SS: Broken Strings

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Aug 4, 2016

Chapter 20 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 88 times)

Chapter 20



“What are you saying Rudra?” Kiara asked shocked.

“Why are you so surprised?” Rudra asked, “I just said that you’ll have to quit your job after marriage!”

“Why should I?” she asked angrily.

“See Kiara, I stay here at Ratnanagari. You know that. I have to look after my family farm and fields. So you have to stay with me here!” Rudra said.

“But what about my career, my dream?” Kiara asked.

“What is the need to work when you have a rich husband like me?” Rudra asked irritated with her behaviour.

“I don’t want a rich husband! I want someone who understands me!” She said in tears.

“Kiara....” Rudra said wiping her tears, “What’s the need for crying? I love you. You are my girl! I’ll take care of you, love you and will give you a beautiful life!”

She shoved off his hands and said in tears, “I want to work!”

“But you should stay at Ratnanagari. After marriage, a girl should stay at her in-laws.” Rudra said sternly.

“I have my dreams Rudra” Kiara cried and Rudra said, “Soon we’ll be husband and wife! We’re going to live a life together. You should dream of a happy life Kiara, not of a booming career. I should be your dreams, not your job!”

Kiara stood in tears as he walked away. “Why doesn’t anyone understand me? Why should I sacrifice my life for this so called tradition of two families?” she cried out hard.




“Poor girl!” Manoj sighed.

“But why should she lie that she doesn’t know Hanna?” Suraj frowned. Manoj sighed. Here the poor girl is crying out her heart and his boss is thinking about the murder case. They both were hiding behind the grass while Kiara and Rudra were talking with each other from the lake side.

“Manoj, we should confront her. That’s the only solution!” Suraj declared and stood up only to find her walking away. “Let’s follow her!”








Kiara was walking to home when her mobile rang. Seeing the number, she hurriedly took the call. “Got something?” She paused listening to other side. “Yeah, okay, email it to me. No, no....I have given you enough time. Not anymore! I need to know about them and no one should suspect me. No one should know my connection with Hanna! Got it?” She hung the call. The email notification beeped and she hurriedly opened the mail.

She downloaded the two pics which was in her inbox and opened it. She looked confused at the pics when she heard someone calling out her name. She turned and to her horror saw Suraj and Manoj standing before her.







“Come on Advay!!!! Go defeat him!!!!” Angel cheered and so did Aashiq, Peter, Rolf and Rahul as they watched Advay and Arnav playing basket ball. “Come on mere raja....hara do apne baap ko...” Khushi shouted and Anjali clapped happily seeing the match.

“Bhai, don’t lose! Come on you can do it!” Akash shouted supporting his brother and Nani, mami and Payal sat silently happily watching the game.

“God dad! Can’t you lose just once?” Advay cried seeing Arnav making another hit to the basket. “Play hard my boy, you’ll soon overthrow me!” Arnav said and threw the ball to him.

“Yeah, as if it’s gonna happen ever!” Advay rolled his eyes. Arnav laughed and ruffled his hair. “Soon....!” He said and walked away.

“Did that have an inner meaning?” Advay asked aloud to his father’s retreating back. “May be” Arnav shouted and walked away while Advay stood frowning banging the basket ball between his palm and ground.

“Oye mere’s your juice!” Khushi called out and Advay ran to her leaving the ball while Nani stood watching the scene before her silently praying, “May my family always stay in peace!”









“Care to explain why you have brought me here?” Kiara asked angrily as she sat before Suraj and Manoj inside the interrogation room of Delhi police station.

Suraj smirked and Kiara said angrily, “You forced me to lie to my family that you are a patient of mine’s relative and the patient is hysterical! You made me pack my bags and come to Delhi with you. This is heights of indecency!”

“Relax doctor” Suraj said, “We just want to know your involvement with Hanna’s murder!”

Kiara looked at him shocked and then asked, “What the hell are you saying?”

“You are a physiatrist and know how to hide your facial expressions!” Suraj complimented, “But I need to know everything!”

“I don’t know anything! What are you saying?” Kiara shouted.

Suraj got hold of her phone and checked the email. “You were telling someone to email you something.” He said and opened the inbox to see two pics. He opened it and saw one man and a lady. “Who are they?”

“I don’t know” she said.

Manoj looked at her unbelievingly. “Seriously? You asked someone to email these pics when you don’t know who they are?” Manoj asked and Suraj said, “Manoj, look!”

Manoj looked at the pic and Suraj said, “The lady has brown hair!”

“Sir, she is the one!” Manoj cried.

“WHO ARE THEY?” Suraj shouted.

“I DON’T KNOW!” Kiara shouted.

Suraj sighed and slapped her hard. Kiara screamed in pain as the lady police grabbed her hair. “You have 5 seconds Dr. Chaturvedi. If you didn’t start your story, then god swear I’ll ask this best lady police of ours to handle you!” Suraj cried.

“I don’t...know who they....are....” Kiara cried in pain.

The lady tightened the hold and Kiara screamed, “I DON’T KNOW!” She screamed as the hold was getting tighter.


“Because I want to know about them!” She cried as she felt every hair of her being pulled into the lady’s palm, “Please....ahhhh....” she cried due to pain.










“He is getting better!” Khushi whispered looking at garden downstairs where Advay who was pulling Angel’s leg on her new date. Arnav who was standing beside her in the terrace watched the scene hummed.

“Kiara was right. He needs to be with his family!” Khushi said and Arnav said, “He just had trust issues. Now he is realizing that it wasn’t me and he is getting better.”

“But as soon as Hanna’s killer comes into light, he’ll be broken again! He will be reminded of everything!” Khushi said worriedly. Arnav sighed and said, “He have to overcome it Khushi. Whatever happened, we cannot change it!”

“I wish my raja live in peace and happiness!” Khushi said, “He does not deserve this pain!”

“We also don’t deserve this pain!” Arnav whispered.

Khushi sighed and nodded.








“THEN TELL US WHO THEY ARE!” Suraj shouted.

Kiara gasped as the lady left her hair. She said gasping, “I don’t....know who they are.....I want to find them...”

“How do you know that they killed Hanna?” Suraj asked.

Kiara looked at him and said, “Hanna is not dead!”

 “WHAT?” Suraj and Manoj shouted.

Kiara nodded and said, “Hanna was never dead!”

“How do you know all this?” Manoj asked.






Aug 4, 2016

Chapter 21 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 75 times)

Chapter 21



Hanna Samohar Bundela and Kiara Chaturvedi were the best friends of Ratnanagari. The whole village admired their friendship. When Kiara was six, her grandparents admitted her in the boarding school of Delhi as they felt she was highly intelligent and needed good education, which was indeed true. But in that process, Hanna and Kiara were separated. When Hanna turned 13, her family shifted to Delhi but by the time, Kiara had joined some college and the friends never met.

It was just 3 months back that Hanna and Kiara met from a mall. The childhood friendship was back! Hanna informed Kiara everything about Advay and Kiara was eager to meet her bestie’s husband. And the best occasion came – Advay’s birthday.

Kiara was at mall for buying a gift for Advay when she spotted Hanna and a man in the same shop she was. “So that’s Advay!” She thought in mind and walked to them when she found them walking out of the shop. “Hanna!” She called out and ran behind them.

Hanna and Advay reached the car parking and Kiara ran behind them but suddenly stopped seeing some people dressed in black kidnapping them. The car drove away and she hurriedly took out her cell to call police but there was no network.

Without thinking much, she got into her car and drove behind the kidnappers.


“Then?” Suraj asked.

“I hid behind a wall and saw everything. They beat Advay to pulp and then got hold of Hanna!” She said in tears.

“And they raped her” Suraj completed.

“NO!” Kiara said, “They didn’t rape her. They pulled her to a side and held her hair tightly. They placed a hot iron rod on her leg that she cried out hard!”

“But Advay saw her....” Suraj began when Kiara said,

“They raped and killed Anita, Hanna’s colleague, and the only one who knew the kidnapper’s plans and motives!” Kiara said.

“Look I’m not getting anything” Suraj said and Kiara said sighing,

“I saw them hurting Anita. In his dizziness Advay assumed it to be Hanna as he could hear her screams. In real, it was not Hanna being raped in front of him, it was Anita. And then came a man and a lady. I saw them clearly but I don’t know who they are. The man was dressed up in a three piece suit and he wore a mask looking like Advay’s father. He walked to Anita in the ASR attire and shot her. Advay saw that and was confirmed that it was his father. It was really that man with ASR’s mask!” Kiara said.

“And Hanna?”

“After killing Anita, his men made Hanna unconscious. They took her to a car and that man drove the car to somewhere. Hanna is with him!” Kiara said, “The lady ordered the men to throw Anita’s body somewhere and also to destroy the face. Anita resembles Hanna in physique. So the hospital authority assumed it to be Hanna’s body and gave you autopsy reports!” Kiara said.

“Why didn’t you contact police?” Suraj asked.

“I was scared. I thought no one would believe me. If I say that I saw the man and lady and don’t know who they are you people would arrest me. If not you, finally the proofs will come against you! So I didn’t consult police. I consulted a private detective agency and described the people I saw. They made the rough sketch and then turned into a perfect photograph. That’s what they emailed to me!” Kiara said, “I need to find where Hanna is.”

“But this is ridiculous Kiara. If you wanted to find Hanna then you would have come to police!” Suraj said.

“I was scared!” Kiara cried, “If I tell you everything, I thought you will arrest me. If not you, this man or lady will kill me if they know! I wanted to find Hanna at any cost and for that reason I became Advay’s doctor. I thought Advay could help me. I wanted to cure him first and then take his help in finding the people. I was waiting for agency people to send me photographs. I wanted to show the pics to Advay and ask if he knows them.”

“So you became Advay’s doctor for finding Hanna?” Suraj asked.

Kiara nodded and said, “I came to know that Advay is in mental asylum. Dr Malhotra was about to hand over his case to Dr. D'souza when to my fortune, Advay attacked him. And thus the case came to me as D'souza refused to treat him.”

Suraj sighed and said, “So these people, you sure that you don’t know them?” Kiara nodded.

“If I find you lying then...” Suraj said threatening when Kiara said, “I said the truth! Hanna is my dearest friend. I want to find these people who hurted my friend!”

“But how do you know about Anita if you don’t know about the killers?” Suraj asked.

“I have seen Anita before and thus I identified her. I enquired about her and her friends told me that she was getting threatening calls from someone for backing out from whatever she was doing.” Kiara said.

Suraj nodded and handed over her phone to Manoj telling, “Copy the pics to my laptop and delete them from her inbox. And find them!” Suraj ordered and Manoj nodded.








“Ah, Kiara, you’re back!” Khushi exclaimed. Kiara smiled faintly. Angel asked, “You said you’d take three days!”

“Ha, woh I got a call from hospital. So I came!” Kiara said. “Okay” Angel nodded and Kiara sat in the living room. “How was the function?” Khushi asked and Kiara said, “Great!”

“Wait a minute, what is this?” Angel cried looking at her hand. Kiara looked at her hand and saw the engagement ring. “You’re engaged?” Khushi asked.

Kiara sighed and said, “Yeah. It was a sudden function.” “Who is he?” Angel asked excited. “A family friend. Our marriage was fixed long before we were born!” Kiara said faking a smile.

“What is his name?” Anjali who came there asked. “Rudra” Kiara said.

“Rudra and Kiara....nice!” Angel cried and hugged her, “Congratulations!” “Thanks” Kiara said softly. It was then her phone rang. Angel got hold of her phone and cried, “Oh, Rudra saab ka phone hai!!” She said showing the phone to Khushi and Anjali.

“Angel...” Kiara cried as she forwarded her hand for phone. “Oh, so eager to talk to him?” Angel teased. “Angel...” Anjali warned, “Give the phone to her!” Angel pouted and gave the phone to Kiara. Kiara faked a smile at everyone and stood up walking to her room.





“This is not gonna happen again, got it Kiara?” Rudra said sternly over the phone, “Your behaviour had irked everyone here, including your family. How could you leave the function and go?”

“Rudra, didn’t you see Suraj? He was so worried about his sister. His sister is not well. I’m a doctor Rudra. I have to take care of my patients!” Kiara said. Suraj had lied to her family that his sister is Kiara's patient and was in a great need of her doctor.

“What is more important, family or profession?” Rudra asked angrily.

Kiara stood silent and heard him saying angrily, “I have decided Kiara. You will quit the job after marriage!”

“I won’t!” Kiara cried.

“YOU WILL!” Rudra shouted at the top of his voice and she flinched at his tone. “THIS BEHAVIOUR OF YOURS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED KIARA!” He shouted, “Your dadu and dadi have spoilt you by pampering!”

“THEN WHY DO YOU WANNA MARRY ME? JUST BREAK THIS DAMN ENGAGEMENT!” She screamed and cut the call. She threw the phone on the bed and cried hard with her face buried in a pillow.

She cried and cried until she felt someone caressing her hair. She looked up from her pillow and saw Advay sitting beside her. She sat up and he said softly, “If you are unhappy with this marriage then break it”

She looked at him and he said nodding, “I heard you talking with him”

Kiara looked down and felt him wiping her tears. She looked at him as he wiped her tears and heard him saying, “Don’t cry. Tears doesn’t look good on you”

She bit her lips to prevent more tears but went in vain. She broke into sobs and said in between her cries, “I want want to Delhi.....”

She felt him holding her shoulder and she leaned on his chest. “I want to be a great doctor.....I have my dreams....” She sobbed. He circled his arms around her back and pulled her to him. She hugged him tight and cried her heart out.







Later that night, she got his text.

I’m sorry dear. But I was angry. I love you Kiara and I want you to be with me. Don’t fight with me. You are my girl. You were born to be my wife. You should be with me forever.

She sniffed her tears and deleted the text. If only life was so easy! If only she had an understanding and non-prejudiced family like Advay has.....


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Chapter 22 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 70 times)

Chapter 22




“Suraj called me” Arnav said as he stood near Kiara in the garden. Kiara looked at him alarmed. “He told me everything” Arnav said. Kiara bit her lips and looked away.

“You could have told me Kiara!” He said in a low tone. Kiara looked away and said, “I was scared”

Arnav sighed and said, “I trusted you”

“And you can trust me!” She said, “I will treat your son. Once Hanna is back, everything will be alright. He will be fine!”

“And what about you?” He asked softly.

“What about me?” She asked frowning.

“Don’t tell me that you have no feelings towards Advay!” Arnav said and Kiara looked at him shocked.

“I have been in love Kiara and I clearly know when someone is in love!” Arnav said softly.

Kiara looked away and heard him saying, “You loved him since your school days.” She looked at him and he said, “Advay told me that you are the same girl! I have seen that love for him in your eyes that day when you came running to him with your hair bouncing as you run with a rose. I assumed it to be a childhood crush but I was wrong, it seems!”

“You were wrong. It was just a crush!” She cried with her eyes filled with tears.

Arnav chuckled and said, “Don’t try to fool me Kiara. You loved him since your childhood and you still love him!”

Kiara bit her lips hard to prevent the tears and sobs. She looked down and said with great difficulty, “I will never get his love!”

Arnav sighed and heard her saying in her chocking voice, “He was never mine to wish. He is Hanna’s! I cannot love my best friend’s husband! It’ll be like committing a sin!”

“Loving someone is not a sin. Sin is when you try to separate him and Hanna!” Arnav said softly.

“Don’t worry. I am a physiatrist and I have a very good control over my stupid mind!” She said smiling, “I will never be an obstacle in your son’s and daughter-in-law’s way!”

“I didn’t mean that!” Arnav said.

“You do mean that....down in your heart...” she said and walked away.

“Why are you marrying Rudra if you dislike him?” Arnav called out.

“To forget my first and the last love.....” Kiara shouted as she walked away and Arnav stood watching her retreating back.







“That’s FOUL!” Advay cried and NK said raising his hands in air, “It was fair play boy!”

“NK chachu, this is cheating!!!! You changed the horse’s position when I went to drink water!” Advay cried pointing to the chess board.

“I didn’t do it....” NK cried.

“NO YOU DID THAT!” Advay shouted.

“What’s going on here?” Khushi came there hearing the shout. “See na mamma, NK chachu is cheating!”

“Khushi ji, ask your son to keep his mouth shut! I didn’t cheat!” NK shouted.

“I won’t play with you!” Advay said throwing the chess pieces. “Even I won’t!” NK said standing up.

“Oh god, you both are fighting like school kids!” Khushi said unbelievingly. “Then ask him not to cheat!” Advay said pointing to NK. “And ask him not to rant like a baby!” NK said pointing to Advay.

“Baby?” Advay asked with narrowed eyes and hands on hip. “Yeah baby....Nannav and Khushi ji have spoilt you by over pampering. You whine like a baby!”

“Mamma.....” Advay whined.

“ do whine like a baby!” NK said smirking.

“I’m not a baby! I’m the king! Raja hoon main! Right ma?” Advay asked to Khushi. Khushi nodded and said, “Ha....mamma ki raja....” Khushi said. “Aww maaa....” Advay cried and hugged her sideways.

Maa ka ladla bighad gaya......” NK sang. “Nanhe ji...” Khushi smacked his arm. “Anyway, time to go! Bye Khushi ji....bye baby!” “NK CHACHU!!!!!!!” Advay shouted as NK ran away.

Khushi laughed and ruffled her raja’s hair. “You can’t stop irritating him, don’t you?”

Advay opened his mouth in wide O and said, “He is irritating mamma.....not me!” Khushi raised her one eyebrow and he said, “Okay fine. I irritate him, often! Now let me go and irritate di!” He cried as he ran to angel’s room.









“Got them?” Suraj asked and Manoj pointed to the interrogation room and said, “Tied up there....”

Suraj nodded and walked to the room where the man and the lady were tied up on two chairs.

“Well, surprised aren’t we?” Suraj said as he sat on his chair opposite to them.

“Leave us! What proof do you have against us?” The man shouted. “Relax buddy!” Suraj said smiling, “I have enough proofs!”

“What proof?” The lady asked angrily.

“I have a witness who will certify that she saw you both!” Suraj smirked turning to Manoj said, “Call her and also Arnav, Khushi and Advay!”

Turning to them, Suraj said, “Now tell me why you did that?”

The man sighed and said, “I wanted Hanna” and the lady said, “I wanted to destroy Arnav and Khushi. And the only thing common in these three was – Advay!”








“WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Arnav shouted.

Everyone were in the living room and saw Arnav shouting at phone. Arnav cut the call and ran to them.

“Suraj caught them!” Arnav cried.

“Caught who?” Akash asked.

“The real culprits! Suraj caught THE REAL CULPRITS!” Arnav shouted and everyone stood up.

“He has asked me, Khushi, Advay and Kiara to reach there!” Arnav said.

“Let’s go!” Khushi cried.

Kiara held Advay’s palm who looked at her. “Let’s go” she said softly and he nodded.






“They are in the interrogation room!” Manoj said to them as they entered police station.

They nodded and walked to the room but Advay suddenly stopped. “What happened Advay?” Arnav asked.

“Dad.....this voice....haven’t you heard this before?” Advay asked. Everyone listened to the voice coming from the interrogation room. It was of some man.

“I know this voice. Yes, I know!” Advay said.

“Who?” Khushi and Kiara asked.

“Let’s go in!” Arnav said and the four went in.

“Come in ASR....” Suraj said as he saw him. He greeted Khushi, Advay and Kiara and then pointed to the darkness. “They are the ones!”

The four looked at the dark cell where two chairs were there. The man and the lady were tied up to the chair and Advay and Arnav looked at them with frowned eyes.

“Switch on the lights!” Suraj said.

Manoj nodded and switched on the lights.

Their faces became visible and crystal clear for the four.

Advay stood frozen seeing the faces.

“Advay, that’s Mohini...the hottest girl alive on earth! She is the bar dancer here!”

The image suddenly flashed into his mind. How he was introduced to Hanna by him.

“Dude, just tell me. Do you love her?” he asked Advay.

Advay nodded his head and said, “Ha yaar, I love Hanna. I cannot live without her!”

“Then what are you waiting for? Propose her yaar!”

“I need some tips. Will you help me?” Advay asked.

“Of course. What are best friends for then?” he asked and they both laughed.

He was the first person to whom he confessed his love for Hanna. He didn’t even tell it to his dad, but to him! His best friend! The one who helped him for winning Hanna’s heart is now sitting before him as Hanna’s culprit!

Rolf.....” Advay said in shock, “How could you....?”


Aug 6, 2016

Last Part (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 79 times)

Last Part




Arnav looked at the lady. Many images flashed in him.


“I’m far more experienced that Hanna. How can you terminate me from AR?”

“She is trapping your son!”

Sheetal...” Arnav whispered.

Sheetal and Rolf looked at each other and smirked.

Advay stood frozen seeing his best friend sitting there.

“Doctor” Suraj called. Kiara looked at him who asked, “Are they the same people whom you saw?” Kiara looked at them and said, “Yes, they are the ones”

“You saw?” Advay asked confused.

“I’ll tell!” Suraj said and narrated everything that had happened that night.

“So now tell me Rolf, Sheetal...” Suraj said, “Why did you do that?”

Sheethal sighed and looked at Arnav. “Do you know who I am?” Arnav stood frowning and she said “I’m Shyam Manohar Jha’s sister!”

Khushi gasped and Sheetal said, “You people sent my brother to prison and killed him! I waited for 20 years to take revenge from you.” she said in anger, “I joined at AR as model and took years to come up as show stopper. I wanted to destroy your business but then came Hanna. You replaced me with her and I was out of the company and also from my goal. And then I came to know about Rolf.”

Rolf sighed and said looking at Advay, “I’m really sorry for doing this Advay. You are my best friend but Hanna....I cannot forget her yaar. She is the queen of my dreams! I used to go to Chameli bar just to see her. Many times I proposed her but she never approved my love and then entered you! I really regret my decision to take you to Chameli bar. If you weren’t there I would have got my Hanna!”

Advay stood frozen hearing his words and Rolf continued,

“I approached her many times, even after your marriage. but she never listened to me. I told her how much I love her but she never listened! She never told you right?”

Advay nodded no and Rolf said, “Sorry Advay but I had no other option. I want her. She is mine! You’re my friend! I would have never hurted you, if only you have not chosen Hanna.....if only you have not made her fall for you! She is my girl and she’ll stay with me!”

“I want Arnav and Khushi to suffer. Rolf wants Hanna and there is only one person common and that is Advay!” Sheetal said.

“If I want Hanna, I have to hurt Advay and if I hurt Advay, ASR and Khushi will be hurt. And this way we both will be successful.” Rolf said.

“We wanted Advay to doubt you so that you would suffer more and more and thus Rolf dressed up as you when he killed Anita!” Sheetal said.

“Anita knew about our plans and motives and we had no other way! We had to finish her! And to our luck, she resembled Hanna in her physique!” Rolf said.

“But I knew it was not Hanna!” Suraj said, “Hanna was pregnant but in the autopsy report of the body there was no sign of miscarriage or anything. So I was sure! The body was not Hanna’s!”

Rolf nodded and said, “But you’ll not get Hanna. She is mine!”

“Where is my wife?” Advay asked sternly.

“She is not yours!” Rolf said angrily.

‘TELL ME WHERE MY WIFE IS!” Advay shouted.

“I won’t!” Rolf said angrily.

Turning to Suraj, Advay said, “I want to know where my wife is. I hope you can extract that from his bloody mouth!”

Suraj nodded smirking and looked at Manoj.






After hours of beating, Rolf blurted out that Hanna is in his house. Without wasting a minute, everyone rushed to Rolf’s apartment.

“Hanna.....HANNA!!!!!” Everyone shouted as they got into Rolf’s apartment.

They searched every room and finally found her unconscious body inside the dirty washroom of Rolf.







“How is she?” Advay asked as doctor came out. “She is alright. Looks like she had a miscarriage recently. She is really weak due to that – mentally and physically.”

“Can I meet her?” He asked and doctor nodded his head. Advay rushed in and others stood outside knowing that they need some time.




Advay walked into the room to his pale and weak wife sitting on the bed with the support of pillows. He sat near her on the bed and she smiled faintly at him.

She held his palm and said weakly, “Is this a dream?” Advay caressed her cheeks and whispered, “It was all a bad dream!”

“I thought I lost you!” he whispered as he pulled her for an embrace. Hanna sobbed on his shoulder and closed her eyes tightly feeling her husband near her after a month. “I thought I would never see you again!” she said in her broken voice.

He withdrew from the hug and kissed her all over the face. Hanna cried and hugged him laying her head on his chest. Clutching his shirt she mumbled, “Don’t leave me! Please, I cannot live! This month was like years for me!”

Advay caressed her back soothing him down. Hanna withdrew from the hug and said caressing his face, “Why do you look so weak Advay? You are ill! Look at you....” Advay didn’t allow her to speak more and hugged her tight. She tried to break the hug when he whispered, “Just stay!” She stopped struggling and relaxed into his arms. She has missed him more than he missed her!









Kiara looked back at the hospital once more before she stepped out of the gate. It was a mental asylum for people but for her, this was her dreams! It was where she had handled her first independent case. It was from here she gained fame and reputation. It was this institution that taught her many things. It was this hospital that made her meet him – Advay!

Closing her eyes preventing her break down, she walked to the car. Dumping her luggage in the passenger seat she sat in the front seat of the car.

“Met everyone?” Rudra asked.

She nodded and he started the car.

“You know, ma is really excited. She has literally raided every textile shops to find a perfect lehenga for you. She.....” he stopped when he noticed her lost.

He sighed and stopped the car on the sidings. “Kiara” he said holding her palm. She looked at him. “I know you’re sad. But trust me, you’ll soon be better. Forget the doctor life of yours. You have me and my family. You’ll have a good life! You’re soon to be Mrs. Kiara Rudra Ranawat!”

She looked at him in tears and then pulled off her hand and looked out of the window leaning on the door. He sighed and started the car.

The cold breeze hit her face as the car zoomed through Delhi roads. Her mind went back to the last one week.

Everything changed in Raizada House. Hanna is back! Advay is almost recovered. She has given him some tablets which might not be needed after one to two weeks. Everyone is happy. Advay apologized to his dad for his behaviour and also to his Angel di. Arnav and Khushi are over the moon to get their son and daughter-in-law back.

Advay and Hanna had thanked Kiara for eternity for everything she had done for them. Kiara, like a good friend, promised to support and help them forever and she had walked away in the pretext of some call. But only Arnav knew the reason behind that sudden walking away.


Hanna was really depressed on her miscarriage but she soon came out of it due to the family. Everyone cheered Advay and Hanna and to get out of the bad dark clouds, Raizadas planned for a family trip.

Kiara’s family and Rudra’s family fixed their marriage in one week, the nearest date. The two families were over the moon, except the bride of course. She had gone to RM to give her wedding invitation.

It so happened that the family was going on the trip 2 days before the marriage and will come back only after one week. They were ready to postpone their plan but Kiara refused them to do so. She asked them to go for the trip and come to Ratnanagari one day. When they had opposed she tackled them by saying, “Hanna and Advay needs a break. You should go for this trip!” she had looked at Arnav with her eyes conveying her message. The least thing she wanted to see was Advay’s face during the marriage.





“Are you okay?” She heard Rudra asking.

She nodded and looked at him.

She never knew why she was not able to love back this man. He has always loved her. She was his wife for him! But why isn’t she able to reciprocate his love? Is it because he is orthodox? Or is it because he is obsessed and dominating? Or is it because he wanted her to be a perfect dutiful bahu and not a professional and successful woman?

She sighed and looked out of the window. She can never love this man. Reasons were various and the most important one was he never loved the real Kiara. He wants to change her to someone else. Someone who always obeys to him, someone who is submissive to him. But Advay....he was not so. He never changed Hanna to someone else. He loved her the way she was! Even when he was behaving with her, he liked the way she was. He never asked her to stop freaking out seeing a ****roach or giggle like a child seeing ice cream but this man, sitting next to her, always does that.

This is the real Kiara, the one who always love to run around, giggle like a baby eating an ice cream, enjoy every moment but strictly professional when she wears her doctor coat! Why doesn’t anyone love the real Kiara? Why does everyone want to tie her into this so called marriage?

She sighed hard and decided.

She needs to forget him. Every trace of Advay must be removed from her life. And if marrying Rudra is the best way for that, then she is ready for that. May be, after some time she will get adjusted to Rudra and his lifestyle.

May be after some time, she will forget that there was someone named Advay in her life.

May be, she will forget that there was someone called Arnav and Khushi in her life, whom she really longed to call Papa and Mamma.  









  PS: Season 2 to come soon 





Aug 7, 2016

Important note (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thank you for supporting me. i never thought that this story would be a success since it's a bit depressing. but honestly i was surprised when you all held your breath for the next updates.

so i have decided to continue this story as season 2. Season 2 will be continuation to this but with a small time leap.

with love


Aug 7, 2016

@Archana (By Kshamadeeksha) (Thanked: 26 times)

though this story started with a scary concept and continued till end as same..i loved this story more as it truly fresh concept where we all accustomed to either dark or love stories,we have seen an awesome story where father and son's relation was explained a mother supported her son when he married a bar dancer,without any flaws..a husband who loved a girl unconditionally who become mad when he saw some one was trying to hurt his wife..son who was craving for his parents love in asylum...Father who desperately wanted to come out clan for his son..and finally a girl who was victim to traditional prejudice,her love to the boy,who was her crush and helped him through thick times... wow this was one awesome story for me... AND I desperately want how Kiara was coping with flaws of Rudr and how Advay and hanna came out physical and mental pain.. all the best for season 2...



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