The Conscience

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Aug 3, 2016

The Conscience... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

“You’re lying” Khushi said as she stood up in disbelief

“No Khushi I’m not lying… I know all this while you’ve been thinking it’s me who killed Panchi but that’s because NK wanted you to think that way…

Do you really think he’s been helping you all this while? No Khushi he’s just been using you as a pawn in his game!”

“And why do you even think I’ll believe you Geet? I’ve seen your real face, I heard you talking that day in your room, how the hell would you even think you would blame it on NK and I would trust you?” Khushi said

“Yes you did hear me talking in my room that day, but did you see or hear the person I was talking to?” Geet asked

Khushi nodded negatively as she tried to think if there was anything she heard from the person she was talking to but couldn’t remember a thing.

“It was none other than NK”

“What rubbish, NK dint come along with us… it was me, my friends and Arnav!”

“He dint come with you he came behind you! Trust me Khushi”

“And that’s my question why should I trust you? You even hated me so much and it’s for sure you are the one behind everything… there is no reason NK would be doing something like this… what would he gain from this?”



“Just give me a few minutes, listen to me calmly and I’ll prove it to you that NK is the one who is guilty and even after that if you don’t want to believe me I’ll leave and never show you my face”

Khushi sat down and stared at Geet as Geet started explaining everything to her.

Did Panchi ever used to tell you about any guy in her college who had a crush on her or something?”

“No… why?”

“NK and Panchi used to be in the same college… NK was like so much in love with her, love actually would be a small word, let’s call it obsession… he was obsessed with her… all he wanted was Panchi…

He asked her out many times but Panchi rejected him continuously which ended up making him like that… That day when Arnav and Panchi finally met I don’t know how but he got to know and I’m sure he was stalking her that’s why he knew many details about her…

So he even knew that Panchi loved Arnav and he knew he was going to lose her… he tried convincing her but Panchi had decided, if it wasn’t Arnav, then it was no one else.

NK in his obsession decided if Panchi couldn’t be his he would let her be Arnav’s too so he planned her murder and that’s where I came in between.

He came to me and told me to help him in this so that Panchi couldn’t be able to snatch Arnav away from me.

I obviously said no, I was scared I wouldn’t kill anyone no matter how much I loved Arnav.

He left but then he came up the second day and blackmailed me that if I don’t help him he would kill Arnav too… I got so scared Khushi… all he wanted me to do was to be with him in the car when he executes his plan of hitting Panchi’s car.

I was also used as a pawn… later on was when I realized he wanted me to be in the car with him so that if anything comes up I would be blamed…

Yes I agree that was the same accident in which my leg got hurt but I wasn’t the one driving the car… he managed to escape out so easily… and then took me to hospital… he became friends with Arnav that way and they both started living in the same apartment…

I did a lot, but I couldn’t convince Arnav not to stay with him… I was just scared because he was someone who could harm Arnav.

Later on he kept on blackmailing me that if I spoke a word about it he would tell Arnav that I was the one to kill Panchi and he would prove it as I was in the car with him.

I was so scared Khushi I just kept quiet until today…

When you came to their apartments, he wanted you because you looked like Panchi but to his bad, you also ended up falling for Arnav.

Now when things dint go as he wanted, he came to me that day and made me say things that you heard which made you think I was the one behind this…

He thought that if you think I’m doing all this you’ll tell Arnav and then things would just go wrong, Arnav wouldn’t obviously trust you and he would hate you for blaming Geet and in such he would come to you give you company and get close to you.”

Khushi just stared at Geet Speechlessly, the story she said sounded real but she still wasn’t sure she could trust her… was NK really that type of a guy? She had known him for a quite a while now and he always was good… nothing was ever doubtful about him.

“I know you still don’t trust me Khushi but you have to”

“Why did you tell me this now? Why couldn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because now Arnav and I are getting married, his way is clear he can get you… I just wanted to warn you so that you don’t get trapped, I dint want you to be with a guy like him, he would spoil your whole life”

“I don’t know what to do… whom to believe and whom not to”

“If you don’t believe me it’s fine, I’ll just tell you one thing… no matter what don’t be with NK please, he isn’t a good guy” Geet said as she stood up.

She headed towards the door when Khushi stopped her.

“Geet” Khushi called out

She turned around to look at Khushi

“You know that I love Arnav… what if Arnav loved me too? What would you do?”

“I would get out of his way, what matters to me is him being happy and if you are his happiness then I would let that happen… after all love is the second name of sacrifice”

“Then why were you behaving so insecure and why did you hate me so much?”

“Because you loved Arnav but he dint still you were like pushing yourself to him, I understand that’s how love is but I was scared I’d lose him when he was already mine… when he already loved me, I was just trying to keep him happy in loving me”

Khushi nodded as Geet walked away leaving her behind in all thoughts…

Although she was still confused on whom to trust and whom not to trust, she felt like maybe she could trust Geet… why had NK always been so supportive to her, why was he so much forcing her to tell Arnav the truth? Maybe because he knew Arnav wouldn’t trust her…

But then she dint know what to do… how could she find out the real truth?

Whom could she trust?

Aug 4, 2016

The Conscience... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

Khushi was sited on her bed yet thinking on how she would find out the truth.

There was one way but she was sure Arnav wouldn’t help her in that… maybe she had to look for something else and bring the truth out.

She dialed her dad’s number on the phone as she put it on speaker while she started packing.

“Yes Khushi... Do you need anything” her dad said as soon as he received the call.

“No dad, I just called to inform you that’s I’m leaving… Arnav is getting married in three days and I’ve got to attend the wedding”

“What? I mean are you sure?”

“Yes dad, I’ll have left before you come home so I thought I’ll just call and inform you, I’ll be back after the wedding”

“Okay... Take care of yourself”

She disconnected the call and closed the suitcase as she called a servant to take it to the car.

She tied her hair up in a ponytail and looked at herself in the mirror.

“You have to do this Khushi… this is the only option left… I know I will hurt Arnav but I wish I had another choice…” Khushi said as she headed downstairs.

She dialed NK’s number as she got into the car.

“Khushi! Where have you been? I’ve been calling you like crazy… are you fine?”

“Yeah NK, I’m good… I saw your missed calls, but I’m good… anyway I called to inform you that I’m coming there”

“Coming here? Again?”

“Yes... I have realized… I love Arnav and I can’t keep him in dark, he should know the truth so I’m coming there, I’ll make sure he sees Geet’s real face” Khushi said

“Wow really? That’s great, I’m so happy you finally decided to speak the truth…” NK said

“Anyway I’ll see you there then”

“Sure, have a safe journey” NK said happily as Khushi disconnected the call while lost in thoughts yet.

Why was NK sounding so happy and excited about it, was really Geet saying the truth? Was NK the one behind all this?

It was so confusing… NK had helped her so much, he had always been with her and she really dint want him to be wrong but still somehow she felt like maybe somewhere Geet might have been right.. Maybe she wasn’t lying to her.

She shut her eyes trying to think hard about all this things but in the end she ended up thinking about Arnav anyway.

That day when she left, she thought she’d never see him again, she’d never come back here again but destiny did something to bring her back every time.

She wondered how Arnav would react when he saw her there… he was getting married in three days and she was going to do something that would change everything between them forever.

Something that would leave either hatred of love in his heart for her…

Something she wasn’t even sure of… she dint even know if it would work out or not.

All she wanted was Arnav not to be hurt in the end by her… although she could never be with him but she had fallen for him no matter how hard she tried to stop herself from to and all that she wanted now was his happiness and to know the truth because both NK and Geet were close to him and either of them was wrong, she dint want him to face any problems because of either of them in future.

Humko mohabbat dhoondh rahi thi… naam pata sab pooch rahi thi…

Arnav was in his room walking from here to there… he couldn’t believe he was actually getting married to Geet and he wasn’t happy about it.

She walked towards the window and stared outside trying to make himself better…

Hadn’t he tried so much not to fall for Khushi since the first time he saw her? But then things went just out of his hands… now how could he tell Geet that he loved Khushi? Wouldn’t that break her so badly?

He couldn’t do this to Geet, she loved him so much..

Teri kasam ho… teri kasam hum pakde gaye hai.. hath kadiyo me jhakde gaye hai…

Humko qayamat dhoondh rahi thi… naam pata sab pooch rahi thi…

Althought neither of them wanted to fall in love, they did and now there was nothing they could do about it.

They couldn’t even tell each other how much in love they were because for both of them this was wrong…

For Khushi it was wrong to love the guy her best friend loved and for Arnav it was wrong to love Khushi because she looked like Panchi and it was wrong to love her when he was with Geet.

Now where was destiny going to lead the both lovers to?

Was this the end of their love story?

Arnav shut the window angrily trying his best to control his thoughts which always ended up with Khushi… he walked out of his room and just when he saw the door… so many memories flashed through his mind…

The most recent one… when he kissed her and she let him was the most beautiful and the most painful one at the same time.

Why couldn’t he just be happy with Geet? Why did he have to fall in love with Khushi?

Chori se yeh.. chupke se aayi… tere mere dil me samayi…

He just pulled the door open and headed outside… he dint want to live in this house anymore, everything about him was just reminding him of Khushi and every time he got reminded of her he knew he couldn’t have her and that’s what hurt him the most.

Pehle dil ka chain churaya phir aankhon se neend churayi…

The driver parked the car in the parking lot as Khushi stepped out of it, she got the suitcase out of the booth and headed towards the stairs.

He heart was in a race, she had no idea how Arnav was going to react when he saw her there. How she was going to react when she saw him…

She pulled the suitcase as she slowly started climbing the stairs… she could hear some footsteps, maybe someone was descending down, she just hoped and prayed it wasn’t Arnav.

Arnav stopped suddenly when his eyes met with the girl who was standing at the stairs staring at him in complete shock… and he… dint know how to react! He was just thinking about her right now and here she was! Standing right in front of him…

He felt as if someone just pulled his heart out of his chest and threw it to her because seeing her here was making him both happy and sad…

Saat samundar bujha sake na aisi aag lagayi…

Aisa laga bas jaan nikalgayi saamne jab tu aayi…

Tears rolled down Khushi’s eyes as she continued staring at Arnav… she just wanted to run back to the car and tell the driver to take her back home but she knew she couldn’t… not until she got to know the truth.

Teri kasam ho… teri kasam hum pakde gaye hai… hath kadiyo me jhakde gaye hai…

“Khushi” Arnav said as his lips trembled… he couldn’t tell her how much happy he was to see her here but felt some sort of pain at the same time.

Khushi was all trembling.. She had never felt this way… never ever in her life.

She felt scared, nervous, happy, sad and what not… her hold on the suitcase loosened and it slid out of her hand sliding down the stairs…

She turned to look at it and couldn’t understand why the falling of the suitcase was hurting her so much until she cried her whole heart out.

She felt his hand on her shoulder as she became still for that moment.. She couldn’t explain how she felt at his touch.

Tezz haw aka banke jhoka… isne humko rah me roka…

Boli aao tumko sikhaun aankh micholi… khel dilon ka…

Tere mere nain mile to isko milgaya mauka…

Kya karte kya kar sakte the.. dil bhi degaya dhoka…

She turned to him and hugged him tightly as she broke down completely… Arnav held her into his arms as if it was the end of the world… as if he was never going to see her again after today.

“I Love you Arnav! I love you so damn much and it hurts like hell” Khushi cried in his arms.

Arnav just held her tighter hearing those words from her… she loved him! What could make him happier than this that the girl he loved, loved him back?

He broke the hug and pushed her to the wall sealing his lips with hers not caring about anything else… he was just overwhelmed by her simple yet painful confession which tore him apart like nothing else.

He held both her hands and pinned them onto the wall with one of his hands while with the other he got hold of her waist and pulled her the closest she could get to him.

She sucked her lips like a hungry man who hadn’t got food for weeks… she yearned for breaths but he wasn’t in moods to break apart and let her breath, he just wanted to kiss her forever like this and to let her know that he loved her too… so damn much.

Tears kept on rolling down both their eyes, maybe no one would have shared a kiss full of love yet as painful as this one was.

After almost what seemed like an eternity he broke apart from her finally inhaling the air, he stared at her but her eyes weren’t on him, instead they were stuck somewhere up the stairs…

When he turned around to look where her gaze was, he was left shocked!

Aug 5, 2016

The Conscience... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 62 times)

“NK!” Arnav said out of shock.

“Ohw… so you guys finally did it” NK said as he walked toward them while Khushi stared at him unable to understand his reaction or his expressions.

“What do you mean by we finally did it?” Arnav asked

“I mean informed Geet that you both love each other”

Arnav and Khushi looked at him without any response as his expressions changed to surprised ones.

“You mean you dint? And you were just kissing!” NK said angrily

Khushi was yet staring at him… there was something unusual about his behavior, why did he seem angry about her and Arnav kissing? Was Geet actually right about him?

“Khushi… you weren’t coming back right? Why now all over a sudden? What’s wrong with you guys… what’s going on… will anyone of you explain please?”

“I see no point of explaining anything to you NK” Khushi said as she turned to look at Arnav.

She held his hand and looked him into the eyes.

“Arnav I love you, it’s a fact I can no more deny and I want you to know it because I can no more keep it to myself… but moreover there’s something else you need to know… something really important before you decide what you want in your life.

I’ll be waiting for you to come back, when you get free please come to my room, we’ll talk… there are a lot of mysteries which need to be solved” Khushi said as she glared at NK

Arnav nodded positively as he walked away from there leaving Khushi and NK behind.

“Khushi what’s going on? What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to tell Arnav the truth, you were right NK he must know and I can no more hide it from him”

“That’s great if you have finally decided to take that step, I’ll wish you all the best” NK smiled happily as he hugged her, his reactions changing suddenly again.

Was he happy for her or was he happy because he thought that when she told Arnav the truth, Arnav would get angry on her and throw her out?

She was just confused, she couldn’t come up to any conclusion yet so she decided to head inside the apartment.

She settled herself down in the hall when Geet walked out of Arnav’s room suddenly.

She obviously was surprised to see Khushi here as she dint expect her to be here.

“Khushi! You came to attend the wedding? Ohw that’s really good of you” Geet said as she hugged her.

“Yeah, I thought I would have to move on and maybe seeing Arnav and you getting married would help me really much”

“That’s a good thought… should I get you something to eat or drink?”

“No thank you, if you can sit with me for a while we talk”

“Yeah sure, why not” Geet said as she settled herself next to Khushi.

“I don’t know what to do Geet, how am I going to escape NK’s trap? He’s surely going to harm me if he doesn’t get me” Khushi asked nervously.

“For now just be careful he doesn’t get the idea that you know the truth… we can maybe take the help of the police later on if he becomes a threat” Geet said

“Hopefully, anyway I was thinking why don’t you tell Arnav the truth? That NK blackmailed you and killed Panchi and you were in the same car?”

“No way… have you seen how much he loves Panchi? He would never forgive me Khushi and I can’t afford to lose him at any cost” Geet said as she stood up.

She looked around for a few seconds the sighed.

“Excuse me please” she said as she headed back to Arnav’s room.

Things were just becoming complicated, Khushi couldn’t be able to decide anything, both of the seemed right and wrong at the same time… what was she supposed to do in a situation like this?

She was walking around in her room trying to make her mind work and think and give her an idea of what she should do when there was a knock at the door of her room.

She opened the door and there in front of her, stood Arnav.

She welcomed him inside as she shut the door behind.

“I’m sorry for whatever happened downstairs, I just couldn’t control myself” Khushi said

“I Love you!” Arnav said

He looked Khushi into the eyes as he cupped her face.

“I love you so much it damn hurts”

“Arnav… what are you saying... You are getting married to Geet in two days” Khushi said

“I know I am and I know that I should but what do I do Khushi? I can’t stop my heart from feeling this way about you? I can no more stop myself from loving you.

When I saw those tears in your eyes, trust me they broke me into a million pieces, I can’t take all this anymore... Please help me”

“For me to help you, you’ll have to help me in return” Khushi said

“I’m ready to do anything as long as I stop feeling this way… just get me out of this, I don’t want to hurt Geet but… there must be a way right?”

“There is… and for that you’ll have to trust me and do as I say without questioning anything and I promise you, in the end everything will be okay”

“You sure?”

“One hundred percent” Khushi said

Arnav directly pushed her to the wall and claimed for her lips, as much as this was hurting, there was nothing else that could make him feel better than kissing her, deep and wild.

He pulled off the veil from her neck and tied her hand up not leaving her mouth for once. As much as this felt good, it did hurt too because it wasn’t the right thing to do at this moment.

He pushed her to the bed as he tied the other part of the veil to the bed. Sucking her lips roughly he ran his hand to her back and unzipped her dress.

Khushi dint react, she was too lost in the heat of the moment to be able to react at it.

Sucking her lips yet, he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor, he moved apart for a few seconds just to breathe and claimed back her lips.

Khushi was letting out soft moan which aroused him completely, and leaving no limits between them, he unzipped his pants and threw it off as he pulled of Khushi’s clothes too leaving her in her inners only.

He placed soft kisses on her chest and neck as he headed down repeating the same.

Khushi tried her best if she could only free her hands and get hold of him, she just wanted to hold him and press him and make love to him.

“I’m sorry if this hurt” he whispered into her ears as he hugged her tight and in a few seconds, Khushi let out a silent scream, it was all painful yet beautiful.

She shut her eyes as she let him take her virginity, as she let him make love to her in all possible ways he could…

He untied the veil from her hands letting her hand free and as soon as they were free, they got hold of him and just pulled him closer, even when there was no space left between them.

Okay guys, another twist coming up now... as per todays update i'm sure you must have guessed what happens next... so wait and watch...

Aug 6, 2016

The Conscience... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

She woke up next to him covered with a blanket only.

For a moment she couldn’t believe if this was real, she pulled the blanket a bit to confirm and it was indeed true.

Tears started rolling down her eyes, she really wished this was just a dream and it dint happen in real, but it did and now, there was nothing they could change about it.

How could she stoop this low? How could she do this to Geet? No matter how bad she was, no matter if she killed Panchi or she dint, she did not deserve this.

No girl deserved being cheated on like this, just a day away from her marriage and her fiancé sleeping with another girl.

How the hell on earth could she allow this?

She hadn’t done wrong to Geet only but to Panchi also, she had promised herself she’d not fall in love with Arnav, and when she did she has promised herself she’d not be with him, but what would she do now?

She had surrendered herself to him completely, she dint just betray Geet but Panchi also and this wasn’t a good thing, how could she do this?

How couldn’t she understand what the pain of cheating on someone meant? When she herself was a girl and she did this to another girl?

Arnav woke up and found Khushi in tears, for sure he himself was confused for a moment… it took him a while to understand why he was sleeping next to her, and why she was crying.

He just looked at her in surprise, he dint even know when he went that far with her breaking all the limits between them.

It was just something about that moment which he couldn’t control, and he ended up doing something he shouldn’t have done.

“Khushi I’m sorry… I don’t know how it happened.. I feel terrible, this shouldn’t have happened, I’m really sorry”

“Leave me alone for a while Arnav please” She said as she stood up and locked herself in the bathroom.

Arnav just sat on the bed not being able to understand a thing… whatever that had happened wasn’t right, he was just going to get married to Geet and this wasn’t right at all.

He quickly got dressed up and sneaked out of Khushi’s room making sure no one saw him and got into his room where Geet was waiting for him.

“Where have you been all night Arnav?” she asked as soon as he walked in.

“Can we discuss this later please, I need to be alone for a while if you don’t mind”

Geet just nodded as she headed out of the room and Arnav locked himself inside.

It was enough! Enough of the pain, enough of everything that was happening… he felt tired of this all… how long would he keep hoping for a miracle that would bring him and Khushi together?

Maybe his destiny was bound to Geet and nothing would help… he had to forget about Khushi no matter how hard it was… after all, how long would he keep on thinking about her when there was nothing going to be between them apart from a few painful memories?

Kab tak yaad karoon main usko… kab tak ashq bahaun…

Yaaron rab se duaa karo… main usko bhool jaun…

He freshened up and sat on his bed for a while trying his best to calm himself down.

There was no way he was going to hide the truth from Geet, he just hoped she’d forgive him for cheating on her like this.

He dint know how he was going to explain things to her, he just knew she deserved to know the truth and he had to tell her about it.

Love was such a weird thing… all this years he lived thinking he loved Geet, but after he met Khushi he realized he never had loved her, all he had for her was sympathy.

But now realization came when it was too late, the only thing that was stopping him was the favors Geet’s dad had done to him, how could he hurt Geet then?

Maybe he would just tell her the truth but hide the fact that he loves Khushi then she might forgive him, there was no way he could confess to her that he loved Khushi… it would just break her completely.

He was trapped between not knowing what was right and what was wrong… so he decided to do what his heart told him to, and that was to tell Geet about what happened between him and Khushi last night.

Maine ishq kiya tha saza bhi maine paayi… uth na paunga Jeevan bhar aisi thokar khayi…

Sabkuch karna iss dunia me dil na yaar lagana… mere jaisa ishq tumhe bhi kardega deewana…

After gathering enough confidence to talk to Geet he opened the door of his room.

He breathed in and out as he headed to the hall, he had to do this, at any cost.

He saw Khushi hugging NK and crying her heart out, he knew he was the reason behind those tears, but only if he could mend all this things that were like a maze, he dint know where to go and what to do.

Dil jalta hai kaise tumko… dil ke daag dikhaun… yaaron rab se dua karo me usko bhool jaun…

He ignored her and headed towards Geet who was sited on the couch lost in thoughts.

“Can we talk?” he asked

Geet nodded as she stood up and walked towards him, while Khushi stared at both of them painfully.

“Khushi can you come here for a second please?” He asked

Khushi walked towards him confused while she looked at NK who was also confused on what was going on between them.

He made both Geet and Khushi stand next to each other as he knelt down on his knees in front of both of them.

“Arnav… what are you doing?” Geet asked

“I’m sorry to both of you… I’m sorry Khushi for everything I did to hurt you and Geet I’m sorry for everything which I’m going to tell you about, it’s going to hurt you but I hope you’ll forgive me”

“Arnav… no!” Khushi cried

“What is it Arnav?” Geet asked worriedly as she looked at Khushi then him.

“I’m sorry Khushi, but I’m getting married to her and I can’t hide this from her…” Arnav said as Khushi turned away from him.

“Arnav… you are scaring me… what is it?” Geet asked

“Geet I am so sorry… I dint want to cheat on you… I just don’t know how it happened… I’m so sorry please forgive me” Arnav said as tears rolled down his eyes.

Khushi fell down on her knees as NK rushed to support her.

“You asked me where I was last night… the truth is I was in Khushi’s room… please don’t misunderstand me… she was hurt and I couldn’t see her in pain and I don’t know what happened to me, I couldn’t stop myself… I… Geet I…”

“You don’t have to continue” Geet said as she walked to the room and shut the door without saying anything anymore.

“Khushi did you and Arnav… I mean… did you guys really?” NK asked stammering

Khushi just nodded positively as she broke down more and more…

“How could you guys do this.. How the hell on earth could you?” NK shouted angrily leaving both Arnav and Khushi shocked.

It was okay that Geet was hurt, she had the right to feel hurt but why was NK hurt?

Was this the answer Khushi came here looking for, although she hadn’t even executed her plan, things were already working the way they should have if she executed her plan of telling Arnav to confess that he loved her in front of Geet and NK and afterward she would have known who was wrong on the way either of them reacted.

“NK” Khushi said in disbelief.

“You guys were wrong! Damn wrong! You shouldn’t have done this!” he shouted as he entered in his room and shut himself inside.

Khushi looked at both the doors… was Geet right? Was NK the real culprit?

Aug 6, 2016

The Conscience... Part 35 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

“I’m sorry Khushi” Arnav said sadly as he walked out of the apartment.

Khushi looked around wondering what to do, she had to find out the truth and all this couldn’t stop her from finding it out.

She headed to NK’s room and knocked at the door for quite a while until NK finally opened the door.

“Can we talk?” She asked

“Is there anything left to talk about Khushi?”

“There’s a lot I don’t understand… so I want to know about it… I want to know why this is affecting you… NK you are my friend and you are Arnav’s friend… I remember until a few days back you were happy for me… you were helping me in all possible way but today seeing you like this I don’t understand a thing”

“What is it that you don’t understand?”

“I don’t understand why you are hurt because of all this”

“Yes I am hurt Khushi and you are the reason behind me feeling this way!” NK shouted

“What did I do?” she asked

“You did everything you could to destroy me, and look here I am, standing in front of you, completely destroyed… what am I supposed to do now?”

“NK what’s wrong… why are you acting so strange?”

“Because I love you Khushi, is it hard to understand such a simple thing? I damn love you!”

“But you know I love Arnav”

“I know… and that’s the problem… you love him and not me! Why Khushi… I was always around you.. I helped you so much still you ended up falling in love with him when he was nothing but rude to you? Why?”

“Because I can’t force myself to fall in love NK, it just happened!” She shouted back.

“Yeah it just happened… you got your answers right? Now will you please leave me alone?” NK asked

Khushi just stared at him on confusion… Was Geet really right about NK? He was the real culprit? How could he? Her heart dint want to believe it but what she was seeing here right now was forcing her to believe it.

Khushi walked out as NK shut the door angrily behind her, she walked into her room and sat there thinking..

What happens now?

What would happen about Arnav and Geet? About her and Arnav? About NK being the culprit?

She was just lost in thoughts when she heard a knock at the door.

“Come in” She said as she looked towards it.

It opened slowly and Geet walked in, Khushi just lowered her head feeling guilty, whatever happened between her and Arnav was right at all, even if Geet was or wasn’t the culprit, no girl deserved getting cheated on.

She walked in with two coffee mugs and placed one in front of Khushi as she sat next to her.

“I had told you hadn’t I? That if Arnav also loves you, I’d walk away… I guess now it’s time for me to walk away” Geet said sadly.

Khushi just looked at her as tears started rolling down her eyes.

“I don’t blame you Khushi… I just blame destiny… maybe it was in my destiny to love Arnav but never to be with him” Geet said as she sipped some coffee from her mug.

“Drink it, you’ll feel better” She told Khushi

Khushi picked up the mug and took a sip and she looked at Geet who was still staring at her sadly.

“You know Khushi… Arnav loved Panchi a lot, I knew it… I knew it since the day of the accident and he lost her… after that I had never seen that kind of love in his eyes, not until today… when he said sorry to me… I could see how guilty he was but I could also see how much he loved you” Geet said

“But you don’t have to go away, you are the one who deserves to be with him, I’ll go away and never return back” Khushi said

Geet just smiled at her as she stood up and hugged her.

“It was good knowing you… we’ll meet some day, when you’d come to visit me with Arnav and maybe your kids” She said as she turned around to walk away.

“I’m sorry Geet… I really am” Khushi said

“No Khushi… I’m sorry” Geet said as she walked away.

Khushi lied on her bed as she tried to sleep, there was nothing going to help her than some sleep right now…

Geet headed back to her room just when NK stepped out and headed to Khushi’s room directly.

Arnav walked back to the apartment after some time and found Geet sited in the hall.

He sat next to her and held her hand, she let him hold it without speaking a word.

“I’m sorry, I really dint intend to hurt you” Arnav said

Geet looked at him as she hugged him tightly and broke down into tears…

They stayed like that for a while until Arnav broke the hug and looked around.

“Where’s NK… I need to talk to him” he asked

“I guess he was in his room, he’s been there since all that happened”

“I’ll just go and talk to him” Arnav said as he stood up and headed to NK’s room.

He knocked at the door but there was no response, when he knocked the second time, the door opened itself.

Arnav took a look inside and called him out but there was no reply.

He worriedly looked towards Khushi’s room and opened the door, Khushi wasn’t also there.

“Where are they?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“I have no idea… NK was in his room, I went to talk to Khushi in her room and we talked for a while and then I left… I dint see any of them going anywhere” Geet said

“I sense something fishy” Arnav said as he rushed out and dialed NK’s number on his phone hoping he would receive and tell him that Khushi was with him and she was fine.

Aug 9, 2016

The Conscience... Part 36 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 76 times)

He called NK once but the phone just kept on ringing and ringing until it got disconnected making Arnav more worried.

He dialed his number once again and this time NK finally received the call.

“NK where the hell are you? Where is Khushi? Why are you both missing? Do you have an idea how worried I am?” Arnav asked

“Relax Arnav, you need not to worry about Khushi, I’ll take care of her myself” NK said

“What’s wrong NK why are you talking like this?”

“Then what the hell do you expect me to say? I beg you, please stay away from Khushi, I don’t want her to be close to someone who means danger to her, someone who tries to take her life away from her!” NK shouted

“What are you talking about NK?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“You have any idea what has happened Arnav? Khushi’s life is in danger and you are the reason behind it”

“What? Where are you? Tell me, I’ll be there right away” Arnav asked

NK gave him the name of the hospital as Arnav quickly rushed to the hospital followed by Geet.

NK was pacing up and down… the lights of the ICU were still on, he just hoped when the doctors would come out they would tell him that she was out of danger.

Arnav rushed looking for NK as soon as he entered the hospital. He found him standing outside the ICU and rushed to him.

“What happened? Where is Khushi?” Arnav asked

“She’s inside, fighting between life and death, all because of you… if something happens to her, I promise I’ll not spare the any of you” NK shouted as he broke down into tears.

“What did we do? What happened? Could you please tell me how she got here?”

“I think instead of asking me that question, you should ask Geet about it, am I right Geet?” NK asked as he looked at her.

“Geet? What are you trying to say?”

“I’m trying to say that’s he poisoned Khushi… she mixed poison in her cup of coffee so she could go away from your life forever…

It was good that I went to Khushi’s room to talk to her and found her unwell so I quickly rushed her to the hospital, but what I noticed was a coffee mug left behind, and I knew it was her, I damn knew because I knew she could stoop that low!”

“How can Geet do this NK? I’m sure you are mistaken”

“I’m not mistaken Arnav, you are the one mistaken, open your eyes… you are just blinded by the favors her father did to you that you dint even realize, this girl isn’t in love with you, she’s obsessed with you, and she can go to any extent to keep you with her even if it means killing someone” NK said

Arnav just looked at Geet who was pretending to be normal and then turned back to look at NK.

“I can’t believe it, Geet can never do this… you must be mistaken, there must be some misunderstanding… Geet is a simple girl, why would she try to kill anyone?”

“Because she already did it once, and she was going to do it the second time, let me tell you one thing, if anything happens to Khushi, I’ll not spare you!” NK said

“Relax NK, you are just overthinking things”

“I am not overthinking things Arnav, you have just been blinded by her… ask her for once, how the accident where he legs got hurt happened and how was it a coincidence that the car that hit her car was none other than Panchi’s car?

Ask her why she killed Panchi… ask her why she mixed poison in Khushi’s coffee so she could also kill her like she killed Panchi?” NK asked

Arnav looked at Geet not knowing what to say… he was just confused he dint know whom to believe and whom not to.

“I knew you, even Khushi knew you wouldn’t trust her, that’s why she never told you the truth and see now she’s being punished only because of you… you won’t believe me but I’m sure you’ll believe the proof, the coffee mug is still on Khushi’s side table, go take it for fingerprint test and then let me know if you don’t find fingerprints of Geet on the mug, go get that bit of coffee left in the mug then tell me if you don’t find poison mixed with it”

Arnav just looked at Geet, was really whatever NK was saying true?

“Arnav don’t trust him, his just blaming me for no reason… he might be the one who had done this, remember how angry he was when you told me the truth about you and Khushi… I was the one to feel hurt then how come he was angry?” Geet tried to justify herself.

“Me being angry can be justified, please try to justify why you are so normal even after knowing the truth? How could you forgive Arnav so easily for cheating on you? How could you be with him right now? How couldn’t you ask him for answers?

There’s only one answer to that, it’s because you want him so desperately you are damn obsessed, you knew if Khushi stayed alive Arnav would go with her so you just decided to end this love story and as a matter of fact of poisoned Khushi”

“Arnav please don’t trust him, he’s just blaming me for no reason”

“Yes don’t trust me, go trust that mug!” NK shouted

“Fine… if you want me to get that mug tested I will” Arnav said

“But Arnav what’s the need? Does it mean that you don’t trust me and my words? I am saying right I dint do anything then why don’t you just trust me?”

“I trust you Geet but for NK, let’s get it done once”

“No!” She shouted

“You see… there’s your answer Arnav”

“Yes here is your answer… you want to know the truth then know it, I killed Panchi and I did poison Khushi and I will do that even in future…

You are mine and you will remain to be mine, no girl can come around and just take you away from me got that?

I will kill every girl who’ll try to take you away from me!” Geet shouted out loud leaving Arnav in shock.

Aug 10, 2016

The Conscience... Part 37 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 62 times)

Arnav stared at Geet in complete shock, this wasn’t what he ever thought about her. She had always been a sweet and innocent girl, only if he could ever see the real face behind the pretense.

“I’m warning you Arnav, even if she’s saved, you won’t be with her or else I’ll do anything I can to kill her! You are mine only and you’ll remain to be mine I don’t care”

“Shut up!” Arnav almost screamed at the top of his voice.

He looked around and realized they were in a hospital and he dint want to create a scene here. He got hold of her hand and pulled her outside with him until the hospital garden.

“What the hell were you thinking Geet? Do you have an idea on what you did? You killed Panchi!” Arnav said as he tears started rolling down his eyes. He always thought it was an accident, only if he could know that it was a planned murder!

“I dint, she came back to you as that damn Khushi! I tried all my best to do to get her out of your life, I killed her but she damn left her face for Khushi and that Khushi ended up coming to your life!” Geet said

“I never knew you could be like this… do you have an idea on what might happen if I hand you to the police right now? You’ll roast in the jail for the rest of your life for killing Panchi and for trying to kill Khushi!”

“Then hand me over to the police Arnav, because if you let me lose or I’m left alive I’ll never allow any other girl near you and you better get that straight in your head”

“It’s so funny that you say you love me, you don’t even know the meaning of love” Arnav laughed

“Say anything about me Arnav but not my love for you, no one can love you as much as I do”

“No Geet you are wrong, because you don’t love me at all, if you did instead of killing Panchi you would have tried to patch us up because you knew I loved her and she was my happiness.

If you loved me, you wouldn’t try to kill Khushi, I was still going to get married to you anyway wasn’t I? So please don’t say you love me now, there’s no way I can believe it, no matter what you do”

“Arnav please don’t say that… I love you… I never wanted to lose you and that was because of the love I have for you… I am sorry if you dint like what I did, I did it all for you only, please don’t leave me, I’ll die without you” Geet cried

“Geet how can you expect me to forgive you after what you did? Don’t even dream of it. Just get lost and never show me you face again, it’s only because of your father’s favors that I am not calling the police here so get lost!” Arnav shouted as he tried to walk away from her.

She got hold of his hand and begged him to stay but this time, nothing was going to change the decision he had taken.

“I’m sorry Arnav… I really am, I promise I won’t repeat it ever again… please don’t leave me… my whole world revolves around you only, tell me what I will do without you? How will I live without you?” Geet cried

“Then go die!” Arnav pulled his hand away and headed back inside to the hospital as Geet fell down on her knees and broke down into tears.

Arnav was just heading in when NK rushed towards him happily and hugged him.

“Khushi is out of danger Arnav! She’s out of danger” NK said as he happily hugged Arnav

Arnav closed his eyes and thanked God for saving her, for making her all right. NK broke the hug and looked him into the eyes.

“I’m sorry for over reacting, I was just worried for Khushi and it was high time you got to know Geet’s truth”

“It’s okay NK, I understand… can we meet Khushi? What did the doctors say?”

“They said she’s out of danger but unconscious, it will take a few hours till she wakes up we can see her then”

“Okay, I’ll go home and cook her some food meanwhile, she needs to eat when she wakes up”

“I’ll stay here and make sure Geet doesn’t come back, I don’t trust her at all, I’m sure after all this she isn’t just going to stay silent. She must be having some plans in her mind, I’m sure she’d try to harm Khushi again so I’ll better keep an eye”

“If she dares come back, I’ll make sure this time I hand her to the police” Arnav said as he walked away.

He was glad when he dint see Geet anywhere in the garden, hopefully she’d have left for good.

He entered in the mansion and looked around, it was all empty. He headed to his room and Geet’s belongings weren’t there anymore which meant something good. Maybe she finally decided to go back home which was really good, he dint want to see her ever again.

He headed to the kitchen and cooked some boiled food for Khushi then packed it all and put it in a bag as he headed back to the hospital after almost an hour.

He found NK sited outside yet waiting for Khushi to wake up.

“She hasn’t woken up yet?” Arnav asked

“No, I checked on her a while ago she was still asleep and the doctors said it might take some more time for her to wake up” NK said

Arnav opened the door to Khushi’s room and peeped in. She was yet asleep on the bed so he decided to sit outside with NK waiting for her to wake up. Half an hour later…

“I think she might have woken up by now… it’s been quite long” Arnav said

“We should check on her… hopefully she might be awake” NK said They both stood up and Arnav opened the door and walked in but to their surprise or call it shock, Khushi wasn’t on her bed.

“Khushi!” he called her out as he rushed to check if she was in the washroom.

NK looked all around the room but they couldn’t see her anywhere. They finally noticed the window open and they peeped outside. The saw the blanket tied to the window grill which was hanging till the ground.

They both looked at each other in shock, they had been here all the while, how come they never realized when anyone got into this room and took Khushi away?

“It must be Geet, I told you we can’t trust that girl” NK said angrily

“I’m not going to spare her!” Arnav said clenching his fists angrily.

Aug 11, 2016

The Conscience... Part 38 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

“There’s something” NK said as his eyes fell on the side table.

There was a paper lying on it protected with a glass so it couldn’t fall in case of wind. Arnav headed towards the table and pulled the paper out of the glass, it was folded so he unfolded it.

‘Dear Arnav…’ he read and then looked at NK in surprise.

He turned back to the letter and continued reading it aloud.

‘I don’t know if whatever I’m doing is right or not… I just know I have to do this. I am sorry for all that happened between us, and I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the truth earlier but I’m glad you finally got to know about it.

The only reason why I was here was for it, to let you know the truth, now that you’ve known there’s no point of me staying back, my mission is completed and so I have to leave.

I am sorry, I don’t have the strength of meeting you for the last time before I go, I know if I’d see you and you’d tell me to stay back, I would stay back and that wouldn’t be right.

I tried so much, I always tried not to fall in love with you but I couldn’t just control it anymore and that’s when I knew why Panchi loved you so much… because you are just the perfect guy every girl needs, I would say that even after what happened between us and you ended up cheating on Geet, because I know, it wasn’t your fault, neither was it mine… it was the fault of the situation so I don’t think I’d blame anyone.

I know you must wonder what’s more important to me, why am I leaving you behind when now everything is good, when we can be together and spend the rest of our lives together…

I’m sorry to say this but for me Panchi would always come first, and I don’t have the strength to be with the guy she loved, it just wouldn’t be right.

Tell NK that I’m sorry, I couldn’t love him back but he’s the best kind of friend anyone would have and tell him I’m sorry for not trusting him and believing what Geet said, I hope he’d forgive me.

PS: If you really do love me, promise me you’ll never look for me, I have tried a lot to gather this strength, once I see you, it will all be shattered away.



Arnav looked at NK with eyes full of tears, he had no idea where to go from here now!

“How did she know that you knew the truth? I mean when everything happened she was unconscious” NK asked

“Our doubt was right NK but only half of it was right… Geet was here but she dint take Khushi away… she just told her what had happened… and after that Khushi took this decision”

“But she could have talked to us at least once, I’m not going to let her go so easily. She loved you much, I know it would be difficult for her to be without you, I don’t understand why she’s up to punishing herself.

Let’s go and look for her, we’d explain things to her, she has to understand that loving you isn’t wrong, neither is being with you!”

“No!” Arnav said

“What are you saying Arnav”

“We won’t go looking for her, maybe fate has it this way, we’d leave it this way… let’s go” Arnav said


“Back home.. There’s nothing left now..” Arnav said as he walked away followed by NK.

Bichde abhi to hum bas kal parso… jeeyungi mein kaise iss haal me barso…

Maut na aayi teri yaad kyun aayi… haaye lambi judaai…

Chaar dino da, pyaar oh rabba badi lambi judaai.. lambi judaai…

Arnav locked himself up in his room as soon as they arrived at the apartment and refused to talk to NK at all. He just wanted some time alone, some time to himself…

He couldn’t just believe Khushi had left like this and she even asked him not to look for her.. Why was she doing this to him? It started raining outside as Arnav walked towards the window and stared out…

He remembered that night when she came here, to this house to live with them… it was such a rainy night… He was sited in this room playing guitar when the door opened and he walked outside and when he saw her for the first time, he knew his Panchi was back, but he dint react because he had seen her dead, and there wasn’t any way she was coming back…

He dint want her to stay here with them because he knew every time he’d see her she’ll remind him of Panchi and he dint want that but he couldn’t argue with NK anyway when he wanted her to stay here…

There was that time when he dint want her here and there is this time when he’d do anything to see her here.

Ek to sajan mere paas nahi re… duje milan do koi aas nahi re…

Uspe yeh sawan aaya… aag lagaye… haaye lambi judaai…

He stood up suddenly and headed to his cupboard pulled out all his clothes and started packing them.

He knew if he stayed here, he would always be haunted by the memories of Khushi and worse Geet would try to come back to him.

And after all this he hated her so much he dint even wish to see her face. He just hated her so much, he’d never forgive her for what she did to Panchi and what she tried to do to Khushi.

How did she even think of doing all that? Why do people always try to separate two lovers, can’t they see someone being happy or what?

Toote zamane tere haath nigode… haath nigode…

Jinse dilon ke tune rishte tode… rishte tode…

Hijr ke ochi deewar banaye… haaye lambi judaai…

He packed everything he needed and then headed out, he looked around and couldn’t see NK anywhere. He left the keys on the table and headed away… leaving everything behind… The past… the memories and the pain.

Flashback Ends…

He glared at the sky above turning darker as the night grew longer. He just wanted to go away from this place, just a few hours in this house and everything was too painful, he waited for the morning so that NK could take him away… take him wherever he mentioned he would take him in the morning.

He looked at the house opposite for one last time and then headed back inside… It had been five years… Five years since he left this place, this city and everything else behind in search of peace which he never found.

And now he was back here again, for God knows what… why did NK even bring him back?

Aug 12, 2016

The Conscience... Part 39 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 71 times)

“You remember the rules?” NK asked as he got inside the car.

“Yes, no getting angry and not running away” Arnav said as he looked at him

“Good, you better stick to that” NK said as he started driving.

“Now would you tell me where we are going to?” Arnav asked

“A lot has happened in the past five years Arnav… I want you to have a look at the things you left behind and how with time everything changed except one thing”

“And what is that?”

“Have some patience, everything has its own time, you’ll get to know don’t worry”

Arnav just looked outside the window as NK kept on driving… this road seemed familiar… it was the very same road he used often. Was he really taking him there? Why would he do that when he also witnessed everything that had happened?

“NK…” Arnav said as NK parked the car.

“Step out” NK said

“I’m not getting out of this car, get back in and take me out of this place” Arnav said angrily

“Arnav you promised you wouldn’t get angry”

“If I knew you were bringing me here, I wouldn’t have made the promise now let’s go”

“I brought you here for a reason Arnav and you must come out of the car”

“If you think that I’m going to forgive here after all what she did forget it! I’ll never forgive her! She was insane, she took Panchi away from me then she took Khushi away too” Arnav said as his eyes turned red in anger.

“Arnav please trust me, let me to whatever I’m doing… you’ll understand why I did so later but for now please do as I say”

Arnav stepped out of the car as NK walked towards him.

“Let’s go inside” he said as he got hold of his hand and pulled him inside the house. They walked in through the main door as Arnav looked around… everything was the same in this house yet… nothing had really changed.

Far at the end, an old man was sited on the chair reading some newspaper.

He stood up as soon as he saw Arnav walking in and hugged him tight.

“I thought I’d never see you again...” he said

Arnav just tried his best to stay calm and hoped Geet wouldn’t come up, he just dint want to see her face or even talk to her.

“How have you been uncle?”

“Pushing on with life… growing old isn’t easy”

“I’m sorry but I think I should leave, I don’t feel comfortable at all.. NK let’s leave”

“Wait Arnav… you’ve been back after so long, at least sit for a few minutes” Arnav just looked at NK who nodded and they both sat down while the old man stood up and started walking away.

“If you are going to call you daughter then don’t” Arnav said angrily.

The old man turned to look at him then looked at NK who just stared at the floor having nothing to say.

“She wouldn’t come even if I called her anyway… she’s already gone”

“Gone where?”

“She’s no more” NK said as he stood up with tears in his eyes while Arnav looked at him in shock.

“That night when everything shattered, she also did… she broke so badly she couldn’t join back the pieces and maybe that’s why she chose this path.

There comes a time in life when we all make mistakes, some small some big ones… at that time our conscience decides for us what’s right and what’s wrong…

She had realized she had done bad, she knew she made mistakes or let’s call it a crime but at that time she was just immature, that day after she came back from the hospital she kept herself locked up in the room.

I tried a lot to talk to her, but she dint answer, she just sat silently on her bed without saying anything or reacting at all.. she dint even cry…

I tried all I could but she wouldn’t just talk to me… day passed by but I saw no change in her… she always kept herself locked in her room and dint speak to anyone neither did she cry…

I was getting worried, I even promised her I would look for you and ask you to forgive her but maybe she knew you wouldn’t…

After a few months… one day… she finally spoke to me… she hugged me tight and cried all her pain out.”


“Dad” She said

Her father turned his head up to look at her, her eyes were all welled up.

“I was immature, I never understood what I was doing, I never knew what was right and wrong but today I felt terrible…

My inner voice is cursing me, shouting at me and telling me I committed a crime… it’s not letting me be at peace…

I killed Panchi, I tried to kill Khushi, I was so blinded by my obsession that all I wanted was my happiness… In the process of getting happiness for myself, I forgot that I was not only snatching Panchi and Khushi’s happiness, I was also snatching away Arnav’s happiness…

I know even when I say this, Arnav wouldn’t believe me and I don’t want him to… I’ve been a bad person but now I want to change, I want to be a good person… will you help me be a good person?” She asked

“You already are a good person, you are regretting you mistakes”

“I don’t know, I just don’t feel okay”

“It’s okay Geet everyone makes mistake, please forget about it and take some rest”

“Please tell Arnav that I am sorry” She said as she fell flat on her bed and tried to sleep.

When her father was sure she was finally asleep, he walked out of the room and shut the door behind letting her relax.

Flashback ends…

“That night, I went to sleep peacefully thinking my daughter was finally getting back to normal after so ling but I dint know it wasn’t what I thought…

I dint know I was talking to my daughter for the last time, I dint know it was the last time I would hear her voice… I knew nothing.

I just went to bed being sure she was now fine unknown to what had been going on in her mind.

The next morning when I went to call her for breakfast, I tried a lot to wake her up but she dint listen to me, as if she was in some deep sleep.

I got worried and shook her but she dint respond, when I turned her to face me, I was left broken… her hands were covered with blood and she was holding your photo frame in her hands which was also full of blood.” He said as he broke down into tears.

He walked a bit further and opened a drawer as he pulled out the photo frame that was yet covered with blood.

He handed it to Arnav with a letter that Geet had left on her bed when she decided to take this step.

Arnav opened the letter with trembling hands as his eyes were filled with tears and his heat with pain.

I am sorry Arnav, I know no matter how many times I’d say it, it wouldn’t be enough for my mistakes, and you still wouldn’t forgive me…

I tried a lot, after I left the hospital I tried to be normal but I couldn’t, my conscience kept on cursing me for the wrongs I did and even when I tried to live my life like before my conscience wouldn’t let me…

I then remembered that incident… that day at the hospital when I told you I couldn’t live without you and you told me I could go die…

I thought you wouldn’t care if I were dead or alive anyway and what was the point of living such a life where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror because of what I had done…

I am not blaming you for this, I just wrote this so that you could forgive me for my mistakes… I am sorry Arnav but I could no more live with the guilt of all that I had done…

Someday if you come back and not find me, I’m sure you’ll find this letter and I hope if death is the punishment for every mistake, I’ve now got my punishment… hopefully you would now forgive me..

Arnav fell down onto his knees after reading the letter… NK just rushed towards him and consoled him while he mourned at the death of Geet.

Aug 13, 2016

The Conscience... Part 40 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 61 times)

Arnav and NK got inside the car as Arnav sat there silently without speaking a word, he was hurt… it was painful that Geet decided to end her life, maybe her conscience wouldn’t have let her be in peace but she could have at least tried.

Putting her life to an end wasn’t any solution at all, she just ended up punishing everyone else, even her father who loved her so much.

“Are you okay?” NK asked “Can we please go home, I just want to be alone for a while” “Sure but just one more stop then you’re free to go wherever you want to” NK said as Arnav nodded and they drove off.

After half an hour of drive, NK stopped the car in front of a huge mansion as Arnav finally turned his head up to look wherever he was.

He could only see a mansion and a guard at the gate, he dint know why he even brought him here.

“What are we here for?” Arnav asked

NK just smiled and stepped out of the car without giving him any answer and headed inside the mansion, Arnav had no option than to just follow him.

As soon as they walked through the gate to the garden, he spotted a little girl running here and there giggling happily.

A while later was when his eyes went to the person chasing the little girl and playing around with her… and to say he was surprised wasn’t really true, he was more than surprised.

His eyes were just staring at one place, not wanting to look at any other direction…

He wanted them to keep staring there forever, he wanted to keep standing here and not move even an inch because maybe he would just open his eyes and suddenly realize that all this was just a dream… one of those dreams he’d been having for five years now.

But this wasn’t any sort of dream, it was just the kind of reality which was almost impossible to believe…

“Khushi” He whispered in surprise.

The little girl stopped running when she realized she wasn’t being chased anymore, she turned to look at what was going on and saw Khushi staring at a man who was standing a few feet away from them.

She stood still at one position, looking at him as tears rolled down her eyes… She was smiling and crying at the same time, which was quite confusing for the little one, how could someone be happy and cry all at once?

Arnav kept on staring at her, there was nothing else he could do, or maybe he dint know what else to do.

“Who is he?” The girl asked as she held Khushi’s hand and shook it.

“He’s your dad” Khushi said leaving Arnav more surprised as his eyes widened and he turned to look at the little girl.

He knelt down on his knees almost breaking down but he tried his best to stay strong… so much had changed in this five years, so much he wasn’t aware of.

He opened his arms for her as she rushed to hug him happily while Khushi just looked at them with a smile on her face.

He broke the hug and tucked her hair behind her ears and hugged her again this time crying so badly… it was really sad that for all this years he was unaware that he was already a father.

He missed out of everything, on taking care of Khushi when she was pregnant, on seeing her give birth and on all those little kinds of happiness.

He just held her tighter trying to get over all that he had lost. He carried her in his arms, talked to her and laughed with her while Khushi and NK and just stared at the both happily.

It was such a bliss to see the duo together after all this years, they deserved this happiness and now no one could take it away from them.

“What’s your name?” Arnav asked

“Panchi” She said as Arnav turned to look at Khushi with his moist eyes.

“I just thought there wouldn’t be any better name for her… she’ll keep reminding me always that it was because of her that I am alive, it’s because of her that I met you and fell in love with you and it’s because of that love now that I have this little angel in my life” Khushi said

Arnav stood up as he walked towards her and pulled her into a tight hug, maybe making sure she doesn’t leave him once again.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You just left and told me never to look for you” Arnav asked

“I dint know myself, I got to know after some time and I tried looking for you but you had just disappeared, I asked NK and he had no idea where you were, it was for sure I wasn’t going to hide about the baby to you” Khushi said

“I’m sorry, I just thought if I’d stay here I’d end up looking for you and you dint want that”

“I took five years Arnav, but I understood… Loving you wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t going to hurt my best friend by loving you, I was just going to make her happy wherever she was, because she knew that there was someone here to take care of you after she left”

“It took us five years to understand, the fault was mine too, I shouldn’t have listened to you, instead of just going away I should have looked for you and convinced you, but I thought you were right in your place and I just let you go”

“And I wasted five years of my life looking for you so that I could bring you back to her” NK said

“That’s what friends are for” Arnav giggled

“Shut up, I did this for Khushi…” NK said

They sat down on the bench while Panchi went around to play leaving the three behind discussing things.

“Can I ask you something?” Arnav asked

“Sure” Khushi said

“You were unconscious and NK and I were waiting outside and when we came you left, how did you know that I already knew the truth?”

“I am also confused about that” NK said

“Geet came to my room, through the window obviously… she talked to me and told me she was sorry for what she did and she was going away from our lives forever” Khushi said

“And you NK I have a question for you too, why did you get so angry that day when I told Geet the truth, about what had happened between me and Khushi, I mean about us getting intimate”

“Okay this is embarrassing, but I don’t I just fell in love with her but then I knew she loved you and that day when you said the truth I couldn’t just handle it, I was jealous and hurt and on top of I thought it wasn’t right with Geet no matter how bad she was at that time”

“And by that you made me think you were the culprit” Khushi said

“So much happened” Arnav sighed

“And we survived it all” Khushi said

“Everything happened, apart from one thing” He said

“And what’s that?” Khushi asked

Arnav stood up all over a sudden and then went down on his knees leaving Khushi surprised.

“Will you marry me?” He asked holding out his hand

“Yes” Khushi nodded as she gave her hand into his.

The End!!

i have no idea if i rushed the ending... it might not be up to expectations but trust me, this is all i could do... there was no other idea in my mind so i decided to end it here... and i also dint want to drag it so here comes the end finally... from monday, i'll be back with another ff. Till then keep reading and commenting... and Thank you all for your support :)

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