What The..!!! Coffee m.. what?????

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Jun 5, 2016

What The..!!! Coffee m.. what????? (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 8 times)

Hey peepssss......

Sup all???? Hope u all r doing gud .!!!!

Ok fine here is a new story of mine.. Hope u people will enjoy this one...

Ok for a change i thought to include some other members as my cast fr this story .. Hope u will like this cast .... If not u can imagine Asual Barun and Sanaya as our cast... 

Here is my cast for this story....

Introducing Rakhul Preet Singh as Poornima

Introducing Nithin as Arjun..

Asusual a normal day for Arjun or so he thought by coming into his home....

aa Poornima meri jaan kya kar rahi hogi?? thought arjun

With a smile on his face he opened d door of their bedroom and saw poornima is sitting infront of mirror..

Poornima called arjun (with an enthusiasm)

Poornima turned and saw her husband is standing in their doorway

Poornima happily went towards her husband and welcomed by hugging him as usually ...

Arjun saw her face and exclaimed "What The..!!!!"

Poornima : what happend arjun??

Arjun: what happend yeh kya hua tumhara face ko??(about to touch her face)

Poornima: what happend ?(went towards d mirror and saw ) nothing wrong baby

Arjun: nothing wrong then wht is dis on ur face??

Poornima: arjun itz a coffee face pack(happily)

Arjun:(confused) coffee what??

Poornima(slightly irritated) : itz coffee facepack arjun whtz wrong with u .?? ..(went towards him)

Arjun:whatz wrong with me??baby seriously (raised his eyebrow)

Poornima just nodded her head nd muttered herself " ek to eskeliye ready ho jao.. Upar se yeh insaan kuch bhi notice nahi kartha"

Arjun listened to her mutterings smiled inwardly pulled her closer by holding her waist nd said " u need not to get all these things jaan, however u are I love u like that only..,"

Poornima was in aweeee by listening to his talks and said by holding him by his neck pecking his cheeks "I knw that but still I wanna get ready for u"

Arjun just smiled and released her asking her to wash her face which she has done that and came inside and saw arjun is sitting on d bed and eating which she has brought before he came ...

With a smile she went and sat beside him layed her head on his shoulder in response he patted her head and continued reading something in his mobile while eating...

He know she cannot shut her mouth for this much time , he turned his head and saw his lady love was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder with a pout..

Without disturbing her sleep he kissed her pout lightly, he just cannot resist her pout so he continuously pecking her lips after few seconds he felt poornima is responding to his kiss and a slow kiss turned into a passionate one by sucking her lips asking her to give an entrance into her sweet mouth. He started exploring her mouth like he is kissing her for the 1st time. Poornima moved from that position and now she is sitting on his lap either side of him, her legs are hanging .. Slowly his hands found a hem of her top and started pulling her top with in a swift motion he pulled her top nd now thy are in bed with arjun on top of poornima.

#rest of the part is ur imagination ;) #

Itz just a silly thought of mine...

I hope u all enjoyed it how arjun and poornima made love which started with a mere facepack scolding from arjun....

Please Comment in d below comment section butt a aa before that please hit on thank you and love button 

Till then c u all...


Kudha hafizz...


Ta ta...


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