Deepika ‘Sandhya’ Singh shares her thoughts on ‘Independent India’

Aug 16, 2016

Deepika ‘Sandhya’ Singh shares her thoughts on ‘Independent India’ (By Medsuper)

Deepika Singh has inspired many women to stand up and choose the career they like and grow in strength to be strong individuals. 

Her iconic character of the IPS officer, Sandhya Rathi in Star Plus’ long-running show, Diya Aur Baati Hum (Shashi Sumeet Productions) has become a rage amongst audiences. 

Just like her on-screen character, Deepika in real life comes across as a strong lady, who would not shy away from helping out in social causes.

In a hearty conversation with, Deepika was happy to be part of our Independence Day special feature story... 

“The role in Diya Aur Baati Hum has only made me strong as an individual. Otherwise, nothing much has changed for me. The girl usually tends to change into a diplomatic and submissive person as she grows up. But for Sandhya, life remained the same, and she always stood for the truth. Like her, I too love to care about my nation, and help out in social causes. I always think about others; take care of street dogs, share my chocolates from childhood. And this character of Sandhya only made me grow as an individual. I would say I have been the perfect casting for the show. And the credit for this goes to the Casting person.”

Deepika as she put it, has been the responsible daughter for her family. “I have taken everything in my stride, and can never think negative. I look towards solutions rather than getting bogged down. I have enjoyed taking up responsibilities just like how Sandhya has been. And today, Sandhya is an iconic character, and has inspired many people. All credit to Sandhya’s popularity goes to the writers, director, producer and the entire technical team of the show who have worked hard in justifying Sandhya in all the situations.”

Deepika shared her thought of Independent India with us. “We enjoy freedom of expression, which people did not have years back. When we were being ruled by Britishers, we had no right to even express. And today, we are living so happily with all the facilities like electricity, water supply, infrastructure etc. And we are happy today, because of the sacrifices done by the freedom fighters in order to secure freedom for our Nation. We have to consider ourselves lucky, is what I feel.”

Deepika urged everyone to do their bit to keep India clean. “We are living in a hi-tech environment, and it takes one small step to sight the uncleanly ambience and get it corrected. After all, a CLEAN India is HEALTHY India.”

Also, Deepika felt that it is essential for the kids to to be taught self-defense from a very young age. “We need to protect ourselves and our near ones all the time from the notorious and psychic people who are out there to ruin our country. So it is very important for all, especially girls to learn self defense. Also, it is important to follow your instincts and stay away from places and situations which can be harmful. We cannot change such psychic minded people. But we can surely do our bit by identifying such cases in the beginning, before they start to create havoc. If there is one such case in a family, it is for the family members to raise concern and take the individual to a psychiatrist and get his mental condition corrected. People don’t find it correct in going to a psychiatrist. However, we should understand that it is the psychiatrist who can arrest small mental aberrations. If a person is a drug addict, his family is paranoid about taking him for counseling. Don’t have such thoughts in life; it is always better than suffering for life. I believe that a person who rapes women has a kind of psychic illness and is actually not in a healthy state of mind. So the moment you trace some psychic aberration in an individual, it is important that he is treated. All these small steps can go miles in keeping danger away from the society.”

Very well said, Deepika!!

Credit : Tellychakkar

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