OS: Payal??

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Jun 12, 2016

OS: Payal?? (By V1184) (Thanked: 107 times)

Raizada Mansion

12th June 2:42pm

NK : Kushiji...Kushiji..Where are you?

Kushi : Nkji I am in the kitchen.Why did you call me?

NK: Wo.. I wanted to wish you.

Kushi: Wish me?? Kya baat hai NKji?

NK: Happy birthday Kushiji in advance. WO..mein aapko first wish karna chatah hun.

Kushi : Thank you NKji. Waise chatah nahi 'chahtha'. I've some work to do. Bye.

NK: Ok ok Kushiji.Bye.

NK thought to himself "Yay.. I'm the first to wish.Now even nannav won't be the first."

12th June at night 11:45pm

Arnav came sooner than usual and silently slipped into his room to decorate their room for Kushi's birthday.It is her first birthday after marriage.So he wanted to something special.

Everyone is chatting in the living room when Arnav called Kushi to come.He thanked his family silently within himself for keeping Kushi busy all the evening.

All knew that Arnav is going to be her first wisher.And they wanted to be second.After Kushi left they too retired to their rooms.

Kushi was too tired that she didn't notice any decoration or the different lighting in their bedroom.

It was a plus point to Arnav for the next 10 minutes as she won't be aware of his surprise.


Arnav woke up his sleeping wife with a slight shake. Kushi who slept as soon as she laid on the bed woke up with a jerk.She looked around in daze and asked “What happened Arnavji?”.

Arnav didn't speak for a few seconds.

As soon as his each struck 12:00am he wished her.

13th June

Arnav : Happy Birthday Kushi.

Kushi: Thank you Arnavji.

Arnav : Don't you want a gift or at least a cake??

Kushi: Oh arnavji...you wished me and it is more than enough for me.Blessings are far better than material items.

Arnav : Ugh..Look around dear wife.And here..open this box.It is your gift.

Kushi then looked around and noticed all the decorations.She hugged him and told that she loved it.Then she opened the gift box to find a lovely bracelet.

She thanked him again and then arnav brought the cake he kept near their bed.

He fed her and then she too did the same.

Kushi spoke “ Arnav ji… Thank you for all this.”

Arnav : Don't thank me Kushi. It is my pleasure to do that.Now it is late.So get some sleep birthday girl.You've a long day ahead.

They both slept off soon.

13th June 1:45am

Anjali silently slid into her brother's name to wish her sister-in-law.

She woke up Kushi silently and to say that Kushi is shocked would be an understatement.

Anjali gave her gift to Kushi,wished her goodnight and went back to her room.

Kushi cannot be able to sleep for a while once she gets disturbed. So she went to the poolside and sat there enjoying the cool natural breeze.


Shyam after making sure anjali is asleep went to the poolside to find a way to wish his favorite sister Kushi for her birthday. He saw her on the recliner in poolside.

Shyam : Kushi.. Tum is waqt yaha?

Kushi replied startled : Bhai..bus neend nahi Aa rahi hai to yaha aayi.Aap yaha?

Shyam : Janmdin Mubarak ho meri behna.. I came to wish you. Here..I packed your gift in your favorite wrappers.Jaldi so jaana.. Bye.

Shyam left from there and kushi went back to the same position she was in..before shyam came.She became sure that she won't be sleeping anytime soon.


Mami.. Who never backed off from any competition...wanted to wish Kushi first after Arnav.

She even bought kushi a gift she was sure kushi would love and went to her Arnav bitwa’s room. She didn't find kushi in the bed and went towards poolside to see Kushi reading a book with a small lamp.

She wished her slowly and gave her gift.

She left soon after that because she didn't want to be caught by anyone from her family.

Kushi thought to herself “ Thank God. I didn't went back to sleep..just to be woken up within a half hour.”


Akash woke up a bit startled by the sudden vibration but remembered quickly that he kept an alarm at 3:30am to wish Kushiji first.

He took his gift and went to poolside to sneak into his brother's room but kushiji made it easy. She was sitting on the recliner there.He wished her and gave his gift.

He bought two gifts...one is both his and payal’s.The other one he gave now.


Arnav wokeup at his usual time and he didn't find Kushi on the bed.

He looked for the poolside and saw her sleeping on the recliner with a book in her hand.

It was not new for him. Often when kushi can't sleep she goes to the poolside and read some books...falling asleep halfway.

He brought her inside the rooms and tucked her in.

He went downstairs getting ready around 7:00am after completing his daily routine and gym hour.

Raizada Mansion Living room

Everyone is waiting for Kushi to come down. They knew she didn't get enough sleep and that is why they didn't mind her being late.


Kushi woke up and got ready quick. She went downstairs and took the elders blessings.

Nani and Mamaji gave her money as gift.

They all had breakfast and went to the living room.

After everyone is settled , NK asked Kushi the question everyone is waiting to know the answer.

NK : Kushiji who wished you first for your birthday??

Kushi kept silent.She don't know what to say.

Akash : It would be Arnav of course NK.

NK : I know I know… I'm asking about other than him.You know second person.

Akash : It would be me NK.I wished her first.

Mami : When bitwa?

Akash : At 3:30am Maa.Sabse pehle.

Mami : Hahaha...It is me bitwa.I wished her at 2:50am.

Shyam : Nahi mamiji… WO to mein hun.Subah 2:15am ko wish kiya tha mein.

Anjali : Naa shyamji… Wo to mein hun...jo apni pyari bhabhi ko wish kiya.At 1:45am.

NK : Aap sabse pehle meine wish kiya Kushiji ko.In advance...kal hi kar diya meine.Even before arnav.

Kushi , Arnav and Payal are silently watching all these conversations.

Nani and Mama left for some work so they aren't here.

Anjali : Kushiji.. You didn't answer who wished you first yet? It's ok.let's leave it. Open the gifts you received.

Kushi opened all the gifts she received one after the other.

Time went soon and it is 10:25am now.

Everyone is still in the same place. Arnav took day off from work for Kushi.

Suddenly payal left the room and came back at express speed with a huge box in gift wrapper.


Payal hugged Kushi and wished her for her birthday.

Payal : Welcome to the world shona.Happy birthday meri pyari behen...Ye lo tumhari gift.

Everyone in the room is shocked...even nani and mama who came around 10am.

Kushi happily opened the gift and squealed like a little girl.

And the words she said shocked everyone.

Kushi : NKji Payal ne hume first wish kiya.You asked naa...Even arnavji is not my first wisher.

All of a sudden...kushi’s phone which is silent till now started ringing with messages and notifications.

This brought everyone from their shocked state.

Arnav was first to recover and he asked.

Arnav : Kushi? What are you saying?

Kushi : Arnav ji..you all wished me but not on my birthday.

Before anyone can ask Payal explained.

Payal : Kushi ka janm 10:27am ko hua.To usse pehle...she's in her mother's womb.So for kushi.. Her birthday starts at 10:27am.It has been her belief but she never said to anyone.It took me 3 years to figure this out.And this is my 2nd year to be her first wisher.

Anjali asked why is it just 3 years when they have been sisters.

Kushi : I am not blood related to the Gupta's. I'm Kushi Rathode.Raghuvendra Rathode ka only daughter.

Arnav quickly realized that it is not the time to talk about this.

Arnav : Ok.. But don't say anything now Kushi. We can discuss later on some other day. Ab chalo… Hume tumhari wishes puri karni hai.

With that they all got ready real quick and left Raizada Mansion for a fun filled day.


So here is an OS which I promised to write for my friend.Hope you all enjoyed it. Ignore all the typo mistakes.

Till then

Bye friends

Take care

Keep smiling :)

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