The Conscience

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Jun 20, 2016

The Conscience (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

Part 1

The door to his room is being knocked several times, but he didn’t want to open it. He was just scared that his past would come all over again and snatch away even the little peace he was left with.He dint want to remember anything connected to that past, he didn’t want to remember all that happened that ruined his entire life and right now when he was hearing the knocks at his door, he shut his eyes and prayed to God, he don’t want to face it once again.He slowly headed towards the door and opened it and there stood the thing he was wanting not to be there… His Past.

A man stood in front of him looking straight into his eyes but he had no courage to face him.He reminded him of his past too, and he was sure right now he was here to talk about something related to that.


“What are you doing here Arnav? Do you have an idea of where in the world I haven’t looked for you? You should have at least informed me that you were leaving” the man asked

“I was running away from my past NK, I thought if I’d come here I’ll forget everything related to it”

“So did you forget?”

“I am trying to”

“You are still trying? It’s been five good years Arnav, do you have an idea what you are missing out on?”

“There was nothing left in my life to be missed out on, and why are you even here… don’t remind me of my past and the pain it caused to me, just leave me alone, I’ll live my life”

“Arnav you have been away from us for five years looking for peace or God knows what, but did you get it? No! Then why can’t you just come back with me, we will have a beautiful life like before…It’s been five years, I have been looking for you at every place I thought I’d find you, and now when you are here, I’ll not let you live such a life, you have to come back with me”

“I am not going back to that place again, I don’t want to see her face again because this time I might just kill her”

“She won’t be there trust me, just come back with me please, stop running away from your life at least.”

“Why are you forcing me?”

“Because I want to see you living your life again, that too, to the fullest”

He took a deep sigh then headed to pack his bags, he knew he wasn’t going to let him stay just like that, he had many other ways to convince him and take him back so he just decided to save the argument and go back with him… maybe it was time, to face it all over again.


He walked out of the house and looked at the other house just opposite to the one they were living it, it seemed empty as if no one lived there for the last five years.


“Why are we staying opposite to that house NK?” he asked

“Because I had no other option, you know how hard it is to find houses on rent here, I shifted to a town a few years back, I just took this house on rent for a couple of days until you are here”

“Then why can’t we stay in the town you stay?”

“Because I want it to end where it all began”

“You could get another damn house, why opposite to this one!” He shouted angrily.

He dint like all this, why were they staying in front of the same house where they once used to stay? Staying in the same colony, looking at the same faces… it gave him some incurable pain.

“I’m off to bed, you better take some rest too, I’m taking you somewhere tomorrow” he walked back inside the house while Arnav stand outside in the balcony staring at that house…



It was raining heavily that night… Arnav was in his room busy playing his guitar, he loved playing guitar whenever it rained, and it was such a night today…The weather was so beautiful and so romantic… The door to their apartment opened and he knew it could be NK, he quickly placed his guitar aside and headed out of his room just to find a girl standing in the hall.NK walked in with a couple of bags in his hand and smiled at him.


“Who’s she?” Arnav asked

“Well she’s going to be our new roommate” he said

“Do you know her? Is she related to you? And how can she stay with us?” Arnav asked

“Relax dude, her landlord just threw her out of the house for some reasons and she dint want to go back home to her father, so I decided to help her, what’s bad in that?” NK asked.

“Do whatever you want to, she better not interfere in my life” Arnav said as he angrily walked back to him room.

He dint understand why NK brought this unknown girl here to stay, okay he did understand that she was in need of help and he was helping her, but she should have at least said that when she finds another place to live in, she would leave.A while later, the door to his room opened and NK walked in slowly.


“What?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Why are you so angry, she’s just staying here, I am not getting her married to you, relax dude” NK said

“NK, do you have an idea on what will happen if Geet comes to know that I am living in the same house with a girl?You know how much I love her and I never would want to give her a chance to doubt on me, I love her a lot and I can’t lose her at any cost”

“Okay if that is so, I’ll tell the girl to go away, I’ll pick her luggage and throw it out of the house like her landlord did”

He opened the door just to walk out when Arnav held his hand and stopped him.

“It’s not that you know, but at least you could have asked me before bringing her here… or we should have at least told her that she can stay here for a while until she finds a new place to live in..”

“Relax dude, I am sure she also wouldn’t want to live with two boys forever, she just needs to live here for a few days and then she’ll find another place. About Geet, if she ever comes to know, trust me I’ll explain it to her… I am sure she wouldn’t misunderstand you, she’s a very understanding girl”

“Okay then she can stay here”

“Now would you please go and introduce yourself to her and say sorry for the rude behavior, you behaved so badly a while ago with her, she wanted to go away right at that moment, I convinced her to stay back so at least you should be sorry to her” NK said.

Arnav stared at him for a while then headed to the girl’s room. He knocked at the door until she opened it and he walked in to her room.


“Hi, I am Arnav” he said bringing his hand forward

“Khushi” She replied as she shook hands with him.

“Khushi, I am very sorry for the way I behaved a while ago, it was just that NK dint inform me earlier but I got no harsh feelings towards you… you can stay here” he smiled

“Thank you, and I am sorry for bothering you, I don’t know why my landlord decided to throw me out just like that, he gave me no reason so… I dint want to call Dad and disturb him because I knew he’d leave everything and come here to take me back which would mean I’ll have to miss my classes”

“It’s okay I understand anyway now that you are staying here, we have some rules, firstly you should interfere in each other’s lives, what I do where I go when I come back is none of your business neither NK’s… he minds his own business I mind mine so it would be good if you mind your own business too.Secondly, don’t you dare play any pranks from me, you’ll face the worst part of me.If you bring your friends here, don’t make much noise, I don’t like any disturbance… Everyone here cooks for themselves so adjust yourself according to that”

Arnav said as he walked out of her room and headed back to his leaving behind Khushi giggling at his rules.

PS: Just For clarification, this story is slightly based on a bollywood movie named Zameer, i've written it with some similarities and some twists and changes, so it's not the same as the movie... just some parts would be the same.

Jun 22, 2016

The Conscience... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

Early next morning, Arnav woke up to much loud music in the apartment.

He angrily jumped of his bed and walked out of his room wondering what the hell was going on.

As he entered in the hall, he spotted both NK and Khushi doing work, Khushi was busy cleaning the house while NK was busy cooking in the kitchen while the music played loud on the radio and they both were like just lost in it.

Arnav turned off the Radio when both Khushi and NK turned to look at him.

“Arnav! You spoiled the whole fun” NK said

“Yeah exactly, It was such a beautiful morning” Khushi added to it

“You both spoiled my damn sleep… NK since when did you start liking loud music? We have been living in this apartment for the past two years and this dint happen…

I am sure she is the one to come up with such ideas… look at you, you just came here yesterday and you are behaving as if this has been your house for the past few years”

“It is my house since yesterday, I already paid NK my part of rent in advance for three months”

“What the… NK give her back her money, I can’t tolerate here even a second more”

“Well if you want to throw me out, you’ll have to pay me back double” Khushi said as she folded her arms proudly and faced Arnav

“I’m sure you dad must be some rich business tycoon”

“Exactly… how did you guess?”

“Because you are one of those rich spoilt brats” Arnav said as he angrily walked back to his room.

“God, why is he always this angry types? Doesn’t he know something like fun that exists too?” Khushi asked

“I wish he could know… life dint let him know what fun was like”


“Nothing, let’s finish up the work before he returns back angrily and seriously throws you out of the house”

“Don’t worry, I know how to bring him in line… Mission bring Arnav on line starts today” Khushi giggled

“What are you up to? You know messing up with Arnav is like putting yourself in the den of lion, you can’t get out alive”

“Well, lets see” Khushi giggled as she rushed to the kitchen.

“How many cups so we have?”

“Maybe twelve”

“Anything else? That could do the job of a cup?”

“Got some glasses and maybe bowls too but what to do want to with it?” NK asked confused

“Just wait and watch” Khushi winked at him.


After getting ready, Arnav walked out of his room just when he found lots of cups, glasses and bowls arranged in front of his door all filled with water.

“What the hell…” he said as he angrily looked around

He tried to jump over them but they were arranged till far he couldn’t.

“NK!” he shouted angrily

He waited for a while but NK dint turn up, his head was boiling up with so much of anger at the moment.

“Khushi, I’ll not spare you for this” Arnav said angrily.

He just walked over the cups spilling all the water on the floor and stood in front of Khushi’s door knocking it with all the force.

A few seconds later, Khushi walked outside and looked at him as if she had no idea of what was going on.

“What the hell was that Khushi?” Arnav asked angrily

“What was what Arnav? I am sorry for the loud music yeah, we dint play it after you refused”

“I’m not talking about the damn music”


“Who placed those cups in front of my room?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Oh that was your room? I thought it was NK’s”

“Don’t act smart, you knew it was my room, you did this on purpose and I had warned you not to play pranks on me”

“I Dint, I was playing prank of NK I dint know it was your room, you know how much I am scared of you, I wouldn’t dare do that” Khushi replied back innocently

“Ok fine, next time be careful, it would be good if you don’t mess up with me”

Khushi giggled and she locked herself back in her room.

“This is just the beginning my dear Arnav, there is a lot more to come for you” Khushi said

 Arnav sat on the breakfast table and got a few breads as he applied jam on it and started eating.

“Khushi!!!” He shouted at the top of his voice as he stood up in anger.

Khushi walked out giggling on how Arnav reacted.

“Was this for NK too?” he asked

“Yes, how would I know that you also eat bread and Jam, I just added some red chilies for NK I don’t know you’d eat it too”

“No more playing pranks in this house” Arnav said angrily

“What the… why shouldn’t I play pranks? I mean not playing pranks on you is understandable but not playing them on NK is not, why do you like interfering in everyone’s lives?”

“Because this is my apartment and I’ll do what I like got that?”

“No it’s not, you aren’t the only one who lives here, NK and I pay rent too and we surely have the right to do whatever we feel like… next time don’t walk out of your room and don’t have breakfast if you don’t want to fall for the wrong pranks”

“You better not mess up with me, I can throw you out of this place”

“With pleaser, when you return back my three months advance that too doubled”

“Go to hell” Arnav said as he angrily walked away.


Khushi walked out of her room after getting ready for her college.

“So ready for college, can I drop you?”

“Sure, I hate walking anyway or taking cabs to college”

“I was noticing your pranks on Arnav from my room, you really can handle him in the best way” NK smiled

“Well that’s nothing you should see how I and my friends play pranks at any new teachers who join the college, it’s much fun and today would be double fun, we are getting a new Chemistry lecturer”

“Spare him for God sake” NK said

“So can we leave?”

“Sure, which college do you study in? Sorry I am asking that now”

“It’s okay, I study in Dehli Public College”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah why are you so shocked?”

“Because your new chemistry teacher is going to be none other than Arnav, he just joined there today”

“Now that would be double fun” Khushi winked at NK as they both left.

Jun 23, 2016

The Conscience... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 52 times)

Khushi arrived at the college as she found her friends waiting for her at the gate.

“Khushi! Morning, I thought we’d never see you again” Ria said

“I thought she’d kill her landlord and go to jail” Sheetal giggled

Khushi walked towards them with a smile as she greeted them all with a hug.

“Khushi doesn’t kill by hands, she kills by looks” she said proudly.

“You know what? We got a new chemistry teacher and Oh My God, he’s so freaking hot” Nisha said

“I share an apartment with that freaking hot teacher” Khushi said as she started walking towards the class

“What? That’s news” Ria said

“So that’s why you refused to stay with any of us in our house so that you could go stay with that hot teacher, clever you huh” Nisha giggled.

“No, you guys know how I am, I love loud music, I stay out till late, sometimes I might end up home drunk and your parents wouldn’t have liked that so I just decided to shift somewhere else” Khushi said

“Why don’t you tell your dad to buy a house for you here, he’s rich he can afford that for his daughter”

“There’s no use I mean it’s until I finish my studies then I’ll go back home with dad right”

“So meanwhile you’ll be living with the teacher?”

“Yeah and playing pranks on him, you don’t have an idea what I did today morning” Khushi said as she started telling her friends what pranks she played on Arnav.

“You are really crazy, let’s get to class before he comes, I heard he’s very strict and anyway chemistry is the first lesson today”

“So what, he still hasn’t met Khushi Gupta, I’ll set fire to all his strictness” She giggled

“What Plans do you have?” Sheetal asked

They all gathered around her as Khushi explained the plan to them, they all happily then headed to the classroom.

Arnav was already in the classroom, the class had begun and as usual, Khushi and her friends were late.

They stood at the door giggling while staring at Arnav who was busy teaching.

Khushi knocked at the door as Arnav turn to look just to find her standing there so innocently.

“Can we come in sir?” she asked stretching the words Sir.

“Are you in this class?” Arnav asked in surprise.

“Yes sir… we are in this class” Nisha replied

“Why are you late?” he asked strictly as Khushi walked towards him while her friends followed her.

“Sir my powder got finished”


“So I had to go to the market and get it, and when I returned back home with the powder I realized my lip gloss was also finished I went to the market again and when I returned back I realized that even the perfume wasn’t there..

So I got late because of the rush from home to market and from market to home sir and it was also your first day in our college so I have to look good right sir?”

“Whatever, please sit down and let me continue with the class”

“Thank you sir” She said again stretching the word sir.

Arnav continued teaching but whenever he would turn to look at the student, his eyes would fall on Khushi who was already winking at him or making funny faces.

He started writing notes on the board as to ignore her when Khushi and her friends started doing what they had planned for.

She pulled out some firecrackers from her bag then placed them on the floor and made sure no one noticed her.

Then she lit a match box and lighted up the crackers and soon the whole classroom was in locomotion, noise and laughter while Arnav just stared at Khushi continuously in anger.

Teachers from other classes walked in to check what was going on.

“What is going on here? Is this the way to welcome your new teacher?” One of the teachers asked angrily

“Sir, you know this is how we always welcome our new teachers, have you forgotten the way we welcomed you?” Khushi giggled

“Arnav relax, this girls are just mad, you need to learn how to deal with them”

“Don’t worry sir, I know who and how to deal with.” Arnav replied as he stared at Khushi angrily.

All the students started walking out of the class, Khushi and her friends were yet standing there staring at Arnav and giggling at him.

“You! To my cabin right now” Arnav said as he pointed at Khushi

He picked up his books and walked away angrily as Khushi followed him.

“Sit” he said

“No, I’m fine” Khushi replied

He stared at her angrily and she settled herself on the chair.

“Look, I am here as a teacher and I don’t care what the hell you treat other teachers like, I am me and not them, my duty is to teach you and if you are wrong then to punish you too.

You better forget we share an apartment so you can be a friend to me instead of a student, I don’t do the friendship thing got that?

Next time before you mess up with me think twice, you father might be a millionaire, but he won’t be able to save you from me!

Now you can leave” he said as he stood up while Khushi continued staring at him silently.

“I said leave!” he shouted angrily.

Khushi walked out sadly, no one had ever shouted on her like this, not even her dad.

Her friends were waiting outside eager to know what had happened while Khushi quickly wiped the tears that were rolling down her eyes and walked towards them with a fake smile

“What did he say? Did he shout at you?” Ria asked

“No sweetie, he doesn’t have the guts to shout at Khushi Kumari Gupta”

“Then what did he say?” Sheetal asked

“He told me not to look at him the way I do in class, he feels something that he can’t stop towards me”

“Yeah right, lie to someone else” Nisha said

“Seriously, you guys don’t believe me? Fine, if he hugs me or I hug him once will you believe it?”

“First let him hug you then we’ll see” Ria said

“Well then wait and watch, mission hug Arnav Raizada on” She giggled as she walked away.


At night, Arnav was busy packing his bag when NK walked to his room.

“Where are you heading to?” he asked

“You are asking as if you don’t know, it’s Saturday tomorrow, I am going to meet Geet”

“I thought you joined college todays o you won’t”

“They wanted me to join from 1st so it’s not my fault that 1st was on a Friday, and anyway there are no classes on weekends so I’ll just go and see Geet”

“You’ll leave today or tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow morning”

“Cool, I’m off to bed then goodnight”

“By the way, is she back?”


“That girl, Khushi… is she back?”

“Not yet, she must be out for a party with friends, why are you asking about her?”

“I have to deal with her on some issues that’s why, anyway goodnight”

“Goodnight” NK said as he walked out of them room.

Jun 25, 2016

The Conscience... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

Next Morning.

Khushi was busy planning some prank to play on Arnav when NK walked out of his room.

“What’s up?” he asked

“Shh… planning some prank for my chemistry teacher” she giggled

NK just smiled as he headed towards the kitchen and started making himself some breakfast.

Khushi settled herself on the sofa and started watch TV while NK was busy having his breakfast.

“What’s up, he isn’t in moods of waking up or what?” Khushi asked

“Maybe” NK replied

Another hour passed by as Khushi was still waiting for Arnav to come out of his room meanwhile NK had finished his breakfast, washed his dish and even cleaned up his room.

“I think he’s got an idea that I have some prank for him that’s why he’s scared to come out” Khushi said

“The thing is that Arnav isn’t in room Khushi” NK giggled as he settled himself on the sofa.

“What? You are such an idiot, couldn’t you inform me earlier when I was planning pranks”

“Well it was fun seeing you wait for him, take that as a prank from me” NK winked at her

“Where is he? Like early morning? Its weekend so obviously he’s not at college”

“He goes out of town every weekend”

“Oh why? Anything important?”

“Not really, he just goes to meet some of his relative” NK said as he stood up and headed to his room.


Arnav had just arrived in the village, he stood outside knocking the door and waited for someone to come and open the door.

A man in his late fifties walked to open the door as he welcomed Arnav happily.

“You finally came, I thought you wouldn’t as you just started your job but Geet was sure you would come, she and her beliefs” the man said

“It’s her trust on our lover uncle” Arnav said as he walked in.

He looked around the house as many memories flashed in his mind, the memories of his childhood, how he and Geet used to chase each other around the house, play stupid games and what not.

“Where is she?” he asked

“She’s in her room, waiting for you.. go there, I’ll send tea for you”

Arnav smiled as he headed to Geet’s room. He found her lying on the bed but her eyes were glued to him.

“Finally you are here, I was telling dad you’d come but he dint believe me”

“How wouldn’t I have come? I have only weekends to see you and if I don’t see you on weekend also then I’m not a good boyfriend right?”

“You are the perfect boyfriend Arnav, I just hope all this dint happen then we could have been married and from my perfect boyfriend you could have been my perfect husband”

“I told you, it’s you who is stubborn, Geet you know all this doesn’t matter to me then why can’t we just get married?”

“Because I don’t want you to have a wife who can’t even walk on her own, let me start walking again like before then we’d get married”

“In between this, what if I run away with another girl?”

“Then I’d be happy for you”

“Such a crazy girl you are, just know that I love you and I’ll never leave you no matter what”

“Arnav… can I ask you something?”


“Am I becoming any kind of a burden on you? I mean…”

“You mean nothing, Geet how could you even think of that? We have grown up together, I have loved you God knows since when and moreover your dad took care of me after my dad passed away so I felt like a burden on him but he dint consider me a burden because he loves me like his own son and the same way you aren’t a burden on me because I love you and I don’t care if you can’t walk, that accident changed nothing for me”

“And what if even after all this treatment and massages and what not I don’t get well, will you still love me?”

“Till the day I die”


Back in Delhi.

Khushi was walking here and there wondering what to do, weekends were so boring for her, on top of it Arnav also wasn’t here that she could play pranks on him and NK dint seem to be much of fun.

She sat on her bed thinking on what to do when something clicked her mind.

She pulled out a book from her bag and started writing something on it.

She then headed outside and plucked a beautiful rose then attached it with the paper and pushed it inside Arnav’s room from the small space under the door.

Next Morning.

Arnav had just arrived back from the village, Khushi was yet asleep in her room while NK was busy watching something.

“Surprise” he said as NK stood up almost scared

“Dude, it’s you, damn you got me scared, and what’s up why are you back this early? I thought you’ll come back in evening as you normally come back on Sunday evening”

“Nothing, Geet had to go for her massage and I wasn’t allowed there, she had to spend her whole day there so I decided to come back after dropping her there”

“Oh how is she now?”

“Much better, the accident had left her in shock before she thought she’d never be able to walk again but just today I talked to her doctor and he said the massage with the herbal oils is working and she might get well soon”

“Well that’s good news I’m happy for you”

“I’ll take some rest then I guess if you’re free we go out for lunch I don’t feel like eating home cooked food today”

“Sure, I was kind of bored today, no plans”

“Great then, and where is your so called friend today? The Apartment seems silent”

“She asleep yet”

Arnav headed to his room as he unlocked it and just when he stepped inside, he found a paper with a rose.

He shut the door as he sat on his bed and opened the folded paper as he started reading it.

Dear Sir

If you think is some kind of a love letter because of the rose then you are very wrong, this was just a prank

Oh about the rose, I heard they taste sweet so if you get angry for this letter, you can grind the rose and eat it, I’m sure it would cool you down…

Your student,


Arnav crumpled the piece of paper angrily and threw it in the dustbin then walked out of his room.

“NK, you can also invite Khushi for lunch” Arnav said leaving NK in shock.

What was going on between the both?

He was sure that Arnav had some plans for Khushi or else he wouldn’t just invite her for lunch randomly.

Jun 28, 2016

The Conscience... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Khushi was all excited after NK invited her for lunch with him and Arnav, she just thought that Arnav might have started liking her and maybe she would be able to complete the bet she had with her friends of hugging him.

She got ready and waited in the hall, NK walked out and sat with her as they both waited for Arnav.

Within no time Arnav also came out and they all headed to the restaurant for lunch, Arnav treated Khushi so well no one would have an idea what plans he had for her.

They settled themselves on the table while NK started going through the menu.

“NK you can order whatever you want for yourself, I have already ordered for myself and a special dish for Khushi” Arnav said

“Wow and what’s the treat for? Any good news?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“You’ll soon get to know what the treat is for, so relax” Arnav said

Soon the waiter came with the dishes Arnav had ordered for and left after taking NK’s order.

“So ladies first, this is a special type of chutney I ordered for you, I’m sure you’ll like it, start with it” Arnav said as he picked up a spoon and then fed Khushi the chutney with his own hands leaving both NK and Khushi surprised.

“Eww, yuck! What kind of a chutney is this?” Khushi asked spitting it off.

“The one you suggested for” Arnav replied

“When did I ever suggest any kind of a chutney sir?” she asked angrily

“Remember that letter in my room? And the rose with it? Well I requested them to make me a chutney of the rose and they did, so I wanted you to taste it first”

“This wasn’t a good prank” Khushi said as she stood up angrily

“And I told you I hate pranks, live in the house on my rules or next time you’ll get something worse than this. Now you better leave!” Arnav said angrily

“You dint do good at all”

“Good should be done to good people, not people like you” he replied back

Khushi walked away angrily without turning to look back at Arnav.

“Why do you both fight like cats and dogs? I mean can’t you just be friends?” NK asked

“I think she doesn’t even know what friendship means so let it be, Khushi and I can’t be friends NK not in any terms” Arnav said

Soon the waiter came with NK’s food and they both had their lunch while talking about Geet.

After lunch they both arrived back home, NK headed to his room while Arnav headed to the kitchen to have a drink.

He pulled out a bottle of soda from the fridge and opened it up as he took a sip and within to time spitted it out.

“What the hell!” he shouted angrily.

He heard someone giggling, and when he turned around, he found Khushi standing there laughing at him.

“You are the one who did this right?” Arnav asked angrily.

“How does soda taste with extra salt and chili in it? Must be quiet good nah?” She giggled

“I’ll not spare you for this” Arnav said angrily

“Well this was a payback for what you did to me, I have been here for a few days but see how well I know you, I knew whenever you come home you at least take a sip of soda, how right was I” Khushi tapped on her shoulder congratulating herself

She headed back to her room while Arnav just walked angrily behind her and before she could shut the door, he pushed it and walked in as he held her tightly by his arms and pinned her to the wall.

“One more prank and I promise no one would stop me from slapping you, don’t make me disrespect women” he said angrily as he spilled all the soda from the bottle on her floor and walked away.

Khushi stood there still as tears rolled down her eyes, she couldn’t understand a thing… whatever that was happening wasn’t the way she expected it to be.

She thought she’d get angry on Arnav for shouting at her but she wasn’t, she liked it because maybe till today, no one had talked to her even on a loud voice, not even her dad.

Just when she was lost in thoughts her phone rang, bringing her out of all those thoughts.

“Hello dad” She said as she received the call.

“You were to visit me this weekend Khushi, you dint, now dad is angry on you” Shashi said

“Sorry dad, I was just held up in some kind of work, I promise I’ll make a visit next weekend”

“Okay that’s better, tell me how are your studies going on…”

“They are good dad, we have a new teacher and it’s just fun playing pranks on him” Khushi giggled

“You’ll never get done with your pranks huh, but don’t forget you have to concentrate on your studies too so do that and if you need anything let me know”

“Okay dad I will, anyway I need to go now, I’ll talk to you later”

“Ok see you”

Khushi disconnected the call as she sat on her bed thoughtfully.

“It’s really hard to get a hug from Mr. Arrogant, but I haven’t learnt how to lose a bet and I won’t lose this one either… I have to look for some other way” she thought.

Next day.

Arnav was busy teaching in the class while trying his best to avoid looking at Khushi who as usual was staring at him like nothing else.

“I’d like to let you people know, if you aren’t interested in my class you can leave, I don’t need student who sit idle here staring at other things while I’m busy teaching” Arnav said looking towards Khushi.

Khushi turned her gaze away as all the students turned to look at her.

She just picked her books and walked out of the class angrily unable to decide what to do.

“What does he think of himself, I’ll surely teach him a good lesson” She said as she headed downstairs.

Something clicked her mind and she quickly rushed to the canteen to buy a bottle of soda.

“Now let me see how you think of messing up with me again, arrogant Arnav Raizada” she giggled.

After classes Arnav headed to his cabin just to find it in all mess.

His table was full of soda and he couldn’t just believe that Khushi could act so childish.

He quickly rushed to pick up the papers that were on the table and placed them aside.

He then walked out of his cabin angrily and searched every corner of the collage looking for Khushi.

He finally spotted her with her friend in one place and directly walked towards her as he got hold of her hand and pulled her with him till his cabin.

“I don’t need to ask who did this because you and I both know who did this, till today I just thought you played pranks for fun but if this is fun, I don’t see the reason behind you doing this.

Do you have an idea what you have done? You have spoilt all those exam papers I had to mark for the last semester because you previous chemistry teacher left without marking them.

It held so many students future and you just messed up with it.

You know what, I’m just done with you, I don’t care if you are here to study or to do what but from today onwards I don’t wish to see your face in my classroom, if I find you in my class, I’ll leave without teaching so the decision is up to you. You may leave now” he said angrily.

“But sir…” Khushi said as she tried to explain herself

“What but? I don’t need any kind of explanation from a girl who can spoil many students future by something this stupid, till today I just ignored your pranks thinking you’ll stop them but this, you just crossed your limit.

Khushi Kumari Gupta, I said I don’t need to see your face in my class again, and next time don’t you dare think of coming in my cabin, got that!

I told you don’t force me to disrespected women because what you just did, deserved a tight slap, now get lost!” he shouted angrily as Khushi walked away with tears in her eyes.

Jun 29, 2016

The Conscience... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Later in the evening.

Arnav arrived home and settled himself in the hall with NK who was busy watching TV.

“What’s up, why is the house, so much in silence today?” Arnav asked

“Well no idea, Khushi just came and locked herself inside the room without speaking to me, did anything happen at the college?” NK asked

“Not really” Arnav replied as he headed to his room.

At night they NK and Arnav cooked dinner and ate but Khushi still dint come to eat and the day ended with that.


Three days had passed by, NK tried to talk to her but she dint even speak a word, she kept herself shut in the room without even eating.

All her friends back at the college were worried about her, they had no idea why she dint come to college, they tried calling her but she dint receive anyone’s call.

Arnav was also getting worried about her by now and he just regretted telling her all that he had. NK and Arnav both were sited in the hall and their eyes were glued to Khushi’s door hoping that it would open and she would walk out.

“This is getting serious dude, we need to do something” NK said

“What can we do?”

“Let’s call her parents, maybe they can talk to her”

“As if I have all the details about her parents, God NK, at least for once think with your mind”

“Fine then there’s no other option, whether she likes it or not, we have to break the door of her room”

“And what if…”

“What if what Arnav? We have no idea what’s going on, what if she’s done something to herself, this isn’t time to waste, we need to break the door”

“Okay fine, let’s do that” Arnav said as both him and NK walked towards Khushi’s bedroom door and started hitting it with all the force until it broke open.

They found Khushi lying on the bed asleep or unconscious and she had a pillow which she had been hugging.

Arnav and NK rushed towards her while NK tried to wake her up and Arnav took the pillow from her hands, together with the pillow, he found a photograph of a lady who looked so much alike her.

“She must be her mother” NK said as he looked at the photograph.

“Get some water, we need to wake her up” Arnav said as NK quickly rushed to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of water.

They sprinkled some water on her face until she woke up finally making the both relaxed.

“Are you out of your mind Khushi? Does anyone do this to themselves?” NK asked angrily.

“Thank you for worrying about me but please leave me alone” Khushi replied

“What? Khushi look I am not leaving you alone, look at you, you are so weak, how can I just leave you like this, you have to eat something first”

“No, I’m really fine”

“Look you either eat or just leave from this place, I can’t allow you to stay here if you don’t take care of yourself” NK said

“Okay fine I’ll eat”

“Great, just give me ten minutes, I’ll cook you something” NK said as he rushed out of the room.

Arnav was yet sited there not being able to understand what to say and what not to.

“I am sorry Khushi, I shouldn’t have...”

“It’s okay sir you don’t need to be sorry”

“No, I should be, I know it all happened because of me, I am really sorry I dint mean to make you feel this way, it’s just that I was…”

“Relax, I said it’s really fine and trust me it really isn’t your fault, it’s just that whatever happened reminded me of mom, she left me when I was six years old”

“Oh I’m really sorry, what happened?”

“Nothing really, I don’t remember much and dad never told me anything… but I kind of remember some moments with her, I remember how I used to be so naughty and she just used to shout at me like you do and tell me that if next time I repeat the same mistake she would slap me

That day when you shouted at me I was angry, I dint like it so I came back and locked myself inside, then I looked at mom’s photograph and realized that maybe you were just trying to make me a better person like she used to try.

I missed her a lot and dint feel like talking to anyone or eating anything… you have no idea what it is like to live without a mother” Khushi almost cried

“I have no idea Khushi what it is how to live without a mother because maybe I never lived with one” Arnav said as he stood up to walk away.


“You need to relax, NK will be here with your food eat and sleep well, I need to see you at the college tomorrow” Arnav said as he walked away.

“Not bad huh, so the arrogant Arnav has a soft side too?” Khushi giggled.

Arnav walked into the room where he found his phone ringing.

“Hello uncle” he said as he received the call.

“Arnav… Geet… she… Just come here please” Uncle said

“But uncle what happened? Is Geet fine? Is everything alright?”

“Nothing is alright, please come here, I’ll explain everything to you once you are here”

Arnav disconnected the call as he quickly rushed out of his room.

“NK it’s an emergency, I’m leaving I’ll talk to you when I’m back” he said as he rushed out of the apartment.

“Where is he going?” Khushi asked

“No idea, he always has emergencies, don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to him later, you finish your food”

“You cook awful food”

“I know but you got no other choice” NK laughed.


Arnav had just arrived at the village, he quickly rushed to the hospital thinking he would find Geet there.

He asked everyone but no one had an idea, they told him that Geet hadn’t been visiting the hospital for the past few days.

This news made him more worried as he headed to Geet’s house praying to God to keep her safe, he just couldn’t afford losing her.

He rang the doorbell many times but no one came to open the door.

“Uncle, Geet! Are you in there? Please someone open the door” he shouted.

A few seconds the door opened as uncle stood in front of him, he looked so pale and so sad.

“Where… where’s Geet?” Arnav asked

Tears started rolling down uncle’s eyes as he tried to speak, when he couldn’t even utter a word, he just pointed towards her bedroom.

Arnav quickly rushed upstairs and entered into Geet’s room just to find the biggest surprise of his life.

His eyes were left wide open, as if he wasn’t able to believe the sight in front of him.

Tears started rolling down his eyes and he dint even wipe them away.

Jun 30, 2016

The Conscience... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

“Oh My God Geet! You can walk!” he said in surprise

Geet slowly walked towards him as he got hold of her shoulders and helped her sit down.

“Not perfectly, I mean just for a while but the doctors said with time, I’ll be able to walk like before”

“I’m so happy, you don’t know what it means to see you walk… Geet I love you so much” he said as he pulled her into a tight hug.

“I love you too, and I know you had waited for this day since long that’s why I just couldn’t wait till weekend so I decided to surprise you”

“Thank you so much for the surprise… God! I don’t know how to react, I’m just too happy” Arnav said as he hugged her again.

“You know Arnav… I was scared when the accident occurred, I thought it was the end but I woke up at the hospital” Geet said

“I know, and if it’s hurting you let’s not talk about it, I don’t want to know”

“No, I want to talk about it… that day when I opened my eyes and dint find you in front of me, I though you left… then I got to know about my legs and I was so broken.

No one would be able to understand the pain, I thought I’d never be able to walk again, but then you walked in to my room from nowhere and while I looked at you I realized you dint leave me but I wanted you to leave… I dint want you to spend your life with a girl who can’t walk…

At that time I wasn’t able to say anything to you, I just dint want you to misunderstand me… but right now I can say right? Arnav I have walked only a few steps today after a struggle for almost one year, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to walk again or not and I really don’t want to be a burden on you”

“Geet please…”

“Arnav please, let me talk… I don’t think I’ll be able to keep you happy like this, in fact if you get married for me I’ll just increase your responsibilities… right now you are fine, you are taking care of yourself but then you’ll have to take care of me too which I don’t want to happen…

I hope you are understanding me right? It’s not that I have kept you tied in this relation by force, I know after your dad passed away, my dad took care of you, and if you are just with me to return that favor to dad then please don’t”

“Are you done? Can I talk now? Geet why did that thought even come in your mind? You and I both know that if today I’m here then the only reason to it is because I love you, if it was about your dad I wouldn’t be here trust me.

You have to accept this, I don’t care if you can’t walk properly, all I know is I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and why do you always think negative, you’ve just taken a step and I’m not in a hurry, I’ll wait my entire life just to see you walk.

I am happy in being with you so please, next time don’t even think of such stupid things”

“I’m sorry” Geet said as she held her ears.

“Okay now I got to go, it’s quite late”

“Yeah sure, I’ll see you on weekend”


“Just accept that you lost Khushi” Ria said

“No, Khushi Kumari Gupta never loses, I’ll make sure I make that arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada hug me, that too in front of you” Khushi said

“No way, that’s not happening” Sheetal said

“Just wait and watch, I’ll prove all of you wrong” Khushi said


Arnav had just arrived when he saw an ambulance leaving, Ria was standing outside with sad expressions on her face.

“What happened? Why was the ambulance here?” Arnav asked

“Actually, Khushi… she…”

“What happened to Khushi?” Arnav asked as he panicked

“She met with an accident… she dint get much harmed so we brought her back home after some bandages” Ria said sadly

Arnav rushed to the apartment and directly to Khushi’s room where he found her lying on the bed while Nisha and Sheetal were sited next to her.

“She just fell asleep right now, you can talk to her later” Sheetal said

“But what happened? I mean how did all this happen?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“I don’t know where she was heading to, I just got a call from an unknown number and they informed me that she was in the hospital.

When I went there, I met a man who told me she had met with an accident with his car and he took her there for treatment” Nisha explained

“Is she okay? I mean what about the injuries?”

“They aren’t much, the doctor said she just got unconscious because of fear, otherwise her injuries will heal with time, she just needs rest for a few days”

“Did you guys call her parents?”

“There’s no need for that” Khushi said as she slowly opened her eyes.

“You are hurt Khushi, your parents should be with you at such times”

“No sir, it’s a minor thing, I don’t want to call dad and stress him, he already has his share of stress, he would be worried for no reason.

“But Khushi…”

“It’s okay sir, I’ll be fine… thank you for being worried about me” Khushi said

“Are you sure Khushi? I mean it would be good if you go where your dad stays then”

“No sir, the doctor told her to take bed rest and she can’t travel” Ria said

“Oh I’m really sorry… but don’t worry you’ll be fine okay? I’ll take care of you” Arnav said as he walked towards her and sat on the bed

“Thank you sir, that means really a lot” Khushi said as she tried to sit up while Arnav helped her.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks and Arnav couldn’t just handle it, he was too weak to handle such things, especially when it was about accident, he knew how cruel accidents were and what happened to Geet was also a result of an accident and seeing Khushi go through all this too was just making him sad.

He just pulled her closer and hugged her while Khushi looked at her friends with a smile and winked at them.

“I don’t know how this happened, but I’ll be fine sir… can I rest for a while now?” she asked as she broke the hug.

“Yeah sure, if you need anything just call me okay?”

“Okay sir”

Arnav stood up as he walked to his room while Ria, Nisha and Sheetal started laughing.

“Shh… relax girls he’s in the same house and if he hears you laughing then we are dead” Khushi said

“Whatever it is, his face was something to look at… he was so tensed about you Khushi” Sheetal said

“Yeah, he really cares, it’s just that he’s a bit arrogant” Nisha said

“Whatever it was now the bet of hugging the great Arnav Raizada is done, so next time before you challenge me for anything, think twice” Khushi giggled.

They all laughed once again when they heard something. Sound of a clap?

All of them turned towards the door where they saw Arnav standing angrily while he was clapping his hands.

Khushi nervously clutched her bedsheet knowing this was the worse prank she’d ever played on him and she had no idea what the result was going to be.

Jul 2, 2016

The Conscience... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

“Sir I…” Khushi tried to explain herself as Arnav walked towards her.

Without saying anything else, Arnav just slapped her leaving everyone in shock.

“Till today I ignored every prank of yours thinking it was just your childishness but what you did today was totally stupid Khushi.

Do you even have an idea what an accident means? A person can even lose their legs, hands or their life and you are joking about it?

You know what, from today onwards I don’t wish to even see your face, you are completely disgusting”

Arnav walked out of the room leaving behind Khushi who was in tears by now.

“Khushi don’t take it badly, he just…” Ria tried to talk to her.

“Leave me alone for a while please” Khushi said angrily

“But Khushi…”

“I said leave!” she shouted at the top of her voice.

Ria, Nisha and Sheetal walked out of the room as Khushi shut the door angrily and jumped on her bed.

She hugged her pillow and cried her heart out.


An hour later, she walked out of her room and headed towards the kitchen directly.

NK was sited in the hall with Khushi’s friends as they worried about her.

They all were surprised when they saw her in the kitchen busy searching for food.

“I’m hungry NK, isn’t there anything to eat” she asked

Everyone stared at her in complete disbelief, she was hurt some time ago and right now she was behaving completely normal as if nothing had happened.

“What? Why are you giving me those looks?” she asked

“You are okay?” Ria asked

“What happened to me? I am very fine but hungry right now stop behaving like we just experienced an earthquake guys”

“You are so weird” Nisha said

“God! There’s nothing to eat, I’ll get my phone and order something, does anyone of you want to eat anything?”

“Yeah sure, whatever you order is fine for us” Sheetal said

Khushi headed to her room as Ria followed her, she was just dialing some number on the phone when Ria snatched the phone from her hands.

“What are you doing Ria, give me the phone back”

“What’s wrong with you Khushi, you are happy about the things you should have been angry or sad about? You know at a times it’s just impossible to understand you, you are so damn weird”

“What did I do now?”

“If you are forgetting let me remind you, Arnav just slapped you and you are so casual about it, like really? Aren’t you hurt or angry?”

“I was an hour ago but not anymore… you know Ria even a slap from him feels so good”

“What? Are you mad or something?”

“No I mean seriously, till today not even dad has slapped me and when Arnav slapped me I know it should be a big issue but it isn’t, it makes me feel his concern about me, it makes me feel that if dad had slapped me when I made mistakes I wouldn’t be like this today… do you get what I’m saying?”

“No Khushi I don’t…”

“I’m trying to say I don’t feel bad about anything he tells me, somewhere I feel he cares for me and this makes me just like him…

Ria… I don’t know but I think I am seriously, and deeply and madly in love”

“In Love with Arnav? Do you have an idea that he is your teacher Khushi and you being in love with him is insanely stupid?”

“Come on Ria, love is love, be it with anyone in the world, I dint force myself to love him… it just happened”

“But Khushi what about him? He doesn’t love you”

“Maybe he does, why would he slap me if he dint… he had no right on me that he could slap me… you know what there’s only one way to know this”

“What’s that?”

“I’ll tell him I love him”

“Please do, if you want to get another slap from him”

“He won’t slap me, I’ll tell him tomorrow, I’m sure he loves me too… Just think of it, Arnav and I would be together then we would get married after some years and have two little cute kids a girl and a boy, and life would just be perfect”

“You are weird, I’m leaving… I just hope you don’t do something stupid”

Ria walked away leaving behind Khushi who was all excited to confess her feelings to Arnav.


Next day.

Khushi walked to the class with Ria, Nisha and Sheetal as they settled themselves down.

“It’s Arnav’s sir’s lecture, I think you shouldn’t be in the class” Sheetal said

“I paid school fees, I will be in the class” Khushi said

Soon Arnav walked in the class as he placed some books on the table just when he spotted Khushi sited with her friends.

“Miss Gupta, I need to talk to you, in my cabin right now” Arnav said as he walked away.

“I think he’s going to say sorry” Ria said

“Yeah, the look on his face said so”

“You see, I told you he likes me too” Khushi said as she stood up and followed Arnav.


“Yes Sir” She said as she walked in

“Take a seat, I need to talk to you”

Khushi sat down silently as she continued staring at Arnav.

“Look I am sorry for what happened yesterday, I shouldn’t have slapped you but then what you did wasn’t right also, I hope you realize that”

“Yes sir, I realize my mistake, I am really sorry, I promise it would never happen again”

“Good, you can go back to the class now”

Khushi stood up to walk out as Arnav followed her, she shut her eyes deciding whether it was the right time to tell him about her feelings or not.

“Sir Can I say something?” she asked as she started descending downstairs

“Yeah tell me”

“Actually sir, I think… no I mean I’m sure… God… relax Khushi it’s fine…

Sir I love you… I love you so much” She said as she rushed down and ran away.

Jul 2, 2016

The Conscience... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

Arnav stood there in complete shock… this wasn’t supposed to happen… it was completely wrong, whatever Khushi did and said was wrong.

In the evening when he entered in the apartment he found Khushi busy cleaning the house, which was quiet weird, he had never seen her doing this before.


“Good evening sir” She greeted him with a smile

“Good evening” Arnav replied in a hurry as he walked towards his room trying to escape her.

“Sir you never gave me an answer” Khushi said Arnav locked himself inside his room completely ignoring her question.

Khushi just blushed thinking he was shy to answer her right now but he would soon, and she surely wished that it would be something on her side. After she finished cleaning the house, she walked to the kitchen to cook dinner for Arnav while she kept on staring at his room hoping he would walk out. She turned the gas on and started making whatever food she was when she suddenly felt someone’s hand on her shoulders. She turned around and saw him standing there smiling at her, his smile was enough to give her butterflies in her stomach.



“Shh..” He said as he moved towards her, he ran his hand on her waist and pulled her closer, they stood so close to each other looking into each other’s eyes. Arnav tucked her hair behind her eyes and started coming forward to kiss her when something interrupted.


“Khushi! Hello!”

NK said waving his hand in front of her. She looked around realizing Arnav wasn’t there and she was just dreaming. She slapped herself as she smiled


Pal pal teri yaad sataye oh piya…tujh bin jeene ki sochun to dhadke haaye mera jiya…

Dhadke haaye mera jiya… dil yeh bole piya piya…

Tujh bin jeene ki sochu to dhadke haaye mera jiya…


“What’s up you seem to be in cooking moods today” NK asked

“Just a happy day, happy feelings… everything feels so good” Khushi smiled

“So anything about the college? or something else?”

“There are many things that are making me happy… if I start telling you about them…”

Just then Arnav walked out of the room and Khushi just got lost in staring at him. It was so weird she had never felt this way before… just by seeing him she like lost her words to speak. She was all nervous and happy and what not… maybe love felt so beautiful to everyone.


Saamne tu jo aaye to me bol na pau kuch bhi piya…

Jaisi meri halat he kya, teri bhi he bol piya…


“So what’s for dinner?” Arnav asked Khushi was like lost in staring at him and in her dream world where she’d imagined being married to him.


“Khushi!” NK said in a loud voice

“What’s for dinner?” Arnav asked again looking at her.

She blushed deep red just by the way he was looking at her, it was weird, this wasn’t the first time he was looking at her so why was she blushing? She tried to answer him but words weren’t coming out from her mouth, everything around her was just some kind of soft music…


Kaisa rog lagay… kaisa rog lagay tune kya kiya…

Tujh bin jeene ki sochu to dhadke haaye mera jiya…


She turned away not being able to answer while Arnav and NK sat in the hall, as they started chatting. She felt so stupid yet so happy, maybe falling in love was like this, it was all about the butterflies in your stomach, the smile that never fades and a dream world.


“Dinner is ready” She finally managed to speak after she was done cooking and arranging everything on the table.


“We are having dinner together?” NK asked in surprise

“Yeah” Khushi smiled NK pulled Arnav as they both sat on the chairs and waited for Khushi to serve them.

She served them whatever she had cooked and they all sat together having dinner.


“Wow Khushi, I must say you are a fab cook, this is so yummy” NK said

“Thank you Arnav… oops I mean NK” She blushed.


Naam kisi ka lu lab pe to naam tera hi aaye piya.. jeena mushkil hogaya mera jabse dil hai tujhe diya


Arnav just continued staring at her knowing she was soon going to have a heartbreak, all he hoped was she would be able to handle it.


“So tell me what the good news is”

“Nothing, I just told you I’m happy today, that’s it sir.. I mean NK” she stood up in a hurry as she turned towards the kitchen.


Kya me karu kaise me karu… kya karliya… tujh bin jeene ki sochu to dhadke haaye mera jiya…


“What’s up with her and your name every time dude?” NK whispered to Arnav.

Arnav just continued staring at her, he had no answer to NK’s question, neither to Khushi’s I love you.


“So here’s the dessert” Khushi said as she served them while NK continued staring at Arnav.

He knew there was surely something fishy, Arnav and Khushi getting along well was just like a miracle because Khushi was always playing pranks on him and Arnav was always angry on her, but today none of them seemed to be in their usual moods.

Arnav finished his dinner in a hurry and rushed to his room which made NK doubt things more. After dinner Khushi started washing the utensils while NK walked to Arnav’s room. He entered in and found Arnav sited on his bed doing nothing which was again so unusual of him.


“What’s up? Why do things seem weird to me?” NK asked

“Because things have become weird” he replied not turning to look at him.

“Mind to explain?” NK asked as he sat next to him.

“She’s just making things difficult for me… how do I tell her about Geet now?”

“Wait, you want to tell her about Geet? Why?”

“Because she says she’s in love with me… I mean… God! I don’t know what to do” Arnav said feeling frustrated.

“She’s in love with you? Wow! And what about you?”

“What a stupid question, I obviously love Geet NK you know that, I have always loved her I can’t even think about any other girl in my life”

“So why are you stressed then if you don’t feel anything towards her… just tell her that you have someone in your life, maybe just look for an appropriate way to tell her about it”

“She would really be hurt”

“I know, but she would have to face the truth right?”

“I guess I should tell her about Geet or at least let her know I love someone else and I can’t love her.

Jul 5, 2016

The Conscience... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

Next Day.

Arnav walked in to the class where Khushi was already sited with her friends, it did obviously surprise him as she had never been early to class.

 “Good morning sir” she said in a soft voice as she blushed

 “Good Morning” Arnav smiled at her.

“Oh my God… he just smiled at me… damn and you were saying he feels nothing for me” Khushi said

 “I think he does” Sheetal said

 “Let him say that then” Ria said

 “He would, very soon… today possibly, he seems so happy just look at him”

 Khushi said as she continuously stared at him Arnav opened the book as he began teaching while Khushi’s eyes were glued to him, he would also look at her somewhere in between and just feel uncomfortable at the way she looked at him.


 “God! Did you see the way he looked at me? He really does love me too” Khushi said

 “Stop dreaming girl” Ria said

 After the class was over, everyone walked outside Khushi was also leaving when Arnav called her.

“Khushi, wait… stay here I want to talk to you”

“Okay sir” she said as she turned to wink at her friends

“What was that? Why were you staring at me? Stop doing that okay Khushi, it doesn’t look good at all”

“Sorry sir, I dint know you’d not like it”

“It’s okay, but next time be careful, I’m your teacher and that’s what should remain between us, you have to understand that okay?”

 “Yes sir, you are my teacher but I also said I love you and I mean it, it isn’t some kind of the usual pranks I play and you know that”

“Yes okay you love me so what do I have to do about that?”

 “You have to tell me what you feel towards me too, I also need to know right?”

 “Look Khushi… umm I don’t know how to put this okay but I don’t…”

 “Excuse me sir” A girl said as she walked in

 “The principal is calling you”

“Okay, I’ll be there” he turned to look at Khushi.

 “Be ready tomorrow with your friends, I’m taking you all somewhere” Arnav said as he walked out in a hurry.

Khushi walked out excitedly and found her friends waiting just outside the class for her.

“What did he say?” Sheetal asked

“Did he confess? Did he say he loves you?” Neha asked

 “No, but I think he’s going to say it tomorrow”

“How are you so sure?” Ria asked

“He said that he’s taking all of us somewhere tomorrow, Oh My God, I’m so excited, he’ll take us to some place then plan something sweet for me and confess his love for me… I feel so happy I cant explain” Khushi said excitedly

 “It might be something else, maybe related to studies” Ria said

“If it was related to studies he would take the whole class not only me and my friends”

 “Oh My God Khushi! You are so lucky… I think he would propose you in front of us all” Sheetal said as she hugged her excitedly.


 Arnav and NK were sited together watching TV, Khushi hadn’t arrived home yet.

 “Are you kidding me? Arnav you can’t do that bro” NK said

 “There’s no other option for me NK, I have to do this, it’s the only thing that would help me”

 “You know Khushi… she won’t be able to take it that way… she might misunderstand everything”

 “And even in any other way she might misunderstand… I’m taking her out tomorrow that’s it, whatever that would happen would be seen” Arnav said

“And what about Geet? You would hurt her”

“NK I love Geet, I can’t deny the fact but I don’t know… please stop confusing me more, I know what to do and that’s what I’ll do, end of the topic… I am taking Khushi out tomorrow”

 “I know, you don’t have to shout to the whole world” Khushi said as she walked in blushing.

 “Khushi… how comes you are here” Arnav said as he stood up nervously.

 “Relax sir, why do you seem so nervous, have you forgotten that I also live here and it surely won’t be a surprise if you see me here?”

 “Oh yeah sorry I forgot”

“Anyway, I’ll freshen up then cook something, what would you like to eat today sir?”

“Nothing, it’s fine we’ll cook for ourselves”

 “Why sir, dint you like the food I cooked yesterday?” Khushi asked sadly

“No, I mean Yes.. I mean we liked it but…”

 “Then I’ll cook today, relax” Khushi smiled as she walked to her room.

 “I told you! You aren’t doing the right thing” NK said angrily as he walked to his room.

 Arnav punched the wall angrily, right now he was so trapped between Geet and Khushi he had no idea what to do because whatever it was he dint want to hurt any of them. Khushi walked out of the room as she headed to the kitchen directly without saying anything to Arnav.

“Why have you started cooking for us? I mean you don’t have to do this”

“You know why I have started cooking don’t you sir?”

 “You can call me Arnav here, I’m your teacher only in college… and are you kind of trying to impress me with cooking and all?”

 “You are so intelligent sir… I mean Arnav” she giggled

Arnav just stood up and walked towards her as he forcefully stopped her from doing whatever she was doing.

“Look at me… look into this eyes of mine Khushi… do you see anything like love for you?” he asked as he pinned her to the wall angrily.

“Like love Arnav? All I see is love for me” She blushed

 “Khushi why don’t you get it? Stop making things difficult… God! How do I explain this to you”

 “You don’t have to explain it Arnav, you just have to say you love me that’s it”

Arnav pushed her away angrily as he walked to his room and shut himself inside. Why was he feeling this angry on her? It wasn’t her fault that she fell in love with him? Everything just felt too wrong maybe and that’s why he couldn’t handle his anger.

 “Tomorrow is the day, whatever that has to happen will happen, I don’t care what happens after that, I’ll handle it” he said to himself as he walked inside the washroom to freshen up.

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