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Nov 13, 2016

Elitists *NEXT part is up* :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 51 times)




"Say you'll remember me, Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe, Red lips and rosy cheeks, Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your wildest dreams, Wildest dreams"~~Taylor Swift 


“Zayn” I heard aunt Garima “Did you find khushi?” I look at her, she seems broken. Even though khushi isn't their daughter, they have always love her. That's the reason khushi had always chose her family over herself.

“No” I say, disappointed.

“Go to her workplace” she seems afraid and worried so I don't say anything and ask “Do you know, where she works?” I don't know her work place because khushi I have very little conversations about Raizadas. Since, she hates them so I tried not to mention them. To be honest, I wasn't interested plus we would be so busy in our works all day and at night we would just talk about US, leaving everything behind.

I glance at the address once before starting my byc.

My chest is heavy and my stomach hurts. I feel my heart is sinking, you know the feelings before trouble knock on your door. I know something is extremely wrong. My heart, my mind is telling me to hurry and I try to push away all the negative thoughts away but they seem to increase two folds.

Standing in front of a really big mansion. I am afraid, my heart beat faster and my breathing uneven, I feel my muscles stiffening.

Suddenly, I remember something terrible- my parents death. My mouth part and tears blind my vision. I shake my head, “She is OK, yes she is. God will never take her away from me. He loves me” I tell myself but the uneasy feelings in my stomach increase with each step I take toward the main entrance of bloody ASR’s home.

“Sir!” I am stopped by a guard, checking me from head to toe. I narrow my eyes, clearly irritated by him.

“What do you want” I snap at him.

“Your I'd card”

“And what if I don't give a flying f**k?” I say really angry.


“Khushi, I want to see her” I demand cutting him off. His eyes widen for a second before he straightens up and I furrow my borrows, knowing well something is wrong here.

“Where is khushi?” I demand in dangerously low voice.

“Who is she to you?”

“Fiance” I say shortly but what I heard next were enough to burn me. F**k Lavanya. I grit my teeth.

“You can't go in sir, its matter of my job...please I gave you information” I ignore him and walk in. Nobody can stop me. I know because I tell them I am lavanya’s friend.

“Khushi” I say entering Lavanya’s big house.

“Where is Lavanya’s room?” I ask a maid. I walk in the direction she told me to.

“What the f**k do you think you did to MY Fiance?” I ask entering in her room without knocking. Off course I am mad.

“Z-A-Zayn” she stammered and I get even more angry. I know she will try to play victim and I am not in mood to bear drama so I ask straight “Where is khushi?” my voice stern filled with anger and I know i am being harsh but she (Lavanya) haven't seem my harshness yet so I don't care. Anyways she deserves more than just my harshness.

I ran in the direction I was told to, I feel my legs become jelly, my eyes watered just by by the thought of her being hurt. I push open the door of this massive room, I don't look around, my eyes focused on khushi. My mouth parted in shock and I couldn't resist but cry. There laid, khushi, the woman, I will die for, with so many bandages and scars on her delicate skin. I walk closer.

"I got a hole in my heart, but some kind of emotional roller coaster

Something I won't go on 'til you toy with my emotions, so it's over

It's like an explosion every time I hold you, I wasn't joking when I told you

You take my breath away

You're a supernova..." EMINEM

“Zayn” I hear her whisper and I bite my lip not to sob aloud.

“I am here” it was as if my voice was the only thing she wanted, she stared at my face for few seconds, I sat their silent “I missed you” the moment she said that, I burst into tears.

“Men don't look good crying” she jocks but i am too overwhelmed.

“I am sorry” is all I say.

“DON'T be”

“I should be, it's my fault”

“No, it's Lavanya,  who is to blame” suddenly I get mad and wipe my tears, The **** Lavanya needs to pay.

“What if someone snatched you away from me?” I hear her and stay silent for a few seconds.

“I will not let that happen, I am all yours” I tell her as a matter of fact.

“Promise me, you will always love me, no matter what” the way she says all these things makes me uneasy. I sigh.

“No I will never love anyone other than you, my life, my sunshine, we need to leave this hell hole and take you to hospital” I say, sobering, khushi’s health comes first, he will handle Raizada latter.

 “They operated me a few minutes before you came” I narrow my gaze at her “Arnav called them” I immediately know why he did that, off course to save his sister.

“We are leaving” I announce and get up.

“I cant” she says taking my breath away “I belong here”


“Khushi” I open my mouth and shut it in a second, trying to process what I heard a few seconds ago.




I hold my hair in my hands tightly.

“He can't do anything, he is just bluffing” I say, hold her hand, kiss it.

“No, he is heartless, he will do anything for his sisters” khushi say and I nod unable to say or or move “I will live”

“I would rather die than to live without you” i say a bit harshly, she isn’t understanding.

“If you die, i will die too” i stare at her pale face as she confesses something I would love to hear but right now, I want to run away but i hold myself back and hear her “I will live and feel your breaths in air” I close my eyes, khushi is strong, she doesn't cry and confess so easily but when she does, she doesn't lie. I know her. “Look at me and say, you will love me”

“I will love you, always” I say instantly looking deep in her eyes, they talk and I know she is in pain more than me.

“I know you will take care of my family” she smiles, even when her everything is gone, she smiles. That's what makes her special and right now I so wish, she wasn't this special. We weren't ‘we’. I wasn't the good looking guy who caught eye of a rich spoil girl… I wish so many things that don't even matter now.

Everything is gone, what left now is immense anger that is consuming me from inside, I am mad at myself more than anyone...

“If i was rich, things would be different” I say more to myself but she hears it.

“No one can be you, you are amazing-”  

“F*** khushi, it doesn't matter, I lost you because I am a loser” I yell and she hiccups making me stop on whatever I was doing, saying or thinking. Such control she has on me and I can't even have her?

Is there anything more unfair?

“You didn't lose me, you have me forever. I was always yours”

“In dreams” I laugh at myself.

“Zayn-” but she was cut off by the door being opened by someone or to say f***ing ASR. I hate him more than I hated anyone ever...  


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Dec 8, 2016

Enlists chapter 10 (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 47 times)

Chapter 10

                                                   "Game starts"

"Love is evol, spell it back" Eminem

Arnav’s POV

Just as I enter inside her room, I met with Zayn oh that **** seems angry, cool! I am angry too. How dare he associates his ugly self with my woman? Let's have a word with the great loser aka Zayn F*king Malik. I stare at him for a second more, he looks calm and ready...so am I.

I glance at khushi who doesn't acknowledges my presence instead looks at Zayn “You will always be loved” my jaws tighten, I don't think I can stand here anymore.

“Can we have a word” I say sternly to The b-stard who happens to be love of both my sister and my soon to be bride, what's so good in him?

“I understand” he kissed khushi’s hand. it wasn't intentional to make me jealous. I know what he said and why. Khushi must have told him about our deal, I am late, sh*t.  

I walk closer to khushi and glare at Zayn in my way who glares back and it makes me amuse. I am thrilled to have a word with this young guy.

“Don't cry, I don't want you get more sick” I tell her in my usual soft voice and she doesn't responds instead looks away making me clench my jaws harder. I turn on my heel to see Zayn already waiting for me. Desperate to know something but i dont know what. He is unlike anyone I have ever met. He is exactly expressionless but in a very unusual way. I can't read what his features say, I can't simply manipulate him like I normally do. I have to work harder, I guess.

“What do you want?” I hear him just as we enter in my office next to my room, “You can't possibly just want khushi from me?” his voice calm and it surprises me. I was expecting him to be harsher and angry but hey, he is calm as f*ck.

“I want you to get married to my sister” I say looking deep in his eyes “I will give you as much money as you want” I see reaction immediately as his jaws clench.

“When you think you know people, you are mistaken” he says in his deep husky voice.

“I am never mistaken and even if I am, I make things clear for myself” I say confidently.

“So you will buy me” I nod in response “And I say no?”

“Khushi dies” the moment I said that I see him walking closer to where I am standing-behind my office table.

“You can't do that” he threatens which amuses me.

“Watch me” I trail off “And it's not just about khushi, right? She chose her family over you...she didn’t wanted them to be homeless and wrecked” off course I know khushi loves her family to core and Zayn was another weakness. What I did was just brought her home where her family currently stays, bribed few people just in case I had to kill Zayn but thankfully khushi agreed anyway. It wasn't easy though. I had to show her what I can do.


“You told her, you will kill me, didn't you?” he says nodding his head trying to complete the puzzle, b-astard knows how to play along.


“Go on, kill me now” he challenges, his eyes narrowed.

“I will not”

“I will not marry your sister” it angers me...it really does. If in this world anything is really important to me is my sisters and you die if you say no to them.

“Khushi dies” my voice harsher and I know my expression is hard.

“You will not kill her”

“Watch me”

“I don't love her”

“You will fall in love later” he laughs and I furrow my brows.

“I am not a kid, b-astard, I know what You are trying to do. But know that I will never love your sister” he looks deep in my eyes, determined “Never ever” he stresses

“I still want you to marry her” i say “Or you will die”

“Go on kill me” you know what makes me angry, his smirk, that nasty face holds power even though he is just a beggar in rags “With me, your sister dies”

“My sister isn't that weak” I grit my teeth.

“If she is strong, tell her to live without me” he challenges that f*cking smirk...if I could kill him, I would.

“She will when you are dead” I say as-a-matter-of fact “Even khushi will live with me and not you” I smirk this time. The woman is mine and that's the universal truth.

“Don't ever compare your b-itch like sister with khushi” that's it I lose my cool and throw him on the floor as my punch lands right on his right jaw.

“Shut the f*ck up”

“Truth hurts” he stands up again and wipes the blood off his mouth “Its blasphemous to compare Khushi with your sister...what's her name?” he says sarcastically.

“You don't know her, so don't judge” I grit my teeth, trying to defend my sister.

“Yeah...I think she was my class fellow. Who I thought was my friend, who I helped. Who I really cared for. I never let her down, always respected her, accepted her the way she was but what I got? I am not a fu*king toy but she made me feel like I am a toy for sale...She harassed me” he spits angrily, “Tell me what would you do if I harassed your sister? Or some other woman harassed you the way your sister harassed me? you still compare her with khushi?” he furrow his brows, his eyes showing sheer anger.  

I hate to admit that he is right but what can I do? That's just how Lavanya is, she has always been like that, demanding child. but I am letting her choose her life, which, I know is not easy, this guy here will not love her any time soon but i trust my sister’s choice…

“Forget the past, move on”

“Yeah, your sister is my past, I am forgetting her” i sigh, he isn't budging.

“Look, when I said I will kill khushi, I wasn't kidding”

 “Go on do that” I am surprised. No words for this guy.

“How deep is your love? You are telling me to kill the woman you claim to love” I try to hid my surprise but he did make me thrilled in unusual way.

“You have no guts to kill khushi” I clench my jaws real hard. For the first time in my whole damn life someone caught me lying. That someone happens to be my enemy.

“You don't know me” my voice careful not to reveal much about what I feel right now, I try to mask my feelings.

“I don't know you but I know love” he smirks and looks deep in my eyes. Suddenly I feel nervous. How a kid feels when caught lying?

“What do you mean, stop playing with my brain” I grit my teeth…

“You love her, you will never ever hurt her intentionally...if you wanted you would have killed her, why would you marry her?” he looks confident more than me “Killing her will kill you too….” he raises his eyebrow “What's your name by the way?”


“I thought I should know about the person I am leaving to die” I hear him staring nothing particular.

I don't understand so I ask ”What do you mean?”

“Nothing” I frown but let it go.

“Khushi and I are getting married at 5” I announce looking in his eyes, a wave of sadness passes his eyes just for a nano second but he masks it. “I thought you would like to know more” I smirk.

“I am not marrying your sister” he turns his back to me and starts walking toward exit.

“You know you are, from now onward responsible for khushi’s family” that works, he stops and turns to face me.

“You will do nothing of that sort” I smirk, I grab remote from the side table and switch the tv on. There khushi’s sister and her husband along with her father have been kidnapped by my men. Just in case Zayn wouldn't agree….you know there are thousands ways to manipulate people. there is silence for few seconds and I hear him sigh.

“You are so stubborn” I hear him

“Why do you think I am a multi billionaire?” I smirk.

“Lets sign a contract, I marry your sister if you agree on my terms” my smirk widen and I nod instantly.

First condition: “You will not marry khushi until she recovers fully” I copied his words.

“She will be allowed to see her family whenever she wants” I narrow my gaze.

“Its not possible” I grit my teeth, I want her to be mine just mine and No one else from her past in her life after our wedding. I just want everyone to die so khushi will have no one other than me. I stay still, thinking hard.

“I am not asking, am I? Look we are making a deal here” I nod, for my sister, I tell myself to calm my nerves.

“You will not touch her before marriage” his third condition isn't what I expected to hear, who the f*ck he is?

“I don't consider this acceptable” I say putting the pen down. I was expecting him to ask for money or some property but here he is doing nothing just making boundaries on my personal life. Which I don't like. Nobody has ever been allowed to interfere in my matter. I slept with numerous women but never have my family questioned me. I was sure going to make out with my soon to be bride if not complete s*x, it's been my dream since day 1st.

“Accept the conditions or I will not marry your sister”

“And I will finish her whole f**king family” I glare at him.

“Do whatever the f*ck you want motherf**ker but i will only marry your sister if you accept the contract” his voice firm and tone filled with finality. I don't see any reason to argue so I just nod trying to calm myself, this guy had blew my mind and I am mad at him more than before. Anyway, for my sister,  I can even give my life, it's just giving up on my desires for khushi till marriage. …

“Once married to Lavanya” he looks in my eyes, pauses for a second, “You will not interfere in MY personal life” he stresses upon word ‘my’ and I know exactly why. I don't really have any objection with this clause since I don't really interfere in my sister's’ personal lives. Everyone in our family is allowed to be themselves.


“Lets complete the legal process then” I raise my eyebrow amused. Really? So he wants me to sign ‘not just a contract’ but legal contract, **** is clever.     

“I thought it was enough”

“Its simple, I don't trust you, who knows in future you start working on breaking up my marriage”

Interesting… he is lying! All this is just for one person, he doesn't care for nobody but Khushi. He is doing this for her...fu*ker, can I kill him?    


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Elitists next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 35 times)


"Because we are who we are when no one's watching and right from the start you know I got you" -Zayn

ZAYN’s Pov

“You will always be loved” he sighs, I have been wandering around this city, trying to suppress the pain within me but it's like it will be the death of me.

Khushi’s mother had been crying since she got to know everything and I am unable to do anything, I am useless so f**king useless… I suddenly feel tired from walking so much but my brain isn't shutting up. I am on emotional rollercoaster which is on high speed, causing me breathing problems.

I have been with Khushi since I was 12. We both were broken back then. She lost her parent, I lost mine. It was a long way we both had walked to reach where we are now and life just broke us apart in the most painful way.

It's so stupid that I can't even get angry on khushi, I love her too much to think a single negative thing about her, it's like I have been imprisoned for whole life. My arms feel tough, my bones feel weak, I am exhausted.

It's not that I will die without khushi or what so ever but living without her would be painful. I have not just lost my love but a life time, my precious friend is gone, forever.

I know, everyone will be better off, khushi’s family will be alright after her wedding, Arnav will get what he wants and I am sure as hell khushi will move in too. Not that I doubt her loyalty but the truth Is that khushi has the purest heart and she will find every good thing about that b astard and turn his life into a fairytale just like she did with mine. It hurts to think about it but to be honest I want the best for khushi and if Arnav is for khushi then I will make sure she will be happy and loved. At least I can do that for her…

I find myself staring at the tree and I feel tears pouring on my cheeks. On this tree, they had carved their name ‘Zayn + Khushi” with so much enthusiasm. It was, in this garden, they had first kissed each other, on her 16 birthday. It was in this garden when they first become friends.


I was sitting on the bench, staring at my hands, not really interested in the game kids were playing. I was looking down because I didn't want anybody to see that I was crying. It had been 3 hours, I have been sitting here. But i didn't feel tired or hungry. In fact, I didn't feel anything at all.    

A few minutes later, I felt a soft hand, wiped my tears. I looked up instantly and a girl with her big hazel eyes, staring at me with concern and offered me handkerchief with a small smile on her face. I furrowed my brows, it was the first time I have not seen her before. As if she read my brain, she sat beside me and said “I am new here” she smiled a bit but i could see her sadness from her eyes “My parents died, and my uncle abandoned me saying I am a liability and my aunt adopted me, she is such a nice woman” I felt a tug in my heart hearing familiar story, of course an abandoned orphan understands the other. I suddenly forgot my pain.

“I am sorry”

she narrowed her eyes and asked “Why would you be sorry?”

“Did I do something wrong” I asked a bit worried not to upset this young lady who happened to feel my pain.

“Oh no” she laughed if I say it was beautiful and so much like my mom, I heard her innocent confession “You say sorry, when you do something wrong but you did nothing wrong so you shouldn't be sorry!” I laughed so hard and it worried her, oh she is such a cute girl!

“Are you making fun of me?” she angrily got up and my laughter died down.

“No, no!” I continued with my defensive speech but it was dumb “I was just wondering how innocent you are” I thought I was dead but to my surprise she smiled and sat beside me.

“How do you say I am innocent?”

“Because when I said i am sorry, I meant about your loss” my voice was cheerful and it surprised me.


“look” I cut her off “when you hear someone lost their parents or brother or a sister or grandparents or a friend or their car broke or their doll got lost or whatever they loss, you say sorry because it's part of ethics” I explained her with my hands moving in air just like my mother had once explained me.

“Oh you are so intelligent” she said with her hands on her cheeks and her eyes hold amu****t.

“Oh no” I laugh a bit “My mom told me that”

“What else did she tell you?” I and her got along and talked about our parents whole evening.

Flashback ends

It's funny that we didn't officially introduce each other, it was when we were parting ways, because her aunt had called her, had I asked her about her name.

I don't know if whatever happen has anything good store for me or not but all I know is that nothing can break me or khushi because even if we were not together or have each other physically to support and love, we will always be one in a way that no one can understand.

Whenever khushi will be alone, she would smile remembering our good times and forget her pain. And he is proud that he will be somehow reason of her smile.

Back when everything seemed over, I wasn't over, I didn't lost motive. I had not lost them, not yet. I stare at our name a little longer then I walk to bench and sit there. The same bench....

I feel my body stiffening, just the thought of that terrible b itch blows my brain. I feel disgusted. She deserves to die after she had taken away my khushi’s smile. But she needs not to worry about her death because if she really loves me then I will teach her how much loving can hurt.

Have you seen a volcano? People should never touch it because it burns them with its heat, they die and then burn in it even after death. I am that volcano, I have nothing to give or lose but sure I have some revenge to take.

I am a guy, who had had walked on nightmares and I will turn her (Lavanya ) dreams into nightmare soon!

Everyone has this side hidden for enemies and I have one too!

Nobody's Pov

“I love you, my dear sister! And like a good brother who loves you, I will not stop you from making your own decisions but l am afraid the path you have chosen is tough and it leads to destruction...I am not going to tell you that it will be alright at the end, it can backfire at the end too...People who has walked on nightmares are seldom nice...let me know if you still want to be with Zayn! Because from where I see it, it's not a profitable deal...love is painful, it will kill you day by day, painfully. I am not scaring you love, I am just playing my role as your elder brother and your mentor!

Your brother,


Lavanya hold the paper in her fist and stares at her reflection in the mirror.

“I have decided to walk this road”



Was her reply…. 

"I won't mind, I, even though I know you will never be mine"- Zayn


there is this song by Zayn 'I won't mind' it'd perfect for this love triangle ; -)

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Elitists next chapter is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 12

.                                                "Sacrifice" 

"Sacrifice, is what you do for the people you love"~~~  Gayle Foreman  [If I stay]

[After 1 month]

I strangely feel healthy. Doctor was nice and they really took care of me so well. I can walk by myself, read or even sit. I am completely ok now. But my body is still weak. I will be alright I guess, In few more days.It's first November!  

It has been a month since I saw Zayn and I would be lying if I say I didn't miss him. It has been the most painful period of my life. I am wondering, how am I going to live with this man whose presence disgust me so much. I have every right to hate him.

He is heartless, always angry, doesn't respect women (well she is a living proof of his doings). Worst of all, he is a womanizer, I had seen it with my own eyes. First few months, when I used to clean his room he would bring different women and would treat them oh-not-so-nicely. I have always wondered, what made women feel for him in any way, even if it was ****ual. You can't sleep with a man who humiliates you in front of anyone.    

in short he is immodest and he doesn't deserve me at all. Nor does his sister deserve Zayn!

Arnav is always demanding, trying to boss me all the time, it's not his fault, he is being his usual self, which I loath and i guess he knows intensity of my hatred. But what surprises me is that, he never tried to kiss me or touch me in any way. The Arnav I know is beast and selfish. He can never be nice.

But the nice woman in me still doesn't judge him or his love… I wish I could kill this soft side of mine.

I sigh.


[1 week later]

“Khushi is completely fine now…” I sigh, Payal is telling my health history to Arnav who is listening patiently.

I can walk, I am healthy and now it's time to get married!

There is this battle going on inside my heart. My soul isn't at peace. I know zayn isn't fine, he is hurt, I want to sooth him, hug him, shower him with soft kisses. I want to tell him, I care! That he hasn't lost me. A part of me, no matter what, will always be his, only Zayn’s.

What should I do? Let everything go? Let Lavanya take Zayn away? Let Arnav cage me in his so called golden castle?


I will not let any of this mess with my brain. I am not going to let him destroy me or Lavanya hurt my Zayn.

I will make sure, Zayn will be safe from Lavanya.  

He deserves the best, the bestest.

There are times when I used to cry alone, tired, worn out but once I met Zayn, I was no longer alone. I had HIM. My love. Tears blind my vision and I swallow twice and blink my eyes, trying to stop my desperate tears from falling and I successfully do that.

“Have it” Arnav hands me medicine which I take without making fuss. I don't want to talk to him. Not when I know i will end up crying in front of him, which I hate the most.

“Sleep” I close my eyes as he tucks me in the bed.

I lay there, battling with myself. A battle that is getting stronger each passing second but fortunately, tiredness kicks me in the butt and sleep took over my senses. I can feel Him staring at me but my drowsiness doesn't acknowledge it.

[2 days later]

“I want to go to my home” I tell him with newly find courage.


“No, it would be weird to marry you while I am living in your home, I need to be with my family.” I cut him off.

“That place isn't good enough for you” my anger has no boundaries.

“I want to see my family”

“I will call them here”

“No” I protest “I am tired of you telling me what to do, for heaven's sake, I am a human too!” my vice cracks and I hate it “Please, I need some space, just for 24 hours,” my voice begins shaking.

“24 hours is a long time” he looks irritated.

“No, they aren't”

“I can call them here, if you want, they can stay here with you” he cups my face and I furrow my brows and move backward, my back hits the soft pillow, placed on the bed.

“No,” I say sternly, I am not giving in to him, not in this matter. I need peace and I know from where I can get it.

“12 hours, alright” I sigh, he is so stubborn.  

“Its just 24 hours” I state, frustration courses through my body “I am not running away”

“I will not let you run away” his voice calm but i know he is angry. He has this robotic nature, he can hide his emotions, so damn well.

“Then let me go”

“24 is too much time”

I ignore him this time and say “I will leave in the morning”  


“Arnav, please, you can't expect me to forget everything for you, I will spent next 24 hours with my family and that's final” I say, this time my voice came out harsher “No more arguments.”

“Alright” he says with a hint of surprise-if I am not wrong- clear in his voice.

As always, I sleep while he stars at me I don't know, for how long.


[At midnight]

I stir in my sleep, feeling sudden urge to use bathroom. I get up and use washroom.

As I walk in the room, closing the door of bathroom, I see reflection from the glass door which is few feet away from my bed. Glass door is usually closed and I wonder why it is opened?

Suddenly, my eyes widen at the thought of Zayn. What I its him? My heart starts beating like drums in mg chest. I think I will cry if it's him. But what is he doing here? Did Arnav call him? But I know, Arnav will never call him here’so close to her.  

I walk closer to the door and hear faint noices. I walk slowly and my eyes widen as realization drawn into me, it's him. I hold my sobs back. What is he doing here?

“...I don't trust you” I hear Zayn telling Arnav, I see both the men facing each other, both controlling the urge to kill each other. Even in dim light, she can see their stiff postures. She has never seen Zayn this angry.

“And you think I trust you” Arnav grit his teeth.

“Show me the contract” I hear Zayn tell in Arnav. what contract? What are they talking about?

“F*ck you” I hear Arnav’s voice laced with frustration. And I wonder what is that making him so angry?

“Remember when I told you I will not marry your sister until you fulfill the conditions?”

“The contract is legal, thats what you wanted” I hear Arnav’s calm voice. This man is a robot, switching moods in seconds like it's not a big deal. I wonder if he really love me? Or its just a mood swing?

“You missed second clause” Zayn says and I swear I never heard something so terrifying. His voice was far from sweet, it was dark, full of venom, like he would strangle Arnav to death. Shiver ran through my body. This isn't my Zayn. He cannot be this cold.

“Well, I don't like that so…” Arnav keeping his cool says that.

“It doesn't matter if you do like or not, nobody cares for you” again so cold.

“Ok man, you know, we can find an alternative” he says, resting his hand on Zayn’s shoulder.

Zayn pushes Arnav’s hand away “I will not marry Lavanya”

“I will give you anything you want”

“Add second clause back in this contract.”

“Why is it so important if she meets her family or not. Moreover they aren't even her real parents. She will forget them” I swallow a lump formed in my thraot.

It makes sense now.

“Khushi is a human, you motherf**ker. She loves her family, I will hurt her. You can't expect her to become a f*cking robot.”

“Trust me-” Zayn cut Arnav off.

“I giver 5 seconds, he or no” I know what they are talking about. I just know.





“Fine” I hear Arnav just after few seconds.

“You have 15 minutes to modify it”

“I wish I could kill you” I hear Arnav’s voice filled with hatred.

“No worries, feelings are mutual” same dark voice.

“Why are you doing this? I know it's for her. You know, you can still ask do anything, any amount. I will pay it for you”

“Sacrifice is what you do for the people you love” Zayn’s voice low but determine.  

“The be contract will have another clause” Arnav says someone on the phone “That is, khushi can meet her family whenever she wants and I, Arnav Singh Raizada will not stop her” my breath hitches. How can Zayn sacrifice himself for me? No i dont want him to do that, no, not for me. He doesn't deserve this pain. I wish wish co UK change things to us.

No please, my heart aches for Zayn.

I am back to my bed, unable to hear anything, I know its going to break me. I wipe my tears and my decision become stronger than it was before.

Nobody deserves me more than Zayn…

I know that, my heart and mind both know that...and I can't escape this thing because I need him as much as he need me.



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Elitists. ....... (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hello! Not an update but i am here to clear something important.

Some of you we thinking I am making Arnav look like a villain and Zayn a hero, I am sorry if you felt that way. It a LOVE triangle and everyone will have their share of villainous role. Nobody is hero here.

I have clear it before starting the fiction but anyway....I am again clearing your doubt.

Arnav is being selfish here, it doesn't mesn he will be bad in future. My man is a gentleman. He LOVES KHUSHI so please stop judging a book by its cover.

Really this fiction has more than 20 chapters and you guys are giving up so fast :/

To be honest I am a bit upset about it.

If you think Arnav is villain then please define villain?

I know their point of views [pov ] can be confusing because everyone of them has different one. It's not narrators point of view, it's the character's. Every character will tell you their story and they will 'predict' things about the other character. It's like you predicting 'why your friend is so mad at you?" You will only know the real truth once your friend tell you. You will write in your diary or tell someone what you perceived or felt.

Everyone of them have the reason why they do what they do....

I hope you understood what I mean.

It's an arshi fiction, don't forget that!

Next chapter will be up soon :) but before that assure me with your comments, please!   

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Elitists. .......next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 36 times)

Chapter 13

                             "Fool for you" 

Arnav’s Pov

It's been 1 month and 12 days, she is still not fully recovered. I love this woman so much, Everytime I look at her frail body, I feel sadness coursing through my body. I know she hates- she should for a good reason to hate me. I don't mind that. I will be fine as long as she is here safe with me.

When I had first seen here, I knew she was the one for me. The woman, I would do anything for. I will do anything for her, she doesn't know what she has done to me but no worries, soon I will show her.

She will resist, push me away but at the end will fall in love with me. 

I know...I just know that. I’'ve always felt this connection with her, like my cold heart melts in a second for her. I fall in love, every time I see her. She is so f*cking beautiful, it was her beauty that first attracted me. I thought she was just another girl but things were not same after I met her. She was intelligent, smart, pretty with sharp brain not to forget she has this fierce side. She surprises me every time and i am always amazed. Loving her is good.

I look at her sleeping form and sigh. She is fine, I tell myself. I haven't slept from past two days. I am not planning on sleeping though. I need to see my sisters first.


I walk in empty hall and stand in front of my my study room, where I know they both must be sitting, having tea. At midnight, my sisters drink drink tea! I roll my eyes.

“Hello” I walk in their direction and kiss their cheeks and they pass me their beautiful smiles and my heart swells with pride.

“Do you want me to meet khushi tomorrow?” Lavanya asks me while handing me tea, which I take without any objection.

“Sure” I say sipping the tea,

“Are you sure about marrying khushi?” Anjali sis asks me with a hint of doubt in her voice, as she furrows her brows.

“More than I have ever been in my life” I clear my thraot.

“I have no problem as long you are happy” Lavanya places her hands on mine over the table and smiles at me.

“I will not get her away if she hurts you” I roll my eyes at my elder sister’s possessive remark, she has always been like this. Possessive and sometimes it annoys me. She continues “But since you are happy, I will not interfere” I sigh, finally my sister is no more forcing me to think about sheetal.

Speak in of Sheetal, she took my marriage news to heart, at least she pretend to! It took me an hour to convince my sister that I don't love her.

“Tell me, what made you fall in love with her, Arnav” my elder sister raises her eyebrow, a mischievous glint in her eyes and Lavanya join in,  grinning, “Tell me your love story”

Really? They want me to tell my one-sided love story?

I clear my throat “Well, it begin when khushi first came in our house, 2 years ago….”  

“What happened?”

“Of course, it wasn't normal” I say a bit irritated, I know my sisters are enjoying my so called nervousness mixed with irritation.

“What abnormal?” Lavanya asks playing innocent.

“Well, I was making out with my girlfriend, I don't remember her name” Lavanya raises her eyebrows and Anjali grins.

“She saw me with her in not so good state. Before I could give her a piece of mind, she started apologizing and I knew she was new maid, you were talking about”

“DON'T tell me, you fell in love that exact moment” Anjali roll her eyes, chews on her snacks. Who eats snacks at night?

“I did…” I declare honestly

“You can't fall in love at first sight, it's too filmy” my elder sister rants about her theories on love.

“I did, for few months, I kept on denying,  I thought it was nothing but physical attraction probably because she was young and beautiful but truth is that I was in love all the while” I find myself explaining. I still remember those confused days, when I would lock at her while she would and wondrr what was going on in his brain? It was surreal for me to think that I was in love. I was not even thinking about the alphabet L from love! I didn't believe until I met  Aman- my manager.

“I asked Aman about it”

“About you falling in love with khushi?” my sisters ask in union.

“No, about him falling in love with his wife” I chuckle “He said his whole love story, it was unusual but did help me”

“I thought you were professional” Anjali raises he eyebrow

“I paid him for that” I say and she giggles.

“When are you planning to marry?”

“Soon” I say and bid them good night.


Khushi stirs in her sleep and I held her hand, trying to sooth her but her breathing become uneven. She cries “My baby…” I hear her soft cries. 

“Khushi, love, open your eyes” I say softly but she doesn't. Probably a nightmare disturbing her sleep.

“Khushii,..” I say a bit sternly and shake her. She opens her eyes, hiccuping. Just as she looks at me, big tears roll down on her cheeks and I froze. She looks so, so tired, afraid and hurt. I swallow lump that had formed in my throat and cup er cheeks “Its ok, it was just a nightmare” I tell her trying to hold my breaths. She doesn't say anything but hugs me, taking my breath away!

I feel so f*cking overwhelm.

“I am so tired” I hear her voice, “I want it all back, it was mine” she gasps for air from cryjng so much and I hold her tighter.

“Its going to be ok” I try to sooth her.

“How? Will you buy me power to reproduce?” she pushes me away angrily and brutally wipes her tears “Will you buy me children?” she questions me and I stare at her now damp face dumbfounded. i feel poor! I feel like someone dropped bucket of cold water over my head and I am wide awake from my sleep. I feel terrible. The thought that I was the reason of her pain, somehow, is killing me. Can I undo something to make her feel good? If only I had been early and stopped the drama between her and my sister.

I agree, I was selfish, I am selfish but that's me! Once I start loving people I don't hate them, I can't hurt my sister not can I think of parting ways from khushi, it's too painful for me.

“I will” I find myself answering her “I will do anything for you” I tell her and she shakes her head, bringing her knees together, she hugs her legs and cries.

“You can't, nobody can” she cries and in that moment I realize, she controls my f*cking life and I am terrified. I watch her crying for few minutes. I walk closer and hugged her small and frail self. I press kisses on her head, caress her back gently. I want to tell her, she is safe, that I will make a new world for her and she will get everything she wants in it but i stay silent instead. She will not believe me, why would she? I am the bad guy here for her, the villain of this whole thing.

I hold her for few more minutes and I realize, she was asleep. I lay her down, gently not to hurt her in anyway or wake her up. I move away and stare at her. The only woman I ever loved, she is my angel, my queen, my fairy. Whatever the hell there is, she is my everything.

I love her. I know she will never love me and I really don't think about that. I know no one can love someone like me. Someone who had hurt her and was about to kill half of her family. I am the guy who had hurt her more than anyone can ever hurt her and i don’t expect her to love me anyway.

I just want her to be safe, happy, with me!

Is that too much to ask for? Wanting the person you love, near you? I am 110% sure Zayn would have fight me if we were in another situation but i know, now, the guy will do nothing. He cannot… Khushi is his weakness and she is with me.

Khushi is my weakness too but she is with me and for the first time I feel proud and happy for being a multimillionaire. I cannot buy her heart with money but it did help me to keep her closer to me and win this game.  


What do you think about it? I update from my tablet, pardon me for mistakes

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Elitists next chapter is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 14

Lavanya’s Pov

“Khushi I wanted to talk to you” I tell khushi faking a smile. I wait for her to say something but she stays silent. Drama queen, I roll my eyes. If only she wasn't my brother's beloved.

“I wanted to say I am sorry” khushi stays silent for 5 minutes and I bite my lip.

“Khushi” I sat in front of her on her bed not hers but my brother's. “I am sorry” I hold her hand but she snatches it away.

“You are lying, you don't mean it.” she accuses me, true but who cares?

“I mean it” she shook her head, not believing my story.  

“Stop it, tell your brother I forgave you and don't show me your fake face again” that's enough, how dare she insult me like that.

“Listen” I hold her arm “I am not here to entertain you. I am here for my brother and don't you ever dare to talk to me like that” she flinks at my harsh tone. I move away.

“I don't care if you live or die. Yes you are right I DON'T CARE” i continue “But i care for my brother, if he is happy with you. I will accept you!” i raise my eyebrow at her and get up to leave.

“Are you ladies done talking?” just then I hear my brother's voice and fake smile covers my face.

“Yes!” I say and khushi stays silent.

“Can we go now?” khushi says before bro could respond to my ‘yes’.

“Sure” I hear him and question “Where are you both love birds going?” I smirk as khushi throws a glare in my direction.

“Khushi is going to her home…” My brother trails off. I roll my eyes, finally for a day, I will not feel her presence here.

I don't know what my brother saw in her but i surely know it's a long way down.

I don't really like her even though I should be guilty of hurting her but i just don't care. Maybe I am like my mom, selfish.

“Did you have breakfast?” my brother holds my hands lovingly and asks.

“I did” I answer and he takes me out of the room. I think khushi is getting ready to go.

“What are you thinking?” he asks once we are in poolside. I look up in his warm eyes and sigh.

“I am like my mother, selfish” he furrows his brows.

“No you aren't,” he tells me and cups my face, “What's the matter?”  

“I hurt khushi selfishly. She did hurt your mother selfishly too.” I think I just felt his hands shivering. I made him angry. His eyes darken, no more soft or warm.

“Past is dead and you will forget it.” his stern voice scares me and I nod.

He leaves without saying another word and I sigh. I hate upsetting my siblings.  


[Khushi’s pov] 

Drama queen!

“How dare she comes and ask forgiveness? Devi mayya, did you forget putting heart in these people's body?” I look at myself in the massive mirror of Arnav’s washroom. I think I have gone crazy, talking to myself about a b itch.

“Calm down, you are going home!” my subconscious reminds and I know i am happy because I feel no negativity. Suddenly my mind go back to Zayn and so many questions arise in my brain. I want him but he isn't mine…

“Nothing is wrong in love and war” I tell myself. Have it, if you want. You aren't taking nobody's right away from them? It's yours, no one other than you deserve that! Devi Mayya knows too…” I calm myself down. “It's okay”

I look at myself one last time and leave.  

Sitting next to good for nothing Arnav Singh Raizada is a punishment in itself.

“I will pick you up in the morning.” he tells me same thing like tenth time. I roll my eyes without replying. I don't think replying him is necessary, anyway. He is just a guy who did everything in his power to get me but i am going to show him, he will never have my heart, it's too expensive… and he is not good enough to have it.

“Khushi…” speaking of devil. will he shut up? I don't want to hear his voice. “Can I join too?” he asks and I sigh angry. How dare he think I will let him enter my parent’s house? The parent’s he was go in to kill? Does he even have shame.

“Sure, they would be happy to see you,” I reply sarcastically “After all you have been begging for their daughter's hand and your family have been treating her so nicely...” I scoff and I know he will nothing no more. I shut him up.

“I was just….okay I will not come,” I thought he will not speak again. Devil doesn't shut up. I hear my subconscious.

There is silence in the car and I feel nice. I am happy, I can't wait to hug my mother and cry. It sounds corny but if you are in my shoes you would know the craving of hugging someone and cry. I even hugged my soon to be so called husband and cried. Something I will always regret doing. I wasn't suppose to show weaknesses. It was a dumb move.

The car stops and I know, we are here.

I look at his direction, he gets out of the car, opens door for me and I walk out. My legs drag me to my family's house. It was mine few weeks ago. A sob build up in my throat.

“Take care” I don't turn to reply I just walk away from him.  

My hands shiver as I knock the door twice.

“Khushi…” my mother cries just as she sees me. She hugs me, breaking me down even more.

“Let me in first” she breaks the hug and closes the door behind. I look around the room and find it clean.

“Come in!  are you hungry? I will cook food for you.” I shook my head and hold her hand. We both sit down on sofas in living room.

“I am not hungry, I just want to feel good” I tell her and i think a tear escaped from my eyes. I cry hugging her, so does she.

I spend my day with my mother, father, aunt, sister and her kids. I smile looking at my mother cooking in for me..


Next update is on its way. Do not hate me after reading it :D 

Thank y'all for still reading it and supporting me :-) 

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Elitists next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 27 times)

Chapter 15

She had collected nails

In a beautiful small box. Who has

stolen it? Where her love is lost

in the season of flowers

we can measure her long spell of separation

by the length of her hair! [Poem by Mazhar-Ul-Islam, from his book the museum of wasted love :) ]  

Khushi’s Pov

At night, 10 PM

I sigh in bliss, lying beside my sister in my room. We have been talking about almost everything but Zayn.

“How will you live without him?” my sister asks all of a sudden.

“I don't know” my voice cracks and my sister hugs me.

“Its okay, my love. It's going to be alright. You will move on One day or another” she tells me, even though I know she is right - to some extent - but it hurts. It hurts to think about all the pain i have caused him. He has always been my mentor, lover and a friend.

“I wish I had died with my parents.”

“Shut up!’ my sister scolds me “Its not your fault” she furrows her brows at me.

“Its my fault, it's just that I am a curse”

“Khushi” my sister slaps my arm, “You don't know how precious you are!” she looks in my eyes “You could have run away with Zayn, but you didn't. You could have abandoned us all for your love. You could have taken a chance with Zayn putting his life in danger but you didn't. You sacrificed for everyone. For us! You didn't left us to die. You are angel. You will get your part of happiness because, my beloved, God can never do wrong to good people.”

“Its Zayn, I am worried for him. It's him who has lost it all, again. Because of me, I am selfish. I chose you all over him”

“You didn't” she argues “If Zayn was in your place he would have done the same.”

“Even when I will die, I will have this pang in my heart for hurting my first love.” i hear her sigh.

“I need to see Zayn…” I tell my elder sister after few moments of silence.

“If you want it, then don't worry, do it. You will never get this chance again”

“What do you think, I want to do?”

“You want him.” there was silence for few seconds,

“I do,” I confess “I should be going now.”

“Take care.” she tells me and I start walking toward our main door.

I stand in front of his door, with shaking hands, I was about to knock the door when all of a sudden, I remember code to unlock the door automatically. Well, Zayn created this automatic door lock with passcode. Only myself and my family members know this code. Zayn is a technology and art freak.

Sigh. It's unlocked!

I walk in silent and dark corridor. I can smell smoke and paint. He has been making graffiti or maybe painting a picture. I pick up everything from my way. Not to make sound, I open his bedroom door.

My heart just broke into pieces.

Sob building in my throat.

He is sitting on his bed with his back supported by pillows, books scattered around him.

“Zayn…” my voice came out as a whisper but i think he hears it and looks deep in my eyes, breaking me further with his painful expression.

“Stop talking…” I hear him and furrow my brows.

“I didn't even say a word.”

“You have been talking since you have gone. Coming back to haunt my days and night. Here you are standing in front of me but I know you will vanish away just as I will touch you.” I take a minute to understand what he means.

It struck me! He has been hallucinating about me and now seeing me in real feels like a dream. It feels like thousands of needles are pricking my heart. It's bleeding, maybe crying for my love.

“Its me.”

“I f*cking know it's you but not real.” he says irritate.

I sigh and start walking in his direction. I sit in front of him, he wasn't looking at me after he said those words. My hands in their own rhythm caress his face. He has beard now probably because he has drown himself in the sea of grief and self pity.

My touch startles him.

We look in each other’s eyes for a long time.

“I missed you.” I tell him

“You are re-real’ he chokes at his words.

“I am”

“How…?” tears blur his vision.

“I am here to give you what you and only you deserve”

“What is that?”


There was silence for few more minutes.


“For tonight.”

“I am better off.”

“I am not.”

“Then, let's run away” he demands “Choose me over your family.”

“I am choosing you over everyone, you can even kill me, I will die happily. But i can't run away.” I tell him.

“We will run away somewhere no one will ever be able to find us.” he holds my hands “I know some places, my maternal grandparents left me some property and a house. It's far away from here. We will be okay.” for a second i was going to say yes. But faces of my loved ones stopped me again.

“He will hurt them…”

“He cannot.”

“He can and he will.” I argue.

Silence prevails and I feel suffocated.

“Zayn-” he cuts me off.

“What do you want?”

“You!” my voice comes out firm and confident,  to my surprise. From where did this all courage come from?

“You know what you are asking?” he furrows his brows, boring holes in my souls. I look down for a second and then look back in his eyes.


“Go home.” he turns his head away.

“No, I will not” I say stubbornly.

“Khushi, it's not small thing, your dignity will be hurt. People will point finger on your modesty. I don't want that.”

“From when did you start worrying about what people say?” I argue back.

“From the moment I realize I love you more than I ever loved myself” he grit his teeth, “I don’t care, what people say about me but when it comes to you I can't hear a word against you,” he sighs “Why don't you understand?”

I know he is right, every word is true but I can't let it go. My heart is restless. It's peace lies in his hand. I need it. I need him to make me his. I love him, I was forced to part my way from him but can't I have my last wish fulfilled? Am I not human?

Yes I don't care for Arnav or his b itch like sister or his whole damn family. At this moment I don't care for my own life. I want him and that's all I know.

“I understand,” I look in his sad eyes “But I also know i will not be able to die in peace.” my eyes fill with tears and he sucks a deep breath.

“”Don't cry,” he cups my cheeks and his soft eyes stare at my face.

“I have always imagined you to be my husband. I want to be your bride before anyone come to claim my body.” he bite his lip and I sigh “I love you and I have lost everything because I am weak and pathetic and I don't deserve any good”

“Shhh” he shushed me, wipes my tears softly and kisses my forehead “Don't you ever dare to curse my khushi,” he scolds me softly.

“Make me yours then.”

“Khushi-” I cut him off “You are marrying that b itch?”


“Its funny,” I laugh “How rich people can control other people's life like they are puppets,” I furrow my brows “How with money they can get away with their every crime. Hurt other people and no answer. They are cruel, so cruel. They broke us, they found our weaknesses and target us as their preys.” he doesn't say anything. I know what he is thinking.  

“Remember when you told me you wanted to see me in your mother's bridle dress because my mother's was lost?” he nods his head lost in memories,  “I want to wear it for you!” the words came out of my mouth like poetry off a poet but no one can understand my feeling for this man. It's funny how some relation bind us with chains and we spend rest of out lives fighting with those chains. This is how I am bound with the chain of relations-my family.

He looks surprised. His lips part.

“Where is it?”

“Are you sure?”

“More than I have ever been in my life.”

“I just don't want to see you hurt or-” I cut him off “You can never hurt me, Zayn. Even if you do, I will take it like it's blessing.” we stare in each other’s eyes, both at the edge of emotional breakdown but both controlling our emotions, for each other.

Love is strange…

Narrator's POV

That night,

she gave it to him. She let him know he was her first love. Maybe she will fall in love with her future husband but a piece of her heart was his, forever. And he was the man she wants to die for and that she was sorry. She was sorry for being tied up with chains of relations but for a night, for her love, she let it all go. She didn't care for anyone. She knew consequences could be worst but she was so blinded by love that she didn't care to think.

She felt the pain, the pleasure, the paradise in his room, in his arms.

But it all came to an end when she had to leave, because it was morning. The magic of night was over. But their talks were not. She hugged him one last time and left the letter beside his sleepy head.  

In the morning, when she left her beloved forever,  she didn't forget to text Arnav, “No more virgin” and the receiver was drown in to sorrow of rejection from his beloved. 



don't kill me...

I am running bye,

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Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 29 times)

Chapter 16. (Shout out to @Noordina it's going to be okay, don't be sad, real twist is yet to come :) this update for you)

I'm not discarding you like broken glass

There are no winners when the die is cast

There's only tears when it's the final chance

So don't give up, it's just young lovers' romance ~~~SIA  <3

Arnav’s POV


“Say you are lying” I chant like a mad man.

“Say you are lying” I say firmly but beneath my facade I am breaking. She f*cking slept with the b*stard and here she is calm as if she did nothing. How dare she? She was, is and Will be mine, my jaws clench and I cup her jaw in my firm hold, “Tell me you are lying.”

“So you want our marriage to be based on lies?” I love her and if it wasn't for that, she would have seen what every person who has cheated on me saw. But i can't let her go with this.

“You cheated on me,” I say looking in her fearless eyes.

“Who are you to me? We are not engaged? Are we?”

“You are my soon to be f*cking bride,” I grit my teeth.

“So what?” my hold on her jaws tighten. If it was someone else for sure they would beg me to let go but it was her, the stubborn woman, I can't avoid.

“You are mine!”

“Not before marriage,” she says coolly.

“You can sleep with him before marriage and I can't call you mine before marriage?” I say sarcastically.

She stays silent. She doesn't know how much I hate to be mad at her.

“Why?” I ask her. My patience leaving me and anger courses through my body.

“You didn't deserve me,” she states firmly.

“You took revenge.” I shook my head.


“You did”

“I did it with all my consciousness because,” she stresses “I love him.” that's it, it's the end of my patience. Even before I know, I slap her on her face.

 For a minute, there was silence, both of us trying to register what just happened. She looks at me with her wide beautiful eyes and shook her head.

No, I didn't just do that. I didn't hurt her…. Silence….F*ck it's a mess. Her eyes turn cold with no expression on her face. As if she doesn't care.

A lone tear leaves from her eye.

“Its not that you are virgin. You have slept with every women who ever entered in this house of course other than your blood relations.” she grits her teeth and I stand paralyzed “If a woman sleeps with a man she loves, it's wrong, she is a ****. And if a guy sleeps with a woman he likes, it's not. WAOW,” she moves away from me, walking backward, she wipes her tears “I am immodest and a bad woman, right? You are immodest and bad guy too. I don't care about what you or anyone think of me, I loved him, I slept with him and I will never regret it. Even if you kill me.”

I stand there still, only these words leave my mouth “Its our wedding tomorrow” she doesn't turn around. And I leave the room, and lock it.

Once out of my house, I get into my car. It's f*cked up. Everything's a mess here. What were you expecting from her? My inner voice mocks me. I knew it will happen, deep in my heart but the ASR that I am, I hid it well. Just to prove myself wrong! I thought I need not to be insecure and I misunderstood her powers. She f*cking control my life and she doesn't even care if I am hurt or happy. Why do I love her so much? Does she deserve all my affection?

Oh well, remember you slapped her and do you call it affection? My subconscious butt in and I grit my teeth remembering her cold eyes, her cold voice and the hatred. It was because I was angry, I reply. 

Well she was overwhelmed too! She just lost the power to become a mother, her body is still weak, she had spent nights crying and days sobbing, you broke her engagement with her beloved and here you are telling me if she deserve your affection or not? Where is affection in all this? Why punishing khushi for sleeping with Zayn when you didn't punish Lavanya for beating khushi up? You say for the love of your sister you will not kill Zayn but for the love of khushi you cannot understand her? My heart argues and I have no answer….


Whole damn damn day I wasted roaming around and fighting with my heart, drinking alcohol…

At the end, I have no anger for Khushi but some answers I want from b*stard.

And now at 10 pm here we are in front of my enemy's house. My head hurts, I am drunk.


Zayn’s Pov

Dear Zayn,

I know not, how to say sorry for I have put you through. I guess, I will never be able to love someone the way that I love you! I have never known someone like you so well and still I feel there was so much left undiscovered about you…. Never been able to say ‘I love you’ and have it mean something beautifully different every time.

I have never known someone I could spend hours with, and still long for time to share…. Never have i ever felt close to someone in so many ways.

I just want to tell you,

I love you! And I hope that you will forgive me for being selfish…


I close my eyes after reading it. It wasn't meant for us to sleep but i dont regret it….I will never.

“F*ck”  I open my eyes hearing sound coming from entrance. I told aunt Garima not to disturb me, who it is now?

“Who the f*ck is on the door” i let out a harsh breath seeing Arnav at the door of my room.

“What do you want?” I ask him irritated.

“I want to know What's so good in you that I don't have?” I look at his face, his eyes are red …

“You are drunk?” he rolls his eyes and shook his eyes.  

“Tell me”

“You are handsome, charming and have money more than I will ever have and here you are asking me what's so good in me that you don't have. Seriously? Its laughable”  I say narrowing my eyes.

“She gave her virginity to you” he says looking in my eyes vulnerable. I sigh, it's a long story.

“She told me I deserved it more than anyone will ever. It was surprising because I was just numb. I felt her touch, I am sorry. I am” I say, my eyes filling up remembering the most beautiful night of my life.

“You are not sorry” he spits angrily.

“I am!”

“Why would you be sorry for me?” he asks angrily, still standing on the door “I am sure you hate me as much as I hate you and would not hesitate to kill me if you get a chance”

“I would, I would kill you if I get a chance but i know what you feel. And I am sorry that you had to feel that way.” he looks in my eyes, we both hold unshed tears behind our wide orbs “But tell me, what would you have done if you were me? If love of your life came to you one last time and ask you something, wouldn't you give her that? Even if that's your own life?”

he looks thoughtful “I am not a wife-stealer, that's not my job. But i can't say no to khushi even if it means I will lose it all. Even if it means my life will end” I confess honestly.

“How did you know I love her?” Arnav ask me, I look in his eyes and a dry laugh leaves my lips.

“You know love is like a drug, and a real lover can feel its effects from miles.”

“You love her so much, why?” he asks me and I shook my head.

“Why, why do you love her so much?”

“When I was little,” he walks in my room and sits on the bed beside me “I used to dream about Angel but you know I came to realise soon that angels don't exist. I stopped searching for one. But khushi is angel” his voice filled with so many emotions.    

“When my parents died, I thought it was all over, my life was over but just then she came in my life to lighten it up” I think a tear just escape from my eye. “You are drunk” I say trying to change the topic. I don't want to talk about my dead parents or my lost girl. It f*cking hurts. Khushi, my life was here with me a few hours ago and now she is gone forever.

“If I had money, I would have killed you and burned your ashes away” I tell him “And you would never have had khushi”

“I am glad I am the rich one here” he laughs so do I.

“I am glad I had her with me for 12 years” I say wetting my lips “and I wished she would chose me over her family but you know that's the problem of angels they are selfless. They would burn themselves away just to provide fresh air to others.”

“Right” he nods his head.

“You know, after all, you aren't that bad” he says after few minutes of silence.  

“As long as you treat khushi right, I will be nice.” I say as a matter of fact.

“I think you should sleep” I tell him “Are you hungry?”

“No” he says “I will go home”

“You are drunk, you can't drive” I tell him sternly.

“I thought you wanted me to die.” he smirks.

“A drunk driver was the reason why I am orphan and why khushi is orphan. We don't want more orphans. You get sober and then drive” my voice came out harsher.   

“I I'm sorry”

“Don't be, Arnav make yourself comfortable” i tell him and he nods...

Tonight I am sleeping with my enemy. Great!  


Well i hope you all are okay, as I said before this fiction is pre-planed and cannot be changed! Thank you for your comments and thank yous. 

I am extremely sorry if I disappoint anyone of you. Let me tell, I didn't mean to...

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Elitists next part is up ;) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 17

Since the time you told me,

You are a mermaid


On the **** of a ship,

I have become the sea. -Mazhar-ul-Islam

Khushi’s POV

Tears roll from my eyes and I put my head on pillow, lying on bed, I hug myself. It's my wedding. Suddenly I stop crying. Why am I crying? I feel my body go in numb. Realization drowns to me, it's over. My tears no blinding my vision. I see it crystal clear: it's over now.

There will never be Zayn and khushi together, again! Tears once again made their way on my cheek. What had she done to deserve this fate? People say; do not trust others it can hurt you, and I never trusted anyone other than my family but then why am I hurt so much? Why my heart broke into pieces? Why I feel the pain?

“You slept with Zayn?” I hear Lavanya entering into ‘his’ room not mine and barking like a b itch that she is. I wipe my tears hurriedly.

“Tell me you didn't.” she is now standing in front of me after pushing away curtains hanging around my bed.

“I am not answerable to you,” my voice comes out firm even though my heart is breaking but i will never give them pleasure to see me hurt.

“You are,” she tries to grab my arm but i stand up in front of her, resisting her touch.

“Go to hell and do not forget to take your brother with ya,” I mock angrily. How dare she comes and question me?

“You will see the worst khushi. You don't know my brother. He will make sure you suffer for hurting me. So you will stay away from MY Zayn in order to save your ass from my brother’s wrath,” she leaves in a second after not getting my response.  

I sit down on the bed, tiredness shows up. My eyes are hurting and I try not to cry again. I just want to run away from Arnav, from his family and I will run away alone without troubling anyone in my family but again i can't. It hurts like b itch.

I lay down, Arnav has not come to announce their so called marriage. I close my eyes, letting sleep engulf me in its warm embrace. Sleep. The only way to forget the s*it that happened to me.


I open my eyes hearing faint noises, I look around to find so many girls scattered in the room, doing God knows what. One of them sees me awake and approaches with a smile, I know it's fake so i don't smile back. I will not smile for anyone related to ASR.

I look at time, 9 a.m. I slept for 3 hours more. Am I crazy?

“ASR called us….” she keeps on telling me why she was here but i don't really care so I just get up and look around. Bridle dresses. Jewelry. Make up. Laying on the huge table with everything that I may need. I look at silent girls, who have stopped working now and tell them to leave.

“But madam, ASR will not like it,” girl who had first talk to me, replies.

“Tell him, khushi kicked us out,” I say firmly “And you all better leave or I might need to kick you all out.” there is silence for few second then everyone leave me alone. I sigh.

I need to be alone.

I walk near massive table and open first box of dress. Red. The flashes of me wearing zayn’s mother’s bridal dress made me sad again. I was wearing it and he saw me too and we touched each other too. What am I thinking? My inner voice alerts me and I sigh. I cannot think about Zayn anymore. It's over and now I have to be at least loyal with this beast I am going to marry. Disloyalty isn't in my blood. Just few hours and I will belong to this house officially.

I am not going to run away, nor am I going to love Arnav. I will stay because I have given my words and yes I will stay loyal because I was taught to be one. When my father had been ill of typhoid, I was 6, my mother used to work instead of him. She would always smile even though she would work at office taking every responsibility upon her shoulders. 

I was young but i remember, probably because I have been afraid, since they died, that I may forget them or I may not remember something about my childhood. So I would recall all the stuff that happened in my past before sleeping. I have been doing it since they died. My mother had work for months without troubling my father. And he was guilty, laying on death bed but luckily he recovered and it was after that golden days (financially strong) of my family had started. She is daughter of that woman and she will not betray Arnav but sure she will not fall in love with him…

She has never thought about him as her lover or beloved. He was just her boss a few weeks ago.

Pulling out the dress, I keep it on the table not bothering to check other. It's not needed to see how much money he has wasted on these.

I take a shower quickly. Wear the shower gown placed in bathroom. I comb my hear and walk out. I sit in fresh air, on his recliner, in his small garden next to his room, feeling the soft air on my freshly showered skin. I let the sun light giver me a bath. I heard Sun light relaxes our anxiousness and lower degree of sadness. If it's true then maybe it will work to make me a bit happy. After all its my marriage.

Just a few minutes later, i hear slide door open but i don't look up, I know it's him. No one can come here other than him.

“Khushi,” I hear him but do not reply, “I am s-sorry...”

“For what?” I look up at him.

“For...for” he fights with himself for words but it doesn't help me feel good. How nice these people are. They can hurt people infinitely and will find no words to apology nicely or name their actions.

“You can leave,” I tell him. He walks closer, and sits beside me. He cups my face, I do not resist… but i dont like it, too.

“I am sorry,” he nods his head slowly, looking into my eyes, as he says that “I am sorry for slapping you.”

I stay silent.

“Say something!” he looks at me with concern but its too late. I don't need nobody's concern or pity. I have learnt to be on my on.

I stay silent again.

“Khushi…” he calls me, “I am sorry, I really am.”

I don't say anything. What can I say? I forgave him? No. I will never forgive him or his sister. Not for snatching my love but for snatching my life. Did he realize I cannot become a mother? Does he know how I feel? Suddenly I feel my hands shivering and sweat pours out of my skin, I feel suffocated.

“I...I cannot breath,” I tell him, we are in same position. My face in his hands.

His eyes widen seeing me losing consciousness. I feel darkness surrounding me. I feel air hitting me like needles. My heart burns and I bite my lip.

“Take deep breaths…” he instructs me holding my shoulders. He holds my chin. “Khushi breath” I look at his face and suck in a breath. I repeat the exercise. He holds me in his arm and tells me to ‘breath’ and it helps. I feel good in few minutes.

“Its okay, you are okay khushi. You will be alright.” I feel tears on my cheeks. He wipes them away but they keep on flowing but he does not stop wiping.

“I am here.” he tells me. I am too numb to understand his confessions. I am in this state of helplessness where I see nothing but disappointed face of myself and cries of unborns. Who will never born.

He caresses my hairs, arms and face.

“I am useless,” i whisper to myself. Its all over because i was too weak to save my unborns. Now they are mocking me.



Arnav’s POV

After I came back from Zayn’s place, I met with a group of girls standing outside khushi’s room, now ours. “What are you all doing here?” my voice comes out harsher. I don’t intend to bark but i could not help.

“ASR madam wanted us to leave her alone,” I roll my eyes.

“You can go and help yourself with food in the living room. I will call you if needed.” I say calmly.  

I exhale deep breath. Why do I  f*ck up everything? All the time.

Room is empty and looking around, I can see everything but not her. So even if the room has everything and not her, it is empty for me. I went toward slide door. She is there sitting on recliner as if talking with air and Sun. I wish I could hear what goes in her mind The complex mind of hers.

I stare at her from closed door and after few minutes getting all the courage left in me, i open the door. She hears my voice but does not reply.

“Khushi…I am sorry”

“For what?” she replies look in in my eyes.

I feel jittery, damn it! Her eyes are accusing me of every crime, i never acknowledge about. She looks at me like i am a criminal. I sigh and try hard not to look away “For...for.”


You freak, speak. My inner voice mocks me but i stare at her unblinking.  

“You can leave.” her voice mocking me and i could smell disappointment in it. I walk closer and hold her face in my hands, sitting beside her. So beautiful. So fresh. So what if she hates me? She is with me and will be with me forever. My heart dances with joy. She doesn't have to love me. My love is enough for both of us.

“I am sorry for slapping you” i nod my head to assure her that i am sorry.

I expected her to shout at me like she did yesterday but she was silent. Her silence is like punishment. Severe punishment.

“Say something,” I beg her but she stays silent.  

“Khushi…” I call her, “I am sorry, I really am.” I say guilty.

For few seconds, she seems lost. Her eyes lose its colour and I know something is wrong.

Before i could ask she tells me “I..I can't breath.” Damn it.

Seeing her sweating badly, trying hard to breath, her eyes showing fear. I know she was having a pain attack. Tears blur my vision. No. I cannot be weak. Khushi needs me. I remember my mother used to have panic attacks, so I tell her what my father used to tell his wife.

“Breath khushi!” she does as she was told to. Desperately trying to suck in fresh air.

When did panic attacks start knocking on khushi’s door? I wonder. Why did your so called mother suffered from panic attacks? My subconscious butt in. Because she lost her unborn. I sigh. Damn. Why didn't I Think about it?

I keep on consoling her softly. Trying to give her positive vibes.

Its my wedding today and my bride is suffering from extreme depression and panic attacks and the jerk that I am, know nothing about it. But she always manages to hide her pain, sadness and thoughts from me. What can I do? She doesn't open up to me.

‘Well you both have been dating for two long years, it's sad that she still doesn't open up to you,’ Arnav living inside me remarks sarcastically.  

Off course she will not open up to me. She is stubborn and feisty but most of all she is a girl with strong character. I have never doubt her character. I am a business man, living in the world of lies and I know what is innocence and what is fakery. When I first saw sheetal, I knew she was not innocent but in khushi’s case I was sure. And I have not been wrong.

We stay silent for few minutes. She in my arms.

My phone rings and attend the call, khushi moves away from me.

“Yeah sis” I say irritated. Seriously I was having a moment with khushi and she has to butt in.

“Arnav where are you? Do you have any conscious? It's your wedding today at 2 p.m. I hope you didn't forget,” she says sarcastically.

“Di I remember very well,” I say eyeing khushi whi has turned her back to me.

“Great then. Now get your ass home and get ready before guests start pouring in and ask your beloved soon to be wife to let the girls in so they may start her make up.”

“I am home and yes I will tell khushi” I answer hoping It would be the end of conversation.

“Okay I am in my room. In case you need my help,” my ever so sweet and loving sister cut the call. I love my sisters. No matter what they are always so understanding. She knows I need her.

I call her again and she picks up in first beep “What?” she asks immediately. I leave khushi alone and walk back into the room.

“Sis…” I hesitate by ask anyway “Can you help Khus get ready. I mean you know she doesn't like beauticians.” I hold my heart. I just hope she will at least have a talking term relation with khushi.

“Say it whats wrong?” I know she is frowning even though I cannot see.

“She had a panic attack,” I tell her and she gasps.

“Okay. Leave her alone for sometimes. I will see her soon. And you get ready soon.” she says and I mutter ‘Okay.’ gratefully.  


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