shit man, why the hell did you do it, she can't take it you fool.

" I..... I need some air." she said groggily.

Whoa. Head spin. She has to grab the back of the chair.

These cocktails are not a good idea.

Poja and khushi make there way to the wash room. She stagger off through the crowd. Poja hold her arm for support Of course, there's a line.

"you go I am fine I'll be back soon."

'No Diya, I am not leaving you alone,''

"Oh come on poja, I am not a baby, you go." she said a bit slurry tone and sent her back. "Are you sure Diya, you don't look?" she nodded... I'll be fine see, at least it's quiet and cool in the corridor."

"okay don't be late." Poja went inside.

She reach for her cell phone to relieve the boredom of waiting in line.

Hmm... Who did last call? Was it AK? Before that a number I don't recognize. Oh yes. Arnav singh Raizada, ladd governor.

She saw his number and giggled.

I have no idea what the time is, maybe I'll wake him. Perhaps he can tell me why he want to meet me. If he hates me, he should leave me alone.

She suppressed a drunken grin and hit the automatic re-dial. He answered on the second ring.


He's surprised to hear from me. Well, frankly, I'm surprised to ring him.

"Why do you want to meet me?" she slur at him.

"Khushi, are you okay? You sound strange." His voice is filled with concern.

"I'm not the strange one, you are," She accused. There - that told him, My courage fulfilled by alcohol.

"Khushi, have you been drinking?" He asked with shock.

"What's it to you?"

"Khushi are you out of your mind when did you start drinking?" He sounds furious now.

Khushi satisfied smiled drunkly.

"Aap say mutlab.?"

"I'm curious. Where are you and who is with you?"

"In a bar. I am alone"

"Which bar?" He shouted.

"Don't shout, it hurts.she moaned" she grabbed her head from a side.

"Khushi where the hell are you tell me now."

A bar in Lakhnou." She giggled helplessly.

"How are you getting home?" He sounds exasperated.

"I'll find a way." This conversation is not going how I expected. She thought.

"Which bar are you in?"

"Why do you want to meet me, laad governor, leave me alone?"

"Khushi, where are you, tell me now." His tone is so, so dictatorial, his usual control


"You're so... domineering," She frowned.

"Khushi, so help me, where the hell are you?" So typical ASR. He is swearing at me. She giggles again.

"I'm in Lakhnow... s'a long way from Thailand."

"You are here in Thailand, Bangkok .Where in Bangkok, Khushi tells right now. Believe me if you won't tell I and I find you...........?"

"If you are not..... Telling me why; you me then khsuhi not tell you too."

Goodnight, laad governor."


hang up. Ha! Though he didn't tell me, why he wants to meet me.

She frowned.

Mission not accomplished. She thought. She was really quite drunk - Her head swims uncomfortably as she shuffle with the line. Well, the object of the exercise was to get distracted. I have succeeded.But this is not good probably not an experience to be repeated. The line has moved, and it's now her turn. May be I should let Poja stay with me. Her head swims again and she came out of the line and go to stand by the door for air.

Her phone rings and it made her jump. She yelped in surprise.

Ay devi maya, did I just call Arnav Singh Raizada? Shit.

"Hi," I bleat timidly in to the phone. I hadn't reckoned on this.

"I'm coming to get you," he said and hung up. Only Arnav singh Raizada could sound so calm and so threatening at the same time.

Aye bhagwan what have I done. She held her swimming head, her heart was thumping. Coming to get me?

Oh no. I'm going to be sick... no... I'm fine. Hang on. He's just messing with my head. I didn't tell him where I was. He can't find me here. She splashes some water on her face and feels cool. She checked her face in the mirror, looked flushed and slightly unfocused. Hmm... David, you are dead...well if I live to kill you. Then you are going to be dead.

"You've been gone so long." Poja scolds at her when she got back. "Where were you, I was getting worried?"

"I was in line for the restroom."

David and Ajay were having some heated debate about cricket match.

"Poja, I think I'd better go out side and have some air." her head was aching with noise.

She made her way through the crowd again. She was beginning to feel nauseous, her head was spinning uncomfortably, and she was a little unsteady on her feet. More unsteady than usual.

Coming out in the cool evening air in the parking lot made her realize how drunk she was. Her vision has been affected, and she was really seeing double of everything.

I think I'm going to be sick. Why did I let myself get this messed up?

"Diya," David has joined her. "You okay, I am so sorry. I shouldn't do this. I thought that it would be fine to have a bit to relax."

"David, you idiot! I'll kill you for this." she glars weakly at him. 'I am really very sorry Diya." he murmurs, and his dark eyes are watching her intently. "Do you need a hand?" He asks and step closer, putting his arm on her shoulders. "David I'm okay. I've got this." She tried and push him away rather feebly.

"No David, stop no." she pushes him, as I feel panicky, drunk, and out of control.

"I think I'm going to throw up."

"I think the lady said to take your hands to yourself and back off."

A voice in the dark says quietly.

Ay BHAGWAN......Arnav Singh Raizada, he's here. How? David released her.

"Who are you? He asked rudely to Arnav. She glanced anxiously up at Arnav. He was glowering at David and he was furious.


Her stomach heaves, and she doubled over, her body no longer able to tolerate the alcohol, and she vomit spectacularly on to the ground.

"Ugh Diya!" David jumped back in disgust.

Arnav held her arm and grabbed her hair and pulled it out of the firing line and gently leaded her over to the edge of the parking lot.

Thanks ,Davi maya with deep gratitude, that it's in relative darkness. , but no thanks, why he is here.

"If you're going to throw up again, do it here. I'll hold you." He has one arm around her shoulders the other is holding her hair in a makeshift ponytail down her back so it was off her


May 5, 2012

ISHAQ,JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 17 times)

the other is holding her hair in a makeshift ponytail down her back so it was off her face. She tried awkwardly to push him away, but he was his arms were like hard stone muscles. "Don't khushi....." he held her tight.Then she vomited again... and again.

Oh shit... how long is this going to last? Even when her stomach's empty and nothing was coming up,

Horrible dry heaves wracked her body. She vows silently that she'll personally kill David. This was just too appalling for words. Finally, it stopped.

Her hands were resting on the brick wall, barely holding her up - vomit- ing profusely is exhausting.

Arnav took his hands off her and handed her a handkerchief. Only he would have a monogrammed, freshly laundered, linen handkerchief. ASR.

She cannot bring herself to look at him. She was swamped with shame, disgusted with herself. Davi maya please I want to be swallowed up by the earth and be anywhere but here.

David brought Poja and Ajay out.

"Oh my god, Diya, Are you okay. Stupid David this is entire your fault. Just wait till AK and Babajan will find out about this."

khushi groaned and put her head in her hands.

This has to be the single worst moment of my life of its kind, no comparison to other moments. She thought.

Her head was still swimming and felt so humiliated many shades darker in terms of humiliation. She risked a peek at him.

They were all around her. He was standing a little further alone and he's staring down at her, his face composed, giving nothing away.

Turning, I glance at them all who looked pretty panicked and David shamefaced himself and, like me, intimidated by Arnav.

I glare at him. I have a few choice words for my so-called friend, none of which I can repeat in front of Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi who are you kidding; he's just seen you hurl all over the ground and into the local flora. There's no disguising your lack of ladylike behavior.

"I'll take her home.. You can go inside if you want to," Arnav told them.

It was something in his personality, something that people got impressed and intimidate very easily.

"Who are you?" Ajay asked to Anav, but respectably.

"I am friend of Akshay Gupta.I'll take her home."

She didn't want to be alone with him. Double crap.

She tried to shake her head, but that start spinning again.

"Don't do that." He ordered her.

"I am not going with you."

"I am taking her home, she is not well. He totally ignored her.

"I don't want to go with you and anyway you don't know where I live."

"Shut up Khushi?" He said furiously.

"i got your cell number, do you think I need to ask you your home address." He wants his damned pound of flesh in front of these three. She was not feeling well to defend herself. She tried to glared at him but found him still very annoyed and angry.

Well I didn't ask him to come and rescue me. She was feeling her skin coloring up. Please, please can I die now?

"We've all been here, perhaps not quite as dramatically as you," he says dryly. "It's

about knowing your limits. "

"Do you make a habit of this kind of behavior?"

Her head buzz with irritation.

What the hell has it got to do with him? I didn't invite him here. He sounds like a middle-aged man scolding me like a child.

"No, David just put something in my glass, I am not used to it that's why it effected me so much."

why on earth I am giving him explanations. if I want to get drunk every night like this, then it's my decision and nothing to do with him but I'm not brave enough. Not now that I've thrown up in front of him. Why is he still standing there?

She thought irritably to herself.

She began to feel faint. He noticed her dizziness and grabbed her before she fell and hoisted her into his arms, holding her close to his chest like a child.

"Come on, I'll take you home," he murmured. She flushed and tried to push him.

Davi maya!I'm in his arms. She tried to push him again, but his grip tightened. His breath and clone were so nice.

"Don't... I'll take you home. Do you understand?" he glared at her and left no space for argument.

She felt herself flushed with irritation that who the hell he is, ordering me and embarrassment me there in front of her friends. But she had no energy for argument for now so she just glared at him.

Watching and bit confused.

"Do you have a jacket or a purse?"

He looked her from head to feet. She blushed and thanked Davi maya again for the dim light. She was always decent dresser even European clothes she never goes out of the line. Today she was also wearing very stylish jeans and French cut collar shirt, a smart jacket.

"Err... yes, I came with both. Poja, handed her both things and hugged her. "I'll see you tomorrow. I think you are in safe hands." She winked and Khushi stare confusingly.

He tried to hold her hand, but she pulled it back from his grip. He looked at her with angry locked jaw and grabs it again with tight grip.

"I think I should better pick you up in my arms." He said and try feebly to pull her in his arms. He doesn't want her to get panic.

"Okay, okay I am walking..." she was feeling weak, still drunk, embarrassed, exhausted, mortified, and absolutely confused. He was clutching her hand such a confusing array of emotions.

I'll need at least a week to process them all.

In front of the car, he gave her a cool water bottle and ordered her to drink it. She took sip

"All of it." He ordered again.

He was so overbearing. He ran his hand through his unruly hair. He looked frustrated, angry.

What is his problem? Apart from a drunk girl, who he happened to hate so much ringing him in the middle of the night so he thought she needs rescuing. And it turns out she does from her over amorous friend. Then seeing her being violently ill at his feet. Oh Khushi... are you ever going to live this down?

She cursed herself. She did as she was told and drank the entire bottle. Taking the bottle from her, he threw it in the trash. She noticed through a blur what he was wearing; a loose white linen shirt, snug jeans, black Converse sneakers. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, and she see a sprinkling of hair in the gap. In her groggy frame of mind, he looked yummy.


'"Oh, my god! I know where you gong to take me." she said with wide eyes, staring at him.

he just raise his eye brow in question.

"'you hate me, so you are going to throw me over the bridge and kill me." Hay na, you want me dead.

Arnav's couldn't control his surprise reaction and some pain to listen that and his expressions got soften.

She about to slide on one side when his strong arm come and rested on her side to support her.

He watched the girl in his hands with love and thought with regret, that how much pain he have caused to his own love. But he was in pain too.

She looks at him and try to focus and he hold her shoulder. He was watching her with soft expression on his face.

'Well go ahead, I won't stop you and I don't mind, you have killed me many times before.

'He was stunned to hear that."

Her head begins to swim, oh no... and I can feel the floor coming up to meet my face or so it feels. The last thing she hear before she passed out in Arnav singh Raizad's arms was his harsh epithet.

"WHAT THE......"

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

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May 8, 2012

ISHAQ,JUNOON,DEWANGI (By Diya007) (Thanked: 14 times)

Part 8

It's late at night and I can't sleep

Missing you just runs too deep

oh I can't breathe thinking of your smile

Every kiss I can't forget

This aching heart ain't broken yet

Oh God I wish I could make you see

'Cause I know this flame isn't dying

So nothing can stop me from trying

Baby you know that

Maybe it's time for miracles

'Cause I ain't giving up on love

You know that

Maybe it's time for miracles

'Cause I ain't giving up on love

No I ain't giving up on us

I just wanna be with you

'Cause living is so hard to do

When all I know is trapped inside your eyes

The future I cannot forget

This aching heart ain't broken yet

Oh God I wish I could make you see

'Cause I know this flame isn't dying

So nothing can stop me from trying

Baby can you feel it coming

You know I can hear it hear all the souls

Baby can you feel me feel you....

You know it's time....

Baby you know that

Maybe it's time for miracle

No I ain't giving up love

I aint giving up no

no I ain't giving up on us

It was dark, he couldn't find his way through the darkness. He heard some one crying. Painful cry.He felt very uneasy, khushi...... this is khushi's voice, he can tell, even in the darkness that she was crying, like she is in too much pain.

"khushi......where are you? Someone please open the light."

He shouts with panic and suddenly there was too much light and suddenly he wished that the darkness was blessing.....khushi was there, weak and crying and in pain.....and there was BLOOD...too much blood.


Arnav wakes up with a start, he looks around and finds himself on the sofa. Breathing hard, sweating. He looked around and notices that he was in his hotel room. Tiredly, he cleans the sweat from his forehead. Since he came back from Gupta's house last night; he couldn't sleep. He just lay awake in his bed, on the sofa, paced the room and didn't know when he fell asleep. Sitting here and there and didn't know when he end up on the sofa. Even in sleep he was restless.

He took a deep breath and thank the God that he was having a bad dream.

It was very unpredictable and strange night for him. First, he was not expecting khushi's call. He had given his number to her but he knew she won't agree to meet him. But then she called him, he was very surprised and then he got the shock of his life that Khushi....khushi was drunk. He was furious and worried for her at the same time.

He remembered the Holi festival in there house when she drank the bhang and how drunk she become.

Then he he was more angry with her that she didn't want to go with him, though he was not blaming her for that, but even in her drunken state she was so stubborn with him.

Then in her drunken state she told him he had killed her before. It was painful. He was curious , what she meant with that but he didn't get the chance as she passed out and he held her in his arms and put her in the car.

The feeling of holding her in his arms...... OH, how much that felt good, he remembered how much he had missed her and her smell, touching her hair, her face or even her anger. How much effort he is putting in to stay away from her until he would talk to her, and then take her back with him , lock her or hide her some place were no one can see her but him.

He was very disturbed with the talk he had with Guptaji. Mnay questions, he had no idea what they were talking about and then Ak. Arnav was throughly irritated with that guy.

Last night

The house was big and beautiful. Gate keeper saw khushi in the car and let him in and already have called inside that someone opened the door and one lady came out, she must be in her fifties and behind her was Gupta ji on his wheel chair came on the door.

"What happened....Diya? What happened to her?" The lady was panic and asked worriedly to Arnav. Arnav can see her affection for khushi.

"Oh, ho Radha, let him get her out of the car and bring her in first." Guptaji called from the door.

"Nothing to worry about, she passed out after having a drink."

Arnav told them while taking her to her room.

"you killed" she was mumbling in her sleep.

He lays her in the bed gently touching her face, about to get straight and stopped ;noticed with aching heart that khushi was holding tight on his shirt collar.

He looked at her innocent face and releases it gently, held her hand and brushed his lips softly on back of her hand and then lay it on her side. Softly touched her face again, she stirred a little in her sleep and grabbed his hand fondly and pressed it with her chest like a pillow and then slept again.

He smiled softly, he could feel her heart beat like his own and rise and fall of her chest and all her softness. He swallowed audibly. Behind him he heard The lady, whom Guptaji called Radha bowa was coming with water in her hand .He gently removed his hand from her grasp and stepped back.

"Would you like to have something, tea, coffee. I am going to have one." Gupta ji asked him gently when he came out of her room. He was waiting for him in the living room.

Like the house, living room was also tastefully furnished and decorated. Guptaji was sitting near the window.

" No, I don't take tea this late, but water would be okay." Arnav said he didn't want to stay but the elderly fellow, something about him, he couldn't say no to Guptaji.

Guptaji age was 70 and he had very gentle eyes ,face and smile. He has very gentle and soft nature and personality. He was very soft spoken and loving person. When he talk, people want to listen to him. He put every one on ease right away. It was the reason it hard to say no to him.

"Radha, please if you don't mind."

"she would be fine in the morning."Arnav said and sit down on the sofa across him.

"Poja called me and told me that what happened there and you are bringing Diya home."

Arnov nodded while thank The God that he doesn't have to explain anything now, but the relive was short.

"Though, I would not ask you that how you get there and how do you know the address."

Guptaji said gently and stare at him.

Arnav stare back blankly, "oh,...I....I....."

"Its okay. You don't have to tell me." Guptaji said gently again.

"But I would ask you that how long you have known Diya ?I know you just not met her for the first time here, because I know all her friends."

"What if she decided to not tell you that we have met before." Arnav bluffed.

Guptaji smiled,"you see Arnav you mind if I call you Arnav beyta?"

"NO....No of course you can."

"So, You see it's about Diya, she has this habit of telling me everything. Even someone bothers her on the road she comes and tells me about it. So I know she knows you too, but not here in Thailand."

Arnav look at Guptaji thoughtfully and lean forward,"If I ask you something, would you please tell me the truth?"


He was silent for a while and stared at his hands," I know her very well, just not now but for a long time." he stopped there and try to find any effect on Guptaji and find none, he just nodded as he understands or expecting him to say this.

" I don't know what you know about her or what she has told you but I know she is not your daughter. I know her real name. I know how long she is been with you. But what I want to know is, how and where you find her and how is she here?" He said and look at him questionably.

"Well we didn't ask her anything and she didn't tell us, to be honest with you we didn't need to. Guptaji said.

"I didn't want to ask you all these questions. I wanted to ask her, she doesn't want to talk to me. But anyway at some point I had to talk to you."

"Well...I don't blame her to not talking to you." Arnav stare back at him in surprise.

He said and shook his head.

"No,I won't tell you all of the things. It's not my place to tell you. I can answer your few questions but not all." He said soberly which make Arnav wonder how much more is there.

"But first, I want to know that why should I tell you all this?"

Arnav took a deep breath and look at his gentle face," Would you believe If I tell you that I am her husband and she is my wife."

"What?" Guptaji was silent.

There were two "WHATS" from different directions.

One, from Radha bowa, who just entered the room with try in her hand and was glaring at him and second from the entrance door, Ak was standing there, was staring at Arnav.

He doesn't sound curious or shocked as Radha bows'a but he sounds dead.

"okay is this should not sound so bad. For AK, I understand that he likes khushi and felt the satisfaction of just see the look on his face, but what's up with the lady? He thought.

Bag slipped from Ak's grip and landed on the floor. His hands curling into fists and eyebrows pulling together and he stepped forward angrily, but suddenly Guptji's on his wheel chair come between them. Arnav was staring at Ak'a furious face and Radha bowa confusingly.

"Calm down Akshay."

"Babajan, are you listening what he is saying?" Ak growled.

"Yes Akshay I am listening, let him talk."He glared at Arnav, who was also glaring back at him.

"There is nothing to talk about. Tell him to go to hell, get the hell out of our house even from Thailand. I'll swear If I see you near Diya,I'll kill you. Infect we don't want to do any business deal with you either."

"What? I don't care about business but she is MY wife." this time it was Arnav's turn to be shocked and furious he said with gritted teeth. Aranv had enough.

"NO SHE IS NOT." AK yelled.

"YES SHE IS." Arnav also yelled the same way.

"Calm down both of you and sit down." Guptaji ordered both of red eyes glaring boys but they didn't even budge.

Radha bowa was silent the whole time also glaring Arnav.

Gupta ji rubbed his face with both hands tiredly.

"Arnav beyta, what about the divorce you send her." Guptji asked him.


"WHAT.....what are you saying.... what divorce.....What the hell is going on here. She must have told you that after six months our contract was suppose to be over.Right?"

"what contract?" Ak asked acidly.

"It's none of your business.I didn't send her any divorce. I just saw her here after three years. I didn't even know where she was. I was ....we were looking for her in India. It's a coincidence that I have found her here. And why on earth I would give her a divorce, she is my wife."

He was now pacing and yelling again with anger ,that why these people think that I've divorced her, are they crazy and if Khushi is behind it, then you.............

"yeah enough with the wife thing, stop calling her that and you made it clear that she WAS your wife that's why you divorced her other wise you cannot divorce any random girl; she HAS to be your wife...... or even then you don't deserve her."

"SHUT UP." Arnav snarled.

Ak was breathing hard,his eyes blood red face twisted with anger.

Guptji looked at him over his glasses.

"Can I ask you why now?" Guptji asked.

"what do you mean why now, I just told you that I didn't know that she is here I've been looking for her in India...."

"Oh, so you didn't know before but you send the divorce paper on this address, where did you get that. And when she send you letter....."

"AKSHAY SHUT UP NOW, IT'S ENOUGH."Gupta ji said angrily.

Ak went quite suddenly because its every rare when they become angry.

"What letter.... I don't know what are you talking about. Would someone tell me what's going on here. I ju

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