Broken Strings - Season 2

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Aug 23, 2016

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 78 times)

Chapter 10




“All okay buddy?” Peter smacked Advay’s back as he asked that. Advay smiled and nodded yes.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked sharply.

“Nothing dude! I was just.....thinking about everyone!” Advay said.

“Everyone or some specific person? Like...erm Kiara?” Peter asked grinning. “Stop it Peter!” Advay groaned.

“I’m observing okay! From the past few months you have grown extra cheeky before her!” Peter said.

“Excuse me, cheeky, me?” Advay asked.

“Yes.....I mean, you get angry when she does not respond to your words. You shout when she does not inform you while going somewhere. You nearly killed a man who tried to misbehave with her at a party, your lips form an idiotic grin when she jokes something at dining table and finally, you were ogling at her during the Diwali pooja last week!” Peter said.

Advay glared at him and Peter said laughing, “Even then you haven’t said I love you to her yaar. If Yara comes to know about this she is gonna smack you!”

“Peter, GET OUT!” Advay shouted.

“I’m going but please confess your love yaar. Are you waiting for your great grandchildren to take birth and witness your confession?” Peter joked.

“PETER!” Advay shouted.

“Acha baba, I’m going” Peter said grinning and walked away.

Advay sat on his chair and leaned back thinking about his moments with Hanna. A particular day flashed in him.


With Hanna’s decision of not aborting the baby, Advay had grown cold to her. He never spoke to her and always moved away from her.

He was lying on the bed facing his back towards her when he felt her arms sliding on his chest. He felt her cheeks pressed on his back and she whispered, “Kab tak naaraz rahongi?”

He kept mum and she laid her head on his crook of neck and whispered on his skin, “I love you”

“Not more that your child” Advay said and moved away from her. She moved closer to him and said, “Will you remarry after our child’s birth?”

He kept mum and she asked again, “Are you going to remarry?”

“NO” he shouted. She smiled and turned him. He lay flat and she laid on his chest. “You have to!” she ordered.

“Stop it Hanna!” He said furiously.

Hanna chuckled and said, “We’ll see. After my death, you’ll be remarrying and eventually you’ll fall in love with her. And after that, may be you’ll never remember that you had someone called Hanna in your life!”

She looked at him and found him staring at her angrily as she said. “This is what is going to happen” she said firmly. The next moment she felt him pulling her and smacking his lips on her. Kissing her harshly he whispered out of breath, “Even if I forget myself, I’ll not forget you! The day you leave will be my last!”

She placed her hand on his lips, “You should live. You should forget me Advay. Move on for our child!”

“Damn this child!” he shouted and sat up. She too sat up. “WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I WANT YOU TO BE WITH ME!” he said clutching her arms tightly.

“Why don’t you understand Advay? I don’t want to abort my baby. No mother in this world can do that!” Hanna said in tears.

“Hanna, make a decision now! Whom do you love more – me or the child!” Advay asked sternly.

“Advay, main....” Hanna cried and he shouted, “CHOOSE SOMEONE – ME OR YOUR DAMN CHILD?”

“MY CHILD!” Hanna shouted.


Advay opened his eyes and sighed.

  After my death, you’ll be remarrying and eventually you’ll fall in love with her.

Her words rang in his mind. It was true! He cannot help himself but admit that he is having some feelings towards Kiara. True, he felt really angry when she didn’t inform him that she is going to a party with her friends. He had shouted at her and had warned her not to repeat it. How much did his blood boil seeing someone misbehaving with her? The man was later taken to ICU. And the Diwali night.....

She was look breathtaking in that blood red net saree and her backless blouse. Only he know how much he controlled his urge to kiss her right then and there!

“What’s happening to me?” he groaned, “Am I falling for her? No, how can I? I love Hanna and just Hanna. How can I think about another woman? It’ll be like cheating Hanna!” he murmured and leaned back sighing.










“WHAT IS THIS KIARA?” Rudra’s mother shouted at the top of her voice. Kiara stood in front of her with her head hung down. Rudra stood spitting fire through his eyes and his brothers and their wives were standing with disgust towards her.


“Ma ji, aisa kuch nahi hai! His wife was my patient. Today when he met me, he just greeted me” Kiara said in tears.

“Do you greet people by hugging them?” Rudra’s elder bhabhi said taunting, “Don’t you have a bit of shame? You are a married woman. How can you let another man touch you?”

“Bhabhi, people do greet by hugging!” Kiara said.

“Bas Kiara!” Rudra shouted, “THIS SHOULDN’T BE REPEATED AGAIN!”


Kiara stood with her head hung down and biting her lips.


Kiara sighed as she sat on her chair. It’s been years. But why don’t these memories, no nightmares, fade away?

Marrying Rudra was the biggest mistake she made in her life. She thought she would forget Advay after marriage. She thought she would get adjusted. But no!

They are the worst people she has ever come across. She sighed thinking those days when she stayed in a house where women can drink a glass of water only after their husbands have their food, wife can never question her husband even if the husband does a great sin and wife should never raise her voice against husband even if the husband does something offensive.....all her husband found good with her was physical relationship. Other than that, he found everything faulty about her. She smiled at their neighbour’s son and she was accused to have an extra-marital affair with him. She wore a sleeveless blouse with her saree and she was accused for being characterless by the aunties of village who do not even cover themselves well with their saris. She spoilt a dish by accident and Rudra’s mother said that her grandparents have spoilt her and her parents were lucky that they are not here to witness their good for nothing daughter’s doing. And the last string was Advay.....

Kiara closed her eyes recalling the day when Rudra found out about Advay. She had written about all her feelings in her diary which somehow got into his hands.



Kiara fell on the floor before the whole family.

“So this is the reason why you never accepted me as your husband! YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN, ADVAY!” Rudra roared as he slapped her again.

Blood oozed out her lips and heard Rudra’s mother telling, “I thought this girl is only spoilt by pampering but she turned out to be a ****. She loves another man even after being married! Chi!”

Rudra grabbed her hair and she yelped in pain. “You’re so much in love with him huh?” and he pushed her. Kiara fell back and hit something on her head.


She had fallen unconscious. Her dadu and dadi who had come over to visit her witnessed everything and the next moment, they booked their return tickets to Delhi. They took away their granddaughter from these horrible people. But none of her family (chachu, chachi and everyone) understood her and called her characterless. Breaking every relation with those people, dadaji had held his granddaughter close to him and said, “She is my daughter. I know what she is and I know she will never do any wrong thing!”




She had never expected her dadu to stand by her side. As far as she knows him, he is prejudiced grandfather. But he rose over all the caste and prejudice to a level of human consideration. The sight of his granddaughter being beaten in front of his eyes wiped away all his prejudices away and protectiveness towards his daughter rose in him.

Kiara sighed and leaned on the chair lost in her thoughts. It was then her phone rang. It was Advay.

“I’m waiting outside the hospital. Come out. We have to go to Yara’s school!” he said.

She smiled cutting the call. Time has changed. There was a day when she used to nag him to leave to Yara’s school! Picking her bag, she rushed out to find his car. She got into the car and they drove to Yara’s school.

Aug 25, 2016

Chapter 11 (Maha Update) (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

Chapter 11 (Maha Update)




Advay walked into his dad’s room. It was evening and he had come home after attending Yara’s PTA meeting.

“Dad” he called. Arnav was lying down on the bed and smiled at him. “Advay....” he called out. Advay smiled and walked to him. He sat near him and Arnav asked, “How was your exam?”

“Exam?” Advay asked confused.

“Ha, today was your board exam right? Wasn’t it chemistry?” Arnav asked. Advay sighed and changed the topic, “Did you have food?”

“Err.....yes...yes I had....” Arnav said frowning. Advay nodded. His facial expressions told him that his dad has forgotten whether he had meal or not.

It was then Kiara entered the room with a tray of food. “Who are you?” Arnav shouted. Kiara smiled faintly and kept the tray in front of Arnav.

“Who is this girl?” Arnav asked to Advay. Advay kept mum and then said, “Dad, have food!” and he fed him while Kiara stood watching the duo.








“There is no cure for Alzheimer. The cause of the disease is still not known. And death of Alzheimer patients is not due to the disease but due to other reasons!” doctor said.

“What are you implying doc?” Advay asked.

“Your father is a diabetes patient. Life span of diabetes patients are less than others. Plus, he has Alzheimer which makes him physically weak. I’m sorry Mr. Raizada, but your father won’t be able to make it long!” doctor said.

Advay sighed and nodded.

“His memory is fast degrading. Now he has forgotten everyone but is at least able to talk and raise his hand. Gradually he’ll become numb. Vocabulary will turn to phrases or sometimes a word. He won’t even be able to raise a finger of his own!” doctor said, “I just want you and your family to stay strong. We cannot do anything other than that”

“Thank you doctor” Advay said and walked out of the doctor’s cabin.

Your father won’t be able to make it long.

Doctor’s words rang in his mind. He is losing his dad and he is unable to do anything!








It was night 7.30 and Yara was near Arnav.

“Dadu, have this” Yara cried as she fed him bits of apple. Arnav smiled and ate it. Yara smiled cheekily. She had loads of homework to do but let it be. It’s god’s grace that her dadu remember her now. Usually he asks who she is. But today he asked to Khushi where his ladli is!

“Where is Advay?” Arnav asked weakly.

“Papa went out. I don’t know where” Yara said.

“Tomorrow is his birthday” Arnav stated.

“Oh yeah!” Yara cried, “I totally forgot! What shall we plan dadu? We should surprise him tonight 12. Shall we...” she stopped herself. She looked at Arnav who was looking at her.

Yara went in thoughts. “Her papa told that dadu forgets things. He forget people, dates, things everything. He sometimes asks who Advay was and then asks where Advay is. But then, how did dadu remember that tomorrow is papa’s birthday?” Yara frowned.

“Dadu, you remember that?” Yara asked.

“Of course I do. Tomorrow is Advay’s birthday!” Arnav said. “And do you remember who I am?” Yara asked.

“What are you asking? You are my ladli Yara baby!” Arnav said frowning. Yara asked many questions to which he replied frowning. Why is his granddaughter asking stupid things?

Yara jumped at her feet and ran out of the room. She sprinted to kitchen and shouted, “DADU REMEMBERS EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!”

Everyone gathered to kitchen and stood confused. “Dadu remembers me, you all and also that tomorrow is papa’s birthday. He even told dates correctly!” Yara shouted.

Everyone stood shocked.

Advay who came in that time heard this and then asked to Yara, “Yara are you sure?” Yara nodded and said, “Ha papa. I asked him his parents’ name, his date of birth, everybody’s date of birth, full names everything! He answered it all!”

Advay laughed in joy and ran to Arnav’s room.







It was a great miracle! Arnav remembered each and everyone and no more talked illogical things. Everyone ate their dinner with him at his room. As everyone left, Yara and Arnav planned for Advay’s birthday bash.

“So it’s set dadu. At sharp 12 I will bring dad here. And we both will have his birthday bash!” Yara said and Arnav nodded saying, “Don’t spoil the plan!” “Dadu, never underestimate the power of Yara Singh Raizada” she said and Arnav laughed. Yara said, “Let me inform dadi” and she ran away.

It was almost 10 and Advay was sitting beside Arnav on the bed.

“What have you thought about Kiara?” Arnav asked.

“What about her?” Advay asked.

“Don’t you love her?” Arnav asked.

“I like her” Advay said.

“It’s love” Arnav said laughing. Advay sighed and admitted, “Okay fine! I love her!”

“Tell her as soon as possible! Or else...” Arnav warned.

“Or else?” Advay asked raising eyebrow.

“Or else I would inform this to Yara who is under great impression that you both love each other like Cinderella and her prince. If she comes to know she would go for a hunger strike and will ask you to confess in front of a huge gathering!” Arnav said.

“NO!” Advay cried and Arnav laughed.

“You both make a great pair, Yara and you!” Advay said angrily and Arnav laughed again.

“What is going on here?” Khushi asked as she came in. She said, “Peter and Angel left Ian here. Do you an office party tonight?”

“Yes, it’s celebration of the London deal” Advay said “Peter said he’ll go!”

“He and Angel are going” Khushi said and then turned to Arnav, “What is father and son doing here?”

“Nothing” both of them answered together.

“Hmm...” she kept her hand on hip, “Something is cooking!”

“Yeah, your silly brain!” Arnav said.

“ARNAV JI!” Khushi screamed and Advay laughed out loud, “You both remind me of Tom and Jerry. I think I should make Yara watch this instead of the cartoon at TV!” he said looking at his parents.

“At least I have told my wife that I love her unlike someone who ogles at her during party but never said to her that she means something to him!” Arnav taunted.

“Dad...” Advay whined and Khushi laughed, “Serves you right boy!”








AR Office Party, 12.03 am


“OMG!” Angel cried. Aman and Peter looked at her. “It’s 24th July. IT’S ADVAY’S BIRTHDAY!” she looked at watch, “My lord, it’s 12. How could I forget his birthday?”

Peter smiled and said, “He must be celebrating with Kiara. You wish him tomorrow!”

“Nahi, NOW!” She pouted.

“Angel,” Peter said holding her arm, “Now party! We’ll have his birthday bash tomorrow. Trust me, tomorrow morning, before he wakes, we’ll smear cake on his handsome face!”

“OKAY!” Angel cried and then moved to get a drink.

“Aman uncle” Peter said, “Boston clients may call you tonight. Just inform them our conditions for the deal” Aman nodded. Right at the moment, his cell rang.

“Oh, it must be them!” Peter said. “No it’s Akash” Aman said frowning and took the call.

“What happened?” Peter asked as he saw Aman cutting the call and standing numb.

Looking at Peter he said, “It was Akash”

“Yes, what did he say?” Peter asked.

Aman said in his shivering voice,

“ASR is no more!”


Aug 26, 2016

Last Part (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 89 times)

Last Part



“Kiara I’m so happy!!!!!!!!” Advay cried as he hugged Kiara tight. She smiled and hugged him back. “Dad remembers everything” Advay said happily.

He withdrew from the hug and said to her, “I want to tell you something” Kiara looked at him confused. “Actually, Kiara....err....I....I lo...” it was left incomplete as Yara sprinted to his room at 11.55 pm.

“Papa papa papa....chalo...” she held his hand and dragged him. “Yara, why aren’t you asleep?” Advay asked narrowing his eyebrows. “Uffo papa, chalo na...” Yara cried and dragged him to Arnav’s room. The whole family was gathered there.

“What’s going on here?” Advay asked looking at everyone.

It was 11.59 pm now and Yara screamed, “Papa, say good bye to 32 and welcome 33...You’re 33 years old!”

Everyone chuckled and Arnav said, “Come on Advay. Cut the cake”

“But its 11.59 not 12!” Advay said.

“Cut it now and when you feed Arnav dadu clock will strike 12!” Ian said.

Advay sighed and cut the cake. Everyone sang happy birthday to him and Arnav sat smiling at his son cutting cake while Khushi sang happy birthday in her beautiful voice.

Advay cut the cake and took it to his dad. “Here you go dad!” He said as he forwarded the cake. Arnav smiled at him.

The clock struck 12!

“Come on dadu...have it!” Yara, who was sitting next to Arnav on bed cried. But Arnav just smiled.

Advay kept the cake down and everyone watched him sitting leaning to the pillow and smiling at Advay.

“Dadu....what happened to you?” Yara cried and held his hand. She squealed, “Dadu why is your hand cold?”

“Dad...” Advay whispered at his dad who was smiling at him. He held his hand and stood rooted. A shiver passed through his spine. “DAD” he shook him hard. But Arnav didn’t move. He just sat smiling at his dear son.....

Advay gasped and hot tears rolled down his cheek. He moved his palm over his dad’s eyelids closing them forever....

As he stood numb watching his father’s corpse he could hear his mother’s loud scream shaking the foundation of the house.




Peter sat hugging his crying wife and watched his best friend cum brother-in-law lying flat on the floor with his head on Kiara’s lap, with his face void of any emotion and Kiara sadly caressing his hair. Yara and Ian were sitting near Arnav’s corpse which was kept in the middle of the hall and crying hard. Anjali was sitting numb leaning on the pillar and Akash was hugging Payal and crying his heart out.

“Angel....go to Anjali bua” he whispered and Angel withdrew from her tight hold on her husband and nodded. She walked to Anjali and sat next to her who just looked at her blankly.

Peter walked to Kiara and sat next to her. Kiara looked at him and he asked, “Where is Khushi ma?”

“She has locked herself up in the room. She is refusing to come out” Kiara said. “Go and bring her” Peter said. “She said she can’t see his corpse!” Kiara said.

Peter sighed and shook his head towards Advay silently asking how he was. She nodded her head no and said in low voice, “He didn’t eat anything for the whole day. And so did Khushi ma!”

Peter sighed and Kiara said in her low voice, “I cannot see him like this Peter. Please do something!”

“You’re the only one who can control him!” Peter whispered, “Console him and bring him out of his shell like you have done earlier!” he said.

Kiara sighed and then looked at her husband who was looking at his dad’s corpse with his face playing no emotions.







Sitting on the green recliner, she caressed the place where he used to lean his head. Hot tears flew down her cheek and her breath became shallow.

She walked to the wardrobe and took out his favourite white shirt. She hugged it tight and smelled it inhaling his scent. She looked around the whole room which had nothing but his memories. The poolside, the recliner, the bed, the photos on the wall, everything was laughing at her.

She slumped on the floor and cried her heart out clutching the end of the bed. She ran her fingers through her cheeks where he used to kiss her. Her nose which he used to pinch telling, “Lal ho gaya hai”. Her neck where he used to hide his face every night while cuddling her. She leaned on the bed feeling his touch on her body. “Arnav ji!!!!” She screamed.

She cannot take this pain. She felt her body weighing up. She cannot walk. Her throat was paining like hell. Her heart felt heavy. Her voice seemed died. Khushi leaned on the bed with her mouth moving in an attempt to say “Arnav ji”








“Go Advay.....go and get her” Kiara whispered as she caressed his hair. He just kept looking at the corpse. “Advay...” she shook him, “go....go and bring Khushi ma”

Advay kept mum and she looked at Peter. Peter sighed and held him making him sit. Advay sat leaning on the pillar with his eyes fixed on his dad’s corpse.

“Advay, your mother is crying her heart out! Go to her! Go and bring her down. Bring her to see your dad one last time! You have to be her strength Advay....DO IT!” Peter said firmly.

Holding Advay’s shoulder firmly Kiara said in her stern tone, “Your dad loves you and your mother the most. The least thing he wants are your tears. We should give him the best goodbye gift Advay. Bring Khushi ma down here is the only thing you can do for him!”

Advay looked at her and Peter. He looked at Arnav and then mumbled, “Mamma......she is crying...”

“Yes she is...go up!” Peter said.

Advay nodded and stood up. He climbed up the stairs with his wobbly feet and moved his direction to his parents’ room.

He opened the room and found her sitting on the floor leaning on the bed. He walked to her and sat near her.

“Come down ma....please don’t do this. If you didn’t see him for the last time, he won’t be happy. This is the only thing we can do for him mamma....please! Come down...” he said in his broken voice. 








Consoling her little daughter, her mind went back to those days.

Don’t try to fool me Kiara. You loved him since your childhood and you still love him!

Loving someone is not a sin. Sin is when you try to separate him and Hanna!

He was the first one who realized her love for Advay. He saw it right through her eyes, years back! He didn’t scold her or accuse her for loving a married man but made her understand that she didn’t do any sin. He made her realize many things which she would cherish for the rest of her life.

I just hope things changes. I just hope you can change him!

The trust he had in her! Even her chacha-chachi who was her relatives didn’t trust her so much. He trusted her that she would bring him back his Advay! For a girl like Kiara, who never experienced a father’s love, Arnav was her father. A father who patted her head appreciating her, who consoled her when she was upset, who trusted her like anything....he was the best person she has ever met!

Her thoughts broke when Advay walked down. Everyone looked at him and his behind hoping to see Khushi.

“Where is Khushi ma?” Kiara asked.

“Gone” Advay whispered.

“What?” Peter asked.

“She is gone” Advay whispered and walked away.






PS: Epilogue - SOON

Aug 28, 2016

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 98 times)





Business tycoon ASR and Mrs. ASR passed away

New Delhi: Founder of AR industries, the number 1 industry of India, Arnav Singh Raizada (60) and Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada (55) pass away here on Tuesday.

The diabetes patient ASR was affected by Alzheimer an year ago. It’s heard that he had been bed ridden for 5 months. The cause of his death is still unknown. According to his son, Mr. Advay Singh Raizada, ASR’s sugar level variations had caused his death. Mrs. Raizada, who was heartbroken due to her husband’s death, had a cardiac arrest and followed the latter’s path.





The newspaper lay on the table and he sat on the poolside. Kiara was beside him with Yara on her lap.

It has been one week after their death and Advay was not out of the shock. Anjali was very weak now due to the death of her bhai and bhabhi and so was Akash. Payal was uncontrollable. The only ones who were in little conscious was Kiara and Peter.

“Papa...” Yara called out jerking his arm. Advay looked at her. “Tomorrow there is a meeting at school” she said.

He nodded and then looked away at the sky.

“Yara,” Kiara whispered, “Go and sleep. It’s night!”

“Good night mamma, papa” she kissed both of them and went to her room.

“You okay?” she asked in her soft tone. She waited for reply but got none.






She laid on the bed covering herself with the blanket. Switching off the lights, she looked at the poolside once again. He was still standing in the same position looking at the stars. She sighed and then turned to sleep. She had talked to him and tried as much as she can. Now only time can heal his wound!

She closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep when she felt his strong arm sliding to her stomach and hugging her tight. She felt him cuddling her and laying his head on her crook of neck. He hid his face in her hair. She was about to call his name when she felt her neck wet. She decided not to stop him. He was crying, she knew!







It was morning and she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at herself lying on Advay’s chest. He had draped his arms around her waist and hugging her tightly. She slowly sat up and his hand fell on the bed. She looked at his face which was tear stricken.

She smiled sadly as she caressed his cheeks. How much she wishes to wipe away his pain! That was her daily job! Wiping others pain and setting them right. But she was unable to get him right. Why? Why is she not able to wipe away her husband’s pain? Why is she unable to bring back the old jolly Advay?

She found him slowly opening his eyes. He blinked his eyes and she said softly, “Are you going of jog? Peter must be waiting!”

He sat up and nodded. She walked away to washroom and he sat there on the bed looking at nothing. Standing at the washroom door she watched that.

She opened the door and was about to get in when she heard his voice, “I wanted to tell you something”

She looked at him and he patted the space near him on the bed. She walked to him and sat there.

“I said to Dad and mom and they wanted me to say that to you as soon as possible” He said in his down voice.

“What?” she asked.

“I love you Kiara” he whispered.

She looked at him. Some tears formed in her eyes and lips curved to a smile. “Finally you said it” she said.

“Huh?” he asked frowning.

“Nothing” she said and then said, “I love you too”

“Wait, you already knew this” he asked with his eyes widened.

She nodded. “How?” he asked shocked.

“They told me!” Kiara whispered smiling and she walked away while he sat on the bed smiling.


Sep 1, 2016

Thank you (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 46 times)

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