Moving on from heartbreak

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Jun 11, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 55 times)

Hey everyone, this is my very first story, had this plot in my head for quite some time and decided it was finally time to write it down and discover the writer side of me, so I hope you like it.


The story starts from Diwali when Arnav broke Khushi's heart so badly by announcing his engagement to Lavanya (N.B. Snakewa isn't a bad guy in this story and the is no paying guest living at Buaji's house, Akash and Payal are about to be engaged to each other and also by the way Khushi's father is perfectly fine)



Part one


After congratulating Arnav and Lavanya on their upcoming engagement, Khushi decided to leave RM before anyone saw her breaking down. Once she got home, she ran inside as fast as she could into her room without anyone noticing to cry her heart out as there was no one to hear her cry (the Gupta family except for Khushi is out visiting family)


Days past with everyone preparing for two upcoming engagements in the family, Akash and Payal along with Arnav and Lavanya. It was during this time that Khushi decided to forget her pain and heartbreak and ended up putting a happy face in front of everyone so that no one was able to see through her heartbreak.


Night of the engagement...

It was the big night that everyone was preparing for especially for three people - Payash and Lavanya - Arnav, well he was confused as he ended up announcing his engagement to hurt Khushi thinking that she may confess her feelings followed by what happened on Diwali, little did he know that he was also going to go through what Khushi went through on Diwali. Shashi had invited his close family and friends to celebrate his eldest daughter's engagement. Shashi, Garima and Madhumati decided that maybe it was time to find someone for Khushi, and what better opportunity for Khushi to meet and interact with a handsome young man and followed by the outcome they had hoped for tonight.


Buaji: Hai re nand Kis****, eeh Shashi Babua, tumri dost aur uske beta aaye nai ab tak?

 (Hai re nand Kis****. Shashi babua, hasn’t your friend and his son come yet?)


Shashi: Jiji who abhi aate honge

 (Jiji, they should be here soon)


Garima: Devi maiyya ke kripa ho ki Khushi ko larka pasand aay jayga.

 (Hopefully Khushi likes the boy)


Shashi: Devi maiyya zaroor suni ge. Ab dekho aa ge who sab.  Aaye Rudra Singh. bahut acha laga  aap sab payal ki sagai me aaye

(She will, look they are here now. Welcome Rudra Singh. I am so happy that you came to Payal’s engagement)


Rudra Singh: Arre aise kaise nai aate, akhir mere sab se acche dost ki beti ki sagai hai

(How could I have not come, afterall it is my best friend’s daughter’s engagement)


Shashi: tumhara beta kaha hai

(Where is your son?)


Rudra: Yahan pe kahi hoga

(He should be here somewhere)




Part two




Just as Khushi brought Payal and Lavanya down with a heavy heart to where the function is, Anjali and Shyam had started the evening with a few performances from not from them, but also a few close family and friends. Among these performances Khushi and Lavanya also danced to Salaam eishq (just like the one in the show) while everyone one watched on.


After the performances, the ring ceremony had just taken place and everyone came up to congratulate the two newly engaged couples. Khushi was happy for them and with a smile shining on her face to hide her sadness, she happily congratulated both couples. While there was a couples dance happening on the dance floor, Khushi was sitting by a table by herself when her parents and buajidecided to introduce her to Shashi's friend, Rudra Singh and his son, Ranveer Singh (imagine Ashish Sharma and his dad from Rang rasiya).


Khushi: Namaste Uncle... and touches his feet


Rudra: Namaste beta, khush raho. Yeh mera beta Ranveer hai.

(Namaste beta, be happy. This is my son Ranveer)




Ranveer: Hi 


Khushi: Hi


Buaji: Eeh Hi why choro, tum dono bacho ek doorse baat chit karo, hum Rudra bhai saab Payaliya ke saasural se milaiwat hai

(Forget this Hi why. You two kids talk and get to know each other. The rest of us will introduce Rudra Bhaisaab to Payaliya’s inlaws.)


with that, the four elders left to do what Buaji said so that Khushi and Ranveer can get to know each other


Rudra: so I guess tumhe bhi pata chal gaya hoga ki mere papa aur aapke pariwar kya kare rahe hai

(So I guess you probably have figured out what our family may want?)


Khushi: Haan hume bhi aisa hi lagta hai. Toh ab kya?

(Yeah, I think so too. So now?)


Rudra: I guess we should get to know each other. so friends. (extending his hand)


Khushi: Haan bilkul, Kyu nahi. 

(Yes, why not)


with that, Ranveer and Khushi become friends. Watching all this with fuming eyes was Arnav Singh Raizada. He realised that perhaps, for the first time, he was wrong. As the evening progressed, Khishiand Ranveer decided to stay in contact, which made their parents and Buaji very happy as this was the way they hoped the evening would end.


To be continued



Part 3


At RM...


Later that night, Arnav was unable to sleep. He tossed and turned and every time he tried to sleep, he would end up having a dream of Khushi and Ranveer together on different occasions, sometimes a married couple, sometimes Khushi choosing Ranveer over him or just the way the two of them were around each other during the engagement function. Finally, it was morning, and everyone was downstairs for the aarti, followed by a red eye, racoon looking ASR, which shocked everyone since he is not the pooja-part type of person as we all know. 


Anjali: Kya hua chote, tum theek se soye nahi

(What happened chote, you haven’t slept properly?)


Arnav Nahi Di, aisa kuch nai hai, baas neend nahi aa rahi thi

(No Di, I couldn’t seem to go to sleep)


Mami: Ooooh, Lavanya ki khayal me the raat bhar

(oooh, Thnking about Lavanya all night huh)


making everyone chuckle a bit, but making our dear Arnav irritated as it wasn't Lavanya who he was thinking about, but Khushi


Arnav (thinking): Dammit, yeh larki ab meri neend bhi chorai rahi hai, ab toh mujhe usse door rehne chaiyhe.

(Dammit, thus girl is now stealing my sleep, I should stay away from her)


But little did he know that it was going happen as Khushi had a new friend who she could spend some of time with.





Khushi woke up feeling a lot lighter than she did a couple of weeks back, and this perhaps maybe because of a new friend she made at her jiji's engagement last night. After coming home from RM, Shahi, Garima and Buaji decided to talk to Khushi and tell her about a marriage proposal that had come for her. At first Khushi was hesistant about accepting the proposal from Ranveer and his papa,but decided to give Ranveer a chance as Arnav had already broken her heart by not only saying all those things to her  (pretty much what he said on the show during diwali), but by deciding to marry another girl. 


Khushi (thinking) Shayad yahi mauka hai aage chalne ki, aur shayad Ranveer mere sapno ka rajkumar hai)

(Maybe this is the chance for me to move on, and maybe Ranveer is the prince of my dreams)


Buaji: Sab theek to hai na titaliya, kono parishayni to nahi hai?

(Is everything okay Titaliya, is there anything to worry about?)


Garima: Haan Khushi, tum pichle kuch dino se khoyi khoyi se rehti ho.

(Yes Khushi, from the past few days you seem very lost)


Khushi: Nahi Amma aur Buaji, hum bilkul theek hai. Lekin yeh rishta jodne se pehle hum Ranveer ko thora aur acha jaan le toh shayad theek hoga.

(No Amma and Buaji, I am fine. But before accepting this proposal, I would like to get to know Ranveer a bit more, this way it will be better)


Payal: Ranveer, Khushi tume usse Ranveerji nahi bolti hai kya

(Ranveer, Khushi are not calling him Ranveerji?


Khushi: Jiji, Hum bolne wale the jab Ranveer ne kaha...

            (Flashback: Ranveer:  Khushi, mujhe please Ranveerji mat kehna. Aisa lagta hai koi mujhe ek budha professor samajte hai._)

(Jiji, I was going to call him that, but Ranveer said….

            (Flashback:  Ranveer: Khushi, please don’t call me Ranveerji, it makes me feel like some old professor)


Buaji: Acha, hum yahi soch rahe the itn dher se ki titiliya ne iss ka naam ke baad me ji nahi lagaya. ab samji hum.

(Oh now I know why Titaliya didn’t add ji at the end of name. Now I get it)


Shashi: (chuckling) Theek hai titiliyaa, jaise tumhari marzi. Hum zabarsati nahi karenge. Ache tarah se jaan lo, phir kuch din baad hum baat aage barathe hai.

(Okay Titaliya, as you wish. I won’t force you. Get to know him better and then we can talk about this later)


Khushi: Jaise aap ko theek lage babuji. (thinking- kam se kam hum use laad governer se door rahenge aur Ranveer ko aur ache tarah se jaan le.

(As you wish babuji. (thinking- at least I can stay away from that Laad Governor and get to Ranveer better)


Days passed, there were a lot of preparations for the two upcoming weddings. Everyone decided to go shopping to purchase items needed for the wedding, and along with Khushi, Ranveer accompanied her, which irritated Arnav to the core as it was becoming hard to see Khushi becoming closer each day with another man. Everyone knew that Khushi and Ranveer had become such close friends in a short time, that they were happy to have Ranveer accompanying them everywhere to get everything prepared for the wedding


During this time Khushi found herself becoming more comfortable and happy with Ranveer. Once Shashi was happy to see Khushi happy around Ranveer, that he decided that since it was getting closer to the time for Payal's wedding, it may be the right time to ask Khushi if she was ready to say yes to Ranveer's proposal.


To be continued






Part 4


Shashi: Khushi beta, baat karni thi

(Khushi, I wanted to talk to you)


Khushi: Ji Babuji, Kya baat karni

(Yes Babuji, what did you want to talk about)


Shashi: Tumhe yaad hai ki Ranveer ki papa ne tumhari liye rishta laya tha

(You do remember that Ranveer’s father brought a proposal for you)

Khushi: Haan


Shashi: Toh tumhare kya khayal Ranveer ke bare mein?

(So what do you think about Ranveer?)


Khushi: Babuji, jitney din hum Ranveer ko jan paya, woh bahut acha laga, par abhi hume khud bhi pata nahi agar hum usse shaadi karni hai ki nahi.

(Babuji, since I have known Ranveer I like him a lot, but I don’t know if I want to arry him or not.)


Shashi: Titiliya koi jaldi nahi, joh bhi faisla hoga, hum usse se khush rahenge. Par maan mein ek baat khai jae rahi hai

Titaliya, there is no hurry. Whatever decision you take I will be happy with it, but there is something that has been bothering me.)


Khushi: Kya hua babuji

(What happened?)


Shashi: Kuch aur baat toh nahi hai na jo hume pata hona chahiye

(Is there something that I should know about?)

Hearing this question from her Babuji, khushi’s face paled, but immediately put a big grin on her face and said…


Khushi: Nahi babuji, aisi koi baat nahi. Baas jiji ki shaadji ki taiyari mein hum abhi kuch jald bazi mein koi faisla lene chate hai jisme sab ko takleef ho

No babuji, there is nothing. I just don’t want to take any decisions too fast where everyone will be upset)


Shashi: theek hai beta, lekin soch samaj ke faisla bata na hume. Hum bahut jald apni titiliya ke zindagi mein bahut khushiya dekne chahte hai.

(that’s okay then, but think about and then tell me. I also would like to see happiness in my Titaliya’s life very soon)


With that, Shashi left Khushi to think about the conversation they just had, but just then her phone started ring. Seeing Ranveer’s name flash on the screen, Khushi answered


Khushi: Hello


Ranveer: Hello hi bye bye Phati sari


Khushi: Haaw, yeh name kisne bataya appko

(Haww, who told you this name?)


Ranveer: Aapke jiji ke nanad aur uske pati ne ek baar bataya tha, so socha kisi din aise greet karonga tumhe

(Your sister’s sister in law and her husband told me once, so I thought that I would greet you like this one day)


KhushI: (Laughing) Aap bhi na, waise hume aapke papa se ek baar baat karni chaiye

(You… anyway I should also talk to papa sometime to)

Ranveer: Kyu?



Khushi: Aapke raaz aur doosre naam jaane ke liye

(So I can find what other names you have)


Ranveer: Hahaha, kyu nahi, Payal jiji ke shaadi bahut door nahi, aram se baat kar lena

(Hahaha, why not, Payal jiji’s wedding isn’t too far, you can easily talk to him)


Khushi: Theek hai



Ranveer: Waise tum aaj sham ko free ho

(Anyway, are free this evening?)


Khushi: Haan, kuch tha kya?

(Yes, was there something?)


Ranveer: Great, taiyaar hona sham 7 baje, tumhe pick karonga

(Great, be ready by 7pm. I will pick you up)


Khushi; Who sab theek hai, lekin hum jaenge kaha

(That’s fine, but where are we going?)


Ranveer: That is a surprise


Khushi: Theek hai.



Ranveer: See you then


Khushi: Ji, Shaam ko milte hai

(Yea, see you in the evening)


As the day was moving, Khushi was becoming more and more excited about the surprise Ranveer had planned for, and wished for the day to move quicker. Just as she got ready her phone rang again and without looking at who calling she answered


Khushi: Hi


Arnav: Yeh Hi kab se bone lagi ha Khushi Kumari Gupta

(Since when has Khushi Kumari Gupta started saying hi) 


Surprised at who it was she replied: Aap se matlab, hum kya bolte kya karte, aap se koi matlab nahi                            

(What’s to you. What I say, what I do has nothing to do with you)             


Arnav: WHAT THE. Tum mujhse aisi baat nahi kar sakti. Anyways kuch kaam hai tumhe mere saath ana hai

(WHAT THE… you can’t talk to me like that. Anyways I have some work and you have to come with me)


Khushi Sorry lekin aaj sham hum nahi aa sakte hai

(Sorry, but I can’t come with you this evening)


Arnav: I don’t care. You just have to come


Khushi Hume bhi koi shouk nahi hai ki aap jaise kahe hum waise kare

(I don’t have a hobby that I will do as you say)


Just then the door bell rang


Arnav: (Thinking) Iss waqt kon hai waha pe

(Thinking – who is there at this time?)


Khushi: Hum aap se baad me baat karte hai. Darwasa pe koi hai

(I’ll talk to you later, someone is at the door)


Arnav: I don’t care, jo bhi plan hai tumhara just cancel it

(I don’t care, what ever plan you have, just cancel it)


Ranveer: (from outside)  Khushi, Kitni der lagai rahi hai tum. Jaldi chal na

(Khushi, Lets go. How much more time are you going to take?)


Khushi: Hum taiyar hogai hai baas abhi ati hoon

(I am ready now, just coming)


Arnav: What the… Khushi yeh Ranveer ki awaaz thi

(What the… Khushi was this Ranveer’s voice?)


Khushi: Haan toh

(Yea, so?)


Arnav: Tum uske saath kahi jaa rahi hoon

(You are not going anywhere with him)


Khushi: Ji, aap se matlab

(What’s it to you)


Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta, tum uss Ranveer ke saath kahi nahi jaa rahi ho

(Khushi Kumari Gupta, you are not going anywhere with that Ranveer)


Khushi: Aur kuch kehna tha, ki ab hum jae

(Did you have anything else to say, or can I go now?)


Arnav: What the


And with that Ladies and Gentlemen, Our dear Khushi Kumari Gupta cut the call without bothering what he might be thinking.





Part 5


Arnav was left fuming when Khushi had cut the call. He didn’t like that fact that she was paying more attention to Ranveer. This left Arnav thinking who the heck is Ranveer and why was he always around Khushi and why does he always accompany them. He was left with many roaming thoughts. Meanwhile…


Before Khushi left with Ranveer, Buaji came over to the two


Buaji: “Jaane se pehle titaliya, ek kaam karlo humre liye”

(Before you go, can you do a favour for me?)


Khushi: “Ji Buaji”

(Yes Buaji)


Buaji: “Raaste mein kya tum dono Akash bitwa ke ghar ja sakte ho”

On the way can you two drop by Akash’s houe?)


Khushi was very unsure if she should go there or not and looked at Ranveer who said: “Haan kyu nahi Buaji”

(Why not Buaji)


Khushi: “Lekin Ranveer humara plan”

(But Ranveer, what about our plan?)


Ranveer: “Koi baat nahi, hum jald se jald waha ke kaam liptai denge aur chale jaenge”

(It’s okay, we can quickly go there quickly and we can be on our way)


Buaji smiling: “Acha, toh Sanka devi, Akash ki dadi ne Kuch cheez Payal ke rakha hai. Usse lekar ana”

(Okay, so Sanka devi, Akash’s dadi has some things for Payal. You just need to get that)


Khushi: “theek hai buaji, hum lekar ajaenge”.

(Okay Buaji, I’ll bring it with me)


Buaji: “Acha theek hai. Ranveer Bitwa, ee Sankadevi ka khayal rakhna”

(That’s fine, Ranveer take care of this Sanka devi)


Ranveer: “Aap befikar rahi. Hum aap ke Sanka devi ko sahi salamat ghar wapas le aaoga”.


(Don’t worry, I will bring Sanka devi home safely)


With that, the duo left happily chatting, joking and laughing on their way to RM where a jealous fiery lion was ready to pounce. Once they reached RM, Anjali happily welcomed them in and lead them to the living room where everyone was.


Mami: “Hello hi bye bye. Look who izz here. Phati sari and Ranveer”


Nani with a glare: “Manorama!. Aao tum dono. Khushi bitya, yeh dekh kar bataye ki yeh kaise lagega Payal bitya ke upar kaise lagega”

(Manorama! Come in both of you. Khushi bitya, just see this and tell me how will it look on Payal?)


Payal’s suit:



Khushi: “Naniji, yeh toh bahut acha lagega jiji ke upar. Aap ko kya lagta Ranveer”?

(Naniji, this will look really good on jiji. What do you think Ranveer?)


Ranveer: “Bilkul, jab jiji yeh pehanege toh yeh saree aur gehana bahut khoobsurat lagega”.

(Absolutely, when jiji wears this saree and jewellery, it will look more beautiful)


Nani: “Khushi bitya, Payal bitya ke saath hum tumre liya bhi kuch liye hai”

(Khushi bitya, along with Payal I have something for you too)


Khushi: “Iski kya zarorat thi Naniji”

(What was the need for this Naniji?)


Anjali: “Kaise nahi. Akhir aap toh dulhan ki choti behan ho, toh kuch hak banta hamara”.

(Why not? After all you are the bride’s younger sister, so we do have some rights)

Khushi: “Lekin”



Anjali: “Lekin wekin kuch, aap ko yeh lene parega warna hum naraz ho jaenga”

No but, you have to take this or else I will be very angry)


Shayam: “Maan jao Khushiji, warna Rani saheba ko manana bahut mushkil kaam ho jaega”

(Take it Khushiji, or else it will be very hard to cool down Rani saheba’s anger_)


Khushi: “Theek hai Anjaliji, lekin”..

(Okay Anjaliji, but)


Anjali: “Yeh hui na baat. Yeh tumhari liya hai”

(That’s more like it, this is for you)


Khushi’s suit:




Ranveer to Khushi queitly: “Yeh bahut hi sundar hai. Jab tum yeh pahenogi tab main bataunga ki tum pe kaise lag rahi hai”

(This is very pretty, but when you wear this I will then tell you how it looks)


Khushi (blushing): “acha dekhte hai ki aap kya khayal hoga”

(Okay, we will see then what you think)


Ranveer: “dekhte hai”

(We will see)


Watching the interaction between the two, Arnav who was sitting by the pool side was burning up each time he heard Ranveer putting his input in, and Khushi, usse toh main baad me dekh lounga. By then a certain comment had him fired up more with jealousy.


Mami: “Hello hi bye bye, kya phoosar phoosar ho raha waha pe hein.”

Hello hi bye bye, what are you two whispering about)


Anjali (laughing): “Kaise laga Khushiji”

(How is it Khushiji?)


Khushi: “Hume yeh bahut sundar laga Anjaliji”

This is very pretty Anjaliji)


Nani: “Dekha Anjali bitya, hum ne kaha that ki yeh Khushi bitya ko bahut pasand aayga.”

(See Anjali Bitya, I told you that Khushi will like this very much)


Hari Prakash: “Naniji, Anjaliji, Khana lagaya”

(Naniji, Anjaliji, food is ready)


Nani:” theek hai Hari Prakash. Khushi Bitya, Ranveer tum dono Khane ki ruk kyu nahi jate.”

(That’s fine. Khushi Bitya and Ranveer, why don’t you two stay back for dinner)


Ranveer: “Maaf karna Naniji, lekin aaj hum nahi ruk sakte hai. Kuch plans hai toh shayad koi doosre roz.”

(Sorry Naniji, but we won’t be able to stay. We have some plans, maybe some other day)


Naniji: “Theek hai bitwa”

(It’s okay)


Anjali: “Ek minute, jaane se pehle, Khushiji humne apne liye bhi chuna hai, lekin who toh hamare kamre mein hai. Aap hamre saath aaye na, phir aap dono jaa sakte hai”

(One minute, before you go, Khushiji I have chosen something for myself and it’s in my room. Can come with me and then you both can go.)


Khushi was unsure if she should go or not, but by then Ranveer said: “Jao Khushi, hum kuch der intezaar kare lenge”

(Khushi, you go, I can wait)


Shyam: “Hum bhi hai na, toh hum bhi kuch baate kar lenge”

(I am here so we can keep each other company)


Khushi: “Theek hai. Hum aate hai”

(Okay. I will be back soon


With that Khushi left to see what Anjali had purchased for herself


Anjali’s suit:



Khushi: “Anjaliji, yeh saree aap pe itni pyari lagenge ki hum aap ko bata nahi sakte hai”

(Anjaliji, I can’t tell how beautiful this is)


Anjali: “Yeh Shyamji ne pasand kiya tha”

Shyamji had chosen this for me)


Khushi: “Acha, Shyamji ki pasand ka koi jawab nahi”

(Really, Shyamji has really good taste)


Anjali: “Acha who sab theek hai, pehle ek baat batao hume, aap bura toh nahi manenge”

(Anyways, tell me on thing, I hope you won’t mind)


Khushi: “bilkul nahi Anjaliji, kya baat hai”

(Definitely, what is it Anjaliji?)


Anjali: “Hum pichele kuch dino se dekh rahe hai ki Ranveer aur aap kuch zyaada samai saath me bitai rahe hai. Aap dono ke beech me”

(I have noticed from the past few weeks that you and Ranveer have been spending a lot of time together. Is there something between you two?)


Khushi: “Anjaliji, yeh baat humne kissi se kahe nai ab tak, lekin pehle waada karo ki yeh baat aap kisi ko nahi bataongi”

(Anjaliji, I haven’t told anyone about this, but promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this yet.)


Anjali: “Haan baba, hum waada karte hai hum kisi se kuch nahi kahenge, na Shyamji ko aur na naniji ko”

(Don’t worry, I promise I won’t tell anyone. Not Shyamji, Naniji or anyone.)


Khushi: “Babuji ke dost, matlab Ranveer ke papa ne hamare liya shaadi ke rishta lekar aaye the, toh Babuji, Amma,  Buaji aur Ranveer ke papa sab yeh chahte hai ki yeh baat aage barhe issi liya hum ek doosre ke saath itna waqt bitya rahe hai”

(Babuji’s friend, I mean Ranveer’s papa, brought a proposal for me to marry Ranveer so babuji, amma, buaji and Ranveer’s papa would like this to take this relationship further. That is why we are spending a lot of time together.)


Anjali: “Kya, yeh toh bahut achi baat hai. Hume bahut khushi ki Ranveer jaisa larka tumhari zindagi me aaya hai. Lekin jab baat aage chalna shuru karega, aap hume zaroor bataye”

(What, this is really good news. I am really happy that a boy like Ranveer has come into your life. But when this relationship starts going forward, I hope you do tell me.)


Khushi: “Ji kyu nahi. Jiji ke baad hum aap ko bhi apni bari behen ke jaise mante hai”

(Of course. After jiji, I also consider you as my elder sister.)


Both the ladies hugged each other, however they did not realise that all this time a pair of ears were actively tuned into their conversation.

Jun 14, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 33 times)

I have edited the first five parts by including the english translation for those that have requested and from now on I will update my story in english. For now enjoy the teaser for part six

Teaser- part 6

Both the ladies hugged each other, however they did not realise that all this time a pair of ears were actively tuned into their conversation.


Anjali: “Wish you all the very best Khushiji. I do hope hear some good news very soon”


Khushi: ‘I hope so too Anjaliji. I am starting to like Ranveer but I don’t know if I want marry him at the moment or not. Thank god everyone at home is happy for me to take time and think about getting married.


Anjali: That is a very good thing. Take my advice and use this time wisely. Take your time and know more Ranveer, and I mean know what he is like as a person, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what may anger him and maybe other things about him. Remember that I am always here if you want to talk more.


Khushi: Thank you Anjaliji, I should be going now. Ranveer is taking me out somewhere.


Anjali. Really. Where are you two going?


Khushi: He hasn’t told me. It’s a surprise.


Anjali: Ohh… I won’t hold you up anymore. He is probably becoming impatient waiting for you. And one more thing, our cousin NK is coming from Sydney tomorrow, can you all come over tomorrow do we can introduce NK to you all.


Khushi: Okay Anjaliji. I will bring everyone tomorrow. I should go now


Anjali: Okay, bye.


Khushi: Bye

Unaware of an angry lion, Khushi was happily going downstairs when she was pulled into the lion’s den only to face the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada.

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Arnav confesses his feelings
Arnav insults and manhandles Khushi
Jun 14, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 37 times)

Just to clarify one thing, in this story Shyam is a good guy

Part 6


Both the ladies hugged each other, however they did not realise that all this time a pair of ears were actively tuned into their conversation.


Anjali: “Wish you all the very best Khushiji. I do hope hear some good news very soon”


Khushi: ‘I hope so too Anjaliji. I am starting to like Ranveer but I don’t know if I want marry him at the moment or not. Thank god everyone at home is happy for me to take time and think about getting married.


Anjali: That is a very good thing. Take my advice and use this time wisely. Take your time and know more Ranveer, and I mean know what he is like as a person, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what may anger him and maybe other things about him. Remember that I am always here if you want to talk more.


Khushi: Thank you Anjaliji, I should be going now. Ranveer is taking me out somewhere.


Anjali. Really. Where are you two going?


Khushi: He hasn’t told me. It’s a surprise.


Anjali: Ohh… I won’t hold you up anymore. He is probably becoming impatient waiting for you. And one more thing, our cousin NK is coming from Sydney tomorrow, can you all come over tomorrow do we can introduce NK to you all.


Khushi: Okay Anjaliji. I will bring everyone tomorrow. I should go now


Anjali: Okay, bye.


Khushi: Bye


Unaware of an angry lion, Khushi was happily going downstairs when she was pulled into the lion’s den only to face the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada. Just by the way Arnav was looking at Khushi, she could tell that there was something serious going and she may not like the answer. Arnav on the other hand had a ping pong match going on in his head. He was confused about his feelings for Khushi, but this time, he realised what he felt for Khushi. Seeing her with Ranveer ignited a jealousy that he had never felt before. He decided one way or the other, he will tell her his feelings before she leaves. He usually listens to his head, but today he decided for once that he should listen to his heart.Arnav: So ended up coming here after our phone call. What were you saying, oh yes “I can’t come this evening”? So what happened. As usual you always end up doing as I say.


Khushi: What! I only came here because Buaji asked me to pick up some things for jiji. And why would I do as you say. Am I your slave?


Arnav: Don’t you dare talk to me like that.


Khushi: So what, just because you are ASR everyone has to listen to you and do as you say. Everyone has a life.


Arnav: Ohh I get it. Now days you are spending most of your waking hours with him, I saw how close he was sitting next to you and the way you were acting around him.


Khushi: Who I spend my time with, who I go with shouldn’t matter to you. You are no one to decide what I should do with my life.


Arnav: Right, who am I to make decisions about your life. I am just your sister’s brother in law right? After all you must be getting a good deal. Speaking of deals, why are you always roaming around with Ranveer huh. Who is he, your friend. No he must be your boyfriend. Your family is wanting you to get married to him right. You couldn’t get Arnav Singh Raizada, so you thought might as well settle for a professor, right…


Looking at him, Khushi could feel pools of tears at the surface of her eyes. She thought “Why do I always give this man importance, I have only known him for a year, but why. Every single time I do something, he finds a way to hurt me whether it is by saying something or making me do things that I do not want to do like staying up all night to type up unimportant work or standing in the car park getting drenched in the rain or saying something that will hurt me. She decided that she will not fall weak in front of this man and instead show him his place in her life.


Khushi: Yea so what if I am getting a better deal. What is not to like about Ranveer. He is 10 times far better than you. You always insult by showing my status and he doesn’t. You always find a way to hurt me, but he some how makes me happy. I can easily be friends and be myself with him, but not around or with you.


Without letting her finish, Arnav grabs her waist and pulls her close to him


Arnav: Don’t you dare talk to me like this


Khushi: Why, I can talk how ever I like


Arnav: If you don’t stop talking, I might make you stop talking.

And with that Arnav started to move is face closer to Khushi’s face, but before he could do anything, he was pushed with such a force that surprised him.


Arnav: What happened now. Do you not feel the same way I do? Does your heart beat not thump harder like mine when we are around each other and do you not think about me when we are not around each other?


Looking away Khushi said: I don’t need to answer you. I have to go Ranveer is waiting for me.


Before she could go, she felt herself being swung around into a rock chest, and she realised who it was


Arnav with boiling rage in his eyes: RANVEER RANVEER RANVEER. Why is his name always coming from your lips? You want to go right, but before you do just tell me do you love me the way I do


Shocked with Arnav’s confession, she never thought that she would hear this from his mouth, but she didn’t quite have the same feelings like she did before he got engaged and before she met Ranveer. She decided that she will not lead Arnav on and will try to stay away from him as much as she can


Khushi: No, I don’t love you. Not anymore and I may never love you as much as I did at one stage in my life.


Arnav: Khushi, you loved me?


Khushi: Yes, but not anymore.


Arnav: Oh right, I understand. It’s Ranveer right. You love him that is why you are spending more time with him and that is why your family wants you to get married to him.


Khushi (shocked at the revelation): How do you know?


Arnav: I overheard your conversation with di. Don’t worry I won’t say anything to anyone because there is only one thing that matters to, and it’s that I love you.


Khushi: No this isn’t right. You have some responsibility to Lavanyaji. She is your fiancé. Please do not make me the other woman. She is a very close friend and I don’t want to hurt her and one more thing. I don’t think I will be ever to love as you as I once did. Don’t hurt Lavanyaji please. I have to go. Ranveer is waiting for me.


Wiping her tears, she left Arnav’s room as fast as she could and went downstairs smiling to where Ranveer was waiting for her. After collecting what they came for, they said good night to everyone and left from there leaving a wounded bear behind. Lavanya came up Arnav and put her hand on his shoulder.

Arnav: Why Lavanya. Why did I make such a big mistake? See how I made such a big mistake and now along with mine, I ended up hurting you.


With tears in her eyes, Lavanya decided that she wouldn’t help either as they both were very close to her heart, but still she decided not to leave Arnav broken like he is now.


Lavanya: ASR, I know you are very hurt, but look at it from Khushi’s point of view, what she did say was right, but by they way she spoke, she didn’t want to pursue any relationship with. I am not saying this as a jealous fiancé, but saying this as a supportive friend. Don’t force her into anything or try to make her life I hell, I know that you are very capable of doing so, but don’t do it. There is saying that I have always hear, if you love something, let it go but if it’s your it will come back.


Arnav: I’m sorry Lavanya. I didn’t mean t hurt you, you know how I am, but if we break this relationship Nani will be hurt as she has now very fond you, but


Lavanya: What but, we are friends and friends do not leave each other drowning instead they stick with one another, and that is what we are going to do, if that is okay with you.


Arnav: I honestly don’t know what to say Lavanya…


Lavanya: Nothing, but first you need to freshen up and then we will go downstairs together and have dinner. You are looking like Devdas minus the alcohol.


Arnav (chuckling): Okay as you say boss.


Jun 14, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 50 times)

 know that many do want see Arshi together, however this is one story that I would like to keep different, but don't worry I will be wiritng another story where I plan on keeping arshi together


Part 7


As the two friends were walking downstairs and towards where everyone was seated, they suddenly heard Anjali commenting on how good Khushi and Ranveer look together to which everyone agreed. This did not sit well with a certain someone, especially knowing that Khushi is alone with Ranveer at the moment. This wasn't sitting well with him. He suddenly lost his appetite when he got up left to his den Lavanya made an excuse for him saying that he wasn't feeling to well and that she will take his and her dinner up to his room. On the way to Arnav's room with their dinner, Lavanya thought back to when she found out that Arnav may have feelings for Khushi that he doesn't have for her.


Earlier that day, she had heard Arnav talking to someone over the phone. Thinking it must have been Aman she started to walk away until she hear... Flashback...


Arnav: What the... Khushi was this Ranveer's voice?


Khushi: Yea, so?


Arnav: You are not going anywhere with him


Khushi: What's it to you


Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta, you are not going anywhere with that Ranveer


Khushi: Did you have anything else to say, or can I go now?


Arnav: What the


After the Arnav puts his phone down, Lavanya decided to make her entry at that moment and confront Arnav about what she had heard.


Lavanya: ASR, who were you talking to?


Arnav: uh Lavanya, I was talking to er Aman


Lavanya: Aman or Khushi


Arnav: What the. Why would I call her


Lavanya: Maybe because I heard you say "Khushi Kumari Gupta, you are not going anywhere with that Ranveer". Didn't sound like you were talking to Aman. Look Arnav, Don't give me the run around and just tell me the truth because now the nagging feeling that I have about you having feelings for Khushi are starting to come true.


Arnav: Lavanya, I'm sorry but I don't know how I feel about her.


Lavanya: Do you like the idea of Khushi spending time with another man, maybe falling in love with him, perhaps marrying him, becoming the mother of his children, living wherever he will live


Arnav: STOP


Lavanya: Why, didn't like the little scenario I am giving. Look you know I love you, but know one thing, I will always be your friend and will always support you no matter what even if you decide to go ahead in this relationship or not.


Arnav: What did I do that you to deserve you as a friend. I mean, I never said I love you to you and instead announced our engagement in front of everyone on Diwali, and on top of all that I am now confused about my feelings. I don't know what to do


Lavanya: Remember you told me what Di had once said, that there will be a girl who you will love so much that if isn't there, you will find it difficult to live. By looking at you I think I might know who that girl may be. I'll leave you alone and let you think about our conversation.


Flashback ends...


Funny how you love one man, but you are unable to get the type of love you want from him. Anyway Lavanya had decided that no matter what she will remain friends with both Arnav and Khushi as they are very precious for her, and will do anything for them.


Lavanya: ASR, I brought our dinner up here. I thought I can give you company and maybe you may want to share your feelings. I know you didn't like hearing what you heard downstairs so I told everyone that you were not feeling well. Come on lets eat.


Arnav: No Lavanya. I'm not in the mood to eat


Lavanya: Come on, eat for Khushi


Arnav: hmmm


Lavanya: That's better


That was how two friends had spent their evening talking about the little things and a certain someone, who was else where, unable to think about anything other than what had happened earlier that evening, rather than enjoying the evening that Ranveer had planned for her.


Ranveer: What happened Khushi. Is there something that is bothering you


Khushi: Huh. No Ranveer, I'm fine.


Ranveer: Khushi I can clearly see that your mood has changed since we left RM. Would you like to talk about it.


Khushi: I don't know


Ranveer: It's okay if you don't want to. Take your time. I will be ready to listen whenever you want to share.


Just as Ranveer starts to walk away, Khushi holds his hand to stop him from walking away


Khushi: Ranveer, something happened today that I never expected.


Ranveer: Is everything okay?


Khushi: I don't know


Ranveer: Lets sit down and talk


Khushi had told Ranveer everything that had happened at RM, including that Arnav loves her and that she did love him, but not like before because she felt that she was starting to move on.


Khushi: Ranveer, I feel like that I am beginning to move on and forget what ever may have happened.


Ranveer: I hope this may be going where I am hoping it is going.


Khushi: What do you mean?


Ranveer: That you may say yes


Khushi: (Smiling) Then you may be right


Ranveer: Really


Khushi: Yes. I think that I am ready to marry you. You are someone that I have always dreamed of. I know you will never do or say anything that will hurt me.


Ranveer: Yes Khushi, you are right. I promise never to hurt you. I will protect, support and always be there for you. Can I confess something?


Khushi: Yeah


Ranveer: Since jiji's engagement, I have found myself always thinking about you, but now I think I love you. I really want to see where we go together and I would really like to make this work. What do you think?


Khushi: I feel the same way. I would really like make this work and move forward with you.


Ranveer: So should we tell our families about our decision?


Khushi: hmm, yes I think we should. They will be so happy


Ranveer: I agree. I'll call papa to come over to your house and then we can tell them the good news.


Excitedly, the duo hugged each other after calling his father, and stayed like that until it started raining, making them both run to Ranveer's car.   

Jun 15, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 32 times)

Part 8


Next day…


Akash’s cousin NK had arrived from Sydney, and the Gupta family had arrived at the RM mansion to meet NK. Once they had arrived, Anjali had taken them to the living room where everyone was present. This time Arnav decided to join the family rather than staying in his room doing his work as the love of his life was also there. Along with Arnav, Akash was unable to take his eyes of the love of his life.


Anjali: Now that everyone is here, I would like to introduce NK to you, and NK this is Akash’s inlaws.

She introduced each member of the family to NK, and they all instantly liked NK, especially Khushi, but in friend type of way as NK was quite similar to in their personality sense. Just the HP, OP and JP had arrived with drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy and spend some time together and discuss a few things before the big day arrived. Shashi decided that it may be time to inform the Raizadas regarding some big news. Anjali nudged Khushi quietly asking her…


Anjali: The big news that Shashi uncle wants to tell us, is it what I am thinking?


Khushi nodded her and then her eyes caught sight of Arnav who was looking at her intensely, wondering what it could and hoping that it wasn’t something that could potentially take Khushi away from him.


Shashi: Maaji (Nani), we have decided to conduct Khushi’s engagement tomorrow evening and we would like it if you all could come. It will just be close family, which is why we would like you to be there as you all are a part of my family now.


Nani: That is really good news, but who is the boy that Khushi is getting engaged to?


Anjali with a big grin: I think I might know who it is


Mami: Hello hi bye bye, why are you quiet? Tell who iij it.


Anjali was looking at Khushi: Khushiji, is the special man Ranveer?


Khushi had started to become shy due the attention that she started receiving since the news of her engagement came out.


Buaji: Anjali bitya, she is getting engaged to Ranveer. Who would have thought that the girl who could never stay quiet is now sitting there with a red face with no words coming out of her mouth. Look how shy she has become


Nani: Of course, why wouldn’t she. After all she will be married soon. Right Khushi bitya.


With all the teasing going, Khushi quickly ran away from there making everyone laugh at her. All except for one person whose blood pressure sky rocketed the roof by listening to the news that got everyone jumping up and down. Without anybody noticing except for Lavanya who knew everything, he quietly followed Khushi to the terrace to confront her. Arnav found Khushi in one corner of the terrace with her phone ready to call someone. Little did she know that her phone was going to be snatched from her only to confronted by the fire breathing dragon.


Khushi: My phone. What are you doing?


Arnav: I could ask the same thing. What are you doing? Did you forget the conversation we had last night where I confessed my feelings for you? Didn’t I tell you that what mattered to me the most is the fact the I love you. Why did you do that? Why did you decide to get engaged to that Ranveer?


At that moment Khushi’s phone rang and since her phone was in Arnav’s deathly grip, she found it hard to get her phone back. Looking at who was calling her, Arnav saw the one name that he had started loathe on his darling’s phone. Rather than giving her phone back, he cut the call.


Arnav: Is this why you came on to the terrace away from everyone else so that you could call your precious fiancé.


Khushi: This has nothing to do with. What I do with my life and who I marry is none of concern and how dare you cut my call.


Arnav: Lower your tone Khushi


Khushi: No Arnavji, I will not lower my tone, what have you thought me. You say just one thing and I will come running to you. Remember what I told you once, you can not write your destiny and the day you realise this, I will not be there. So think of this as that day. Though I am present, but there is no such relation between us. Also one more thing, you were always reminding me of my status, well let me remind you Arnavji, I am not marry someone who is rich like you. Instead he is of my status doing an ordinary job with an ordinary pay. He is nothing like you. That is why I am marrying him whether you like or not.

Jun 15, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 25 times)

Part 9:


Arnav: So does this mean that you are happy with this relationship that you starting to form with Ranveer. Does it not bother you how I might be feeling?


Khushi: Yes I am happy with this relationship and what do you mean by how does it not bother me how you are feeling. It shouldn’t matter to me if I should be bothered because you are probably forgetting that you are also about to be married to Lavanya, so how can you hypocritical about me settling down in life. Anyway I do not want to argue further about this with you and can you please give my phone back.


Arnav: Fine, this is how you feel. Here is your phone, but remember I am not going to give up so easily. Whatever happens you are going to be mine, by hook or by crook.


He left Khushi on the terrace feeling petrified after threatening her with making her his by hook or crook. She didn’t want unnecessary problems arising with her sister’s wedding around the corner and when she is doing her best to move forward and settle down in life.

Just the her phone rang. It was Ranveer.


Khushi: Hello


Ranveer: Hi. What are you doing today?


Khushi: Um we came over to Anjaliji’s house. Her cousin NK was coming from Sydney today.


Ranveer: That’s right. Anyway I just wanted to ask if you were ready for our engagement tomorrow.


Khushi: meaning?


Ranveer: I mean emotionally. I don’t want you take any decisions in a haste. I want you to be very sure.


Khushi: Don’t worry Ranveer. After what just happened I am more sure than I have ever been. I would really like to settle down with you.


Ranveer: As long as you are happy, so am I. So are you ready for tomorrow?


Khushi: I just told you that I am.


Ranveer: I meant this time, are you ready with your clothes jewellery and etc.


Khushi: I haven’t thought about it yet. After leaving here, I think I will go and find something to wear


Ranveer: How about I pick you up when you are ready and from there we can go and get both our clothes ready for tomorrow.


Khushi: You mean that you also haven’t sorted out what you will wear?


Ranveer(blushing): I was hoping to match with you   


Khushi (slightly red): Okay. I will go and see what is happening and then I will call you.


Ranveer: Will be waiting. Bye


Khushi: Bye


After cutting the call, as soon as she turned around to leave the terrace, she came face to face with Arnav, who had smoke erupting from his head. She didn’t realise that Arnav didn’t leave the terrace at all and heard her conversation with Ranveer. She tried to walk past him, but he blocked her path. Arnav tried to reason with Khushi about giving him a chance, but Khushi remained adamant on her decision and successfully dodged Arnav this time to back to the living room, where everyone was. Once she reached the living room, a second round of teasing had begun where Khushi ended up telling her parents and Buaji that Ranveer wanted to go and get some things for their engagement today, to which the elders agreed to. Khushi quickly called Ranveer that he can come and pick her up to go shopping. Anjali took Khushi with her so that they can have some of their girl talk.


Anjali: Khushi, I can’t believe that you are already getting engaged and that to really quick.


Khushi: I felt like that it was the right time and plus I feel happy with him. We spoke about this last night and then told our family.


Anjali: If you are comfortable and happy with this relationship, then I am very happy and as friend and older sister you will always find my love and support with you.


Yet again, Arnav heard this and started to shake with rage when the door bell rang. Akash opened the door to welcome in ASR’s biggest enemy in love, Ranveer. It was obvious that Ranveer’s magic worked on everyone like a charm and there wasn’t a single flaw that anyone could point out. After a bit of chit chat, Ranveer took Khushi’s hand and the couple walked out of RM after saying bye to the Raizada family and leaving an angry and hurt lion behind.

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Will Arnav ruin Khushi's engagement
Will Khushi and Ranveer become happily engaged
Will Khushi have doubts
Jun 15, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak (By Shiona) (Thanked: 27 times)

Part 10


Night of Ranveer and Khushi’s engagement



This night was a night that Arnav was not looking forward to. He could feel his life slowly slipping through his fingers. He could not stand there and not do anything, he had to try something to stop Khushi from becoming someone else’s. He is going to give up slowly. Arnav Singh Raizada never gives up. He decided that only tonight, he would let Khushi enjoy as he wanted to see the smile of the girl he fell in love. He thought a lot about what Khushi said and considered that maybe there was some truth to Khushi’s words and if he wants Khushi, then he will become the man that she wants to marry. The commotion began when Ranveer arrived with his father, Rudra. Everyone except Arnav was super excited that their Khushi finally said yes to a nice boy that her family chose and was happy. They all, including Arnav, could not wait for Khushi to come out for the ring ceremony. Everyone’s wish was soon granted when Anjali and Payal bought Khushi out of her room for the ceremony. Arnav could not take his eyes of her as she looked breath taking. Once Khushi took her place next to Ranveer, Arnav could help but notice that both were wearing matching outfits.


Khushi and Ranveer’s outfit


He of course loved it when Khushi wore his favourite colour, even if it was a darker shade. However, it burned his eyes to see her wearing his favourite colour matching his souten’s outfit. He badly wanted to be in Ranveer’s place. He had to do something and that too very soon. He had to find out more about Ranveer. He couldn’t let Khushi marry someone. He needs to know more. But there was one thing that was eating him. What if there was nothing against Ranveer. Then what will he do. He can’t lose so fast. He couldn’t help but notice the spark that was in Khushi’s eyes. He was certain that spark wasn’t there since the two confrontations they had this week. When Ranveer and Khushi had completed all the rituals they needed to, they exchanged their rings with a loving smile adorning their face.


Their rings:


the sight was starting to kill him. If only he didn’t make any decisions in a hurry without thinking about it. He wished he listened to the advice his Di always gave him. Maybe today he wouldn’t be sitting here drowning in sorrow. Then something hit him in the heart and his logic stated waking up. This is how Khushi must have been feeling when he was getting engaged to Lavanya. It was just the start where Arnav was getting a taste of his medicine. Everyone soon started congratulating the newly engaged couple and were taking pictures to remember one of the biggest day of their beloved Khushi’s life. Soon it was Arnav’s turn to congratulate the couple. God, how he hated the sound of that. He gave Khushi an intense look when he noticed how the two were holding hands in a tight grasp and fingers entwined, that sight shot an arrow piercing his his heart. Although he didn’t show it, Ranveer understood the feelings that Arnav may be feeling as he would have felt the same if he was in Arnav’s place.


Arnav: Congratulations


Ranveer: Thank you Arnav


He extended his hand to Arnav, which Arnav reluctantly shook so that his feelings were not obvious. Little did he know that Khushi didn’t hide a single thing from Ranveer and vice versa. The two together were like an open book for each other.


Lavanya: I can’t believe that you are engaged chamkili. You are so beautiful that I can’t tell you. Wish you all the very best.


Khushi: Thank you Lavanyaji.


Anjali: Sorry Ranveer, but we are going to steal your girl away for a while. I hope you don’t mind.


Ranveer: I don’t mind Anjaliji


Payal: Don’t worry, we will return Khushi to you quickly


With that, the three ladies ushered Khushi away for some girly time in Payal and Khushi’s room away from everyone. Arnav on the other hand was wondering how can he escape his souten. Just then to his luck, Shyam, Akash and NK came over for some male bonding. After dinner, some quality time spent along with Ranveer and Khushi talking about the little things, the evening was soon over with everyone leaving the Gupta residence to return to their respective homes.


Buaji: Tonight went very well. I can’t believe that along with Payaliya, Titaliya is also getting married. Shashi babua, why don’t we get Khushi and Ranveer married along with the other four love birds.


Garima: I was thinking the same thing. What do you think.


Shashi: Lets see what Khushi says and then we can decide when they get married, but I am very happy that Khushi took the right decision and is very happy. In the RM mansion, there was a storm occurring in Arnav’s room. That storm was  Arnav’s dream. He was having a nightmare about Khushi getting married to Ranveer, followed by their suhagraat, their honeymoon, and their lives ahead. He suddenly woke up sweaty. It was finally starting to sink in that Khushi was engaged to another man. She would become someone else’s, not his. He broke down badly, unable to take the heart break he was going through. He was starting to understand how Khushi felt and what he put her through. But he was not going to give up.

Jun 15, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak - note (By Shiona) (Thanked: 17 times)

I can understand  that a lot of you would like to see arshi together. I am currently planning another story where arshi will definately be together. Sorry if I may have offended some of you. Just to clear this, I am also a diehard arshi fan, but after watching Rangrasiya, I have read a couple of stories that have included Arshi and Rudra, so this was one story that I wanted to keep slightly different. Im not sure if there is a story out there similar to this, but if this story doesn't end the way some of you may have hoped, Im sure you like my second story better as our beloved arshi will not separate. Once again sorry if the story is not leaning more towards where you would like. But do continue reading and let me know how it is, after all it is the first time I am writing a story. Happy Reading everyone

Jun 16, 2016

Note about alternative ending where arshi is not separated (By Shiona) (Thanked: 20 times)

So with the feedback I received about my last posts and after thinking a lot about this, here's the deal. I will continue with my story as I would hope to end it and also add an alternative ending so that way those who would like to see arshi together will and those that like my story as it is can see the ending as I have orignially intended for. So to sum it up you will get to read two ending and two epilogues. How does that sound and thought I would share this idea with you before posting the next chapter. I also know that many of you do not like where my story is going and are against the whole idea, so I thought that this would be the best way to keep everyone happy. This is the best I can do and please keep in mind that I have never written a story before and that this is the very first time I have written something and shared it. As I have said a few times before, I will write something where Arshi is together. I was or, maybe I still am at a point where I want arshi to be together regardless of any situation. Telling me to change my title or post in a different forum is making me feel a little discouraged from writing further. I have seen some really critical comments in the past for other writers and I thought that maybe I will take that risk and post my story here. I also think that some critical feedback is really important as it helps someone to improve, but on a serious note, I know that many can not bear arshi separated even if this is just a story and not real. I thought I would pour some of my feelings before posting the next chapter, which I am not even sure if I should or not. One more thing, you don't have read my story of you don't like where it is going but to satisfy the need for arshi to be together , I am ready to write two endings, one where they are together and one where they are not. Any feedback is welcome. Thank you

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Yes, this will work
Jun 16, 2016

Moving on from heartbreak part 11 (By Shiona) (Thanked: 43 times)

Part 11


Arnav had just gotten off the phone after talking to a private detective. Yes Arnav thought that if he was going to find out about Ranveer, then why not hire a private detective who will be able to gather information without anyone possibly knowing what Arnav was up to. He was not going to give up on his love that easily. He would not accept defeat that soon. Last night was the last straw. He had enough of Khushi ignoring him for Ranveer. He knew she loved him. She knew he loved her. But she was also right. He was still engaged to Lavanya. He couldn’t figure out how this was going to work. Will Lavanya agree to break up or not. Just then Lavanya came in and saw how miserable Arnav was looking and said…


Lavanya: ASR, are you okay?


Arnav: Umm Lavanya I’m, I’m, I’m


Lavanya: No you are not. I can clearly see this. After thinking a lot about this, I think we should break this engagement. Clearly if we are together, then Khushi will run further away from you and I don’t know how you are going to cope. This is for the best I have spoken to Di about.


Arnav: What, you spoke to Di. Why?


Anjali: Because she couldn’t see you like this. Last night while passing your room, I heard you crying miserably. So I decided to ask Lavanya if she knew the reason, and by the way she was acting, I could tell that there was more than meets the eye. I just want a straight answer. Do you love Khushiji or not? Be honest.


Arnav: Di… I do but she does not want to pursue anything mainly because I’m engaged. I should have listened to you Di. I didn’t think anything through. I listened to my head rather than my heart and look at the mess I have landed in. I can’t live without her Di. Watching her becoming engaged to Ranveer last night, I felt like I couldn’t breath the moment they exchanged rings.


Lavanya: Di, see what I mean. I don’t know how to handle this all. This is why I want to break this engagement so that Arnav will be free and therefore try to win Chamkili’s heart before its too late.


Anjali: I can see where you two are coming from, but have you thought about this from Khushi’s point of view. What if she doesn’t love you and


Arnav: Di she does. We both know we love each other but she is denying the fact that she loves me. She said that she wants to move on and doesn’t want to be the reason Lavanya’s heart is broken


Anjali: Oh, so this is the problem. Knowing Khushiji, I thought she may think like that, but she looks really happy at the moment. But tell me one thing, why was she wanting to move on and forget that she loves you?


Arnav: Lavanya, I don’t know if you want to hear this or not so


Arnav: ASR, you are my friend and regardless of how I may feel, I will support you no matter what, even if it means getting you married t you love


The siblings looked at Lavanya in awe thinking that this is one strong girl who is ready to sacrifice her love so that he can be happy.


Arnav: Di leading up to Diwali, there were many things that kept on bringing us closer to a point that I was denying my feelings and ended up announcing my engagement with Lavanya. Do you remember how fast Khushi left the party and went home?


Anjali and Lavanya both nodded at the memory from Diwali


Arnav: After last night, I realised how Khushi must have felt when I got engaged and on Diwali.


Anjali: Chote you could try, but think about how Khushi may feel in all this. Will it right to break her engagement when I can clearly see that she is starting to settle into her new relationship.


Lavanya: But Di, isn’t Khushi in denial. Isn’t she moving on very quickly. I mean all of a sudden she decided to get engaged even when ASR confessed how he felt for her.


Anjali: I can see your point, but Khushi told me everything.


Arnav: That her family introduced Ranveer during our engagement as they received a proposal from Ranveer’s father and that would like Khushi to marry him. Right?


Anjali: How do you know that? I mean me and Khushiji were in my room talking


Arnav: I overheard you two. After she left your room, I spoke to her and in that process, I spilled the beans about I felt. Actually I have told her every time we have spoken.


Anjali was shocked to the core that her chote was growing up in the matters of the heart. She never thought that she would ever come across a situation where two people close to her heart would be in a turmoil of deciding who they would want to spend the rest of their lives together, but she knew one person had already made up his mind whereas the other was adamant on marrying someone else.


Anjali: I can’t believe this, I mean… I don’t know what to say


Arnav: You don’t have to say anything, I just want your support


Anjali: You do chote, but please think everything through before making any decision.


Arnav: Don’t worry Di I won’t do anything that will make you upset or make you become ashamed of me.


Lavanya: And don’t worry Di, I’m also here so I will make sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid that he will regret.


The trio had a group hug and went off to do what they needed to do. But first of all they decided to break it to the family that Lavanya and Arnav are breaking their engagement. This of course shocked the other members of the Raizada family, but after a lot of explaining and persuading, they accepted this decision in defeat. Word soon spread to the Gupta family which kind of shook them to the core, but as they say life goes on. Khushi on the other hand was worried with the fact that Arnav may have broken his engagement to pursue her. She didn’t want any problems and wanted to get married without a glitch. She knew that it would not be that easy for her to marry Ranveer now without a fight from Arnav. 

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