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May 25, 2017

Mad Love epilogue is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

"Kuch Is Tarah" by Atif Aslam 


Kuch is tarah teri palkain meri palkoon say mila day...

Aanso teray saaray meri palkoon pay saja day...

3 months have passed now but khushi wasn't yet recovered. The day he brought her home was most painful. She had gone silent for whole day. He had begged her to speak or just send him a signal but she had black out. The doctor had said it was because of ‘shock effect’. He had got every bit of information from Zayn and Aiman.

A week had passed without her talking or even reacting. It was as if she had fought with all her might to stay alive just for one day and after that she let it loose. She let the darkness rule her.

He had been sitting beside her for weeks and speaking about everything. He told her whatever he wanted to from the time they met and he had come to realize how much he had to tell her. She had spoke when it was time for Zayn to leave, his visa expired after two months. She had told him she would miss him and Zayn had just smile. He hadn't told her about their relation. ‘she isn't ready yet,’ was his reply when Arnav inquired about the matter.

Mujh ko to teray cehray pay yeh gham nahi jajta...

Jaiz nahi lagta mujhay gham say tera rishta...

Sun meri guzarish isay chehray say hata day...

She had started speaking but had become extremely possessive of Arnav. She would get scared for not finding him beside herself.

“I feel like I will lose you again!” she had managed to reason her insecurities.

“I will never leave you again, no matter what.” he had assured even though he had known it was of no use.

Things were changing but slowly. She wasn't in RM, she was in her anonymous father’s house. All the family members had poured in to see her. She hadn't spoken with anyone. Anjali had come once to see Khushi and her Chotte. Brother and sister had been hiding from each other. Too broken to initiate any communication.

He just wanted to make sure Khushi was OK. The whole world could wait.

“Good Morning angel!” he kissed her forehead and smiled at her, khushi smiled back. “Slept well?” he asked helping her to get up.

“Yes!” she replied softly.

He gulped before he asked “Any nightmare?”

“No…” she put her head on his shoulder as he scooped her in his arms and started walking toward bathroom. “You were beside one can hurt me when you here.” he smiled and made her stand.

“You want to take shower or just freshen up a bit?” before she could reply his phone beeped. Khushi stopped him from cutting the call.

“Take it…”

“No, I. ..”

“You have to...please.” khushi pleaded. He has been neglecting his business for too long now. He attended the call after khushi gave him a weak smile.

Everything was alright, khushi told herself. three months and 3 days. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and met with the ghost of herself. Tired eyes, red nose from crying too much, bushy eyebrows, dark circles and she has lost weight, she just realized.

Why? Why was she still suffering? She looked down at her once soft hands, they were as skinny as the rest of her body.

She wanted to laugh.

She wanted to look beautiful, just like before.

She wanted to dance in rain.

She wanted to play with Lakshami.

She wanted to watch the sunset.

She wanted to laugh but how, she has forgotten.

She wanted to make love with Arnav but how, she has no idea. She was too scared to move on.

Fear. That stopped her from being happy, from trusting others, from being in love, from laughing wholeheartedly, from watching the sunset, from playing with her friend Lakshami, and from making love to Arnav. The man she loved even after everything.

Fear had stopped her in the past and it was hindering her again.

She has suffered before and was scared to suffer again.

But she has to fight fear and feel loved, she has to prevent suffering that fear brought with itself, she has to be brave enough to fight the darkness that came now and then to trouble her and she has to open up.

She gave a glance to her reflection.

“You can't hide. You have to come out.” and there it was a tear on her pale cheek, traveling down and fell on her hand. It was warm but why was she so cold inside?

She washed her face with luck warm water, brushed her teeth and left the room to see Arnav.

When she didn't find Arnav in their room, she walked out to see him in living room. He was in the kitchen, his back facing her and talking to someone in his typical ASR stye.

“Listen to me Aman, forget that there was Shyam Jha, he is dead in Lucknow in car accident. We were going to kill that man anyway so it's good he came handy before he died…” khushi felt her heart beat rising in her chest, she gasped for air and Arnav realized she was there. Seeing her so shocked and overwhelmed, he cut the call and rushed to support her fragile self. He took her to living room, made her sit on the edge of sofa, gave her water and sat beside her.

After fifteen minutes of thick silence, khushi broke it, “Remember we danced on my sister's wedding? I miss it…” Arnav took a deep breath, she was opening up. He looked in her eyes and got lost I those innocent eyes.

“I miss you…” he trailed off.

“Would you dance with me like that?” she asked softly and he chuckled.

“I am a bad dancer…” he Saud rather awkwardly.

“I will teach you...don't worry.” she carresed his one day old beard.

“Well…” he sighed, “I am in.” she smiled. He got up, turned the music on, thanks the music lover Zayn, they had it in here. He got on his knees and pulled out a hand in front of her and asked her with his eyes twinkling with thousands of beams of joy and overwhelming happiness, “Would you give me the as her to dance with you?” khushi took a deep breath and smiled. The smile that reached her eyes and made his heart flutter.


He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and Buried his face in her hairs. Their bodies moving slowly with the soft melody.

“You killed Shyam?” khushi asked all of a sudden making him stop at whatever he was doing. He broke away and looked in her eyes to see a glimpse of hate or disgust but she was crying. “Tell me the truth.” she wanted to clear her foggy doubts.

“I-” he bite his lip and took a deep breath, “I did.”

“You killed him for me?” she asked in disbelief.

“I did...He deserved that.”

“To killed him for me?” she repeatedly said that and cried. Flabbergasted by her sudden discovery.


“-Arnav you killed them for me…” it was as if she was talking to herself.

“Khushi.” he kissed her forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too…” she hugged him tightly. “you are my everything Arnav, I love you and I am so proud. I don't know and I don't care if people call me bad for this. You killed him that makes me happy. Am i bad for thinking that way!?”

“ deserved it.”

“I trust you Arnav…” she broke the hug and looked in his eyes, “I want you to know that…”

He hugged as tears made their way on his cheeks.

“I love you.” she said.

“I love you too!” he replied kissing her neck.

“Are we going to be alright?” she asked digging her fingers in his shoulders.

“We will!” he cupped her face and said “When you break I will hold you tight, when I break you will hold me back. That's how you move on khushi, by falling apart and falling together...”

Tuu her ghari her waqat meray sath raha hai...

Haan yeh jism kabhi door kabhi paas raha hai...

Jo bhi gham hain yeh teray unhain tu mera pata day...

Kuch Iss Terha. .. 

And they lived happily together.


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After fajer when I couldn't sleep. I wrote this chapter. If you are reading this have a nice day ahead :)

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May 31, 2017

Thank you all beautiful people (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 5 times)

Dear medians I hope you all are doing fine. 

RAMADAN MUBARAK to all who are fasting! 

Secondarily, THANK YOU ALL for being supportive and being so loyal to me. I swear I sometimes wonder why people even read my fictions. They have so many bloopers. 

Thank you all! 

New fictions are coming but slow updates :( 

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Basically my notes make no sense so I try to write no or small notes....

Love you all.

Ayesha :*

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