Collection of Stories..Indexes

Jun 14, 2016

Collection of Stories..Indexes (By V1184) (Thanked: 10 times)

Hi everyone..

Just wanted to post a bit about index so that all the new writers could know and create their own index.


So here are few points..

  • You will have the links of all your stories in a single page.
  • You can get your works index listed among others in the Main Index.
  • It is easy to find any of your story easier..for you and for your readers too.
  • create an index...all you have to do is create a new myView and rest is to your creativity.
The the link to Main Index is as below...

You can checkout some indexes for reference purposes. All the best 

Note : At present, due to some technical problems sometimes the links are not showing up in any post.So my suggestion may use some pictures for url and include title name in it.It will look colorful too.

A suggestion too ...

Replace hinditvadda . in in the link with " myeduniya . com " and the link will show up...just like i did in this post.

(Remove those spaces though )

Will be waiting to see some wonderful collection of stories in a single page.

Have a Nice day Friends :)

Bye :)

Note :hinditvadda link will not work in the Index/post

so please login or open the site from myeduniya


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