Second Love and Marriage 2

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May 6

Chapter 56 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 440 times)

After one week:

Tomorrow is the final verdict of Aryan’s custody case.. Sheetal got a job two days back.. She is very well sure that she will win Aryan’s custody case.. Even Raizadas are also sure they will win Aryan’s custody..


Avinash entered terrace talking with client when he spotted Arnav lost in his thoughts.. He din’t even acknowledge his father.. Avinash continued to talk with client.. Hearing voices, Arnav came out of this thoughts.. He looked at his father.. Avinash completed the call and looked at Arnav..

“ Be ready by 10.. We need to go tomorrow” said Avinash and was going but Arnav called him making him stop on his tracks..

Arnav went enar his father and hugged him tight crying..

“ I am sorry papa.. I am sorry for hurting you.. Now, I understood how it feels when your child goes away from you.. The thought of Aryan going away from me is killing me.. You have not only lost me but also Shashi uncle who is your best friend.. I can understand your turmoil how you have felt when your son is responsible for your best friend’s death.. I deserve this .. For hurting you.. “ said Arnav crying..

Avinash melted hearing his pain but kept a straight face.. He brought Arnav out fo the hug and patted his shoulders..

“ Don’t worry.. You won’t loose Aryan.. He is and will always be your son” said Avinash and left from there..

Arnav stood there with small smile.. Atleast his father talked with him..



Next morning:         

Everyone are doing pooja at the mandir.. Ratna can see tension in Arnav and Khushi’s faces while Aryan is in his own world..

She gave aarti to everyone and came near Arnav, Khushi and Aryan..

“ Chote.. Khushi.. Don’t worry.. Everything is going to be OK” said Ratna..

“ I hope so Mumma..” said Arnav..

“ Don’t lose hope Chote” said Ratna patting his cheek..



At the court:

Whole Raizada family have arrived today along with Aryan.. Even Sheetal too came with her lawyer..

“ Mam.. Now see I have a job and I have even submitted you proves that Khushi is not a good mother.. I will get Aryan’s custody naa” asked Sheetal..

“ Ofcourse Ms. Kapoor. We will.. But the proofs which you gave are true naa ??”asked the lawyer..

“ Yes Mam.. They are” lied Sheetal..

“ Ok.. I will come just now” said the lawyer and left form there..

Sheetal sat down thinking what she have done.. Two days back, she saw Khushi and Payal talking about some random things and recorded it in her mobile.. Then she changed the video..


“Di.. You are here.. Aryan slept looking for you” said Payal..

‘ Haan that boy.. He became a pain for me” said Khushi.

“ Haan Di.. We just have to pretend as if we like him for the family.. Otherwise I just don’t like him at all” said Payal..

“ Even I too Payal.. I really don’t understand how could family even think that I will Aryan.. His mother is the reason I couldn’t get Arnav.. I never loved that boy.. He became a trump card for me to marry Arnav again.. Truly saying, I just hate him.. I just wish Sheetal wins the case and take him away.. Then I will be happy with Arnav and our baby” said Khushi..

“ What if Sheetal loses and we win the case ??”asked Payal..

“ Then we have to make plans to get rid off Aryan” said Khushi..


“ See Khushi.. How I am going to destroy you by showing this fake video ?? Not only judge gives me Aryan’s custody but also Raizadas will hate you” thought Sheetal..

“ Ms.Kapoor.. Come in..It’s time” said her lawyer..



The court session have started..

“Ms.Kapoor.. You have very low income per month.. Then how do you take care of Aryan “ asked Judge..

“ Mam plzz. I know I have low income but I will definitely do more hard work to give my baby the best” said Sheetal, “ Also, my baby is not safe in that house.. Khushi doesn’t love Aryan.. She is just showing it off before family.. Also now, Khushi is pregnant too, then how can she love my baby.. I heard both Khushi and Payal talking to get rid off Aryan”

Raizadas looked at her raising their eyebrows.. Sheetal looked at them confused.. She expected them to be shocked hearing her words but No. They are soo cool..

“ Mam.. I even have the proofs.. I gave them to my lawyer” said Sheetal..

“What proofs Sheetal ?? “asked Sheetal’s lawyer..

“What proofs ?? I gave you the video where Khushi and Payal saying they don’t love Aryan..” asked Sheetal..

“ I don’t know what you are talking about “ said Sheetal’s lawyer shocking her..

Sheetal was now panicked and looked at Arnav who have a smirk on his face.. She understood it is his plan.. He made her lawyer on his side..

“ Don’t lie mam.. I gave you proofs.. You joined your hands with Raizadas and cheating me” shouted Sheetal..

“ Ms. Kapoor.. This is court.. You can’t shout like that” said the judge in a stern voice..

“ What should I do them mam ? I thought I will get my son today free from their fake love but No.. This lawyer cheated me and my son life is in danger.. Please mam, I want my son back.. Give me my son to me” said Sheetal crying falling on her knees..

“ Ok fine.. “ said judge and called some of the officials and instructed them something..

Everyone looked at her confused and curiously..

“ Please wait outside for 15 minutes” said the judge.. So, everyone came out of the court room..


“ You cheated me” said Sheetal glaring at her lawyer.

“You better don’t talk about cheating Ms.Kapoor.. You cheated your husband and son.. You are not worth to be called woman.. “ said the lawyer, “ It’s good that Mr.Raizada said to me about you and your character..”

“ I will see you later” said Sheetal and went from there glaring at Arnav who in turn smirked at her..


After fifteen minutes:

Raizadas and Sheetal were called into a corridor.. The judge is already present there..

“ Mam.. What are you going to do ??”asked Mr. Roy

“ Mr. Roy.. Before giving Aryan’s custody to anyone, I want to confirm whom Aryan loves and feels safe with.. So, we will send Aryan into this room alone and switch off the lights.. He will get afraid.. We will leave him like that for 5 minutes.. We can keep a watch on him from this glass door but he can’t see us.. So, after five minutes, when we open the door.. Both Mrs. Raizada and Ms.Kapoor will stand there, we will see to whom he runs.. If he runs towards Mrs.Raizada, then she will be given his custody which meant he feels safe with her.. If not, then Ms. Kapoor will be given Aryan’s custody.. Haan, if anyone try to open the door before five minutes, then Aryan’s custody will be given to other one” said the judge..

“ But Mam.. Aryan is afraid of darkness” said Khushi..

“ We will see it Mrs. Raizada” said the judge..

Sheetal is lost in his thoughts, “ Oh No.. Aryan definitely runs towards Khushi only.. I have to do something.. Haan.. I will run towards Aryan myself first”



Khushi took Aryan into the room and placed him on the floor.. She gave him chocolate.. When he was lost in his chocolate, she came out on judge’s instruction.. As the door closed, Aryan turned around hearing the voice.. he saw the door closed and came near it calling Mumma.. He tapped the door for two to three times..When he din’t heard any noise, his face turned pale.. Then suddenly the lights started to blink off making him more frighten.. Then from the other side of room, two men dressed in demon attires entered.. Seeing this all, Aryan bursted out in to cry.. The demon started moving towards him and he started to run away from them crying shouting Mumma and Papa.. Everyone in Raizadas are having tears seeing it.. Arnav and Khushi are vulnerable seeing it..

Finally after two minutes, Khushi couldn’t stand anymore and rushed towards the door followed by Arnav.. Both of them opened the door.

“ Aryan!!” called Khushi and Arnav at the same time rushing to him..

Aryan’s face lit seeing his parents and came to them crying.. Both Arnav and Khushi hugged him tightly crying.. They both placed kisses all over Aryan’s face..

Other family members too came into the room crying.. Ratna too hugged Aryan crying who is still in his parents arms.. Everyone in the room have tears except Sheetal..

Khushi gave Aryan to Arnav and stood up facing the judge..

“ Mam.. How can you do this to frighten a child ?? Is this way to know whom child loves ?? What if something would have happened to him out of fear.. It is our mistake.. May be we shouldn’t have agreed to this stunt..” said Khushi angrily..

Then the bell rang indicating that five minutes is over..

“ Mam.. See. Five minutes is over.. And Raizadas have crossed your rules.. You said that if anyone enters the room within five minutes, then the other one gets Aryan.. See, they broke rule and entered the room..So, now Aryan will be mine naa” asked Sheetal excitedly..

Judge gave an unbelievable look at her..

“ Let’s go to court room” said Judge and left from there..

“ Bhai. What should we do now ?? What if Sheetal gets Aryan’s custody ??”asked Anjali panicking..

“ I don’t care about any judgement.. Aryan is my son.. I won’t give him to anyone.. “ said Khushi took Aryan from Arnav and left to court room.. Everyone followed her..


At the court room:

Sheetal gave an winning look at Khushi and Raizadas.. Khushi neglected her and sat on the bench taking Aryan in her lap..

The judge said, “ Before sometime, what happened.. I am sorry for that.. Even I am a woman and I know how it feels to see our child in pain.. But why I did it with Aryan is to know who is Aryan’s real mum.. It is not always the one who gave birth to be your real mum.. Sometimes, the bond and love  will be more than blood.. Today I have seen that bond between Mrs.Raizada and Aryan.. Even being real mother, Sheetal Kapoor stood silent watching when Aryan is crying in the room.. I really wonder how can she watch her own child suffering.. She doesn’t have a single tear in her eyes.. While Mrs. Raizada went inside not caring for any rule.. She thought of only Aryan at that time.. The tears in her eyes seeing Aryan in pain showed how much she loves him.. Not only Mrs. Raizada but everyone from the Raizada loves Aryan soo much.. So, thinking of Aryan’s future and safety, I am giving Aryan’s custody to Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada”

There were huge smiles on the faces of Raizadas while Sheetal stood shocked..

“ Mam.. You can’t do that..” Sheetal tried to protest but Judge left from there without listening to her..





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May 8

Chapter 57 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 399 times)


In RM:

Whole family entered the house happily.. But Ratna made Arnav and Khushi stand outside the door.. She took aarti of three and led them inside..

“ Finally.. Every bad spell on my children went off” said Nani..

“ Still not amma” said Ratna and indicated her to see towards the door where Sheetal is coming fuming in anger..

Sheetal looked at everyone angrily.. Arnav signaled something to NK who nodded his head..

Arnav came near Sheetal, “ I know you must be thinking how we all came to know your plan.. “

Sheetal looked at him frowning.. Then she heard a sound from TV and looked at TV.. There the video which she made of Khushi and Payal is running..

“ This is the fake video.. Now I will show the real video” said Arnav and NK switched to another video where Khushi and Payal are talking random things..

“ You made this fake video and tried to show judge that both Khushi and Payal are trying to get rid off Aryan.. So that you will get his custody.. But I knew that you will again do same thing like earlier.. Remember, earlier too you showed me a fake video of Khushi and Shashi uncle.. That time I believed it but this time I din’t allow it to happen.. You know what Sheetal.. This whole house is under 24*7 camera scrutiny..” said Arnav.

Sheetal looked at him wide eyed for this piece of information..

Anjali and Payal brought her luggage near her..

“Here is your luggage.. Get out of this house” said Payal..

Sheetal looked at her angrily then she looked at Arnav..

“ You didn’t do good Arnav” said Sheetal, “ I will go to any extent for Aryan”

“ Really !! Even I will go to any extent for Aryan.. Even if it makes to keep you in jail for the rest of your life for killing your boy friend cum my ex boss..” said Arnav.

Sheetal looked at him horrified..

“Wh..What are you saying ??”stammered Sheetal..

“ The truth Ms.Sheetal Kapoor.. You killed my ex boss with the help of his partner and made it looked like accident.. You killed him because he got bored of you and thinking to leave you, marry another business partner’s daughter.. Isn’t it ??” asked Arnav smirking..

“ No..It’s a lie” said Sheetal..

“ I have proof Sheetal” said Arnav and showed his mobile.. There a video is playing in which Sheetal is confessing her crimes in drunken state…

Sheetal started sweating and shaking in fear..

“Do you want me to send this to police ??”asked Arnav..

“No.. Arnav..Don’t do that ..Plzz” said Sheetal..

“ If you don’t want me to send you to police, then leave from this country..Here are your flight tickets” said Arnav giving her tickets..

‘Ok.. I will leave” said Sheetal took her bags and left from there cursing herself..

“ Chote. Why did you leave her like that ??’asked Ratna..

“ I didn’t Mumma.. She will get her punishment.. As soon as, she lands in London, police will take care of her “ said Arnav smiling..

Everyone smiled hearing it in relief.. Finally, Sheetal Kapoor is out of their lives forever..



In the evening:

Khushi came out of washroom.. She felt dizzy and was going to fall but Arnav held her and made her sit on the bed..

“ What happened ??Should I call doctor ??”asked Arnav..

“ No.. I am fine. It’s just weakness” said Khushi..

“ You are not taking proper care these days Khushi.. I am watching you.. “ said Arnav..

Khushi didn’t say anything..

“ I know you were tensed with all these happenings in house.. Now, Sheetal is out of our lives.. Please, don’t take any tension” said Arnav..

Khushi nodded her head silently..

“ By any chance, are you tensed and worried about my drunken confession on holi ???” asked Arnav..

Khushi gasped and tried to get up but Arnav held her hand..

“ Don’t avoid this topic Khushi.. How many days you will avoid it ?? It doesn’t make any good to both of us.. Yes, Whatever I said that day is true.. I love you Khushi.. I have always loved you but couldn’t realize it.. I know at present you don’t love me.. You have buried your love for me deep in layers.. No problem.. I deserve it.. I believe that one day you will forgive me.. I don’t know when that day comes, but it will come before I die..” said Arnav..

Khushi looked up at him with tears..

“ I am sorry.. I just can’t…” Khushi is trying to say something but Arnav kept his finger on her lips..

“Shh.. Don’t say anything.. Don’t’ stress more for this.. Forgive me when your heart says.. I will wait till then..” said Arnav kissed her forehead and left from there..

Khushi sat on the bed crying..

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May 10

Last Part (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 387 times)

One night, during dinner:

Everyone are having dinner silently when Ratna cleared her throat gaining everyone’s attention..

“ Actually when Aryan’s custody case was going, I prayed to devimayya  that if we will get Aryan’s custody and get rid off Sheetal permanently then I will come to her temple with whole family and worship her..” said Ratna..

“So, When should we go ??” asked Avinash..

“After two days, I am even thinking to arrange a puja for well being of Aryan.. If you all are ok with it, then I will talk with Panditji” said Ratna..

Everyone thought for  a while and agreed to it..



After two days:

“ Chote..What is this ?? Didn’t I said not to keep any important meetings today ??”asked Ratna..

“ Haan Mumma.. You did..But what can I do ?? Clients came from London suddenly and they have to leave by evening.. This project is really very important” said Arnav..

“ Ok I agree but what is the need you to go ?? Can’t you send Akash or Anjali ??”asked Ratna..

“ No Mumma.. Clients are impressed by ASR.. They want only him during the presentation “ said Akash..

Ratna sulked hearing it, “ I thought to make you and Khushi sit in the puja along with Aryan”

“ Maa.. Let him be.. We are all going naa.. If  this project is least important, then he might not have gone naa” said Khushi..

Ratna sighed heavily, “ Ok.. Your wish.. Even Garima is not coming as she has to go to one of the relatives function”





In the evening:

It was already an hour Arnav returned from office.. NK called him and said the puja is about to wrap up.. But they can’t return back to night as a tree fallen down near the temple due to heavy wind and there is a traffic jam.. So, priest suggested them to stay back and made arrangements for his accommodation..


Arnav is working on his laptop when Ramu ( Khushi’s house maid) came running into his room..

“Sir..” Ramu is panting heavily..

“What happened Ramu ??”asked Arnav..

“ Woo.. Garima Madam.. She fell down from stairs” said Ramu..

Arnav immediately rushed to Gupta house without wasting a minute.. There Garima is lying on the floor in pool of blood..

Arnav is horrified seeing it.. He ordered his driver Mohan to take out car and lifted Garima in his arms..

Ramu and HP followed him..Soon Garima is taken to the hospital..






In the hospital:

Garima is taken into the ICU immediately.. Arnav tried calling his family members but there is no signal network at that place..

After an hour, the doctor came out of the ICU.. Arnav rushed to him..

“Doctor.. How is aunty ??”asked Arnav..

“ Mr.Raizada.. I don’t want to give false hopes to you.. But there is a big problem.. While she fell from stairs, her rib cage broke and pierced her liver.. So, there is a damage of her liver.. We recommend for liver transplantation.. That too soon..Within 24 hours.. Her blood group is B positive.. In liver transplantation, only a part of liver from donor is taken and transplanted..  If you have any relatives or friends with that group, talk with them..Even we will find through our hospital” said the doctor..

“Doctor.. Even my blood group is B positive.. I am ready to donate my liver” said Arnav..

“Are you sure Mr.Raizada ??”asked Doctor..

“Yes Doctor..” said Arnav firmly..

“Great then.. You need to undergo some tests before that.. Go for them” said doctor and instructed nurse to carry out test to Arnav..

“Arnav Bhaiyya..What are you doing ??”asked HP..

“ I am doing right HP” said Arnav,” Inform Aman”


Soon, the tests for Arnav are done and they got positive results.. Within an hour, arrangements for operation are done.. Operation took more than six hours to complete.. HP and Ramu are waiting for Arnav along with Aman who came as soon as he heard the news.. He is trying continuously for family member’s mobile but of no use..

Finally, after operation is over, Arnav and Garima both are shifted to ICU..




In the morning:

When the Raizadas entered the gates, the guard said to them what happened shocking them.. They all rushed to hospital..




In the hospital:

Aman saw whole Raizada family coming towards them..

“Aman.. What happened to Amma ??Where is She ??”asked Khushi crying..

“ How did it happen Aman ??”asked Akash..

“ How is she now ??”asked Ratna..

“ Relax all.. Garima aunty is fine.. She is out of danger” said Aman..

Everyone sighed in relief..

“ Come..” said Aman and took them ICU..

There both Garima and Arnav are lying on the bed surrounded by different machines and wires.. Both are separated by the curtain..

Everyone gasped seeing Arnav in that condition..

“ Chote !! What happened to him ??”asked Ratna crying..

Aman explained them what happened.. How Arnav brought Garima to hospital and how he saved her life by giving his part of liver..

Everyone are too shocked to react.. They can’t believe what happened and what they just heard.. They were just a night away and this all things happened..

“ Doctor said they will come into conscious after two hours.. They both have to stay in hospital for atleast three weeks” said Aman..

Everyone have tears of happiness, proud in their eyes..

“ Both are out of danger naa “ asked Avinash..

“ Yes sir..” said Aman..






After sometime:

Whole family entered Arnav’s room after meeting Garima who is well and talked with them.. She asked Khushi and Payal not to worry and cry..

When the family entered, Arnav opened his eyes hearing the noise..

‘ Chote..” Ratna rushed to him followed by everyone..

“ I am fine Maa.. Don’t cry” said Arnav.

“Akash.. Please console Mumma” said Arnav.. Akash side hugged his mother..

Arnav looked at his father who is trying hard to control his tears…

He then looked at Khushi who is having tears.. She came near him..

“Why Arnav ??Why did you do this ??”asked Khushi.

“ You have already lost your father because of me Khushi.. I don’t want you to loose your mother too..” said Arnav..

Khushi bursted out into cry and ran out of the room.. Ratna and others too followed her..

Payal came near him and folded his hands, “ Thank you.. Thank you soo much”

She too ran away crying..

Only Arnav and his father are present.. Avinash came near him and placed his hand on Arnav’s forehead..

“ Today, you made me proud Chote.. I am sorry for being rude to you” said Avinash..

Arnav had happy tears in his eyes.. His father forgave him finally..

“Papa” Arnav said with crying tone..

“ Shh.. Don’t stress.. Take rest” said Avinash and left from there..



In the night:

Arnav is sleeping when Khushi entered his room.. She looked at him with different emotions.. He saved her mother today keeping his life at bay.. He won her heart again.. He wiped all those worries, guilty feeling, doubts in his heart and mind finally..She slowly bend down and kissed his forehead, left from there..






After four months:

Arnav entered his room only to find Khushi sulking looking herself into the mirror..

“What happened ??”asked Arnav..

“ I have gained more weight than last month.. Isn’t it ??”asked Khushi..

“ No.. You have become more beautiful than last month” said Arnav hugging her from behind..

“ Don’t try to butter me Arnav.. I know I became fat.. I am not attractive anymore” said Khushi crying..

“ No Khushi.. You are the most attractive and beautiful girl on this world… I love you soo much.. See, even ask my princess” said Arnav and placed his hand on her belly..

“Isn’t your mother most beautiful woman princess ??”asked Arnav.. In answer, baby kicked Khushi..

“ See. Even my princess too agrees” said Arnav..

“ You and your princess.. “ Khushi huffed, “ I don’t know how I am going to deal with this papa’s girl”

“ The same way I am dealing with Mumma’s boy now” said Arnav..

“Mumma” came Aryan into the room..

“ See. Came Mumma’s boy” said Arnav..

Ratna too came along with Aryan and Payal too.

“Khushi.. You are ready.. Come..let’s go downstairs.. Guests have arrived” said Ratna..

“ Di.. You are looking soo beautiful” said Payal.. Khushi smiled to her..

“ Maa.. Can’t we come ??’asked Arnav..

“ Chote.. How many times I have to say ?? It is Godhbharai and ladies function.. Gents are not allowed” said Ratna..

“Even baby’s father too” asked Arnav..

“NOOO” said Ratna “ Come Khushi”

Ratna took Khushi and Aryan along with her followed by Payal..

Arnav stood there looking at them.. His life totally changed in this four months.. Khushi forgave him and they started afresh.. He brought that old cheerful Khushi back..

Now, he is the happiest man in this world with his loving wife, son, soon to be princess and will always be..


                                                     THE END


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May 13

Epilogue (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 339 times)

After three years:


Arnav entered the home tired form office only to watch the scene before him wide eyed.. There is his three year old daughter Aashi Singh Raizada tied to the pillar with ropes and a her mouth closed with a tape.. He chuckled only to get a glare from his princess.. He knew who did this.. Who else than his crazy wife..

Arnav went near Aashi and kneeled down..

“ So, Aashi’s Mumma is again angry on Aashi..”asked Arnav.. Aashi nodded her head..

“ You again bothered her with your antics..Isn’t it ??’asked Arnav.. Aashi nodded as NO..

“Liar” said Arnav while Aashi frowned at him angrily..

“Ok. Sorry princess” said Arnav and tried to remove  the ropes when another little hand held his hand..

“Papa.. Don’t untie her” said Aryan.. Arnav looked at him raising his eyebrows..

“ It’s mumma’s order” said Aryan..

“ There comes Mumma’s chamcha” muttered Arnav and untied ropes.. When Aryan tried to stop him, he glared at his son..

Soon, he untied ropes and his daughter hugged him kissing him..

“Thank you Papa.. You are the best” said Aashi..

“ I am best because I have my best princess with me” said Arnav kissing her chubby cheek..

“ Where is your Mumma ??”asked Arnav..

“ In the room” said Aashi, ran towards room.. Arnav and Aryan followed him..



Khushi is in the room packing luggage when Aashi ran inside the room and started to take off clothes from the luggage..

“ You!! Who untied your ropes ??”asked Khushi glaring at her..

“ Me!!” came Arnav into the room..

“ Why ??”asked Khushi..

“ Mumma.. I tried to stop but papa din’t listen to me” said Aryan..

“ Why did you tied her Khushi ??”asked Arnav..

“ Your daughter is not allowing me to do packing.. There is only two days to go to India and I have to do lot of packing but she.. She is removing everything I have packed” said Khushi frustrated..

“ Oh Princess.. What happened ??Why don’t you want to go India ??” asked Arnav.

“ I want to go Papa.. But with you.. You are not coming with us naa.. I will miss you” said Aashi..

“ I too will miss you princess.. But it is NK Chachu’s marriage, so , we all have to attend.. You, Mumma and Bhai go early.. I will come in two weeks completing my work here.. “ said Arnav..

Aashi pouted hearing it while Khushi rolled off her eyes..

“ I will call you daily princess.. “ said Arnav

“ Promise” asked Aashi..

“ Promise” said Arnav kissing her nose..

“ But you have to promise me one thing “said Arnav..

“What “asked Aashi frowning..

“ That you shouldn’t bother Mumma there.. You have to listen to her.. See, if she gets angry, then it will hurt chotu baby in her tummy.. Do you want your little chote to hurt and become sad because of you ??”asked Arnav..

“ No.. I want my Chote to be happy always” said Aashi..

“ Then you should make your mumma angry or sad.. “ said Arnav..

“Ok..” said Aashi and went near Khushi.. She placed her hand on Khushi’s four months tummy..

“ Sorry Chotu Baby.. Don’t be sad..Ok. I won’t bother Mumma.. I love you” said Aashi and kissed Khushi’s stomach.

“Even I too love Chotu baby” said Aryan and kissed Khushi’s stomach..

“ And I love you both” Khushi kissed her children..

“ Ok.. You both now go and play in the hall” said Arnav and both ran into the hall..


After children left, Arnav came to Khushi..

“ You sit..I will do it” said Arnav and made sit on the bed..

“ You are looking tired” said Arnav..

“ Haan.. Aashi gave tough time today.. She doesn’t want to go India without you.. “ said Khushi..

Arnav sat beside her and Khushi leaned on him keeping her head on his shoulder..

“ Arnav.. Can’t you come with us ??”asked Khushi..

“ Khushi.. I want to but work is keeping me busy.. I will come as soon as I complete the work” said Arnav..

“Ok.. I understand” said Khushi..



Khushi landed in Delhi with Aryan and Aashi.. She was warmly welcomed in the Raizada Mansion..

“ NK.. Finally you are going to get married.. I thought you also will go for love marriage but you preferred arranged marriage” said Khushi..

“ Uffo Khushi Bhabi. Why are you even asking ? We were tired of  looking a bride for him.. He is finding flaws in each and every girl..” said Anjali.. She is now a proud mother of  one and half year old baby boy..

“ And you know what Di.. What goes around comes around.. He is now marrying the same girl whom once he rejected saying she is short.. “ said Payal.. Payal and Akash now has six months old son..

“ Yeah.. She has now gained two feet height “ said Lavanya sarcastically.. Lavanya got married to Karan two years ago..

“ Shut up Lav.. I just didn’t saw her well that day.. I saw her again at the mall and found her very beautiful” said NK..

“ Oh really..” Anjali asked raising her eyebrow..

“ Stop teasing him..” Ratna chided them..






Ratna stood looking into the hall where all her children are sitting with their children and chitchatting happily.. NK’s marriage happened yesterday and they are teasing him along with new bride..

Some one placed hand on her shoulder.. She turned and looked at Avinash..

“What are you looking ??’asked Avinash..

“My Children.. See, they are all happy.. This is what I want.. There was days where this house is gloomy and lost it’s life.. Now, It’s full of life” said Ratna wiping her tears..

Avinash hugged her from sideways..






Arnav is standing at the poolside looking at the stars.. Khushi came to him after putting her children to sleep..

“ What are you thinking ??”asked Khushi..

“ Nothing.. Just thinking how my life changed from gloomy to happy” said Arnav..

Arnav then turned to Khushi and took her hands into his..

“ Thank you for forgiving me and giving me second chance” said Arnav kssing her hands..

“ You earned it Arnav” said Khushi and hugged him..Arnav too hugged her back.. The baby in her womb kicked her..

“What the.. Another Mumma’s boy in on the way” said Arnav sighing..

Khushi slapped on his shoulder and hugged him..

“ I love you” said Khushi..

“ I love you too” said Arnav hugging her..

And then they lived happily ever after..


                                                            The Real End



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This is my last story...  I don't know whether i will come back or not..

Good bye everyone and take care..

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Love u Sarun