Dark FF- Elitists *completed*

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Aug 7, 2016

Elitists (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 30 times)


Love can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, it has no limit. khushi has fallen in love with her demon, a devil. he hit hr and it feels like a kiss. people do crazy things when they are in love.

Her first love was as soft as a feather...her first love was full of hope and smiles.  

her second love is as hard as steel, as sharp as a prick cutting through her skin making wounds on her delicate heart.  


He is ruthless, she is soft heart

He is soft heart turned ruthless, she is ruthless turned soft heart

He has power, she is powerless

He was powerless, she is powerless

She is his first love, he has to be her second love

She is nobody to him, he is everything to her

He is way too dominating, she is afraid of him 

He DOESN'T care, she is afraid

He loved ruling people's life and she was always ruled by her emotions

He was once ruled and she wants to be ruled by him

He hates rejection and she rejects him every time

He hates HER and she hates his rejection

 He buys everything with money but her heart is too expensive to buy

She had everything on her fingertips but buying him wasn't a good deal

his eyes full of love, her eyes full of sadness

His eyes empty, her eyes full of hope

the problem isn't in their stars, it's in them. they are too busy digging their past that they forgot their future. their obsession is much stronger than the love. They love and hate each other...

who will survive in this game of love? but is love a game? it's clear that everything is on the risk but none of them care. too busy to focus on loss.  

A love triangle....

Warning: This is a DARK fiction ( mature content) but still it has violence and I understand feminists might not like it as well. but this is actually about a lot of things. again saying read it at your own risk, if you don't like violence you can skip it, though.  hey, its just a fiction.

The prologue said it all ;) you can criticize if you want, I won't mind :). 

I am still not recovered fully -_- so the update will be late for now :/ but you know I could not resist posting the plot of my new fiction. this based on my own imagination and stories that I heard from people around me ;) 

THANK YOU for your kind comments on my note :) you guys are so beautiful to understand my situation :). love you all

tell me how is it? A brief character sketch will be posted as soon as I could :) about the title I am still not sure about it but I think it's most appropriate for this fiction :) 

Aug 8, 2016

Character sketch :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 33 times)

Character Sketch 

Khushi Gupta:

My name is Khushi, 19 soon turning 20! I am happy and sad about my life. Happy because i have a happy family and see my future bright but sad because my job is cleaning other's ****. i know i shouldn't be disappointed but can't help. I don't hurt anybody in particular. I hate ASR, he is so arrogant. i will do anything just to not to see him around me.

My only weakness is my family, i love them to bits and can do anything for them.

My quote: "Love a lot, stay beautiful and smile a lot. life is beautiful" 

Lavanya Singh Raizada


Well, people call me **** at my back because i am a brat. i just can't see anyone happy probably because I have never been happy myself. i want all attention for myself. 23 years old. i am the most pretty girl in my university. I hate a particular person a lot and i wish i get my hands on her soon.

my brother is my everything and my sister is my sunshine!

My quote: "Ruin others, before they try to hurt you" Lavanya

Arnav Singh Raizada

I don't need an introduction. i am a heartthrob i know. I am just too complex for you to understand me! too arrogant for you to date me, too handsome to be compared with anyone, too deep for you to find me. in short i am an ocean, deep and dark. my revenge is silent but heart breaking. my love is pure and deep like oceans.  

i only care for three things in my life, one my family, second my business and third my maid aka khushi. 

No more details about the hero, read further if you wanna know me. 

*ASR's style of Introduction*;) 

My quote: "Money buys everything and I am gonna buy you baby" Arnav

Zayn Malik

I am the great zayn, oh just kidding. i am boy from a small town who is proud of himself and his gf. I am just too reserved for you to understand me! too sad for you to date me, too handsome to be compared with anyone, too deep for you to find me. in short i am an ocean, deep and dark. my revenge? I didn't avenge anyone? my love is pure and deep like oceans.  

I only care for one person in my life, Khushi, my life. My everything.

If anyone dares to hurt her, they will see a side of me that i never showed to anyone, not even myself...

My quote: "Love is a drug and i am proud to say, I am always high" Zayn

Anjali Singh Raizada

Mess with my siblings and I will show you hell on earth.

Nani, dadi, mami, mama and other characters are same :) 



girls please comment and share your thoughts :) I would love to know from you guys. what you think about character sketch? do you got some hints? 

ok so i went to see my frnd today, she was so stressed :( please pray for her, she is facing a lot of problems.

tell me what you guys think of it??? 

Aug 18, 2016

Elitists Chapter#1 is updated (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 33 times)



"You are First and Last thing on my mind each and every day" Annonymous 

ASR’s pov:

“Morning…” Aman walked beside me telling me about the new project. We have got hands on a big deal, thanks to my manipulative nature. Well, now that’s another talent. Walking downstairs, I found her running upstairs, smiling, why is she smiling so much? I frowned but my frowned turned very deep as she hit straight into me causing hot coffee to fell on my brand new Armani suit.

She was running like a crazy, and blind person. I was about to give her a piece of mind till I look up at her, shivering and muttering “I am sorry…” the way she shivers and, her eyes shut made my anger flew away. Everyone was silent. Even my PAs and Aman-my manager, probably praying for Khushi but guess what I am just ogling at her.

I was just so busy in looking at her that I forgot she might have a heart attack by the way she is shivering.

“SIR..” Aman’s voice bring me back. I look at her and say “It’s ok....calm down” my voice as soft as a feather. I don’t talk to people softly until it’s about my own cause or my sisters, who I love dearly.    

She runs away as fast as she could and I see Aman looking at my coffee strained wet suit and says “Sir you have a meeting in next 20 minutes…”

“****” I cuss under my breath and run back to my room.

I hate women, all they do is cause trouble, then cry like a baby. Just because of that damn girl now I will be late.

But who asked you to ogle at her? My subconscious mocked me. ‘But she is so damn beautiful’ i try to reason out. ‘You can’t blame her for that, or can you?’ ‘yes, i can! I am bloody ASR and I can do anything. Now shut up I need peace’

I look at myself in the mirror and touch the red area where hot coffee spilled. I don’t feel pain but surely I feel her beautiful eyes that shot opened when I asked her to calm down. Women are so strange, all they want is to be soft on them but once you get soft they would force you to be hard toward them. ‘She is a big part of your life ASR’ i hear my subconscious and smirked ‘of course she is’ i look at myself one last time, grabbing my shades, I walked out followed by Aman and my PAs.

My PAs are men because I can’t bear women causing all the trouble around me. The thought of it is itself very annoying.       

I sat in my car, followed by another car as we zoomed out of my big mansion.  

Khushi’s POV

“Oh, my Devi Mayya” I breathe in just as he goes away. His presence is so dominating, all he does is shout at people if they do any mistake. But luckily, I escaped today. I think I should give charity more often to avoid troubles. I Pray to DM and moved inside Devil’s sister’s room. ASR, and his sisters, the trio are devils, in one way or another.

I am working as a maid here since 2 years and all I see is people getting fired every day, even worst. I don’t like this work, this mansion and the air they breathe in but what to do, I need money. When you need money, you have to do every damn thing for that. Thankfully I am still not fired by these devils.

“Khushi…” we were talking about devil right, here you go,' my subconscious lets out a whisper making me aware of Lavanya Singh Raizada’s presence.

“Yes madam...” or to say miss devil, my subconscious mocked. I shut it up just in case I called her devil aloud, my job will be gone. I roll my eyes as I see her so called friends talking **** about someone, I don’t know.

“Clean my room! You are paid for working not staring at me. Get to work” that’s my very fantastic life, cleaning rooms of others when I can study. But I guess I am not that lucky. I have a family to take care of.

After about an hour of hard work, I was allowed to get out of that suffocating environment. But guess what I am still not free from this cage.

Elder devil opens the door, my subconscious mock as I knock the door of Anjali Singh Raizada aka devil 1.

The door opens by an angry Anjali glaring at me, I smile nervously “time to clean your room, madam.” I say as softly as I can.

“You have only half an hour to do that,” she says walking inside followed by me.

Right after half an hour, I find myself in front of his Nani’s room and after another hour, I am standing in front of his Dadi's room and after about 2 hours, I am ready to face his frangi mami. I roll my eyes at that. She is so insecure and crazy woman, always asks me if she looks young and beautiful. I somehow feel that she is jealous of me. ‘You think she is jealous of a maid’ my subconscious mocked bringing me back to earth. ‘Ok go to sleep’ i say annoyed ‘babe I am here to keep you awake’ yes right or to mock me. I roll my eyes, looking at the big room and I have to clean all the mess miss monerma have creat.                

After what seems like ages, I am finally free from clutches of Raizadas and going home, a ‘yay’ for another successful day in my amazing career. my sassy layer!

I earn enough from this cleaning work to run my house. My parents are poor and ill. I am supposed to take care of them but right now I am very upset. I don’t know but the thing that I couldn’t even complete my 12th grade just because we were poor, makes me sad. I hate these feelings of disappointment. 

I am kind of positive person but my life in past three years was never easy. It kind of makes me sad again but I brush it off as I know the reason of my smile is waiting in front of my house. I leave for him. My love, my friend, my brother and my soon to be husband, he is my everything. Only hope in my life, Zayn!    

“I guess my princess had a long day” he smiles pulling me in his warm embrace, that's what I live for. I can feel my muscles relaxing in his hold. Zayn is my fiance since I was 12. He is my neighbor, poor like us but luckily he is studying in college on scholarship and he also does a part-time job, just to buy me books [that I love reading] and dresses on every occasion. I don’t want to talk about Raizadas, I hate them.

I pout at him and say “I am not a princess...”

“You are my princess” he pinches my nose making me laugh.

“Princesses do not clean other's dirty room,” I say in between my laughter.

“No they do, even snow white worked as a maid” he reason out smiling now cupping my face.

“UMM NO she had a hope,” I say sadly, I really don't want to live this life.

“And you have me love” yes my zayn! He is my only hope…


Trust me this story is gonna be awesome :D 

So, I am trying new style for this fiction  please comment and tell me do you like this [POVs] ??

i love you all :*

Aug 24, 2016

Elitists- next chapter is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 34 times)

Before you start reading, make sure you overview the last update :) thanks!


                                                  "My Everything"

Zayn’s POV

I hate it when she is sad. Her smile is all I have. She is my friend, my love, my everything. I love her crazily. And when she says she is hopeless, it just breaks my heart. I know she hates this job and I am trying to get another job just to make sure, she stops doing this damn job. But then again she will never want me to take care of her family’s financial problems. I sigh and say “You have me, love” I get serious this time and she smiles “I know, you are my only hope” that somehow makes me happy.

“So tell me how was your day at university...” she asks me and immediately an annoyed look comes on my face.  

“Let me guess, another girl purposed you” she gasped “Oh my God zayn, you need to stop being so handsome” she laughs and I get irritated.

“Stop it or I will go away” I threaten her making her gasp and laugh again.

“Oh come on you can’t live without my laughter” she pinches my nose and I laugh. She is right, my inner voice reminds me.

"Will you really?" she asks, sadness laced in her voice. I gave up immediately and hugged "Never will I forget love of my life"  I kiss her cheek, making her blush "Really?" She asks unsure "Yes" I reply reassuring but embrace her. 

I am an orphan without parents and she was there for me when I needed her. She is here for me because I need her.

“Your mother wants us to get married,” I said watching her eat food sitting in front of me. She stops for a moment then continue eating.

“She said, your father is ill and she wants to see you settled” Khushi nods her head, her cheeks turning red. 

“Khushi…” I call her and she looks at me with her big eyes, “I think we should get married” her cheeks crimson red and she lower her gaze. 

“But zayn what about your job?” she asks still chewing on food in her mouth.

“I got the job…” I laugh looking at her perfect ‘o’ expression and she hit my arm “Really you got the job?” she asks unsure

“Off course, I did love...have little faith in your zayn” I smile like a puppy, trying to look cute and she cups my face saying “Aww I am so happy…” she keeps on talking about how happy she is and I just stare at her face, smiling like an idiot. Her cheeks turning red as she talks about our wedding. It's so beautiful...her talking about us.

I am high in love!

Aman’s POV

Staring at me as I am talking about some project, ASR moves forward his chair and call me “AMAN”   

“Yes Sir” I reply like a dutiful employ, ASR calling me with so much respect, am I dreaming?

“I am so happy today! You know why?” he asks me and I nod my head in no.

“She is turning 20 this month” I, for the first time, see ASR grinning. A genuine smile appears on my face, no matter how bad he has been with me but when he is happy, I think, it make me happy as well.

“Can I ask, who?” I hesitate, of course, one can never trust in ASR’s mood swings.

“My soon to be bride” he smirks and stares at the laptop screen. He for a second glanced in my direction and says “I want you to start preparation” he says staring at his laptop screen, wetting his lips. I wonder who she is?

“OK sir,” I say hesitantly, wow, he wants me to shop for his wedding, sound cool.   

“Do you know the girl?” I see him smirking for a second before his eyes turn dark brown, intense. “You will know soon,” he says licking his lips.I had an urge to glance at laptop screen but I can’t because one glance and my job will be gone. I leave as I am told to…

Lavanya’s POV

I look at myself one last time, everything about me is expensive, I am expensive. I smirk proudly. Today I will make sure, he falls for me. He isn’t gonna give you a single glance’ my inner voice tells me ‘no he will, I will make sure he does’ ‘he won’t’ ‘oh shut up...he will’ i frown angrily breaking an expensive vase and throwing all the makeup on the floor. All my expensive perfumes break into pieces.

“Call Khushi, tell that b*tch to clean my room” I yell at the maid, I don’t know her name. I sigh angrily.

He is the only guy who had rejected me in the past and now as well. His eyes are so pretty that I just get lost in them. “At the end of this month, he will be mine,” I tell myself just to calm my nerves and thumping heart.

Khushi enters my room and as usual started her work without even glancing at me. I don’t know but I really hate her. Her presence is like alarms to my ears as if I know her and she is my enemy. Ugh, now I am thinking about a bloody maid! Cool. I shut my thoughts.

“Tell Anjali di that I am going to party” I just want to leave or I may break everything…

Khushi’s POV

After another hectic day at work, I was just about to leave when miss Anjali calls me again.

“Where are you going?” she narrows her eyes on me

“To home” I reply as a matter of fact

“NO go clean Arnav’s room, Marrie is on leave...I don’t want him to make a big deal about it” I heard her and my heart starts beating faster.

“But I…”

“Khushi go and do your job” saying this Anjali marched upstairs.

Ugh, why always me?? Damn, I hate my job…

“Devi Mayya Please...” I pray, I hate him…

I knock the door and heard his irritated voice “Who the hell is it?”

“It's me sir” I gulp, today I will be fired for sure.....


So here is the update :) One thing about this fiction is that it will start right from where I left, for each update. for example, if I end the chapter at Khushi's dialogue than next will start from there. this story will move on slow place unlike my other work so yeah. tell me should I post recapes before an update?


Thank you for your response. I really enjoy writing this fiction and oh update for DL2 is on the way ;)

One More Night is updated if you missed it :)

Aug 24, 2016

Elitists-Next part is updated :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 31 times)



Arnav’s POV

I am having a stupid argument with dumbest woman alive, Sheetal Kapoor.

“ASR, I missed you” she ends up in tears. Ugh, i hate women! I really do, they are so dumb and emotional. I pursue my lip and wrap my arms around her as she is hugging me right now.

I am a businessman, now that she has wasted my time in her drama, and it's time to have a little fun with her. Dumb women are actually very good in bed.

“Are you angry with me?” she asks the nth time.

“Nope,” I reply playing with her silky hairs.

“Really,” she asks breaking the hug “Yes I am not and I guess I deserve something...” If she wasn’t my sister’s sister in law, I would have done something really bad but guess what she is lucky!

“ASR…” wow now b itch is blushing.

I totally ignore her talks and grab her neck, shutting her mouth with a hungry kiss. She was, of course, reciprocating. No one can resist ASR. I grab her ass and her moan….okay so we are making out until there was a knock on the door.  

OK so when I am horny and someone interrupts me, is the worst thing ever. I guess I will kill the person itself.

“Who the hell is it?” I held back the word F-. I am really irritated.

“It's me sir” Great! I just yell at my own girl. I slightly push Sheetal away, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I yell “Come in”

“What do you want?” Ask an irritated Sheetal and I roll my eyes.

“Anjali Madam told me to clean your room sir” I close my eyes, she is clearly afraid and is visibly shivering. Of course, she will, after all, I have got a very good reputation in my very own house.  

“It's ok,Sheetal,” I say, my voice soft as always.

“Why are you being so nice to her? You know ASR she threw a vase and broke it. It was my favourite and then she threw coffee on my dress and shoes. She is a useless B itch…” I Sheetal bad mouthing about Khushi, cool now we have a bad blood.

“Khushi aren’t you suppose to go home?” I ask cutting Sheetal off, She (Khushi) shoots me a look and say “Yes after cleaning your room” her voice low, she seems upset about this whole situation. Why the hell Sheetal talks so much?       

“You can leave” she looks at me with her eyes wide but I care less about her shock, I just want her to be happy and I know very well she hates cleaning my room that is always a big mess, thanks to my short temper.

“But who will clean your room sir, Marrie is on leave” if it was someone else they would just run away, probably celebrate this but it's not ‘someone’ it's Khushi. She isn’t afraid of me that she is..ugh it's confusing. She says she is afraid of me that then she is the only person (besides my sisters) to back answer me, isn’t it ridiculous?   

“Leave Khushi,i”I say more sternly and she doesn’t say anything just leave, closing the door behind.

Now back to b itch!

“Who will clean this room?” she makes a face and I smirk.

“You baby”

“What?” her jaw drops

“Yes, you will”, I say more seriously.

“How can I clean this room?” she asks

“Just like you were b*tching about Khushi” I hold back the word ‘my’, i don’t want her to create a scene about this in front of my sisters and family.

“She is just a maid”

“I order you to clean this room now” I order her to do so and when I order people they simply follow it without a second thought.

Before she could start her another drama, i leave the house to get some fresh air.                 

Khushi is growing on me even more...

Zayn’s POV

“How was your day, Love?” I kiss her temple, she seems upset.

“Am I a b*tch?” She asks looking down in a low whisper

“Who say that?” I get angry but i try to hide it. Khushi doesn’t like it when I am angry, she gets frighten.

“Sheetal, ASR’s girlfriend”

“So you get sad about a woman who herself is crazy, according to you” I raise my eyebrow.

“I know, I shouldn’t be getting sad about random people but It hurts zayn” she trails off sadly. OK she is serious “I don’t like it when people abuse me” I can see she is trying to hold her tears back. I slowly caress her cheeks making her look at me.

“You know it’s your last week at work” She stares at me and nods “Then why get sad? Shouldn’t we be celebrating?” I pinch her cheek and she smiles.

“You’re right” looking up in my eyes “You’re so good” she hugs me “Are you sure you’ll be able to take care of my family as well?” she asks worriedly

“Yes” I enterwine our fingers and say “You and I together will make everything alright”

“Yes we will” she smiles and hugs me.

“You know I have a surprise for you babe” she blushes at the word ‘babe’ and i love the scarlet color on her cheeks and nose.

“Look at this,” i tell her after handing her a parcel. She opens it and looks up at me almost crying…


This fiction is going to be very very very stupid one (i mean intense) please do not read it if it makes you sad :/ i dont want to hurt anyone :(

Aug 26, 2016

Elitists- next chapter is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 30 times)

Warning! If you don't like dark ASR then stop at ASR's POV please...I don't want to hurt anybody.


                                                   "Dark Personality"

Khushi’s POV


I can’t believe this, I will study that too in Zayn’s university with him. Oh, Lord, this is too much. I am crying like a stupid. Zayn doesn’t stop me from crying, he knows overwhelming happiness make me cry.

“Thank you,i”Isay gratefully, what have I done [good] to get zayn? I don’t know but i am very grateful and blessed.

“Hey! Love, don’t cry. Shh” He tries to shush me by hugging and kisses top of my head. I feel alive, hopeful and stronger than before.

“Just let me make your world a paradise” i hear his soft voice, full of affection. I know he is referring to my job and responsibilities.  

“I didn’t want to burden you” I defend myself and he breaks the hug and cups my cheek “We [both] can share and you know sharing is caring” i love how he always persuades me to do things that i don’t like or pretend to detest. I would’ve run away from this job but zayn’s support was great always.

He cares too much....

“Right after you will leave that stupid job, you will get another job” he winks at me and my eyes widen “What? Where?”

“That’s a surprise.” I groan irritated, he knows, i hate suspense.

“Zayn…” i try to say more but he puts his finger on my lips and say “Trust me you’ll like this job, the pay will not be as good as you get now but it will be exciting job” i sigh and pout.

He rolls his eyes at my antics “Stop trying to persuade me with your cuteness khushi” i laugh at that.

“OK let’s eat, i am very hungry,” I say pouting and he lchuckles.

“You have interview tomorrow,” i hear him “I am nervous,”  bite my lip.

“Don’t be, I’ll be there,” I somehow relax.



“Arnav…” I stop dead at my tracks hearing my sister’s [Anjali] stern voice. So Sheetal aka B itch filled her ear. I grit, I just hate upsetting my sisters.

“Yes Sis,” I ask softly, trying to melt her anger.“You made sheetal clean your room?” her eyes burning with anger.

“Sis I didn’t tell her to clean my room. She did that herself. What happened?” I ask shock [of course pretending].

“She cut her hand with broken vase in your room. She cried whole damn evening” she says massaging her forehead and i immediately call Sheetal “Sheetal,” my voice booms in whole mansion.

She run downstairs stumbling. I grit my teeth.

“I am sorry. Did the broken vase hurt you a lot?” I hold her oh-so-softly, in front of my sister and she smiles please at my gesture. That’s what I want, my two princesses to smile and for that I can bear sl*t like Sheetal as well.   

“Sis, you look tired. I guess you should sleep,” I kiss her cheek and turn to sheetal “I will change Sheetal’s bandage” My sister shakes her head and leave smiling at ‘us’.

“So, What was the need to create so much drama over a small wound,” I spit angrily. She pisses me off the most.

“My hand has a deep wound, it hurts like B(tch” ohh now she is referring to herself, i roll my eyes. My eyes travel to her body and I smirk. Time to have fun.

“Sheetal, undress yourself” She shoots me a look “Lay naked, I’ll be right back. Time to have some fun babe,” I say and go to washroom leaving a blushing dumbhead woman behind.

As expected, Sheetal is lying fully naked and bite my lower lip at the scene. I scan her body, she has got a very ****y body and her **** ugh.

“Are you ready?” my voice thick with lust.

“Yes,” she smirk.

“I am pissed off, you know?” she nods at me.

“Since you’re the reason, why I am pissed off. Get ready for the punishment.” I smirk and she nod nervously.

After an hour

“ASR, you were so rough” she winch “I am sour” I roll my eyes. She knows I am rough but still complains every time. Why the hell she seduces me when she knows I am rough? Women are weirdest creature.

“You know I am always rough,” I say irritated.“Sorry” she mumbles

“Why did you defend Khushi, Arnav? I know you from 3 years. You don't give a sh*t about anybody”

“This was last time I touched you,” I say, how dare she question me? 


“What?” I scowl at her

“ASR,  you can't do that,” sheetal is now messing with my head.

“Do what?”

“Breakup with me,” she pouts.

“Oh, were you my girlfriend?” I scoff “Its over”

“ok,” I hear her sigh. Ok it was easy…“Just give me answer, ASR,” she says stubborn

“YOU ain't getting ‘em” she tries to open her mouth but a spank on her thigh shut her up ans she gasps “ASR…” I smirk

“If I hear another word from this ugly mouth of yours, then…” I spank harder on her sore ass making her wince in pain. I stare at her still naked body and wet my lips, looking in her eyes, I move closer and bite her earlobe making her moan. “Leave before you regret, babe,” I say in dangerously intense tone. I really don't want to hurt her, very, very hard.

She collects her stuff and was about to leave when I stop her “Don't open your mouth, if you don't want me to reveal about your little love or better 'lust' affair with your brother’s rival” she nods her head and I smirk, “Close the door” and she leaves.

I have my own ways to handles sidekicks in my life. I really, really am very happy today.

“MINE” I pet the empty space beside me.

:/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

Just want to say; DON'T KILL ME FOR THIS UPDATE :D but please if you don't like just ignore. i don't even care for respense either because this fiction is something that is stuck in my brain and I just want it to get off :/ I hope you'll like it :)

Aug 29, 2016

Elitists next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 43 times)


                                                                 "Big girls cry"

"I can't feel my face when I am with you, But I love it" The weekend 

Next morning

Nobody’s POV

Khushi and Zayn get ready for university, khushi met everyone and takes their blessings. She is just so happy.

Zayn, on the other hand, was teasing and laughing at the way khushi acts, so childish!

Lavanya wore one of best dress, high heels, red lipstick, Smokey eye makeup and last but not least shower herself with expensive perfumes. Looking at her, anybody would fall on their knees, begging for her and she is proud of herself.

Anjali was busy with her sister in law and husband while ASR had simply gone to office early in the morning. He is a busy man.

Khushi and Zayn arrive at university. Khushi is nervous but Zayn assures her that everything will be alright.

After about three hours, khushi’s interview was over.

They both are sitting in garden, now. “I am hungry” khushi pouts.

“I will bring something for my princess, just wait a minute, ok?” he pinches her cheek making her grin at him wider.

Zayn leaves to buy something from canteen.

In canteen:

“You know Zayn has come with a girl,” a girl speaks in Lavanya’s ear.

“Who is she?” she asks fuming, after hearing all the details.

“We don't know” her gang speak

“You guys are of no work” Lavanya seethes in anger.

Well you are of no work as well, lav.  You couldn't even seduce a guy, shame” one of her class opponent speaks from behind.

“He is mine” Lavanya says angrily

“Well, wait in line Lav. He is too good for you” she mocks her. That's when she sees Zayn entering canteen with slight smile on his face that warms her heart but right now anger was taking control. He was looking hot as always, wearing simple t shirt that has ZAYN printed on it. It is customized.

“Zayn” Lavanya calls him but he ignores and continues walking.

She angrily blocks his way “I am calling you” she grits her teeth.

“So? Look lav I am not interested in your dramas, anyway” ouch that hurts but he doesn't care.

“Who is the girl?” he frowns but understands “None of your business”

She doesn't think and press her lips on his only to be pulled back with a push.

“Lavanya mind yourself, please” he warns.  

“You are my ****ing business, I ****ing love you and why the hell you don't ****ing understand?” angry tears threatens to flow.

“Because I don't love you. I am engaged” he shows his ring finger “I love my girl and I am not an object or a **** toy you can buy. Mind yourself Lav”

Your taken?”

yes”  the next thing he felt was her lips pressing brutally against his. He tries to back away but she holds him tighter. He somehow pushes her off him and move away.

He leaves without a word, giving a disappointing look to Lavanya that was enough to burn her more.

Lavanya follows Zayn quietly and seeing the person [Khushi] hugging zayn burn her alive. Tears of anger poured down

Khushi’s POV

We move out of his BIG university, hand in hand, smiling. He is taking me somewhere, stating, it's a surprise. A big smile on my face is just not ready to leave.

I sat on his motorcycle and he drives, slowly knowing I am afraid of high speeds.

he takes my hand in his and drag me toward a small building that looks like a hotel.

“Where are we?” I ask

“On a date babe” I can feel blood rushing on my cheeks and butterflies dancing in my stomach. Beautiful feelings! He takes me out every time when he gets bonus from his office for doing something good.

Its not ‘the best’ place but…” he bite his lip.

“Every place is best with you, zayn” I say and gives a genuine smile that makes my heart warm.

We sit on a table in a corner and Zayn is listening to me intently as I keep praising his university.

“Khushi...I want to tell you something”I hear his soft, husky voice.

“Yes I am all ears,” I say stuffing my mouth with food. Yummy!

“Will you marry me,” I see him staring deep in my eyes and I feel rush of overwhelming feelings, causing my stomach to move in most pleasurable way.

“Will you let me be yours?” I blush harder, I swear my cheeks are more red than tomatoes. My breathing heavy and I can feel my hands shivering.

“What? But The hero in the movies say “Will you be mine?” why didn't you say that?” I ask, laughing slightly, trying to lighten my overwhelm-self.

“They are fool but I am not” my jaws drop, “How dare you call Salman Khan bad huh?” I huff irritate.

“Look at me” the softness in his voice pulled my face toward him along with my attention “A man can never own a woman” he kisses knuckles of my hands, softly. “A woman own a man”

“But how?” I ask still unsure.

“Because a woman is the strongest soul in this universe, khushi” I can see his pretty smile.

“When a guy think he own a girl, he is clearly mistaken,” he gulps down water, keeps the glass on table “As gentle as girls seem, they are stronger than they know.” he holds my hand and squeezes it softly, “Never bow in front of anybody, not even me” he smiles, leans on his chair.

“I will not” I say smiling, it's so overwhelming.

“So, you didn't reply” he raise his eyebrow,  I promise he looks extra ****y when he does that.

“Ask me again” I say, trying to keep my cool when clearly my stomach is filled with butterflies.

“Will you marry me” such a gentleman.

Yes” I nod and take a deep breath just to stop my tears.

“Let ‘em flow” I hear him, he knows so well.

“I just don't want to ruin the moment, I am sorry” I wipe tears from corner of my eye.

“Big girls cry, because they are stronger like you” he suddenly leans on the table and kisses my forehead. What have I done to have him? I am not that good, am I?

“But never cry-” I cut him off “In front of the people who hate or hurt you because it gives them pleasure and they don't deserve pleasure,” he chuckles lightly “You told me this when girls in high school used to bully me” girls in my high school hated me to the core and they used to bully me but once Zayn found out and console me and strangely girls never bothered me again.

“You are crazy” he rolls his eyes and laughs.

“Watch out you are marrying a crazy woman” I laugh harder at my sassy comment.

“Sassy and ****y” he pinches my cheek making me blush. Ugh I hate him for having such a strong affect on me.  



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"...May I ask, What the F you do for me to fall so hard for you?" anonymous


Arnav’s POV

I have been attending back to back meetings since early morning and it's already 11 and I am damn hungry.

“ARS, Mr. Jawaad will be here in an hour…” I groan

“What’s with him now?” I ask irritated, I clearly remember we had sorted everything with ‘em.

“He has some issues with contract…I told you before,” my assistant trails off.

“Ok, let's face it," I say nodding thinking about every way to make that b astard accept this deal since it is a very important step for my company. I am excited, anyway. It's good to fool people.

“Bring some food man, I am starving” I winch, I haven’t eaten anything and my assistant nods before leaving to bring my lunch.

After an hour, I find myself bargaining with this old man, VERY politely. Or to say manipulative.

“...so-” as I was about to continue my ****, Aman tapped on my shoulder and I frowned at him.

“Sir, it's emergency at your house” he whispers and I immediately excuse myself, leaving meeting in Aman and some other staff’s hands.

I check my phone, “****” so many calls from Anjali sis, it must be something serious. I grab my keys and literally ran out of my office, not even wasting time in calling back. I am damn worried.

Khushi’s POV

It's last week at my work, so I have no problem with this anymore. But surely, I will miss amazing chefs here who were so kind to me HP, OP and others. I smile remembering everything that happened yesterday. Oh please don't ask me to describe how happy I am. Today 3 devils won't be able to irritate me. Zayn is right, I shouldn't let people bother me. They mean nothing.

As I entered in this very, very big mansion,  the first person I met with was miss Lavanya, and oddly not glaring but smiling at me. I gulp the bad feeling, no negativity khushi, be positive,  I tell myself. Or to say my subconscious tells me. Wait why is she up at 11 am? I mean today university is off and she should be in spa or shopping around or sleeping on her very comfy bed.

I worry walking pass her but she grabs my hand.

“I have a deal for you khushi” she trails off softly and my eyes almost popped out, she isn't being rude? Wow I need a pinch no a punch in My stomach to wake me up. stop being dramatic, hear her out, my subconscious tells me and I almost snort.

“I am actually not-” but she cuts me off, grabs my hand leading me toward living room [that is mostly empty because they hardly get out of their Luxurious rooms] if I say I am not worried or afraid then I will be lying, and I won't mind if somebody calls me biggest liar but I wanna pretend I am NOT afraid.

Once we are in the big room, my eyes widen in shock and my jaws almost touch the ground, What the F-?!?!

There stands a mountain of money, not ordinary, ****king dollars, obviously my jaws will drop to the ground. But why is she offering this money? My subconscious alerts me. But she didn't offer me? I say biting my lip “she said ‘deal for you” ok I hate it when my subconscious has a point, but it's a part if me. I can't get jealous of it. I am so foolish. any doubts? My subconscious mocks and I roll my eyes.

“So, you know this can be yours...” Lavanya says smiling, her smile itself is sending bad signals.

“Why so?” I ask, really curious.

“Give Zayn to me” the moment she says that I feel my inside burning with immense anger and my fist turns into balls. I am ANGRY, when I mean angry, I mean very, very angry. How dare she think Zayn was for sale? My love, my life, my everything was for sale? No, I will die but never let Zayn go or get hurt. Not just because I love him, it's another thing but because he is my friend,  I precious one!

“Didn't you hear what I said? I guess you are ready for this deal” she says smiling wickedly.

I just want slap the smile off her face.

“No,” I say and turn around to leave but I was stopped by ****.

“No?” she furrows her brows.

“Zayn isn't for sale,” I say softly, trying to keep my cool.

“Oh please ****, I know girl like you can di anything for money” I hold back my glare because I really don't want to create a scene here.

“Why do you want Zayn?”

“love” I almost scoff at her word “love” as if she even knows the meaning of love.

“forget it, you can never buy love” I sternly

“But I can buy him” she looks a bit irritated but covers it up to manipulate me and I roll my eyes.

“Stop rolling your eyes and spit it out. If you want more I can give you” she says playing with her black hairs.  

“I just want to do my job and leave ASAP,” I say but this time she stops me harshly. I know I pissed her off but I really don't care.

I feel something or to say a hand hitting my face. She slaps me so harshly, my eyes widen and i try to say something but she doesn't let me. I feel my hands being grabbed by someone, i couldn’t move them, as if they are bound. Yes they are idiot!

“You’ll not breath anymore khushi, I am going to kill you” before i could process her harsh words, I feel sharp pain and my face hurts by her countless blows. I feel tears pooling in my eyes, “no don't cry khushi, don't give her pleasure”

“You’re a b itch, zayn is mine” she say pushing me on the hard floor, my head hits the ground, in no time i feel blood running on my forehead. This is not fair!

 “Zayn will never love you,” I say as-a-matter-of-factly. I regret the very next moment when i feel her hard and brutal high heel shoes in my gut. She hits me like a crazy woman in my gut with so much force, i know i will die if she doesn’t stop. It bloody hurts and to make things worse, i feel my voice no more and Lavanya doesn't stop kicking. I curl my legs upward try to protect my gut from blowing up and trying to defend but her heal instead starts hitting right on my rib cage. I am numb!

Red liquid starts pouring out of my mouth and i guess my ribs has been broken. My **** hurt, my legs feel numb. I am trying to hold my tears and my eyes are all ready to drown in darkness.

I don't know what happened next. All I know is someone had pulled Lavanya away from my almost dead body.

“Zayn…” was the last word that came out of my mouth before I completely passed out.

Anjali’s POV

“Shyam stop...” I broke in fits of laughter as he tickles me in armpit. My weak spot! Annoying giggles escape from my mouth and he smiles in amu****t.

“I am leaving babe,” he says after a couple of minutes when we are sober enough to talk.

“I will miss you” I pout and he chuckles, as always, “DON'T worry I will be home before dawn” I smile, satisfied. He is mine! I watch as he gets up from bed and walks toward dressing table where his precious accessories are neatly placed by maids. I walk near him.

“I will go on shopping with sheetal and Lavanya” I declare, adjusting his tie and grab the coat placed nearby.

“Oh no,” he says dramatically and i roll my eyes. “It's been a week we haven't hangout together and i need new cloths” I pout, trying to look cute.

But we are interrupted by ‘knock’ or to say a bang on the door. I glare at the door and Shyam frowns.

“What the ***k you want?” I yell at maid, shivering. Now why is she shivering?

“Lav...Lavanya madam-” she fidgeted her fingers sweating. I can literally see her chest moving up and down, vigorously.  

“What happened to her?” I furrow my brows, my doubtful eyes staring at her face that show, fear and nervousness.

“She...she is” I don't want to Wait for this coward to complete.

“where is she?” I ask, a bit sternly.

“in living room” and i rush toward living room. what is she doing in living room? Is she ill? I get panic at the thought.

My eyes widen at the sight of Lavanya hitting an almost dead woman. “Call Arnav from my mobile” I yell at already shaking maid. Who is she [khushi]? It's not time to think, move! My brain alarms me and I rush toward Lavanya. I must say my sister is super annoy and angry about something but for now let's just pull her away from trouble. It took whole lot of power to pull Lavanya away from the girl. I don't know who she is. And I don't want to know either. I just want to see if Lavanya is okay?

Her hairs disheveled, her eyes red due to anger and glossy because she is trying too hard not to cry. Her hands trembling and her heart beating so fast. In short she is in pretty bad state.

Just as I pull Lavanya away and calm her down a little, “Drink some water” I tell her before I hear car sirens. I know it's Arnav, everything is in control.

“I don't want to” she whispers, wait is sad? Why is she so broken? My heart break seeing my lovely sister crying.

“Tell me what's wrong” but instead she hugs me, crying. I know my sister is brave, she doesn’t cry in front of anyone. I let her cry but her sobs are surely breaking my heart. It's not fair. It hurts seeing any of my sibling suffer.

“What's wrong?” I hear Arnav’s raspy and harsh voice, he is panting.

“Sis?” he calls me again but stops on his feet hearing a loud whisper “Zayn...” I see as his mouth opens and he gasps “What the ***k?” I see his features stiffening.

“Can you explain what it is?” he asks and i shake my head “I don't know”

“Who did this?” he asks, angry but why?

“Lavanya” i regret saying that.

“***k” I turn to maid and gesture her to take khushi away. She will die if stayed on floor like this.

“Stop,” he says sternly. Turning to our direction “I need an explanation from you, young woman” he grits his teeth, something he does when he is very, very, very pissed off.

I see as he hold khushi in his arms, I am shock but more worried. He scoops her in his arms, bridal style and walks away. I hug Lavanya tightly as she cries her heart out.

“I am sorry” she whispers again and again and i feel tears in my own eyes seeing my strong sister cry. I look up at shyam “Leave for office Shyam” I smile weakly and he nods, knowing we need ‘space’.

He is so understanding!


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Elitists-next part is up :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 46 times)


                                                        "Pissed off"

"I can't tell you what it really is

I can only tell you what it feels like

And right now there's a steel knife in my windpipe

I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight

As long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight" ~Eminem 

Arnav’s POV

I enter my house, I don't know but I had bad feelings and i know immediately why?

“Zayn…” I hear her fragile voice, full of pain and misery. I turn around to see her only to be froze on my place. What the ***f?! What has happen to her?

“Can you explain what it is?” I ask and She shakes her head “I don't know”

“Who did this?” I ask..

“Lavanya” i hear her


I turn to see my sister who has just gesture maid to take khushi away and i can feel angrier and yell "NO".

“I need an explanation from you, young woman” I literally yell at my younger sister and she understands that I am really pissed off.  

Holding her in my arms,  I get closer look at her frail self and regret instantly. I ran toward my room and pushing the door open with my leg, I lay her down on bed. I pull my phone out to call doctor “Doctor PAYAL…” after like 20 minutes of explaining, doctor agreed to come. I can feel my legs moving in a sync because I am nervous.

I have ordered some of maids to clean blood off her face and places on her body. I guess I am afraid to touch her. WHAT if she resist?

  I am selfish man, I know but khushi is someone I really care about. What if she died? I shut my brain up. Nothing will happen to her, she will be safe and happy here, I assure myself even though I can feel my legs shivering, my hands sweating and my eyes flickering. Not to forget, my eyes hurt because I am trying too hard not to cry in front of anyone. I can't be alone right now, khushi needs me.

After about 20 minutes, doctor Payal walks in and gasps looking at khushi and then up at me.

“See her, now” I say a little irritated, I have already explain everything but she is still acting strangely.

“What is her name?” she asks after patiently analysing her wounds, softly and I find myself telling “Khushi,” she looks up  at me with her big eyes “Her name” “ohh” she smiles and starts asking a few random questions.

“She has been hit in her gut” doctor Payal starts after about 30 minutes “And she has internal bleeding” I gulp nodding as she continues staring at khushi’s face “Her ribs are broken” I feel anger rushing in my veins. It's not fair, khushi doesn't deserve it. “We need to take her to hospital for surgery” She says getting up from comfy bed.

“Ok” I could only utter that but then a thought hit me “Do the operation here” I find myself saying that.

“But I am not the one who will do it…”

“DON'T worry, everything will be arranged here as per your wish” I say sternly. 

“What about surgeon?” she furrow her brows.

“I said everything” I state before calling my PA to accomplish the task at hand.

I seriously am in very big mess right now!

“Ahh, I guess you should go out” Payal clears her throat and i narrow my eyes in confusion.

“I need to examine her umm private parts” I can see her cheeks red with embarrassment.  

I nod, not arguing, I want to stay but I need to see my sister. What even happened that she almost killed my girl. Sight of her heart wrecking state, adds fuel to my anger.


I push open the door of Lavanya’s room and find my sister right there sitting on the sofa while Lavanya crying, sitting on her bed.  

“I though you were big enough” I say sternly grabbing their attention, immediately.

“I…” she couldn't say a word.

“Arnav calm down” I hear my elder sister, who is standing now. Her arms fold to her chest, her tall self stood against mine. “She needs to explain” I say annoyed,

“She will, but not now”

“I need now” I say and move toward her bed and she sit up.

“Why?” my voice no more soft “You could have killed anyone else, all I care for, but why her?”

“I didn't know you care for her” her voice low but audible to me.

‘Who is Zayn?” my question caught her off guard, “Don't lie” I warn and she nods quickly knowing my temper very well. Even though i have never raise my voice on my family but still they know me…

“2 years ago when university started, I was expecting it to be more fun and exciting but it wasn't. So, One day one of my class opponents challenge me to bring Zayn on his knees” she fidget with her finger, looking on her hands, I wait for her to continue, “I never paid attention to guys because sis told me no to. She was right, I wasn't suppose to do that but i did that to add spice in my boring university life” she wipes her tears and i feel bad, even though i am mad at her but she is my sister!

“I, for the first time saw him,” she bite her lower lip, “He was so beautiful,” I stare at her face intently,  I guess I know what's coming but chose to hear her, “He was like, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. But most expensive one! You know it feels crazy but I fall in love with him” she has now stop crying, “I approached him for help in maths and he helped me like a gentleman, not even glancing at me, not even getting angry at my questions, not even seeing in my eyes, he was always distracted, in another world, his smile was heavenly but he never smiled looking at me.” I sit there wondering if it's my very own little sister or has everything changed?

“He was not interested in me, I got that after one semester and my ego was hurt because my close proximity didn't bother him. I was losing the challenge, so I just one day” she gives a short glance to me and sis, “I kissed him, to fulfill the challenge” she bite her lower lip, looking down, “I never regret doing what I did” I process every word she says.

“But never again he talked to me, he walked away from me like I was a piece of ****. It feels so disgusting.  He doesn't care but I do care” she wipes fresh tears off her face, “I am sorry if I let you down but love can happen to anyone, anywhere, with anyone” I hate to agree with her, I am still mad.

“And why the hell did you beat khushi” I say super piss off and I know both of my sisters sensed it.

“2 damn years, i ran after him, trying to make him understand i loved him and he wasn't just a bet or a toy, he is ****king life but he never respond to any of confession and after ****fing 2 years, he replies saying “he is ****king engaged” to khushi.” she seems mad so am I.

“You will apology to khushi” I declare, standing up.

“Never” I hear her and turn around, my elder sister tries to interfere but I stop her with my hand, “Apology or you may never get the chance to see my face again” ok I am serious, khushi is precious.

I see my sisters gasping “WHY? WHAT'S SO GOOD IN THAT MAID THAT YOU’LL LEAVE YOUR SISTER” my elder sister yells at me.

“I F***ING LOVE HER” I yell back and for next few seconds room fills with silence.

“She is engaged and she loves Zayn” I hear Lavanya. The words hurt but who cares, she is mine anyway.

“I need you both to get ready for MY wedding on 5 November and decide the date you would like to get married with Zayn f***ing Malik” i leave the room in silence. i know i hate Zayn but my hate increased to another level… I think I know why….


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Elitists *NEXT part is up* :) (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 49 times)



(Read the note below :*)

Arnav’s POV

I have been waiting for her to wake up as doctors had seen her.

PAYAL walks near me and I stood up from recliner. I mentally prepare myself but I know i am not ready.

“How is She?” I ask trying to sound stern even though I am shaking from inside due to nervousness and anxiety. I have never felt so anxious in my whole ***king life but this girl is making me feel more than just lust, That I thought was the only feelings I feel toward women but She was always this intimidating. I snap out of my trance hearing PAYAL.

"She was hit in her gut since she is still teenager, she had internal bleeding..." PAYAL goes silent making my heart beat faster. I feel my hands shivering, relax, I tell myself but of no use. Bloody ASR is nervous, b itch.

"WHAT?" I spit angrily, trying really hard not to show my shivering self.

"She has lost the ability to become a mother" my heart skip a beat and I close my eyes, inhale air through my nostrils. I sigh, good thing, I didn't want child anyway.

"Any other damage?" I ask concerned.

"Yes, as I told you her ribs are broken and since she is in weak state and have lost blood, we need to take her to hospital"

"And I told you everything should be here in my room" I say sternly and she leaves.

Now I have to tell khushi all this. I walk closer to her and touch her face softly but feel her whin. I moved my hand away.

I stare at her as she try hard to speak or open her eyes, it hurts to see her like that. If only I could take her pain away.

“Oh Zayn” her hiss makes me go insane. What the f*** she thinks she just said? I for a second, I forget that she is in death bed. “Who is Zayn?” I found myself asking, even though I know who is Zayn ***king Malik and I can't wait to meet that Jerk. ok I am jealous of that son of b*stard. And her dry light chuckle doesn't help either. Zayn, you wait for me i swear. I shook my head to clear my mind.

I held her chin and make her look at me.

“When I am speaking, don't look away" i grit my teeth. “Answer me” I demanded but realize what PAYAL told me. I took a deep breath. Trying real hard to control myself.

“Let me go” a mere whisper escaped through her mouth. I smirk knowing how she will be mine forever.


Khushi’s POV

As I open my eyes, I feel sharp pain in my head as if someone hit me with steel rod. I couldn't open my eyes. My whole body was hurting like b itch. I am ****ing crazy. Where am I? But mind is numb and my eyes closed in a second because I have no stamina to fight. Fight again dizziness.

I was battling with myself when I heard voices, not just random but voice of devil. Arnav!

"Is she alright?" I heard him asking someone, I really don't know.

The conversation I heard broke my heart into pieces and I could not hold sob building in my throat, I have lost it, I have lost it all. My body was immobile but my emotions were overwhelming. Sadness hit me harder. I felt suffocated. My heart sink in my stomach and it become harder to breath. I am out of breath. Can I die? Because it ****ing hurt.

I am done, I need to see Zayn.

Lavanya almost killed me, why did she stop? Why didn't she kill me? Why took my soul away?  

Zayn I want to see Zayn. My last and only hope.

I feel dip in the bed and know someone is here, close to me. I gulp hard, the lump in my throat getting stronger each passing second. It hurts, so much.

I feel a soft touch on my cheek bone and hiss "ahh" my voice low but it's as if the other person heard it before I even hissed and pulled his hand away. I opened my eyes to see who it is? Even though I know it's him but a part of wished I was wrong. I am thankful that room isn't that bright, light is dim. It doesn't hurt my tired eyes.

I saw him staring at me with concern, if I am not wrong. But I just shook my head in disbelieve and immediately regret because sharp pain pierces through my head making my whin around "Oh Zayn" I couldn't utter anything other than the peaceful name that has been written on my heart since I saw him first.

I see him stiffening but i don't care, he can die and I won't even cry. I am too tired to see how others feel. And who the hell he is? No one. I grit my teeth.

"Who is Zayn?" I heard him and a dry chuckle leaves my mouth. He doesn't care I am dying but surely care to investigate.  F**k his investigation.

"The guy your sister try to seduce and steal" I want to shout this but i got no power to say. I just look away.

I feel his finger holding my chin, not so softly but not roughly either. He makes me look at him "When I am speaking, don't look away" I stay silent because I don't think he deserve to hear my voice.

"Answer me" he speak a bit irritated but i stay mum.

I try to get up but hiss in pain. My ribs are broken, s*it, can my life get any worse? I lay back in pain.

"Stay still if you don't want to get hurt" I stay silent again.

"Let me go" I say in low voice.

"Never in a million year" I furrow my brows in confusion "You are mine and you will stay with me" finality in his voice sends shivers down to my spin. What does it mean? No...it can't be. I can't...no no No I almost choke. He can never own me. 

"No..." I whisper aloud "I don't allow you to keep me" I say breathing heavily.

"I didn't ask for permission? I announced" his fingers now tracing my jawline. Oh I wish I could slap that smirk off his face, I feel tears pooling in my eyes but no I won't cry not in front of him. I won't give them pleasure to see me in pain. I gulp as his fingers move to my bruised lips. I hiss in pain. 

"Hush, you will be alright" he caresses my hairs.

"Let me go" I say again. It doesn't affect him. He ignored my words like they mean nothing.

"I am not a toy" I try to grab his attention.

"You aren't a toy but even if you were you would be mine"  

“We will talk once you’re good enough to, for now sleep” he says getting up as i see people in white uniform- probably doctors- approaching me.

His words took my breath away! And I know I am in trouble...

“Zayn, where are you?” i pray, he be alright!



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