SS: Broken Strings

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Jul 24, 2016

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 78 times)

Chapter 10



He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the surroundings.

“Good morning” a voice chirped and he looked to that direction. He found Kiara standing in a purple kurti.

“How are you feeling?” she asked and she came closer. He sat up and said, “I want to go home”

Kiara looked at him and asked, “Why?”

“I want to meet dad. Please, please let me go home! Today’s is dad’s birthday. Please, please let me meet him!” he begged.

“Advay, we’ll do one thing. We’ll call him here!” Kiara said. “Please doctor, please....please let me go...” Advay begged.

Kiara sighed and said, “Okay, you go and freshen up! I’ll take you.” Advay jumped on his feet and said happily, “Thank you doctor!” and he ran away to freshen up.








“Are you out of your mind Kiara?” Dr Malhotra asked angrily, “We cannot take patients out of the hospital premises. You know the rules!”

Kiara nodded and said, “Sir, he really needs an atmosphere change. Please let me take him to Raizada house.” Dr. Malhotra disagreed and said, “He tried to kill his father Kiara and now he wants to go to his birthday! WOW!”

“I told you doctor. It’s personality disorder. He is traumatized and has lost his mental stability!” Kiara said, “A moment he is Advay, his dad’s prince and the next moment....”

“Hanna’s husband...” Dr. Malhotra completed with a sigh, “You have said this a numerous time Kiara!”

Kiara sighed and said, “Let me take him dr.”

“What if he hurts his family members?” Dr. Malhotra asked. “I’m there with him dr. I’ll take care of that!” Kiara said.

“No one can convince you!” Dr. Malhotra said sighing, “Go!” Kiara smiled and walked out after thanking him.








“Arnav ji....”

Arnav rubbed his eyes and opened it slowly to find Khushi standing before him with a smile. “Wake up, it’s already 8!” She said in her sweet voice.

He stretched his arm and sat up on the bed. Khushi smiled and sat next to him and ruffled his hairs. “You look so handsome with messy hairs!” and she ruffled it more.

“I’m having hair fall!” Arnav stated touching his hair.

“Hair falls? No way!” Khushi said ruffling his hair more and more. “Khushi....” Arnav whined, “After bath my towel has more hair than me! I’m getting old!”

“Haw!” Khushi gasped in shock. She sat close to him and said, “You and old? Never! You’re still the same dashing young man!” Arnav chuckled and cuddled her in his arms. She giggled and kissing her cheek said, “Happy birthday!”

Arnav looked at the shocked. “Today is my birthday” he stated, “I completely forgot about it!” Khushi’s smile faded and she said, “That is because every year someone used to break your sleep at sharp 12 and paint your face with cake wishing a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

Arnav’s smile faded and he whispered, “Advay....he used to celebrate this day every year.....he used to more excited than the birthday man himself!”

Khushi hugged him tight. Hiding her face in his chest and holding his tee shirt tightly she whispered in her voice, which choked even after her try to maintain it, “Why is always us Arnav ji? after another problems comes in our life.....don’t we deserve to be happy?” 

Arnav bit his lips and hugged Khushi breathing her scent. “I’ll make everything alright!” He whispered.

“My baby.....who did that to him? How could anyone kill Hanna? She is a lovely girl.....” Khushi withdrew from hug and looking at Arnav said, “She was pregnant Arnav ji....and those ****s....they.....they ra...” she broke in sobs and Arnav grabbed her for a hug. “I’ll find who did it! Whoever it is, I’ll make sure that he/she rot in hell!” he whispered as an assurance to Khushi, but also to himself.








“This is not the route!” Advay said frowning as he found her taking a deviation. He had got freshen up immediately and she had gifted him a shirt and jeans. And they had gone to a shopping mall where they bought a shirt for Arnav.

“We’re going to somewhere.” Kiara said smiling as she drove her car.

“Where?” he asked frowning.

She kept mum and he started gazing out frowning.




“Which is this place?” Advay asked in wow as he stood before a beautiful house which was between green trees. 

He breathed the fresh air and smiled. Kiara looked at him and smiled seeing him relaxed. “This is my house” she said and he looked at her wide eyed.

“You drive all this way to hospital....every day?” he asked shocked and she nodded.

He smiled looking at the house but then frowned, “Why did you bring me here?” he asked her.

“Come!” she said and led him to the house. She rang the bell and an old woman opened the door. “Kia....” the woman called confused, “Why are you back soon?” it was then she noticed the young man with her. “Who is this?”

“Dadi this is Advay, my school friend,” Kiara said, “And Advay, this is my sweet dadi.” Advay smiled and bend down to take her blessings. Dadi smiled seeing his manners and blessed him whole heartily. “Come in bitwa...” she invited.

They entered the living room which was floored with wood. On the wooden rocking chair near the fireplace was an old man who was reading a book.

“Dadu....” Kiara cried as she hugged him from back. Dadaji laughed and keeping his book aside said, “Why are you back so soon?”

“I came to introduce you to my friend. This is Advay! We studied together in school.” She said walking to Advay who was standing away surprised at her lie.




Kiara drank the tea and watched Advay talking freely with dadaji. She smiled and then walked to kitchen where her dadi was taking some snacks in a plate.

She walked back to the living room with the snacks plate and found Advay and dadaji still talking. She handed them snacks and then said, “Dadu, did you have your medicines?”

Her dadaji looked away and she said angrily, “What’s wrong with you dadu? How many times have I asked you to take your medicines at time? Go and have it!”

“Ji doctor....” dadu said and walked away while Advay giggled.

“He never takes his medicines!” Kiara said to Advay as she sat opposite to him. Advay smiled and looked around the house, “Nice home!” he said. “Thank you” she said smiling.

“Where are your parents? Gone for job?” He asked.

“My parents are no more” she said.

He looked at her shocked and said, “Oh...err....I’m sorry...”

“It’s okay! They passed away when I was a car accident! I don’t have many memories on them.” she said.

Advay nodded and drank his tea. Keeping the empty cup on the table he asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

“I just wanted you to meet my dadu and dadi!” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“What do you think of my grandparents?” she asked suddenly.

“The best grandparents a person can have!” he said honestly. She nodded and said, “Not only grandparents, they are the best parents a person can have!”

He nodded and smiled.

“My grandparents are very happy in their life. They have learnt many lessons through their experiences and are my mentors. They had faced many problems and bore much pain but do you know what pained them the most?” she asked. He nodded no and she said softly, “The pain of losing their son.”

He looked at her and she said, “As I said, I do not have many memories of my parents. All I have are my dadu and dadi’s words about them. When it comes to their son, no disease or difficulty can stop them from speaking. He was their life....”

She was speaking when her dadaji came. “What’s happening here?” he asked. “Nothing dadu, telling about papa and mamma”

“Ah,” dadaji said sitting on the rocking chair, “He was such a lovely boy. You know, he was so naught in his childhood? A total prankster! He.....”

Advay watched Kiara’s dadaji going on and on about his son. Kiara sat on the opposite chair watching his reactions carefully. Advay watched the old man going into tears saying, “He is gone! Even after years his smiling face still breaks my face! My son!”

“Dadu!” Kiara stood up and said, “It’s time for us to go!”

Dadaji stood up and said wiping his tears, “Oh I’m sorry! I must have bored you with my stories. See you Advay. Do come here often!” Dadi also came out and bid bye to him.







“They love their son so much!” Advay stated as they were driving to RM. Kiara nodded and said, “I haven’t met someone who loves their son so much!” After a pause she said, “Till three days back”

Advay looked at her. She looked at him and then concentrated on the road. She said, “Three days back I met someone who loves their son to death! May be even more than my grandparents love my father!”

“Who?” Advay asked.

“Your parents!” She said.

Advay kept mum and looked out of the window.

“You’re really lucky to have them Advay,” she said softly, “You have them to love you, cuddle you and pamper you! Everyone is not so lucky!”

Advay looked at her but she was looking at the road.

A long silence prevailed in the car.

After many minutes, Advay spoke up, “Why did you lie to dadu and dadi that I’m your childhood friend?”

She laughed and said, “I didn’t lie. You are my school friend!” He looked at her surprised and she said chuckling, “Well for you I might be your childhood enemy right?”

He looked at confused and said, “I didn’t get you.”

She stopped the car on the roadside and said, “You must have forgotten but I remember you! We both studied together at Silver Hills Public School.”

Advay frowned.

Kiara sighed and said, “You were in fifth grade and it was our Annual day. You had performed a single dance and was sitting with your family after that. At that time a little girl came running to you giving you a rose and said I love you Advay. Remember?”

Advay opened his mouth in O. “It was you!” he said in disbelief, “Kiara....! Oh my god!” he started laughing, “Oh god! Why couldn’t I guess that! Kiara had said your name that day....”

Kiara chuckled seeing him laughing and said, “Your name strike! Advay Singh Raizada! And I remember your parents too!”

“But that was years before Kiara! We’re in 5th std. How do you remember all these?” He asked in disbelief.

“I have a good memory mister. We doctors do have excellent memory!” Kiara said smiling. Advay chuckled and sat back relaxing.


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Chapter 11 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 71 times)

Chapter 11



Everyone wished Arnav and he said a polite thank you. All knew that he was depressed since Advay was not there to celebrate his birthday and started their best to cheer him up. It was then the doorbell rang at Shantivan.

Hari Prakash opened the door and stood shocked. In front of him was Advay standing with a smile with the girl whom he knows as Advay bitwa’s doctor.

“Kaise ho kaka?” (How are you kaka?) Advay asked softly. Hari Prakash smiled in tears and he touched his cheek. “Aao bitwa....” (Come in son)Hari Prakash welcomed them in with his voice chocking with emotions seeing his Advay bitwa, whom he considers as his own son, after 1 whole month!

“Who is it Hari Prakash ji?” Khushi asked and stood up when she saw them walking in.

“Advay” she whispered and everyone who was busy in some works shot looked up in shock.

Advay walked in the living room with a faint smile. He saw his mother standing in tears. Tears formed in his eyes. He was seeing her after one long month! He saw her widening her arms indicating him to come and he didn’t wait for another second. He ran to her and crushed in to her arms.

Khushi hugged him tight caressing his hair. Advay hid his face in his mother’s thick mane and heard her whisper, “I missed you my raja...” He hugged her tight and whispered back “Me too mamma”

He withdrew from the hug and wiped her tears nodding a no. Khushi smiled and sniffed to hold back her sobs. She caressed his face which looks cleaner now.

Advay smiled at his mother and then looked at the person who was standing behind. His father! Advay frowned seeing him. He was looking very weak and pale. Within a month he has grown thin and there are dark circles around his eyes. Clearly, his dad is not well.

Advay moved away from Khushi and walked to Arnav. Standing before him, he looked at his father head to toe. “What happened to you dad?” He asked shocked, “You look weak!”

Arnav watched him coming to him and looking at him from head to toe. He heard him asking something. How much did he miss him and his questionnaires! He smiled seeing him ranting on his health, how he has become pale and thin.....

“Dad aren’t you eating well? Mamma, why aren’t you looking after him? Look at him, so’re thinner than me!” Advay whined keeping his thin hand near Arnav’s extra thin hand. “See....”

No one said anything but just looked at their son. Advay was frowning at his father’s thin hand not even realizing that his father was actually crying seeing him so close after a whole month.

“You should eat well dad!” Advay said frowning at his father’s thin hand and then looked at his hand when he felt himself being hugged tightly.

Arnav couldn’t hold it anymore. He hugged his son tight and hid his face on his shoulder. Advay smiled and hugged him back. He said softly, “Happy birthday dad!”

Arnav withdrew from hug and looked at him surprised.

“What did you think? I would miss this day?” Advay asked seeing his face. He turned to Kiara who came to him and gave a packet. Advay held a packet and gave it to Arnav. “Here is your gift dad!” He said with a smile.

Arnav bought the gift smiling through his tears. He looked at Kiara with gratitude. Kiara just smiled in return and then turned to Angelina, signalling her to take Advay.

Angelina understood her signal and cried, “Advay! Do you know, I went for a trip last week with my students? I have bought so many gifts. Come.....” she dragged him to her room.

As soon as Advay got out of their vision, Arnav said with his voice chocking, “Thank you Kiara......this is the best birthday gift ever....”

Kiara smiled and said, “He begged at my feet for coming here and I couldn’t refuse him!”

“How is he now?” Anjali asked and Kiara said, “Not better!”

“What if he turns violent again?” Akash asked.

Kiara sighed and said, “I cannot promise that he won’t turn violent. All I can say is that I’ll manage him if he turns so!” Everyone nodded.







“This place is so pretty!” Advay cried as he was watching the tour photos in Angelina’s laptop. Angel nodded and said, “And do you know, the water there is so pure that it has a particular taste. And if we wash our face with that...oh’s so heavenly!”

Advay smiled and asked, “Which is this place?”

“Panchugudi, a remote village of Madhya Pradesh!” Angelina said scrolling the pics. Finally they came across a pic when Angel cried, “This is the best village we have visited. Ratnanagari!”

Angelina then ran to the cupboard and brought a pot. “See this, I bought it from there. People there are masters in pottery! And look at these designs on this yaar. They are the best! And the people there are so sweet! I just love that village and.....”

She kept on ranting about Ratnanagari not noticing the blood red eyes and clutched fists of her brother.






“So what have you done regarding Hanna’s murder?” Kiara asked sipping the coffee.

“I have contacted my police friend, Suraj. He said he’ll look into it. They’ll inspect the murder place once more!” Arnav said and Hanna nodded saying, “Once you prove to Advay that you did not do it then the treatment would be so easy! It’ll take only a day!”

“But Hanna’s memories will haunt him right?” Khushi asked.

Kiara nodded and said, “Accepting her death will be hard for him. It’ll take time. What we have to concentrate now is restoring the faith he had in his father!”






“........and the little girl said that she wants to be a great potter when she grows up.....” Angelina went on and on when she suddenly stopped.

A wave of memory passed her. Kiara’s words rang in her mind.

How is Advay related to Ratnanagari?

He was talking with me but the sudden mention of this place changed his behaviour. He is related to this place! He knows someone from there! Someone who is close to him!

Angel gulped and looked at her brother who was looking at her murderously. She started sweating and to her utter horror she watched him extending his hand to the knife placed on the fruit plate kept on the table.

Her breath started becoming shallow seeing his hold on the knife growing stronger and stronger with his red eyes fixed on her.

“Advay.....” she whispered in her scared voice.

“Why did you go there?” he asked angrily. She flinched at his tone. “YOU WENT TO RATNANAGARI! YOU HAVE GONE THERE! YOU KNOW THE PLACE! SO IT WAS YOU BEHIND THIS! YOU ALL WERE CHEATING ME!”

Angel stood up and Advay held her hand, “DON’T YOU DARE RUN AWAY!”

“Advay...I didn’” she stammered in fear when he shouted, “YOU ALL KILLED HER! WHAT DID HANNA DO THAT YOU GAVE SUCH A CRUEL DEATH? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?”

Angel, gathering all the courage, pushed Advay and tried to run away when her leg hit the table and she fell near the wardrobe. She looked at him walking to her and she started to move backwards dragging herself behind.

“’s me your sister....your di....” Angel cried as she saw him sitting on his knee and leaning to her.

“You killed killed my Hanna, my dear di!” Advay said mocking as he drew the knife nearer.

Angel leaned on the cupboard seeing the knife coming closer. No voice came out of her throat. She felt herself numb. She wanted to shout out aloud but she was not able to.









“This pot is so beautiful!” Kiara said holding the pot which was in the living room.

“Wo Angel had gone for a picnic to some villages of Madhya Pradesh. She bought it from there!” Akash said. Kiara smiled and nodded when Payal said, “This pot is from Ratnanagari. She said people there are masters in pottery!”

Kiara froze on hearing that.

“What did you say?” Kiara asked to Payal keeping that pot at its place.

Payal frowned and said, “She bought it from Ratnanagari and....” she suddenly stopped realizing it.

Everyone stood up realizing their blunder.

Kiara looked upstairs at the closed door. “Angel...” she whispered and ran upstairs with the whole family running behind her.


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Chapter 12 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 77 times)

Chapter 12




Angel froze feeling the cold knife pressed on her throat. Her lips were parted and her eyes were drooping. Her limbs were numb as if no blood flowed through it She watched Advay’s cold face with his one hand holding the knife at her throat and the other holding her hair tightly keeping her head unmoved.

All happened in a flash.

She heard a loud noise and something crashing down, which her mind assumed as the door broken down. In her blurred vision, all she saw was someone pulling Advay from her. Her throat was no more in contact with the cold sharp surface of the knife. She felt someone hugging her and making her stand.

Her vision became more and more blurred and Angel fell unconscious to her mother’s arms.







Kiara walked into Angel’s room where Akash and NK had tied Advay to the pole of the bed. He was sitting on the floor trying hard to untie the thick rope they had tied around both of his hands.

She walked to him and sat on the floor near him. He saw her and cried, “Please untie this....please....”

Kiara untied the rope and he rubbed his wrists which were red. It was bleeding as the rough rope tore his skin. Kiara got the first aid box from the cupboard and started nursing his wounds.

“Why did you do that?” she asked in whisper.

“She killed her” he said blankly.

“Yesterday you said that your father did that!” Kiara said.

“All of them are together! They all planned it and killed my wife and my unborn child!” Advay said bitterly, “This place is horrible! People here are monsters!” he said looking at the wounds at his hand.

She stood up and said, “It’s time! We should go!”

Advay looked at her with fright visible in his eyes. He has to go back to those dim orange lights! The iron bars of the cell! He nodded no and said, “No...I won’t come there! NO!”

“Advay, come with me!” Kiara said patiently.

“NO! I want to stay here with papa and mamma! I want to be with my family! I won’t come! I want to be here!” He cried hysterically.

Kiara stood emotionlessly hiding her shock when she witnessed his sudden change.






“Are they gone?” Akash asked as Payal walked in. She nodded and said, “He was denying. Kiara convinced him somehow!”

“How is Angel?” he asked.

“Still under shock! Di is with her” Payal said in tears.

Akash looked at the Delhi view standing near the window when he heard her saying, “What has gone into Advay? He is hurting everyone!”

“He has gone mad!” Akash said coldly, “I can’t let him create more drama here!”

“Akash!” Payal cried with her eyes widened, “Don’t say so! He is our son too!”

“Angelina is our daughter Payal! I won’t let him harm her again!” Akash said angrily, “It’s been one month and he is not showing any changes. I doubt whether his MPD is chronic!”

“He’ll be fine!” Payal whispered, “Don’t say so Akash! He loves Angel! He loves everyone!”

“I can see his love for everyone!” he said mocking, “I’m gonna ask bhai to take his son far! Let him treat him or do whatever he wants but I want Advay to be away from all the family members!” 

“Akash!” Payal said in shock.

“I have decided Payal! I cannot let that mad boy harm others anymore!” Akash said sternly and turned to the door to walk out when he stopped. Payal noticed his expression and turned back to face the door.

Before them was Arnav, standing stiff as a pole!







“How are you feeling?” Kiara asked softly.

Advay sat uncomfortably in front of her on the chair with a large tray of food before him. They were in a silent restaurant where not much people were there. “Have your lunch” he heard her say.

He started eating rice when she said softly, “What do you want to do now? I mean, do you feel like doing something....”

“I want to celebrate papa’s birthday” he said in a low voice.

“Why do you love your father?” she asked slowly.

“He is the best dad. He loves me so much and always stood by me” he said softly.

“Why do you love your mother?” she asked.

“Mamma cares for me so much. She is a good person. Whenever I’m hurt she cries along with me! She can’t even bare a small scratch on me!” he said.

“Why do you love Hanna?” she asked.

His expressions were changing and she was observing him. “What do you see in her that you are head over heels in love with her?” she asked softly.

“She is perfect! I have never met anyone like her. Even in the midst of her financial struggles she is optimistic. She has a hope that everything will be alright which many of us do not have. We fall weak if any tragedy befalls but Hanna is not so. She loves everyone in this world. She sees a good thing in every bad thing!” he said.

“How did she die?” she asked straight.

Advay’s hold on the spoon started getting tighter and tighter. She was closely observing his sudden change. “He killed her!” He said furiously, “Arnav Singh Raizada! He killed Hanna!”

“I don’t want to know who killed her. I want to know how she died!” She said softly.

Advay closed his eyes and slammed his fist on the table causing the loud voice around the restaurant. The few people it had looked at them.

Kiara apologized to everyone and she held his fist tightly. “Why do you think that he killed her?” she asked softly.

“I saw him there!” he said with his breath irregular.

“Let’s go for a walk!” she suddenly got up and dragged him out to the hotel’s garden.








“Bas Akash!” Mami shouted, “How could you even say that?”

“What else should I say ma? Earlier it was bhai, then Khushi ji and now Angel! We should keep him away from the family!” Akash said.

“Bas Akash!” Mami said sternly, “Advay is our son! He loves everyone here. It’s not him who is doing this, it’s his disease. We must cure him, not keep him away! Saasuma, say something!” she said to Nani who was standing quietly.

Nani looked at Arnav and Khushi who were standing quietly. Sighing she said, “I agree with Akash bitwa”

Mami gasped and Arnav and Khushi looked at her in shock. NK walked to Nani and asked, “What are you saying Nani?”

“He would have killed Angel bitiya if we were a second late! Tomorrow it’ll be someone else and what if we didn’t reach at time?” Nani said.

“How can you say this Nani?” Anjali cried in tears, “He is our Advay! He cannot do....”

“Stop being emotional di! See the truth! HE IS MAD! HE IS HURTING EVERYONE! HE IS ATTEMPTING MURDER DI!” Akash shouted.

Khushi clutched Arnav’s arm biting her lips to prevent her sobs. Arnav stood clutching his fist and his eyes closed.

“Treatment takes time Akash” Payal said in tears, “Kiara said na....once we prove it to him that none of us killed Hanna, he would become normal!”

“I don’t want to hear anything!” Akash said, “I love Advay! I consider him as my son! But I love Angel too! She is my daughter! I love everyone here! And I can’t let him hurt my loved ones!”

He turned to Arnav and said, “I’m sorry to say this bhai but you should take him to America and England or somewhere and treat him. Then bring him back! I want your son to be away from this family!” and he walked away.

Arnav stood watching numb his retreating back with Khushi hugging him tightly crying bitterly.




Jul 27, 2016

Chapter 13 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 68 times)

Chapter 13




“Close your eyes and think of all the moments you have spent with your parents” Kiara said softly as she sat on her knees with him sitting on a garden bench and her hands resting on his thighs holding his palms.

She watched him closing his eyes and his facial expressions gradually becoming relaxed. “What do you see?” she whispered kindly and heard him reply in low voice, “Me and papa playing basket ball....”


“Mamma massaging my hairs....”


“Me playing with papa’s beard......”


“Mamma feeding me.......”








“What are you gonna do?” Khushi asked in her low broken voice, sitting on the bed.

Arnav stood near the poolside door and said in his hoarse voice, “I’ll do what he wants. We’ll take Advay away from everyone here!”

Khushi sniffed her tears and said, “He loves to be here, with everyone!”

Anjali who was sitting with Khushi on the bed said, “Chotte, I’ll talk with Akash!” Payal who was hugging Khushi nodded.

“No need” Arnav said, “He is right! Advay may hurt anyone and we should stop that!”

“Akash just said it all in tension! This is the first time he saw Angel in such a state. Don’t take him seriously” Payal said softly.

Arnav turned to Payal and said, “I apologize from Advay’s part Payal. I’m sorry for what hap....”

Payal nodded no and said, “Advay is my son too! I understand! He is not well! He must be cured! And that is what Kiara is doing! We should trust her.”

“But Akash.....”

“Forget him! He is silly at times, you know that!” Payal said sternly, “You WILL NOT take Advay away from us! You and Khushi must be his biological parents but I was the one on whose lap he used to sleep! Consider this as an warning.”

“Payal ji is absolutely right!” Anjali said, “Advay is our son! We won’t let you take him away!”







“Now open your eyes.....slowly...” she said softly.

He opened his eyes slowly and heard her soft voice, “Now tell me, do you think that your father killed Hanna?”

“I saw him there! It was him!” he said blankly.

“I don’t want to hear what you saw there!” Kiara said sternly, “From all these years with your father, DO YOU THINK THAT HE KILLED YOUR WIFE?”


“Sometimes our eyes do cheat us Advay” Kiara whispered softly. Advay sat mum and she said softly, “He is your father whom you love the most! The person you attempted to kill today is your sister whom you love so much! Your sister loves you so much! Your father loves you so much! The whole family loves you! They won’t hurt you Advay! They can never dream of hurting you or Hanna!”

Advay sat silent with her words pondering over his mind.







“No lead so far ASR!” ACP Suraj Malhotra said to Arnav who was sitting on a chair before him in his police station, “We have checked the CCTV footages from the mall. No valuable information from that. Some people with black masks took them to car and drove away!”

“What about number plate?” Arnav asked.

“Fake! It’s a fake number plate! The number belongs to someone from Haryana and it’s registered for a swift car. The kidnappers had hidden their number plate.” Suraj said.

Arnav held the bride of his nose and sighed.

“We checked the godown again. Nothing is there! It’s a hard case ASR.” Suraj said sighing.

“I want them Suraj! I somehow want those ****s!” Arnav whispered furiously.

“We’re doing our best ASR. you suspect someone?” he asked.

“One.....if only he was alive!” Arnav said.


“Shyam Jha! He was my enemy! But he is dead. It couldn’t be him!” Arnav said. Suraj said, “Yeah, your ex-jeejaaji right? He was hanged to death 20 years back!”

Arnav nodded.

“Then who is this? Whoever it is wanted revenge from you! Advay and Hanna were just way to you!” Suraj said.

Arnav sighed and nodded.

“Let me search from another angle ASR. But before that I need to talk to Advay!” Suraj said.

“He isn’t normal. I told you!” Arnav said.

Suraj thought for a while and said, “Ok then. I’ll talk to his doctor. Can you give me her number?”

“Sure” Arnav said and gave him Kiara’s number.







“Any help Khushi ji?” Anjali asked as she came into the room watching Khushi folding clothes.

“No’s over!” Khushi said keeping the clothes in the wardrobe.

“Where is Chotte?”

“He went to police station to meet Suraj!” Khushi said. “I hope Suraj has some news!” Anjali said sitting on the bed. Khushi sighed and nodded.

Anjali knew that Khushi was highly depressed and she started drawing her into her conversation. Slowly Khushi started to come into the talks and started to cheer up.

It was then Hari Prakash came in. “Khushi bhabhi, Anjali di, some people from orphanage have come. They are asking for any old clothes!”

“Arrey ha! There are some in the store room!” Khushi said, “Come Hari Prakash ji, I’ll show you!”

“Khushi ji!” Anjali said, “Why don’t we give some of Chotte’s old dresses? It’s still inside the cupboard right?”

“Ha’s in the lowest rack of wardrobe. Arnav ji had stuffed his clothes there a month back.” Khushi agreed and said, “Could you please take them. I will bring clothes from store room!”

Anjali agreed and Khushi left the room with HP.

Anjali opened the wardrobe and opened the lowest drawer where old clothes were kept. She started pulling out the clothes muttering, “Chotte bhi na....such nice kurtas he had and he never used it!”

It was when she pulled out a bundle of clothes when she heard a noise of something hitting the floor. She touched the bundle and her hands stopped at a corner feeling something.

“What is it?” she muttered as she opened up the bundle. Many old suits old suits of Arnav came out of the bundle. Her hand rummaged the bundle and her hands stopped feeling something. She pulled it out.

As it came out with her hand, Anjali felt her breath stopped. She looked at the thing in her hand in horror. She gulped and gasped.

Arnav ji had stuffed his clothes there a month back.

Khushi’s words suddenly flashed in her mind.

“Chotte....” she mumbled in shock and she looked at her hand which held a black gun!

Jul 29, 2016

Chapter 14 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 73 times)

Chapter 14



“Di what is it?” Khushi asked as she came in her room and found Anjali sitting on the floor. She walked to her and then stood shocked seeing the gun in her hand. “Di...” she called in shock.

Anjali looked at her in shock and said, “Khushi ji....this gun in...Chotte’s wardrobe....”

Khushi looked at the gun and then at Anjali. “Arnav ji has a gun?” Khushi asked in confusion and shock.

Anjali stood up and the ladies looked at it not knowing what to do.







“I’ll look into it ASR. Don’t worry!” Suraj said as they both walked out of the station.

“You’re going home?” Arnav asked. “No, I have to meet Dr. Kiara!” Suraj said as he got onto his bike. Arnav nodded and walked to his car when he found the tyre punctured.

“Oh ****!” He muttered and dialled Akash’s number which was switched off. Suraj saw this and said, “Come ASR, I’ll drop you!”






“Where did you have your graduation from?” Kiara asked as she drove the car.

“Harvard!” Advay said.

“Tell me something about those days!” Kiara said smiling. “Why?” Advay frowned. “Simply! Just tell me!” She said.

He sighed and said, “It was boring! Nothing adventurous! When I was at school, I had complete freedom. I used to climb on trees inside campus, play pranks on teachers! I was such a naughty boy. But at college, almost my teachers were papa’s college mates who have become teachers there! If I move a finger of mine, they would inform dad. So I had to walk like a kitten for four years!”

She laughed out aloud and he asked, “What about you? How did you become an experienced doctor at such a young age?”

She smiled and said, “Remember I left Silver hills from my 8th grade? I was promoted straight to 12th grade due to my IQ level. Silver Hills was an upper primary school so I left to Good Shepherd International School. So at the age of 13 I was studying with 12th students. I joined MBBS at the age of 14 and graduated out at 18 years. I worked under many doctors for 9 years and now, at the age of 27 joined this hospital as the senior physiatrist.”

He was silent and she asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing! Just thinking how come the girl who used to try hard to grab my attention became so intelligent?” Advay said.

“Why? Don’t intelligent girls try to grab attentions?” She asked frowning. 

“No. Girls who try to grab attention of boys are stupids!” he said. She chuckled and he asked, “So tell me, do you still have your childhood crush towards me?”

She laughed out loud and said, “You were right Advay. I was stupid that day! Now I’m not!”

“Is that a no?” He asked grinning.

“Of course it is!” She said laughing.







“How come a gun came with bhai?” Akash asked frowning and everyone was standing confused when the door opened and Suraj and Arnav came in.

“ASR, I would just leave!” Suraj said when Arnav said, “Come in Suraj! Have something!”

Suraj sighed and they both walked in when they stopped.

Suraj stared at the gun at Akash’s hand. “Akash, what is this? Where did you get a gun from?” Arnav asked shocked.

“From your wardrobe bhai!” Akash said, “How come a gun inside your clothes?”

“Gun inside my clothes!” Arnav said shocked.

“Do you have a gun registered in your name?” Suraj asked. Arnav nodded a no. Suraj sighed and took the gun from Akash with a towel and said, “Let me take this! I’ll look into it!”

“Suraj, trust me I don’t know how it came in...” Arnav said when Suraj cut him and said, “I said I’ll look into it ASR. But you just have got a gun from your wardrobe! Your son had said that it was you who killed his wife with a gun! If I find anything suspicious about you, then our friendship won’t come in between justice, you know that!”

“Suraj!” Arnav cried in disbelief, “I didn’t kill Hanna! I thought you trust me!”

“I do. But if I find proofs against, then our friendship won’t stop me from taking action!” Suraj said, “You’re my friend but friendship and laws are different!”

Arnav nodded and said, “You won’t find anything suspicious regarding me. Because I never did anything wrong!”

Suraj nodded and walked out.







“Manoj, find the name on which the gun is registered and the bullet type which matches it. And yeah, if it’s newly registered gun find the number of registered bullets missing from it!” Suraj ordered to Manoj, his assistant as he walked into Rehabilitation Institute for Physiological Disorders (RIPD).

He cut the call and then dialled another constable of his, “Send message to every hospital of Delhi and the nearby states to check whether they got a body of Hanna’s descriptions. Quick, I want the results as soon as possible!”

He walked to the reception and showed his ID. “ACP Suraj Malhotra. I want to meet Dr. Kiara Chaturvedi!”

“Sorry sir, but she is busy with a patient!” the receptionist said after making a call to Kiara. “It’s urgent!” Suraj said. Receptionist nodded and dialled Kiara telling, “Mam, he says it’s urgent!”

“You can go in sir. That’s the way!” receptionist showed him way and Suraj walked away thanked her.




“Hello doctor” Suraj greeted her as he sat down. Kiara greeted him and Suraj said, “I’m here to get details about Advay Singh Raizada”

“Advay?” Kiara frowned.

“ASR approached me for help. But for proceeding in this case, I need to talk with him!” Suraj said, “But I know that he isn’t normal. So can I have his medical details?”

Kiara nodded and gave him a file.

Suraj went through it and said, “MPD?”

“Kind of!” She answered. “What about the cure?” he asked.

“Advay is having trust issues. Once it’s proved to him who killed his wife, then the cure is easy!” Kiara said.

“Did he see Arnav there with the gun?” he asked.

“That’s what he said!” Kiara said, “I asked him again and again and he answered the same! He said that he will identify his father in any darkness! The godown had dim orange light and Advay clearly saw his face!”

“Did Advay describe to you about Hanna’s death?” he asked.

“He didn’t but his diary did!” She said.

“Can I have the diary?” He asked.

“Diary is with him but I have taken photos of those pages.” She said and showed her mobile. Suraj read it and said, “He has clearly written that he saw Arnav!”

“But Mr. Raizada was at party right?” Kiara asked.

“I need to confirm that!” Suraj muttered.

“I hope you really don’t think that he did this.” Kiara said in disbelief.

“I’m a police man and I believe in proofs!” Suraj said and he got up. “Thank you for your help doctor!” and he walked away. As he stepped out of her cabin, he got a call from Manoj.

“Yes tell me Manoj”

“Sir, we found the gun’s registration. It’s registered on the name of Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada”

Suraj was silent for a second and then asked, “Newly registered?”

“Yes sir. It had its first set of bullets registered too. And one bullet is missing from the set!”

“Thank you Manoj” Suraj said and hanged the call.

The words rang fresh in his mind.

It’s registered on the name of Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada

And one bullet is missing from the set!





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Chapter 15 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 67 times)

Chapter 15




“But how come the gun came from my wardrobe?” Arnav asked frowning.

“I’m getting scared Arnav ji...someone is plotting against us!” Khushi said in her scared voice, “Advay saw you killed Hanna which is not possible. Someone impersonated you! Someone hid gun inside your clothes! Someone is against us!”

“But who? It is not Shyam! He was dead 20 years ago!” Arnav said.

“What if he isn’t dead?” Khushi asked shivering.

“He was hanged to death Khushi! It was the death penalty by the court!” Arnav said, “Shyam is dead!”

“Then who?” Khushi asked.

“I don’t know!” Arnav said frustrated.







“What’s happening?” Kiara asked as she came out hearing some noises.

“Dr Advay is creating a hungama!” attenders said. Kiara sighed and walked to his cell. Ordering the attenders to go, she got into the cell and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Advay was sitting in one corner sweating like hell. “I want to go home! I don’t want to stay here....please Kiara, please take me home! This place scares me....” he cried hysterically.

“Advay, relax, calm down!”

“No....I WANT TO GO HOME! THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TAKE ME HOME!” He cried and cried and fell at her feet.

Kiara jumped back when he did that. “Please take me home!” he said in tears and she stood numb not knowing what to do. She always knew that cells and hospitals won’t do well for him. He needs his family! He should be with his family! But what can be done if he is hurting the same family at a moment and the next moment wants to stay with them?







“Come in sir!” the chemist at Brahma hospital, one of the hospitals in the outskirts of Delhi, welcomed him inside his office.

“You got a body fitting Hanna’s description?” Suraj asked. The chemist nodded and said, “It was an unknown body. We got it a month back!”

“Where is it?”He asked.

“We burnt it sir! We do not keep unknown bodies for so’s been a month!” the chemist said, “Here are the autopsy reports!”

“What was her physical condition when she was found?” Suraj asked flipping the pages of file.

“Brutally raped and shot right at her forehead,” chemist replied, “there were signs of protest in her body and from the reports it can be concluded that she was raped by many men!”

“How?” Suraj asked.

“There were many stab marks on her body. Seems like they had tried to destroy her body after rape. Some stabs were light but some were hard. Some were by left hand and the other by right. It’s a not a single person! There are many men involved!” chemist said.

“How many bullets were there in the body?”

“Just one sir. At forehead”

“And the bullet number?” Suraj asked searching the number in the file. The chemist leaned and pointed to the last sentence of the page, “here is the bullet type and number”

Suraj handed the file to Manoj who checked it and said, “Sir, the bullet type matches with the gun we have got!”

Suraj nodded and turned to chemist, “It was a rape case. Why wasn’t an FIR filed?”

“We had filed sir. But the police didn’t take interest!”

“Where did you file the case?” Suraj asked standing up.

“Rural SP sir!” chemist replied and Suraj walked away nodding.









She leaned on the headboard as she caressed the hairs of her husband who had fallen asleep on her lap. Her mind went back to those days when the house was filled with happiness and laughter! Her baby! He used to run around the house playing pranks on her, teaming up with his dad, teasing Angel on her new date, commenting on Anjali’s saris, being his chachus’ little boy......and now!

Now her son is in mental asylum and those people are tying him on chair passing those horrific electric shocks through his body. How much her son is bearing?

She let out a breath of relief thinking about Kiara. She is a great girl! Of what they heard from Dr. Malhotra she is a great doctor. She has her own way of treating patients and she is the only hope of Raizada family.

Khushi’s eyes went to the man who was sleeping on her lap. Her heart bled seeing his pale and tired face. How much he is bearing? He clearly does not deserve this. What has he done that he is getting all hatred from the very person who is his life? No father in this world would love his son like Arnav ji loves Advay! Yet, no father would have ever faced the situation that her Arnav ji was facing!

Closing her eyes, she begged to Devi maiyya, “Hey devi maiyya, please set everything alright! Please bring happiness to this house!”

Akash stood by the door of their room and watched this. He turned and walked away to his room. “I’m sorry bhai, bhabhi!” he said to himself, “I know I’m hurting you. I love Advay. I want him to be alright! But he is hurting everyone here! He needs treatment and for that he should be away from his family!”






“He needs to be with his family doctor!” Kiara argued with Dr. Malhotra, “He won’t be cured unless he is among his loved ones!”

“Stop it Kiara! I won’t agree for this!” Dr. Malhotra said sternly.

“Doctor, if you have trusted me in his case, then trust me for this time too. If this didn’t work, we’ll bring him back here and think of some other way to treat him. But just once, let’s test this!” Kiara said.

“What if he tries to hurt others?” Dr. Malhotra asked.

“I’ll take the responsibility sir!” Kiara said.








“There was a rape victim’s body reported at a hospital and why didn’t you get into action?” Suraj asked angrily to rural SP who shivered in fear seeing the commissioner and assistant commissioner before him.

“Sir....wo we enquired but....” SP stammered when Suraj demanded, “Show me the report!”

He stood mum and Suraj shouted, “SHOW ME YOUR DAMN INVESTIGATION REPORT!”

Commissioner sighed and said, “What’s your name?”

“Rana Singh” SP said.

“Mr. Singh, you’re dismissed!” commissioner said standing up.

“Sir, please sir.....I have a family....”


“Sir we had started our investigation when someone asked us to stop it. She asked to tear up the FIR report!” SP said.

“She?” Suraj asked.

SP nodded and said, “I don’t know who it is. A lady came here and gave me a bag of money. She asked me to close the file or else she would kill my children!”

“Who is that lady?” commissioner asked.

“I don’t know who she is sir!”

“Describe her!” Suraj said.

“Tall, lean, fair, brown hair.....” SP said.

“Didn’t she tell her name?” Suraj asked and SP nodded no.







Kiara walked in Raizada mansion with Advay walking with her happily. They entered the house and walked to living room to find everyone sitting there.

Everyone stood up seeing them and Kiara began to say something when the main door opened and many police men rushed in.

Everyone looked at each other and Suraj came standing in front of Arnav.

“I’m sorry ASR. But I have to arrest you!” He said. Everyone gasped and Arnav looked at him in shock. “But Suraj....”

“ASR, you are arrested in suspicion of Hanna’s murder” Suraj said handcuffing Arnav.

Kiara looked at Advay who was looking at Arnav emotionlessly. She then looked at Suraj who said,

“The gun we got from here is registered on your name. One bullet from it is missing. And we got a body matching Hanna’s descriptions whose autopsy reports clearly states her raped condition and the bullet shot at forehead that killed her. And the final proof is that the bullet from the body matches the bullet missing from your gun! Do I need any other proof to prove that you did it?” Suraj asked.


Khushi said, “Suraj ji, you’re wrong. Arnav ji will never do this! You know him!”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Raizada. I have proofs against him and his own son’s testimony that he saw his father with the gun that night!” Suraj said and turned to Advay saying, “Tell me what you saw that night!”

Advay looked at Arnav who was standing pale and then at Khushi who was crying. Khushi ran to him and cried, “ raja! Please believe me, you saw it wrong! He is your father, he would never do this......please raja....”

Advay looked at Suraj and said, “I saw him there sir! I saw him coming with a gun in his hand and shooting my Hanna!”

“I DID NOT DO THAT!” Arnav shouted.

“I was not that dizzy that I cannot recognize you, dad! It was YOU and I clearly saw that!” Advay shouted.

“Here you go! This one statement of your son is enough to arrest you ASR. But I didn’t do that! I waited for proofs but I was failed. I thought you were innocent but you weren’t!” Suraj said and walked away while the police men dragged Arnav away while Arnav kept on shouting that he didn’t do that.

Advay watched the police dragging his father away and marched to his room slamming the door hard.


Jul 30, 2016

Chapter 16 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 71 times)

Chapter 16



Hanna’s smiling photo greeted him as he entered his room after one month. He looked around the room of which each and every nook and corner held memories of her. He sat on the bed caressing her side where she used to turn her back to him and sleep when she was angry with him. He smiled faintly as he picked up her pillow and inhaled her scent. He looked at the dressing table where her favourite cosmetics lay. His eyes shifted to her bangle set which she used to wear and jingle it near his ears to wake him up in the morning. He looked around the room and his eyes stuck at the table where a cute little teddy bear was kept. He walked to it and took the bear in his hand. She had nagged him for buying that bear stating that it was for the baby. Every day she used to kiss the bear and used to say, “Once our baby comes, she’ll play with this” She was so certain that it’s a girl!

His mind suddenly flashed to that night. Her screams became louder and louder for him and he shut his ears and closed his eyes. The sight of those slimes pulling her to him was flashing in front of him. His breaths started to be irregular when the flash of his father coming with his gun came before his eyes. Suddenly Kiara’s words floated into his mind.

From all these years with your father, DO YOU THINK THAT HE KILLED YOUR WIFE?

Sometimes our eyes do cheat us Advay

He is your father whom you love the most!

Your father loves you so much! The whole family loves you! They won’t hurt you Advay! They can never dream of hurting you or Hanna!

His pulled his hairs in frustration and cried out hard.








Akash sighed hard and Khushi broke into sobs seeing the lawyer coming out of Suraj’s office dejected. “I’m sorry sir. It’s a non-bailable offence. I tried my best!”

“Thank you” Akash said and he looked at Khushi. Khushi said in tears, “I want to meet him” Akash nodded and walked to Suraj. Suraj nodded and said, “You have 10 min! Go in”




Khushi cried seeing him sitting inside the dark cell in one corner with his hands on knees and face hidden inside them. “Arnav ji!” she called out weakly and he looked up.

She ran to him and hugged him tight. He hugged her tight and hid his face in her hair. She cried her heart out and he clutched her dress in her back. “Don’t cry...” he whispered and she broke down more.

“I’ll tell Advay to change his statement!” she said weakly in between her sobs. He didn’t say anything but hugged her tight hiding himself in her. She tried to withdrew from hug but he held her tight and whispered in his broken voice, “Don’t go” She gulped down the lump formed at her throat and hugged him tight caressing his back soothing him.

“Do you trust me?” she heard him asking. “I trust you more than myself!” she whispered in his ears. “Then why doesn’t he trust me?” he asked in his broken voice and she bit her lips and then said, “He is under shock”

He hugged her more tight and whispered, “Don’t leave me Khushi! These cells are horrible! There iron bars.....they are scary.....” She bit her lips to stop her sob and caressed his back whispering, “Everything will be alright!”

He whispered, “Bring Advay back home!”

Khushi somehow withdrew from the hug and asked, “Why?” Arnav gulped and said, “I sat here for just one hour and I’m not able to take it. My son was staying inside such a cell for one freaking month! How much pain would have he felt?”

Khushi sobbed and he said, “Now I’m not home! He won’t turn violent! Bring him back and request Kiara to stay at Shantivan!”

“She has already done that!” Khushi said. Arnav looked at her and she said, “Advay is back. Kiara decided that Advay should stay at home with his family! She is also staying there with us!”

It was then the police man came in. “Mam, your time is over!”

Arnav held Khushi’s palm tightly whispering, “Don’t go” Khushi gulped down her tears and leaned to his face kissing him not even caring that the police man is witnessing that.









Angel walked out of her room through the corridor when she came in front of her brother’s closed door.

She didn’t know what to do. When she heard her father and badi dadi telling that Advay should be away from the family, she fought with them. But she had to admit that she is now scared of her little brother. She looked at the closed door and stood numb not knowing whether to knock or not.

Gathering all the courage, she knocked his door. Hearing no response after many knocks, she opened the door and peeked in.

Her heart bled seeing him sitting with his knees drawn to chest in one corner of the dark room with his hands covering each of his ears and face hidden behind the knees. The sister in her overcame all the fear she had and walked to her brother.

She kneeled beside him and held his knee. He looked up and saw her. She bit her lip seeing his tears stricken face. She smiled faintly and lifting her hands, wiped away his tears. He looked at her and she widened her arms and whispered, “Come”

Advay didn’t wait for another second and hugged his sister tight. He cried on her shoulder and she caressed his hairs consoling him. “She left me di...” she heard him whisper.

Angel caressed his hair and whispered, “Let it out Advay....tell me....”

Advay hugged her tight and cried, “I can hear her screams....she was screaming for me...for me to save her! I can still hear that Hanna was in pain and....and I...couldn’t do....anything....”

“It’s fate Advay. No one can stand against fate...” she whispered.

He withdrew from hug and cried, “What kind of fate is this? My Hanna didn’t deserve this! Why did god give her such a fate?”

Angel looked down not knowing how to wipe away all her brother’s pain. She wiped his tears and said, “Don’t cry. It hurts everyone!”

He broke into tears and said, “Why did he do that di? How could papa do that? I loved him so much. Hanna loved him so much! How could he do that to us?”

Angel sighed and caressed his hairs. She saw his head swaying. “Advay...” she called out and sat up from her sitting position. She saw him falling unconscious mumbling Hanna’s name.

“KIARA!!!!” she shouted in panic.







“I need all details about Hanna!” Suraj ordered to Manoj who nodded his head and walked away. Suraj sat on his chair and sighed hard.

He knew that Arnav was not at fault. But to satisfy his higher officials he had arrested him. It was not Arnav. He was present at the party during the time of advay’s kidnap and the time he said that Hanna was killed. It’s someone else. But who?

Who is that lady?

Brown haired tall lean woman.....

None of Raizada women have brown hair.

He had asked the rural SP to provide them a sketch but he is not able to recall her face properly and that idea went in vain.

Who is she?

Suraj sighed and drank a glass of water.

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Chapter 17 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)

Chapter 17




Advay watched his mother feeding him mechanically. She was dipping paratha in curry and was forwarding it to his mouth but she was lost in some other world.

“Mamma” he called out softly.

Khushi jerked from her thoughts and looked at him. “Curry is over” he said pointing to the plate.

“Oh, I’m.....sorry....I’ll bring some more....” she said and was about to get up when he held her hand. “Don’t cry” he whispered.

Khushi looked away and heard him telling, “He did that mamma. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth! He killed my Hanna!”

Khushi withdrew her hand and said, “I know him more than you do Advay” and she walked away leaving him watching her retreating back.

Just as she went away, Kiara entered the room. “Hello” she called out. He looked at her and smiled faintly. She walked in and sat on his bed beside him and handed him a bar of chocolate. He smiled and took a small piece and she told, “I just love chocolates!”

“Hanna also loved chocolates” he whispered looking at the bar of chocolate in his hand. Kiara was silent for a moment and then said, “How do you feel now? You aren’t eating anything and are fainting due to tiredness! Eat something mister!”

He smiled and said patting his stomach, “I ate a stomach-full” She chuckled and patted his tummy saying, “Mamma’s raja needs mamma’s food, right?” he smiled faintly and then looked at her.

It was then he was noticing her attire. She was wearing a dark green kurti with white embroidery. She had left her hair open and had no specs.

“You look like Hanna” he said and she looked up startled. “She used to wear dresses like this. You look exactly like her!” he said softly.

Kiara nodded and suddenly changed the topic sensing that the talk wasn’t going in a good direction.









Hanna Samohar Bundela, called as Hani by her parents, is originally from Ratnanagari, a remote village of Madhya Pradesh. Her parents had shifted to Delhi when Hanna was 13 years old for a good job. But Mr. Bundela died in an accident just a year after, i.e when Hanna was 14. She and her mother had a lot of struggles living in the city but they managed. Her mother started going for household c****s and she sometimes helped her. Hanna stopped her studies after 12th and started to dance in Chameli bar for earning money. Her mother died 3 years later due to illness. Hanna continued with her dancing and also worked in a restaurant. But after that she joined AR Fashion house as a model and soon became the head model of AR. She then married Advay Singh Raizada, son of ASR, 10 months ago.

Suraj sighed and closed the file. Nothing remarkable! He called for Manoj and said, “Prepare our vehicle. We’ll go to Ratnanagari! I hope we’ll get something from there!”

Well, he wasn’t wrong! Something was waiting for them at Ratnanagari!!!!!!










She lay flat on the bed and looked at the other side where he used to lie. She caressed his pillow and tears rolled down her cheek. She moved to his side and buried her face in his pillow crying her heart out.

It was then she heard a knock sound. She sat up on the bed and realized that someone was at door. “Come in” she called out and the door opened and entered Kiara.

“I just wanted to check whether you’re alright” Kiara said softly as she entered the room.

“I’m not okay” Khushi said in tears. Kiara looked down and said, “I don’t know what to say but......Advay saw him there....”

“If you’re here to convince me that my Arnav ji killed Hanna, then the door is wide open for you Kiara” Khushi said sternly.

“No....I didn’t mean that. Advay is under stress. He saw someone in dizziness and that someone resembled Mr. Raizada. I’ll try my best to clear his misunderstanding. I just want to say that...don’t cry....when you’re hurt, it hurts Advay too!” she said.

“When Arnav ji is hurt, I’m hurt!” Khushi said in tears.

“When you both are hurt, your son is also hurt!” Kiara said.

“Then why is he hurting us? He knows that Arnav ji will never do it. Then why is he doing this?” Khushi shouted in despair.

Kiara sighed and sat beside her. She held her hand and said, “See aunty....just for once, think from his side. He saw his wife, whom he loves so much, being raped in front of his eyes. He saw someone coming closer to her and shooting her with a gun. And that someone resembled his father. He is under shock. The shock of his wife’s death and his father’s betrayal”

“HE DID NOT DO THAT” Khushi shouted.

“I know. I trust him. He will never hurt his son and his daughter in law. But Advay saw that. His mind is already in a trauma. The image of his father killing Hanna has been imprinted in his mind. Unless we prove it to him that it was not Mr. Raizada, we cannot bring him back.” Kiara said calmly.

Khushi sighed and looked down. Kiara said softly, “You need to be very strong. Your husband is in jail, your son is ill. You have to stand up. You have a huge family supporting you. Take their help and try hard to set everything right!”

Khushi nodded and wiping her tears she said, “I will”









The next morning, Suraj and Manoj walked through the streets of Ratnanagari enquiring about Bundela family. But all they got was that no one from their family exists now. Vijay Samohar Bundela and his wife had only one son, Param Samohar Bundela, Hanna’s father. The last of the Bundela kin was Hanna and Suraj passed his hands through his hair in frustration.

He sighed and walked to one of the house as he was very thirsty. He saw a woman there and asked, “Can you please give me a glass of water?”

The woman nodded and went in. He spoke with the men at the house and drank the water when his eyes stuck at the photo which hung on the wall of the house.

The glass dropped from his hand and he asked standing up, “Who is this girl to you?”

The man looked at the photo and said, “That’s my brother’s daughter, Kiara Chaturvedi.”

“And the girl with her?” Suraj asked shocked.

Her best friend, Hanna Bundela

Suraj stood frozen.


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Chapter 18 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 81 times)

Chapter 18




Suraj sat on his chair in his cabin holding the file which had every tiny detail of Kiara Chaturvedi.

Kiara Chaturvedi, daughter of Aram and Meera Chaturvedi, is natively from Ratnanagari, a remote village of Madhya Pradesh. Her grandfather Mr. Chaturvedi is a retired military officer. Her parents died in an accident when she was just 3 years old. She was brought up by her grandparents. Her father’s brother still stays at Ratnanagari looking after his farm and fields while she and her grandparents shifted to Delhi some years back.

Kiara, being an extremely intelligent student, was promoted to 12th std from her 7th grade. Graduated from the best medical college at the age of 18, she practised physiology under many professionals for 7 years and became an independent physiatrist. She joined RIPD, New Delhi, a month back and has handled 2 cases in this one month. She is currently handling Advay Singh Raizada’s MPD case. 

Suraj closed the file with his mind reverberating Kiara’s chacha ji’s words,

“Hanna is her best friend. They were friends since childhood. But when Hanna left to city years back they lost contact. But after some years, Kiara went to Delhi and they both met by chance. And the friendship returned.”

Suraj sighed recalling his meeting with Kiara at the mall one day.

“How is Advay?” he asked her who said, “Doing better. I hope this murder drama gets over soon and it’ll be easy for the treatment!”

He nodded and then asked, “Do you know this Hanna?”

“No” Kiara said.

“Woh she is from Ratnanagari and so are you. So I thought....”

“I have met her sir. But we are not acquaintance or something. Just saw her once or twice at bus stop of Ratnanagari. That’s all!”


“Why did she lie?” he asked to himself.

Clearly, Kiara knows Hanna. Hell, they are best friends. But why did she lie that she doesn’t know her. Why have she kept away the fact of being friends with Hanna from Raizadas? Is she someway related to all this?

Manoj came in and asked, “Sir, what to do about Kiara?”

“Follow her everywhere! If you find anything suspicious, report it to me” Suraj said.

“Sir, do you think she is involved?”

“Manoj, there are two possibilities for her to lie. One is, she is involved in this. And the second is, she know what happened there. She knows everything related to Hanna which she is hiding. She knows something which is useful for us and the Raizadas!” Suraj said and then he suddenly got up, “Manoj, give me Hanna’s autopsy reports!”

Manoj gave him the file and Suraj gave a read to it.

“Are you damn sure that this body was of Hanna’s?”

“Yes sir. The body matches with Hanna’s physical description and also the physical conditions that Advay explained. The lady was raped and shot, just as Advay said.” Manoj said.

“You didn’t see her face right?” Suraj asked.

“They had burnt the body!” Manoj said.

“Manoj, do you remember, 2 years back we had a case. We had got hold of a body which seemed to be some man’s but it was not his. The murderers had replaced someone else’s body with his destroying his face.”

“Sir, so you mean that Hanna is alive?” Manoj asked.

“Just an assumption. May or may not be true!” Suraj said.








Arnav was sitting inside his cell when he heard the lock being opened. He saw Suraj coming in and he stood up. “Suraj please....” he began when Suraj cut him and said, “You are free to go ASR”

Arnav looked at him startled and Suraj said, “I know that it’s not you. Someone is framing you. But my higher officials won’t be satisfied if they didn’t see anyone being arrested. They want someone to be in jail, need not be the culprit. So I arrested you!”

Arnav sighed and said, “Who is the real culprit?”

“We’re enquiring ASR. But let me tell you something. Keep an eye over that girl, Kiara” Suraj said. Arnav looked at him startled. Suraj nodded and said, “I know it shocks you but do that. I need to know every move of hers. Inform me!”

“Is she involved?” Arnav asked shocked.

“May be” Suraj mumbled and walked out while Arnav stood shocked.








Night, 9 pm


“Why are you sitting here? Go downstairs and have dinner!” Kiara said to Advay who was sitting in poolside. He nodded no and she said, “Your father is back! Go to him! Everyone is so happy here! Join them!”

Advay smiled sarcastically and said, “They are enjoying as the murderer has returned from his prison!”

“Advay!” Kiara said with her eyes wide, “He is your father!”

“And my wife’s murderer!” Advay said bitterly.

“We have talked about this earlier Advay!” Kiara said sitting beside him, “Do you really think he can do this?”

“I saw him Kiara!” He said.

“And I told you, sometimes our eyes cheat us!” Kiara said sternly. “Do you really think so?” He asked looking at her.

She nodded and he asked, “Do you really think it’s not dad?”

“Yes, it’s not him!” She said firmly.

“He didn’t kill Hanna?” He asked.

“NO, he didn’t!” She said firmly.

“Then whom did I see there?” He asked.

“Someone who resembles your dad or someone who intentionally dressed up like your dad!” Kiara said.

Advay sat thinking while she smiled seeing his change. Finally! He has started to think over it!

But what she didn’t notice was Arnav standing near the door listening to their talks.

“How could she tell it so firmly? Advay saw me there and he is firm on his say. But Kiara is firm on her statement that it was not me, which is true. But how does she know? How can she be so sure?” Arnav thought to himself.









Arnav leaned on the headboard with Khushi sleeping beside him hugging him tightly. He smiled faintly seeing her tight hold on his waist which clearly shows her fear of losing him. He caressed her soft hairs and placed a kiss there.

His mind went back to the previous day when he was lying on the cold hard floor of the cell. Those iron bars and the dim’s so scary. It was yesterday night he realized that how much his son must be suffering living inside those iron bars of the hospital for one whole month! How much would he have been scared? Did he also cry out hard like he did yesterday? He would have also felt like breaking the bars and running home to hug his family right?

He gasped realizing the pain his son is suffering. His Advay saw his wife being raped in front of him. And someone came and killed her. And that someone resembled himself! His Advay has suffered so much, a 1000 times than his parents suffered due to his absence! His wife’s death, his baby’s death and the sight of his father with gun....his son is terrified and how on earth could he leave him in a mental asylum?

Arnav somehow got rid of Khushi’s hold from his waist and covering her with a blanket walked out of the room to Advay’s room. He slowly pushed the door which opened to show him a dark room.

Arnav walked in and saw his son lying on bed with his palms covering his ears and his tightly closed eyes. Arnav walked to him and sat beside him. He could hear that he was mumbling something.

Arnav leaned and heard him mumbling, “Hanna....”

His heart pained seeing his son’s state and he slowly caressed his hairs. Advay shot opened his eyes and sat up on the bed seeing his father before him.

Arnav smiled faintly and caressed his hairs. Advay looked at him with his tear stricken face and suddenly hugged him tight.

“Papa....they....they are hurting Hanna.....they...” he started saying hysterically and Arnav patted his back and caressed his hairs whispering softly, “It’s fine...nothing has happened.....relax....”

“Hanna.....she.....” Advay gulped and Arnav said, “Relax, everything is fine....see I’m here! You’re home! Everything is perfect.....”

He withdrew from the hug and wiped away the sweat beads from Advay’s face. He made him lie on the bed and covered him with a blanket. “Sleep” he said softly and caressed his hairs.

“ baby....” Advay kept on mumbling and he slowly drifted into slumber feeling Arnav caressing his hairs. “Han...n...a....” he mumbled lastly and then fell asleep.

Arnav kissed his forehead and covered him properly with the blanket.

Khushi stood by the door watching the scene in tears.





Aug 2, 2016

Chapter 19 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 81 times)

Chapter 19




The next morning everyone had their breakfast at the table when Kiara announced, “I have to go to my village for 3 days.”

Everyone looked at her and she said, “Tomorrow is the new year as per our custom. Tomorrow my chachu will start sowing the seeds for this agricultural season. So there will be some rituals there. So I have to go!” Everyone agreed and Advay asked, “When will you be back?” “Just 3 days Advay!” She said smiling.

Arnav looked at her and told in his mind, “Should inform Suraj!”







Kiara was inside the plane when she got a call from Khushi. “Tell me aunty” she said as she took the call. “Kiara,” Khushi said from other side, “Advay is pestering us to let him go to office. Do you think it’s safe for him?”

“Office?” Kiara said, “Err.....does everyone there know about Hanna and him?” “Yes, they all know Hanna!” Khushi said.

“And that Advay is not well?” Kiara asked.

“No, we have kept that hidden. All staff knows is that Advay is injured due to an accident and Hanna is missing!” Khushi said.

“Going to office is okay but make sure that no one there reminds him of Hanna!” Kiara said.

“If no one takes Hanna’s name, is it okay for him?” Khushi asked.

“Oh yes, absolutely fine!” Kiara said.

“Anyway, come back soon dear. Your patient has already started missing his doctor” Khushi said laughing.

Kiara chuckled and said, “Soon aunty. Just 3 days!”








AR Fashion House


Everyone had got strict orders from ASR and Akash that none should mention about Hanna inside the premises of AR, especially not to Advay.

 “Really missed you dude!” Rolf cried as he hugged Advay. “True! It was no fun without you!” Rahul said patting Advay’s back. Advay chuckled and said, “I’m back now! And we’ll rock!” “YAAYYYY!!!!” Aashiq, Rolf, Peter and Rahul cried.

It was then Advay’s phone rang. Rolf took it and cried, “Hey who is this Kiara?”

“Err...she is my friend!” Advay cried and took the cell from him and cut it. “Take it!” Aashiq cried. “Friend?” Peter asked with raised eyebrow.

“School mate! I bumped to her from a mall!” Advay cried as he typed a message to her.

Busy right now. @office.....will call later.

“Arrey, just introduce us to her yaar!” Peter cried. “How is she? Is she hot?” Aashiq asked.

“Stop it yaar!” Advay cried. “ possessive about your ‘friend’ huh?” Rolf teased and everyone laughed while Advay rolled his eyes.






“Don’t worry ASR. I am at Ratnanagari. I have got a place to stay which is just walking distance from Kiara’s house!” Suraj said over phone.

“Advay had gone to office today.” Arnav said.

“Oh, how did it go?” Suraj asked. “Good. No one mentioned about Hanna and he was very normal!” Arnav said. Suraj said, “Okay, that’s good. Found anything suspicious about Kiara?”

“Nothing more than what I said yesterday. She seemed to be very sure that it was not me!” Arnav said.

Suraj said, “You’re right! How does she know? She knows you for only two weeks and she already made a firm say that it was not you! Advay himself testifies that it was you whom he saw but Kiara says firmly that it was not you! So she knows something ASR!” Suraj said.

“Oh god! I never thought she would be involved!” Arnav said.

“Don’t worry ASR. I’ll find it out!” Suraj said and hung the call.






Two days passed without any problems and the next day, Kiara got ready for the pooja at their family field. She wore a beautiful traditional saree and tied her hair into a messy bun.

The pooja was over and dada ji said, “Today is a great day. Aaj ka muhurat bhi acha hai. So I was thinking, why don’t we conduct Kiara’s and Rudra’s engagement today?”

Kiara stood frozen and looked at Rudra Ranawat, their family friend’s son, standing with his family. Ranawats and Chaturvedis were family friends since generations. Her chachi is actually a Ranawat. In fact many Ranawats and Chaturvedis have married each other. And it so happened that when Kiara was born her dada ji and papa fixed her marriage with Rudra who was 3 that day! As she grew up, she thought they would forget it but no! She was brought up by saying that she is Rudra’s bride. Even Rudra was said the same. Kiara never considered it but the image of Kiara being his wife had been imprinted in Rudra’s mind.

Everyone agreed and Kiara looked at dadi hoping that she would support her. But no! Everyone was so into it that none of them heard her voice.

“Bitiya put the ring!” Chachi said to her giving her the traditional Chaturvedi ring. It was her mother’s who got it from her mother-in-law who got it from her mother-in-law and so on. Kiara looked at the ring and then at the man before her. “Kiara, what are you thinking? Come on!” Chachu said and everyone nodded.

Kiara gulped down the lump formed at her throat and took the ring and somehow forced it onto his finger. For some reasons she never liked this guy and his family. They were very orthodox. In fact her family is also very orthodox. It was only her father who had the broad mindedness of moving away from the village for another job. Her dadaji was also okay in the case of girl education but in the matter of marriages and life, he was still the same Chaturvedi!

She cringed feeling him holding her hand and putting the ring, caressing her hand more than required. She withdrew her hand as soon as the ceremony was over and smiled forcefully at the people who came to congratulate her.



“She doesn’t seem happy!” Manoj said to Suraj. They both were standing far away making sure that no one was seeing them. Suraj rolled his eyes and said, “Let her marry or divorce. I just want to know about her involvement with Hanna!” Manoj sighed. His boss is too professional sometimes!








Arnav was sitting in the poolside when he heard footsteps. He turned back and saw Advay. He stood up and called out, “Advay, come in!”

Advay came in to the poolside and said, “Err....I was....I am, if you’re not busy, then.....we could do a bit...of gardening.......”

Arnav smiled widely. How much did he miss that? Gardening with his son are the best moments of his life! “Sure!” He cried and Advay smiled faintly.

The junior and senior Raizada got into work and in the middle of cutting the dry leaves, Advay asked softly, “You didn’t do that?”

Arnav sighed and said, “No”

“Kiara said that it was not you” he said and looked at Arnav. “She is right. It was not me! I can never kill Hanna” Arnav said.

“Then who was that?” he asked.

“We’ll find out!” Arnav said patting his shoulder.

Advay nodded and continued in his work. Arnav looked at his son and vowed in his mind. “Whoever it is, they’ll face hell!”


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