Kaala Teeka 16th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 17, 2016

Kaala Teeka 16th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Scene 1

Gauri says in heart you are really worried for Naina’s sleep right Yug? Now in a while you will hear Kali screaming, She will be gone forever.

Kali says to Naina why are you not sleeping? Naina’s hand is close to the current rod. Suddenly light goes off.

Gauri says **** electricity is gone. My plan failed. Yug says what plan are you talking about? Gauri says I was planning to read a novel. Yug says let me check the fuse.

Kali is playing with naina and sings her lullaby. Kali sees the wire attached to the rod in Naina’s cradle. Kali is dazed. Kali says how it came here. If Naina had touched it what would have happened. Thank God I saw it.

Kali sees the board on as well. Kali says is Manji maa right? Is dadi behind all this? I have to talk to

Manji ma. Gauri says **** she saw the wire. I have to plan something else.

Scene 2

Vishwa asks pandit ji you were talking about some baby girl found in the river by a woman. He says Rameshwar was talking about it. Vishwa says where is he? Pandit ji says he has left for his village. Nandu sees Vishwa and says you shoved Nandu’s bride. I will avenge you. Vishwa says mental and sits in his car. Nandu sneaks in his car’s back. Vishwa sees him and says the bird is in the cage.

Yug says I will work from home today. I will spend time with Naina today. Gauri says no one cares about me.

Vishwa says on call the parcel is in the car. Take it, send some men.

Vishwa’s men come and open the car’s back. Nandu is there. They hit Nandu on head. Nandu faints.

Leela is doing pooja with Naina. Manjiri says ma ji can I ask you something? Its been so long Gauri’s child is missing. Don’t you miss her? I mean, you really loved her. Who could do this? Leela says if I knew I would have killed that person. I had so many dreams. I prepared so much to welcome the baby, she is in tears. Every night I think while sleeping, how would she look, where she would be. Yug comes and says what happened dadi? Dadi says nothing. Yug says Kali can I play with Naina? Kali says sure. Leela says you didn’t say no? Kali says for how long can I keep her away from her dad. Kali says in heart soon I will tell you Yug she is your daughter. You have to know the truth about her.

The men put Nandu in the water tank.

Yug is playing with Naina. Gauri says the weather is so good can I go out with Naina? Yug says but.. Gauri says I was missing my baby so much. Yug says okay you can go. Take Sanjevna with you.

Kali says to Yug you sent Naina alone with Gauri? Yug says sanjevna has went with her. Kali says you don’t know Gauri. Bring my Naina back. Vishwa says why are you shouting so much? What has Gauri done? She never tried to kill and unborn. Kali says there have been attempts on Naina. Its not safe for her to go out. Leela says Gauri is not that irresponsible.

Gauri takes Naina out near the water tank. Gauri says I am a mom too but not yours. You are like the dust in eyes that I want to get rid off, forever. She throws Naina inside the tank. Naina falls on Nandu’s lap.

The men turn on water valve. Nandu and Naina are in the water.

Nandu wakes up and says where is this water coming from. He sees Naina and says whose child is this. Nandu says open the tank. Gauri hears the noise from the tank. Gauri says I put naina inside then this noise? Gauri peeks in she sees Nandu and is dazed. Nandu says open the tank. Gauri says who is this how he came here. What should I do? I should run. What will I say to everyone.

Nandu struggles to open the tank. He keeps Naina above the water level.

Kali says Yug please call Gauri and ask if Naina is okay. Yug says I will ask but I am sure she is taking care of Naina. Gauri comes in.. yug says where is Naina? Gauri pretends like she can’t talk. Vishwa rests Gauri on sofa, Yug says Gauri open your eyes tell me where is Naina. Gauri pretends to be fainted. Yug asks sanjevna. Sanjevna says Gauri was walking in backyard. Gauri says my daughter.. I want my Naina.. Kali says in heart I know you are doing a drama. You don’t even know you are your own daughter’s enemy. Gauri whispers to Vishwa the tank in the backyard.

Precap-Gauri says Yug I want my baby. Yug says we will find her. Gauri says did you find her by now? No one knows where she is. I want my daughter..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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