Arshi moments story no. (Before marriage to lighten you up!)

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Mar 28, 2012

Arshi moments story no. (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 47 times)

Just to lighten up everybody's moods, I have decided to write a story that's before marriage to try and gain back the light-hearted spirit that the show once had. Also, if any of you have always wanted a specific rabba ve moment or you can picture something happening and would really like it to happen, then please do request for it by commenting and I will try my hardest to incorporate it into my story for you! :) Also, thank you for all your lovely feedback in my last story, and happy reading! :)

As the sun was setting in India, Khushi got ready to leave the Raizada house. She collected her bag and headed for the door.

'Arre Nahin Khushi Ji! Please stay for dinner!' Anjali insisted.

Khushi hesistated, 'Nahin nahin Anjali Ji...I have to return home to Buaji.'

Anjali batted her eyes, trying to convince Khushi. 'Not even for me?'

'Yeah Khushi, please stay!' Nanhe said.

Khushi nodded her head and said she had to go and call Buaji to inform her. Just then, Arnav had begun to walk down the stairs and froze when he heard Khushi's voice. He looked up to see her agree to stay when NK had asked her too, not realising that Khushi had actually agreed to stay for Anjali to smile. He clenched his fist as jealousy burnt him. He strode down the stairs and again froze when he saw NK pulling out Khushi's chair for her to sit down. She laughed and thanked him. Arnav rolled his eyes, sitting opposite Khushi.

Khushi did a double take as she realised Arnav was staring at her, a faint blush creeped up her cheeks and she looked down to twiddle her dupatta in her fingers.

Nanhe: Why're you blushing Khushi Ji?!

Khushi's eyes shot up to meet him, her palm on her cheek. 'Me? No, I'm fine!

Nanhe looked at her, then lifted his finger up and gently stroked her cheek. 'You've gone warm!'

[As he touched her cheek, Khushi jerked backwards. She turned her head around and realised Arnav's eyes were glaring at them, his eyes were dark and brooding. Just then, Anjali walked in.[BR]Anjali: Chote, what's happened? You look tensed.

With his teeth clenched, Arnav replied, 'Nothing Di, i'm fine. Please sit and eat. Where's everybody else?'

'Nani Ji, Mami Ji and Payal have gone to the mandir. Akash, Mamaji and Shyam are still working.'

Arnav just gave a stern nod and picked up his fork. He stopped as he heard a giggle, letting out an angry sigh when he saw NK making her laugh again. Throwing his fork on the table he rose.

'Im not hungry, i'll eat later.' He walked away, Khushi's laughter ringing in his ears.


Slamming his door shut, Arnav paced his room.

Arnav: 'Why does she have such an effect on me? Why do I care so much about her, that I get so jealous because of her?'

His thoughts frustrating him, he sprawled himself on the lounger and tried to do some work on his laptop. Each minute his mind was infiltrated by thoughts of her, her and NK...his dirty hands all over her. As soon as he thought of this, he slammed his laptop shut, almost knocking a glass of water he had off the table. Still trying to calm down by taking deep breaths, he heard a soft knock on the door. His head spun around as he saw Khushi standing by the door, looking down at the floor, holding a tray of food.

Khushi: 'I...I brought you some food because you haven't eaten.'

Arnav barely heard her, she whispered so delicately. He on the other hand was trying to stop the feeling he had for her from growing.

Arnav: 'I don't want it, go away from here.'

Khushi's head snapped up, hurt from his words.

Khushi: ' haven't eaten and I even made you sugar-free Jalebi's...'

Arnav looked at her, her voice was almost seductive...enticing him into her Jalebi's.

Arnav: 'I don't care God Damn it! Just get it and your face away from me!'

Khushi jumped, startled at the volume of his voice.

Khushi: 'Jee...someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning...' she muttered to herself, turning to walk away.

Arnav took two long marches to her and blocked her way, he looked down at her.

Arnav: 'What'd you just say?' he snarled.

Khushi looked up at him innocently, 'Nothing!'

Arnav: 'Who the hell do you think you are? Just cause you're so 'happy-go-lucky' you have the right to talk to people like that?'

Khushi almost burst out laughing at this.

Khushi: '...YOU? YOU Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada are telling me how to talk to people?!' she was spluttering as she laughed. 'So you DO have a sense of humour! Arre, I was getting worried! Here I was thinking there was a derivative of the funny bone for something that you had that lead to you being so-'

She stopped looking at Arnav's expression.

Arnav: 'To me being so what?' he raised one eyebrow.

Khushi: 'Being, how about morose?' she tried, watching for his reaction.

Arnav looked at her, bewildered at her innocence. 'What?'

Khushi: 'Nanhe on the other hand, he's so funny!'

Arnav: 'Who the hell was talking about him?' he yelled.

Khushi again jumped at the volume of his voice, making her step away from Arnav's block and walking further into his room next to his lounger. She put the food down on his little glass table and was about to walk away.

Khushi: 'I should go.' she said quietly.

Arnav: 'What, back to NK? Yeah, I'm sure you'd love that...girls like you!' he snarled. 'I bet you'll move onto another family next seeing as you've already tried it with all the free men here...unless of course you're dirtier than I think.'

Khushi looked into his eyes, her eyes stinging.

Khushi: 'Yeah, i'm dirty...says the one who thinks blackmail and money is the way of life.'

Arnav clenched his teeth. 'Dont talk to me like that.' he said, pushing her against the glass table, the back of her legs pressing against the rim of it. He roughly took her shoulders in his hands, making her hand smash into the glass of water that was on his table.

Arnav: 'Can't you see? Are you incapable of the smallest things?' he shouted at her.

Tears trickled down Khushi's face as she cradled her hand and Arnav's words echoed in her head. She bent down and slowly picked up the glass pieces.

Arnav: 'Khushi, I didn't mean...'

Khushi: 'Bas. I don't want to hear anything else. Girls like me huh? Yeah, you don't want to associate yourself with someone like me, cause it's ME that doesn't have a heart right?'

She began to walk away. She stopped and turned her head around.

Khushi: 'If that's how badly you don't want to see my face or talk to me, then you won't have to look at me or talk to me. From now, i'll avoid you at all costs and I won't talk to you. Happy now right?'

With that, she walked away. Arnav barely had time to react when he heard another knock on the door. This time it was Anjali holding a tray.

'I came to give you your...' she stopped and looked at the tray of food on the table. 'I was about to give you your dinner...who brought that up?' she said pointing at the other tray.

'Khushi.' Arnav said gruffly.

'Oh...I didn't tell her to bring it up. She even made you jalebis? How sweet! But I didn't tell her to do any of this...strange. She must really care for you!' she said whilst walking out, her faced confused as to when Khushi had brought him food. She then walked back in again.

'Arre han, I almost forgot, I had to get a bandage from your room...Khushi somehow cut her hand.'

Arnav's eyes widened in realisation. Khushi had brought him food up and had made him jalebis on her own accord...she'd even remembered to not put sugar in them. She had noticed he hadn't eaten and genuinely cared for his health. He then recalled how he had pushed her roughly and how she'd knocked into the glass, making her cut herself. Arnav squeezed his eyes closed as guilt came crashing down on him.

I hope you all like it! :)

Z <3 xxx

Mar 28, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 29 times)

Arnav shoved his fist into his thigh as he realised the error he had made.

Arnav (his thoughts): 'I made her cry...for no reason. The pain in her eyes...' he shuddered when he thought of her in pain. He quickly went downstairs to apologise and see if she was okay. He saw Anjali sitting next to Khushi on the couch dressing her wound while NK stood behind the couch, one hand reaching down to hold Khushi's shoulder. She looked uncomfortable, it was evident. Her back was bare and she could feel NK's eyes digging into her. As soon as Anjali let her hand go, she undid her hair and let it fall over her exposed back. Arnav let out a vehement breath, he would have boxed NK's ear in if he hadn't stopped looking at her. Arnav caught himself going off on a tangent.

Arnav (his thoughts): 'Why do I care for her so much?...

Anjali: 'Ah Chote! Is everything okay?'

Arnav: 'Yeah, I just came to see if Khu-' he stopped mid flow as he saw Khushi looking down at her dress.

NK: 'What's up Khushi?'

Khushi: 'Kuch nahin...just my dress is ruined.' she said sadly, pointing to a blood stain on her dress.

NK: 'Hmmm...well I might have something to cheer you up!'

Khushi's eyes lightened up as NK went to get a box from his room. Arnav narrowed his eyes as NK walked up to Khushi, presenting her with a smooth blue box.

NK: 'Open!'

Khushi opened the box to see two cute pink and baby blue pompoms. She squealed with delight and hooked them onto her dress.

Khushi: 'Arre! You know I love to put these on my dress!' She picked each one up and held them in the air, giving them each a little jingle and smiling.

'They're so pretty, they made me so happy!' she said, delightedly. 'Thank you so much!'

Arnav rolled his eyes, trying to conceal his anger at her liking his present. NK frowned.

'Dont I get a hug at least?' he said, mocking sadness.

Khushi looked between him and Arnav awkwardly.

Khushi: 'Par...'

Anjali: 'Han Khushi! Won't you give him a hug?' She had said this to see the reaction of Arnav.

Khushi reluctantly moved forward, NK pulled her in for a hug so big that she hadn't expected the force. He had knocked the wind out of her and she buckled, falling straight into Arnav's arms. His arms held a steady grip around her, purposely so as to not let her escape so easily.

Arnav: 'Don't try to hug girls if you don't know how.' he snarled at NK. Looking down at Khushi, he saw that she was disentangling herself from him.

Arnav: 'Wait.'

Khushi looked up at him questioningly.

Arnav gently pulled off the pompoms NK had given her.

Khushi: 'What are yo-'

Arnav placed a finger to her lips, making Khushi go numb.

Arnav: 'They don't match your dress.' he said quietly. Instead of giving them back to her, he slid them into his pocket. Khushi didn't notice as she was still in a trance from his touch, Anjali and NK were too busy wondering how Arnav had gone so long without shouting.

Khushi woke from her trance.

Khushi: 'Who are YOU to tell me wha-'

NK: 'It's okay Khushi, it's true...your dress is yellow so it doesn't really go...but I can't wait to see you wear it another time.' he winked at her and walked to his room. Anjali laughed, put her palm to her forehead, and walked away. When they were both gone, Khushi pulled herself away from Arnav. She began to walk away.

Arnav: 'Khushi before you go...'

Khushi kept walking.

Arnav: 'How many times have I told you to not walk away when i'm talking to you?' he said, gritting his teeth.

Khushi stopped and turned around.

Khushi: 'Well, that's not a hard question to answer. Just about as many times as you've accused me for being a gold digger or for something I haven't done maybe? Oh and hmmm...let me guess what you just called me back to say...sorry huh? You can shove your sorry somewhere else Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. I'm through with forgiving all the pain you dictate.'

With that, she turned around haughtily and walked out. Arnav stood there dumbstruck.

Only when she was walking home did Khushi realise how dark it had become. She also remembered what Nanhe had just told her.

'...I can't wait to see you wear it another time.'

Khushi frowned....then realisation dawned upon her. Arnav had taken her pompoms!

Khushi: 'The audacity of that man! Hmph! Stupid Laad governor!' she smiled to herself, she wasn't the only crazy one, she knew that. But what she didn't know was that he was crazy in love.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Z <3 xxx

Mar 28, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Three updates in 7 hours! You guys motivate me to write with your beautiful comments and encouraging words, you're all so lovely! My jaw hit the floor when some of you tell me you've read my stories from my very first one! I'm so lucky to have such a spectacular audience. There have been such lovely comments that have genuinely made my day...I really do adore each of you individually <3

Arnav stood there, bewildered by how Khushi had just spoken to him.

Arnav: 'How dare she talk to me like that! But...she is quite sexy when she's angry...quite? Who am I kidding? VERY!' He realised he had a smirk on his face, quickly withdrew it and walked to his room. He went to slide shut the door separating his room from the poolside when he realised how dark it really was outside.

Arnav: 'Why did I let her go home alone? Wait! Why should I care? She spoke to me like crap...Arre bhai, stop arguing with'll turn into her yaar!' He shook his head violently, trying to stop the constant battle going on in his mind whilst trying to not turn into Khushi. He peered out of the window again.

Arnav: 'Truth be told...I hope she's okay.'

Khushi's smile was wiped off of her face once she realised how dark it had become. Clutching her bag close to her, she hurried home, constantly turning around to look behind her. Men jeered at her on the way home, women selling themselves on the edge of the road scrutinising her appearance. Khushi felt uncomfortable, worried. Whilst looking over her shoulder, she stumbled over a large rock. Falling forward she felt a pair or tight hands grab onto her to keep her steady.

Drunkard no.1: 'Are you loo...ooking for some...wheeeere to sttaaa...aay?...' he said, speech slurred.

Khushi jumped back, bumping into somebody else. Looking around, she realised she was surrounded.

Drunkard no.2: 'Come heeeeere...we'll looook after youuuu...' A cackle escaped his lips, as he flung himself at Khushi, breaking the ties at the back of her dress. Khushi backed up against a wall in fear as all the men approached her, grazing her hand in the process.

Arnav was restless and couldn't get Khushi out of his mind. He worried for her safety, and when he could take it no longer he left to go and find her.

Khushi whose fear rose each second was trying to conjure a plan, and soon! She saw a gap between the goons and ran. Using her experiences from running from Arnav, she was quite fast! Looking over her shoulder while she ran, tears and horror in her eyes, she almost ran straight into a car that was coming towards her, the flashlights blaring. The car screeched to a halt as the lights dimmed and Khushi's hand that blocked her from the dazzling light retreated. As her eyes tried to adjust to the darkness, she felt a warm hand envelop her. The smell hit her...that beautiful manly scent. She knew it was Arnav. She let her weight fall on him, using him as a support. Then the beautiful serenity ended.

Arnav: 'What the hell happened to you? You knew it was dark, why didn't you ask me or the driver to drop you home?' he said shaking her by the shoulders.

Khushi: 'Well why didn't you offer?' she retaliated.

Arnav clenched his teeth.

Arnav: 'What if something had happened to you damn it!'

Khushi: 'Yeah, so? What does it matter to you?!'

Arnav: 'It DOES GOD DAMN matter! Because...' he hesitated and trailed off.

Khushi looked into his eyes, almost eagerly. She tried to resist the temptation to succumb into his sweet smell, she didn't know why he had such an enchantment on her.

Khushi: 'Because?' she said softly, boundaries almost dropping.

Arnav recalled the harsh way Khushi had spoken to him earlier. Even though he knew she was right to talk to him in that way, he couldn't help it. He wouldn't allow it to be him who was the one to give in.

Arnav: ''re right. It doesn't matter.'

Khushi fell out of her trance.

Khushi: '...It...doesnt?'

Arnav looked at her coldly. Khushi's heart stopped...she couldn't actually believe that she felt such a strong feeling towards such a cruel man.

Arnav: 'Get in the car.'

Khushi turned on her heel, tears more prominent in her eyes now, and sat in the car. Fastening her seatbelt, she leant against the window of the car, staring up into the sky. She let the tears go as she heard Arnav enter the car. She sniffled, wiping her tears. She didn't want to look at him...she couldn't bear to. She'd tried to avoid the feeling for months but she knew there was something. Every time he said something cruel, it hurt her even more and she couldn't bear the heartache...after what had just happened, she was too exhausted and emotionally drained to look into the perfect plains of his face.

Arnav realised she was crying and registered how harshly he had spoken to her. He stopped the car and got out. Opening the passenger door, he bent down and looked up at Khushi.

Arnav: 'Did they hurt you?' he said softly.

Khushi looked down at him in surprise, quickly wiping her tears.

Khushi: 'It doesn't matter.' she mumbled.

Arnav: 'It does...because you know if I were there I would've beaten the crap out of them all.'

Khushi's eyes searched his face for a catch. No catch.

Arnav: 'I'm pains me to see you so upset.'

Khushi frowned.

Khushi: 'What exactly just happened in the last two minutes? One second you want to scream at me, the next you're saying sorry? I thought women were hard to read...'

Arnav smiled, his lop-sided, winning, smile. He looked down to see Khushi holding her hand and slowly pried it free. He saw the graze on her hand.

Arnav: 'How dare they touch you.' he spat. Livid, he closed his eyes to try and calm down.

He opened his eyes and picked Khushi's injured hand up, brushing a slow kiss against it. Khushi jumped, then froze. Her hand grew warm under his touch...her eyes darting back and forth between him and her hand. Arnav wore a cheeky smile. He slowly shut the passenger door and walked to the drivers seat.

Arnav: 'Oh, and i'm sorry about the blood on your dress.' he said huskily.

Khushi: 'N...No problem...they...they broke the ties on it i'll just...' her speech waned out as the force of the kiss lay in her mind.

Arnav: 'They did WHAT?'

Khushi cursed herself, even though she had an inkling that he didn't care, she knew he got angry over those things.

Arnav: 'Those ugly, too good for nothing pieces o-'

He stopped mid-sentence as Khushi lay a hand on his arm.

Khushi: 'It's okay. I'm fine...they didn't touch me.'

Arnav breathed out, Khushi removed her hand. She turned her back towards him, they spent the rest of the drive home in silence. Khushi mulled over whether she had forgiven him or not...she chose that she hadn't. A few charming words and a kiss wouldn't make up for the pain he had inflicted upon her with his constant words. She wouldn't let him walk over her.

They arrived at the Gupta house and Khushi collected herself, ready to get out of the car. Just as she was getting out, she felt a tug. Turning around, she saw Arnav had held onto her dupatta.

Khushi: 'Kya?'

Arnav: 'Don't I get a thank you?'

Khushi pulled her dupatta away from his reach.

Khushi: 'Thank you for what? Yelling at me to get into your car? Hmmm...surprisingly, no! Oh and one more thing Mr. Raizada, I actually have a little more self respect...than some of the girls you seem to know.' she pulled her hair out of it's ponytail to cover her bare back from the ties that had been broken. With her head held high, she stalked into the Gupta house.

Khushi: 'Twice in one day you told him off!' she said laughing to herself.

Arnav sat in the car, he slumped against his seat and chuckled. This girl really was mad, she'd managed to bewilder Arnav Singh Raizada, not once but twice! And she'd actually made him laugh about it!

I hope you all enjoyed it! :)

Z <3 xxx

Mar 28, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi woke up the next morning to hear her phone ringing. Her voice groggy, she picked up the phone.

Khushi: 'Hello?'

Anjali: 'KHUSHI!' she said exuberantly, making Khushi jump back at the sudden noise. 'How're you? Okay, so earlier I called Buaji and she gave me her permission, so now i'm telling you of the plan. Basica-'

Khushi: 'Wait...catch a breath!'

Anjali: 'Oh fo Khushi Ji, no time to waste! You have to come round, we're having a party for Payal and Akash's first anniversary and we need your help to prepare and of course you're invited.' she said giggling.

Khushi: 'Party?...' her brain was still trying to register everything that was going on.

Anjali: 'Keep up! Also, Buaji allowed you to stay the night tonight, so that you'll be here ready for the party tomorrow! It'll be so much fun!'

Khushi: 'Party?...' her eyes widened and a smile flew across her face. 'Han Anjali Ji! It'll be amazing, music, dancing and of course jalebis!' she was excited now, very excited! She got out of bed and packed a small night bag and a dress to wear for the party tomorrow. Bidding farewell to her family members, she left for the Raizada house.

Arnav woke up as a squealing Anjali flung herself onto his bed.

Arnav: 'Di...what the...?'

Anjali: 'Khushi's coming to stay the night!'

Arnav sat up, 'KYA?'

NK who had been walking past came in.

NK: 'Really?! That's great! Khushi's amazing...' he said dreamily.

Anjali looked at Arnav's reaction, he was giving death stares to NK. She quietly giggled to herself. Anjali decided to tease Arnav.

Anjali: 'So i'm sure you'll take special care of her for me then?'

NK: 'Absolutely!'

Arnav couldn't take it anymore, he got out of bed and slammed the bathroom door shut. Anjali laughed while NK looked surprised. They heard a voice call out for Anjali.

Anjali: 'She's here!'

As the preparations for the party were under full swing, Khushi had kept to her promise and avoided Arnav at all costs.

Khushi: 'Han, stay away from that laad governor! Then we'll see how much he complains!'

Arnav on the other hand had realised that she was keeping to her word and he...missed her. This feeling shocked him, he never missed anyone apart from his mother. Is this really what it felt like to be in lo- He stopped his thoughts before he got carried away, he wouldn't succumb to that feeling.

During the day, he had walked down the stairs after doing some work his his room. He stopped, it seemed like time had frozen. There was Khushi, a smile on her face, struggling to tie a balloon after inflating it. Arnav looked around and saw NK register her having difficulty and he began to move towards her. Without hesitation, Arnav lunged forwards.

Arnav: 'Let me help you.' he said, pulling Khushi towards him and away from NK's vicinity. NK shrugged and walked away. Khushi looked up at Arnav, startled, one of her arms in his grasp. She pulled herself away from him.

Khushi: 'What do you think you're doing?'

Arnav: 'Helping a damsel in distress.' he said, cheekily.

Khushi arched her eyebrows. 'What the?..'

Realising what she said, her eyes widened a little and she turned around.

Khushi: 'I dont need your help.'

Arnav: 'Oh really?' he said, tugging the balloon from her hands gently. He carefully tied a neat knot around it.

Khushi: 'I could've done that!' she said, pulling it back from him.

Arnav: 'Seems you were struggling with it to be honest. You think you can do anything I can.'

Khushi: 'Because it's true.'

Khushi looked at him indignantly. She turns around and busies herself with sticking the balloon to the wall, yet she can sense his stare burning into her. She turns her head to look at him.

Arnav: 'What're you looking at?' he says, almost seductively.

Khushi quickly turns back again, fumbling with the tape. Her body tenses up as she feels a figure push against the back of her. Arnav puts his arms around each side of her, fixing the balloon in place while she stays trapped in the confines of his arms. Smiling, he slides one of his hands onto her bare waist making Khushi jerk. Khushi's body weight almost collapses onto him, she relaxes a little and she realises how gentle he is with her.

Arnav chuckles, 'You said you can do anything I can...but you can't be so daring can you?'

Khushi snaps her eyes open, realising he had done it to prove her wrong, not as a sign of affection. She pushes her way out of his arms, tears threatening to spill.

Khushi: 'Like I said, I have more respect than some girls you know. When someone does something like that, it's out of affection. NOT to prove somebody wrong.' her voice raised as she said the last words. Walking away, she quickly wiped her tears that she hadn't let Arnav see. He realised he had hurt her.

Arnav: 'Why does she care so much if it's out of affection? Why did I even do that? I've never acted like that before...and it WAS out of affection. The comment was just something to cover it up...why did I feel like I never wanted to let go of her?' Arnav's mind was bombarded with thoughts.

Another part of Arnav's mind got louder. 'Arre bhai, stop arguing with yourself and listen to the obvious: you're in love with her!'

Arnav put his fist on the wall and leant against it, this girl was driving him nuts.

Z <3 xxx

Mar 29, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

As the hustle and bustle of the day went on, Khushi ran around the Raizada house getting things prepared. Several times she wanted to stop and reflect on the intimate moment she had just shared with Arnav, but every time she came close to it she cringed at the thought of what he might think of her. She'd given in so easily to his touch and yet he'd just stood there and taken it as a joke. She came to a standstill, and picked up a jalebi. She chewed on it thoughtfully.

Khushi: 'Devi Maiyya, please stop this incredulous feeling I have. If I fight it or give in to it, I never win either way. Even if it feeling clearly isn't mutual!' she closed her eyes. 'Raksha Karna.' she added in a soft whisper.

Nani Ji: 'Tum teek ho bitia?' Khushi's eyes flicked open.

Khushi: "H...han Nani Ji' she said with a smile. Nani retaliated with a warm smile.

Nani Ji: 'The guests will be arriving soon, go and get ready in the guest room where Hari Prakash has laid your things.'

Khushi nodded and quietly went into her room. Closing the door behind her, she leant her back on it for support. She needed to compose herself from her thoughts about Arnav.

Khushi: 'Calm down Khushi...deep breaths. Forget him...and his warm eyes, strong arms, perfe- STOP thinking of him!' she fought with herself as she continuously got lost in him. She walked to the dressing table and looked into the mirror.

Khushi: 'Khushi Kumari Gupta...what will I do with you?!' she whispered manically. Darting her eyes away from the mirror, she caught sight of a bag that lay on the chair that belonged to the dressing table. She picked it up and looked at it. 'Khushi.' was beautifully written on the front.

'Me?...' she whispered. Carefully opening the bag she pulled out a beautiful black sari with light green designs. It was richly embellished with sequins and patterns to highlight her best features. Her eyes widened in shock and she smiled, her teeth flashing in the light.

Khushi: 'Arre...this is so pretty!' she said holding it up in front of herself in the mirror. Just then her eye caught something else in the reflection of the mirror. She turned around to see a note stuck to her door, she hadn't noticed it as she'd had her back against it. Khushi opened the note.

'This is for ruining your dress with the blood, and for what those dirty scum did by ripping it.

P.S: Enjoy the pom poms.


Khushi laughed, only Arnav knew what the goons had must have been him who'd given her the dress! She smiled because she knew, deep down, that the pom poms NK had given her were dust compared to this dress. Obviously Arnav knew that, that was why he'd joked about it.

Khushi: 'His sarcasm never ends!' she thought to herself. She giggled and hastily got ready, the dress that she had brought for the party completely forgotten.

Arnav got ready in a handsome 3 piece suit, all women dazzled by his divine features. But he had eyes only for one woman. As he walked down into the dim lit room used for the party, he searched for Khushi everywhere. He couldn't find her. Annoyed, he decided to search the other half of the room. That's when the room went quiet, he felt a surge of warm air hit his face and knock his heart, making it tumble in somersaults. He turned around to see Khushi standing by the door shyly, everyone staring at her 'oohing' and 'aa-ing'.

Khushi stood there, her feet rooted to the spot as everyone turned to look at her.

Khushi: 'Is something on my face?' she thought, worried as she gingerly felt her cheeks.

Khushi: 'No..that's all clear...did i wear the mis-matching shoes?!' she said, quickly looking at her feet.

Arnav smiled as he saw her worried gaze divert from side to side, her loose curls lying on her shoulders, her blossom coloured cheeks, smooth and glowing. He wanted her...he wanted her now. The intensity to go and pick her up, hide her from everyone and make her his was killing him. He could barely control himself. The crowd began to stir again and once again, the music softly swept a chatty atmosphere. Arnav started to walk towards her.

NK: 'Va Khushi Ji! You look great!' he said, mesmerised.

Arnav froze, his jaw hardened as he saw that NK had, once again got there first. Khushi caught Arnav's eye, giving him a small smile and then looking back down at the floor.

Khushi: 'Thank you, so do you!' she said, appreciatively.

Next Payal and Akash walked in, everybody went to congratulate them and gifts were exchanged.

NK: 'Good evening ladies and gentleman, we're here to celebrate Akash and Payal's first anniversary. They're a beautiful couple, who've stayed strong and have made their first year very successful. They spread love to all of us in the house, we love them both dearly. Cheers to Payal and Akash!' everybody clapped and raised their glasses.

NK: 'To commemorate their first anniversary, it's time for a slow dance!' Music fit for a slow dance began to play as couples grouped together and took to the dance floor.

Khushi wandered around, greeting a few people on her way, trying to get off of the dance floor. She hadn't a partner and was fleeing to the other side of the room before she was trapped, looking mental by herself. She felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning around she saw NK.

NK: 'Khushi Ji, could I have this dan-'

Just then Khushi felt somebody pull her close to their body, she turned around as his manly scent engulfed her, making her aware that it was him. She looked up into his face, a cheeky smirk printed on his lips, her eyes confused and wide.

To be continued!

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Mar 29, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi didn't know what was happening.

Khushi: 'What...'

Arnav had pulled her onto the dance floor, leaving a stunned NK behind to fend her himself. Anjali excitedly tapped Nani Ji on the shoulder, pointing at Arnav and Khushi. Nani Ji nodded in approval, smiling also.

Nani Ji: 'I told you Anjali, they're perfect for each other.'

Anjali: 'I'm so happy for him!' she squealed.

Khushi was dumbstruck, the only way her legs were moving was because Arnav was willing her to. He stopped in the middle of the dance floor and took placed both of his hands on her hips, caressing her gently. Khushi had lost all senses, she just stared at him bewildered.

Arnav: 'Kya?' he said softly.

Khushi didn't reply, too lost in his gaze, in the moment. Arnav gently picked her hands up and put them around his neck, then placed his own hands back to her waist. They were so close, Khushi worried that he would hear her heart beating. It only seemed like the two of them. Khushi saw Arnav and saw him signal somebody, the song changed.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube < came on (listen carefully to the lyrics, this is exactly what Arnav wants to say but is having difficulty getting across)

Arnav: 'You look mind-blowing.' he whispered in her ear. Her body heated up and he laughed quietly.

Arnav: 'Why're you so nervous Khushi?'

Khushi: 'Me? I'm not...' her voice drifted away as she realised that people were looking at them in adoration, the beautiful couple swaying slowly to a beautiful song.

Arnav: 'Look at me Khushi.' she turned her head to look at him, composing herself to look into his eyes. 'Why did you care so much earlier if I held you with affection?' he said quietly.

Khushi looked into his eyes, 'Because I have morals, and if a man does that to a woman then it means...'

Arnav: 'It means?' he challenged.

Khushi: 'That he loves her.' She looked down.

Arnav: 'Dont get too carried away then, we both know it was a joke.' Khushi tried to hide the look of pain in her eyes from those words.

Khushi: 'I know.' she said quietly.

Arnav: 'So then why do you look so upset?' he lifted Khushi's face by the chin for their eyes to meet.

Khushi: 'I'm not upset.'

Arnav: 'Is it because you wanted a man who loves you to do that to you? Let me guess, you want a fairytale to happen, to get swept off of your feet and to fall deeply in love and to be loved back? You're easy to read Khushi.' he said huskily. Khushi said nothing. Khushi tried to pry away from him.

Arnav: 'Wait a second.' he said pulling her closer to him. 'Maybe it'll happen one day. And maybe on that day the same man will buy you a dress and write a note for you, trying to make you laugh, even if he is cynical. And maybe that one man will pull you in for that one special dance where that one special song explains to you everything he's too scared to tell you.' he whispered, looking deep into her eyes. His eyes had lightened, they looked almost liquidated.

Khushi (her thoughts): 'Dress? Dance? Song? But that happened today with Ar-' her eyes widened in realisation, she looked up into Arnav's face, trying to spot him joking.

Arnav: 'It wasn't a joke to me Khushi. It was affection.' As he said that, the song slowly faded out and everybody broke away from their partners and began to mingle again. Arnav slowly disentangled himself from her, and with one final, sexy, look he walked away.

Khushi stood there, confused as hell.

Khushi: 'He loves me?' Standing there in the middle of the room, her heart beat louder than ever.

Hope you're all enjoying it!

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Mar 29, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Arnav left the room and walked to his room, a smug look on his face.

Arnav: 'Nicely done Mr. Raizada!'

Walking into his room, he went to the poolside and looked out to the stars, remembering when Khushi had told him how she saw her parents as stars.

Arnav: 'I think i've found her mom...finally, someone to inherit your kangan....and it couldn't be a better girl. I know you'd approve.' With a small smile to his mother star, he walked into his room and sat on the lounger, then lay back with his hands behind his head. The smug look returned to his face and he recalled how he had dealt with the situation.

Arnav: 'Ha, least something FINALLY shut her up and left her with no retort.' He laughed to himself.

Khushi stood there, wondering what had just hit her. Was she happy...or nervous? She didn't know how to react as things turned on their heads, how would she face him now? Would things now be different? She worried as she wondered how to approach him and portray herself to him.

Anjali: 'Arre, what're you thinking about?'

Khushi jumped out of her reverie.

Khushi: 'Ku...Kuch nahin.'

Anjali frowned: 'Did Chote do something?'

Khushi's eyes flicked towards her face as she said his name.

Khushi: 'Nahin! everything it fine.'

Anjali: 'Hmm. Well okay. Do me a favour and drop this tablet to Arnav for me please? He forgot to take his medicine earlier.'

Khushi: 'KYA?' she said a little loudly.

Anjali looked surprised: 'Is there a problem Khushi Ji?

Khushi realised what she'd just said. 'Na...nahin.' Taking the tablet, she slowly walked up the stairs. She tapped the door quietly. She waited for a few seconds, thinking that he hadn't heard. She raised her hand to knock once again when Arnav opened the door to her, hand in mid air. On opening the door, Arnav's eyes widened at seeing her hand in midair. Khushi looked at his face, then her hand and her eyes widened.

Khushi: 'Arre nahin nahin! I just wanted to knock and then you opened it so fast but I didn't mean for it to seem like i wanted to hit you but I just came to give you a tab-'

Arnav had placed a hand over her mouth and pulled her into his arms.

Arnav: 'I see you've got your voice back then.' he said, gazing into her eyes.

Khushi: 'Nahin nahin....'

Arnav raised his eyebrow.

Khushi: 'Er..I mean han...'

Arnav let go of her, Khushi hurriedly went to put the tablet down on the table not realising that he had followed her. She turned around abruptly to leave the room and knocked into Arnav's chest, they both tumbled down to the bed. Khushi fell on top of Arnav, about to get up, he rolled over. Arnav lay on top of her, Khushi underneath his weight. Automatically, Arnav readjusted himself so that he didn't hurt her, but he didn't move off of her.

Arnav: 'Now I can stare at you for as long as I wish and you won't be able to escape.' he whispered. He reached a hand out a brushed a stray hair from her face. Khushi shuddered. Instinctively, she reached out a hand and lay it on Arnav's back. Not expecting her to do this, Arnav automatically tensed up under her touch, heat pulsed through his body as the need for her grew.

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Mar 30, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi felt Arnav tense up under her touch. She quickly pulled her hand away and avoided his gaze.

Khushi: 'Sorry I didn't mean t-'

Arnav placed a finger to her lips, silencing her.

Arnav whispered: 'I just didn't expect you to react like that, it surprised me. But I liked it.'

Khushi blushed and slowly put her hand against his back again, once again lost in the moment. A slow smile grew on Arnav's face. He looked down at her.

Arnav: 'Am I hurting you?' he said softly, gaining a small, cute, shake of the head from Khushi.

Arnav: 'Good, because I wasn't planning on moving.'

Khushi: 'Good, because I wasn't planning on asking you to.' she surprised herself by saying this, and blushed viciously.

Arnav chuckled at her reaction. God she was beautiful. A bit mad. A bit crazy. Cute. Bubbly. A bit daring too...he loved her.

Arnav: 'I guess I now believe that opposites attract.'

Khushi: 'I wouldn't be so sure...I can be just as scary as you!' she said laughingly.

Arnav: 'I'm sorry...I never meant to scare you.' he said charmingly, a hint of cheekiness in his voice. 'Let me make up for it like a proper gentleman.' He gently leaned forward and kissed her cheek, then retreated to looking at her face, their noses almost touching. He heard Khushi's breathing quicken. He heard her heart speed up...or was that his?

Khushi: 'Can I tell you something?' she felt a bit more comfortable now, knowing that the feeling was mutual. She felt daring.

Arnav: 'Go for it.' he said, his sexy voice making her mind go awol.

Khushi: 'You're kinda cute when you're jealous.' she said giggling.

Arnav who had been caught up in her calling him cute smiled. 'Ha, I kno-Wait...WHAT? Who said I was jealous?!'

Khushi arched her eyebrow at him.

Arnav: ' not jealous of NK.' he said, looking defiant.

Khushi: 'So then how do you know what I was accusing you of being jealous of?' she said, smiling.

Arnav: 'Since when were you so daring?!' Khushi laughed.

Khushi: 'Should've thought about it before you turned all charming on me!'

Arnav: 'I'll never regret matter how daring or 'scary' you claim to be, i'll always be in..' his voice trailed off, not knowing whether to finish the sentence. He'd never been in this predicament before, he'd never shown his emotions to anybody before this. Him, Arnav Singh Raizada, was about to tell a girl that he loved them. Was IN love with them.

Khushi looked at him earnestly.

Arnav: 'I don't think I'm ready...'

Khushi: 'I knew it...' she whispered, having only heard the beginning of the sentence. She'd misinterpreted the words 'I don't think' to mean that he didn't think he loved her, but had instead made a joke of it.

Arnav snapped out of his trance. 'Wait, what?'

Khushi: 'I knew it.' she said a little louder, 'Was this just a big joke to you? Find out what my feelings are for you, then you got carried away and almost said something you didn't mean? Then just before you say it, you realise you don't mean you stop and just leave me there hanging? Just because Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada can get any girl he wants, he refrains from actually trying to accept the love that's showered upon him? I should've known, you must see me as any little beggar now, who'll fall for any of your traps right? And this was one of them.' Pushing herself away from his grip, she got up and smoothed her dress. Arnav lay on the bed looking up at her, shocked.

Arnav: 'What Khushi I didn-'

Khushi turned before leaving the room: 'Save it Mr. Raizada, I don't care how you see me. I don't care that you know that I feel for you. Because how I see you matters more...I see you as a man who is ignorant to people's feelings. You don't acquire a heart. And THAT, money can't buy you.'

With one last glare, she strode out of the room leaving a distraught Arnav behind.

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Mar 30, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

Arre guys, give Arnav a chance to run after her before you say the story is ruined! Plenty more Arshi moments coming, don;t worry!

Arnav hurried after Khushi, who was just about to walk down the stairs. He blocked her way, not allowing her to get past him.

Khushi glared at him. 'What do you want?'

Arnav: 'Give me a chance to speak Khushi...'

Khushi looked at him, signalling him to speak.

Arnav: 'I paused because i've never been in a situation like this before. I've never fallen for anyone besides you, and I don't want to fall for anyone but YOU. I'm not playing you...I truly just don't know how to approach the situation because it's never happened as such.'

Khushi looked at him, her eyes softened.

Khushi: 'I shouldn't have snapped at you, forgive me.' she said, sadness in her eyes. 'It's's never happened to me either. And never did I think that I would acquire feelings for a man that has always seemed to never have any interest in me. That's why I wanted to hear the words, for reassurance that this isn't just some joke.'

Arnav took her by the waist. 'It's not a joke Khushi. It never has been.' He held his ears.

'Forgive me?' he said, a cute look on his face.

Khushi laughed, 'You know i'll always give in to that.'

Arnav gently pushed Khushi up against the wall, barricading her with his arms.

Arnav: 'How're you so beautiful?' he whispered.

Khushi: 'Are you trying to charm me Mr. Raizada?'

Arnav: 'Well, is it working?'

Khushi: 'Maybe!'

Arnav: 'Then yes...yes I am.' he said, a cheeky smile splayed on his lips.

A sense of realisation seemed to knock into both of them in that instant. They both made each other laugh and smile. They could cheer each other up and all arguments could be resolved. They were perfect for each other. Complete opposites that clicked. As soon as this thought came into each of their minds, they both looked up at each other, almost to signify the fact that they both knew that this was true. As soon as their eyes met, Arnav slowly inched his face forward, staring hungrily at her lips. Khushi sucked in a breath, her stomach did somersaults but she knew this felt right. He was so close to her now, she could feel his warm breath tickle her cheeks. Their breaths combined, he was inches away-

Anjali: 'Chote! Where are you?'

They became alert and the curtains that had formed, to create their fantasy, were drawn back. Arnav punched the wall lightly.

Arnav: 'Damn it.' he muttered.

Khushi closed her eyes. So close. So damn close. She opened her eyes to see a frustrated Arnav.

Arnav: 'I'm sorry.' he moved in and quickly pecked her on the forehead, this was enough to set them both off buzzing. Arnav felt her reaction, and smiled.

Arnav: 'Don't worry...we can continue this later.' and with a wink, he walked away. Khushi stood rooted to the spot. Twice that night he'd managed to silence her, and twice he'd made her glad that he'd done it!

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Mar 30, 2012

Arshi moments story no.9 (Before marriage to lighten you up!) (By Crazyforarshi) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hey lovelies, I forgot to mention that I won't be able to update till about Sunday because I'll be away from tomorrow...however, I may just wake up extra early to give you one last update before I leave so yo guys can sleep easy? :D Only, of course, if that's your wish! I hope you all have a lovely weekend otherwise and I can't wait to read all your beautiful views on Sunday!

lots of love,

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