Second Love and Marriage 2

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Part 29 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 239 times)


It was after two days.. Everyone in the house are talking with him except his father.. Even though they are all talking, he knew no one forgive him..  .. Khushi behaved professionally with him in the office.. He can’t expect her to behave normally like others.. She suffered lot more than him..

Arnav and Akash are in the study room discussing about the fashion show which is in three days.. Akash is talking with him normally though he too din’t forgave him

“ Hmm.. Akash.. Can I ask you something ??”asked Arnav..

“  haan Bhai..” said Akash looking at him confused..

“ What is going on in between payal and you ??”asked Arnav..

Akash looked at him wide eyed..

“ N.. Nothing” stammered Akash

“ Don’t lie Akash.. I have seen you many times giving looks at her.. If there is nothing between you then why did you kissed her and she kissed you in your room” asked Arnav..

Akash looked at his brother shocked..

“ How do you know ??”asked Akash..

“ Aryan saw you both kissing.. “ said Arnav..

Akash cursed himself  for getting caught and finally thought to say him..

“ Yes.. I love Payal but she doesn’t love me” said Akash..

“ What ?? Why ?? I don’t think soo Akash.. I can see she too have some feelings for you” said Arnav..

“ May be but she won’t accept me” said Akash..

“ but why ??’asked Arnav..

“ Because I am your brother” said Akash shocking Arnav..

“ What ??”asked Arnav..

“ yes.. She was afraid that even I too leave her at the mandap just like you did to Khushi.. I know she is thinking very irrational but if we think from her perspective, she is not wrong too.. She lost her father, her bubbly sister.. ” said Akash..

“ But Akash, there is a difference between you and me..” said Arnav..

Akash smiled sarcastically, “ The only thing in her mind is not to trust Raizada boys”

Akash left from there silently while Arnav sat thinking what to do..




The Fashion show of AR went well.. It was a huge success making other fashion houses sleepless.. Anjali’s marriage preparations are going to start from day after tomorrow..

Anjali and Akash returned from Office.. Arnav too came from Khurana’s office at the same time.. All these days, he was busy with AR, so he din’t get time to visit Khurana company and Arjun gave him permission to work in AR… After hearing how Arjun and his mother helped Arnav, Anjali asked Ratna to invite them to her marriage.. Ratna too agreed and invited Arjun and Sharada for marriage who accepted the invitation..

“ Chachi.. Where is Mumma ??”asked Anjali..

“ She and Avinash Bhai went to Gupta’s house.. Madhu jiji came..After two years.. There must be definitely some reason.. So, Bhabi and Bhai went to meet her” said Chachi..

Anjali and Akash were surprised hearing it.. Buaji came to Delhi and that too Gupta house after two years..

“ Where is Aryan Chachi ??”asked Arnav not seeing  his son around..

“  NK took him out on his bike for ice cream” said Manorama..

“ What the !! Ice cream!! Again “ said Arnav..

“ Nk Bhai is spoiling him too much these days” said Anjali..

“ Aryan is not ready to listen” said nani..

That is when Ratna and Avinash entered the house.. Avinash is looking stressed and confused while Ratna is fuming in anger.. Everyone looked at Ratna’s face worried… Both sat on the sofa..

“ Ratna.. What happened ??”asked Nani..

“ That woman got mad” almost shouted Ratna angrily..

“ Who ??”asked Nani..

“ Who else !! That Madhumati Gupta.. how dare she ??”said Ratna gritting her teeth angrily.

“ Ratna!!” Called Avinash in a stern tone..

“ Don’t shout at me Avinashji.. Don’t think I will respect her after what she is thinking to do Khushi.. How can she even think to spoil Khushi’s life ??”shouted Ratna angrily..

Everyone looked at her frightened and confused more over afraid what stunt did Buaji pulled which made Ratna soo much anger..

“ Calm down Ratna.. What happened ?? Say first” asked Nani..

“ I will say sasumaa. Madhu jiji brought an alliance for Payal” said Avinash..

Akash eyes grew wide hearing it.. Arnav looked at Akash’s  reaction with a worried face..

“ So what is wrong in that ??”asked Nani..

“ There is nothing wrong in that.. But the problem is the boy’s family put a condition.. The boy has an elder brother who have already two children and his wife died two years ago.. They asked Khushi’s hand for their elder son.. They are some far away relatives to Shashi, so Garima too knew about them.. The boy’s brother is not a good man.. He have all types of bad habits and above all he is 17 years elder than Khushi.. Madhu jiji want Garima to say yes to this marriage but Garima strictly denied it..  Garima said she can even keep Khushi unmarried in her house for life long but won’t marry to such a person.. So, Madhu jiji is threatening them she will break all her ties with them too” said Avinash..

Everyone are spell bound hearing it.. Arnav fisted his hand in anger..

“ What is wrong with Madhumati ?? Is she mad ??” said Nani too angrily..

“ How can she even think to spoil Khushi’s life like this ?? She had already suffered a lot and why does Madhu jiji want to spoil her life more ??” said Manorama too angrily..

“ I am afraid Amma.. I am afraid that Khushi will agree to marry that man.. You know she is already blaming herself for whatever happened and now  she won’t allow madhu jiji too to ties with them.. So, she will definitely agree for this marriage..” said Ratna crying.

“ Ratna.. It won’t happen.. We will talk with Khushi and you have seen how Garima is talking against this and raising her voice.. It is first time that Garima raised her voice against Madhu jiji.. She won’t accept it soon..” said Avinash..

“ but you know how Khushi is.. “ said Ratna..

Avinash got a call from office and he sighed hearing it..

“ I got  a call from office.. I need to go.. You don’t take stress. We will definitely do something..” said Avinash then turned to Anjali, “ Anju.. Take your maa to our room”

Anjali nodded her head and took Ratna to their room followed by Nani and Chachi.. Akash too left from there disheartened hearing about Payal’s alliance.. Avinash glared at Arnav who is lost in his own thoughts.


Arnav is at the poolside thinking about Khushi.. He din’t understand why Buaji is doing this.. Khushi is her own brother’s daughter for god sake.. There is no mistake of Khushi in whatever happened.. being angry with her is one thing and spoiling her life is another thing..He need to do something.. Already Khushi suffered a lot due to his mistake and now he can’t let any injustice done to her.. On thinking , he got only solution.. To solve Akash and Payal’s love story.. For that, he has to know whether she loves Akash or not..



Payal on the other hand is in her bedroom is feeling restless.. From the time, Buaji said about the proposal, she is feeling restless, frustrated.. She have an void feeling in her heart.. Her thoughts are going to Akash.. She never thought any other man than Akash.. It is true that she loves Akash but her fears din’t allow her to respond to him.. She always had some crush on him from childhood and even he too always showed his interest on her..  On the day before the marriage of Arnav Khushi.. he proposed to her.. Feeling Shy, she just left from there not answering him.. But the next day events turned out to be worse for them.. Shashi’s death, Khushi depression took on toll on them.. Both were busy supporting their families.. It is only one year back, Akash again proposed her but this time she has lost her trust in him.. After seeing what her sister went through because of this love, she is not ready to give chance to any man.. But now, when the thought that she is going to be some one else’s than Akash, it is killing her..





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Sep 16

Chapter 30 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 244 times)


Arnav is waiting at the college to talk with Payal.. He is very nervous.. He know Payal won’t even like to see his face let along talk with him but he has to do this for his brother , Akash and for Khushi.. If Payal won’t agree to this marriage then automatically Khushi’s alliance too won’t go forward..

Soon, the college is over and all the students are coming out.. He wauted patiently and finally Payal came.. She din’t saw him and talking with her friends.. She bid good bye to them and going towards parking for her scooty when Arnav went there..

“ Payal!!” Called Arnav.. She turned and looked at him.. She was shocked and confused seeing him there..

“ You !! What are you doing here ??”asked Payal..

“ I want to talk with you” said Arnav..

“ But I don’t want to talk with you” said Payal and was going but Arnav “ It’s regarding you and Akash”

Payal stopped on her tracks hearing it.. She looked at him with wide eye..

“ What !! What are you talking ?? I don’t know anything.. there is nothing between me and him like you are thinking” stammered Payal.

Arnav raised his eyebrow and said “ When did I said there is something between you two and how do you know what I am thinking about you both”

Payal gulped hearing it and looked here and there..

“ Akash din’t say anything to me Payal.. I observed you both and found out there is something between you two.. I asked to Akash about it and he said about you both.. He said you rejected his proposal.. Because of me.. Payal.. There is a lot of difference between me and Akash.. He really loves you.. He is not like me.. You know he is not himself from yesterday after hearing Buaji brought an alliance for you.. On one hand he is thinking for you on the other hand worried about Khushi.. “ said Arnav.

“ What do you want now ?? “asked Payal..

“ Give a chance to Akash.. For now, reject the proposal brought by Buaji.. in that case, even Khushi’s alliance too will be stopped..” said Arnav..

“ My Di’s marriage won’t happen with that man.. That is sure.. But regarding my marriage, I can’t say anything.. I don’t love your Bhai.. I will never trust raizada boys.. I don’t want to go through that same pain which my Di underwent.. So, go now” said Payal and left from there..

Arnav stood there defeated..




Arnav entered Akash’s room who is lost in his own thoughts.. He went and stood beside him..

“ Akash” called Arnav brining him out of his thoughts..

“ Are you OK ??” asked Arnav..

Akash nodded his head as Ok but he very well knew he is not..

“ Thinking about Payal” asked Arnav.. Akash nodded his head..

“ Did you try to talk with Payal ??”asked Arnav.

“ I did but she is not lifting my call” said Akash.

“ Why don’t you say to Maa and Papa about your love ??”asked Arnav..

“ No use.. If I say them about my love, they will go to Gupta house and ask them , even then Payal denies she doesn’t love me.. Maa and Papa too can’t do anything when she only denies” said Akash..

Arnav sighed hearing it.

“ When did you propose to Payal ??”asked Arnav..

“ The day before your and Khushi marriage.. “ said Akash..

Arnav looked at him shocked..

“ What !!” asked Arnav..

“ Yes.. I proposed her that day and she gave a positive response.. She ran away from there blushing.. But after that day, everything changed.. I proposed again a year back but she denied then” said Akash..

Arnav hung his head down low.. Now, he is the root cause for the failure of his brother’s love story.. He left from there silently..

Whole night he thought about it and came to an idea.. When he is the reason for his brother’s love to be hindrance, then he has to rectify it..




Khushi is in her room getting ready for the office.. Buaji left yesterday creating a havoc.. Garima clearly said she is not ready to give Khushi’s hands to that man and even she doesn’t want to think Payal’s marriage soon.. Buaji left from there angrily.. Khushi doesn’t know what to do.. She doesn’t want to make their relation with Buaji bitter and so, she is ready to even marry that person but Garima denied her.. Garima even took promise from Khushi that she will never oblige to Buaji’s this alliance or any other thing which will ruin her future..

Her mobile rang and she saw the number.. It was from an unknown number and the true caller read Arnav.. She was confused why Arnav is calling her.. She lifted the call.

“ Khushi!!” called Arnav in a husky voice..

“ Why did you call me ??” asked Khushi in a non chalant voice..

“ I want to talk with you” said Arnav..

“ What !!” asked Khushi..

 “ Not here.. Can you pls come to meet me at orchid restaurant at 11’o clock” asked Arnav..

“ What !! Why should I come there ?? If you want to talk something, then say me over phone.. I won’t come anywhere” said Khushi..

“ It’s about Payal” said Arnav.

“ Payal !!’ asked Khushi surprised..

“ yes.. it is about Payal.. If you care for her future, then come to meet me” said Arnav..

Khushi thinking for sometime, said “Ok” and disconnected the call..

Arnav sighed in relief hearing it.. Only Khushi can make Payal understand Akash.. He knew Khushi won’t think Akash as him.. She knew how Akash is.. If he says Khushi about Akash and Payal, then she definitely understand them and unite them both putting some sense in Payal’s brain..



Khushi is waiting for Arnav from the past ten minutes in the restaurant but still there is no sign of him.. What  did he wants to talk about Payal ?? This thought is eating her brain.. In her thoughts, she din’t observed when Arnav came.. He cleared his throat to bring her out of thoughts.. She looked up at him.. He smiled to her which she din’t reciprocate..

“ Why did you call me ?? What is it that you want to talk about Payal ??”asked Khushi..

“ Coffee or Tea” asked Arnav.

“ Huh” Khushi looked at him confused..

“ Will you take coffee or tea ??”asked Arnav..

“ I need nothing.. Say what you want to say.. I don’t have time” said Khushi in a irritated voice..

Arnav sighed and said “ Akash and Payal love each other”

Khushi’s eye grew wide that her eyeballs may come out..

“ Wh.. What are you saying ??” asked Khushi..

“ This is the truth.. I observed them many times and I even asked Akash who confirmed it.. “ said Arnav..

Khushi stood still for few minutes trying to sink the truth into her mind.. Arnav looked at curiously but couldn’t understand what is going on in her brain..

“ Now.. What I want to say is …” Arnav is going to say something but Khushi stood up , “ I  know what you will say.. I will look this matter from now on”

Khushi almost scurried away from there leaving a confused Arnav..

“ Unbelievable.. She din’t even let me complete my words” muttered Arnav to himself..





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Oct 3

Chapter 31 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 202 times)


In the evening:

Arnav came into his parents room.. Anjali and Ratna are sitting on the bed looking at the dresses..

“ Maa.. You called me” said Arnav sitting on the bed..

“ Haan Bhai.. Today me and mumma went to shopping for Aryan.. See his dresses” said Anjali showing him the dresses..

Arnav looked at them and said “ They are all very nice..”

“ Paa” came Aryan to the room running.. Arnav took him into his lap.

“ Aryan.. These  dresses are for you” said Anjali but Arnav looked at her wide indicating NO but it is already late.. Aryan, the clever child he is caught it..

“ Mine!!” said Aryan taking the dress.. Arnav hit his head with his hand..

“ Paa..” Aryan gave the dress to Arnav and started to take off his dress..

“ What is he doing ??”asked Ratna looking confused.

“ He wants to wear this now.. If he sees any new dress, he won’t listen anything.. He wants to wear it at that instant..  That is why Anju I signaled you” said Arnav.. Anjali bit her tongue..

 “ Paa’ called Aryan asking Arnav to remove the dress..

“ No baby.. Not now.. We will wear tomorrow” said Arnav but Aryan is not ready to listen.. Even Anjali tried but he din’t budge..

“ Aryan.. This dress is not for you.. This is for Shashank ( neighbour’s child) “ said Ratna.

Aryan looked at her once and threw the dress angrily onto the floor.. Anjali and Ratna opened their mouths into a big O while Arnav nodded his head at his stubborn son’s anger..

“ Bhai.. He seriously have your temper” said Anjali.

“ Yes..” said Arnav patting Aryan’s hair lovingly..


That is when Akash entered the room angrily..

“ Aki Bhai” said Anjali looking at him.. Arnav and Ratna looked at him who is looking no less than a volcano.. They have never seen him in this avatar..

Akash straightely came and held Arnav’s collar angrily making the spectators shocked..

“ I thought you changed but no.. You never change.. After all you experienced from that Sheetal, I thought you change your perspective towards others but no.. What do you want ?? “ asked Akash angrily..

Arnav was shocked by his brother’s act and confused by his accusations..

“ Akash.. Leave his collar first” said Ratna.. Arnav made Akash leave his collar and asked calmly” What happened Aki ?? What are you soo angry now ??”

“ What happened ?? As if you don’t know” said Akash..

“ I don’t know.. Now don’t talk in riddles and say what happened “ asked Arnav too irritated..

“ What did you talk with Khushi ??”asked Akash..

“Me.. I just said to her you and Payal love each other.. I was going to say to convince Payal  for your both marriage but she said she understood and left from there before I can say something..” said Arnav..

“ But she came to me and asked me to forget Payal.. she even said that she will fix Payal’s marriage with that guy whom Buaji brought and for that she is even ready to marry that guy’s brother” said Akash..

Arnav looked at him shocked and his hands fisted in anger.. Ratna and Anjali are just silent spectators in this.. Akash and Payal love each other.. They never knew about this..

“ This girl.. She got mad.. Come with me” said Arnav holding Akash’s hands took him with him..




“ Khushi” Arnav shouted entering into the Gupta house..

Khushi who is in her room and Garima who is in the kitchen came out from their respective works.. Payal is not there in the house.. Even Raizadas too followed Arnav seeing his anger..

Garima frightened seeing Arnav angrily shouting for Khushi.. She thought he may hurt Khushi even others were afraid..

Khushi came down and stood before him..

“ What happened ??Why are you shouting ??”asked Khushi angrily..

“ What did you say to Akash ??”asked Arnav gritting his teeth.

“ The same thing which you wanted.. Why are you being angry now ??”asked Khushi..

“ Oh.. Then what is it that I wanted..” asked Arnav sarcastically.

Khushi turned to Akash, “ Akash.. What did you say to your brother ?? Why is he shouting coming here ?”

“ Talk with me Khushi.. ”asked Arnav..

“ Ok Fine..” said Khushi facing him..

“ What did I said you at restaurant ??”asked Arnav “ You din’t even let me complete my words and you assumed something on your own..”

“ I din’t assume anything.. I know what you wanted to say and conveyed the same to your brother” said Khushi..

“ What is that I wanted ??”asked Arnav..

“ I know you won’t like Payal becoming Akash’s wife.. For you, we are gold diggers and Characterless people.. I Know you  will say that even Payal tried to trap Akash and became successful in it.. I don’t want to hear anything of that sort from your mouth towards my sister..” said Khushi..

Arnav closed his eyes in despair.. Others too had tears in their eyes hearing it..

Arnav gulped down his throat.. he can’t fell weak..

“ I am sorry Khushi for making you think like that.. But that was past Khushi.. I realized what you people are and what grave mistake I did by blaming your family.. I just called you at the restaurant to ask a favor from you.. Payal too loves Akash but  she is denying it only  because of me.. I want you to talk with Payal and made her understand about Akash.. Akash is your friend and you know him very well.. He was there whenever you were in trouble, you think a person like him will betray Payal” said Arnav in a calm voice..

Khushi din’t know what to say.. She can feel sincerity in his voice..

“ I Know what Akash is.. He will never betray anyone but I don’t know why you got a misconception   that Payal too loves him.. I have  asked Payal about it and she clearly said to me she doesn’t have any feelings for Akash.. I can’t force her for anything” said Khushi..

“ NO Payal loves Akash” said Arnav..

“ In your dreams Mr.Raizada” came a voice from behind and they all turned to look at Payal who is standing at the door.

Payal came near them, “ How the hell did you thought that I love your brother ?? I have been saying your brother that I don’t love him but he is not listening.. Seriously, do you both Raizada brothers have some problem with your brain..”

“ No need for you to lie Payal.. I have seen in your eyes how much you too love Akash” said Arnav..

“ Then you need an Ophthalmologist for sure” said Payal..

“ Stop being stubborn Payal.. Why don’t you just accept the truth ??”asked Arnav..

“ The problem is not with my sister but you Mr.Raizada.. You first stop assuming things and being stubborn.. Why are you forcing my sister when she is saying she doesn’t love Akash ??”asked Khushi angrily..

“ She is lying Khushi” said Arnav..

“ Stop it Mr.Raizada.. My sister never lies to me.. When she said she doesn’t love Akash, then she doesn’t.. “said Khushi..

Payal looked away guiltily   hearing when Khushi said she never lies which din’t go unnoticed by Arnav..

“ Bhai.. Let’s leave” said Akash.. He was too disheartened hearing all this..

“ But Akash…” Arnav is going to say something but Akash left from there.. Raizadas too followed him to console him.. Payal went upstairs while Garima followed her daughter..

Arnav came near Khushi and said “ What if I prove that Payal too loves Akash ??”

“ Then I will give my sister’s hand in your brother’s “ said Khushi..

 “ Three days.. Within three days, I will prove to you that Payal too loves Akash” said Arnav confidently..

“ I am waiting then” said Khushi too with same confidence..

Both of them part their ways oppositely.


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Oct 12

Chapter 32 (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 190 times)

The atmosphere in the Shantivan is anything but shanty(peace).. Everyone are lost in their own thoughts.. Arnav and Akash have locked themselves in their respective rooms.. Others are in the hall trying to digest what happened some time ago.. Even Avinash is too shocked hearing his younger son loves Payal..

“ Badi maa.. Can’t we do anything ??”asked Lavanya..

“ What can we do ??”asked Ratna..

“ May be we can convince Payal about Aki Bhai” said Lavanya..

“ We can’t do that Lavanya.. How can we force any person to love other person ??”asked Avinash..

“ I just hope everything sort out soon..” said Ratna and left from there..



Khushi is in her room pacing back and forth angrily blabbering to herself..

“ How dare he to challenge me ?? What does he think of himself ?? He will prove that Payal too loves Akash in three days.. Even I too see how he will prove it… Areee.. Payal herself said to me she doesn’t love Akash.. Why will my sister lie to me ?? I know Akash is a good guy.. Why will I deny if Payal really loves Akash ?? The audacity of that Laad governer..” Khushi is muttering to herself enough loud to others hear..

Hearing a chuckle, she turned and saw Garima and Ratna looking at her smiling.. They both came inside the room..

Khushi went near Ratna, “ Ratna Maa.. I am sorry for hurting Akash but what can I do.. Payal doesn’t love Akash.. I can’t force her to accept someone on whom she doesn’t have any feelings.. If  Payal really loves Akash, then I will be very happy.. I Know Akash is a good guy and keeps her happy.. “

“ I understand Khushi..” said Ratna sighing “ But I am seeing a change in you”

Khushi looked at her confused..

“ After soo many days, we have seen old Khushi.. The way you are pacing around the room and blabbering to yourself reminded of olden days Khushi” said Garima caressing her cheek..

Khushi was surprised hearing it.. she herself din’t notice it until they both say..

“ You even called Arnav Laad governer” said Ratna and left from there followed by Garima leaving a thinking Khushi..



The next day:

Today is Anjali’s engagement.. Whole RM is decorated with flowers and lights.. Everyone are busy with works from morning..

Evening arrived and the guests started to come for the function.. Avinash and Manohar are greeting  the guests.. Ratna and Manorama looking after the snacks and beverages for the guests.. Akash and Nk looking after final minute preparations.. Anjali is getting ready in her room with the help of Lavanya and her friends..

Arnav is in his room making Aryan ready for the function but he is lost in his thoughts.. He is feeling nervous to meet relatives and friends in the function now.. Until now, no one knew he came back.. He din’t meet any of their acquaintances even when he went out or when working at AR.. During fashion show, he stayed away from the media and all others.. He don’t know what will he answer them if they ask about Sheetal.. He is not ready to face people but it is essential..

Taking deep breathe and consoling himself, he came downstairs along with Aryan.. Their relatives and family friends were surprised seeing him.. They started whispering among themselves seeing him..


The boy’s family arrived and it is the time for engagement.. Ratna introduced Arnav to them.. Soon Anjali is brought down for the engagement.. Rings were exchanged and Shagun is completed.. The drums played and all are dancing happily congratulating the couple.

Ratna and Manorama  came to a group of  women with Aryan in Ratna’s  arms..

“ Ratna.. Is he Arnav’s son ??”asked one of the lady.

“ Yes.. He is Arnav’s son Aryan..” said Ratna then turning to Aryan” Aryan.. Say hello to aunty”

“ Helo” said Aryan..” When did Arnav came ??”asked the lady..

“ Few days back” said Ratna..

“ Where is his wife then ??”asked other one.. Ratna couldn’t understand what to say.. She knew she has to face this question today..

“ She died during her delivery” said Manorama understanding Ratna’s turmoil.

“ What !!” said the ladies shocked.

“ yes.. Sheetal died during her delivery” said Ratna.

“ Ohh Poor boy.. “ said the women.

“ So, you forgave Arnav and accepted him again..Very good.. Honestly saying Ratna that day I din’t like what you people did.. How can you people abandon your own son for a girl like Khushi ??” said Kavita, one of the woman..

Ratna felt uncomfortable hearing it.. She don’t want to be rude with this women which spoils the party..

“ Kavita is right Ratna.. Leave it all.. It is past.. Now, do you have any plans of marrying Arnav ?? If so, say me my niece is there. We don’t have problem even if it is second marriage.. Arnav Bitwa is soo handsome that no one will believe he is a father of two year old boy.” Said Malini..

Ratna and Manorama looked at her flabbergasted..

“ Well.. We can’t see Guptas here.. Where are they ??”asked Kavita..

“ They didn’t came” said Ratna.

“ Good.. Finally you get rid off those people.. I will say even you remove Khushi from the job too.. Who knows one day she will make everything on her name as Arnav said.. We never knew Gupta’s are really such a characterless people and gold diggers and that Khushi.. She is a characterless girl and who knows how she is winning deals in AR.. Girls like them will have lot of techniques to lure men and make them their clients.. Ask Akash too to maintain a distance from her.. Who knows now her plan failed in trapping Arnav, so may be she must be trying to lure Akash too. . Arnav really did good thing with her.. .  Serves her right “ Kavita is going to say something but she heard “ Enough”

They saw Arnav who was behind them with anger looking eyes.. Ratna looked at him accusingly as if saying it is all because of you..

The drums were stopped and everyone looked at Arnav..

Arnav came near them and said loudly, “ Auntyji.. Don’t you dare to say a word against Khushi or Guptas.. Guptas are not gold diggers or characterless people.. It was my misconception.. It was my mistake to blame them when they are innocent.”

Then he  turned to crowd and said” Listen to me carefully.. Most of you know what happened two years ago, and it was solely mistake.. It was my misunderstanding that Guptas are gold diggers.. I am a big fool to let go off a pure hearted girl like Khushi..  It is because of me , shashi uncle died.. Khushi is not a characterless girl.. She is not a gold digger.. She is a gem of person.. The only mistake she did is loving me.. I trusted a wrong person and choose a wrong person as my better half that is why I am suffering today.. As my family is saying, my wife Sheetal is not dead.. She is alive.. She betrayed me.. She married me only for me but when my father excluded me from his properties, she showed her true colors and left me along with my son.. So, next time, anyone raising their mouths and hands towards Guptas or Khushi, think ten times.. Sorry for interrupting the function like this..”

There was a pin drop silence for a minute in the hall.. Then there were loud whispers..

Arnav went near Ratna who is looking at him shocked, took Aryan from her and left to his room.



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