Kaala Teeka 20th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 21, 2016

Kaala Teeka 20th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

The woman says please stop them. They will kill her. Gauri says I can’t lose my baby again. Yug says I will kill you.. Leela says stop Yug. Think about the baby. There are a few hours left in 12. Let’s go there. Kali says to Manjiri what baby are they talking about? Manjiri says don’t know but we have to save her. They all rush out.

They arrive at a jungle. The woman says we have to walk from here.

A baba and some people are doing pooja in middle of the jungle. A woman says I will sacrifice this girl, give me a baby boy instead of her. They put a garland on the baby.

Gauri sits there and says my ankle is sprained. Yug says you sit here we have to rush there.

The woman is about to throw the baby in fire. She shoves

the baby up in the air. Kali catches the baby. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. The woman says who are you to intervene in our sacrifice. Kali says a woman, a sister and a mother who gives life not take it. But why would you understand. You have forgotten womanhood. God has given you life. You have to right to take life of this innocent baby. The woman says shut up you don’t know which power you are talking against. Kali says same power sent me here to stop you from killing a baby. Everywhere a baby is killed, there should be a blasphemy. Why don’t you understand, if everyone keeps killing girls for boys, this world would end. Some men surround her. The woman says we will give two sacrifices today. We will kill you as well. She takes out her knife. They are about to stab Kali, Yug comes there with police. The woman says I ruin you inspector. He says you better care about yourself. Police arrests all of them. Gauri takes the baby from them and says yug see our Naina. Our baby. The woman says in heart Gauri is such a drama. Gauri says in heart this girl was about to be sacrificed and Kali saved her and my plan as well.

Kali says this can’t be true. Manjiri says wait, how can we trust that woman that this is our baby? Gauri says what is your problem Manji ma? Why you create issues everywhere. Leela says look at her she looks like Yug. Leela says let’s go home.

Scene 2

Yug says thank you God both of my daughters are with me now. Kali says how do I tell you this. She is not your daughter. Vishwa comes in and says what happening here? Leela says you came on right time? Vishwa says anything good? Leela says we found Gauri’s baby. Vishwa says how? Leela says a woman took her she didn’t have a baby. Vishwa says in heart its the same woman pandit ji was talking about. Gauri says see papa this is my daughter who was lost. Vishwa enters the house and slips. Yug says are you okay papa? Gauri says look papa how my baby is smiling. I knew she can’t go away from me. Look how pretty she is. Won’t you give her your blessings? Leela says give her blessings Vishwa. Vishwa’s hand is not moving. He says my hand really hurts and so does my hand. He goes to his room.

Gauri is playing with Naina and says baby papa has bought toys for you. yug says I have ordered more. Gauri says where will we place them? Yug says we will make another toy room for her. Yug goes out. Kali comes in. Kali says Kali see Yug bought so many toys for my babies. He is ordering more, if you need more for Naina tell him. Kali says I am glad you found her back. But are you sure this is your baby? Just because a woman said so. Yug comes in and says shut up Kali. Control your jealousy. We found our baby you are insecure. I am disappointed in you. Kali says I was just saying that logically. Gauri says don’t explain more, how dare you.. She is about to slap Kali. Manjiri withholds her.

Scene 3

Nandu is eating. He sees people dancing outside. Nandu says do groom come on horse? Amma says this is called baraat. This is how you bring your bride. You dad brought me the same way with his baraat. Nandu says wow.

Kali says Manji ma that baby is not Gauri’s. Kali says I know and our fight is against the person who tried harming Naina. He would try to harm this baby as well. This is our last chance to expose that person.

Precap-There is pooja in the house. Vishwa mixes something in the milk. Leela says we give Gauri’s daughter bath with milk.

Credit : Atiba

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