Arshi SS MAD LOVE *Completed*

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Sep 13, 2016

Arshi SS My Possession (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 93 times)


"I love the way you lie" he whispers in her ear, "You don't care if I stay or leave, do you?" Deep inside he wants the answer to be no.

Her eyes fill with fresh salty water, her lips quiver and her legs shaking due to intensity of the moment. Their bodies were pressing against each other. 

"I do" she says or to say whispers.

"I don't buy your words, Khushi" he grit his teeth.

"I do, trust me" she begs and he let out a sarcastic chuckle.

"Trust you?" His hold on her waist tightens, "Did you trust me?" He accuses angrily "How low I felt,  khushi, do you undrstand that?" She let out a silent sob that she was trying to hold back since she had arrived at airport.

"I am sorr-" he cuts her off, "Don't say that khushi" he whisper yell. 

"Please don't leave me" she begs, not looking up at him. He suddenly let go of her and starts walking away, she follows, running, tries to catch him.

"Please. .." She holds his hand in hers.

"I need some time, khushi" He say not turning around, his face expressionless and she is unable to understand him, as always, "If you really want our relationship to work, let me go" she looks in his eyes, "I need some space, you need too. I hope you'll respect my decision andwill not try to contact me for 2 weeks" she nods her head, absorbing every word, he Said. 

Maybe he is right, we need space. 

"I will miss you" she whispers looking at her feet.

He cups her face, "Me too" kisses her forehead, "Take care and don't cry a lot" she nods her head and hugs him, circles her arms around his torso.

He looks back at her once and gives a small smile and leaves. 

Their hands parts, so does their fate?


So prepare yourself for emotional rollar coaster :D don't forget to grab tissue papers, it's emotional and ugh dark ;-)  

So tell me shall I continue?  I know I have MANY fictions to write but you can't control your creative juices? 

Love you all :-) and Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating *hugs*' 

Oct 13, 2016

Arshi SS MAD LOVE :) next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 51 times)



"I had given up, I didn’t know who to trust, So I designed a shell, Kept me from heaven and hell, And I had hit a low, Was all I let myself know, Yeah I had locked my heart, I was imprisoned by dark..." SIA 

He is gone! she sighed. Walking dejectedly back to home not caring to look around. WHY JUST WHY? she asked herself a million times. he had always been supportive, why didn't i trust? It's been only few minutes he disappeared in the sea of people and she is already missing him. Wearing red salwar suit, she was looking stunning but she cared less about her look and the piece of stubborn hairs bothering her.  

She felt NUMB...

Can she go back to time and fix everything?

6 Months ago

Payash wedding

Khushi sat on the chair placed in terrace. her heart beating fast after having heated encounter with Shyam. She sighed heavily, its all messed up again. Remembering everything Shyam said made her cry even harder.

“...I love you khushi ji. Trust me or not but remember Arnav is just playing with you just like he played with Lavanya. You need to treat yourself better. He doesn't deserve you. Don’t trust me or love me I know i don’t worth your love but please don’t trust Arnav he will break it just like he did on Diwali”

He looked genuine his time.

She has been thinking about what he said from past 30 minutes. maybe he is right...  

why? why was her life such a mess? Always? Is it her fate? can she always blame on Devi Mayya? was it her fault? her heart trying to convince her to stay positive but her brain just kicked in harder this time, determined to prove her heart wrong!

“You are suffering because you trust other blindly” her brain reasoned and she fluttered her eyelashes.

“No, not everyone is bad…” her heart butted in.

“OH please! remember your father ditched your mother as well” her throat tightened at that thought, no its painful to remember the past. she closed her eyes shaking her head. “No, you can’t run away” faint voices echoing in her head.

“You can move on-”

“Haven’t she moved on once no so many times before but every time she was the only person crying holding her broken heart” her brain cut her heart off.

“No, people love you many of them” her heart stayed positive while her mind took the lead “Well khushi does good to everyone so they have to be nice to her. what do you think their love had gone when Payal’s first wedding broke?” she hated when her brain made more sense.

“Truth hurts bae” she heard her mind mocking.

why was she having another debate with herself?

“Because you are foolish and you trust others blindly” her mind didn't stay silent for a bit.  

“What should i do?”

“Trust no one”

Her mother's images flashed in front of her eyes...

“Trust no one”

Her growing up without father….

“Trust no one”

Arnav and shyam hurting her every time…

Everything went blank and she knew she has lost the battle. battle to her brain.

She will never trust nobody!  

Maybe SHYAM was right!

Her mother had suffered but she will not!

At the same time downstairs:

“Di, Uh khushi?” Arnav asked hesitate biting his lower lip nervously. he has been looking for her all over the place but no sign of her. He had something important to tell her.

“What is it Chotte?” His sister raised her eyes making him narrow his eyes at her frustratingly. can she ever be serious?

“Di” he whined like a kid scrunching his nose and she laughed out loud.

“Chotte, she must be in terrace”

“OK” Arnav said and started walking upstairs, grinning ear to ear.  

He scanned the whole area but no sign of her, he sighed frustrated. but then he saw a shadow with the corner of his eyes, narrowing his gaze doubtfully he started walking toward it and sighed again but this time relieved. khushi is here.   

he put his hand on her shoulder and she jerk it away startled. her eyes narrowing at him, its dark.

“Khushi relax” and as she realized it's him, her nerves calmed down. But she stayed still.

“Are you alright?” his voice soft filled with concern, she noticed but chose to ignore. People can lie very well!

“Why do you care?” he was taken aback by her sudden outburst “You are suppose to be with your brother” she rolled her eyes “He must be alone without you” his mouth parted in shock, this is not his khushi?

“Khushi…” is all he could utter, he stared at her trying to read her expression which were masked very well.

“I know my name” she Said sarcastically and it made him laugh a bit.

“I don't think you are the khushi” he hold her hand and caressed it “I know”

“Maybe you never tried to know her” she raised her eyebrow. He wasn't amused by her words, he was worried hell worried.

“Khushi, are you angry with me?” he asked thinking about every possibility that caused this sudden change in khushi.

“Who are you? Why would I get angry on you?” he stared at her face for few minutes, both stayed silent.

“I thought we were something” he said trying to come up with few great words.

“We are nothing” the way she said we are nothing made him look at her intensely.

“Are you sure?” he asked, looking deep into her eyes.

“Everybody hurts Arnav, everything hurts. Even if I try, there can never be something between us” her voice cracked a bit and he noticed that.

“But we haven't even tried khushi” he hold her hand and kissed her knuckles “I want to try” she pulled her hand away, painfully gulped a lump forming in her throat.

“But if I don't trust you” her voice cracking clearly showing that she is crying. He pulled her in his embrace not caring what she said. He made her sit in his lap, pulling her closer, he pressed kisses in her head. She needed warmness.

“I will make you trust me” he whispered in her ears. Tiredly she snuggled in his embrace.

“I am tired” she whispered broken.

“I know”

“No you don't” she protested “You don't know me”

“Then tell me about you” he insisted, caressing the back of her head. Her head resting on his shoulder.

“I can't”


“You will hurt me Arnav, I know you will” her words were somehow true but he shook his head, no she is wrong.

“I will not hurt you” he continued caressing her hairs.

“I know, you will” she repeated, hiccuping.

“Please stop crying khushi” he pleaded, he can't see her cry. He would love it if she would slap him or shout at him but no he can't see her cry. It's his weakness and he hated being weak.

She cried despite his pleadings. All of a sudden, her eyes shoot open and she pushed him away. Her eyes narrowed and she ran away leaving a very confused and perplexed Arnav behind.

He closed his eyes, why women are so complicated?


Life had broken my heart into pieces

You took my hand in yours

You started breaking down my walls

And you covered my heart in kisses ~ SIA


HEY you all :) hop you loved it ;) leave questions :*

Nov 7, 2016

Mad Love next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 33 times)

Chapter#2 (read the note below)


Song for the chapter: Drunk all summer by Zayn Malik ;) 

Right now I can't see straight, Intoxicated it's true, When I'm with you, I'm buzzing and I feel laced, I'm coming from a different phase,When I'm with you.~~~ZAYN 

Flash back continues

It's been 2 long day, he had not seen her. After Payal’s wedding there is no news of khushi. He is mad at himself, he felt like a desperate man trying to convince a girl to stay with him. But it all seems so complicated and messed up.

All his life, he always ignored girls even if they were always around him writing him love letters and stuff like that. He hated it till today but right now he wants all those letters from khushi, he want her her to look at him, talk to him, irritate him but all she did was ignore him whenever he was around. It hurts and if makes him realize that how all those girls have felt when he ignored them like this. Maybe she is shy? Or maybe she knew his sister's intentions? His mind filled with so many thoughts blurting his vision. He shook his head trying to clear his brain.

“Chotte…” he heard his sister and glanced at her before looking down at his fingers.

“I have a news for you” his sister smiled mischievously but he didn't see that.

“What is it?” Arnav asked uninterested.

“Its about khushi ji” he shot her a look and opened his mouth to say something but closed it again.

“I and Nani asked for khushi’s hand for you” the moment Anjali said that, Arnav felt a rush of overwhelming feeling. Did she say no? He wanted to know but didn't say.

“...She said yes…” Anjali said “I know we shouldn't have asked her hand without asking you but…” he didn't hear what Anjali was saying.

His eyes widen in shock, amazement and anger but it was soon replaced with happiness and a smile appeared on his handsome face.

“Did she really say yes?” he asked unsure remembering her unusual behaviour.

“Yes and” his sister sat beside him “Your wedding is in two weeks” Arnav just nodded not a word left from his mouth. It's f*king overwhelm situation.

“Are you happy?” his sister asked smiling.

“Yes I am!” he admitted softly.

“I am so happy……” his sister kept on ranting about so many things to be done and how happy she is but all he could think was about khushi. Is she really happy?

Suddenly, he was concerned.  

Khushi sat on the bed looking at all the clothes, jewelry and so many other things brought by Anjali. It doesn't make her happy, she isn't excited. She is disappointed. She is tired of all the **** happening around her. She doesn't want to get married,  not that she don't like Arnav. She loves him but her inner voice is telling her to stop. Stop moving in a relationship. She isn't ready.

Her parents had not bother to know what she want, all they care for is that Payal shouldn't suffer in Her in laws. They are ready to sacrifice khushi in order to keep good image in front of Raizada. They know She Will not be happy but they don't seem to care. Not that they hate Her but they love Her and are worried about Her future.

Truth is that, her parents are very simple and cultural. They think a girl’s future lies in Her in laws but after everything happened in past few months, she has known that you are alone, you gotta stay strong to survive and Arnav is Her weakness, she doesn't want that....

Her silence, her breaths, her heart, her every single fiber is pushing her away from everyone. Khushi feels like she isn't ready to share herself with anyone even if she loves that person. she needs herself more than anyone ever needed her.

she wants to continue her education. Be an independent woman.

Is she wrong in wanting the best for herself?  

Flashback ends.

Arnav closed his eyes, gripped the seat handle, his jaws clenched. He misses khushi. He suddenly felt tears brimming in his bright dark brown eyes. He felt emptiness creeping inside his ribcage, faster than it ever did. He felt guilty!

“Khushi…” he breathed out aloud. It's been 45 minutes and he already missing her like hell.

Khushi has always been with him, never have she ever cheat on him. She was always caring, trying to make him happy, she lost her happiness so many times. Let's be honest, from the time they met, how many times did he make her smile?

Hardly 2 or 3 times. Hell, he couldn't ever understand her mood swings like she did. She was a human being who chose not to trust a man aka him because this man named Arnav have always hurt her. And today he hurt her again. Tears blurring his vision. He hates crying but right now, he wanted every single tear to flow, his chest felt heavy, maybe crying can make him feel lighter and better.  

He felt suffocated.

After 8 hours and 10 minutes, he was in New land. A romantic beautiful city, London. He inhaled the fresh air exhale through mouth, letting his system feel fresh. He was standing in front of his black Porsche.  

Khushi, was the only person his mind. She was crying, is the only thing bothering him. He had left her all alone after whatever happened, he felt terrible!

Suddenly he closed the door of his car, turned to his heels and walked back in the airport.

“I need tickets for Delhi”

“Sure” said the woman, smiling.

“When is the next flight?”

“In two hours” he nodded, 10 hours and 10 more minutes, he will be with his girl, his khushi… he was somehow at peace now...  

But isn't it too late?


All I want to say is be patient with me.  i am rrying my bestvto update ad soon as i can. Secondly ask me question, it ssoehow helps me while writing next update  you guys are amazing! love you all <3 

DONT ever think I will run away leaving my fictions, no way I am not leaving you guys so soon ;)

Feb 18, 2017

Mad Love never part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 26 times)

Chapter 3

Dedicated to beautiful @Nandhuarshi sorry love I as on writer's block :( I hope y'all will like it too and give me some love :*


Khushi felt suffocated without him. She sat in the room silently as if she had lost everything. Why was she so sad? He said he would be back, then why her heart was longing to see him? She knew she loved him long ago, but was afraid to trust him because she was betrayed. She was afraid to lose herself again. She was afraid to be betrayed by Arnav whom she loved the most. But truth was that, she is and was insecure.

“You are pathetic, “ She told herself, wiping her tears off her cheeks.

“Are you crying with me?” she asked the idol of DM Whom she loved no matter what. “Why are silent? Talk” she burst in sobs again. Voices in her head mocking her.  

“Khushi ji…” hearing knock on the door, khushi wiped her tears quickly and ran to open the door.

“Di. Why did you come here? You could have called me,” khushi said with her eyes widen, genuinely concerned. Anjali smiled at her lovely sister in law and patted her head.

“I went to temple and came here to give you holy water.”

Khushi sighed in relief. Last thing she would want is to see her sister or sister in law in pain. They were her angels. No matter what, they were always there for her.  

“Thank you!” khushi smiled. Anjali shook her head and left to see her husband.

“Arrey!” Anjali interrupted Shyam who was busy on phone, “You are always working, no time for your wife here,” she grumbled.

Shyam, in a swift, held her hand and kissed it.

“Tonight,” he caressed her cheek softly, “Is for you my dear queen.”

Anjali blushed and they both sat down like a lovely couple and started chatting. If anything good happened to Shyam then it was his marriage. He loved Anjali for who she was. She never tried to seduce him or impress him. It was her genuineness that had attracted him. He had thought no woman could be as genuine as Anjali.

“There can never be someone as real as you are,” he had told her 2 years ago and she had laughed “DONT you see my brother?” she had challenged him that her brother had never pretended. He had clearly denied.

“No, he pretends to be cold when he isn't. And how do you call it real?” she had chose to stay silent because she knew her brother had lost his old self somewhere in dark dengoun and they were unable to reach it.

To change the subject she had asked “What if you found someone more geniun than me?” he had smirked “Impossible,” he had challenged confidently.

“And what if?” she had raised her eyebrow at him.

“I will make her pay for being better than you. Nobody can be Better than you my dear Rani Sahiba,” he had said with hidden determination as if sensing it Anjali had become worried and he had cleverly distracted her. With his charms!

And an year ago, he had seen someone better than his love, khushi. He always wondered, what was the relationship he shared with khushi? And he knew it was hate coated with love and obsession. He loved her realness and hated her for being better than his first love. 

He was obsessed with her because he was curious to see what was so good about her? Who was she? Why was she alive and not dead? He had, many a Times, regret saving her from goons that evening. He regretted wring a gentle-man. It would have been much easier for her to break if he had let those goons rape her.

But, he wouldn't let her leave in this house where his love existed.

He loved khushi but not more than he loved Anjali. And, he knew, as long as khushi was alive, he wouldn't be at peace. He didn't want to be the passenger of two ships. He wanted to destroy one to give himself completely to his first love. Who, he thought deserved all the love.

“I love you!” he said with all the tenderness.

“I love you too!” Anjali whispered breathless.

“I will destroy everything that would try to part us,” his voice showed madness and Anjali shuddered.

“Nobody would do that,” she said that assuring him.

“I know because no one can,” she sighed in relief hearing his soft voice again.

“When us sale sahab coming?” he sake casually.

“In a week,” Anjali pouted already missing her brother.

“Just more night and everything will be under control,” Shyam told himself while hearing his wife whining about his much she missed her btother. Not that he mind hearing her, but right now he gas to excuse himself.

“I will be back before 8,” he told her and left. As he left, khushi entered. 

“I am going to temple,” khushi told Anjali  And left to temple.

Her heart beating fast. Suddenly she stopped in living room and walked toward wireless and dialed Arnav’s number but he didn't picked. It was off. She left a message.

“Arnav ji, please come home soon, I miss you. And I want you to know that I love and I have always loved you. I was just insecure. Truth is that I am weak and I am not good enough to be loved Thats why everyone leave me. Even my father left me. Yes! I will tell you today why I didn't trust you. Because when my mother was pregnant, my father thought she was cheating on him and he abandoned us both. I was raised without a father. Bullied in my school, teased by people untill my mother died when I was 8 in an accident. The accident was because of me! I wanted to see my father and she was taking to his office. I am a curse. I don't deserve you but I wsntvyou to know that I love you and never ever forget that. Not matter what.” she kept the phone back on the table and took deep breath. She didn't know why but she said I all to him. In these 6 moths she had tried to make I with him but ever time she failed. But she wsnt regretting now. She was just afraid.

Danger was coming.

‘Indeed’ man standing in far corner rep lie to her thoughts mentally. He noted her weak points. They would help him in breaking her apart. His eyes darkened.

Khushi left for temple only to be harrased by men and Al she knew was that a man held her arm and closed her mouth. She was thrown in to the car, now sitting the floor.

Her eyes widened in anger, “Let me go,” she said. And Shyam smirked. Driver had started driving.

He held khushi’s hairs in his tight fist and slammed her head with the handle of car door. “Feels good, doesn't it?” she felt dizzy. Her head ached. She passed out without replying.

“Welcome to hell, khushi,” he mocked.  


Okay! After this update I will give few chapters with flashbacks including their past! Means 6 months :) I need to sleep Noel.

Mar 29, 2017

Mad Love never part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 30 times)

Chapter 4

                              "HALF A HEART"

Shyam stared at her unconscious self lying on the floor in dark room.

“DON'T let her run away.” shyam told his men.

“Do you really think she can run from here?” one of the guys spoke smirking.

“You don't know her, getting ride from her isn't easy.” he said bitterly “And when I tell you, you will leave her alone to die.”

They looked at him to continue “And no one will touch her anywhere,” he warned.


Yesterday love was such an easy game to play.

Now I need a place to hide away.

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Arnav walked out of airport, back in his city, Delhi. Where his love was. He was nervous. What would khushi say? Would she even be in RM? Would everything be alright? His mind drifted back to their marriage as he sat in his SUV and driver started the engine.

Khushi loved him but she was insecure more than she could handle. Everything was blank. From the moment she had put her feet in temple to marry him, her mind was racing in past. It was all too soon? Was it? She seemed confused. He had sensed it all. He knew it the moment he glanced in her beautiful eyes. She hadn't been that girl, who he had fallen in love with. He had thought it was because, she was sad for the fact that she will have to depart from her parents. And off course it would make her sad. But he had been wrong. She was sad because she was getting married to him. Not that she disliked him but she didn't trusted him. He was still stranger to her.

He had not known that until their first-wedding-night. He had tried to kiss her and she had rejected him. Not harshly but her being afraid of him had been painful. He had compromised. “It was okay. She was just nervous.” he had told himself. But it wasn't okay. He was wrong, this time too.

He had tried to be nice, tried to change himself for her. He had even changed his room’s setting so she would like it. All the thing he did for her seemed to be useless. She didn't respond to his affection. He didn't get a kiss for anything. Not that he wanted kisses. You know the kind of affections girls show to guys when they do something special for them. But in his case, the more he ran in her direction, to hold her, the more he found her farther from his reach. It was painful. He spent sleepless nights, wondering why we she so distant. But he got no answer.

He, after 1 month and 20 days, gathered his courage and confronted her. He had almost cried in front of her and she was silent for few minutes. But then she broke down. She cried. She didnt fake, she reacted genuinely.

“I don't seem to understand myself,” she had told him.

“I can help.” he had said hugging her.

“Nobody can” was her reply.

“I can, If you let me in,” he had begged to which she had shook her head vigorously.


“You will hurt me, I know,” she had said wiping her tears, breaking the hug.

“I won't, I promise.”

“No....You all break promises.”

“Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't,” I knew she trusted me for a minute. I knew, I saw in her eyes. As if she saw a familiar man in stranger's crowd. As if she heard him in all the noises in her head.  She had stared at him for minutes in silence.

“I want to try.”

She had tried. She had been happy. They both were. She had hold his hand and walked beside him on the beach in Goa. She had let him kiss her on her lips. She had blushed. She had told him, “It all feel like a dream.”

And he knew he was successful. At least for next 3 months, they both had looked at each other’s eyes and had talked. He had not touched her. He could wait. Her feelings were important.

It was good as it lasted.

Until khushi started receiving messages from unknown number. Unknown number told her, her husband was cheating on her. She had ignored them for 15 days, according to her. And she had told him, she received his photos with Lavanya and Sheetal kapoor.

She had not trusted him. Even after he had begged her to look at him. She had turned her face away.

“You broke the promise, Arnav Singh Raizada did.” she had accused him.  

He couldn't sleep for a month. She hadn't talked to him. He worked his butt off to find the person behind the fiasco but it as useless. Finally Lavanya came to rescue. It was Sheetal who had told khushi, they both were just friends.

She had trusted them but chose to ignore his please. It had broke his heart.

He wanted to get away from everything. He wanted to get away from the woman he loved. He knew she was regretting. She said, she was sorry but it was him who chose to ignore this time.

Now he was regretting too.

The car stopped so did his thoughts. He sat numb for a minute. Was khushi in? He wondered. Will she be happy?  

His whole world came crashing down, hearing that she wasn't home from afternoon and is nowhere to be found. She can't possibly run away? She said she would wait.

“Did you call her?” he asked his sister who was now shedding tears.

“She left her phone home.”

“Damn,” he without wasting another second left the house in search of his bride, who, according to his sister, wasn't in her parents house, too.  


Khushi opened her eyes only to met with darkness.

"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.

Now it looks as though they're here to stay.

Oh, I believe in yesterday."

“Good morning,” her frown deepened hearing his creepy voice.

The dark room smelled of death. Khushi shivered as the cold knife touched her neck. Was she going to die? Will he kill her? She will not see her lover again? It broke her heart. She couldn't fight. She was bound.

“Should I kill you?” he said smirking. Khushi said nothing. She was lost thinking about Arnav. “I will kill you, without using a weapon.”

“Why?” khushi asked frowning.

“You deserve it, you deserve all the hate and pain. Every single tear you shed is just.”

“You are pathetic.”

“I am what? Look who is saying!” Shyam said faking surprise “You are pathetic. That's why your husband left you.” khushi clutched the arms of the chair she was bound to. “He will not come here. He is tired of a b itch like you khushi. He doesn't care nor does he love you.”

“No you are lying.” khushi gritted her teeth.

“Didn't your father left your mother too?” khushi eyes widened. She sucked in air. “Arnav will leave you too.” he smirked “He already left you.” he chuckled making khushi angry. “You are just a loser, nobody wants you.” he said and for a moment khushi agreed with him. She was manipulated by his words but as he continued she knew he was tricking her. “Arnav is just like his father.” he leaned back on his chair “He has no heart.” khushi’s furrows deepened “His father cheated on his mother so don't you think he is like his father.” Arnav can never be like that, khushi knew that. She will never commit the same mistake again. Even if it means to die, she will. “His mother…”

“I know now shut up.” khushi angrily spit at him.

“Khushi…” he took a deep breath, “I love and hate you for who you are. But i assume my love to be hate. I am not going to kill you. The darkness will.” he left the room, khushi cried, tried to stop him. But she was left alone with darkness all around her.

She was going to lose herself she knew that but she tried. She still tried...



P.S. DONT cry already it has happy ending.

Apr 3, 2017

Mad Love never part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 12 times)

Warning: don't read it if you don't like sad stuff :)


Chapter 5


It's 11:30 pm.

“We are trying to find her Mr ASR” was all inspector said every time they contacted him. It seemed to Arnav that khushi has somewhere disappear in thin air. Or maybe she left him, a small whisper told him. But breaking a promise wasn't khushi’s nature, she wouldn't do that, ever.

“Maybe we should contact Lucknow police as well,” everyone in the living room looked in the direction of voice, Shyam. “You know maybe khushi ji-”

“Khushi can never go anywhere. And she wouldn't go without asking me.” Arnav gritted his teeth.

“But didn't she went few weeks ago to Lucknow without informing?” Shyam added slyly.

“Nope, she was angry back then. Situation was different. Khushi is emotional but not silly or weak to run away like that. The girl is brave as hell Jija ji”. Arnav added annoyed at Shyam’s predictions.

Shyam kept silent. When someone praised khushi, it burned him. Yes it did, because it arouse those soft feeling he tried to mask with hatred. And he didn't like it at all. And when Arnav said khushi was strong as hell, he had an urge to prove it all wrong. He did everything he could to do that.

“Rani Sahiba, I don't think you should sit too much. You are pregnant.” everyone sitting there asked Shyam to take Anjali with him and let her rest.

All the family disappeared one by one, hoping that khushi will be found soon. But Arnav stayed awake. He roamed all city in search of khushi. Every street, he even knocked people’s houses near the temple to inquir if khushi was there or they saw her somewhere near.

At 4 AM, after wandering every where in the city, he was back from where he started, the temple. He ended up crying for hours.

He was devastated, the fact that she was missing was painful. You don't know if she was dead or alive. If she ate or not. If she was alright or not. What if someone kidnapped her to take advantage or maybe she just left him...the thought was there but he chose to distrust it. He knew she wouldn't run away. She said she would wait.

Suddenly, he remembered his phone. It was switched off. He had switched it off so nobody would disturb. It was a bad idea, he now realized it. He opened the drawer in his car and switched on his phone. There were many calls and messages but one particular audio message caused him to stop scrolling. It was from landline. Only khushi or HP called him from that phone. He opened the message and heard it. And he knew he wouldn't be able to forgive himself if anything happened to khushi.  

“Arnav ji, please come home soon, I miss you. And I want you to know that I love and I have always loved you. I was just insecure. Truth is that I am weak and I am not good enough to be loved Thats why everyone leave me. Even my father left me. Yes! I will tell you today why I didn't trust you. Because when my mother was pregnant, my father thought she was cheating on him and he abandoned us both. I was raised without a father. Bullied in my school, teased by people until my mother died when I was 8 in an accident. The accident was because of me! I wanted to see my father and she was taking me to his office. I am a curse. I don't deserve you but I want you to know that I love you and never ever forget that. Not matter what.”

His heart broke…

He couldn't understand her pain. He heard it again and again until he was asked by people to move his car away.

After 1 week

Khushi was now released from ropes. She was locked in the same dark too and it didn't scare her anymore. She wished Arnav would come and save her. She had lost her weight. They serve her once in a day with food which was tasteless. But she didnt mind. She didn't want to die, shr wanted to leave. For the dat when Arnav will come and take her with him.

A part of her wanted to stay hungry and die while the other one would argue that there was light, she couldn't lose hope. She has to leave and she did.

Shyam didn't visit again. He left her on the mercy of those men. He didn't want anyone to doubt him. He was maniac. Crazy enough to let beasts destroy a girl who did no wrong to him. He didn't deserve to leave. He deserved the pain then why was not he hurt and she was?  

Days later....

Until she lost it all, she went blank. A man appointed by Shyam had his eyes on her and she didn't know what was happening until, pain shoot through her lower body. She was raped. Not once continuously.

The smiling girl was gone.

One morning after long painful nights, khushi woke up and remembered nothing. She was blank. She heard nothing, she felt nothing, she saw nothing.

The blackness was now her best friend, it kept the pain away. Not even her real love could do that. But darkness did. It managed to shut the pain away.

But it couldn't stop the voice from speaking to her, the voice that says: ’I love you,” the voice couldn't shut it off. The voice was too strong to go away.

“Wake up.” it would say and would stop the darkness from killing her.

It was the voice of the man with dark brown, sad eyes. She couldn't shut him off. She just couldn't.  

“What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know, goes away in the end.”


1 month later.

“...Zayn Malik is caught having **** with Kendall Jenner. Yes you heard it right. Their **** tape leaked on Saturday evening. Zayn Malik, the pillowtalk singer is said to have Been dating Gigi hadid since November 2016…” Mr Malik turned off the television in anger and turned to his son.

“What is it?” he was furious. Zayn knew that. He looked at his feel sitting on the chair in his father's office like he was a criminal. But he felt like a criminal.

“I am sorry,” Zayn whispered audible to his father.

“Sorry will not undo the damage, will it?” Zayn took a deep breath and made eye contact with his father and then look away.

“I believe, it will not,” he heard his father sigh.

“I just don't want to see you around here Zayn. I believe, you need space, you need to be away from all the drama here. DONT worry I will handle all the stuff here.” Zayn looked up in surprise. “You are my son,” his father continued, “I can't abandon you, can I?”

“I just don't understand how I end up in this position. I promise I didn't mean to hurt anyone, not you or Gigi or mom.”

“You will understand.” his father said and pulled out a package from beneath a pile of files arranged neatly on his table. He handed it to Zayn.

“What is it?” Zayn frowned and opened the package, he expressions changed from confused to surprise and he tried to protest but seeing his father expression he stopped and sighed again.

“Trust me once Zayn. I know you are big enough to know what is good or bad for you but I believe you need this time for yourself. And I also believe, going to India will brought positive changes with you”. Even if Zayn wanted to protest, he wouldn't be able to give a single reason why he is better off in London with his sisters and mom.

He must go away from New York City, where his father and Gigi lived and worked. He should, off course not show up in London, what would he tell his sisters that he had **** with a girl and recorded and forgot to discard it when he broke up with Kendall? And in LA he cannot go, it is full of Gigi and she has officially ended their relationship. She told him it was over even when he said he loved her with all his might. But it seemed to him the fault in his stars. So he has no option but to go back to where his great grandfather was born, INDIA.

He was coming to see what India could teach him, he sighed again and left his father’s office.

“If I could start again, a million miles away. I will keep myself, I would find a way.”  


“I hurt myself today, to see if I Still feel. I focus on the pain the only thing that's real. The needle tears a hole, the old familiar stink. Try to kill it all away , but i Remember everything.”

“Sir, we have, I think, found miss khushi.” the call made Arnav leave everything and run for his car. One month, and he had not still found her. He hated himself for that.

‘she is found.” he told himself. He has become weak and tired. He looked like he had not shaved in years. His eyes looks tired and sad. All he did was cry or wander every place he thought khushi would be there.

Every person in the whole city was interviewed. No one knew nothing. Police has closed the case. The detective were send every where in India but nothing was found. Khushi was reported dead but Arnav refused to believe it.

He knew she was alive. He felt her cries, he heard her muffle sounds. He felt her heartbeats.

“What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know, goes away in the end.”

“And you could have it all, my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt. I wear this crown of thorns upon my lairs chair. Full of broken thoughts, I cannot repair. Beneath the stains of time, the feelings disappear. You are someone else, I am still right here.”    




Apr 7, 2017

Mad Love never part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 24 times)

Chapter 6

                                        “Kerma is a b itch.”  

“Sir!” Arnav looked at the empty room with sheer anger. The room is empty. He glared at the man standing in front of him.

“She is not here!” he growled

“We have got our hands on men who were here, we can investigate them. I will call the police-”

“-No Aman. DON'T you dare do that. Police is of no use.”

“What are we going to do, then?” Aman asked surprised.

“Kill them. After investigating.”


“We are leaving.” Arnav walked out followed by his men. All of them were professional spy except Aman.

“9 miles to the west.” he ordered the driver. Aman sat beside him while others were in second car with 2 men bound together, following ASR’s car.

“ASR are you sure? I mean we are not sure if they really kidnapped khushi.”

“They said, she f*cking ran away, Aman. And I will kill every single person who I doubt have hurt my girl.” he looked in Aman’s eyes and said, “You can leave this place, Aman. I will not mind.”

Aman took a deep breath and said, “I am here, anyway. You are right, we cannot trust nobody here. Not even police.”

“I just wish she is alive.”

“I believe she is.”

The journey was silent after that. They reached in a deserted place. A white building looking like a house, stood in all its glory. They parked the cars and door was unlocked, they all entered in a big mansion. To kill men.

30 minutes before Arnav reached to the spot...


Zayn was on the road for hours after landing in New Delhi. He was lost. He should have hire a travel guide. But then he wanted his visit to be a secret. He didn't know, how his father managed to get him a passport but then it was his father with piles of money in his bank.  

There was this house his father owned and Zayn has been finding it for hours. Frustrated, he hit the steering wheel. From the corner of his eyes, he spotted a small house and a smile appeared on his face. He locked the car door, took his map and ran in the direction of house. It was small house with a little garden which seemed wrecked like it’s Gardner is no more interested in gardening. Zayn knocked the door but it was open. Like a gentleman, he knocked the door thrice but no response.

He pursue his lip and entered in. The room was lighten up and dirty. There was a room with bed and small sofa both placed opposite to each other. He walked past both and found a kitchen, very messed up. He saw a door. Not an ordinary door but a secret door.. His mother was an architecture  and she had once told him about how some people want secret doors in their houses and how they want the information to be a secret, too. So, he pushed the wall slightly to confirm his doubts but it didn't budge. He moved away, thinking it was not a door.

But a sound of something breaking caught his attention. He looked around. No one was there. It was just him in this small house and deserted place. He moved nearer to the wall and tried to hear the sound which continued to come from the other side of the wall. He pushed the door with all his might, twice and it did open. There were stairs that took him in a dark ba****t. A part of him struggling to get him out of the house but other one wasn't ready to give up.

It smelled gross but he didn't care. Too curious to worry about anything around him. He opened the torch of his mobile and stood frozen for good minutes. His eyes widen, mouth open and hands shivering. His mind worked its way to wake him up from what seemed like numbness.

There was a girl in tattered clothes, and struggling with chains on her hands. He walked closer to her, he saw her face and found her sleeping. She was dreaming. And in her nightmare struggling. He didn't think twice. He scooped her in his arms threw her on his shoulder and carried her upstairs. He ran as fast as he could. He almost fell on the stairs. Running in the direction of his car, he held her tightly. He felt an ache in his heart. Before he knew, he was crying.

Lying her on the backseat of his car, he stared at her for a second or too and drove away. Not knowing where he was going. He drove faster than he ever did until he was far away from the house he has fetched her. He stopped the car, wiped his tears and took a deep breath. The raod was empty. He called his father.

“Dad!” he said as soon as Mr Malik picked the call.

“Zayn, how are you? Did you find the house?”

“No, I…” should he tell his father that he found a half-dead girl? Would he understand?

“Zayn, I am so sorry my son, I gave you the wrong address. I am messaging you the real address.”

“Okay.” is all Zayn could say.

“Don't get into trouble! I am warning you Zayn. If, for next two month, I hear any new news about you, I will not forgive you. It's not just me warning you, it's mine and your mother's mutual decision. Enough of your childish behavior. Now grow up.” before cutting the call, he said, “It's your test Zayn, if you didn't pass it forget that you have parents.”

Zayn sighed. He glanced at the girl in green dress which was half torn and dirty. His phone beeped. He followed what the message said and was soon in front of a huge place bordered by walls higher than his height. He rolled his eyes. He opened the door and received another message stating no servant was available, he was suppose to take care of himself on his own. He threw the phone in his pocket too tired to worry about stuff. His mind was filled with picture of the girl in green.

Once inside, he unlocked the door of his car and took khushi inside the house. The house was of medium size with huge garden. He liked it. He liked small houses with big garden. More place to chill.

He found that the girl was extremely beautiful under the piles of dirt that had hidden her skin for too long. He also found that she was ****ually abused and might as well need a physician. Once done with cleaning her, he dressed her with whatever he found in wardrobe, a bathrobe belonging to a man. It hung on her skinny self. He didn't mind. He laid her down on the bed and stared at her face for minutes. Something clicked in his mind.

He walked out of the bedroom and came back with his huge suitcase. He opened, took out his MacBook bag and settled on the rocking chair placed in a corner. He started searching for a doctor. After 2 hours, he found one, he thought he could trust. She was Aiman Sheikh, gynecologist.

He called her and bite his lip, impatiently.

“Hello, it's Hanna, how may I help?”

“I need to,” he cleared his throat, “to talk to miss Aiman Shiekh.” he stood up and started pacing the length of the big room.

“Sir, could you wait for a minute please-” he didn't hear further and mouthed “-Okay.”

After 3 minutes, (he has been counting time) he heard someone shuffling, “Yes, it's Aiman.” his heart beat rose.

“I need you!” Zayn blurted nervously.

“Excuse me?” came a sharp reply.

“I mean, could you please come and visit a patient?”

“Don't you know how to speak Hindi or Urdu?”

“No i am not Indian. Could you please come and see her?”

“Who are you?”

“You can interview me once you are here miss!” Zayn said irritated.

“Okay.” said the woman and asked him to send the address. She called back.

“Do you live in jungle? I am not coming to see you Mr whoever you are. Not in a jungle. Bring the patient here,” It took fifteen minutes to convince the woman and off course he didn't reveal about khushi and how serious the problem was. ‘not everyone need to know everything,’ he remembered his father's one of many sayings.

She agreed.


“I don't know sir,” the guys didn't said a word about the girl or for whom they worked.

“Sir they are professional kidnappers, they are lying.” said one of the spy.

“Beat them but don't let them die. Sometimes, you have to squeeze hard to get what you want.” the beating has immediately started. He stood their watching them, he was 100 percent sure that they had information. His gut feelings were not lying, even If the men were.  

“You still have time,” Arnav said in cold merciless voice. Both men, injured to Death looked at each other and finally said, “Would you let us go if we tell the truth?”

“Sure.” Aman lied because he knew Arnav wouldn't. He would kill them, that was the plan.

“We kidnapped a girl named Khushi.” the moment one of then said that, Arnav tried to get up but Aman held him back and told him if they wanted full information, they have to pretend that they were trustable. Arnav took a deep breath. Like a volcano, he would erupt and kill everyone who came in his way.

“Who do you do it for?”

The guys looked reluctant but one’s life is one’s first priority. “You know the famous lawyer? Shyam....Shyam jha.”

“What did you just say?” Arnav said in dangerously low voice.

“We work for him.” said the other one.

“Tell us everything, if you wish to live, don't forget you have families living somewhere far away.” said one of the spy.

The guys looked at each other and narrated everything from A-Z.

Arnav felt needles picking his heart, his breaths uneven, hands sweating, his heartbeat rose to a point that he gasped for air.

“ASR, you can't give up, stay strong. We still need information.” Arnav nodded his head and blinked away the tears. It was all done by someone he trusted so much, someone eating and living under his roof. Someone living luxurious life with his money tried to, no successfully ruined his beloved. He hated himself for that too.

“She can't possibly run from the place herself.”

“A man took her away. He somehow find out the secret door and took her away while we were away for lunch.”

“Do you recognize the man? His car number?” asked Aman

“No we don't remember the car number. He was young and skinny, looked like boy of 18 or 19. He had tattoos. I saw him from far. Tried to chase him but you got us before that.” Arnav closed his eyes, they ached. He had not slept for days. Now hearing all this didn't help but increased the rage and pain in his heart. “His hair were green. He was near to his car when we saw him. He took her away as if he sensed us.” Arnav sighed frustrated. She was there and he still couldn't see her. He was cursed, real bad luck for Khushi.

“ASR, we will find her.” Aman said “The guy must be witty enough to spot a secret door, we have to work Hard to find him as well.”

“I need Shyam here. It's high time he answer and pay for what he did. Send a team to search that guy, he is talking about,” Arnav said in perfect ASR’s tone. Shyam would die worst death than anyone can imagine. He swore on his khushi. “We will kill them with their boss.” both men shivered and gasps I surprise.

“You said…” they were left alone… no one to hear their pleas. Just like Khushi had begged, they were begging too. Karma is a b itch...


Plot twist: Zayn is khushi's blood brother :D

Apr 17, 2017

Mad Love never part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 20 times)

Chapter 7

Raizada Mansion


Everyone was pretty sure that khushi has died and to form the foundation of the concept, Shyam would often add his sly comments. Today was a different day. It's been raining from morning and Anjali was worried for Arnav. He hasn't come home for a day now. Yesterday he left for office and according to Aman, he has been working on new project day and night. But being a very protective sister, she has been calling him now for hours. But he is her brother, just as stubborn as she was.

“He is not picking up the calls!” Anjali broke down as she enters in living room where everyone was drinking tea. Shyam was sitting in the far corner talking to mami, looked at her.

“He must be busy, you shouldn't worry this much in such state.” Shyam said sweetly.

“He is right, Arnav will be home soon. He does this all the time since khushi bit-” she cut her sentence in between. Nobody in the house still said that out aloud. It was too painful to pronounce so openly. “I just wish things will change…” she sighed.

Anjali sat beside her grandma and picked up the wireless phone to call her brother in hope that he would pick up.

“Hello…” Anjali gasped, it was a surprise.

“Where are you and why are you not picking up your phone? How are you? Do you even know how worried i am for you? Have you took medicine? Have you ste something? Chotte I am talking to you!”

“Di!” Arnav said in a tone that Anjali could not reply. He was crying.

“Where are you?” she asked instead of inquiring about ‘why’ and ‘how’.

“In office,” he said trying to get his voice straight. Anjali kept the phone where it belonged and got up to leave.

“Where are you going Rani Sahiba?” Shyam asked followed by everyone .

“I will take the driver, don't worry.” Anjali replied as she saw Shyam trying to follow her.

“But-” Nani tried to Stop her.

“-I can take care of myself!” Anjali ended the conversation and when Shyam tried to say something, he was interrupted by phone call. And Anjali left.

Shyam left soon after Anjali. He was urgently called by his men that they were in a big trouble.

“Chotte…” Anjali hugged Arnav as soon as she entered in the room of his big house which she has not seen before. He was sitting on the recliner.  

“I-” he couldn't utter a word.

“Shh” she stroked his back “It's okay!”

After fifteen minutes when Arnav found his voice back after a huge emotional breakdown, he said, “She is alive!”

“What?” Anjali exclaimed rather loudly.

“Someone kidnapped her and…” he couldn't complete without chocking. He was vulnerable.

“Where is she!?”

“I don't know!” he looked up at her and Anjali felt shiver in her body, his eyes were red from crying and she could do nothing to decrease the pain in his heart. She felt unworthy today. So helpless.

“Can I do something for you? Can I take the pain away somehow? I will! Just tell me,” she was now sobbing.

He hugged his sister tightly and whispered in her hairs, “Just trust me”.

“I trust you more than I trust anyone, Arnav”.

“More than Shyam?” he asked breaking the hug. He needed assurance. She was pregnant and he couldn't hurt her.

She nodded, “More than I trust him! You are my only real family. Every relation has weakness somewhere but with you everything is perfectly balanced. With you, i have no insecurity. He makes me happy and you make my world perfect”. He was flabbergasted. He thought she must have start loving Shyam more. He was low-key and insecure.

“There is something you need to know…” he narrated everything from A to Z about what happened in past 1 month after khushi was kidnapped.

“Chotte, are you sure? Anjali said wiping her tears after hearing her chote's painful narration.

“Di, calm down! You trust me, don't you?” he asked alarmed.

“Where is he, now?” Arnav looked away. “Chotte”.

“Wasn't he home when you came?”

“He was and I am sure, he isn't now”. Arnav looked at her, he had no idea that his sister could be that smart.

“In the ba****t”.

“I need to see him!”

“But Di-”

“-don't you trust me?” he was silent for few seconds.

“Okay!” he said and got up to face it.

When they went in ba****t, Shyam was tied to the chair along with two men beaten black and blue but Shyam wasn't touched by nobody. Not yet!

Shyam lost his colors as he saw Anjali standing in front of him and instantly knew Arnav have told her everything.


“-Is it all true?” she asked in cold voice as if confirming her doubts.

“No, you have to hear me”.

“And what is that you want me to hear?” she folded her arms in her chest, Arnav, Aman and the others stood behind her like a wall showing Shyam that he can't run away. Not this time.

“I love you!” he said so sincerely that Anjali would have given up if not for the bitter things she has heard from her brother. And she knew Arnav didn't lie.

“I love you too! But-” she paused


“You lied to me, you cheated on me. You hurt an innocent person. I don't know how bad I feel, Shyam. I am your wife, a monster’s”.


“-I love you but it's time for you to pay for the sins and cry a river”. She moved away and he kept on saying stuff that she didn't hear. “It's time for you to cry a river. Pay for all the sins. I will tell my daughter her father was a criminal and died paying for his sins. And I will not raise a fool like me. I will raise a Khushi ji”. She exited the room and sobbed. She sat on the stairs and cried. So what if he was a bad man and all that stuff, she loved him with all her might and might not love any other man like she love him. And she just left him to die. But she didn't feel guilty.

She touched her stomach and felt her baby’s heartbeat. She knew, her child was crying too. She understood her mother's pain and it somehow made her feel good. 


Zayn’s house

“What's wrong?” Zayn asked once doctor was out of bedroom where khushi laid. He was genuinely worried.

“Who are you?” doctor Aiman asked sternly, “How did you get the girl? What have you done to her?” Zayn’s eyes widened hearing the accusations.

“Wait, woman!” he exclaimed surprised. “I am Zayn Malik,” he took a deep breath and threw his head back just to calm himself down, “I found her in a secret ba****t while I was finding my father’s house! I don't know her! Who is she, I don't know. I am-” he bite his lip and continued, “I am a brother of three sisters! Does it suit me to leave a broken angel like that?”

Aiman stared at his face for a moment then said, “You can leak your girlfriend -ex girlfriend’s **** tape.” she raised her eyebrows “And you want me to trust you? And if you found this girl then why not complained to police station?”

“You are right. I am not trustworthy, off course but you can't judge me upon what media says about me! And my parents will abandon me if I made any headline for next 2 months”. he trailed off, “How is she?” he asked again hoping to get a positive response.

“I want to talk to your girlfriend. Or I am leaking this news. I don't trust you man. You have a bad reputation and it's about a rape victim. The girl has escaped from the very throat of death. In this case, you are the only bad guy and police will not mind taking you in custody.”

“We broke up!” he said in low voice.

“Still, I insist.”

Zayn sighed, he took his mobile out of pant pocket and opened contact list, there was “Gee” in the contacts. He clicked on the name and he suddenly felt nervous. He bite his lip, glanced at Aiman. She sighed.

“Give me her number, I will call her,  but Zayn had already clicked on “call” icon. He took a deep breath. It's been a week, he has heard her beautiful voice and he was afraid she wouldn't want to hear his voice.

“Hello…” his heartbeat rose and he took a deep breath. He looked at Aiman.

“Hi!” he replied softly.

“ZAYN… SO NOW YOU ARE SPYING ME?” she exploded and Zayn closed his eyes.

“I need you,” he said with softest tone he had ever used.

“Zayn…” she spoke softly.

“Someone wants to talk to you.” he handed the phone to Aiman.

“Hello!” Aiman said cheerfully. Zayn looked at the closed door, he wanted to see the girl. She was fragile. He glanced at Aiman and started walking in the direction of the door. He opened the door and walked near to her bed. He didn't dare to touch her. She seemed so peaceful and it felt like a sin to touch and disturb such peaceful beauty. He gulped down the lump formed in his throat. He has never been so emotional in his 24 years old life.

He kept on staring at her and thinking about all the possible ways he could handle the situation without hurting her in any way. He wasn't afraid to make a headline, he knew his mother loved him. She would never abandon him but still he was scared. Scared that he might not be able to protect her if media got involved. Police might not be able to serve the propose. Moreover he had  very bad experiences with police.

“Listen, man!” he turned to Aiman and she handed him phone. “She told me you are good man but can't keep your ass out of trouble. So I have decided something”.

“You wanted to talk to my girlfriend, now what?” he furrowed his brows irritated. Why people were so irrational sometimes? Why do they always need fact and proofs to trust people?

“You call her here in India”.

“Impossible!” Zayn shook his head.

“Who will take care of the girl, even if I believe you are good man? I have a family to take care of, Zayn I know it's not easy…”

“Cut the ****! You don't trust me”.

“Yeah! I don't.” she confessed. “Have you look at the girl, you can't blame me for not trusting you. Call your mother or your girlfriend or your sister. I want a female in this house. A woman understands a woman.”

“I will call Gigi. But if she denied, we will have to accept the situation without any condition”.

Aiman left telling khushi was in deep unconscious state probably because of unavailability of sunlight and gentle human touch. She had locked herself up and she might not talk or talk little after waking up. She has no major damage or any injury. She was just in deep pain which had lead her to blackness but she wasn't completely out. She may wake up in few hours but she must feel a gentle humanly touch and contact.

She would be alright, there was hope.


May 15, 2017

Mad Love second last part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 8

Dear GIGI,

I know you hate me and you have every right to get mad at me but someone needs your help. I am inviting you to come in Delhi and help khushi.  I can't take care of her alone. She is afraid of men. She has been hurt so much...I hope you understand what I said and come to India, privately.


He closed his eyes and pressed the send Button. He just hoped she will check her email soon. Or he had to take care of khushi himself. He was afraid himself, what if he hurt her?

“It's alright khushi, it's alright!”

Khushi heard his voice, her only hope. Her love. Call it cheesy but when you have no light in your eyes, you just think about how light would look like and in her life, Arnav was the only light. and she just thought about him all the time.

She stirred and Zayn ran in her direction. “Hush…” he said as softly as he could.

Khushi opened her eyes and met with warm brown eyes. For a moment her passive conscious went to his eyes… “Arnav…” she whispered.

“What?” she flinched hearing stranger's voice. Fear passed through her body. Was she still in there? Were the animals still after her? She had no idea...she felt his fingers on her cheeks and shook her head violently and Zayn understood she was afraid. He pulled his hands back and cleared his throat. For minutes he sat in silence, wondering what to say. Then he remembered Aiman’s words.

“I a-am Z-Zayn…” he said swallowing bile. She stayed silent. “I found you in the ba****t in the forest….I...I...I don't know who you are and what is your name. Who did tha-” he hesitated way too much, “who hurt you like that but...I want am not...gonna…” she was silent, not really buying his words, somehow Zayn knew that. “I have three sisters…” he said involuntarily.  Khushi frowned. “I would never hurt you...because then someone else would hurt them too.”

Khushi was quiet. She understood he was not Indian.

“What did you say earlier?” he asked but khushi didn't reply not for few minutes.

“Lucknow. I want to go there.” her voice fragile, tired and worn out.

“What is Lucknow?” he asked dumbly.

“Who are you?”

“I just told you that…” khushi bite her lower lip trying to remember.


“Its Zayn and doctor would come in the morning to see you. And my ex girlfriend is on the way. Thank heaven…” he kept on talking but khushi didn't paid much attention. She was busy trying to remember what happened to her, What happened to Arnav. Was he safe? Did Shyam hurt him too?

“Zayn…” she interrupted his chatter, “Do you know ASR?” she asked with all the energy she could find in her body. Thinking has tired her.

“Uhh...I think yes...why? Did he hurt you? Was he…” khushi cut him off by shooking her head.

“What do you know about him?”

“I….wait...” he got up and walked to the table, grabbed the magazine which Aiman brought when she brought grocery for them. He has to thank her for that, it was entertaining magezine tho. “Here, this guy, ASR has lost market shares because he is kinda distracted… Nobody knows why...I mean the guy had monopoly in garments not just in India but everywhere he goes but he seems to have lost his charm...that happens. ..sometimes people just don't. ..”

“Is he alright?”

“Yeah...he is alright but his business is not…” he looked at her asked hesitating a bit, he was just trying to make her comfortable and he was dumb when it was all about a woman. He thought they were complicated and he couldn't just say a word wrong and upset. Not after what she has been through. “Who is he to you?”

“My husband.”

“WHAT?” he said and khushi gasped in fear. “Okay I am sorry but I mean...okay should I contact him?” Zayn asked glad that she wasn't at least abandoned and he had read that there was some problem in ASR life. His wife got lost, and he is searching for her. Off course he hid it from her. Not to complicate the talk.

“No...not yet...would you help me find something?”

“Sure,” he said instantly not thinking a lot. He has disappointed so many people in his life and he didn't want to disappoint her. Maybe he will feel less miserable if he helped her.

“Lucknow is the city where I was born. It's far away from here.”

“GPS can help, i guess or Aimen can…My father was born there too, I remember!” he shrugged his shoulder. “Maybe you shouldn't rush things. We can wait until-”

“-I don't trust time, not's cruel. It's no ones.” her eyes started watering.

“You should sleep...we will talk in the morning.” he smiled at her warmly. Khushi sighed, as much as she wanted Arnav, she wanted to embrace her past the way she never did before. She wanted to bury all the insecurities where they were born. Too tired to think, she fell asleep. A bit peace.

“Don't worry! I Will chase the devil away if he tried to touch you!” she smiled hearing him. her mother would tell her when she was little girl. it was beautiful time.


Zayn was preparing breakfast when his phone beeped.

GI <3 Calling..


“Hi…” he managed to say.

“How us she? Is she awake? What did doctor say? Zayn! Zayn are you there?” he heard her concerned voice and felt guilty for hurting such beautiful soul.

“She is...better. you coming?”

“Send address to Ali, I am on the airport.”


“I am doing this for her, Zayn not you!” he was happy. He as proud to fall in love with someone so pure.

He kept the phone on the table. The doorbell rang and it was doctor Aiman.

“How is she?” he told her everything from last night.

Aiman examined khushi and asked some questions.

“Zayn you can't take her to Lucknow.”

“why there are so many NOs in your dictionary?” said zayn, irritated.

“Because I have a brain and that helps me prevent trouble. According to your ex, you are trouble’s best friend.” sassed Aiman smartly,”Call ASR.”

“What?” Zayn cried, “She doesn't want-’”

“-Does she even know what she want?”

“Yes,..I believe, she does!”

“What you believe, doesn't matter Zayn. Call ASR!”




“Zayn, I am going to call media here.” she threatened him.

“Go on I don't care.” he said angrily. He felt a strong urge to protect khushi from everyone.

“Zayn…” she said seeing him not budging. “You can't travel cities, where is your driver licence?”

“I have one, my dad got for me.”

“And what If police saw you with an ill girl. It's India not LA, Zayn.”

“I don't care.”

“They would inquire, eventually, you will be exposed but with you khushi will be exposed too. And she isn't in the condition to face all the ****, that would follow.” she explained tiredly.

“I...can we wait for Gigi?” he said not agreeing with her. He promised khushi. And he will fulfil it.


All day he spent thinking about all the possibilities to escape Delhi to Lucknow. But an urge to meet Arnav was there. He wanted to see the man who was so careless to let his wife get hurt so badly. He knew he has no right to judge Arnav, after all he has messed up so many times too. But what happened to khushi wasn't something to ignore or be forgotten easily. Moreover, he wanted to make sure, Arnav was a good guy and he wasn't behind all this ****. If he was, then Zayn will drag him to the court. He will make sure he suffered.

But if he was a good man, he will ask for help.

Gigi was there after meeting khushi who was asleep, she was sitting beside Zayn listening to what he had to say about khushi. She sighed.

“We should see ASR.” she concluded.

“I...I don't trust him. You know. I don't know what to say.”

“Its okay, Zayn. He has the right to know. And maybe he is a good man.”

“But I promised her…”

“We are doing this for her safety Zayn. We care for her.” she said holding his hand. He nodded. They sat for minutes on the sofa, in the living, silently. He looked in her eyes.

“I didn't release the tape…”

“I know…”

“Then, why-”

“-I am mad at you for being careless, for being way too naive, Zayn.” she said louder than earlier, “I'm not here to talk about us, anyway.” she withdrew her hand and looked away from him.

“I am sorry.”

“Call Arnav.”

“I couldn't get his number, it's confidential. It's landline number.”

“Go on.” she encouraged him.

He called.

After two bells, he heard a man’s voice, he spoke Hindi. Which Zayn couldn't understand. How he wished Aiman was here. He cut the call and looked at Gigi. “I didn't understand what he said.” Gigi sighed.

“Try again, disadvantages of being anti-social.” she rolled her eyes and Zayn ignored the tantrum.

“Hello!” he heard a female voice this time.

“Hi!” he said and cleared his throat. Gigi kept on giving thumbs up. And assured him through eyes.


“G?” Zayn asked stupidly.

“Who are you?” the woman asked in Hindi.

“I am Zayn, can I talk to ASR, please?“

“He is sleeping. Call later.” said Anjali sharply. Her brother needed sleep not people bothering him.

“Please, madam, it's important.” Zayn pleaded.

“What is so important? Tell me?”

“I can't. Can you give phone to ASR?” Zayn asked a bit irritated.

“No…” and she slammed the receiver on the telephone.

He looked at Gigi and they both sighed.

“Call again…” Gigi said and Zayn was about to call when she interrupted. “Zayn, you have laptop?” he nodded in yes, “We should ask Google who is ASR!”

And they did.

“Type ASR.”

“Its showing so much…”

“Type, ASR fashion designer, India.”

“Here!” he cried.

“He is quite handsome.” Gigi beamed at his photo and Zayn instinctively closed the tab. He opened Wikipedia page and started reading aloud.

“You would wake her up. She needs sleep.” Gigi hushed Zayn. Sat closer to him.

“Here is the address.” he whispered.

“He seems a good guy.”

“But we can't trust his looks…” Zayn said partly jealous this time.


“-look.” Zayn became serious. “There is no record of him married.” he furrows his brows. “How can we trust a man who didn't reveal his marriage to the world?”

“Maybe khushi wanted that.”

“No, Gigi, you don't get it.” he kept the laptop away, “Truth is that, I want her to decide when she wants to meet him. I don't want to force anything. She has suffered a lot, lately.”

“I understand.” she wanted to tell Zayn that he was too good to live in this world and she was sorry to let him go but stayed silent. Maybe that was better for both.

“We should leave now, my car has GPS and I have got my hands on a map.” he got up. “Can you wake khushi?”

“I can't go like this in public. And I am making khushi wear my clothes but we still need shawls to cover our faces.”

“In the room next to mine, there is a closet. You may find something there.”

After few minutes. Gigi and Zayn, holding khushi who was weak, were walking out of the house. They settled khushi in backseat.

“Zayn…” Gigi called him when he was about to sit in driver’s seat. “I found this in the closet.” she handed him a picture and sat with khushi. Zayn stared at the old photo of his father with a woman, he seemed to know. She was awfully familiar to khushi. It made him uncomfortable. He put the photo in his pocket and drove away.



“ARNAV…” He jerked his head and sat up straight. Another nightmare. He laid back sweating heavily. She was alright, he told himself. His heart still felt her sighs, she can't die. He was sure. He knew the the feelings of emptiness but he didn't feel empty. He heard her voices, he heard her cries. He had not slept a night for weeks, the thick red lines in his eyes were the proof.

Arnav sighed, 9 p.m. “It's alright khushi, it's alright!”

Damn he has slept too much. 

“Arnav Bhai…” HP called him.

“Yeah…” he said without opening his eyes.

“Someone called to talk to you in the said to inform you...but Anjali di cut the call and asked me not to tell you until you are awake and well…”

“What the!” Arnav sat up, “Who was?”

“I don't know. ..Anjali di reci-” Arnav didn't hear him furthur. He marched outside his room, to living room.

“What the hell ? How could you not wake me ? It must be important. Who called me?” he came face to face with his sister.

“Your health is more important.”

“Di, stop interfering in my f*cking life!” everyone sitting in the living room gasped. Arnav vhecked the phone, got the number and called Aman.

“I need information about this number.” he called but nobody responded.

He needed to track the number to see who it was.

It was Zayn.



May 22, 2017

Mad Love (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 36 times)



Chapter 9

“Chotte, stop. You aren't going anywhere!” Anjali pulled his sleeve, trying to stop him from leaving. “Stop chasing the dead!” it angered him.

“She isn't DEAD!”

“Stop being so delusional. She IS dead.” he didn't want to waste his time arguing with his sister. He was desperate to see who it was on the phone a few hours ago. Maybe he know where she is!


“Di stop! I am not a kid. I know what I am doing.” he freed his arm and walked away followed by Anjali. “I want my brother to be back. I am fed up with you chasing khushi. It's over. She is dead. Stop it...just stop this **** here. Move on! That's what you do for the people you love! You love us don't you? Move on, for us! Please…” he shook his head hearing her little speech.

“Leave me alone…”


“-Stop! Know what? You are the sole reason of all this mess. He did this all because of you. He did this because he was f*cking jealous. I hate everyone who is the reason of khushi’s pain and I hate you too. I hate you for choosing him even after my denial, I hate you for being so blind in love and I hate you for bringing khushi in my life and ruining her life like that… you understand if I wasn't there, there would be no shyam in khushi’s life and she would have been happy?” he shook his head, Anjali stood dumbfounded. “I hate you and I hate mom too. I hate everything about myself I hate everything about you and I hate khushi’s father too. Maybe dad wasn't wrong after all. Blind people do deserve to be deceived.” he left and Anjali didn't stop him, too surprised to move.

“Aman...who is he/she?” Arnav asked once outside the car. They were outside his mansion where they kept men.

“Hollywood celebrity, Zayn Malik!” Aman said amused.

“What the! Who is he?”

“Ask my wife,” he rolled his eyes and continued, “English singer, once upon a time was a part of the band, now is solo. His debut album MIND OF MINE topped the charts-”

“-Shut up Aman! I mean why would he call me?”

“Well, we have to track his number for that.” he said, “He isn't responding to my calls.”


For hours, they drove in the streets in Lucknow, luckily still not exposed. They finally reached what looked like an old worn out building. Zayn gave a disgusting look.

“Don't tell me we are going in there!” khushi nodded her head at his inquiry. She has been sleeping during the journey, medicine affect!

“Stop being such a diva Zayn,” Gigi laughed seeing zayn’s expressions.

“You can stay here if you want.” Khushi said in low voice. She was too weak to even speak. Thinking, talking, laughing, and everything except sleep exhausted her. She needed strength not just physical, emotional strength.

“Nope, I will come with you!” Zayn Said and trio moved into the building. People’s eyes followed them till they were in front of the door of old apartment. And they realize, they have no keys. Gigi moved closer to the lock, examined it and used her hair pin to unlock it.

“WAOW, who taught you that?” Zayn asked surprised.

“I am a college graduate mister Zayn.” khushi smiled at her reply. She was kind enough to let her sleep on her shoulder. She suddenly felt like crying. Everything that happened from childhood to a minute ago was back. Every bad thing was there.

“Hey! You okay?” Zayn held her shoulders. Gigi opened the door and they were now walking into the dark and dusty, small corridor which led then to the living room, filled with old, broken furniture. Zayn coughed.

Khushi looked at the only room that the apartment had and pointed toward it. They took her there. Khushi let tears flow freely. “It hurts,” she whispered.

“Time will heal it all, khushi. But,” Zayn held her hand softly and continued, “You have to embrace it all, whatever it is and then let time help you move on.”

“I am afraid!” she cried, standing in front the stilled, old, white door which was now off white with brown patches scattered randomly.

“Fear is for the brave! How you know what is fear unless you have confronted with something dangerously painful? And survived all the ****ty storms that were thrown upon you to break you? You survived, you are alive and it means you won, dear. You did!” she snuggled in his arm and sighed.

“Thank you!” she sobbed.

“Don't. ..” he caressed her hair gently.

Khushi looked around and found their old photos in her mother's closet. She remembered all the happy memories she had with her mother. She told everything to Zayn and Gigi. She felt good and surprised at the same time. Two strangers listening to her chatter without judging her. Even if they judged, she wouldn't mind. They were kind enough to hear her and save her life. And a part of her wondered, how she felt powerful, how her heart was fluttering. Her heart beat wasn't normal. It was as if she sensed his presence here.

Zayn sat still after listening to the tales of khushi’s childhood. Pain rose in his chest. He felt a hand on his shoulder, Knew it was Gigi.

“I hate him…” was the only thing he heard khushi telling about their father. He didn't dare say a word.

“Zayn…” Gigi pinched his shoulder. “There is someone down there. It's ASR, I believe.” he nodded his head and walked out of the room. Gigi sat beside khushi who was too engrossed in her world to notice that Zayn was gone.

“You have seen this guy-” out of the building, Arnav was asking someone about zayn.


Arnav looked at the brown eyed man with red lines of either anger or tiredness in them.



“You could f*cking attend your phone?” Arnav yelled at him.

“Shut up! How dare you yell at me?” Zayn was angry but he took a deep breath and said, “Why are you here?”

“Why did you call me?”

“Nothing…” he lied.

“Nothing? You sure you don't know anything about her?” he raised his eyebrows, impatiently.

“You mean, khushi?” Arnav went silent. “She is safe…”

“Where is she?” Arnav begged desperately.

“We need to talk first,PLEASE!” Zayn pulled him to where his car stood.  

“Who is she to you?” he asked deliberately.

“My wife,”

“But I didn't find that information on Wikipedia!”

“Khushi didn't want it to be there.”

“But it was on Aurora magazine.”

“I don't control that ****. But wikipedia gives an option to edit.”

“To be honest, I don't trust you. I think you are the kind of husband who would try to kill his own wife to get another woman he wants…” he said just to see how defensive he got.

“And what made you think so?” Arnav tried not to punch him. He needed to see khushi. For that he will bear this piece of ****.

“The ba****t in which I found her, the state she was in and the pain she went through.”  

“Where is she?”

“Nope, I am not telling you, not until you prove your loyalty.”

“Who the hell are you? Why should i prove my loyalty to you?”

“Her brother.” the moment Zayn said that Arnav went silent for a minute or two. Zayn pulled out the photo and showed it to Arnav, “It's her mother and my father.”

“You would like to know everything then?” Arnav said recognizing khushi’s mother. She had one photo of her in her personal diary.

“No, just enough to make sure she will be safe.”

“Let me see her first, I will prove everything to you!”

“I will but if You try to act smart, I will sue You real bad.”

“And you won't tell khushi anything about it,” he said pointing at the picture in Arnav’s hand. He nodded in response. Zayn grabbed the photo from his hand and walked away.

After few minutes, he saw two women clad in shawls walking toward them. One of them holding the other. Zayn held a plastic bag.

“Arnav is here.” Gigi told her and khushi looked up. She felt the life in her legs have been sucked away. she was rooted on the spot. They stared at each other feeling the same. Aman stood with Zayn and Gigi at some distance watching them.

“Khushi…” he cupped her face.


Both crying, just staring at each other. Millions of emotions running in. He placed his lips on hers. It was as if khushi lived her life I that kiss. Their tears mingling in the kiss.

she hugged him as tightly as she could and cried.

“You are safe...khushi.” he pressed kisses on her head. He glanced around to see people staring at them. “We need to get out of here, love.”

With that he took her away...from all the painful memories. Determined to replace them with happy ones...But he had no idea how…

The End

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