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Elitists next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 29 times)


                                                 "Wine and Kisses"

“Let me sleep!” I hiss pulling the quilt over my head. I hear him laugh softly.

“We don’t want to spend our honeymoon sleeping!” I open my eyes and realize what he said a moment ago and sat up straight.

“You didn’t tell me it was a honeymoon!” I almost yell at him and he smirks, evilly.

“Now you know!”

“But you should’ve told me!” I argue frustrated.  

“Oh sorry for not hanging a poster on the wall and advertising it on my plane for you to look and know it’s a honeymoon.” I sigh.

“I…you should have told me…” he groans.

“its just some holidays, happy now?”

“No…I am on my…periods” my cheeks burn as I say this and I drop my head above my knees. I hear him laugh and close my eyes wishing to become invisible. I feel his breaths on my cheek followed by a long, lingering kiss. I look up in his eyes and smile a little.

“How can you girls hide such things? I swear I never know when my sisters are you know in this phase.” I roll my eyes.

“’Cause you men are too dumb to notice **** about women.” He laughs again making me breath sharply. He’s affecting me like a virus. My body isn’t mine anymore. Its like he has a magnetic field set around himself to trap me. Our eyes meet and he nods his head as if agreeing with what I said. He moves closer until our breaths are mingling and then we kiss for a good minute or so. I break the kiss but he doesn’t move away instead caresses my skin under my eyes. I look at him transfixed.  

“Jaan-e-man,” he begins, “is it wrong that I wanna bury myself in you?”

I take deep breaths as if to calm my emotions. Yes, I feel overwhelmed. I feel proud. I am loved by a man who otherwise is known to hate. Right now, I feel like I can rule him. I have his heart in my palm. He fears me. He bites his lip softly, nervously.  

“I dunno.” He looks at me with his molten brown eyes full of love and devotion similar that I saw all my life in another pair of hazal eyes. It makes me sad. I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I blink twice to prevent tears from falling. A tear falls on his thumb that was caressing my skin just now.

“Why are crying? Hush…” he hugs me and hides my face in his chest. I cry.

I don’t say anything. I have nothing to say. I move away from him after few minutes and wipe my face. He stares at me dumbfounded probably thinking I’m crazy.   

“I’ll freshen up!” he nods without questioning further for which I’m very thankful.

I stand under hot shower, letting the water run over my skin. The steam calming my senses bringing a sense of peace and calm. I feel tired so I sit down and close my eyes feeling water hit my head and shoulders. The knock on the door makes me realize I must have been here for a long time now. I turn off the shower and wipe my hairs and body with the very soft towels. I dress up and join him for breakfast.

He smiles at me warmly as I sit beside him on the settee. The coffee table in front of us is laden with different dishes, all of them traditional and it makes me smile at his thoughtfulness.  

I start eating and gesture him to do the same but he just stares at me.

“Arnav…eat!” he nods his head and starts eating. I shook my head at how colorful his personality is.

We eat in silence and a waitress comes to collect the rest of stuff and empty dishes.

“The food was delicious.” I say, “Thanks!”

“Never mind!” he says pulling me closer with his arm around my waist. He kisses my temple multiple times making me giggle. I feel like I am a tiny girl being pampered by her Papa. His eyes hold for me the same warmness I had felt long ago in my father’s eyes; the same warmness I felt in Zayn’s eyes every time I’d cry and he’d hold me in his arms; the same warmness babuji had in his eyes on the day of marriage.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I mumble softly.


“I think I understand what it means,” I say looking at his handsome face, “And I feel overwhelmed.”

“But I want to look at you.”

“Stop or I will cry on our honeymoon!” this distracts him and he smirks, rising his eyebrow, he nears his face to mine and kisses the corner of my mouth. My hairs still wet and disheveled.

“Poor! We can’t have ****.” I roll my eyes.

“You always have it on your mind, don’t you?” he fakes an innocent-shocked look.

“How do you know what’s it like inside my head? Are you a witch or psychic?”

“A witch!” I giggle “I’ve given you the powerful love potion!” he grins.

“I reckon so!” he agrees and we both laugh at our silliness.

Later we cuddled each other for hours, doing nothing but chatting and kissing and [me specifically] blushing.

In the evening, we roamed in the streets of colorful city and shopped so many things and visited the orphanages AR supported.

And Arnav took me to a very fancy hotel with golden walls and big chandeliers lighted with what looked like candles but were fairy lights; with archaic and modern art pieces hung on the walls as if everyone there understood their beauty and messages and the chairs and tables made of oak tree wood and were of natural color with a fresh flower pot and two glasses and a fine wine bottle on each table, empty or taken.

I stood there mesmerized.

Arnav takes me to a table in the far corner.

“Do you like this place?”

“I love it!” I say looking at the art pieces, Zayn would’ve been so glad to be here but—what am I thinking? I frown and shook my head a little to clear it off his thoughts. I try to focus on Arnav as he asks something like, “want some wine?” and I nod without fully understanding what he said.

I hold the wine glass and look at him unsure but seeing him taking a gulp from his glass makes me want to drink this strange thing. I take a sip and moan softly. Its so smooth and fine and fruity.

“Its so…smooth!” I gasp and he agrees. “What is it?”

“What do you think it is?”

“Something like juice or what…its too strong to be taken as juice though.” I purse my lip and he smiles.

“It wine.” I look at him alarmed.

“This must be expensive,” then I suddenly notice that our bottle is different from every other on the table. “Tell me about it!” I say interestingly.

“Screaming Eagles, most expensive and hard to find wine in the world. I acquired this in a charity event in NYC.”

“How much did you pay for it?” I ask very much absorbed in the liquid in my hand. I sip it slowly.

“I don’t remember.”


“Jaan-e-man,” I blush and he continues, “It was Aman who sat in auction and brought it. It was before your accident. I wanted us to drink it on our wedding night but well…you know I wasn’t sure about how you’ll react so…I waited…” he shrugs.  

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever drink.” I confess and his face lit with a smile as if he has been waiting for me to say that all the while. “Can I drink more?”

“Its all yours, Jaan-e-man.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Why?” he raises his eyebrow, still smiling.

“It causes acidity in my stomach!” I lie and he laughs. His face brightening up making me bewitched. He keeps on laughing and I stare at his face in trance. The waiter breaks in our lovely moment making me blush and Arnav angry.

“Khushi, jaan-e-man, are you hungry or should we wait?”

Eat!” I say as I feel my stomach grumbling.

“Choose what you want then.” He says focusing on his menu.

“I’ve no idea about what so ever are these dishes!” I whisper urgently.

“Don’t worry, they are all Indian but they chose to name them in English…for value addition!” I sigh and choose two dishes with my fingers crossed and Arnav’s reassurance that food here is always good.


After waiter left, I turn to Arnav, “tell me…” I hesitate for a moment but decide to take the risk, “about yourself…I mean your childhood, parents…yeah…about you.

He looks at me as if caught off-guard by my sudden inquiry but I’ve been planning this since our wedding night. I want to know him and all those factors that make him who he is.

“I’m Arnav and-“ just then his phone rang. He apologizes and attends the call. I don’t know what the other person says but I witness him transforming from soft and loving Arnav to ruthless ASR. His face stays handsome but turns ruthless in expression making me clutch the table tightly. I feel anxiety rising in me suffocating me. Why was he looking so mad? Would he hurt me? 


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Elitists next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 21 times)

Chapter# 37

                                       "Date Night"

I look at her anxious and scared face.

“What is it?” she asks and I shrug.

“Nothing,” I lie, “Nothing to bother for six days, I’m keeping my promise.” she smiles and relief washes over her face. I turn off my phone and look at her pretty face. All these art pieces to admire but her smile is the only worthy piece of art here. I don't even want to start admiring rest of her body.

“Do you remember your parents?” I ask her trying to kick start a conversation because its really awkward here. The waiter arrives with the food and khushi began inquiring him about food and thanks when he is gone.

“What were saying?” she asks stuffing her mouth with food.

“Do you remember your parents?”

“Yeah...they are a part of me. Obviously I remember.” she rolls her eyes as if finding my question silly.

“Silly question it was though!” i laugh awkwardly.

“You were…” she clears her throat, “gonna tell me about yourself.”

“Yeah.” i smile at her and reply, “My parents are dead khushi, both real and unreal-”

“-What? I don’t understand.” she asks puzzled by my brief introduction.

“Real one died when I was seventeen and when I turned 20, fake one died too!”

“Arnav!” she GIGGLES, “Are you kidding me? If yes then you are funny!”

I stare at her and smile, “Unbelievable! You think it's unbelievable?”

“No!” she says soberly, “Not if it's related to you. I’m all ears make me understand!”

“My father was a prick. He loved Aliya-”

“-Your mother?”

“Not my real one if you would be patient enough to hear.”

“Yes I’m all ear!” she says stuffing her mouth with spoon full of rice.

“My father didn’t love my mother so when I was born, he left her and I began living with him and Aliya.” I half-heartedly tell her my half-accurate history.

“How old were you then?” I wet my lips.

“I was a day old.”

“What?” the spoon slips from her fingers and she stares at me with surprise and confusion.

“I was a day old.” I repeat sternly and she nods her head a bit taken aback by my changed tone.   

“I’m just-”



“Well he dumped my mother and 2 years before they died, I was informed that I’ve a mother and Aliya was just another woman not my mom.”

“It must be a terrible experience!”

“Yeah...It taught me not to trust or love or care or forgive!”

“I hope you’ll find your part of happiness.” i smile. Look at this angel. Her smile. Her words. Her hopes. Her wishes. Everything is pure and yet they ask me why i love this woman. They say what is so special about her. Tell them to see her through my eyes.

“Let’s leave, if you are done eating!”

“Can we walk to hotel?”

“Sure.” I smile. Today i can even give my life for her. I’m so much in love with her. We start walking out of hotel. I tell driver to leave without us. Hand in hand, we walk slowly and the night air hit our skins. She smiles looking around.

“So tell me about you.” I ask with a hint of nervousness. I have no idea why I’m nervous. Probably because that good for nothing Zayn was a part of her life and she would began thinking about him and all.

“Let me tell you what in your words “beggars gupta” mean to me!” I roll my eyes.

“Seriously? I thought you would tell me about your real parents.” she smiles.

“Arnav,” I look at her attentively, “when my parents died and I was abandoned by all those who I thought were my family just yesterday, I was too young to understand the situation but I remember their cold stares. I remember the emptiness that crept in my bones like a virus sucking up love of my mother and leaving me empty and hollow and hopeless. Then I thought love was impossible and whatever I had, would never return. But it did. Now I know, you hate my parents but they are hope in my life that no amount of money can buy. After my parents, I love them.” she glance down and looks up again. “So it hurts me when they are hurt. Because they are a part of me!”

“I understand.” I nod my head.

“No you don’t.”

“I do.”

“What do you understand?”

“That they are your hope like you’re mine.” I confess and she laughs softly.

“You surprise me so much.” she makes a confused face and I smile looking around and back at her.

“You know,” I start, “You are the only person worthwhile in my life. When I’m with you, I am a better man and When I’m without you, I’m worst man. I don’t hate your parents or zayn. I just hate the fact that they take a fraction of your mind, the part should be mine. *misty eyes* I love you so much that the thought of sharing your thoughts with someone makes me jealous and you don’t know jealousy, khushi it is the worst kind of feeling.”

“Oh Arnav! I told you, you surprise me so much!” she wipes the corner of her eyes and laughs.

“When I first saw you, that day when you came to clean my room. Do you remember that? That was the day I fell in love with you!” she nods.

“That was the day I started hating you!”

I remember that day very well.  

“I was nice to you though.”

“Depends on how you define ‘niceness’”

“That was the nicest I’ve been with a stranger especially a worker!”

"You offered me charity! I'm still offended."

"it wasn't charity! I was really impressed. I was afraid you would hurt yourself but you worked like a pro, the way you were moving so fast and all. And your eyes, they were shining with fierce glimpse. I never saw that in anyone before." 

"You threatened to kill me!" 

"For my defense, I was just testing you!" she laughs.

"Your defense is poor Mr. Raizada."

i raise my hand in surrender and she giggles. we reach the hotel and once inside, exhausted we fell asleep.


2 years ago, flashbacks.


January, 20, 2015

Zayn’s house

“I’m nervous,” khushi told Zayn with her hand on her heart.

“You can do it! Darling if you don’t like it, you can think about working in my office. Just don’t take pressure.” she nodded her head and tried to smile. “Today is Tuesday and are you ready for 10th episode of The Flash?” he winked at her trying to lighten her mood.

Khushi squealed in excitement “Ohhh ohhh I forgot it completely! Do you think the fire man is Ronnie?”

“I think he is but you know in comics Firestorm is a merge of two man: Professor Stein and Ronnie. Let’s see what they do here.”

“I wish he would be Ronnie. Poor Cat deserves love!”

“So do you, my dear Khush! Don’t bully yourself over things you can’t control. Remember I love you!”

“There is no khushi without Zayn.”

“Give me a kiss then!” he placed his lips on hers and kissed her briefly before they were interrupted by knock on the door.

“Time to part, my love.” he kissed her forehead and they both went to open the door to Find Garima. They bid her goodbye and headed for their respective places.

Raizada Mansion

“Di please do me a favor stop hiring stupid servants!” Anjali rolled her eyes.

“Did you fire that girl?”

“Yeah AND don’t ask me why.” his temper seemed to have lost its balance.

“Anyway, there will be a new maid but Arnav if you scare her away, You’ll have to find your own maid. I will leave you on your own! I’m gonna hang out with my friends today, don’t bother calling me.”


“Bye and if this girl is as dumb as the other one you’ll find a nice one or I’ll ruin your kitty party gladly Di!” he shouted and his sister shook her head muttering ‘unbelievable’.

First day at work and khushi made all the house servants her friends. They laughed at jokes and admired her down-to-earth and mellow temper.

“I’ve cleaned all the rooms, do I have to clean this living room too?” Khushi asked a strange aunty who thinks her makeup is on the point when actually she looked like a clown.

“Did you clean ASR’s room?” she asked suspiciously

“Who is he?”

“Owner of the house.”

“Ohh...I um where is his room?”

“Upstairs third floor is all his.” khushi nodded nervously. “After that you can leave.” khushi smiled. Her motivation to work was leaving the work early.

Khushi went upstairs, sitting room was a mess so she began cleaning it up. After thirty minutes of hard work, she moved from room to room, all were quiet and clean except one so she went in and looked around with horrified expression: the clothes lying everywhere; pieces of glass scattered here and there; drawers sliding out; the bed was a mess and the breakfast tray was still there on the nightstands with juice spilling on the floor.

She took a deep breath, started walking towards bed when she heard muffle noises coming from somewhere right to her. She got scared. Taking baby steps she reached the bed and started by picking stuff like bottles of beers. Who keeps these on bed? She wondered. She changed the sheets and arranged the cushions. She turned to nightstands, cleaned them and then she began picking stuff up from the floor, the voices coming from the same place constantly.

“Aww ASR” she heard a loud moan and felt life leaving her legs. Were they having-? Oh no! Could she become invisible? She started cleaning hastily. She has to leave before they see her. But when she arranging clothes back in the wardrobe she heard voices more vividly as if someone was just behind her, scared, she turned around and Khushi gasped at the sight: two people were making out vigorously.

They turned to see the intruder and khushi placed a hand on her eyes.

“And who the f**K are you?” a male voice asked her harshly and when she stayed silent he barked, “Answer me dammit.”

“She is the new maid ASR.” she heard lazy voice of a woman.

Khushi took deep breaths and pulled her arm by her side and looked at them, both wrapped in bathrobe.

“Another stupid maid!” she heard the man gritting his teeth.

“Excuse me?” she was angry this time. How dare he call her stupid?

“No you excuse us and leave,” the woman beside him said impatiently.

“As if anyone would like to stay in this marvelous room! I’ll clean this mess and leave,” khushi said looking around half-cleaned room.

“Are you insulting me?”

“No. I’m stating facts.” she smiled but it faded when the guy started walking toward her. She took a deep breath and decided act to act confident. Just pretend khushi! Her inner voice encouraged.

“Who hired you?”

“None of your business, sir. Can i continue my work and leave?”

“No you can’t leave unless you answer all of my questions.”

Khushi looked at the woman but she gave her look like deal-with-it. She looked back at the man, who was few feet away from her, with her brows raised.

“Who are you?” his first question.

“New maid.” khushi tucked her virtual locks behind her ears nervously.

“Do you know your limits then?”


“-You miss...your name?”


“I’ll cut your throat and throw it in the gutter. Do you want that?” khushi visibly shivered and would have cried if it wasn’t for her pride.

“You can’t scare me like that.”

“Oh I just saw you shiver.”


“-Shut up!” he closed the distance and spat angrily, “Get to work before I really kill you.”

Khushi turned her back to him and felt tears blinding her vision. She wiped her eyes and started doing her job. The woman left his room soon after that.

Arnav watched her work so fast that he feared she would fall and get hurt or may break something but she didn’t. She didn’t look at him even when he wanted her to.   

“What’s your age?” he asked sipping his coffee.

“I refuse to talk to an arrogant man like you.” he smiled.

And when he work was done and she was about to leave he handed her a paper or more precisely a check.

“Name your tip, I like your work.”

She handed the check back to him, “I’ll get my salary, don’t need your charity!” she left in a swift before he could say or offer more.


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