Broken Strings - Season 2

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Aug 7, 2016

Broken Strings - Season 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 93 times)





“We should not have done that!” Khushi said to Arnav who lie on the bed. Sighing hard, Arnav said, “I don’t regret my decision Khushi. This is what we should have done!”

“Advay is not happy” Khushi said softly.

“But this is not gonna work. He has to take a stand!” Arnav said.

“Will they be fine?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“They’ll have some initial troubles but trust me....they’ll be good together!” Arnav said assuring her.







He walked into his room which was decorated with candles and roses. He glanced at his decorated bed where she sat in the middle wearing a blood red lehenga. He walked to her and sat on the bed. He slowly lifted her veil and looked at her beautiful face. She looked at him and smiled.

He lifted his hand and caressed her soft cheeks. She closed her eyes feeling his hand going down her face to her slim neck. He leaned closer to her and caressed her neck. His hand went to her mangalsutra and the next moment, he pulled it off.

She shot opened her eyes in shock and he said angrily, throwing the mangalsutra away, “Don’t dream of being my wife! You’re here as Yara’s mother not as Mrs. Advay Singh Raizada.”

She looked at him in tears and he said gritting his teeth, “I hate you disgust me! Now GET OUT FROM THIS ROOM”

He got away from the bed and walked to the washroom with his night clothes. She gulped down her tears and walked out of the room.

Wearing the heavy wedding lehenga and jewellery, she walked to a room and opened the door slightly. She got inside the room and kept all the jewellery at the table there. Walking to the bed there and laying down, she hugged the 5 year old baby girl, who was sleeping, tight and closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep.


Character Sketch


Arnav Singh Raizada

Age: 60 years

Founder and CEO of AR Fashions. A rude, arrogant businessman to the world but a complete family man to his family! Loves his wife and son dearly and will do anything for them. Greek god even at 60! Age never exhaust him. He is even more energetic and healthier than his son!



Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

Age: 55 years

Wife of ASR and a perfect homemaker. Loves her husband and raja and her family. Even at 55, her beauty never faded. Her hair is grey, obviously, but not her mind. She never gets old at heart and is still the child who giggles seeing golgappa.



Advay Singh Raizada

Age: 32 years

Son of ASR and KKGSR. Vice-CEO of AR. Loves his family a lot. His wife Hanna is his life. A jolly and free guy in past, now he is an arrogant business man after the death of his wife.




Kiara Singh Raizada

Age: 30 years

Second wife of Advay. Loves him so much but only got his hatred back. Loves Advay’s family and his daughter as her own. Divorced from her ex-husband, Rudra which broke her every contact with her family and village. Her dadu and dadi understood her and they are at Delhi staying at their home.




Hanna Singh Raizada

Late wife of Advay Singh Raizada. She died after giving birth to their daughter, Yara, causing Advay to hate his own daughter for snatching his wife away from him.




Yara Singh Raizada

Age: 5 years

Cute chubby daughter of Advay and Hanna. Doesn’t have any memory of her mother except photos. Yearns for her father’s love which she never got. Loves her new mamma, Kiara so much. She is the ladli of the whole Raizada parivaar.




Angelina Augustine

Age: 33 years

Wife of Peter Augustine (Advay’s friend). Lives just a km away from shantivan. The couple has adopted a boy named Ian whom they saw at an orphanage they visited.




Peter Augustine

Age: 35 years

Best friend and colleague of Advay. After Rolf’s betrayal, he, Rahul and Aashiq were Advay’s support. It had taken them a while to prove it to Advay that they are his well wishers not cheaters since Advay was scared to be their friends after what Rolf did. Met Angel during his visit to RM and fell in love with her.




Ian Augustine

Age: 9 years

Protective and possessive big brother of Yara. Loves his family a lot. A very understanding and matured boy.



So this is a leap of 5 years. Nani Mami and mama have passed away in this story. Anjali, Akash and Payal won’t have much role in this. The story revolves around Arshi, Advay, Kiara and Yara.

Aug 9, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 84 times)

Chapter 1




“Khushi.......Khushi......KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!” Arnav shouted from the room.

“Kya hai?” Khushi asked annoyed as she entered the room.

“Tie?” He asked. She sighed and walked to the wardrobe. “Right in front of your Arnav ji, even then you cannot see!” Khushi said and took the tie from it. Walking to him, she tied it around his neck.

“You look so handsome, even in your 60s!” Khushi said while ruffling his grey hairs. “Khushi!” he whined, “I just combed it!”

She giggled and he said combing his hair, “Seriously, who is the child – Yara or you?” “Arnav ji!” she smacked his back.

“By the way where is my ladli Yara?” Arnav asked turning to her. “Your rajkumari is still sleeping!” Khushi said.

Arnav nodded and took his coat. Khushi helped him wear and she said as she was buttoning it, “I think yesterday night Kiara slept with Yara” “Why?” he asked.

“I saw her coming out of her room today morning!” Khushi said, “She was crying” she added.

“Advay.....” Arnav muttered, “Surely he must have said something!”

“I’m worried Arnav ji. What if this doesn’t turn out well? If...” Khushi began when Arnav said, “Yara needs a mother. Plus, she loves Kiara like anything. Who can be a better mother to her other than Kiara?”

“I know but Advay...” Khushi said, “He is so changed. Hanna’s death changed him altogether!”

Arnav nodded and said, “I expected the change but....I didn’t foresee that he would hate Yara too....”

Khushi sighed and said, “I don’t what to do. Yara needs Kiara but Advay....he won’t accept her. He cannot accept anyone in Hanna’s place!”

“No one can take Hanna’s place in this house! But no one can take Kiara’s place in Yara’s heart!” Arnav said and Khushi nodded saying, “Let’s hope for the best!”








Advay came out of the washroom after having a bath. He wiped his head and then threw the towel to the recliner when he saw his clothes arranged on the bed.

He frowned and walked to it when he saw Kiara entering with a cup of tea. She placed the cup on the table and took the towel from the recliner.

“What the hell is this?” he asked angrily and she looked at him. “Err....I just arranged...your dress.....”

“I have told you earlier and is again repeating; DON’T ACT AS MY WIFE!” He said angrily. “I’m your wife!” She said in her soft voice.

“LIKE HELL YOU ARE!” he shouted and grabbed her arms. She hissed in pain as he held her tight. “Now listen carefully, take care of Yara and my family members but STAY AWAY FROM ME. Did you get that?” she nodded in pain and he left her arms.

“And why the hell are you wearing it?” he asked angrily pointing towards the mangalsutra. “Wo....main....” she began when he ordered, “Take it off!”

She looked at him wide eyed. “Take it off. NOW!” he shouted.

She said angrily “Your Anjali bua asked me today morning where my mangalsutra was. I lied to her that I removed it while sleeping and she said sternly to me that I am not supposed to remove that. What should I do? Go and tell her that my so called husband doesn’t want me to wear it?” he looked away angrily and then walked out of the room. She watched him going and a lone tear escaped her eye which she hurriedly wiped off.









Kiara laughed as she heard her daughter whining cutely. “Wake up baby!” She said tickling her tummy and Yara cried out, “Mamma.....stop....tickly tickly.....”

Kiara laughed and picked the chubby girl in her arms. “Yara wants to sleep” she whined and laid her head on Kiara’s shoulder.

“And mamma wants Yara to brush her teeth, take a bath and wear her school uniform!” Kiara said making her sit on the bed.

“Yara wants to be at home” Yara said with pouted lips.

Kissing her cheek, Kiara said, “But Yara will learn a lot if she goes to school?”

“Please mamma, can I take a day off?” Yara asked cutely.

“Bunking classes are not good! Your Ian bhaiyya never bunks school.” Kiara said narrowing her eyes.

“But mamma, I’m in UKG. Ian bhaiyya has more to study that’s why he goes to school!” Yara said.

“Ian bhaiyya reached there because he went to nursery school. If you bunk classes, you’ll always stay in UKG and all your friends will reach 1st std!” Kiara said.

“ it?” Yara asked with wide eyes. “Hmm” Kiara hummed nodding her head. “So Yara baby, will you go to school?”

“Ha....” Yara cried.

“So come on, first we’ll brush our teeth!” Kiara said lifting her in her arms and walking to washroom.







“Here you go Kiara....” Angel cried giving her a box, “You’re the best cook!” Kiara smiled and thanked her.

Everyone gave Kiara their gift after her first rasoi which was marvellous.

It was then Advay walked down the stairs. Arnav saw him and called, “Advay, come and have breakfast!”

“I have a meeting dad!” Advay said and began to walk away when Arnav said, “Meeting won’t start until I reach there. Come and sit here!”

“Ha papa.....mamma’s food is goody goody!” Yara said cutely with her mouth and hands covered with kheer and Kiara trying hard to wipe the stains away.

Advay looked at Kiara and then said to Arnav and Khushi, “Bye dad, bye mom, bye everyone!”

“Bye papa.....” Yara cried hoping that at least this time he would return the bye. But it was never returned.








“Didn’t Advay come?” Dadi asked as Kiara walked into her house for phagpera rasam. Nodding her head in denial, Kiara said, “He has a meeting. He said he’ll pick me in the evening.”

Dadi smiled and Kiara ran to her dadu. “Dadu!” she cried and hugged him. “How is my darling?” her dadu asked caressing her hairs. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Kiara, come....I have made all your favourite dishes!” Dadi said and Kiara jumped like a child, “Thank you dadi, you’re the best!” she cried.








“Dude, its 4!” Peter said as he smacked Advay on his back. “So?” Advay asked frowning.

“So?” Peter asked shocked, “Don’t you remember, you have to pick Kiara from her home!”

“You dropped her right? So go and pick her up!” Advay said burying himself in work. “But I’m not her husband!” Peter said.

“Peter please...go!” Advay said.

“Then who will pick up Yara?” Peter asked, “Okay, I’ll go and get Kiara. You go and get Yara. Is that okay?”

“Why can’t you pick them both?” Advay asked annoyed.

“Now listen carefully,” Peter said seriously, “Kiara is YOUR wife, not mine. Yara is YOUR daughter, not mine. These things are something that YOU should do. So you have no right to order me to do something which you should have done!”

Advay stared at him and said in anger, “Go and get Kiara & that girl from school!”

“Yara” Peter said.

“What?” Advay asked annoyed.

“That girl has a name – Yara” Peter said and walked away leaving an angry Advay who threw a flower vase to floor breaking it into pieces.


Aug 9, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

Chapter 2



Giving an excuse of Advay’s busy schedule to dadi and dadu, Kiara sat inside the car with Yara hopping on her lap. Looking at Peter she asked, “He isn’t really busy, right?” Peter looked at embarrassed not knowing what to say. “Wo....he...” he stammered when she said, “Drive Peter”

Peter sighed and started the car. “Where is Ian bhaiyya?” Yara asked cutely and Peter said, “Ian bhaiyya is having his football practise.”

“Mamma, do you know what happened today at school?” Yara asked. Kiara nodded no and Yara said, “Today I took kheer to school na? All my friends were asking for that!”

“Did you give them?” Kiara asked.

“No, I shouted at them!” Yara said.

“Why? You should have shared it with them Yara” Peter said. Kiara nodded and asked, “Why did you shout at them?”

Yara looked at Kiara and Peter and then said, “One day when I asked papa to share his pasta, he shouted at me. So today when my friends asked to share, I shouted at them. Did I do wrong?”

Kiara and Peter were silent for a moment. “Bolo na mamma, did I do wrong?” Yara asked again.

“Yes, you did wrong!” Kiara said, “You should share things with each other. Doesn’t Ian bhaiyya share his chocolates and toys with you?” Yara nodded her head vigorously.

“ should share things with your friends just like you share things with your bhaiyya. Never shout at anyone. That’s a bad habit!” Kiara said calmly.

“But why do papa shout at everyone?” Yara asked.

“That is because papa is really stressed. He has great works at office na? So he is always worried about that. That is why he shouts!” Kiara said.

“But he shouts at me only!” Yara said pouting her lips.

Kiara looked at Peter who looked at her not knowing the answer for her complaint. “Why does he shout at me mamma?” Kiara asked Yara asking and she suddenly diverted the topic to the ice-cream vendor of the street.









“What should I do?” Kiara asked as she sat beside Arnav and Khushi in his poolside.

Arnav sighed and said, “I don’t know Kiara. I tried my best to remove his hatred towards Yara but.....” he left his sentence incomplete and hung his head down.

“Yara is growing up. She is learning things from what happens around us. Today she denied to share her food with her friends and shouted at them because her father did that to her,” Kiara said and continued with a sigh, “This should not happen anymore. If this continues, it’ll create a great impact on her childhood!”

“Yara yearns for her father’s love but this boy....I don’t know what to do with him! He believes that Yara was the reason for Hanna’s death.” Khushi said, “Doctor had asked Hanna to abort her baby since it was a huge risk for her. She already had a miscarriage and her womb was not strong enough. Yet she refused to abort!”

“And Advay hates Yara because it was her whom Hanna chose over him!” Kiara said and Arnav nodded.

“Hanna doesn’t deserve this. She believed that he would love Yara more than his own life but....” Arnav said, “She may not be happy watching what is happening here!”

“But no matter what papa, a father cannot hate his daughter. Advay may also love his daughter but is not showing it out. No one can hate Yara!” Kiara said.

“I don’t know Kiara. I just hope things changes. I just hope you can change him!” He said looking at her.

Kiara sighed and Khushi said, “I chose you as his wife because you would be a great mother to Yara but also because you could change my son! You were the best thing that happened to him and this family. If you weren’t there then we would have never got him back!”

Kiara nodded and said, “I’ll try maa. But I cannot promise. I can promise that I’ll be a great mother to Yara, but Advay....I don’t know. I love him...I always loved him, but all he have for me is hatred!”

Khushi and Arnav looked at each other not knowing what to say.









Kiara was arranging her clothes in wardrobe, where she had acquired a little space for her clothes from Advay with the help of Khushi and Angel, when her daughter’s sweet voice greeted her.

Advay was working on his laptop and looked up to see Yara, dressed in her pink nightwear, sprinting inside their room.

Yara jumped on the bed and started hopping on it shouting, “Today I’ll sleep here!”

“Go to your room...” Advay said rudely. Kiara looked at him not liking his tone.

“Nahi....films main aise hi hota hai. (This is what happens in films) Ma, Papa aur beti sleeps together” She said pointing to Kiara, Advay and herself.

“Yara....” Kiara said softly, “Beta, go to your room. There you have your favourite teddy!”

“Nahi...I’ll sleep here!” she cried stubbornly.

“Bas Yara. STOP IT!” Advay shouted.

Yara flinched at the tone and Kiara said covering up, “Yara, your papa is really busy and our voices are irritating him! Chalo, let’s go!”

“Par mamma....I want to sleep with you both!” Yara said with her fallen face.

Kiara looked at Advay with pleading who looked at her in his annoyed expression. “If Yara wants to sleep with papa and mamma, then her wish is to be granted.” Kiara said smiling and Advay looked at her angrily.

“YAYYYY!” Yara cried happily and ran to Advay. Holding his hand, she dragged him to bed, “Chalo papa...”

Advay was about to shout when Kiara said intervening, “Advay, it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow you have an early meeting right?” She closed his laptop and arranged his file.

Yara made him lie who did it reluctantly and she lied beside him. Kiara smiled and covered the father and daughter with a blanket. “Mamma, come...” Yara cried and Kiara said, “I have to change my clothes dear. I’ll come now!”

Yara nodded her head and she hung on to Advay’s t-shirt collar. Advay looked at her angrily. Yara was playing with his t-shirt and said in her cutest voice, “Papa, you love black colour?”

He kept mum and she asked again, “You love black, papa?” Again he didn’t reply and she looked at him and saw his eyes closed. “You’re asleep?” She asked. Again she got no reply. She sat up on the bed and kissed him on his cheek. “Good night papa” she whispered in her cute voice and then lied down with her head on his shoulder and hands on his chest. Slowly she also drifted into sleep.

Advay opened his eyes which he had closed to escape from her questionnaire and looked at his daughter who was sleeping hugging him. His mind went back to the moment before when she kissed his cheek whispering good night. He looked at her face.

Probably this was the first time he was seeing her face after her birth! She looks very beautiful. He wondered how he had missed her long nose which resembled her mother. He lifted his hand and pinched her soft cheeks. Yara shifted in her sleep and snuggled close to him. A faint smile appeared on his lips. He snaked his arm around his daughter’s little form and pulled her closer hiding her in his arms. Closing his eyes, he slowly drifted into sleep.

Kiara stood near the bathroom door watching the scene with a smile.








“Why aren’t you asleep?” Peter asked in his sleepy voice seeing Angel sitting on the bed.

“No...just worried about Kiara....” Angel said. Peter sat up on the bed and leaned to the headboard. “What happened?” he asked.

“I just hope Advay give her the love she deserves. She didn’t have a good life. Days with Rudra were a nightmare for her. Life was never fair with that girl.” she said, “She finds solace in Yara. But how long? How long can she live with Advay’s hatred?”

Peter sighed and said, “Things will change. I’m sure! Advay is a very good person at heart. He cannot hate someone for no reason. He is just not able to accept anyone after Hanna!”

“And Yara....” Angel said.

“We all know about his mental state. He even went into a state of multiple personality when he saw Anita whom he thought as Hanna being raped in front of him. You know those days right? He again lost his wife and this time for eternity. It’s hard Angel. He needs time to accept that Hanna’s death was not because of Yara. In fact no one can be blamed. No mother will abort her first child. But it is taking him a lot of time to understand it!” Peter said.

“Yara loves him so much!” Angel said.

“Even he does! But he is not showing that!” Peter said. Angel sighed and hugged him sideways. Laying her head on his chest she whispered, “Hope everything turns out well!” “It will. I assure you!” He whispered kissing her hair.

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Chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 83 times)

Chapter 3




The morning rays hit him and he opened his eyes reluctantly. Shifting his vision to his left, he found the time 5.45 am.

Advay rubbed his eyes and tried to get up when he felt a weight on his body. He looked at his chest where Yara laid hugging him tightly. Next to Yara was Kiara who was hugging Yara’s back and her hands resting on his stomach and face on his arm which was hugging Yara. Yara was cuddled between Kiara and him.

He slowly removed Kiara’s hands from his body and shifted Yara from him. Sitting up on his bed, he watched Yara murmuring something in her sleep and turning back hugging Kiara. He smiled faintly and caressed her hairs.

He saw Kiara slowly opening her eyes and he swiftly moved away from the bed and walked to the washroom.









“Stop it Peter!” Advay said angrily as he and Peter sat on the bench of Green Park after their morning jog.

“This is the truth Advay. Yara herself told this to me and Kiara. She is learning things from you. She is behaving exactly like you behave to her.” Peter said.

“Just stop advising on how to look after my daughter!” Advay said annoyed, “Papa, mamma, you, di.....everyone are on a mission to lecture me on parenting!”

“Because you are doing blunders!” Peter said angrily, “At least have some common sense Advay. Don’t take out your anger on that poor child. She is growing up! She is learning things. Every child tends to imitate their parents. And your daughter is also doing the same!”

“Listen,” Advay said angrily, “Yara is my daughter. I know how to raise her! There is no need to teach me how to look after my daughter!”

“And how are you raising her?” Peter asked mocking, “By paying her school fees and buying her dresses? Or buying toys? You are aware of her favourite colour, dress and toy. Other than that what do you know about your daughter? Do you even know that your daughter is allergic to peanuts?”

Advay looked away and Peter said annoyed, “You cannot raise your child with the millions you have in your account. Show some love. I have said this earlier and is again repeating! Give Yara the love she deserves. And yeah, adding one more...give Kiara the respect she deserves! If you cannot accept her as your wife, then don’t. But don’t consider her a heap of dirt. If not a good wife, she is at least a good mother! What are you? A good son and brother but an utter failure in being a father!” and he walked away.








Arnav walked into his cabin after a meeting to find Yara sitting on his chair and looking curiously at his laptop.

“Yara?” he called surprised, “Why are you here?”

Yara looked at him and smiled cheekily. “Wo dadu, our teacher had an accident and every others went to hospital with her. So school peon called all students’ parents to take us home!”

“Kiara brought you here?” He asked.

“Nahi,” she said nodding no, “Papa came to get me. Mamma’s cell phone was switched off!”

Advay? Arnav smiled faintly. This must be the first time he would have gone to Yara’s school!

“And your papa made you sit here?” Arnav asked.

“I was in his cabin sitting on sofa. But I accidently hit a glass of water and water spread in his table. He scolded me,” she said with dropped face, “and Peter uncle came. He brought me here!”

Arnav sighed and then saw Peter entering, “Here is your favourite chocolate milk princess Yara!”

“Thank you Peter uncle!” Yara said happily and started drinking it. Arnav looked at Peter and asked, making sure that Yara who was immersed in her juice didn’t hear, “He shouted at her?”

“Yes, very badly! She was crying like hell!” Peter said.

Arnav sighed and walked to Advay’s cabin. “Something must be done with this boy!” He muttered under his breath.









Kiara came back home after an exhausting day at hospital. As she stepped inside the living room she was tightly hugged at her waist. She looked down and saw Yara with her face buried in her sari.

“Yara...” Kiara called out as she sat on her knees. “Why is my princess crying?” Kiara asked shocked seeing the tear stricken face of Yara.

“Papa (sob) scolded (sob) me....” she said in tears.

“Why?” Kiara asked.

“Today at office, (sob) I hit a glass of (sob) water. It spread on his table and destroyed (sob) his papers. He scolded me then. Now I (sob) went to say sorry. He again scolded me...he said he’ll beat me with cane if I (sob) go (sob) near him again (sob)....” Yara said crying bitterly.

Kiara hugged her tight consoling her with her mind burning with rage.








Advay was busy working in his laptop when he heard some footsteps and the door slammed shut. He looked up to find Kiara locking the door from inside.

She turned to him and asked angrily, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“What?” he asked annoyed.

“You shouted at Yara!” Kiara said angrily, “She did it accidently. And you said that you would cane her? How dare you?” she shouted. “Why are you so bothered?” He asked angrily, “Yara is my daughter! I know how to behave with her. You need not teach me!”

“And I can see how you are behaving with her. If you are her father then I’m her mother! I....” Kiara said angrily when Advay roared, “HER MOTHER IS HANNA. NOT YOU! YOU ARE JUST HER STEP MOTHER. YOU ARE HERE AS HER CARETAKER!”


“HOW DARE YOU!” Advay shouted and grabbed her arms. He pulled her close and said with gritted teeth, “Now don’t defend that girl in front me. Her stupidity caused me a lot of loss today. The new contract papers were soaked in water. IT WAS MILLIONS WORTH DEAL THAT THAT IDIOT SPOILED!”

“JUST SHUT UP! DON’T CALL HER NAMES! CALL HER YARA! IF I HEAR YOU USING ANY NAMES FOR HER THEN......” Kiara shouted when Advay cut her in and said gripping his tight further, “Then what? What’ll you do? Don’t forget one thing Kiara, you don’t own her! She is no one to you! You are no one here!”

Kiara said angrily, “I’m mother of Yara, wife of yours and daughter-in-law of Raizadas!”

Tightening his grip causing her to hiss in pain, he said gritting his teeth, “And all these positions you have mentioned is not yours! It’s Hanna’s and no one can replace her in this house!”

She bit her lips in pain and he continued, “Don’t you dare show your attitude towards me! I’m not the same Advay who used to listen to every word of Dr. Kiara.”

“You’re right! The Advay who was my friend had a good heart!” She whispered and he held her closer with his face closer to her saying angrily, “Do whatever you want but make sure that your attention seeker daughter stay away from me!”

“Just now you said that she is your daughter!” She said slowly with the pain due to his hold shooting into her nerves. She gasped feeling the tight growing tighter and heard him saying, “I regret that!”

She looked at him wide eyed and felt his hold loosening on her. She watched him walking away the room and she looked at her arms which were purple in colour.





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Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 84 times)

Chapter 4





“Where is Yara?” Khushi asked to Kiara as she entered the kitchen. Kiara looked up from the dish and said, “She is at di’s place. Peter said that he’ll drop her back!”

Khushi nodded and walked to her. Looking at the dish she said, “Tomato rice, Advay’s favourite!”

Kiara smiled and Khushi said teasing, “Cooking something special for hubby huh?”

“Nahi.....I just thought...” Kiara began when Khushi laughed and pulled her cheeks, “You’re so cute!” Kiara blushed and Khushi said, “You love my son so much huh!”

“But he hates me!” she said sadly.

Khushi stood silent. Sensing that the topic was not going to a fine direction, she said, “Why don’t you cook paneer fry? Advay love that!”

“Is it?” Kiara asked and Khushi nodded. “Ok then, I’ll make that too!” Kiara said and switched off the stove. “Is it good?” She asked to Khushi.

Khushi took in the scent and said, “Khushboo tho bahot acha hai....but it’s I not who should taste!” Kiara smiled and Khushi smiled seeing her face.

Kiara walked to take paneer when Khushi said in mind, “Hey devi maiyya, please make my son see her and Yara’s love for him!”









“Yara is not back?” Arnav asked as everyone sat in the dining chairs. “She will be staying there for the night,” Khushi said, “Angel had called. Both Yara and Ian slept after hours and hours of playing!”

Kiara’s face fell hearing that. A night without Yara! It would be so difficult! It’s just 2 days she had been here at RM and is now not able to spend a minute without her daughter.

Kiara served everyone except Advay who had already served himself. “Advay....” Khushi cried holding a plate of tomato rice and paneer stick, “Try this. This is especially for you!”

Advay smiled and took the plate seeing his favourite food. He gobbled the food and Kiara smiled seeing that. Khushi looked at Kiara and nudged her arm who looked down.

“Wow mamma,” Advay cried, “This is super! I mean, you never made this so tasty! Did you add something new?”

“Ha...” Khushi said, “Love!”

“What?” Advay asked confused.

“Buddhu ram! Your wife made this for you! And the new thing she has added she is the love she has for you!” Khushi said laughing and everyone chuckled.

Kiara smiled and looked at him. Advay kept the spoon down and looked at her.

“Arrey, you have gobbled the food. At least say a thank you!” Arnav said and so did Khushi and Akash.

“Thanks” Advay said slowly and walked away.

Kiara stood watching his retreating back with a smile and then at his clean plate.









“What are you doing here?”

Kiara was combing her hair when she heard his voice. She turned and asked frowning, “Why? Can’t I be here?”

“Get out from here. This is my room” he said rudely.

“Mine too” she said with equal arrogance.

“Now don’t appal me Kiara” he said angrily, “Go to Yara!”

“She is not here. She is at di’s place!” She said.

“Then go and use her room!” He ordered.

She sighed and said, “It’s not that I’m so interested to share a room with you but yesterday morning your mother found me walking out of Yara’s room. She questioned me and I made an excuse. I couldn’t have said to her that my husband ordered me to go out of the room on my Suhaag raat right?”

He sighed angrily and said, “Go and sleep on the poolside!”

“Me? Poolside? But why?” She asked.

“NOW DON’T ARGUE WITH ME!” He shouted very loudly that she stumbled back in fear. “GET OUT FROM THIS ROOM! GO TO THE POOLSIDE AND SLEEP THERE!”

“But Advay main....” she began when he held her by arms and dragged her to poolside. Pushing her there, he closed the glass door, locked it and pulled the curtains.








“Now where is my red file?” Arnav muttered in anger.

“Now sleep Arnav ji!” Khushi said angrily, “its 12 and you’re still with your files!”

“Khushi it’s an important file. Find it!” he said.

“Which file do you want?” she asked.

“The red file!”

“Red file – the one you had put kept inside the locker today morning?” She asked.

“Oh yes!” Arnav exclaimed, “I had put it in locker!” he said and opened the locker and pulled out the file.

Khushi chuckled and said, “You’re forgetting things, old man!”

“As if you are still jangli Jawani!” he said.

“Of course I am!” Khushi said, “If I have my hair dyed, I would be still the same Khushi! You old man, you’re not dying your hair. Then how can I dye mine?”

“Why is that?” he asked looking up from the file.

“If I walk with you with my hair dyed and your hair grey in colour people would ask me if you’re my father!” she said.

“KHUSHI!” Arnav cried and Khushi laughed.

“Bahot hasi aa rahi hai?” he asked and came closer to her. He held her and started tickling her. “Ahhhh....Arnav....ji...stop stop stop!!! Please...” Khushi said laughing out loud.










It was late night and Advay was sleeping peacefully when he heard a knocking voice. He sat up on the bed and looked at the door. Surely it was not the door knock.

He looked at the poolside door. The glass door was being knocked again and he walked to there. “Now what do you need Kiara?” He asked angrily moving the curtains.

But the sight before him shocked him to core. Kiara was sitting on the floor leaning on the glass door knocking it weakly.

He slid the door a bit and ran into the poolside. “Kiara” he cried as he bent near her.

“Ad...v...a....y...” she mumbled weakly. “Kiara, what happened to you?” he asked as he held her arm. By the mere touch of her skin, he froze. It was cold like hell!

He touched her cheeks and arms which were frozen like ice. “It....s....c...o...l.....d.....” she mumbled weakly shivering and leaned on to his chest. He lifted her in his arms and rushed into the room.

Turning off the AC, he made her lie on the bed and covered her with a blanket. He held her palm and rubbed it with his to warm it. He touched her night gown which was really cold.

He removed the blanket and untied her night gown’s robe. Somehow he took out her robe and made her lie on her sleeveless night gown which reached to her knees. Covering her with blanket again, he lied down beside her.

“Kiara....” he called softly. Her lips were moving and so were her eyelids. He sat up and supporting himself on his elbow, he caressed her hairs. “Sleep” he said softly and she turned and hugged him tight. He lied down next to her and hugged her cold body tight and caressed her hairs. She fell asleep hiding herself in his arms and slowly, he too fell asleep.


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Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 79 times)

Chapter 5




“Why can’t you love me Kiara?” Rudra asked irritated. Kiara stood silent. She felt his hand circling her waist and pulling her to him. She fell on his chest and he said annoyed, “It’s been a year of our marriage Kiara. Neither do you talk with me nor do you smile at me. Why can’t you express your love?”

She looked down and he said sighing, “Now don’t start shedding tears. God, why are you like this? You’re insane Kiara!” She bit her lips and he asked, “Why do you still have this?”

She looked at him who had her psychology book in his hand. She tried to get it but he asked angrily, “What is this book still doing with you?”

“Wo...I was just reading...”


“But I want to work!” she said weakly in tears.


She kept silent and looked down sniffing her tears. She closed her eyes tightly hearing his lighter’s voice and the noise of papers burning.




She opened her eyes gasping. It’s been 4 years since her divorce but those memories haunt her like anything. It’s been 4 years that she has slept peacefully. She gulped the lump at her throat and then tried to move when she became aware of her surroundings.

She felt her head resting on something hard and warm and looked up to find a peacefully sleeping Advay. Flashes of past night came to her. Faint images of him carrying her and warming her flashed in her. She looked at his handsome face and traced his jaw line with her index finger. Her finger came down his jaw to his neck and then to his chest when she noticed her state. She looked at herself wrapped up like a bundle by him with his hands wrapped around her body and cuddling her.

“My robe...” she murmured and looked left to right disturbing his sleep. He murmured something and opened his eyes slowly to meet with her eyes. She looked at him and he opened his eyes after blinking it several times. He looked at her and then suddenly sat up. She moved away from him during the gap and he looked around the room.

Biting her lips and locking some strands of her hair behind her ear Kiara leaned to take the robe which was on the headboard and wore it. He looked away and then asked, “Are you okay?”

She looked at him and hummed. He looked at her and said, “I’m sorry Kiara. I shouldn’t have pushed you to the cold” she looked at him wide eyed. “I’m so sorry” he said sincerely and walked to the washroom.







“Dadi....dadi....I want that!” Yara cried pointing to one doll. “Not now Yara” Khushi said tensely as she looked at the entrance of the mall, “Now where is this Arnav ji?”

Khushi had gone out with Yara for shopping. Her car’s driver had an emergency and he left. She had called Arnav to pick her up and now he was nowhere to be seen.

“Dadi....let’s go there...” Yara whined but Khushi was so absorbed in her phone that she didn’t hear. Yara saw the gap and she ran to the toy shop.

“Yara...” Khushi looked here and there after her phone call. A sudden fear rose in her. “Yara!” She cried as she ran around. “Mam is anything wrong?” the security came to her.

“My granddaughter is missing. Did you see her? She is a five year old girl!” Khushi said worriedly.

“Ha mam, I saw a small girl running to that shop!” he said pointing to the toy shop.






“Dadi....” Yara sniffed as she stood between the crowds inside the shop. “Dadi...” she began to cry not seeing her dadi. She stood there hugging a doll and tears ran down her chubby cheeks.

“Why is this angel crying?” A sweet voice greeted her and she looked to her left. A beautiful lady kneeled before her and asked wiping her tears, “What happened dear?”

“Dadi.....” Yara cried.

“You are lost? You cannot find your dadi? She asked and Yara nodded. “Aw my doll!” she said wiping her tears from her pink cheeks and said calmly, “I’ll help you. Come we’ll go to the security!”




“Dadi!!!!” Yara leaped in joy and ran to Khushi who was entering the toy shop. “Meri bacchii!” Khushi cried and lifted her in her arms. Kissing her Khushi cried, “Where were you?”

“Dadi, I came here to get this doll!” Yara cried. Khushi sighed and then looked up to see the lady.

“Dadi, this aunty helped me.” Yara said pointing to the lady.

“Kiara?” Khushi whispered.

“Namaste aunty” Kiara greeted her. Khushi also returned the greeting and Kiara asked, “Whose child is this?”

“Ah, this is Advay’s and Hanna’s daughter!” Khushi said patting Yara’s head.

“What’s your name sweetie?” Kiara asked.

“Yara” Yara said in her cutest voice..

“Yara...beautiful name” Kiara whispered and kissed her cheek. Yara giggled and asked, “What’s your name aunty?”


“Kiara? Mine is Yara. Our names match!” Yara said giggling and Kiara smiled and pulled her cheek.


“The pot is overflowing!”

His voice jerked her. Kiara looked back to see Arnav standing. “What are you thinking?” Arnav came to her and asked.

Kiara smiled and said, “Recalling the day I met Yara! It was the best day of my life!” Arnav smiled and said, “We all were surprised to know that you are back in Delhi!”

Kiara smiled.

“What is this? Are you hurt?” Arnav asked. Kiara looked at him and then followed his line of vision. She realized that she had worn sleeveless blouse and the purple marks gifted by Advay were clearly visible to anyone. ****! Why didn’t I notice this?

“Err...woh, I fell in the washroom yesterday and my arm hit the bathtub. So...” she covered it up.

“Advay shouted at you.” Arnav stated and Kiara looked at him wide eyed.

“I know when I see such marks! Years back, I have given such bruises to Khushi” he said and she looked down concentrating on the watering.

“Do you regret this decision of marrying him?” he asked suddenly.

She nodded no and said smiling, “I’ll never regret it for this lifetime!”

“Why do you love him so much Kiara?” Arnav asked, “Yeh kaisa ishq hai?”

Kiara looked away and said slowly, “I don’t know why I love him. I just love him and cannot live without him! Even if he hates me I can never stop loving him!”

“We all wanted you to marry him for Yara,” Arnav said, “But you did it because you loved him right?”

“No!” she said, “Even if it was some other man, I would have said yes. Advay may be my first and last love, but Yara is something more than that! She is my life and I would do anything for her!”

It was then Arnav and Kiara turned to the door of poolside hearing the sweet little voice of Yara.

“Mamma....” Yara cried as she rushed to the poolside. Hugging her waist she said, “Good morning Mamma!”

Keeping the hose aside Kiara lifted her in her arms. “Did my princess miss me last night?”

“Haan, bahot!” Yara widened her arms to indicate how much she missed him.

“Where is Peter uncle?” Arnav asked.

“Good morning dadu. Peter uncle went back. He said he, Angel and Ian bhaiyya would come over!” Yara said and then screamed, “YAAY TODAY IS SATURDAY! I DON’T HAVE SCHOOL TODAY!”

Kiara and Arnav smiled and Yara turned to Arnav, “Dadu, you had promised that you would take me to film today!”

“Did I? When?” Arnav asked.

“Dadu....” Yara whined.

“I never said that!” Arnav said.

“You said that. You booked tickets also!” Yara cried.

Arnav laughed and said, “Of course I did dear! But we’ll go in the evening. Okay?”

“OKAY!” Yara cried.








Peter, Angel and Ian had come over to RM and Yara was hovering over her Ian bhaiyya who had downloaded a new game.

It was 6 pm when Peter said, “Advay, there is a party tonight! It’s our business client’s reception. Will you go?”

“Me? Dad would go!” Advay said.

“He and Khushi ma would be leaving with Yara and Ian to cinema in a while. Angel and I have to go to her college. It’s their college day and her students are doing something. So you have to go!” Peter said.

Advay sighed and asked, “When is it?”

“7 pm! You have an hour. And yeah, take Kiara too!” Peter said. “Why?” Advay asked annoyed.

Peter looked at him and said, “Because she happens to be your wife and the party is couple party. You have to take someone with you!”

Advay sighed and nodded.




Aug 14, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 74 times)

Chapter 6




“I hope they would be fine!” Arnav said.

Arnav, Khushi, Yara and Ian were in film theatre. Some cartoon movie was going on and Arshi were talking with each other while kids were immersed.

“Of course they would be!” Khushi said.

“If Advay comes to know that we all went out deliberately to send him and Kiara there, he would blast!” Arnav said.

“Arrey, he won’t come to know about it!” Khushi said, “I just hope that everything would go well in the party! Slowly they should bridge the gap between them!”

Arnav sighed and said, “Hope your stupid plans work!”

“STUPID?” Khushi shouted and the people before her turned to look at her.

“Sorry” she apologized and looked at him who was laughing. “Don’t laugh” she smacked him and he began to laugh more.

“My plans are not stupid okay. If it was then your brother would have never married my sister!” Khushi said with frowned eyebrows.

Arnav said “Sorry meri maa....your plans are superb and fantastic and bombastic and elastic and plastic and....”

“Arnav ji...” she smacked his arm and he started laughing again.









Kiara looked at herself in front of the mirror. She was dressed up in a black and silver net saree with a diamond bracelet on her left hand, diamond earrings and mangalsutra adorning her neck. Tying her low back blouse’s dori, she pinned her pallu.

She started brushing her hair which seemed to be stuck in the mangalsutra in the back of her neck. Sighing she kept the brush aside and started to unhook her hair. “God!” she cried irritated. She started to pull her hair but it had no intention to come out.

She groaned in irritation when she felt a warm palm holding her hand. She opened her eyes which were closed due to frustration and saw him standing behind her. He removed her hand and kept it down. She looked at his reflection in the mirror.

He removed her hair from the back to her left shoulder. With utter concentration, he began to unhook her stuck hairs. She smiled faintly looking at his reflection but soon it faded seeing him leaning to her neck.

Advay leaned to her neck and using his teeth started to adjust her mangalsutra and hairs. His lips brushed with her back of neck and she clutched the dressing table tightly.

“Ho gaya” he whispered and moved back as he successfully unhooked her hair from the necklace. He looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was clutching the dressing table with her eyes closed tightly. He looked to his front to see one of her dori untied.

She shivered when his hands brushed on her back while tying the dori. He tied her dori and his hands unknowingly moved over her uncovered back while she gasped when he did that. He came closer to her and stood holding her arms while her back hit his chest. She closed her eyes more tightly and her breath became shallow when she felt him leaning near her ears.

Advay leaned to her ears and was about to place a kiss there when his phone suddenly rang.









“Congratulations Mr. Ryder” Advay shook hands with Mr. Ryder and he thanked him politely. “This must be your lady!” Mrs. Ryder said and Advay circled his arm around Kiara’s waist and said, “Yeah, Kiara Singh Raizada” Kiara smiled and congratulated them.

As they walked down the steps of reception stage, Advay whispered in her ears, “Go to Simran (who works at AR and friend of Kiara), she is there. Don’t roam around. If you need anything, I’ll be around” She nodded and he walked to his business group.

Kiara smiled at his caring. After their embarrassing encounter, this was the only time he spoke to her. They both had silently sit in the car without a word and never ever looked at each other throughout the drive.







“What happened Arnav ji?” Khushi asked as he sidelined the vehicle. “What happened dadu?” Ian asked. Yara was already asleep.

“I....I feel...uneasy....” Arnav said weakly. “Arnav ji...” Khushi panicked, “What happened to you?” She held his shoulder and turned to Ian, “Ian, call Advay, NOW!”

Ian nodded and took out the cell.







“What happened to him?” Kiara asked to the bar tender there. “Sorry mam, sir asked for juice but he accidently drank alcohol! And that too a whole big glass!”

Kiara sighed and held Advay who was swaying. “Can we get a room in this hotel?” she asked the bartender who said, “Sure mam, let me call the manager!”




“Advay...” she cried as she took him inside the room. “Why am I flying?” he asked aloud, “Why is everyone running around me? And why are you upside down?”

She held her laughter and made him lie on the bed. He sat up the next moment and said, “I don’t wanna sleep” he said pouting. Kiara chuckled and removed his shoes. “Sleep mister!” she said softly as she took out his socks.

“This too!” he said pointing to his tie and coat. She sighed and sat near him untying his tie. She pulled out the tie when she felt him caressing her cheeks. She looked at him and he mumbled, “You’re so could anyone be so beautiful?”

He held her hand and pulled her. She gasped as she fell forward on his chest. He circled his arm around her waist and leaned to her face.

“Advay...” she pushed him and he fell on to the bed. “Sleep” she said and tried to walk away when he pulled her hand. She fell on the bed and he rolled her that he is on top of her.

“Advay....what are you doing?” she asked in shock. He looked at her and leaned to her face. Placing a kiss on her forehead, he mumbled, “Do you know how much I love you?” she looked at him shocked. He kissed her eyes which she closed and then her cheeks.

“Adv...ay....” she mumbled, “I’m not Hanna!” she whispered and he looked at her. “I know. You’re Kiara” he whispered, “My dear lovely doctor!”

She looked at him and he started tracing her face with his finger. He started at her forehead which travelled through her nose. He caressed the region above her lips with her thumb and she closed her eyes gulping down the lump at her throat. She felt him coming closer to her as she felt his breath at his lips and didn’t dare to look at him.

He leaned closer and closer and slowly brushed his lips with her. She pressed her lips together and he slowly pecked it. She gasped feeling his hand caressing her bare waist and he smacked his lips on her taking her for a passionate kiss. She felt him tightly holding her hands up her head and kissed her hard. Slowly, she started responding back.








“Advay mamu’s phone is switched off and so is mami’s!” Ian said panicking. “Call Peter then!” Khushi ordered and in horror saw Arnav falling unconscious. “Arnav ji!” She shouted.

She ran out of the car to the nearby shop and cried to the shopkeeper, “My husband is not well. Please help me...please....”

People gathered around and soon ambulance of City Hospital rushed to the spot.


“Advay, he fainted due to low sugar but...” Peter said.

“But what?” Advay asked.

“Doctor found that......that....”

“WILL YOU PLEASE TELL ME?” Advay shouted.


Aug 15, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

Chapter 7




Morning rays hit his eyes and he slowly opened it. His head was throbbing like hell. Slowly opening it he saw her beautiful sleeping face greeting him.

He opened his eyes completely and looked at himself hugging Kiara tightly with his legs over hers. He suddenly moved away from her and froze seeing their naked state under the sheet. He sat up on the bed and looked around the room which was in a complete mess. His coat and pant lay in one corner while her saree in the other. He looked at Kiara who was sleeping with her body covered with the white satin sheet.

“What has happened?” he murmured holding his head tight. Some flashes of him drinking alcohol, she bringing him to room and he pulling her to him came to him. “God” he murmured, “How can I do this?” he started breathing heavily. He looked at her and found her opening her eyes slowly.

Kiara opened her eyes and looked around the room. She felt her whole body sore and exhausted. She looked at herself and then to her left where she saw him. She clutched the sheet which was covering her chest and looked at him in tears. He was sitting on the bed with the sheet covering his lower half and said, “Kiara....main...” before he could complete, he heard the phone of their room ringing.

He groaned and took the call. “Hello”

Is this Mr. Advay Singh Raizada?” the voice over asked.


Sir, I’m from the reception. We got a call from your brother-in-law Peter Augustine and he asked to pass over a message to you!

“Peter? Wait a minute, how did he know that I’m here?” Advay asked frowning.

Sir Peter Augustine had called here enquiring whether Advay Singh Raizada has taken room here. He wants you to be at city hospital as soon as possible

“Hospital? Why?” Advay whispered. Kiara sat up on the bed clutching her sheets.

“What happened?” she asked seeing him cutting the call.

“Dad...” he whispered, “Dad is hospitalized...”










“Please tell me that you’re lying” Khushi said crying bitterly as she shook Peter. Peter held Khushi tight from falling and said, “This is the truth Khushi ma. I’m not lying”

“No.....NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Khushi cried out.


“Red file – the one you had put kept inside the locker today morning?” She asked.

“Oh yes!” Arnav exclaimed, “I had put it in locker!”

Khushi chuckled and said, “You’re forgetting things, old man!”




Yara turned to Arnav, “Dadu, you had promised that you would take me to film today!”

“I never said that!” Arnav said.

“You said that. You booked tickets also!” Yara cried.


It was all true. He didn’t forget it intentionally. It was not his old age playing games. He was really forgetting things!

Khushi slumped down on the floor with Peter kneeling beside her. Anjali sat on the bench hugging Angelina and crying hard while Akash hugged Payal tight holding his tears.

Khushi hugged Peter and cried on his shoulder. “Please Peter....please....this is all lie! He is fine....”

“He is not fine Khushi ma!” Peter whispered broken, “He is ill.”

Khushi grabbed his shirt collar and clutched it hard crying her heart out.

It was then everyone heard footsteps and then looked to where Advay and Kiara were running to them.

“Peter....what happened? Kya huva dad ko?” Advay asked tensed.

“Advay!!!!” Khushi cried and rushed to him. Hugging her son tight she burst into tears. “Mamma....” Advay caressed her back and turned to Peter, “Tell me Peter. What happened here?”

“Advay, he fainted due to low sugar but...” Peter said.

“But what?” Advay asked.

“Doctor found that......that....”

“WILL YOU PLEASE TELL ME?” Advay shouted.

“He has Alzheimer....” Peter said slowly.






It took five hours for Kiara for raising the spirit of Khushi. Arnav was discharged from the hospital. No one told him about his Alzheimer. All he knew was that he fainted due to low sugar. No one cried in front of him except Advay who couldn’t hold himself and burst into tears hugging him. Everyone covered it up telling that Advay was really worried for him and Arnav believed it.

Kiara managed everyone. Being a psychiatrist, she used all her skills to bring out everyone from the shock, except Advay.

Kiara sighed and looked at Advay who lay asleep on her lap. She leaned on the headboard caressing his hair. He had hugged her and cried out his heart from the room. She tried hard to control him but he never stopped. She couldn’t do anything but hug him tight caressing his back soothing him while he kept on ranting about all the memories he had with his dad. After hours and hours of crying he had fell asleep on her lap.

Kiara bend down and kissed his hairs. Wiping the tears from his cheeks, she lied down beside him. Covering him with a blanket, she lay down looking at his sleeping form.








“Am I so handsome?”

Khushi was sitting on the bed looking at the sleeping form of Arnav when he asked that.

“You’re not asleep?” she asked shocked.

He smiled and pulled her hand. She fell on his chest and said, “How can I when my dear pillow is awake?” he cuddled her and she hid her face in his chest.

“Kya huva Khushi?” Arnav asked, “Why are you sad? In fact why is everyone sad?” Khushi looked at him and said, “Sad? Nothing!”

“Don’t lie! I know you all well. You are hiding something from me.” Arnav said, “And why did Advay cry like that. I never saw him crying like that except for Hanna’s death! What is happening Khushi?”

“You fainted Arnav ji. Doctor said that your sugar level went down alarmingly and if we’re a minute late, we would have lost you! So naturally everyone would be sad and depressed na?” Khushi lied.

“Hmm....” Arnav hummed and said, “Don’t know why nowadays I’m feeling weak! Sugar level I think!” Khushi bit her lips to prevent her sobs and hid her face in his chest. “Sleep” she whispered and he lied on the bed while she cuddled to him.

“You sure that you’re okay?” he asked and she hummed. He sighed and hugged her tight, slowly falling asleep while she kept on looking at his handsome face for the whole night.


Aug 17, 2016

Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 75 times)

Chapter 8



He slowly opened his eyes hearing a soft voice calling his name. As his vision got clear, he saw Kiara leaning to him softly calling him, “Advay....wake up!”

He sat up on the bed and she handed him a cup of coffee. “Its 9” she said and he nodded taking the cup.

“Papa was asking about you” Kiara said and Advay stopped sipping his coffee. “Where is he?” he asked.

“Office” she said.

He sighed and nodded.

“Advay,” Kiara said softly, “I know you’re sad. But don’t show it before papa. He doesn’t know that he is ill. And he should never know.”

He nodded and she said holding his shoulder, “Ma is really sad. It’s you who should bring her out from the shock. The whole family is affected. You should be strong for them!” she said in her soft yet firm tone.

He looked at her. Holding her palm which was at his shoulder, he said, “Thank you Kiara. If you weren’t there....” and he sighed.

She smiled and whispered, “I’ll be there...hamesha...”

He smiled faintly and then said, “I’m sorry....for....that night....woh....”

She looked away and he said, “I was drunk...I....I don’t know how to say but.....” she looked down at her saree while he said, “Please...forgive me...I....”

 She withdrew her hand. “Don’t embarrass me by apologizing” she said softly and stood up.

Advay sighed.

“Papa.....Mamma.....” they heard Yara’s voice as she ran into their room.

“ were sleeping till 9!” Yara cried patting her finger on nose, “Shame puppy shame!”

Advay glared at Yara and Kiara chuckled.

Yara climbed on bed and sat near him. “You were crying yesterday na. I saw you hugging mamma and crying!” She stood on her knees and wiped his dry cheeks, “Don’t cry papa......” she said cutely, “Main kissy de doon aur sab theek ho jaaongi! ” (I’ll give you a kiss and everything will be alright)

She kissed his cheek and whispered, “Don’t cry papa. You look good while shouting”

Kiara chuckled and Advay smiled faintly. He patted her head and stood up walking to washroom.

Locking the washroom door, he leaned on it. A flashback came to him.


“Please Hanna....I’m falling at your feet. Please abort this baby!” Advay cried falling at her feet.

“NO” Hanna said firmly moving back, “This is our child Advay. I cannot kill our baby!”

“Hanna, please” Advay said standing up and holding her arms, “You’ll die after delivering this child! I cannot live without you! Please...please....we’ll have kids. We’ll opt for surrogacy or we’ll adopt a child...”

“NO!” She said firmly. Clutching her belly she said, “I’m soon to be a mother. If I die after giving birth to my child then let it be. I’ll be satisfied with these 10 months where I’ll carry her in my stomach protecting her.”

“What about me?” He asked angrily.

“You’ll have our child” she whispered.



“You’re choosing this unborn thing over me?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes because this unborn ‘thing’ is a form of me and you!” She said in tears. “Hanna...please....” Advay cried and pulled her close, “How will I live without you?”

“Just like you lived before meeting me!” She said gulping down her tears.


He gasped and closed his eyes.

He loved Yara but the fact that it was her who took away Hanna from him never died in him. If Yara was not there Hanna would have been here with him. It was her birth that killed her!

He wanted to love his daughter just like his dad used to love him. But he was not able to! Whenever he sees her, images of Hanna fighting with him for her baby flashed in him. 

He sighed and leaned on the door.







Khushi hugged her son tight and cried on his shoulder. “Mamma, don’t cry!” he whispered.

“He doesn’t deserve this Advay.....he is the best person in this earth.....the best husband, best dad, best brother...and what not....why is he facing this?” Khushi cried hugging him.

Advay felt tears rolling down his cheek. He said in his broken voice, “Don’t cry Amma. If he sees this, then we won’t be able to hide anymore!”

She tried to stop her tears and started hiccupping. He cuddled his mother in his arms and looked at Kiara who stood away. She blinked her eyes assuring him and he smiled at her faintly.








“I can act strong in front of mamma. But how can I be strong in front of dad?” Advay whispered to Peter. Peter held his shoulder and said, “There is nothing we can do now Advay. We cannot change what happened but definitely we can change what is going to happen. We’ll hide it from Arnav uncle. He should not know that he is ill. Let him live his life like he did all these years. We’ll treat him, without his knowledge!”

“Peter, there is no cure for Alzheimer!” Advay said breaking down.

“Hope should be within us Advay!” Peter said softly, “You should have the hope that he’ll do fine! Only if you have that spirit, your mother and family will rise up!”

Advay sighed and sat with his palms covering his face.

“Act normal! Even if it is act, just do it! Gradually you’ll learn to act naturally!” Peter said patting his shoulder.







“So bhai, they’ll be arriving in a moment” Akash said to Arnav. Arnav nodded and asked, “But Akash, what about Mehta deal?”

Akash looked at him and then said, “Bhai, we finished that deal a week ago!”

“Did we?” he asked frowning and Akash nodded. Smacking his head Arnav said sighing, “I’m forgetting things! God, I’m getting old!” and he chuckled.

Akash faked a smile and stood sighing. He looked at Aman who was aware of ASR’s condition. Aman stood holding the file and looking at his boss sadly.







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Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 77 times)

Chapter 9




8 months passed.

Arnav’s Alzheimer increased like anything. First he started forgetting AR’s deals and meetings. One day he forgot how to plant a sapling and Advay did it for him. Next he forgot how to switch on the water heater and Kiara did it for him. He forgot how to button up his shirt, how to switch on the laptop, how to take the incoming call on mobile.....

He failed to recognize Yara one fine morning when she sprinted to him hugging him on his waist. He asked who Kiara was and then demanded where Hanna was.

Advay, one evening, sat with him in the garden and calmly and patiently told him his disease. Arnav was stumped for the moment and then hugged Advay tight. But that night when Advay met him again, he had forgotten everything that they talked.

He has grown weak like anything and was bed ridden now. He does not have any idea what he has got into but sometimes, when in conscious, wonders why he is weak. But that’s momentary. One moment, he does not recognize his family and the next moment he calls out for them!

As Peter said, acting for months and months has taught Raizadas how to act natural. Being strong in front of Arnav became a routine for them and they would cry out loud after being away from him. Peter had been a rock support for the family. He had handled Khushi when she broke down when Arnav asked who she is. He consoled Anjali who was scolded by Arnav when she called him Chotte. He managed Angel whom Arnav didn’t recognize. And not to mention, he was the one who wiped big fat tears of little Yara and Ian when Arnav asked who they were.

Kiara had no time for the family because she was always with Advay. Advay was the next after Khushi who was greatly affected by all these. Being strong and curt in front of Arnav, he used to cry out his heart from the washroom. The only one who saw him breaking down into tears was Kiara. She was the one who hugged him tight and consoled him. These months made him more and more dependant of Kiara. Every day he hugs her at night and cry out loud when she keeps mum silently consoling him. After hours and hours of crying he would fall asleep on her lap while she caresses his hair.







Advay got ready for office. He was now the CEO of AR while Peter is the vice-CEO. Everyone at AR knows about ASR’s Alzheimer and feels sorry for Advay and Khushi. Even they miss him in the office. When Arnav had come to AR once with Khushi to meet Advay, everyone at AR felt tears in their eyes when they saw that he could not even recognize the building which was once his dynasty!

Akash had retired from the job along with Arnav. Advay had begged him to support him and be the CEO but he refused telling that he cannot work there without his bhai. He said that Advay was the one who is destined to be the CEO.



Advay was lost in his thoughts while tying his tie when he felt her hands holding his palm. He removed his hand and saw her tying his tie and adjusting his collars. He looked at the woman who stood by him all these months. He had his all his tears from the family and used to break down in front of her.

He felt her waving her hand in front of him. “What happened?” She asked and he nodded no, “Nothing”.

“Chalo, you’re ready!” She said and handed him his coat and bag. He smiled and asked, “Where is Yara?”

“She is downstairs waiting for you!” Kiara said.

His equation with Yara too changed. Even though the little girl didn’t know what had gotten into her dadu but she knew that he is not well and is forgetting things. Her little mind is now used to see her dadi crying in front of Devi maiyya idol and her papa crying hugging her mamma. She had climbed on his lap and had wiped his tears telling, “Don’t cry papa.....”

Yara was the next after Kiara who became his support. When he felt terrible and upset he used to go to her who would cheer him up with her antics. She told him about her friends at school and the ways she bother teachers and Advay would laugh out loud forgetting every worry of his.





Advay walked into his dad’s room. It was his routine to meet him before going to office every day. He entered the room and found him sitting on the bed leaning on the pillow.

“Who are you?” Arnav asked.

Advay faked a smile and walked to him. Sitting near him, he asked, “Where is mamma?”

“Whose mamma?” Arnav asked frowning.

Advay sighed and heard Arnav asked, “Who are you? Are you a thief?”

“I’m Advay” Advay whispered.

“Advay? Who Advay? Just get of here! I’ll call police! GO!” Arnav shouted.

“Take care dad” Advay patted Arnav’s shoulder and walked out. As he stepped out he could hear him shouting, “How come I became your dad? I’m not your dad!” Advay closed his eyes in despair and walked away. He saw Khushi coming towards the room. He smiled faintly at her and walked away while Khushi watched her son going.







“Will dadu be alright?” Yara asked to her papa who was driving. Advay shrugged and said, “I don’t know”

“Sometimes he plays with me. After an hour he asks who I am. Why do people forget others papa?” Yara asked. Advay kept mum not knowing what to reply.

“Bechara dadu....he is not able to play basketball now!” Yara said.

Advay gulped down the lump at his throat recalling their basketball matches in the past. He sighed hard and concentrated on the road.

“Papa today is my PTA meeting” Yara reminded him.

“I know dear. I’ll be there!” Advay said.

“With mamma?” She asked.

“Yes, with your mamma!” Advay said as he parked the car in front of school gate.










Khushi entered the room. She kept the tray on the table and sat near him. “Have breakfast Arnav ji!” She said forwarding him a bite of paratha.

“Why didn’t Advay come to meet me?” Arnav asked frowning.

“He came here, just now!” Khushi said. “Now? When? He didn’t meet for many days! Where is he? Oh yeah, he is on his trip to Bali with Hanna right?”

“Arnav ji, Hanna left us 6 years ago, don’t you remember?” Khushi said softly.

Arnav frowned and Khushi sighed and started feeding him paratha. He ate it silently and she wiped his mouth with towel. “Here are your medicines” she said as she forwarded 3 tablets to him. He took them in his weak hands and gulped it down.




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