MED is BACK and....peep in

Sep 1, 2016

MED is BACK and....peep in (By Med_Development_Team) (Thanked: 8 times)

Dear All,

Quick note to tell you that MeD is back and HTA is now merged with MED....Three CHEERS!!

As we informed you earlier that MED is coming with a big here we are

KOOL features and new comment section, rankings .... oh the list is long 

but wait.....

......Wait what?

yup you got it right.... there are many new changes coming to the site ....,moving server etc (tehcnical boring but imp stuff) have patience and contact us or your admins if any functions not working .... give us some time to fix those existing features should you diary is not displaying those...

reach us any time on

your work is safe with us and so lets have fun in MeD.... 

Sep 2, 2016

Good News to All Members (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 2 times)

Dear All

As informed by the MED Admin Team all issues (problems ) have been sorted so if any problem is coming  then give your comment , we will inform accordingly to MED Admin Team.

Thank you

Admins : IPKKND

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MED RockstarZ .... BE ready to ROCK!!