Sheh aur Maath......!

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Jun 1, 2016

Sheh aur Maath......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 90 times)

Hlo everyone.....! this is a short story on the remarriage of Arnav and Kushi......!

Note - 1- Dadi have not arrived before she just came one day before marriage

           2- she saw Garima at the day of the marriage in the mandap.


Every one was running here and there to make the preparations of the marriage as ASR has strictly warned everyone not to make any mistakes as he want to fulfill every dream of his kushi.


Arnav was all ready in his wedding sherwani looking so handsome. he was blushing and smiling to himself looking himself in the mirror. he was about to move out , just then he saw his dadi entering his room angrilly.

" what happened.....? u went to mandap with everyone right.......? then why did u came back......? " he asked looking at the angry face of his dadi.

" chote this marriage can't happen......! " said dadi. He got so much anger hearing to her.

" why so........? " he asked gritting his teeth.

" chote that characterless can't become a bahu of malik's. she is not suitable for u.....! " said Dadi.

His anger even got more hearing her pointing towards Kushi's character. " wow......! u came just yesterday and u found out that she is a characterless girl. ( he said mockingly ). dadi dont even try to say sometning like this about my kushi. I know how much pure she is. and onemore thing she is not a Malik's bahu she is a Raizada bahu. and she is my wife already , the marriage that is going to happen  today is just for this damn society. " he said.

" chotey she is a characterless girl. because her mother is the one who is the reason  behind ur mother's death. her mother is the one who had a affair with ur father. and now she had send her daughter to trap u. dont fell in her trap. and here is the proof........" said Dadi and showed the photograph of them together.

Arnav couldn't hear more. he was shocked to hear all that. the women whom he secretly considered as his mother was the one who had affair with his father. and his mother died due to her. his head started spinning.

he angrily went outside. and here Dadi went to mandap.

Arnav went to his mama's gardern. " can he marry the girl , who is the daughter of that women because of whom he lost his mama.....! " he shouted in frustration.

On the other hand Dadi went to altar and said the marriage can not happen . At first none believed but when Arnav didn't arrived they believed that everything is true except Kushi. she was not at all ready to believe that Arnav can leave her.

After sometime Arnav arrived there and looked at everyone. his eyes got stuck at Kushi . her eyes was shining looking at him. there was a believe looking at him. he turned his eyes away from her from which kushi got her answer. " her Arnav ji doesn't wish to see her even. there was so much pain in his eyes."

Garima went near Arnav and said " Arnav bitwa , believe me . i didn't do anything like ur dadi said. dont stop this marriage. Kushi will be broken. she can't take this.........! " said Garima crying for which he gave no ears.

" U all can leave. No marriage is going to happen here........! " said Arnav in a low voice but audible to everyone.

" what r u telling nannav.....? " said NK irritating seeing his best friend in pain.

" I SAID THIS MARRIAGE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HERE AND EVERYONE CAN LEAVE.......! " shouted Arnav and the whole Altar echoed his voice.

Everyone got shocked. Kushi didn't even reacted , she sat numb . Arnav giving last glance at Kushi he went out. and NK followed him out.

" Amma lets leave , there is no point in staying here.......! " said Payal.

" payal but........" said Akash and was cutoff by payal. " no Akash , my kushi needs me now. u go and see Arnav ji...." said Payal .

Akash nodded and went out finding Arnav . and here Payal convienced every one to come with her. All this while Kushi was silently shedding tears.

" come Kushi......! " said Payal, but kushi looked at her pleadingly as if asking payal to let her stay here and wait till her Arnav ji comes. Payal understood her thoughts and said " everything will be all right Kushi. Where will he go leaving u.....? when he realise his mistake , he will come and apologise to u and will take u with him......! now understand his situation , we know that our mother is not guilt , but he doesn't knows it right......? he needs time to understand every thing. give him some time . "

A tiny ray of hope shone in her eyes hearing payal's words. Anjali came towards her and kept her hand on shoulder " kushi ji , payal ji is saying right. Chotey will come to u....! u know how much he is attached to mamma. don't loose hope. " said Anjali.

Slowly Gupta's went to their home with broken kushi . in all this only two people was happy they was none other than DADI and SHYAM , as his plan got succeed.

next day -

Every one was sat in the hall. the usual happiness was missing in RM. then nearly by 9 ' o clock , all Gupta's came inside the hall , on seeing whom Dadi boiled in anger.

" why are u people here.....? don't u all have any shame.......?  " asked dadi.

" I called them here.....! " came a voice from behind and all turned only to see Arnav was standing there with his red eyes seeing them in Anger. Anjali and nani was relieved seeing him.

" why......? " asked dadi.

Arnav started coming down looking at everyone. at the same time Arnav's lawyer came in and said       " Mr.Raizada......."

Arnav turned towards him and his lawyer said " Mr.Raizada , u called me here......? "

" s. I want DIVORCE.....! " said Arnav and all gasped hearing it.

" what......? " asked his lawyer.

" S. I want divorce....! " said Arnav.

" but Mr.Raizada , that is not so much easy......! " said his lawyer.

" why......? I want a Divorce and Iam ready to give money as a compensation.......! " said Arnav.

Dadi and Shyam become happy hearing it.

" stop it Mr. Raizada , I don't want ur damn money.......! until now I thought one day u will realise ur mistake , but no. u will not change......! ( turning towards Lawyer ) sir , even I don't want to live here. u can go on with the procedures ." said Kushi in Anger.

" listen both of u , u both are just married for six months . even u both want this , the court will order u to stay together for another six months. " said Laywer.

" NO.....! " said both Arnav and Kushi at the same time.

" see this is truth .( Turning to shyam )  kyun Mr. jha......! u urself is a laywer , explain it to both of them " said Lawyer

" wow........! kushi ji infront of me for six months......! its a nice chance to woo her.....! " thought Shyam and said " s saalesaheb and kushi ji ........ he is right....! " said Shyam and Both Arshi glared at him.

finally after lot of lectures from lawyer they both agreed to stay together.

" we agree with u , but one condition......! " said Buaji.

" Buaji , u too agreeing with them. we should make them understand. pls buaji......." pleaded Anjali.

" no bitiya. i can't let my titaliya to suffer more.....! ( turning to everyone ) . i agree with u , but i will stay with my titaliya here , i can't let my bitiyas to stay in this house alone....." said Buaji much to shyam's frustration.

Arnav accepted this and went inside his room.

WILL BE CONTINUED............!

Jun 2, 2016

Sheh aur Maath.....! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 99 times)

hlo everyone......! iam really surprised seeing the responses........! thanku everyone for the comments and thanku's. now here goes the story.........!


It was evening when Kushi with Buaji came to RM. they were about to enter in the guest room but Anjali stopped her.

" Kushi ji , why did u agreed to give Divorce to my chote.......? "

" It was ur chote who raised this topic first. also , i can't live with a man who doesn't respect my parents." said Kushi.

" kushi ji , its not like that , i know garima aunty can never do something like this. Pls give sometime to him.....! " said Anjali.

" Di , pls , i don't want to hear anything more than this. " said Kushi and turning towards Buaji " u go inside Buaji , i will go to my room......! " said Kushi.

" u r going to stay with Arnav.....! " said Shyam with furious.

" Yes , because that is My room too. and till I live here , I will stay in that room only.......! " said Kushi.

" but what if , Arnav don't agree for this......? " said Shyam.

" I don't care about his wish. I can't loose my self respect. If he didn't wish to stay with me , then he is free to sleep in Hall.......! " said Kushi.

" What the..........! " they all saw Arnav standing there .

" what did u say.......? " Asked Arnav and Kushi cared less about him and went from there.

shyam was satisfied with Kushi's ignorance towards Arnav and had a evil smile in his face. Anjali was worried seeing his brother and SIL. she wished a happy life for him but everything got spoiled.

On the other hand Arnav got angry and marched towards his room. He didn't find Kushi there. He went to get freshup and after that went downstairs.

When he went near sofa he saw Kushi and payal are preparing dinner. he got furious. he was about to move but stopped seeing dadi entering into kitchen.

" what r u doing here........? u r no more a bahu of this house to do all this. don't dare to enter the kitchen. " said Dadi angrily.

" listen. Iam not doing anything as a bahu of this house. Iam just helping my jiji. she was doing everything alone here , thats why thought to help her. other wise who will want to prepare food for those people , who destroyed my life and insulted my parents......! " said Kushi. Payal hold her hand to make her stop.

Later everyone finished their dinner and went to their Room . Kushi helped Payal to clean everything and went towards their Room. Kushi entered their room locking the Door behind. Suddenly she was pinned against the wall , she got frighten and was about to shout , but stopped seeing it was Arnav.

He was Looking at her intensely , she got melted looking at his eyes. he came close to her and here her heart started beating like drums. But suddenly she remembered something and pushed him. he got stumbled and fell on the bed.

" what r u doing Arnav ji......? " she said coming near him.

Inreturn he just smirked and pulled her towards him making her also fall and swirled her beneath him. she got scared and was going to speak again, but he shut her mouth with his palms.

" Relax jaan , none is watching us. I cutted the camera wire while cutting the plants. " he said and kushi sighed in relief.

" U Laadgovernor.....! always scaring me. but Arnav ji , what if he again fix the camera......? " she asked.

" No.......! first time he fixed the camera when painting work is going on and more over , u were also not here , but now u r here and he wont be able to do that....! " said Arnav.

" My intelligent Laadgovernor......! " she said Pulling his cheek.

" thanku . by the way , u can appreciate me In other ways also " he said Naughtily.

" Dont expect too much Mr.Raizada , sleep now. "

" what the......! I did all this to sleep.......? haan tell me......? First of all Iam angry with u......! " said Arnav.

" haawww........! why.....? " asked Kushi.

" then , we r newly married , but u were always spending all ur time with ur jiji , buaji and ur so called kitchen . i don't know what happiness u r getting in spending ur time in kitchen....! " said Arnav complaining like a child with a cute pout on his face.

Kushi chuckled seeing him like this. " then what do u expect me to do......? to come and sit in ur lap and pamper u .......? "

Arnav's eyes twinkled hearing her and said " U know , i don't mind even u doing like that " and got a smack in his arms. " u know kushi , i was really happy , when u back answered dadi . Iam happy that u r back in ur feisty form. be like this always. Arnav loves his kushi like this only......! " he said looking her eyes.

Inreturn Kushi just hugged him tight , coming out of hug she said " Iam so lucky to get u arnav ji. none will be like u. why u love me this much.....? " she asked with tear filled eyes.

" simple , because I love u.......! " said Arnav " And now dont waste our beautiful time together.....! " said Arnav. Kushi just blushed in return...........

After some hours....!

Arnav was sleeping soundly hugging Kushi and she was watching his sleeping form. she remembered what happened yesterday.

Flashback -

Payal consoled everyone and convienced them to move to home. Garima was guilt beyond anything. she couldn't see her daughter's face. shashi was silently shedding tears. Buaji didn't know how to react. so everyone moved to the Gupta house.

Buaji opened the door and all went inside and was shocked to find Arnav along with Akash and NK was sitting in the living room.

" Arnav bitwa......" whispered Buaji.

He went near Kushi , but Kushi looked down not able to meet his eyes. he holded her Arms and told "Kushi look at me......"

Kushi Looked at him. His eyes was Red , she thought he is Anger and Looked down again. but Arnav hugged her and she started crying.

Arnav just carressed her back . she kept on crying not even able to breath. All had tears looking at them." Kushi pls dont cry. " he said.

But she kept on weeping. Arnav looked at Akash and NK and everyone " I want to speak with her. Iam taking her inside. Akash , NK u both take care here...! " they both nodded and looking at Kushi he said " chalo kushi......! " and she didn't objected him and went with him.

Once in Room . he locked the door behind and made her to sit and gave water to her. she had water , in all the while she didn't for once looked at him. he sighed and made her lie down and himself laid beside her taking her in Arms and caressed her back .

" Kushi, do u trust me.......? " he asked but there was no reply from her he again said. " Kushi , u r scaring me. speak something. do u trust me........? " he asked and she just nodded her head.

" then belive me. I will not leave u. " said Arnav and she again kept on weeping. " god.....! again I hurted her so much . she is not even able to speak with him......! " thought Arnav.

and after sometime finally she spoke " why u left from there......? "

" I will say......" said Arnav and started telling her what happened.

when Arnav went out after cancelling the marriage NK went out after him to make him understand everything.

when he reached out , Arnav was standing out facing his back....! he went near him and said " what the hell is this nannav.......? how can u believe that garima aunty can do something like this....? u hurted kushiji a lott today....! what is her mistake in this even garima aunty was at mistake......? why did u stopped the marriage.....? " shouted NK.

" stop it NK , I know garima aunty can never do something like this.........! " said Arnav.

Nk was surprised hearing him. " when u know that she is not at fault, why did u stopped the marriage........? "

" there is a reason NK. I dont want anyone to hurt kushi and her family......? " said Arnav.

" who will hurt her.......? " asked NK .

" whom else do u think other than that shyam manohar jha......!" said Arnav gritting his teeth.

" that man........! I will stangle his neck....! " said NK and asked " but how come all this related to him......? "

" NK when today dadi come and said everything to me , I was shocked. i went to the place where my mamma's memory residing. i thought ' can i marry a girl , whose mother is the reason for my mamma's death.....? ' but i was covienceing myself ' kushi is not her own daughter.....' while i was thinking this suddenly something clicked in my mind ' kushi is 7 years younger to me. i was 14 when mamma died and kushi must be 7 yr old then and payal must be nearly 9 that time. when having a daughters of this age how come garima aunty can have affair with my father ' and i clearly remember that the one who had affair with my father was unmarried. so it is clear that she is innocent and happily i came here for the marriage. but....." said Arnav

" but what nannav......? when u know everything , why did u stop the marriage....?

" when i came here and was about to come inside, I heared that shyam speaking with someone. it was him who framed garima aunty as a guilt , taking advantage of a photo. he is the one who told dadi everything wrongly, instigating her against guptas to stop this marriage. but he thought what if i didn't hear her words and chose kushi over everything...... and set up some goons to kill guptas if this marriage happened......! " said Arnav.

" he was the one behind Di's miscarriage. he was the one who exchanged the medicine. just to enter back into shantivan he didn't even think once before killing his own child...." said Arnav.

" how come u know this.....? " asked NK.

" do u remember the wires u show me in our home......? ( NK nodded his head ) it was all camera wires. he recorded each and every activity of our home. i saw in his lap when he went outside." said arnav and showed the video of shyam changing Anjali's medicine.

" we should call the police.....? " said the furious NK.

" NO NK. he is in disguise. and being a lawyer he can easily manipulate the things. if i want , i could have done it yesterday itself after coming to know about this. but i preferred Kushi's happiness over vengence against shyam. i thought after this marriage and fulfilling kushi's dream , I will punish that shyam, but he is more than what we think about him." NK was beyond angry hearing all this. but Arnav continued " he is very dangerous NK. and I cant take risk. what if he got succeed in harming kushi......? NO , iam selfish NK , i want to live my life with her happily.  I will not allow anyone to harm her......! " said arnav with tears.

NK hugged his brother. " now what r u going to do nannav....? "

" I will tell u ........! " said Arnav and explained his plan.


Jun 3, 2016

Sheh aur Maath......! (By Abhinaya) (Thanked: 166 times)

Hlo everyone thanks for the comments and thanku's.

@ sravya luckyrshi - Thanks for ur complements dear. Meaning of the title " sheh aur Maath " is                " checkmade " . the full phrase is " chal - sheh aur maath " actually used in chess. in this story Shyam will be doing a CHAL ( a game or trap ) and Arnav will decide SHEH AUR MAATH ( checkmade ) for him. which means Arnav will trap him in his own game and finish the game.

I hope now u understood the meaning and I made everyone clear including u.


Arnav finished telling his plan to NK " I want u to be there NK , because anyone in the house stood for her is always u ......."

NK felt overwhelmed hearing him " thanks Nannav. I will be there for u both always......! "

" then what about me bhai.......? " they both heared Akash's voice and turned to find him and nani standing there.

" I know I failed to stand by ur side , but u always stood for me and it is only because of u and kushi ji , i got Payal . give me one chance bhai, i will prove myself as a good brother " said Akash.

Arnav said " why r u speaking like this Akash.....?  u and NK are not different to me. "

" then let me accompany u this time " said Akash and Arnav nodded.

Nani was in tears looking at her grandsons. " chote......."

" Nani.......! Don't tell anything to anyone now. U go home with everyone." said Arnav.

" chote , i will also come with u even i also love kushi bitiya." said Nani.

" when u was not with her nani. u also always took care of her. dont worry nani , someone from our side should be with them. and other than u no one can do this. only u can control the situation and none will raise their voice infront of u. Now u go inside and tell everyone that I went out angrily and Akash and Nk went behind me......" said Arnav and Nani nodded her head thinking her chote is right.

Nani went inside and told everyone as Arnav said and everyone including Shyam believed her. Still payal was supporting Kushi there. After hearing it Kushi believed that now nothing can change and agreed to go to house. Nani's heart ached seeing the broken Kushi who is equal to Anjali for her. but she convienced herself by thinking that this all will be for sometime and after that everything will be fine.

And on the other side Arnav drove his car in a full speed scaring both NK and Akash. he reached Lakshmi nagar and stopped the car before 2 streets as he know that shyam's men must be there around and went running to kushi's house followed by Akash and NK.

He directly went near window of Kushi's room and opening the window at once jumped inside. NK and Akash was surprised seeing this Arnav.

" Now , i know how come u both met secretely before marriage. Nannav u naughty boy, always jumped through this window to see ur lady love haan.......! " teased NK.

Arnav just smiled in return remembering the number of times he jumped through this window to see kushi. And after that they all went and sat on the living room and waited for Guptas to come. in this while he made sure that none saw them. and After about 10 mins Buaji came and opened the door.

Arnav finished telling all this to kushi , who was looking at him astonished. she just hugged him in return.

" now come everyone must be waiting for us....." said Arnav.

Kushi got up and went with him. and here Akash and Nk explained everything to Guptas who was overwhelmed hearing Arnav's believe and angry thinking about Shyam.

and Kushi with Arnav came out and by the time they came out Kushi saw the sofa's in the living room was moved to one corner and Pandit was sitting and chanting Mantra's.

She looked at arnav for answer and he smiling said " Didn't i told u , i will make u mine even the whole world turn upside down. but sorry that iam doing it late. " He said.

Kushi smiled to him broadly and he was satisfied that finally after hours he was seeing her smile.

" but Arnav ji achi muhurath have passed na.....! " she said innocently.

Arnav just smiled looking her innocence and said " so what kushi....? what if ur acha muhurath have passed away , it is not a bad time even , hein na.......! and even Pandit ji agreed to this fact."

She just smiled in return and they both had a eye lock but it was disturbed by Nk.

" Hello , love birds.......! can u both pls come here and do marriage.....! evryone is waiting. u both can stare urselves after this.........! " said NK and everyone smiled hearing him.

" Arnav bitwa......" started Garima but was cut off by Arnav " No aunty, if u r going to ask sorry from me ,then pls dont. because , i know u r not at fault. even i didn't called u ' maa ' but u r no less than that. but don't embrass me by apologising me........! "

Garima was more than happy to hear it even shashi and buaji also.

" but Arnav ji , without our family how can we marry like this.....! " said Kushi.

" who said our family is not here.........? look ur friend Nk is here, ur jijaji Akash is here and even nani will join us." said Arnav. " how...? " asked Kushi.

" like this.....! " said Arnav and switched on the video call and on the otherside nani who was waiting desperately attend the call immediately.

" Kushi bitiya.......! " exclaimed nani.

" Nani ji.........! "

" maaf kar dijiye bitiya. i couldn't come there. but see i kept a wedding gift for u ( showing her a gift box ). i will give it when u come here. see ur favourite lakshmi is also here ( showed lakshmi and it made sound telling everyone that she also wish kushi )" said Nani and Kushi smiled in return seeing the love she is getting.

" now come " said Arnav and dragged her towards the pandit handovering his phone to NK.

And Garima tied sehera ( turban ) in Arnav's head and both Arnav and kushi sat down to marriage. pandit started doing Rituals and They did every rituals. finally the marriage finished.

After sending Pandit in the backside of the house , everyone sat down silently.

" finally, i can rest , my thithaliya's marriage happened well.......! " said buaji.

" I didn't even thought u will marry me Arnav ji. i know u must be hurt but still married me keeping ur past aside " said Kushi.

" leave that Kushi. Don't talk about that.......! " said Arnav.

Kushi nodded but said " if di was here , it will be so gud hein na....! u must be missing her na......! "

Arnav got stiffened hearing it. " Truth to be said , i didn't miss her . ( all looked at him wide eye , as they know what Anjali meant to him ) . S , i didn't miss her ,she deserves this for chosing that Shyam over us. "

" but Arnav ji what is her mistake.......? " asked Payal.

" Her mistake is chosing him even after knowing he tried to kill me. her mistake is chosing the person who betrayed her. I know she loves him , but see because of that what has happened with everyones life. Iam not saying that Iam a person who does no mistake. I have done a grave mistake by beliving him once ( he said looking at kushi and she understood that he is speaking about their contract marriage ) . and we suffered due to that. and when she ( kushi ) got him back after di's miscarrige she suffered bearing my anger. whenever we chose him we got hurted by that.

Di should have believed me and stood by my side like u stood for kushi.( looking at payal ) . didn't u stood for kushi in front of every one not thinking about the consequence. not thinking about how everyone and Akash will react to that......? and even u both fighted for that.still u did like that because u understood what is right. Di should also have did like that. she is not a small kid to make her sit and explain her what is right and wrong......." said

" this all is happening because of me na Arnav ji......? " said Kushi.

" stop blaming urselves kushi. " said Arnav irritatingly.

After sometime he stood up and said " Iam leaving.....! "

" i will take u once all the mess is cleared.....! " said Arnav looking at Kushi.

" NO Arnav ji, i will also come with u.....! I can't sit in peace here leaving u there near shyam......! " said Kushi with tears.

" No, iam not going to agree for this." said Arnav.

" why.....? " asked Kushi.

" because , u disappointed me today by ur behaviour. ( Kushi looked at him confusedly ). today when Dadi pointed her finger at ur Amma , u didn't opposed her like u did always. when I said that I wont marry u , u didn't even said a word. do u believe me , when i say this that ' i thought u will slap me , when i say i will not marry u and i even came ready for that' ( all looked at him wide eye ). " said Arnav.

" I can't believe this , is this the same ASR.....? " said NK to Akash and Payal who even nodded their in disbelief.

" I can understand , if it was some other person . but u were not like this before even when same situation like this arrived. and if u come with me now he will know that all this was my acting and will again try to do something and u will sit and cry like today. NO, i can't take risk.......!" said Arnav and tried to make her understand but she is not at all ready to stay leaving him as she had already has seen how much that Shyam had done while he kidnapped Arnav.

Arnav sat there thinking for a while and said " fine then , u will stay with me. "

" we will apply for a DIVORCE.....! " said Arnav dropping a bomb in everyone's head.

" bhai , what r u......" shouted Akash.

" Relax Akash.....! a FAKE DIVORCE......! as we were married for just six months court will order us to stay together for another six months. and i guess this is more that enough time for us. by this way Kushi can stay with us and as a lawyer Shyam will not get any doubt as he know this." said Arnav.

" But i will allow u to stay there only when buaji agrees to stay with u.....! don't ask me why....? i have my own reasons.....! " he said and Buaji reluctantly agreed to this considering her both niece safety.

all relaxed hearing this and came to know today " why people call him SHARK.....! the way he plans everything and takes of the things proves that he is not ASR for nothing.......? when he speaks none can find a way to oppose him.......! "

" Arnav ji....! come with me......! " said Kushi.

" Kushiji eloping with ur husband haan........! " said NK teasingly. Arnav just rolled his eyes and kushi blushed.

" no no nanheji, iam going to get blessing from Maa and Papa . thats all.......! " said Kushi. and ARSHI went inside near her parents photo and got blessing from them.

Once they got blessing Kushi turned to him and smiled and Arnav smiled in return , but Kushi stopped her smiling and started beating him in Arms.

Arnav hold her Hands and hugged her close and said " that hurts woman.....! "

" U deserve that Laadgovernor. can't u plan things simply. u r going to act like getting DIVORCE from me......! " she said pouting

" what to do......? hum dono ajeeb hein , isliye sab kuch ajeeb hotha hei humare saath ( we both r different and everything happens differently with us ) " said Arnav.

" Actually kushi , this divorce idea was planned by me when we married before six month and when i approached my lawyer he told me all that and I implemented that now . I thought to get divorce from u then , but look at me now , Iam becoming a love sick puppy in ur love. jee nahi paunga thumhare bina.....! ( can't live without u ) " said Arnav and Kushi looked at him lovingly and said " hum bhi...! " (me too ).

" Chal shyam ne shuru ki thi , ab sheh aur maath dene ki bhari meri.......! " ( shyam started the game and i will end that ) said Arnav with a determination and hugged Kushi tightly.

After that both came out and Arnav along with Akash and NK went from backside without anyone's notice bidding bye to everyone.

flashback ends -

Kushi looked Arnav thinking all this and said " I LOVE U Arnav ji. u r truely my Rajkumar." and kissed his forehead. in return Arnav snuggled to her and kushi smiled caressing his hair and slept feeling very secured and safe.


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