SS: Shattered Souls

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Jul 23, 2016

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 126 times)

Chapter 9



“Sir I enquired at the newspaper office. It was not Mr. Singhania who leaked the news. The media themselves was present at the party and they had clicked photos!” Akash’s PA said.

Akash sighed and nodded.

“You went to him and held his collar right?” Khushi who was there with him in her cabin asked.

Akash nodded and Khushi said, “What made you think that he did it?”

Akash looked away and said, “I don’t know! I thought it was his play!”

Khushi sighed and said, “Forget it! Concentrate on the ad shoot. When is Ruhaan coming?” “In an hour!” Akash said.

“Doesn’t it affect you?” Akash asked. Khushi looked at him frowning. “Doesn’t it affect you that that boy is being linked to you?” Akash asked.

Khushi looked at him and said, “Media makes fuss on small things. Never mind it!”

“But doesn’t it....” “Jeeju, let’s meet the shoot director!” Khushi said and walked away while Akash sighed and followed her.






“What do you mean?” Khushi asked furiously.

“Yes mam, we didn’t get anyone to take up the role of Ruhaan’s parents!” Director said.

“So what now?” Akash said.

“Mam, if you don’t mind, why don’t you take up the role of Ruhaan’s mother?” Director asked and Khushi looked at him shocked.

She could feel everyone gaze on her. The whole people of the set were looking at her. She said angrily at the director, “So suddenly you got the insight that I would be good for the role or is that the newspaper report made you think that?”

“No mam, aisa kuch nahi hai! I think this role suits you. Even if it was some other celebrity in place of Ruhaan, I would have suggested it!” Director said.

“I’m sorry! I can’t!” Khushi said sternly.

“Mam, yesterday we couldn’t shoot. If the shoot is delayed again the loss is for you. And I’m also not free. I can only be here for today and tomorrow! So you can decide!” Director said.








“So what now?” Arnav asked to Akash when director said that there are no one to do Ruhaan’s parents’ role.

“Sir, I talked to you about this yesterday. Why don’t you try?” Director asked.

Arnav sighed and said, “No”

“Sir, please....” Director said once again.

“Who is doing Ruhaan’s mom’s role?” Arnav asked.

“Khushi mam and you will do his father’s role.” director said.

Arnav looked at Khushi shocked and said, “I’m not doing this!”

“Sir, I just suggested. You are Ruhaan’s dad. No one could be perfect for this role other than you. And Khushi mam will also look good in camera. You both suit well for this role!” director said.

Ruhaan who was listening to all this said, “I think it’s a good idea. Dad, you’ll rock! Just do it!”

Arnav sighed under his demand and said, “Okay fine!” And he looked at Khushi who looked away to the director and asked, “What about our costumes?”

“They’ll show you!” he said showing some men who gestured them to follow them.









“START CAMERA..............ACTION!”

“How’s this?” Khushi asked showing a dark blue frock.

Arnav and Ruhaan nodded no and Ruhaan said, “Mom, nothing is good here! We’ll go somewhere else!”

“We’ve already gone to seven shops Sammy (Ruhaan’s name in the ad)....not anymore!” Arnav declared.

Khushi threw the dress on the table and said huffing, “This boutique is useless. Now where will we find a dress for our princess?”

“Mamma, we’ll go AK Fashion Boutique!” Ruhaan shouted at once.

Arnav and Khushi looked at him and he said with glistening eyes, “AK Fashion Boutique is the best! I’m sure, I’ll get the best dress for my sister there....come we’ll go...”

“Couldn’t you tell this before?” Arnav asked irritated.

Khushi chuckled and Ruhaan said, “”

“Arrey chalo....” Khushi said and dragged Ruhaan and Arnav.


“CUT IT!” director commanded.

“Guys, you rocked!” Ruhaan cried at Arnav and Khushi.

Khushi unwrapped her hand which was around Arnav’s arm and looked at him. He was looking at her and she slowly moved apart from him.

“Khushi mam, you’re great!” Ruhaan said and Khushi smiled faintly and walked away mumbling thank you.





“Sir, we’ll shoot the next tomorrow. By tomorrow we’ll finish the ad.” Director said to Arnav and Akash.

Nodding his head Arnav asked, “So tomorrow we’ll shooting from AK boutique right?”

“Yes” director nodded and said, “And the costumes I had sent it to Ruhaan and he told to get your approval.”

“I’ll look into it!” Arnav said and he walked away after bidding bye to director and also to Akash who didn’t return it back.





Ruhaan watched him going and signed Aman who nodded. Aman walked to Khushi who as searching something. “Mam,” he called and Khushi looked at him. “Are you searching for your bag?” He asked and she nodded.

“I saw it in that room!” Aman said pointing to a room. “Thanks Aman” Khushi said and walked to the room.







“Dad, what happened?” Ruhaan asked. “I think I forgot my phone somewhere!” Arnav said searching for his phone.

“You have kept it in that room right?” Ruhaan asked pointing to a room. “Oh yeah, thanks Roo!” Arnav said and walked to that room.








Arnav entered the room and found it empty. He saw his mobile on the table and walked to it. He took it and was about to turn when something hit him hard on his chest.


Khushi entered the room and saw her bag lying down with all its contents on floor. Muttering something she bend down and collected her bag and was about to rise when she heard the door being open. She stood up and turned when she hit something hard.

“AAH!” she cried as she stumbled backward but soon felt a warm hand holding her waist balancing her. She hung on to the person. It didn’t take her a nanosecond to know who the person is.

Arnav watched Khushi hitting him and suddenly held her waist to prevent her from falling. Her long hair fell on her face and she hung on to his collar. He held her close as he found her stumbling on her heels and she looked at him.

Arnav stared at her beautiful face which was so close to him, after 7 years. The last he saw her face so close to him was the bachelor party night when he had got to see every shade of her beauty. He lifted his right hand and slowly removed the hair strands which was covering her face with his left hand on her waist while she hung on to his collar closing her eyes feeling his touch after seven years.

It was then his phone rang.

Khushi recovered from the trance and suddenly moved apart pushing him. Arnav stumbled a bit and hurriedly switched off his phone. He looked at her who was looking at him in tears. She wiped her tears and turned to go when he held her hand.

“Leave my hand!” She said sharply.

“First hear what I have to say!” Arnav said,

“JUST LEAVE MY HAND!” Khushi shouted.

Arnav held his tight and pulled her to him. Her back hit his chest and he held her arm tighter. “Hear me first Khushi” he said frustrated.

Khushi started struggling to free her arm when she heard him whisper, “I didn’t leave you at mandap Khushi. I was coming to you!”

She stopped struggling and turned her head to his direction. She heard him whisper in her ears, “I never left you Khushi. I can never leave you!”

“Well you did that!” she said with her voice chocking.

She closed her eyes and gasped when she felt him trailing his hand down her arm and holding her palm. Lifting his palm he kissed it softly and murmured along the kiss, “I love you”

“You don’t” she hissed and pulled back her palm.

“I do, I really do!” he confessed.

“Then why didn’t you come that day?” she asked furiously.

“Because of me!” another voice came in and they both looked at the door to find Ruhaan.

Jul 25, 2016

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 131 times)

Chapter 10




“He didn’t come because of me” Ruhaan said as he walked in.

Khushi looked at Arnav and then at Ruhaan. Ruhaan stood in front of her and said, “Dad was coming to you. He was driving as fast as possible to reach to you but.....”

“But I got into an accident!” Arnav said cutting him.

Khushi gasped and looked at Arnav who said, “A truck was coming opposite to me and I suddenly turned my steering not noticing the car which was coming towards me overtaking the truck. I hit the car and in that car were Ruhaan’s real parents!”

Khushi gulped and looked at Ruhaan who looked down in tears. “Roo....go....” Arnav said softly and Ruhaan walked away silently.

Khushi turned to Arnav and looked at him shocked. She wasn’t able to say anything. “Ruh.....Ruhaan’”

Arnav looked down and said with his voice chocking, “I killed them Khushi.....I killed his parents!”

Khushi gasped and Arnav said, “Not only his parents,” tears flew down his eyes, “and his baby sister, Ruhi, who was just 5 that day! She was a baby Khushi....a baby girl like Aashi!”

Khushi looked at him numb and he said in tears, “I don’t remember anything after the collision. When I opened my eyes I was at hospital with Aman near me. Aman had set off searching for me and found my crashed car. He had tried to call Akash, NK and other but all had their phones busy. When I opened my eyes, he said to me about the accident and that the people in the car died, except the 8 year old boy.....Ruhaan!”


“Where is that boy?” Arnav asked weakly to Aman sitting on his hospital bed.

“He is unconscious” Aman said. “What about his relatives?” Arnav asked and he replied, “No one is here yet. I’m still enquiring about that!”

“Sir, can I call Khushi ma....” “NO!” Arnav cut him. “But sir, she would be waiting for you!” Aman cried.

“There is a boy lying unconscious before me, not even having the slightest idea that his parents and sister are no more! THIS BOY IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN KHUSHI AMAN!” Arnav shouted.

“Are you the same person who had once told me that Khushi is more important than anyone?” Aman asked shocked by his reply.

“That day I never knew that I would kill somebody and would make a little boy an orphan!” he said weakly.

“Sir it was just an accident...” Aman began when Arnav cried, “That explanation won’t bring them back Aman! I can foresee the boy’s reaction when he wakes up. I know how it feels to be an orphan!”

Aman kept his hand on Arnav’s shoulder and said, “At least inform Khushi mam”

“Go and find the dead person’s relatives and friends!” Arnav ordered. Aman sighed and walked out.




Arnav sat alone on the hospital bed and cried his heart out, “I’m sorry Khushi! I’m so sorry but I cannot come now! Not until I hand over that boy to a safe hand!”

He covered his face with palm and cried, “I’m a killer! I killed his parents and his little baby sister.....I’m a monster!”

It was then Aman came in. Arnav hurriedly wiped his tears and looked at him.

Aman said, “Sir both of them are orphans. No relatives and family!”

“Friends?” Arnav asked shocked.

Nodding no Aman said, “No one close sir. They are pretty introvert people.”

Arnav gasped realizing the truth in horror. He has made that boy a true ORPHAN!

At that time a nurse came in and asked to Aman, “What are the dead couple’s names?”

Aman said, “Karan Singhania and Ayesha Singhania”

 Karan Singhania and Ayesha Singhania

Karan Singhania and Ayesha Singhania

Karan Singhania and Ayesha Singhania

Arnav looked at Aman in horror. “What did you say?” He asked shocked. “Karan Singhania and Ayesha Singhania, that boy’s parents!” Aman repeated.

“Can I see them?” Arnav asked to the nurse.

The nurse nodded and brought a wheel chair. Aman helped Arnav to sit on it and wheeled him to the morgue. The nurse removed the cloth covering the dead body and Arnav gasped seeing the faces.

“You know them?” Aman asked seeing his reaction.




“You knew them?” Khushi asked in low voice and Arnav nodded his head saying, “We were in Harvard. My only friends at Harvard!”

Khushi sighed hard and looked at him in tears.

Arnav continued in his chocking voice, “Ruhaan woke up and he became hysterical hearing his parents’ death. He started shaking their and Ruhi’s body demanding them to wake up. No one could control him. He ran away to top of the building and was about to jump down when Aman went there and stopped him. He was given sedatives and he fell unconscious again.

I decided not to come back leaving him there. I was the cause of that. I killed his parents, I killed his sister and I am the reason he was given anaesthesia. He was my responsibility. Aman was busy talking to police and lawyer about closing the case and I was so into the chaos that we didn’t feel like informing anyone. I’m sorry Khushi. I was shocked....numb....I did not know what to do....”

“What happened next?” Khushi asked maintaining her voice.

Arnav sighed and said, “Ruhaan was depressed. He didn’t talk, eat, sleep....he just sat numb. I didn’t have the mind to leave him in such a state. And I decided something. I’m cause for his pain and I’ll take up the biggest punishment in my life – to be away from my family. I decided to leave you all for him. I took him to London with Aman following me telling that he’ll help me. I took him to the best physiatrist of London and slowly he started recovering. He became close to me and started calling me dad.”

Arnav smiled and said, “Do you know how I felt that moment Khushi? I was away for a day and when I came back he had run to me and hugged me tight crying. He begged me not to leave him alone again and called me dad.”

Khushi smiled in tears and Arnav continued,

“He loved singing. Ayesha also sang well. He got her trait. When asked he told me that Karan and Ayesha wanted him to be a rockstar. I wanted to fulfil the ream of my friends and I started encouraging Ruhaan into singing. Singing was his passion and soon he became the best in the field. With Aman helping me, I made him the biggest singer the world has ever seen!”

Arnav finished and looked at her and said softly, “I never doubted you. I never doubted your mother! Yes, I was shocked for a moment and needed a peace of mind that I went away. But soon I realized that the traitor was none other than my father. He hid his identity of being married from your mother just like Shyam did to you! I realized that neither you nor your mother is at fault. Dadi is the one to be blamed. She had seen aunty before marriage but she chose the marriage day to reveal the truth. Why? She wanted to stop the marriage!

I was coming back to you Khushi but fate had other plans. I never left you! I loved you Khushi and I still love you!” He said in tears.

Khushi stood with tears flowing down her eyes. She bit her lips to control her sobs which was unsuccessful. “Ruhaan is alright now. Why didn’t you come back?” She asked chocking.

“Years have passed. I thought you have moved on. And I was right, you see! Everyone has moved on! Nani, di, Akash, you....everyone hates me! Even NK!” Arnav said.

Khushi sighed and said looking away, “I never moved on! If I had, Aashi would have been calling someone dad!”

Arnav looked down and said in his chocking voice, “I killed three people Khushi! A boy became an orphan due to me!”

“Four killed four people!” Khushi said. Arnav looked at her and she said looking at him, “Amma committed suicide!”

Arnav gasped and Khushi said in tears, “When you didn’t come back, she broke down blaming herself for destroying herself. And before anyone could stop her, she jumped into the flames. We pulled her out but the flames had caught on her sari and it spread like forest fire”

Khushi looked at him and said with her voice breaking, “The flame which I thought would strengthen our marriage and our love KILLED MY MOTHER!” She shouted and broke down on the floor. Arnav stood closing his eyes with tears flowing out.

“Khushi....” he leaned on the floor and held her shoulder. She clutched his shirt and cried bitterly. He hugged her tight. She rested her head on his chest draining his shirt with her tears.

“I’m sorry Khushi”

“Sorry won’t bring her back” she whispered in her broken voice.

“I can’t do anything other than apologizing!” he whispered, “Forgive me.....if not, please don’t hate me...I can’t see hatred for me in your eyes”

Khushi clinged on to him and cried, “Come back Arnav ji....please come back to me.....”

“No one wants me back!” he stated.

Khushi withdrew from the hug and stood up. Arnav also stood up. She held his hand and said, “No one hates you. They are just angry with you! If they know the truth, they’ll surely accept you back.”

“Do you accept me?” he asked in whisper.

She looked at his eyes and then stood on her toes and kissed his forehead. He smiled faintly and heard her whisper, “Come back.....”

“Ruhaan....” Arnav said softly.

“He’ll stay with our son!” Khushi said softly.

“Aashi....” Arnav asked.

“I’ll tell her the truth!” Khushi said.

“What truth? That her father abandoned her mother at altar? Or he killed her Nani? Or he killed three people and made a boy an orphan?” Arnav asked laughing bitterly.

“Stop blaming yourself!” Khushi said crying.

Arnav sighed and looked away.

“You and Ruhaan are coming with me.” Khushi said sternly.

“Khushi I....” Arnav began when Khushi said in her sternest tone, “It’s final!”

Arnav’s lips curved to a smile, “You’re speaking like me” he said smiling. Khushi looked away to hide her smile and said maintaining her tone, “I have to! Your employees are lazy bums!”

Arnav chuckled and Khushi smiled seeing his reaction.

Aug 3, 2016

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 173 times)

Sorry guys.....didn't know  how to take this further. So im finishing this.




“RUHAAAAANNNNN!!!! RUHAAANNNNN!!!!” the crowd cheered as the rockstar walked to the stage. Alia, his PA, handed him his guitar and he stood on the stage facing the majestic crowd.

“Ruhaan! Ruhaan! Ruhaan! Ruhaan!” everyone sang as Ruhaan waved to them. The cameras flashed and Ruhaan stood in his signature pose. Signing the musicians to start, he began.....




Ruhaan, it’s the first time that your lyrics are concentrated on family and love. Is it specially dedicated to your parents?

“Of course yes. This is my first concert after my family reunion and I ought to make it special!” Ruhaan said smiling.


Could you please describe your family reunion?

“That’s a bit personal. I can just say that my dad and mom were separated 7 years ago and now they are reunited!”


But your age doesn’t seem to match with Mr. and Mrs. ASR.

“I’m adopted” Ruhaan said.



Are you gonna sign more ads with AR fashions?

“As you all know, AK fashions have changed their name to old AR fashions indicating the return of ASR! It’s my dad’s and mom’s company and so it’s mine too! If AR needs me, then I’ll be there!”







“Roo bhaiyya is AWESOME!” Aashi cried as she sat on her bed drinking the hot vegetable soup.

“If your Roo bhaiyya knows that you’re watching TV here in the midst of your high fever, then he’ll smack your head with his guitar!” Arnav said caressing her hair.

“But daddy I cannot miss his show! I’m his biggest fan!” Aashi said pouting and Arnav laughed. “Of course you are baby, but you could watch his show anytime. Why always live show?”

“Because I want to see the crowd’s reaction on my Roo bhaiyya’s song!” Aashi said in her cute tone.

Arnav laughed and Aashi said complaining, “Daddy, you promised that you would take me for his live show. You didn’t do it!”

“I’m sorry baby but you’re sick. How can I take you there?” Arnav said.

“But you let mamma go!” Aashi pouted with her narrowed eyes.

“That is because someone should instruct the body gaurds and show organizers and you know that Aman uncle is on leave and my princess wanted me to stay with her! So I sent your mamma there!” Arnav said.

“Hm....” Aashi said crossing her arms, “When Roo bhaiyya comes I’ll not talk to him!”

“And why is that?” Arnav and Aashi turned hearing the voice.

Near the door was Ruhaan with his guitar and Khushi near him.

“Daddy, tell him that I won’t talk to him and mamma!” Aashi said angrily.

Arnav chuckled and Ruhaan cried, “Papa, please ask your princess why she is angry with us?”

“Daddy, they left me here when I’m sick!” Aashi cried.

“Papa, we left her here because you’re there with her!” Ruhaan said.

“Ha, that is a point. Don’t you want me princess?” Arnav asked faking hurt. “Yes daddy!” Aashi cried and jumped onto him. Arnav laughed and held her. “I want to stay with you, mamma and Roo bhaiyya!” she cried in her cutest voice.

Arnav laughed and cuddled her. Ruhaan smiled and came to them. “Come here princess!” He cried as he extended his arm. Aashi giggled and jumped to Ruhaan who twirled in air. Suddenly he made her sit on the bed and touched her forehead.


“I WANTED TO SEE YOUR SHOW!” Aashi said shouting.


“Daddy.....” Aashi began to cry and she ran to Arnav. Arnav lifted her in arms and she hugged him tight burying her head in his neck. “ made her cry!” Arnav said angrily.

“Dad, she is prankster! Master mind! Never bother her!” Ruhaan cried and Khushi said joining the group, “Ha Arnav ji, she is just acting!”

“Nahi.....I’m really crying....see my big tears!” Aashi said showing her cheeks.

Arnav had his mouth in O and Khushi cried, “See I told you! She is faking!” “Come here you prankster!” Ruhaan pulled her in his arms and made her lie on the bed.

“I don’t want to sleep!” Aashi cried out loud.

“You have to!” Arnav, Khushi and Ruhaan cried and pulled the blanket on her.







Standing in the railing watching the night buzz of Toronto Khushi smiled faintly recalling the past one month.

The whole family had accepted Arnav and Ruhaan when she told them the truth. They felt sorry for Ruhaan and also apologized to Arnav for taking him wrong. Arnav being Arnav forgave his family.

When Khushi said to little Aashi that her Roo bhaiyya is actually her bhaiyya and his daddy is her father, she was over the moon. She had hugged Arnav happily and shouted PAPA. Ruhaan was also over the moon as he got a big wonderful family. When Aman asked him about his concerts he ordered him to cancel every contracts as he just wanted to spent time with his little sissy.

Aashi became a complete daddy’s girl and Ruhaan a mummy’s boy! When the siblings have their fights, that’s how they four team up. Arnav will scold Ruhaan supporting Aashi and Khushi will scold Aashi supporting Ruhaan!




“What are you thinking?” she heard his voice and turned back. He was standing near the door of the balcony. “Nothing” she said and he walked to her smiling. He hugged her from her back and she stood holding the railing. Kissing her cheek, Arnav said, “Thinking about past huh?”

She smiled and nodded. “It is said right? Everything happens do happen for a cause! It’s so true in our case!”

He chuckled and asked, “How?”

“If you had come that day, we would have never got our Roo! We all have got so much accustomed with him! Can you imagine a life with him?” She asked and he nodded no. “It was destiny!” She whispered, “To be late for wedding, to meet Ruhaan, to be his dad....everything”

He nodded smiling.

It was then little Ayush came running, “Khushi maasi, Annav (Arnav) chachu....Aashi is beating Roo bhaiyya!”

Arnav and Khushi sighed and ran to Aashi who was pulling Ruhaan’s hairs.




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