Bigg Boss 10 new promo: Salman Khan promises this season to be topsy – turvy!

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Sep 11, 2016

Bigg Boss 10 new promo: Salman Khan promises this season to be topsy – turvy! (By Medsuper)

Bigg Boss, the most awaited TV show in India will be back with it’s 10 season in October and this time there shall be a minor twist with it’s plot. The show which usually had different celebs coming together and living under one roof for a period of 90 days will have common man participating this year. It shall be a mix of celebrities and common folks who will compete with each other to emerge as the ultimate winner. The show’s format had to be changed considering the fact that last year’s TRP were at ultimate low level. Salman was himself unsure if he will return as the host to this extremely disputed show but he did and we thank him for it.

The latest promo features Salman in his normal avatar and nothing unique like Indiana Jones or an atronaut. The aim for this promo is to hint at the fact that the viewers can expect some really unique participation this time in the form of a common man. The Dabangg star is shown entering in a lift and having a serious conversation with the building’s watchman. The security personnel informs Salman that a particular resident of that building is also contesting to be a part of this popular show. Salman then warns him that if the concerned person fails to handle the show, he will have a tough time inside.

Like always and like in every promo of Bigg Boss, Salman can be seen chaeerfully smiling with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes while he narrates what to expect from the show. Salmad who was apparently miffed with last year’s contestants and the show’s format wanted to terminate his contract this year but then reconsidered his decision and made the headlines one more time for the way these recent promos have been shot. After the Indiana Jones character, we were left wondering which another avatar he will try this time to release the next promo for the show.

What’s Hot

Salman himself looks hot. It’s been quite a long time since we saw the star dressed so formally. The actor is always in his Being Human T-shirt and a pair of denims these days while making any public appearances. So to see him dressed so well and apt is very rare. We guess the last time we saw Salman in a suit was probably Bigg Boss’s finale, else on random days the actor keep himself casual. Time and again it has been revealed that Salman usually favours his friends in the house and gives a tough time to the one’s he dislikes. So it would be interesting to see whom will he support this time? Will it be his industry folks or the common people since in the end, a common man is his ultimate fan. So Salman’s favourism this time might backfire him and the actor should take a note of this.

What’s Not

Uff! Enough of speculation on who will be part of this season. It’s high time that the makers reveal the name of the contestants or atleast hint at who are gonna be. After the last promo we assumes that next one might reveal extensive details about the participation but no, the suspense still continues. Salman does reveal the idea that we might have some unusal people with weird traits in the house this year but who and all is still under wraps. We wonder when the actor or even the makers will divulge the remaining details. It would be interesting to see Salman juggling between his Tubelight schedule in Manali and his shoot for Bigg Boss at the same time.

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