Arshi OS- Long Way Down

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Aug 12, 2016

Arshi OS- Long Way Down (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 44 times)

OS- Long Way Down

"...Walking on the rooftops, Talking of times, With our eyes a glowing, Like the city lights, She stands on the ledge, She says, 'it looks so high', You know it's a...Long way down, Feels like a long way down..." Tom Peter Odell 

Arnav smiles at her through mirror and she returns her pretty smile making his heart flutter.

“Morning” he speaks moving toward bed

“Morning” she replies lazily trying to set her messed up hairs, thanks to her careless sleeping style.

“Slept well?” he says caressing her soft cheeks

“Still sleepy” she pouts and he chuckles “I AM hungry” she says quickly trying to get out of bed.

“careful” his voice fill with concern as he helps her getting out of bed.

“What do you want me to cook for you, love?” he asks. As khushi is brushing her teeth

“I want to eat Potatoes” her voice full of excitement and he shakes his head smiling at her antics.

“OK” he leaves walking downstairs and enters in their small kitchen.

They live in a small apartment with a bedroom, 2 washroom, a living room and a kitchen. A small garden as well. They live on the countryside as khushi loves greenery and a house like this was not affordable for them in city so he chose countryside. Anyway he has a car thanks to his father who gifted this at his 20th birthday. His father now doesn't even wants to see his face. A sigh and a sad smile all he have a part from love khushi showers on him everyday, every second. But still he misses his family, his mother, his sisters and brother. Even though he was suppose to be alone but still a part of him feels low at the fact no one from his family supported him when he needed it the most. He was alone.

All alone!

“Smells good” he hears her soothing voice and immediately smiles.

“YOU will like it love” he smiles but khushi sat down on the chair with a sad face “What happened?” ARNAV asks narrowing his eyes.

“Too bad I can't cook” he wants to laugh at her and he actually laughed very hard.

“DON’T laugh” she threatens angrily.

“Oh sorry” he laughs again and khushi got up to leave but he held her hand makes her sit on the chair and takes  the other one to sit on.

“Its ok if you can't cook,  I am here for that” she looks down and says “I want to help…I am of no use. I feel like I am a burden.”

“NO you aren't”

“What's good in me Arnav?” her hormones are doing their job very well, making her emotional, angry and sad on every little thing. So he doesn't mind.

“YOU are my everything” his eyes showing pure love. “Really?” she smiles, blushing. Bloody mood swings!

“Yes” he replies and kisses her forehead

She hugs him and says “YOU are so Good Arnav, nobody have ever love me like you do. You are the best” her tears wetting his shirt, now she overwhelmingly happy “I AM not even that good like you say but still that’s so sweet of you…”

“KHUSHI stop” she looks at him “YOU are amazing ok, food is ready and you are hungry, right?” he says changing the subject. If he sat there hearing her praising him then it would lead her crying nonstop and her health is way more important than any confession. Off course he likes it when she talks about him but he wants to hear it when she is normal not in this stage where her hormones have taken control.

She eats her food like she is really hungry.

“Did you call your father again?” khushi asks lying beside him on sofa, in living room, watching some movie “NO” he simply replies, his eyes glued on TV.

“Why?” she asks sternly

“Can we not talk about it?” he says clearly annoyed by the subject. He is tired.

“His long are we going to neglect this?”

“Not today”

“Look at me” she demands and holds his hand in her, entwine their fingers.

“I know you miss them, you try to hide it but I know you Arnav, you miss everything. Your life of party, without tensions and stuff that you don't like. I want you to sort it all out with your family, for yourself” he looks at everything except her.

“I won’t lie but I miss everything, partying with my friends and the luxurious life, my mom, my dad, my siblings” he looks in her eyes.  

“But having you beside me is what I need and you know very well they won’t understand our feelings”

“They were right Arnav, they had the right to get angry. I mean their son made a middle class girl pregnant…” she trails off sadly

“NO khushi” he cups her face and pecks her lips softly “lets not talk about it”

“No” she groans

“KHUSHI your parents accepted me even though you're their adopted daughter, they supported you but what did my parents do? They just left me all alone, they didn't turn back for me. I am not going to beg forgiveness.  I am tired!” he hugged her “I don’t care khushi. I just love you and our soon to be daughter” presses kisses on her neck “I love you” staring at her lips “YOU know how feel about ‘us’?” he says softly and she replies “what?” lost in the moment, her big hazel eyes focusing on his face.

“Its like I am standing on a cliff and as I look down to see long slippery path. I am afraid of heights and held your hand close to my heart, you feel it beating fast and I tell you, it feels like a long way down, please don’t leave or I may fall apart and you don’t want me to fall apart” she shakes her head, overwhelmed and hugs him tightly, he buries his face in her neck.

“Honey near leave me” he says as she felt hot tears on her shoulder. tears slips from her eyes even though she tries to stop.

“I won't, never” she kisses his head and caresses his soft hairs.

KHUSHI and Arnav…lived happily ever after!  

"...I can feel the rivers, Winding through the lands, Two lines, and a poet, Like a kind old rye, You know we could talk in that language, Only we understand, But you know...It's a long way down, So honey don't leave now..." TPO


random OS hope you liked it! should i write  some more os-es?

updates are on the way :) under construction... 

my inspiration for this os is long way down by tom peter odell :) i love him. if you guys have watched fault in our stars you must have heard this song ;-)

Aug 18, 2016

Long way down.... :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 6 times)

Hello, all :) I hope you all are doing well. 

I want to say Massive Thank You for being nice enough to comment and press thank you button on this random OS :D It was awesome :) I feel really happy seeing your comments.

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So As I once mentioned I'll write a series of OS-es and this is the second OS of that collection.  

I will post more very soon ;-) 

Archanasuresh: thank you so much for appreciating my work and dear its an OS [one shot] so It will not be continued.

Myla: Thank you and why err? sorry couldn't understand :P

Sarunarshii: God! my inspiration for fictions is always music [songs from my favourite singers] It was inspired from long way down by Tom Odell ;-) Love you kiddo your comments make my day :*

Noordina: Thank you so much for [always] being so supportive. haha and yes, I will write as long as I could :)  

Londoner: Thank you :) and yes I have thought about not to write in caps. I don't mind suggestions as long as those are positive :) do tell me more mistakes of mine ;-)

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