Hamari Adhuri Kahani...

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Oct 1, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

Arnav shut the window and pulled Khushi with her as they sat on the bed.

“I don’t want you to see what’s going on outside neither should you worry about it… grandma will handle everything Khushi…

You were calm and confident a while ago, you should remain to be so I don’t understand why you became so nervous” Arnav said

“Because I am scared, this people are so narrow minded yet, they don’t understand that whoever we were in our past has changed, they don’t understand that we have the right to take decisions about our lives, they don’t share any relation with us so they have no right to decide on what we should and what we shouldn’t do”

“I know and that’s what we have to make them understand Khushi and for that you need to be strong like you were before”

“Promise me you’ll always stay by my side”

“I will, trust me… I’ll always be with you no matter what”

Khushi hugged him tightly as she hoped everything would be well.

She could still hear noises from outside letting her know the argument between Devyani and the villagers was still going on.

She held Arnav tighter, she just dint want things to go wrong.

Devyani headed back inside the mansion after being able to finally send the villagers away. Khushi had fallen asleep in Arnav’s arms by then so he carefully made her lie on the bed as he headed outside to talk to Devyani.

Devyani was sited in the hall with everyone gathered around her waiting for her to explain things to them, which weren’t quite easy.

“What happened Grandma?” Arnav asked

“Where’s Khushi?”

“She fell asleep so I left her to sleep in the room… but why were the villagers here, they seemed to be angry… what’s going on?”

“Angry? Those people are full of rage and vengeance, God knows what for.” Devyani said

“What did they exactly say?”

“They said either I should stop you and Khushi from getting engaged or the history will repeat itself and this time being worse than before”

“What the hell do this people think of themselves… whatever we were in our past ended when we died why can’t they leave us damn alone now?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Because this people haven’t learnt how to differentiate things, they still haven’t learnt how to use their own brain and decide what’s right and what’s wrong…

They just believe in whatever they’ve seen and have been taught so to change that this people need education which they dint get.

I’m not saying the whole village is wrong.. Some people don’t even give a damn about what you are doing…but the ones interested are just too much interested into your lives.”

“You know what, I think I’ve changed my mind” Arnav announced

“You’ve changed your mind about what?”

“About the engagement… Khushi and I aren’t getting engaged on Saturday, we’ll get engaged tomorrow and let me see who had the power to stop it from happening” he said as he headed back to his room angrily.

He waited until Khushi woke up then discussed with her on the idea of getting engaged the next day. Khushi agreed to it and they both headed to convince the rest of the family members.

Next morning.

All the preparations of the engagement were going on in Sheesh Mahal…

All the family members who weren’t aware about the Arjun and Vasu story and how they were related to Arnav and Khushi were told the story and luckily they all were supportive of both Arnav and Khushi’s decision.

The invitations had been sent to all the villagers as they had planned, it was time to fight for what was right.

Khushi was in her room trying her outfit when Arnav walked in without knocking just at the moment when she was putting it on.

She quickly put it on covering herself as she turned away from him shyly.

“You shouldn’t be shy, I’m going to see you tonight anyway” He smirked as he walked towards her.

“Arnav…” Khushi said as she blushed and hugged him.

“Let me have a look at my fiancé to be” he said as he broke the hug and looked at Khushi from top to bottom.

Khushi just blushed at the way he was staring at her noting down every details in his mind.

“This outfit is great, it looks perfect on you, I can imagine today evening when you’ll be dressed in it, your hair styled up and then the makeup and everything else to make you look completely perfect… you’d just steal my heart away but I don’t mean to say you don’t look pretty without make up” Arnav giggled

“I know” Khushi slapped his arms as she turned away from him.

She looked at herself in the mirror and then at the outfit… it dint look really great.

“I don’t like this outfit much but anyway I have no option, I wish I’d punch this villagers, because of them I can’t even wear something I love” Khushi said

“But it looks pretty what else did you want?”

“Something simple, this is over decorated.. I just wanted something that would be simple yet elegant”

“I’m sorry, you’ll get to wear your choice of clothes on our wedding, for now manage with this”

“I know” Khushi said sadly.

“Excuse me, I have to make an important call and there’s a lot of work to be handled so I’ll see you at the engagement and after the engagement” he winked at her and walked away leaving her blushing behind.

Oct 4, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

Khushi walked to her room in the evening to get ready, it was almost time for the engagement… the guests would start arriving anytime soon.

She opened her cupboard to get out her outfit when she noticed a gift box inside the cupboard.

She pulled out the box and unwrapped it while she was left in awe, it was a simple lime green outfit with a black border at the bottom and a pink veil to match with it… it was simple but beautiful. She looked around hoping she’d get an idea on who left this for her.

It sure must be Arnav, she was complaining to him in the morning about the outfit and he bought a new one for her, just the type she wanted.

Her eyes were filled with tears when she heard Arnav’s voice.

“I thought I’d make you happy by doing this, but how bad it is of me to make you cry on our engagement day” Arnav said

“No, this are tears of happiness Arnav… thank you so much for this outfit… its beautiful”

“So get ready quickly then, I can’t wait to put the ring on your finger” Arnav said

Khushi just blushed as she nodded positively. Arnav headed away as he also had to get ready while Khushi got dressed up too.

Half an hour later.

Anjali walked into Khushi’s room to call her for the engagement as all the guests had arrived.

She complimented her on how beautiful she looked as they both headed downstairs while everyone else stared at her lovingly.

She felt happy and nervous and scared at the same time, she just hoped the villagers wouldn’t create a scene today.

“Do you think the villagers will do something?” Khushi asked Anjali.

“They were angry about this, they must be planning something surely but don’t worry about it, we’ve made all the arrangements… Arnav had told Aman to get security so we have some officers from Delhi who are guarding the whole palace, you shouldn’t be worried about a thing” Anjali said

“I hope nothing goes wrong”

“Nothing would, now come on smile… it’s your engagement”

She headed downstairs as her eyes searched for Arnav everywhere, she wanted to see the man of her dreams, see how he looked on their engagement.

A few villagers were present in the function but mostly they were the younger generation, she knew they would support them because they knew how to differentiate between the right and the wrong, what she feared was what the others would do.

She was sure they weren’t going to stay silent, they surely had a plan and that was what was scaring her so much right now.

“Hey beautiful” Arnav said as he stood next to her.

“Where have you been Arnav, I was looking for you all over” Khushi asked

“I was just here babe, don’t worry…”

Khushi smiled at him and she looked at him from top to bottom, he was dressed in a three piece suit looking like a prince charming, she just couldn’t stop admiring how handsome he looked and how lucky she was to have him in his life.

“I can’t wait for this engagement ceremony to get over” Arnav whispered to Khushi.

She just hit him on his hand and blushed deep red.

Everyone gathered around Arnav and Khushi as Anjali came with a tray that had both the ring.

Arnav went down on his knew in a dramatic way and Khushi couldn’t just stop blushing, he was being way too cute.

“Miss. Khushi Gupta, will you marry me?” he asked

“I guess that’s why we are getting engaged” Khushi giggled

“Yes or no” Arnav asked a bit seriously.

She nodded positively as Arnav slid the ring onto her fingers and everyone around clapped for them while Khushi also put on the ring on Arnav’s finger.

“See Khushi, I was telling you not to be scared, everything went right, you both did get engaged and no one could stop it” Anjali said

Khushi nodded happily as she hugged Anjali… she was nervous yet, this was just an engagement, the wedding was yet left and that was what she wasn’t sure of, would the villagers just keep silent?

Surely today she would surrender herself to Arnav, they were going to make love tonight, they were going to become one tonight but no one would know that they think that marriage is the only thing that could make them one.

So maybe she shouldn’t be scared, whatever that would happen, they would win this, they would already be one and the villagers wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

All the guest congratulated Arnav and Khushi and blessed them and they both were just so happy about it, nothing actually went wrong like they thought and this was a good sign.

After the ceremony was over, everyone retired to bed.

Khushi was sited in her room yet dressed in her engagement outfit, Arnav had strictly ordered her not to change and she dint know why but well she did as he wanted.

Arnav silently peeped in to Khushi’s room and shut the door behind as Khushi stood up nervously.

“I thought we’d go to your room” she said

“Well if you want that, I don’t mind” He said as he unlocked the door and carried her in his arms to his room, he shut the door and put her on bed.

He got hold of her hand and made her stand up and he looked at her making her blush.

“I dint get to see my fiancé well, now I’m going to take five minutes or more to look at you, to see how beautiful my love looks” he said

Khushi felt so shy at the way he was staring at her, she wished she could just find a place and hide herself somewhere so he wouldn’t look at her the way he was.

“Damn I wish I could finish the five minutes but I can’t resist kissing you.” He said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her towards him.

He touched her lips with his fingers lightly drawing designs while her lips just trembled, he was teasing her so badly.

“You want me to kiss you?” Arnav asked stroking her cheeks

“Yes please” She said as she shut her eyes.

Arnav smiled and moved a bit closer, trailing his fingers to her neck then to her chest, Khushi was just breathing heavily.

He kissed her cheek and bit it leaving a red mark on it, he did the same with the other side of the cheek and then kissed her on the neck, licking it with his tongue while Khushi got hold of his hair and pulled him closer and closer.

Arnav just smiled as he pulled himself away while Khushi opened her eyes to look at him, he was staring at her with a huge smile on his face.

She looked at him with pleading eyes, it was him who made her want this and now he wasn’t giving it to her, why was he teasing her so badly.

“Kiss me please” She said as she blushed

“I will, just waiting for the right time” Arnav said as he smiled at her cheekily.

She couldn’t take it anymore, she just got hold of his tie and pulled him closer sealing her lips with his, tasting his mouth in all the possible ways.

Oct 5, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

He got hold of her waist and pulled her closer as he continued kissing her with all the passion.

Her heart beat was running on an abnormal rate, her body was shivering, her hands trembling… she knew what was going to happen today, she was ready for it and maybe the excitement was making her nervous.

He trailed fingers on her body drawing invisible designs which just rose her desires more and more, making her yearn for more.

He pushed her to the bed pulling off her veil as he threw it aside.

Gently he explored her face with his fingers as a blind man might, as if he had never seen it before and might never again.

Leaving small biting marks on her neck and cheeks he headed to do the same on her waist, at the back of her waist and everywhere he could.

She was like the food to his hunger, they food he had been yearning for ages now.

He slowly pulled off all her clothes leaving her with nothing to hide herself except his arms which were all ready to hold her there forever,

She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off staring at his broad chest, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling, he looked hot shirtless.

He stood up taking his trouser off as he jumped on her like a wild beast kissing her all over again as she let out soft moans clutching the bed sheet.

“You ready baby?” Arnav asked in between the kiss.

Khushi held him tighter into his arms as she nodded lightly making him the happiest man on earth. He had always wanted to make her his, so that she could only be his, everything about her would only belong to him.

Her love, her body, her soul, her time, everything… just everything!

He positioned himself on top of her as she blushed, she had no idea what to do.

“It’s going to hurt a bit at first okay?” he said

She just nodded, she knew it would hurt but it would hurt beautifully, there’s no gain without pain, and this pain was going to make him hers forever.

She was sure she wanted this, at any cost and she was ready for it… although Arnav was the one who asked for this, he seemed a bit hesitant now.

She smiled at him and thought she could help him a bit, she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him as she shut her eyes.

She drew his head down and his hard body reclaimed hers with a fierce yearning that aroused her own longing to a dizzy pitch, then slowly fulfilled it with piercing, welling intensity until her cry was swept away with the wind.

“I’m sorry” He whispered as tears rolled down her eyes.

“I love you” She whispered in return with a smile.

She woke up next to him around three o’clock in the morning, she dint even realize when she ended up sleeping here.

If someone got an idea of it, they wouldn’t like it, she had to go back to her room, but she was lying here all naked, her clothes scattered all around the floor.

She lay he heard on Arnav’s chest as he slightly moved and then opened his eyes slowly.

He smiled at her and kissed on her cheeks as his eyes gazed at the wall clock.

“Why are you awake so early?” He asked

“In case you are forgetting we are just engaged not married yet, no one would like it if they found out I was sleeping with you in your room Arnav”

“Relax Khushi, I’ll take care of everything, right now I don’t want to let you go back to your room, I just made love to you, I want you here, next to me sleeping on my chest.

“You sure?” She asked worriedly

“Yes baby, I’m sure now sleep and relax”

Khushi woke up next morning not finding Arnav around her, for a moment she got scared untils he saw a new pair of clothes beside the bed and with it a note.

“Take a shower, wear this and get out of the room when you’re sure no one’s around”

She smiled as she picked up the dress and headed for a shower in his bathroom, it all felt like she was already married to him.

Sleeping with him, waking up with such cute things from him, taking shower in his bathroom, it was just cute and romantic.

She peeped out making sure no one was around the rushed out of her room and headed to the hall directly where everyone was sited having their breakfast.

She settled herself next to Arnav as he winked at her and she just blushed as she turned to look away from him.

“It’s quite surprising that the villager did nothing” Anjali said

“It seems like the silence that comes before a storm” Devyani said worriedly.

“Grandma, please don’t be worried, everything will be okay”

“I just don’t want history to repeat itself Arnav, that’s it… this people need to learn how to love and respect love”

“And they will, we will teach them” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi who smiled in return.

A servant came running to the breakfast table as everyone turned to look at them worriedly.

“What happened?” Devyani asked

“The villager… they are here! They stormed in and they are hell angry… they’ve set the outhouse on fire, they were saying that last time Arjun and Vasundra died there, this time again they’ll die there, they would make sure that happened!”

“Devyani looked at Arnav and Khushi worriedly not having an idea on how she would handle this, it wasn’t so easy to handle all this villagers all alone.

“I’ll deal with them” Arnav said as he stood up

“No! you can’t handle them Arnav, right now their minds are full of rage, you have no idea what might happen” Devyani said

“But it all has to be faced at one time, then why not now?” Khushi asked as she stood up.

“Yes Grandma, let’s end this for once and for all” he held Khushi’s hand as they both headed out to face the danger than might take away their lives, that might leave their once incomplete love story incomplete again.

Oct 6, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

As Arnav and Khushi headed outside to face the villagers, all the Raizada’s and Gupta’s followed them.

The villagers seemed full of rage, the outhouse was already set on fire and they were throwing stones on them.

“Calm Down!” Arnav shouted

The all turned to look at him the anger to fading away at all.

“What’s wrong with you people? Why are you doing this?” Arnav asked

“We have the same question to you Prince, why are you doing this?” The villagers asked

“First thing, I am not any kind of a prince, we are in the twenty first centuries and prince’s and kings don’t exist anymore, secondly you have no right to storm in like this and set out property on fire, I can take you all to the police right now for trying to destroy my property” Arnav said

“The police doesn’t count in here and whether it’s twenty first century or nineteenth the fact won’t change that you were Prince Arjun in the previous life and this girl you are engaged to was none other than your maid, that time you went against everything and you see what you got? I hope you don’t wish for the same again” One of the villagers said

Arnav got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her closer to him.

“She is my fiancé and my wife to be, even if I was a prince and she was my maid it was in the last birth right now nothing of that time matters”

“It does, because you were once our prince”

“Are you people out of your minds? Now you will decide for me things about my life? You’ll tell me how to live it? Just get lost!” Arnav shouted losing his temper

Khushi held his hand tighter trying to calm him down as she turned to look at the villagers.

I thought after we both died in that fire you people would have understood the meaning of love, I thought you’d respect love and not class difference, but how wrong I was… there’s no value of love at all..

You want to separate us just because of something that happened ages ago, where does that make sense?

Tomorrow if your daughter or son falls in love with someone else, I guess you’ll end up killing them too right?” Khushi asked

“I agree, this people will never understand true love, what matters is class, caste and some more nonsense” A young man from the crowd spoke as he walked towards Arnav and Khushi.

“How can I forget I couldn’t get married to the one I loved just because he couldn’t match our standards” A lady said as she joined Arnav and Khushi too…

A few minutes later, a huge crown of youngsters had gathered around Arnav and Khushi supporting them, because they at least did understand that all that mattered was love.

Devyani started speaking and explaining to the villagers that this kids weren’t wrong, all that had been wrong were their thoughts, all that had been wrong was not believing in love.

A few more villagers who agreed to this joined the crowd but there were some who dint want to listen to a thing, they just believed that all this was wrong.

“We are warning you Arnav, if you think of marrying her things wouldn’t go well” they said

“Let me see who can stop me from getting married to her” Arnav said as he held Khushi’s hand and pulled her with him towards the outhouse.

“We all believe that taking seven rounds of fire completes a marriage right?” Arnav asked

Everyone looked at him in confusion as he started doing rounds of the burning outhouse with Khushi and the villagers just stared in disbelief.

They tried to go and stop them but the others who were in Khushi’s and Arnav’s side tried their best to stop them until they completed the seven rounds…

There were a lot of fights, shouting, screaming and what not.

“We will never let this happen” The villagers shouted as they pushed the others away and rushed towards Arnav and Khushi.

One of them managed to push Khushi to the burning fire but Arnav held her hand tighter and fought them until the crowd became bigger with other villagers running in from outside.

They pulled Khushi away from Arnav and held both of them apart.

“We told you, we won’t ever let this happen!” The villagers shouted in rage.

Paas aaye… dooriyan phir bhi kum na huyi…

Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi…

Aasman ko zameen, yeh zaroori nahi… jaanle… jaanle…

Arnav shouted at them angrily and told them he would hand them all to the police but they all were so blinded by their beliefs they dint care about anything.

“You can do anything to separate us, you can even let us die in the damn fire like last time and we’ll come back once again, for our love.” Khushi cried

“Nothing can bring you both together, not even God!”

Arnav laughed at them as they all looked at him in shock.

“You don’t want us to get married, but we already are married to each other by our hearts… you can separate our souls not our bodies, marriage means two bodies becoming one, and that has already happened” Arnav laughed

The villagers looked at each other in shock, Devyani and the rest of the family members were trying to explain things but they all were held by the villagers not letting any of them move a step ahead.

“You can separate two lovers, you can’t take away the love they have in their hearts” the supporting villagers spoke.

“No matter how much you threaten us, no matter what you do, Khushi and I will always be one, inseparable… it’s high time you people think and see what’s right…

All this you are doing to separate our bodies which are already one, so just for your information, last time you might have won, this time the victory is ours!” Arnav said

The villagers glared angrily at Arnav the suddenly the ones that were holding Khushi pushed her towards the fire as she shouted Arnav’s name.

Ishq sacha wahi… jisko milti nahi… manzilein… manzilen…

Rang the noor tha… jab kareeb tu tha… ek Jannat tha yeh jahaan…

Waqt ki rait pe, kuch mere naam sa… likh ke chor gaya tu kahan…

Hamari Adhuri Kahani… Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

Oct 8, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav pushed all the people that were holding him away and rushed towards Khushi as he quickly got hold of her hand just at the moment she was about to fall in the fire.

He took a sigh of relief as he pulled her towards himself and hugged her.

“How low can you people really stoop? Just because you don’t want us to be together you can even kill us thinking that would be right? So all you were taught since childhood was that killing people is extremely fine, but letting them love and live isn’t. What a foolish society I was born and brought up in” Arnav said feeling disgusted.

“It’s high time we understand that what our ancestors did and said wasn’t always right.. We can’t always do as they said and believe it was right… that’s blind faith” Devyani said

“What is wrong with two people in love? They just come together to make their lives beautiful so who are we to separate them? And for what reason?” Anjali said

“Love doesn’t see caste, religion, color or status, it just sees a beautiful heart and we all have those beautiful hearts but why are you making them cruel by doing this? By trying to kill people just because they are in love?” NK added

“It’s high time you people use your own mind and thing… what if it wasn’t us? What if you were the one who fell in love like the way we did? Would you have found it wrong then?” Khushi asked as she looked at the villagers.

They all just stared at the ground with no response.

“We aren’t saying whatever rules were made in the past were wrong but not all of them were right either… our ancestors were also human beings and they did make mistakes… our duties are to rectify those mistakes not believe in them blindly” A villager said in support of Arnav and Khushi.

“Today we all decide to stand by Arnav and Khushi, because their love is true and even God dint want their love story to be left incomplete so he sent them back and now we will stand with them, we will support them even if it means putting our lives in danger” Another villager said

After a while almost all the villagers had walked towards Arnav and Khushi for supporting them, only a few were left who weren’t yet agreeing.

“Arnav, you and Khushi should get married as soon as possible, let’s see who stops you two from getting married” A few villagers said

“Yes, we are here and we will support you, we will make sure you both get married”

After a long talk and finally being able to convince the many villagers, everyone dispersed.

The Raizada’s and the Gupta’s were left behind as they also headed inside the mansion.

“I was so scared of this day, when the villagers would do this, I dint know how it would be handled but I’m so glad everything went well” Devyani said as she sat down.

“That’s why you had kept this secret from us for so many years” Anjali said

“Yeah, I knew Arnav was Arjun but all I was thankful about was Vasundra was never there so I knew we were safe until the day Khushi came and I knew it, things were going to change…

The way they both looked at each other when they met the first time and then all that happened afterwards… I even kept that room as forbidden because I never wanted the bitter past to ever come back in your life Arnav but I guess, bringing it back helped…” Devyani said

“If you wanted to keep that past away from us, why did you open the door of the room?” Khushi asked

“I never did, in fact I was surprised how you got in there” Devyani said

“I did” NK giggled

“What?” Everyone said as they looked at NK in surprise.

“Okay relax, I was just curious as to why the room was forbidden, I just wanted to know what was in there so I somehow managed to steal the keys from her room and that night when Khushi entered in the room, I was the one who left it open.

Actually I had gone to the room, I just unlocked it when I saw grandma so rushed away quickly without locking it, and then I tried to go back but every time someone would be around… Then to Khushi’s luck, because of the wind, the door opened up and she got inside” NK explained.

“Thank you, if it weren’t for you we wouldn’t have known” Khushi smiled

“Anyway forget about the past, think of the future… what have you both decided about getting married?” Shashi asked

“Let’s make it next week… I guess it’s the best now that some villagers are in our support” Arnav said

“I think that’s fine” Khushi said

“Both are in so much hurry” Anjali giggled

“Okay fine, we’ll get a priest and tell him to fix a good date for next week, till then start preparing” Devyani said

Everyone dispersed one by one as Arnav and Khushi both walked out and headed to the garden as they sat down on the bench. Arnav held Khushi’s hand as she rested her head on his shoulder and looked at the sky.

“Finally everything feels calm” Khushi said

“With you, my life would always be calm… when the villagers pushed you to the fire… I cant explain how I felt” Arnav said

Khushi turned her head up and looked at him keenly.

“I thought I’d lose you and it felt terrible.. I was so angry and so hurt… why couldn’t they just understand it simply? If you had fallen in that fire, I promise I’d have fallen in it with you” Arnav said

“Shh… its okay, nothing happened to me, I am fine, I am with you… you saved me Arnav” Khushi said

“I know, I thought I couldn’t but I did”

“Don’t worry, we are getting married next week, nothing can stop us now” Khushi said

“Nothing” Arnav said as he kissed her forehead.

Oct 8, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 35 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 65 times)

A week later…

All the wedding preparations were done by now. The whole palace was decorated beautifully with flowers and lights…

It was all in the shades of white which looked extremely royal, why wouldn’t be anyway, both Arnav and Khushi were a royal couple after all.

The whole village was invited to attend the wedding, even those who were against it but could do nothing about it now because the majority was in support of Arnav and Khushi.

Arnav was being eager to see Khushi or at least get a glimpse of her but all the ladies were being mean to him. It had been more than four days since they were having their all girls rituals stuff and since then he hadn’t been allowed to see Khushi or even talk to her.

He sat in his room, waiting for the priest to call them in the altar so that he could get to see Khushi but it seemed like that was going to take some time yet.

Anjali walked into his room and smiled at him as she put a pearl necklace on his neck.

“Oh my God, what is this? It looks so girlish” Arnav complained

“It’s not girlish, it’s for boys and it has been worn by many of our ancestors when they got married, it’s a Royal thing” Anjali said

Arnav just looked at it not liking it at all but anyway he had to be with it.

“Arnav… are you ready?” Anjali asked nervously

“I’m the one getting married and you are nervous?” Arnav asked

“Yeah… I just want you to be good with Khushi… she’s a great girl and she deserves all the happiness in the world, always love her and care for her.

Always stand by her side and be her support even when things aren’t right. In short just treat her the way you’d want my husband to treat me… you know it’s a difficult thing for us girls… we leave our parents house and go a whole new family, help her adjust and she’ll be great”

“I know sis, I don’t promise I’ll always keep her happy but I promise I’ll always be with her and even when I hurt her, I’ll make sure I make up for it”

“That’s like my brother” Anjali said as she hugged him.

They both walked to the altar where Arnav settled himself down and waited for his bride to come. The priest began the rituals and after a while, finally he called for the bride.

Arnav’s eyes were stuck on the staircase waiting to see Khushi… She walked down the staircases dressed in a red wedding outfit and she looked extremely gorgeous in it.

She sat next to Arnav and smiled at him but Arnav couldn’t just react, he was too lost into admiring how beautiful she looked.

“Stop staring at me now, I’m already blushing” Khushi said as she pinched Arnav.

He just smiled at her and moved closer to her ears so he could whisper to her only without anybody listening.

“I can’t wait to take you to bed now that you look so beautiful”

“Patience Mr. Raizada, patience” Khushi said as she blushed deep red.

The priest began with the rituals as both the families stood near the altar looking at the couple and feeling happy for them.

At last everything was back on track, at last everything was fine. The smiles on everyone’s face dint seem to be fading away, it was the biggest kind of happiness for everyone because this wedding was actually happening, even when a few days back they dint have a hope for it.

After all the rituals were completed, the guests came to meet Arnav and Khushi as they congratulated the both and left gifts for them.

Shashi and Garima finally bid off their lovely daughter to Arnav and everything was just well.

“Now I can take you to my room officially and let me see who stops me” Arnav said to Khushi

Khushi just giggled and blushed as Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her away with him.

“So much in a hurry huh” NK said standing at the door of Arnav’s room.

“I’ve never hated you so much in my entire life as much as I hate you now NK” Arnav said

“I know, and I want you to hate me more, so no going inside until you pay me some cash”

“Cash for what?”

“There’s that some sort of ritual right? You don’t allow the bride and the groom inside until they don’t give you cash” “That’s for girls not for boys”

“Yeah so I’m doing this instead of Anjali because she’s busy I’ll give her the cash, but I’m not letting you in until I get something” he giggled

Khushi looked at the angry face of Arnav and ended up laughing at him.

“This is stupid, now I have to pay to enter my own room” He said as he handed some notes to NK

He moved aside as he started counting them while Arnav quickly entered in with Khushi and locked the door.

He pushed her directly to the wall and pinned her hands up as he kissed her lips roughly and deeply.

“Let me change first” Khushi said as he broke the kiss to take some breath.

“No way, I can’t wait for even a minute more, God you are so tempting” Arnav said as he carried her and put her on the bed.

“If it’s the heavy outfit and the jewelries disturbing, I’ll help you get them off” he said as he started taking of her jewelries and placed them on the side table placing soft kisses all over her neck.

He unhooked the blouse and threw it off as he did the same to the rest of the clothes and threw them to the floor.

“Better now Mrs. Raizada?” He asked staring at her naked body in front of him.

“Yes Mr. Raizada” She said as she hugged him covering herself with his arms.

“I’m going to make love to you tonight and for the rest of my life” He winked at her.

“I don’t mind at all” Khushi giggled as she blushed at the same time.

Arnav just winked at her as he turned off the lights made love to her in all the ways he could

Finally this time their love story was complete and now no one was ever going to separate them.

This was their happily ever after..

The End!!!!

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