Hamari Adhuri Kahani...

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Aug 16, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)


The rain was too heavy like never before, the thunderstorm almost scared her off as she rushed to shut the windows of her room when she noticed something weird.

The door to the room that was opposite to her room was open, it wasn’t really weird that it was open but it was weird because that room had always been forbidden for everyone who lived in this palace, it’s door had been kept locked and no one was even allowed to stand near that room.

She was really curious to know what had been keeping the room locked for so many years and why no one was allowed in there so she silently stepped out of her room and headed towards the forbidden room…

Her whole body was trembling, her legs were not taking her forward but her mind was and no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t stop herself from going there.

She stood in front of the door and took a deep sigh, this was really scary, it made her feel as if there was a ghost who had been tied up in this room for millions of years like it happens in the movies.

She slowly pushed the door completely open and walked inside, the room was completely dark and not even the lightening could brighten it.

She switched on the light and after the bulb blinked for almost a minute, it lit up brightening the whole room.

She looked around realizing it really wasn’t what she thought, it wasn’t really about a ghost tied in the room, it was something different, something which left her amazed, the walls were completely different than the interiors of the palace.

Why was it the only room that was different from others?

There were different things scribbled on the walls but none of them were readable or maybe they were in a language she couldn’t read.

There was a piece of cloth hanging on the wall maybe covering up something.

She slowly walked towards it and pulled off the cloth while her eyes were left wide open. She stepped backwards as tears rolled down her eyes… her hands were trembling worse than before, her legs were too weak to take her back to her room.

She turned around to leave and forget anything that she saw but just when she turned around, the door shut itself.. Was it really some ghost? Was someone playing a prank on her? What the hell was it?

“Somebody help me out if this damn place” she cried as she shouted at the top of her voice hoping someone would come to help her.

Aug 18, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Her alarm clock rang waking her up again from the same dream she had been having now for the past many years.

She would always walk to that room, look around and when she pulled of the cloth, her sleep would break…

Till today she had never been able to figure out the reason behind why she had the same dream every morning, why her sleep broke right at that moment when she pulled of the cloth.

What was it that left her shocked? What was it that she stared at with her eyes wide open as if she wasn’t able believe it? Why did the door shut itself when she wanted to leave?

“Ma’am you have to hurry up, you’ll be late for office” the maid said as she walked towards the window and pulled off the curtains welcoming in the bright sunlight.

“Mom left?” she asked

“No, she’s having breakfast, she will leave in a while” she replied as she walked towards her round bed and pulled the velvet slippers from beneath it.

“Khushi hurry up sweetie, you have a meeting” her mother shouted from downstairs.

The maid put on the slippers on her feet as she stepped down the bed and walked out of the room.

“What will you have today ma’am, Tea or Coffee?” A servant standing outside the door of her room asked.

Khushi picked the cup which had coffee and headed downstairs.

“Good Morning mom” She said as she hugged her mother.

“Good Morning Sweetie, sit and have some breakfast, you can shower later”

“I am in no moods to eat, I’m nervous about the meeting”

“Relax, I was the same when I had to handle everything on my own, you know your dad is such a busy man travelling from here to there and I am now old enough to be able to manage the whole business so you’ll be the next queen of the Gupta empire” her mother said

“That’s what makes me not feel hungry, I am off for a shower” Khushi said as she walked back to her room.

Everything was cleaned by the maid and arranged the way it was supposed to be, her room was just perfect, the way it was supposed to be.

“Ma’am your Sauna bath is ready” a lady said as she walked out of the bathroom

“Good, make sure no one disturbs me for the next half an hour” Khushi said as she walked inside the bathroom.


After her half an hour bath, she got dressed in her officials and headed to the office for the meeting, although she was nervous, she pretended to be confident.

Everyone in the office welcome their new Managing Director happily.

She headed to the meeting room where everyone had been waiting for her and nervously settled herself on the chair.

“So let’s begin” Khushi said

A lady stood up as she introduced herself to everyone and began the presentation while Khushi seriously followed it.

After the presentation there were lots of discussions going on and Khushi just concentrated without speaking a word.

“So ma’am what do you suggest about this, I mean it’s a big order and we can’t just say no to it just because of our machines… we need to figure this out” Mr. Sinha asked

“What does our personal consultant have to say about this?” Khushi asked

“He said the machines we bought last year from china are no more for use, they broke down so badly they can’t be repaired, so we would have to buy some new machines but he suggests this time not from China”

“Okay, so I think as per the presentation all the clothes we need to design are to be designed by using some kind of material from Rajasthan and surely we’d have to send someone from the company to India to check the kind of material and make the order for it…

So according to me I guess this time we should buy our machines from India too and instead of sending someone from the company to India, I think I’ll go by myself and check the material out and also visit places where I can find the machines then choose the best one for us so we don’t have to face such problems in future”

“Ma’am you are completely right, while working on this presentation I had done a research on the machines and there in one company in India that makes the best machines in the whole world, I suggest we should make our purchase from there” The lady said

“Okay, tell me about it” Khushi said

“Ma’am it’s the Raizada group, right now Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is managing the company, he took over after his dad passed away and now he’s running it successfully, luckily they are located in Rajasthan so we can manage both our works without much travelling”

“Well that’s great so I’ll get my tickets booked and leave for Rajasthan as soon as possible”

“Ma’am you just need to get your tickets booked, I’ll talk to the personal secretary of Mr. Arnav and he would manage your stay in India and everything else, that’s how they treat their customers”

“Well, that’s great then, I want us to begin working soon so I’ll get my tickets booked for tomorrow if they are fine”

“Sure ma’am I’ll let you know”

“And please leave a copy of the minutes of today’s meeting in my cabin, everyone can leave now” Khushi said as she stood up.

She quickly headed back to her office and took a deep sigh, it wasn’t the first ever meeting she was attending, but this one just made her kind of nervous as she was now the new managing director of the Gupta empire.

Later in the evening.

Khushi stepped out of the car as she headed inside the mansion when her phone rang.

An unknown number flashed on it as she hesitated to receive the call but then decided to just receive it.

“Hello” she said making her voice sound strict as much as it could.

“Am I talking to Miss. Khushi Gupta?” a man asked

“Yea, Khushi here…may I know who’s speaking?”

“I’m Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada the owner of the Raizada group”

“Oh yes Mr. Arnav, we had discussed about your machines today morning, I’m glad you called, I needed to know a few things from you before I decide to come there”

“We could discuss that over the email, I just called to inform you about your visit and stay, my Personal secretary told me about it and I thought it would be good if I talked to you myself.

We treat our customers like a family Miss. Gupta so I just wanted to ask you if you would be comfortable to live with me and my family in our palace for the time you’ll be here in Rajasthan.

Actually we have been having a culture of such sort, so if you don’t mind you can let me know through the email about your arrival so I’ll send someone to receive you at the airport”

“And why are you so sure Mr. Arnav that I’ll make a visit to India, I mean I might change my mind”

“I am sure Miss. Khushi because we produce the best machines in the whole world and I guess you wouldn’t want to take a chance of buying some fake ones from somewhere else, you run a huge company, you must have that brain that thinks”

“Well I am impressed by the way you think, anyway I’ll let you know the details through the email, thanks for calling, it was nice talking to you”

“Same here Miss. Khushi” he said as he disconnected the call

Khushi headed to her room and settled herself on her round bed lost in some thoughts… she dint know why but just by talking to Arnav she dint feel like he was a stranger to her at all… there was surely something about it that made her feel as if she knew him since long.

That business type attitude, but the politeness, he behaved as if he was some kind of a prince and he also told her about his palace… were still there palaces in India?

She brushed off the thoughts laughing at herself, maybe she was just overthinking as she was born and brought up in Zurich, she had never been to India so she was sure she never met Arnav anywhere before… but the question was why did she feel like she knew this man completely… maybe more than anyone else would have known him?

She had visited many countries while she grew up maybe this was the time when she was going to get a chance to visit India and maybe this was where she would get answers to all the questions she was having about Arnav in her mind.

She knew she was behaving strange, because there was no way she was connected to Arnav, she had never even met him but this still gave her a hope, after a long she finally found out about something else she could related to than the dream she had daily.

All she wanted now was to visit India and meet this man who was already connected to her in a way she dint know

Aug 20, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

She sent the details to Arnav and waited for his reply.

A while later, a message popped up and she just felt happy without any reason. Does anyone get excited for business meetings?


Miss Khushi Gupta,

I have gone through the details and got to know through your secretary that you’ll be living tomorrow for India, I’m glad you are making thing fast, so I hope to see you tomorrow evening at the palace then from there onwards we can discuss our business.


Arnav Raizada

CEO, Raizada Company.

Khushi just smiled at the mail, she was too excited to visit India but had no idea that her secretary booked tickets for tomorrow itself, she wasn’t even prepared.

She called the maid to her room and told her to pack everything she showed her and then headed to her mother’s room.

“Can I come in mom?” She asked as she knocked at the door.

“Come in” her mother said

“Mom actually I am here to inform you something, don’t blame me for not telling you earlier because all this just got decided today and my tickets are booked too”

“Tickets to where? What are you talking about Khushi?” Garima asked

“Mom I’m going to India”

“What? Alone? Never!”

“Relax mom, I’m not a ten year old that I’ll get lost okay, I’m going for a meeting with the Raizada’s and to buy some new machine for our company, I’ll be back in a day or two and everything is arranged, Mr. Raizada has made all the arrangements for my comfort to relax”

“You know what would happen if your dad gets to know this?”

“He would be proud that his daughter is finally managing his business well”

“Do whatever you want to, when it comes to answering your dad, don’t bring me in between”

“Oh Mom, I love you!” Khushi said as she hugged her tightly.


Next Morning.

Khushi woke up early as she had an early flight, she found a mail that gave her details of everything that would happen when she land’s in india, she would be received by Arnav’s secretary who would handle the rest and so many other details.

She got a print out of it and folded the paper as she placed it safely in her bag, just in case she needs it.

After her daily routine, she headed to the car where her secretary was waiting for her with her passport and tickets.

“Ma’am I’m sorry I booked the tickets without informing you but Mr. Arnav’s secretary told me he would soon be travelling out of country for some business and in that case I dint want you to miss meeting him.”

“It’s okay, next time just call me and inform me before you take any step, I’m glad you at least told me I was travelling or else I’d just wake up in the morning unprepared”

“I’m sorry”

“Can we head to the airport now?”

“Sure, Driver take ma’am to the airport please”


Khushi boarded her flight and began the journey to India, she was all excited and nervous, excited because she was finally visiting India and nervous because she dint know anyone there or anything about the place.

After like almost 9 hours in the flight, Khushi finally arrived in New Delhi.

She walked out looking at the place which was totally different that Zurich.

There was a crowd of people waiting with board in their hands maybe waiting for whoever’s name was written on it.

Some were rushing from here to there with a whole lot of luggage which left her wondering how they manage to carry all that luggage.

There wasn’t so much of silence here unlike how it was in Zurich, well maybe that was because this was India and everything in India was different.

She spotted a man standing at one corner with a board that had her name written on, she walked towards him slowly wondering what to say.

“Hello, I’m Khushi” She said

“Aman here ma’am, I am the personal secretary to Mr. Raizada” he smiled while Khushi just nodded at him.

He directed her out of the airport and they both got into a car which took them to a hotel.

“We have an hour before we leave for Rajasthan ma’am meanwhile you can freshen up, here’s the key to your room, if you need anything here’s my card, it has my number you can give me a call” Aman smiled

“Thank you Mr. Aman” Khushi smiled as she headed to her room to freshen up.


After an hour Khushi walked out of the room and headed downstairs where Aman was waiting for her.

She handed back the keys to the reception and then headed to the car with Aman.

“It’s almost evening now, what would you like to travel with ma’am? I mean a car or helicopter?” Aman asked

“I prefer a helicopter, I have spent 9 good hours travelling I don’t want to waste more time travelling with a car”

“Okay ma’am as you wish”

Khushi stared out of the window as she looked around the city. Soon they arrived to wherever the helicopter was, Aman instructed her on what to do and everything and finally the got in and flew off to Rajasthan.


Sheesh Mahal.

“Great Aman, make sure you bring her directly to the palace” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

He headed downstairs where the whole family was sited, they all were busy making jokes and laughing at everything that wasn’t funny too.

“Sis, is everything ready? I hope you got the guest room arranged the way I told you to?” Arnav asked

“Relax Arnav everything is done, why are you so stressed, it’s just a guest, not you girlfriend coming” Anjali giggled

“I don’t even need one” he replied angrily.

“Anyway she would be here in like fifteen minutes and I just hope you treat her well, if things work out you have no idea how much profit we would make from all those machine’s she’s going to purchase from us”

“You don’t need to teach us how to treat our guests Arnav, that runs in our blood” His grandmother; Mrs. Devyani Raizada said

“I know, I’m just nervous” he said as he headed back to his room.

“Bro and nervous, that doesn’t match at all” Aakash said

“Exactly, he’s never been nervous receiving any of his guests, I think there’s something fishy” Anjali said

“We need to find out, where’s NK he would do the job for us” Aakash said

“Think of the devil and the devil appears” NK said as he walked towards them.


Arnav headed to his room as he locked himself inside, he had no idea why he was behaving so nervous, she was just a guest like Anjali said, not his girlfriend.

He couldn’t understand himself, he obviously did not want to behave this way but still he couldn’t stop himself for behaving this way.

Maybe it was because just by the conversation he had with her, the way Khushi felt of some connection towards him, he also felt the same, he just wasn’t able to admit it.

He punched the wall angrily just when his phone rang, Aman’s name was flashing on it.

“ASR we’ve landed, we are leaving for the palace right now” Aman said

“Okay” he said as he disconnected the call.

He sat on his bed wondering whether she should go downstairs to welcome her or leave it on his family to manage, it would kind of sound rude but he dint want to meet her when he was feeling so confused about himself.

After thinking for too long, he just decided to go, be it today or tomorrow, he would have to face her so why not now?

He headed downstairs and just when he was on the last staircase, his eyes met with the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

She was staring right back at him from just five inches away.

Pyaas ka yeh safar… khatam hojayega… kuch adhura sa jo tha…poora hojayega..

Jhukh gaya aasman… milgaye do jahaan… har taraf hain milan ka samaa…

Aug 20, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Arnav slowly walked towards her until they both stood face to face looking at each other without speaking a word.

Anjali, NK and Aakash were giggling while looking at the both, it seemed like they were completely lost into each other’s eyes.

“Hi… Arnav Raizada” Arnav introduced himself as he brought his hand forward for a handshake

“I’m Khushi” she replied nervously with a smile as she shook her hand with him.

That touch made he feel something that she had never felt before… she felt like this wasn’t the first time she was touching this man, this wasn’t maybe the first time she was meeting him…

She felt so confused and so tired of her own thoughts… Arnav could notice how tired was and he even knew if he stood in front of her longer than this, he might end up thinking things he’s not supposed to.

“Sis, please show the guest her room, Miss. Khushi rest for a while until dinner is served, I’ll send someone to call you” Arnav said as he walked away while Anjali headed to show Khushi her room.

“Do palaces still exist in India or this is the only one?” Khushi asked

“It’s the only one… actually all the palaces that existed were broken and constructed into buildings or something else but ours has been there is ages”

“I don’t know, it feels like I have been here before”

“You might have come, many tourists used to visit this palace before”

“The funny thing is that this is my first visit to India”

“Oh, so you are now our very special guest, I’ll make sure you see everything that makes India so beautiful and you might just decide not to go back, anyway here’s your room.

There’s a phone there if you need anything there’s a paper placed there with all the necessary numbers you can call any of us whenever you need to.

Most importantly, that room” Anjali said as she pointed towards a room that was opposite to Khushi’s room.

“That room must be locked and no one would be allowed to go even near it right?” Khushi blurted out

Anjali turned to look at her in shock, how she knew this as she said this was her first visit to India.

“How do you know?” Anjali asked

“I just made a random guess… you know like in movies” She smiled

Anjali smiled at her as she left her alone, Khushi walked inside her room and settled herself on the bed. This room seemed completely the same as she had seen in her dreams…

 She looked at the room opposite hers through the window and it seemed the same too which left her wondering for a while, did she come here for business or was it something with fate?

Why would she see this place every time in her dreams and eventually end up here? What was in that room that was forbidden? Why wasn’t anyone allowed to go in there?

What was it that she saw in her dreams that left her completely scared?

Why would she see this place when she had never been here before? What was the connection? Why did she feel like she knew Arnav since ages when this was the first time she was meeting him?

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked as he walked to her room

“Huh? Yeah… I’m fine” Khushi said as she tried to brush off the thoughts that were coming in her mind.

“I thought you might need something… but anyway I came here to inform you that after dinner tonight, there is some program that people arrange once a year and it’s been arranged today, there would be different kind of acts and dances so if you are willing to watch you can join us”

“Yeah sure” Khushi replied not taking her eyes away from him.

What was it in this man that was making her feel so different? He was handsome and the type of a prince charming any girl would dream of but still the feeling she had was a different one, just something she couldn’t understand and explain.

“Okay then I’ll see you at the dinner table in half an hour” Arnav said as he walked away.


After dinner, everyone got into the car and were taken to the place where the event was taking place.

Khushi and Arnav were left behind to come in another car.

Arnav was busy driving the car while he secretly stole glances of Khushi who was yet busy thinking about everything she saw and faced today.

“You were born and raised in Switzerland?” Arnav asked

“Yeah, and what about you?”

“I was born here in Rajasthan… joined dad’s business and after he passed away I took over, I have been to Switzerland once, we came there for a holiday, it’s a beautiful place”

“Yeah… have we met before? I mean maybe when you came to Switzerland?”

“No I don’t think so, we were the for just a week and according to what I remember we dint meet any Indians anyway here we are, I’m sure you haven’t seen the ladies dancing, you’ll surely love the dances”

“I have always wished to see Indian dances”

They both walked towards Anjali and settled themselves there… on one side the dances were going on, on the other side children were playing.

Khushi just felt happy being here, everything seemed beautiful from their dresses to their dances.

“Oh My God, this dresses are so pretty, I have never worn them, I’m sure I’d look good with them” She said

“I’ll tell Aman to get one for you, there are many kinds of dresses here” Anjali said

“I’ll be thankful to you, actually I’ll want the one like those with the mirrors” Khushi said as she pointed at a girl who was wearing such kind of a dress.

Everything was going on well until a lady walked in from nowhere singing some kind of a sad song and all the girls who were dancing stopped and sat in a corner, the children too stopped playing and settled themselves in a corner.

“What happened? Who is she? Why did people stop whatever they were doing just because she came here? And why is she singing that sad song?”

“She is Jugni, you haven’t been to India before so I’m sure you don’t know much about this country… Actually many people here are against love, they say it’s against their culture and for many other reasons…

So Jugni’s story is something of such sort, some years ago she had fallen in love but her parents refused to get her married to him.

When people came to know about this they burnt the man alive in front of the whole village to teach those men a lesson who tried to lay their eyes on any of the girls from the village.

Jugni left them and since then she has been roaming from one place to another, mostly in Rajasthan because the man she loved was from Rajasthan, she still loves him and believes that he would come back.

People also say that she rarely talks but whenever she does, she says things that are real, I mean she would just tell you something and it would come out to be true” Anjali explained

“That’s creepy”

“It is, you better don’t believe in it, people just need stories to make” Arnav said

“It’s not a story Arnav it’s true… every time she goes somewhere people stop whatever they are doing to listen to the song she sings they respect her and her love for that man, it’s very rare to find this kind of love this days”

“Does that kind of love really exist?” Khushi asked

“According to me yes it does, but very rarely” Anjali said

Bichde abhi to hum bas kal parson… jiyungi me kaise iss haal me barso…

Maut na aayi teri yaad kyu aayi… haaye…lambi judaai…

Chaar dino da pyar oh rabba badi lambi judaai… lambi judaai…

Jugni kept on singing her song as she slowly walked towards Arnav and Khushi, everyone was continuously staring at her while they listened to her painful voice.

She stood in front of Arnav and Khushi but dint stop singing her song, tears started rolling down her eyes as she shut her eyes and continued singing but this time she dint move, she just stood still until she finished singing.

“So finally you came back” Jugni said as she opened her eyes…

She wiped the tears away from her eyes and looked at Khushi with pity in her eyes.

“Why did you? Don’t you know that this people have always been against us? They have always been against love? Just go away from here before it’s too late or once again things would go wrong.” She said

Khushi looked at Arnav in fear who in return just pulled her closer to him and side hugged him while he looked at Jugni angrily.

“Why are you up to scaring her? She is my guest and I won’t let anyone misbehave with her” Arnav shouted angrily.

“Exactly… that’s what you exactly said, you won’t let anyone misbehave with her, but did they listen to you? I’m warning you both, this world is really cruel, this place is cruel, just go away from here before it’s too late” she said as she turned away.

She started singing her song again as she walked away leaving everyone behind in shock and confusion, none of them had an idea of what she said.

Khushi just broke down into tears out of fear as she hugged Arnav and cried forgetting that he was a stranger to her, she just met him and hugging him and crying wasn’t the right thing to do.

Aug 23, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

The Raizada’s headed back home while everyone was stressed about whatever Jugni had said

Devyani headed directly to her room without speaking to anyone, she shut herself inside and the pulled the bookshelf in her room aside as it opened the way to her secret room no one was aware of.

There was a huge painting of a man hanging there, Devyani just looked at it as tears kept rolling down her eyes.

“I am scare Indra, I don’t have an idea what the future beholds… I don’t think I’ll be able to hide things anymore from Arnav and Khushi after today, whatever Jugni said was right, this place isn’t safe for them, it wasn’t before it won’t be now” Devyani cried

She headed towards a trunk placed in a corner and wiped away the dust with her hands… there were some name scribbled on it.

It was written in a language that was unreadable for the people of the recent century, but somehow Devyani knew how to read it.

Vasundra and Arjun were the names written on the trunk.

Tears rolled down Devyani’s eyes as she turned back to look at the painting.

“I am unable to do anything Indra, I knew Arnav was safe until Khushi dint come here, but there togetherness wasn’t meant to be, I can’t risk their lives, I don’t know what to do, please show me a way of dealing with this” Devyani continued crying.

Khushi was sited on the balcony lost in thoughts, why was Jugni telling her not to be here? What was it about this place that wasn’t safe?

She even talked about love, but how did it related to her, she had never been in love… although at some point she was educated enough not to believe in this things but she had to because of her dream, because she was in the same palace she had been seeing in her dreams, because it had the same forbidden room with the secret that she was shocked to see.

She knew there was only one way to get the answers, it was none other than the room.

She looked around making sure nobody was watching her and then tiptoed towards the forbidden room.

She held the door handle while her hands trembled out of fear, and just when she was about to push it open, she heard someone.

“What are you doing there?” Arnav asked as he walked towards her.

“Nothing much, was just looking around” Khushi said

“I think no one informed you but this room is forbidden, I mean no one is allowed to open the door or even go inside”

“Why so? Is there any kind of a ghost trapped in it?” she giggled

“Not really, actually none of the family members have an idea why this room is forbidden, since birth I have never seen what it actually looks like from the inside” Arnav said

“That’s weird, I mean it’s a room in your own palace, you have been living here since birth and you haven’t seen it? Wow! This is some kind of a serious issue” she giggled as she headed towards her room while Arnav followed her.

“Grandma never allowed us there in, she said we should obey the rules that were made for the palace and we shouldn’t question them so we did that, we have lived her for so long, we are now used to this room being shut”

“Don’t you feel curious to know what’s inside?”

“I used to when I was young, I even tried different ways to open the door and get in but nothing worked so I gave up.

Sis once told me that this door opens on its own when needed, that sounds kind of really creepy but you don’t need to be scared, this things are just myths.” Arnav said as he settled himself next to her on the bed.

“Well everything here looks creepy, even that woman”

“I was here to talk to you about that actually, look don’t be scared of her, people just believe stupid things here but whatever she said was just some stupidity, she is mad and I think she should be put in a mental hospital”

“And what if she was right? What if whatever she said was true?”

“Look at you Khushi, I mean do you really believe in this things? This is your first visit in India, you don’t know people here, there are many stupid things they do and say, all you have to do is just ignore them”

“I guess I’ll have to ignore” She sighed.

“Well, I’m glad you aren’t scared, don’t be and yes, tomorrow I’ll be taking you to a visit at the factory so I just came to inform you need to be awake at seven, I have to show you the machines”

“Seven sounds tough, but I’ll try” She smiled

“See you tomorrow morning then, goodnight for now” he smiled as he walked away.

“He’s sweet and cute, I must just like him” Khushi smiled to herself


Arnav walked into his room as he shut the door angrily.

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I behaving like this? Why do I have to see her before I go to sleep? Why do I have to make sure that she is okay and she isn’t scared of whatever that happened?” he punched the wall angrily.

He sat on his bed and tried to think, what was it that was pulling him towards her? What was it that made him worried about her, he had just met her, there was no kind of relationship they ever shared then why was all this happening to him?

He picked his phone and dialed Aman’s number.

“I need you here at seven in the morning, we have to go to the factory” Arnav said

“Okay boss, done” Aman said as he disconnected the call.


Next morning.

Everyone had gathered for the breakfast, Khushi also tried her best and woke up early.

Tea and snacks were being served by the servant while everyone was busy discussing this and that.

Arnav was continuously staring at Khushi who had no idea of him staring at her, she was just busy concentrating on the talks.

“We need to leave” Arnav said as he stood up.

“Yes, I’m done with the breakfast, let’s leave” Khushi said as she stood up and followed him.

“Its weird grandma, Arnav never goes with the clients to factory to show them the machines, that’s Aman’s work, looks like something is fishy” Anjali said

“Nothing is fishy, you are always up to setting up a girl with him, concentrate on your breakfast” Devyani said as she stood up and headed back to her room.

“I knew this would happen, Arnav who rarely talked to girl is now with Khushi for like twenty four hours, he is going everywhere with her and talking to her as if he knows her since long.

Oh God, I’m really scared, I don’t want the both to fall in love with each other, that won’t be the right thing to happen, please save them” Devyani prayed.

Arnav and Khushi walked inside the huge factory where there were a thousands of workers working on the machines.

“Wow… this is so big” Khushi said as she looked around

“This is the smallest part yet, there’s more inside, would you like to see?”


“Aman, get the machines Miss. Khushi needed ready while I show her around”

“Okay sir” Aman said as he walked away.

Arnav and Khushi headed inside while Arnav kept on showing her different, machines and tools while he explained their uses and everything to her.

“There’s another work going on upstairs, I think you’d love to see that, this people know how to do their work really well” Arnav said

“Yeah they are so professional”

“Sir, I needed your signatures on this papers, it’s a bit urgent” A worker said

“Khushi, you can head upstairs, I’ll just read the papers and sign them then I follow you” Arnav said

He turned to read the papers while Khushi headed towards the stairs.

Arnav turned to look at her and just rushed towards her as he pushed her aside.

“Vasu look out!” he shouted

Both Khushi and Arnav fell apart as a tool for making machines fell in between the both.

“Can’t you be careful while moving with the machines, do you have an idea how much it would have hurt her?” Arnav shouted angrily.

Khushi was trying to stand up when he ran to help her.

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Yeah, I’m fine but why did you call me Vasu? My name is Khushi right?” Khushi asked

“I called you Vasu? Really?” Arnav asked in confusion while Khushi just stared at him plainly

Aug 25, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

“Who’s Vasu? Your girlfriend?” Khushi asked kind of feeling jealous.

She dint even understand why she was feeling jealous, if he had a girlfriend what difference was it going to make?

“No, I don’t have any girlfriend” Arnav replied making her feel so relaxed.

At this moment she couldn’t deny the fact that she was attracted to this man, in just a matter of a day or two, she had actually started liking him. This was completely insane.

“Then who is she?” Khushi asked

“My wife” Arnav replied plainly as he walked away leaving Khushi almost heartbroken.

She couldn’t even understand why she was feeling bad, why she dint like him having her a wife.

“What the hell! You are married? You dint tell me?” Khushi asked

“It’s not so important” Arnav said

“It’s not important? Why? It is important? Now what am I supposed to do? Oh My God, I just can’t believe I have developed a small crush on a man who’s married” Khushi said without realizing that she actually confessed her crush.

Arnav raised his eyebrow as he looked at her in surprise.

“Well that was a surprise, but a good one and you’ll be happy to know that I’m not married I was just kidding” he winked at her and continued walking while Khushi slapped herself as she blushed.

“Then who is Vasu?”  

“I don’t know, in fact I have no idea even how that name came to my mind I have never heard of it before”

“But I’m glad you aren’t married” Khushi giggled.

Arnav turned to look at her as she stopped walking all over a sudden.

“Really?” he asked as he started walking towards her.

“Umm no… I mean yes.. I mean no… I don’t know!” she said as she moved backwards until she hit the wall and couldn’t move any further.

“It’s dangerous to have a crush on someone you’ve known for a day” Arnav said as he stood closer to her.

“Well I guess you haven’t heard of love at first sight” Khushi blushed.

“Is that the case?” He moved closer to her as his hand ran through her waist and he pulled her closer.

He tucked her hair behind her ears and looked into her hazel brown eyes, she was like an epitome of beauty, everything about her was just perfect.

Khushi’s heart was running a race, she couldn’t believe she was standing here, she couldn’t believe he had his hand on her waist, she couldn’t believe the way she was feeling by just his touch.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look prettiest when you smile, and those intoxicating lips can drive anyone crazy?” he asked

Khushi was just about to reply when she felt some kind of uneasiness all over a sudden.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you look the prettiest when you smile?

I’d want to kiss those lips while you are smiling.

If there’s something that drives me crazy about you, it’s your smile” some words started ringing in her mind all over a sudden.

The voice was so similar but she couldn’t understand who told her that?

She had never been in a relationship before, nothing of such sort had ever happened, then why was she having a feeling like she had been through this once.

She had been close to someone, much closer than she is right now with Arnav.

She came out of her thoughts when she felt Arnav pulling his hand away from her waist, and before she could react, he had already started walking away so she just followed him.

This was awkward, really awkward.

Arnav dint turn to look back at Khushi, he couldn’t understand himself and why he was getting attracted to a girl he had just met.

He told her that her lips were intoxicating? He had no right to, he should only say that to the girl he loves, to the girl he wants to be his, to the girl he wants to kiss madly.

But was Khushi the girl? Was she the one he would want to spend his life with?

Maybe yes, but what was making him uncomfortable about it was that they just met, they knew nothing about each other and they had already developed some sort of attraction towards each other.

“Arnav… I’m sorry” Khushi said

Arnav stopped walking all over a sudden as he shut his eyes, he wasn’t able to understand what was going on between them, he wasn’t able to understand why his mind was continuously pulling him towards her, he wasn’t able to understand their attraction but he knew they both were attracted to each other and there was nothing that would change that.

He turned towards her but couldn’t look into her eyes, he held her hand and pulled her with him until they entered in the store.

It was dark all over which obviously made Khushi nervous, she dint know why he brought her here.

“Relax, I’ll just switch on the lights” he said

He walked somewhere as he switched on the lights and turned back to Khushi, she was still standing at the same position he left her in, all nervous and scared.

He smiled making a feel much better, as all this was just becoming sort of awkward for her.

“You don’t have to be scared of me Khushi, neither do you have to be scared of whatever you just said a while ago, I know this is really weird and we both don’t understand what’s going on but I am not going to deny the fact that yes I also do like you.

I want to spend my whole day with you, talking to you and getting to know you but I can’t do that because when I wake up tomorrow, we both will be hurt.

You were here to purchase the machines, you’ll leave tomorrow or the day after, then what about us? What about our attraction?

I hope you are understanding what I’m trying to say, this isn’t right Khushi… I can’t do this to you okay? You are my guest and I want you to leave happily from here, not with tears in your eyes, we both know we like each other but nothing can be done about it, it’s better we maintain some distance so that it doesn’t create any problems”

“And what if I say I want problems? What if I say that I am attracted to you and I don’t want that attraction to die? What if I say I also want to spend my whole day with you and get to know you?”

“You aren’t understanding me, in the end this will hurt you”

“It won’t Arnav, I have never felt such sort of attraction towards anyone, I have no idea why it’s with you but now that it is this way I can’t deny it, because it feels good, I like the feeling, I want to live with it”

Arnav just smiled as he walked closer towards her and cupped her face.

“Look at us, we are so weird aren’t we? I mean all this doesn’t sound normal but yes I agree with you, I like the feeling too and I like it that you like me, I also like it that I am actually liking you, I mean it’s so unlike of me, I have never talked anything of such sort with any girl”

Khushi just blushed as he continued staring at her.

She felt like maybe he would hug her right at this moment, or maybe he would just lock his lips with her, what would she do if he does that? She wouldn’t deny it, she just would because right now, that’s what she wants… that’s what she needs

“Arnav… I..”

“Relax, I am not going to kiss you, it’s too early for that” he smiled

Khushi felt a bit disappointed, was she just kind of desperate or what? Maybe not, it was just that they were brought up differently, for Arnav maybe it wasn’t the right time to kiss her, but for her maybe she wouldn’t mind him kissing her right at this moment.

“We need to go, I have to take you somewhere else” he said as he got hold of her hand and started to walk but she dint moved, she stood rooted at the place she was standing in.

“What happened?” Arnav asked

“It might not be the right time for you, but for me it’s the perfect time” She said as she pulled him closer to her and locked her lips with him leaving him in shock.

He dint push her away, instead he pulled her closer as he started kissing her back exploring each and every corner of her mouth. She tasted incredible, there was nothing else that could make him feel this way.

He ran his hand to her waist as he slowly pushed her towards a wall and pinned both her hands on the wall with his hand while with the other hand he got hold of her thigh and pulled her closer leaving no space between them.

He sucked her lips, and kissed her madly and wildly until they both were so lost into each other not wanting anything else apart from this.

“You feel so incredible vase, anytime I kiss you I feel like it’s the first time I’m kissing you” Arnav said leaving Khushi almost in a shock

She broke the kiss as she pushed him away with tears in her eyes.

“My name is Khushi and yes if you don’t know, it’s the first time you are kissing me… Who the hell is this Vasu Arnav?” she asked angrily.

Arnav just stared at her having no answers to her questions, he also couldn’t understand himself, he couldn’t understand why he said all that to her, how did that name came in his mind even when he had never heard of it?

Aug 26, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

“Khushi I don’t know who Vasu is, trust me I haven’t ever heard of this name, I just don’t understand how it’s coming out of my mouth”

“Arnav you can’t say things you don’t know, are you kind of hiding something from me?”

“No Khushi, I am not… please trust me, you are the first ever girl I am attracted to, you are the first girl I’m kissing… I just don’t know how this is happening” Arnav tried to explain.

Both Khushi and Arnav looked at each other in confusion, they weren’t able to understand what was going on and what not.

“Can you please drop me back at the palace, I’ll have a look at the machines tomorrow”

“Yeah sure”


Khushi headed to her room directly while Arnav headed back to the factory, he dint want to stay at the palace because he knew if he did, he would want to talk to her and maybe right now she just needed to be alone.

Khushi sat on her bed while she stared at that forbidden room, she dint know why but today she was really curious.

Was there something related to Vasu inside that room? But then if there was Arnav wouldn’t say he had no idea what was in that room.

She was feeling really confused, first of all she was in this palace which she had seen in her dreams, maybe that was a coincidence but then why did it have a forbidden room which she also saw in her dreams, not everything was going to be a coincidence.

She remembers the first time she talked to Arnav, she felt like she knew him since ages but she had never even met him or heard his voice before that.

When she came here, everything felt so known to her, as if she had been here before, as if she had lived in this palace before and she knew this people since before.


She walked out of her room just when she bumped into Anjali.

“I was just coming to call you, we were sited down having snacks and some talks, I thought you must be bored here so I came to call you” Anjali said

“I was just coming downstairs”

“Great then let’s go” Anjali said as she started walking downstairs.

“Anjali… umm can I ask you something?”

“Yeah sure, ask me anything Khushi”

“Who is Vasu?” she asked

“Vasu? You heard that name from Arnav right?” she asked as she turned to look at her.

“Yeah… who is she? His girlfriend or?”

“Yeah, his dream girlfriend” Anjali giggled “Actually I have heard him say that name many times in dreams, I mean just when I randomly walk in his room to check on him. I have asked him about it many times but he says he has no idea and he’s never heard of that name before”

“That’s really weird”

“It is kind of, I think I should talk to Grandma about it, I mean now this is kind of really becoming serious, I’ll just talk to her right now, we need to do something about this”

They both headed downstairs and settled themselves where everyone busy talking and making fun.

“Khushi… you are so lost, I mean are you in the same house with us?” NK asked

“I’m just a bit busy, have to confirm the orders before I leave”

“Spend some time with us here, what’s the hurry to leave, we would show you the best part of Rajasthan” NK said

“I would try to, it really is a beautiful place”

“Grandma now you seriously need to do something about this, I mean I told you right about Arnav taking some name of a girl called Vasu in his dreams, this is now getting worse, even Khushi heard of that name from him” Anjali said

Devyani looked at Khushi in shock, she obviously thought that maybe by listening to that name she had an idea but she was behaving like she dint bother much about it.

“Well it’s nothing, it’s just a dream and we can’t do anything about it, excuse me for now I remembered something I had to finish” Devyani said as she stood up and walked away.

Khushi had some kind of a doubt on her, the way she behaved when she heard of the name and then just walked away after making an excuse surely stated that there was something she knew about it.

“Okay so Khushi you know there’s this very famous place… I mean it’s kind of a cave which had been there for ages now, when tourist come here they don’t miss going to that place, so if you don’t mind I can take you there” NK said

“Sure, we can go in a while, I have nothing to do anyway”

“Great then get ready, we’ll leave in half an hour” NK said.

Khushi rushed upstairs, she wanted to talk to Devyani and ask her about it but maybe this wasn’t the right time, maybe she should wait a bit until she finally decides to talk to her because now curiosity was killing her, and she had no other option that to find out what was really going on.

“You like her don’t you?” Anjali asked NK

“She’s cute and sweet I obviously like her but that’s all sis, I just want to be friends with her nothing much” Nk clarified

“Are you sure, I mean just friends?”

“Yes Sis, now stop doubting on me okay, I’m just taking her to see the caves, she would get bored in this huge palace anyway which has a damn forbidden room just opposite her room… I’m sure curiosity is killing her the way it kills me daily” NK said

“You’ll never stop talking about that room”

“Not until I get to know what’s inside… I mean why the hell aren’t we allowed in there? It’s been locked since I was born, there might be some dangerous insects in there by now” NK said

“Yeah so you should get the chance to clean it up right?”

“Exactly” NK said just when Khushi walked downstairs.

“You look beautiful, so ready to go?”

“Yeah I’m just excited and thank you for the compliment… Anjali aren’t you coming with us?”

“No, actually I have some word to finish or else I would have joined you because trusting you alone with NK is kind of dangerous you know” She giggled

“Don’t underestimate me, I’m not going to run away and leave her alone somewhere so relax”

They all laughed as Khushi and NK finally headed out of the mansion.


After a drive of about fifteen minutes they arrived at the place.

“Wow this seems like a beautiful place” Khushi said as she stepped out of the car

“It really is, the caves inside are something you wouldn’t have thought about, they aren’t like the ordinary caves”

“I can’t wait to see them but right now something else has caught up my attention… what’s that?”

She pointed towards a huge tree which had colorful threads tied to it and many things scribbled on the stem.

“Well they say that the tree is lucky for lovers, it’s been there since long, you can see how fat that is… it’s specially meant for lovers, when they come here, they tie a thread around it and scribble their names on the stem… sounds kind of funny, why would tree’s be lucky for lovers?”

“I want to have a look at it” Khushi said as she started walking towards it while NK followed her.

She stood there looking at the tree and just smiling while she read the names written there, but then she saw something which shocked her.

There were two names scribbled on the stem that caught up her attention

Arjun & Vasu

She looked at the name thinking if she might be the same Vasu but then she thought this might just be a coincidence.

“I guess these two names caught your attention” NK said pointing towards the name.

“Yeah, they just sound familiar”

“They are very old, I remember I have seen this names since childhood, I told you this tree is very old… I had asked Grandma about it and she happened to know the both, she said they were two strong lovers who fought for their love till the end but fate wasn’t on their side so they couldn’t be together” NK said

“Let’s see the caves” Khushi said as she tried to divert her attention… who was this Vasu? And then Arjun? How did Devyani know about them? Why did she behave weirdly when she was asked about Vasu?

Why does Arnav take the name of a girl who is no more in this world? Does she kind of haunt him in dreams or?

She knew she was thinking some stupid things but somewhere she felt like they had some connections with her.

Aug 27, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

They both walked inside the caves as NK started showing her around…

It was a beautiful place to visit but right now, she wasn’t able to concentrate on anything but only the things she had seen here.

There was surely some connection between her and Arnav and Vasu and Arjun, but what was it? And how was it possible.

NK and Khushi walked out of the caves when Khushi’s phone rang.

“Yes Arnav” She said as she received the call

“Can we talk now if you are calm? Look Khushi, I need one chance at least to explain things right?”

“Okay fine, I’m just heading back home, let’s talk there” she said as she disconnected the call.

She dialed her personal secretary’s number and waited for her to answer.

“Yes ma’am” a lady said over the phone

“Please extend my stay in India for like two weeks, there are some issues I need to sort so it might take me time”

“But ma’am your mother”

“I’ll handle her, just do as I say okay”

She disconnected the call and they both started walking back to the car.

“Wow, I see you have already started loving Rajasthan”

“Well it’s really a beautiful place, I can’t deny that fact but I have some work and I just can’t leave before it’s done… anyway can we head back home? I have something to discuss with Arnav?”

“Yeah sure, let’s go”


As soon as they arrived at Sheesh Mahal, Khushi headed to her room where she found Arnav already waiting for her.

“Thank God you are back, I was feeling so restless” Arnav said as he walked towards her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Khushi broke the hug awkwardly and looked at him.

“Sorry but I was here for business, I think we should leave it to that, whatever happened between us was just a mistake, so I think we should forget about it and move on”

“You call that a mistake Khushi? Come on!”

“Arnav, I…”

“No Khushi, you don’t need to explain anything… I was the one who’s wrong, I shouldn’t have been attracted to you because you find it a mistake…”

“Arnav it’s not that”

“Then what is it? Why are you running away from me when we both know we like each other? Khushi trust me, I don’t know any girl with such a name, but yes I have been having some dream for many years now, I see a girl running somewhere and a man running behind her calling her Vasu, that’s the only thing I know about… I don’t know who that girl is, neither do I have any relation with her, I just don’t understand why I keep on dreaming of her and that day when I said her name it was just a coincidence maybe, I really dint want to hurt you”

“But that’s what I don’t understand Arnav, how comes you took her name when you don’t know her”

“I don’t know anything, all I know is that I don’t want to spoil things between us, you know how much I like you, trust me I have never felt this way for any other girl… I know it’s just a few days but I really like you and I know this would soon change to love and that’s why I fear losing you”

“No Arnav, this was just a small infatuation, love doesn’t happen like that”

“Love happens at first sight Khushi, at least we know each other a bit”

“Arnav I like you too, I won’t deny that but things can’t just work out between us, look.. Let’s just end this here”

“Fine, as you say” Arnav replied sadly as he walked out of her room.


Khushi sat on her bed stressed about everything that was happening in her life, first the dreams where she sees some palace then she comes to India and lives in the same palace with the same damn forbidden room, she gets to know Arnav and likes him but things mess up more when she realizes he’s also been having dreams, not as same as hers but something totally different to which his grandmother reacts weirdly.

To make all that worse, she visits some cave where she finds them name Vasu and Arjun and both the people are dead, then how comes Arnav dreams about Vasu when he’d never met her because according to what NK told her, Vasu & Arjun died before Arnav was even born.

She brushed off the thoughts and headed towards Devyani’s room as she knocked at the door.

“Come in” A voice came from inside

Khushi opened the door and walked inside the room, and found her sited on the bed.

“Yes Khushi.. Do you need anything Devyani asked

Khushi walked towards her and sat on the bed next to her when her eyes fell in an antique box at the corner of the room.

“Wow, what’s that?” Khushi asked

“It’s the box of secrets”

“Like it had many secrets inside it?”

“Yeah, something of such sort… you know when I was your age, that was when this things were invented, everyone at that time owned a box of secret where they kept anything like diaries, letters and what not.

The special thing about it was it would recognize your touch and only open if you touch it, if someone else tried to open it, they won’t be able to” Devyani said with a smile

“Oh so it keeps all your secrets safe inside there, that pretty amazing”

“Yeah, antique things are always amazing”

“Anyway I was here to ask you a question”

“Yeah sure, ask me anything”

“Who are Vasu and Arjun?”

“I don’t…”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know about them because I know you do, I saw how you reacted when Anjali mentioned Vasu’s name, I know you know why Arnav dreams about that girl, please tell me who she was” Khushi said

“Why do you want to know about it?”

“Because I… I can’t tell you the reason, I just want, no I need to know it so badly”

“Because you like him, and you are scared that this Vasu is another girl in his life right?” Devyani asked

“I just need to know please”

“Look Khushi, I know and understand your restlessness but I would say it’s better if you don’t get to know about it, whatever it was about Vasu and Arjun has ended ages back, you better forget about it because that secret is in that secret box of mine and I’m the only one allowed to know about it”

“But how is it related to Arnav and me?”

“You’ll not get any answers from me, all I would advise you is to finish your work and then just leave from here, never look back to this place… this would be best for you and for Arnav too”

“Why aren’t you telling me about it?”

“Because it’s past, and past spoils out future, Khushi look don’t try because I’m not going to tell you anything at all”

“Okay” She said sadly as she walked out of the room.

There were many things she dint understand but she knew there were answers to all her questions, and the answers were in the secret box that Devyani had, all she needed to do is get it and open it anyhow then she would know whatever Devyani is trying to hide.

Aug 30, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Everyone was sited at the dinner table, NK was busy chatting with Khushi, Devyani was busy staring at both Khushi and Arnav and Anjali was busy with her food.

Arnav quickly finished his food and headed to his room without speaking a word, Khushi knew he was hurt but she was also hurt, her life got so messed up after coming here.

After dinner she too walked to her room and sat on the bed staring at the forbidden room which was opposite her room.

Maybe it had the answer to all her questions and that why it was locked, maybe there was something related to Vasu and Arjun inside there that’s why no one had been allowed in there.

She really wanted to go and see whatever that was being kept hidden in that room but the problem was they keys, Devyani had all the keys and she surely hid them in that secret box.

She stood up to walk towards the room when her phone rang.

“Yes mom” she said as she received the call.

“Khushi, you are staying for some more time there? Why?”

“Mom the deal isn’t over yet so I have to stay, and this place is also beautiful, I thot I’d see it around then come back in a week or two”

“That’s okay but I miss you, your dad is also coming back next week so you are supposed to be here okay?”

“I’ll try my best”

“Okay then it must be late there, you sleep and take good care of yourself”

“You too mom” she disconnected the call and walked outside her room as she stood on the staircase.

She stared down where she could see the whole palace in a different way, it looked more beautiful that when you saw each place at a time, this was like seeing the whole palace at one time.

There was something written on the floor which she had never noticed before…

“Yeh sheesho ka mahal hai, yahan ke har ek sheeshe ke piche ek raaz chupa hai”

(This is a palace of mirrors, every mirrors here has a secret hidden behind it”

Khushi almost freaked out reading that, was she the first one who had read those words or the family members already knew about it?

She saw Arnav who walked out of his room and sat on the staircase and a while later, he turned his head up where he found Khushi already staring at him.

Na jee sake yahan… na marsake yahan…

Hasne ki baat ****o… na ro sake yahan…

His took his eyes away from hers because just looking at her hurt him a lot. Maybe she had her own reasons for pushing him away but for him it was so hard to see her in front of him and just ignore her.

Things were becoming harder for him that for a while he was thinking to spend the whole day at the factory and come back home when everyone was sleep so he dint have to face her but then he yet couldn’t stop himself from coming back just to look at her and feel relaxed.

Yeh dard ki aahein… judaa huyi rahein… bhuladenge tumko sanam dheere dheere…

Mohabbat ke saare sitam dheere dheere… abhi naaz hain toote dil ko wafa pe…

Ke tootenge saare b**** dheere dheere… bhuladenge tumko sanam dheere dheere…

Anjali walked towards Arnav and sat next to him staring at him.

“What’s up Arnav? Are you okay? I have never seen you sitting like this on the staircase, you even seemed to be lost at the dinner today… what happened?” Anjali asked

Arnav dint know what to answer her, he dint know how to explain that he was attracted and maybe in love with Khushi when they had known each other for a few days only and to make it worse she told him it was better if the parted ways…

It was the first time ever he felt so happy, so relaxed in his life… he fell for a girl, he got attracted towards her and this was what he got in the end…

He felt so stupid… maybe he should have controlled his heart then today he would be the same Arnav he had always been.

Dil mera chahe ke seene se dil mein nikaal ke fekdu.. bedard iss behrem ko hawa me ucchal ke fekdu..

Dhokha diya haaye mujhko dhokha diya… dil ne mere haaye yeh kya kiya…

He hugged Anjali tightly as he tried to control his tears, he dint understand why he was feeling so hurt and so weak that he could break down any moment.

He tried to be strong, he breathed in and out trying to control his tears and his feelings and his eyes from looking at her.

Anjali hugged him back without asking him a question, maybe a hug was what he needed right now.

Lamho se hare… bujhe nazaare… ab to sahenge yeh ghum dheere dhere…

Bhuladenge tumko sanam dheere dheere…

Khushi wiped her tears away as she headed back into her room, she dint want to hurt him and as much as it was hard for him, it was for her too, but then all this things were really disturbing her.

She jumped on her bed and hugged her pillow tightly as she broke down into tears… everything was hurting her, seeing Arnav like this was hurting her, knowing the fact that she had changed him was hurting her, because he wasn’t the Arnav she talked to on the phone, he wasn’t the Arnav she met here for the first time, so full of confidence and dedicated towards his work and family, and so professional.

Right now he was just a broken and hopeless Arnav who lacked confidence, who could hug his sister so that he could control his tears, who was so helpless he couldn’t do anything to be with the girl he was attracted to.


Next morning.

Khushi woke up feeling so numb, she dint realize when she fell asleep last night while crying but right now she felt so terrible as if she had been continuously crying the whole night.

She headed to take a shower then got dressed in whatever she found comfortable as she stood in front of the mirror in her room combing her hair.

She remembered the words she saw written on the floor, did the mirror really have a secret hidden behind it?

She rushed out of her room and checked if anybody was coming, when she saw no one, she rushed back to her room and locked herself inside.

She started un**** the mirror and when she was on the last screw she heard a knock at her door, her heart almost skipped a beat.

There were few knocks but no one spoke while Khushi stood still on the spot she was standing.

“Miss Khushi… Sis is calling you for breakfast please hurry up”

There was a complete silence for a while then she heard some footsteps going downstairs, she felt so relaxed.

What left her surprised was that Arnav was the one who came to call her for breakfast but it was so weird for him to address her as Miss. Khushi instead of Khushi only.

Had things changed so much between them?

“Where is Khushi?” Anjali asked

“She’s coming in a while, anyway I’ll leave for the factory” Arnav said as he started to walk away.

“Wait Arnav, at least have breakfast then leave”

“No sis, thank you but I don’t feel hungry, I’ll eat something at the factory when I feel like”

He walked away leaving Anjali and everyone so confused, Arnav would miss any meal of the day but not the breakfast, he always said that breakfast was important for health and always advised everyone not to skip breakfast and today he himself skipped it.

Khushi finally got the final screw out the slowly pulled the mirror out of the wall and placed it on the bed.

She turned back towards the wall and her eyes were left wide open at what she read.

Aug 31, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

“Arjun and Vasundra’s love is Immortal (Arjun aur Vasundra ka pyar amar hai)”

Khushi kept on staring at the wall not being able to believe what she just read.

How could this be possible? Whatever was written on the wall seemed to be written with blood, the color looked like that of blood.

What connection did Arjun and Vasundra have with Sheesh Mahal? What connection did Vasundra whom Arnav called as Vasu had with Arnav himself?

Why was she trapped in between all this things, what connection did she have with everything over here when she had never been here before?

She quickly hanged the mirror back to the wall and headed downstairs for breakfast before anyone found her like this.

She was a hundred percent sure now that Devyani knew about all this things, she knew why Arnav took Vasu’s name in his dreams, she even knew what connection it had with her but she was hiding it.

Why was she doing that? She could just tell everyone the matter and things would be solved.

“You took so long, are you okay?” Anjali asked

“Yeah I’m totally fine” Khushi replied as she glared at Devyani who was busy eating

After breakfast everyone left for their work, Khushi followed Devyani to her room.

“Yes Khushi, how may I help you?” Devyani asked

“I need to know about Arjun and Vasundra” Khushi said plainly

Devyani looked at her in surprise as if she knew something she wasn’t supposed to.

“What about them?” She asked calmly

“I want to know how they are related to us, to me, to Arnav and to you… I want to know why Arnav takes Vasundra’s name every time in his sleep, when he’s with me, he mistakenly addresses me as Vasundra, when Anjali talks to you about it  you try to avoid the topic…

I can’t take this suspense any more, it’s a torture, please just tell me for heaven sake who the hell these two people are and how they are connected to us”

“Look Khushi you need to calm down first… Vasundra and Arjun were just two lovers years ago who no more are”

“Fine, so why are they in our life when they are dead?”

“That’s maybe just a coincidence.” Devyani said

“Okay then is it also a coincidence that they are somehow connected to this palace?” Khushi asked

“Who told you they are connected to this palace? That isn’t true Khushi. You are just taking this things too seriously” Devyani said

“No I am not, I am sure all this has a connection somewhere, but if you aren’t willing to tell me about it, I’ll find out myself” Khushi said as she walked out angrily.

She headed to NK’s room and knocked at the door as she waited for him to open the door.

“Khushi… hey” He greeted her.

“NK I’m so bored, can you take me out?”

“Sure, is that a thing to ask for? Just a second, I’ll get my car keys then we leave”

“Thanks” Khushi smiled at him.


“So, where do you want me to take you” NK asked when they both finally were sited in the car.

“Somewhere where many people leave… or where I can meet many people, mostly old ones”

“Why do you want to go to such a place?”

“You know I always heard that old people know many secret stories about the place so I just want to meet some and listen to some stories… maybe of Arjun and Vasundra, remember we read the names at the cave” Khushi said

“Yeah, I have also wanted to know about their story, but I never thought something like this, let’s go find someone who can tell us about it”

NK excitedly drove to a place where many people who lived in the village gathered together and mostly old people.

“So whom will we ask?” NK asked

“No idea, let’s just find someone”

They both walked around until they spotted a crowd of old people sitting in one place.

“Hello” Khushi said greeting them all.

They smiled at her as they all greeted her back, the specialty of people here were, they were friendly with anyone.

“We came here for some kind of research about love and the famous love stories… I am sure you people have lived her long enough you might be knowing about some of the best and famous love stories” Khushi said

They all nodded positively while Khushi sat down next to them joined by NK.

“Can you tell us about a few?”

“There are many love stories, but you know long back love was considered a taboo here, so you might find all the love stories without a happy ending” one lady said

“You mean to tell me that it was wrong to fall in love? Why so?”

“Because people believed so”

“So what would happen if someone fell in love and wanted to get married and spend the rest of their life together?”

“No one would ever agree for that, love marriage was completely forbidden” Another lady said

“Okay and if the same girl and guy met for a arranged marriage they could have got married, but they couldn’t get married because they were in love? Wow this is ridiculous”

“People even killed their own children, just for the sake of saving their so called reputation… love was really considered to be a bad thing”

“That’s so sad” Khushi said

“So anyway tell us, what kind of a love story would you want to know about? Anything specific?”

“Yeah” Khushi replied as she turned to look at NK.

“Actually we had visited a cave just yesterday and I saw some names written there, I read two names that really caught up my attention, I want to know about their loves story” Khushi said

“What were the names?”

“Arjun and Vasundra” Khushi said

Everyone stared at Khushi as if they were surprised, they all stood up together and left one by one nodding their heads negatively.

“What’s wrong?” Khushi asked in confusion.

No one bothered to answer her, they just kept walking away until Khushi got hold on one lady’s hand and pulled her back.

“Why is everyone behaving this way? What wrong did I say?” She asked

“It’s even forbidden to take the name of Arjun and Vasundra, and you want us to talk about their love story?” the lady said with a disgusted look at her then walked away.

“Forbidden? Why the hell?” Khushi asked in frustration.

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