IPKKND FS: Raizada Parivar

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May 30, 2016

IPKKND FS: Raizada Parivar (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 108 times)

Guess what guys, i got my netsetter today morning since dad is away and here i am with my new Shot 

Ok guys, here is my new Five Shot: RAIZADA PARIVAR. This is the sequel of Arshi TS: A Change. And as the title says, this FS is not and Arshi FS but IPKKND FS. This will have every ascept of the Raizada member's life, including the great Laxmi ji!

Raizada Parivaar - SHOT 1


“Arnav ji, I’m not lying!” Khushi said to her husband who was angrily tying his tie.

“SHUT UP KHUSHI! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR NONSENSE!” Arnav said angrily and then pulled out the tie in irritation as he was not able to tie it.

Khushi sighed and walked to her irritated patidev and snatched the tie from him. Making him stand straight, she started tying the tie around his neck.

“Arrey, itna gussa!” She said in her sweet voice, “This much anger is not good for your health Swami!”

“KHUSHI!” Arnav shouted in irritation.

Khushi chuckled and said, “No matter how much you shout, the truth won’t change! Anger is not good for health! And the second truth which you’re not ready to believe, but it’s to be believed, is that Di is dating some one!”

She tied the tie and said, “Ho gaya!”

“You’re mad Khushi!” Arnav said wearing his coat, “There is no chance that di is dating someone!”

“Why?” Khushi asked confused.

“Because....because...” Arnav stammered.

“Because?” Khushi asked.

“Because.... I know my sister. If she loves someone, she’ll tell me first!” Arnav declared.

“When you loved me, did you say that to your sister?” Khushi asked with her one eyebrow raised.

Arnav looked everywhere other than her and she chuckled and said, “You didn’t say that to her then how can you expect her to do the same?”

“But Khushi....after Shyam’s....”

“Shyam is her past! She has accepted that and she is now independent too! Started at Mathur law firms and then transferring to Mehra firms, within 2 years, she is a well known advocate at Mehra Law Firm and works right under Adv.Siddarth Mehra, one of the best lawyers of India!” Khushi said.

Arnav nodded and said, “But...I don’t think so! Wait a minute; did di say this to you?”

Khushi nodded no and said, “She didn’t say but I found it out. Can’t you see she is very happy nowadays and glowing too. She is getting phone calls at odd hours and if someone is before her, she gets red! RED Arnav ji, she blushes!”

“And the great philosopher Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada says that it’s LOVE?” Arnav asked with a smirk on his lips.

Khushi nodded and said, “Don’t tease me. It was me who brought jiji and Akash Jeeju together. It was me who gave courage to NK to confess to Navya, his love!”

“So matchmaker Khushi says, di is also in love?” Arnav asked and Khushi nodded.

“You know what Khushi, you’re crazy!” Arnav said.

Khushi had her mouth in O shape and smacked his arm.

“You...You...I won’t talk to you!” Khushi whined and walked away when they both heard a giggle.

Arnav and Khushi had their lips curving into a beautiful smile hearing the giggle and Khushi walked to the bed and sat on it.

“So my Jalebi is having fun ha?” She said pinching the chubby cheek of her nine months old son who was giggling and clapping his hand.

“Aww mere shona!” She lifted him in air and he giggled. “Amma....” he squealed and Khushi gave him a wet kiss on his kiss and he returned it with soaking her cheek in his saliva.

“No kissy for daddy?” Arnav asked walking towards him.

“Dada....” he forwarded his little hands towards his father who lifted him in air and twirled him.

He giggled and gave his father a wet kiss and hung on his coat collars.

“Arnav ji...you think about it okay! I’m saying you...Di is in love!” And Khushi walked away but not before giving a noisy kiss to her son who gave her back one too.

Walking to the poolside and rocking his son in his arms, he asked, “What do you think Adi? Your bua is in love? Arrey kuch to bol! Papa is really confused dear!”

And all he got back was wet kisses on his cheek by the great Aditya Singh Raizada/ Jr. ASR.





“Payal, hear me!” Akash pleaded.

“No Akash...you’re mad! How can you say something like this?” Payal asked as she combed her hair standing in front of the mirror.

“Trust me Payal, di is seeing someone!” Akash said.

“Chup kar!” Payal said, “You’re lying!”

“Payal, trust me! You didn’t notice her changes! She is glowing nowadays, always lost in her thoughts, and do you know what I saw yesterday night?” Akash said.

“What?” Payal asked disinterestedly.

“Yesterday night, di was late!” Akash said.

“Yeah,” Payal said, “She had some work at office. She had informed Arnav ji!”

“That’s not the point. She was dropped back by some man!” Akash said.

“So?” Payal asked irritated.

“He dropped her in his bike!”

“Okay fine!” Payal said dropping the comb and tying her long hair to a loose bun.

“She hugged him Payal!”

“They must be good friends!” Payal said, “Even I hug Rahul!”

“Yeah but...wait a minute! What did you say?” Akash asked with removing his specs.

Looking at her muddleheaded husband, Payal said, “Consult an ENT specialist Akash! I said they must be good friends!”

“No no.... after that!”

“After that? Oh, even I hug Rahul!”

“WHY?” Akash shouted.

Payal jerked hearing his shout and looked at him, “What’s wrong with you Akash? You’re acting weirdly!”


“Come on, it was just a friendly gesture!” She said.

“Well for him, it’s not!” Akash said burning in anger, “He always looks at you as if...as if....”

“As if???”

“As if...err....he looks at you weirdly!” Akash said.

Payal rolled her eyes and took her bag.


Payal chuckled and nodded his head and watched her husband walking away.

She left the bag and laughed out aloud. Her poor husband! Rahul Khanna is one of the chefs at Foodies Catering Service, Khushi and her’s creation, and he is a very good friend of her and Khushi! But both of her and Khushi’s husband hate Rahul for his friendly....no, overfriendly behaviour with them. But what the poor husbands do not know that Rahul is a GAY! Khushi and she are having a great time fooling them because it’s not payal and Khushi who Rahul fancies, it’s their husbands! *wink* 

She smiled to herself when her 2 year old daughter came running. “Amma...”

“Mere rajkumari........” Payal squealed as she lifted her daughter, Alankrita Singh Raizada, and asked, “What does my princess want now?”

“Princess wants....chocolate...” Alankrita squealed and Payal laughed and walked away to the kitchen.





Caressing Laxmi’s hair, Devyani Singh Raizada said, “Laxmi, did you notice, Anjali bitiya is behaving very weird these days. Always smiling and day dreaming and do you know, I caught her talking to someone at late night! Something is going on behind us.”




“Hello hi bye bye, I’m telling the truth! Humare Anjali bitiya is in love!” Mami said to her husband who was busy in reading newspaper.

“You are crazy as always Manorama!” Manohar said and walked away.

Manorama huffed and sat before the mirror. Blowing her nails where she had applied her brand new yellow nail polish, she said, “Something is going on! Investigation kareka padi!”




“Uffo....ye di bhi na!” NK said walking around his room, “I’m damn sure, she is in love! I had seen her talking with someone and when I asked, she fumbled in reply. And she is also very beauty conscious now! NK...time for some investigation!”





Swirling her chair at her own Foodies Catering Service office, Khushi ran her mind back to that day, 2 years back.

That one day courage of her had changed her life. Not only hers but the whole Raizadas! That outburst of hers and NK’s changed everything.

She smiled at the thought of Anjali di.

She had joined Mathur law firms. Working there for 3 months, she ended up in a fight with the head of the office because he tired to misbehave with her. Khushi was stunned to hear that her di, who know nothing but smile, had slapped and kicked a man who was double her size! That day she had witnessed a new side of her di! Di later joined Mehra Law firms where she is doing very well and is now the right hand of Adv.Siddarth Mehra and also one of the best lawyer at the law firm.

Everyone changed! Khushi thought. But for good!

Her thought drifted to Arnav ji, her husband!

After that day, he tried to change himself. He now no longer shouts as he used to! He is much calmer and his employees at AR, especially his PA Aman, are having a very good time! After the arrival of Aditya, their raja, he is completely changed. Arnav Singh Raizada, who was a workaholic, now is reluctant to go to office leaving his son at home. Khushi chuckled remembering the everyday struggles she take for pushing him to washroom and convincing him to go to office!


Master Chef at her catering service, Payal jiji is loved by every client of the company! And the little angel, Alankrita! She is already badi Behan of Adi and is nagging her Anjali bua to teach her how to make rakhi for trying it around little Adi’s small wrist.

Akash Jeeju also changed. He now no longer makes his own assumption, a trait he got from his brother, and now listens to his wife patiently hearing what she want to say, something he never did! Now no one at home calls her khoon bhari tang!

Mami ji too changed. She left her opinion that Guptas sisters are destructors of Raizada family and accepted them happily. But yes, on some conditions! Her bahuriyas must cook her sugar free food daily! *wink*




Lost in his wife’s and his rockstar son’s thoughts, Arnav didn’t even know that his car reached Purple Orchid restaurant until his brother opened the door for him.

“Bhai aren’t you coming?”

Arnav jerked from his thoughts. “Uh...yeah Akash!” He said and stepped out of the car walking inside the restaurant.

“Are the clients here?” Arnav asked and Akash said, “No bhai, they will be here in 15 minutes! And they....”

His words trailed off and Arnav looked at him. “What?” Arnav asked and Akash asked in daze, “Bhai isn’t that di?”

Arnav followed his gaze and saw the scene before him.

His sister was sitting on one of the chair with some man before him.

But the thing which caught his eyes wasn’t that.

That man was feeding her with a hand, and his other hand holding her palm, and she was blushing heavily.

WHAT THE HELL! Arnav screamed within his mind.

So Khushi was right.

His di is dating someone!


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May 31, 2016

Raizada Parivar SHOT 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 52 times)

Shot 2


“Ha ha ha ha....”


“Ha ha ha ha ha ha...”


“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...”

Khushi laughed holding her stomach. Hearing his mother laughing, little Adi also began laughing.

“BAS! ENOUGH!” Arnav shouted and held Khushi by her arms. Hearing his shout, Adi stopped laughing and began to cry.

Khushi smacked his chest and said “Rula diya mere bête ko!” and she took Adi in her arms and calmed him down.

Rocking her son in her arms, Khushi said, “I told you Arnav ji...di is dating someone. It was you who didn’t believe me. Now tell me, what happened next?”

“What next?” Arnav said in anger, “I was about to walk to their table when they finished their lunch and got up.”

“So di didn’t see you?” Khushi asked and Arnav nodded no.

“Did you see who the man is?” She asked.

He again nodded no, “His back was facing me.”

Khushi nodded and said, “So, you’re gonna ask her when she return!”

“YES!” Arnav said firmly and looked at his watch which showed time as 5.30 pm. looking at Khushi, he said, “Nani, mami and NK were talking with each other. They were also saying that di is dating someone. They also said that she is behaving weird!”

“See I told you....”

Arnav nodded and said, “So I told them what we saw!”


“They’re shocked!”

Khushi lied Adi on bed as he was asleep and then walked to Arnav.

Holding his palm, she asked, “Will you answer truthfully if I ask you something?” he nodded and she asked,

“If di is really dating that man and wants to marry him will you agree?”


“Why?” She asked.

Taking his palm from her hand he said, “Di will stay with me forever. I don’t trust anyone in di’s matter!”

“Par Arnav ji...”

“No Khushi, I trusted Shyam. I trusted him and hoped that he would take care of my sister but what did he do? NO, I won’t let her remarry!” Arnav said firmly.

“Par Arnav ji....she is all alone! She never says that but she does feel lonely. When she sees you, me and Adi and jiji, Jeeju and Choti (Alankrita) she feels lonely! I can see that in her eyes!”


“It’s not you who should decide that! Whether she’ll remarry or not, IT’S HER DECISION!” Khushi shouted.

“Khushi, stop fighting with me!” Arnav said controlling his anger.

Khushi sighed in anger and walked away when he pulled her and she felt on his chest. He locked her arm behind her and pulled her close.

“Why do you always fight with me?” He asked in a soft whisper.

“You are controlling others Arnav ji...” She said in a whisper.

“When did I control anyone?” He asked.

“You decided that di would not work. Do you remember how much we fought due to that? Now see where di is! She is very successful! You decided that di would not go to office alone but you would drop her! We again fought and see. Now she goes to her office alone and that too by driving her own four-wheeled scooter. Now you again decided that she won’t remarry! Arnav ji, you cannot control her life!”

Arnav pulled Khushi closer and she felt pain shooting through her hand as he was holding it tight.

“I care for my sister Khushi!”

“You also care for me right? Then why do you let me go alone? You care for jiji too! Why do you let her go alone? Why not di?” She asked with her voice cracking.

Arnav looked everywhere and Khushi whispered, “You don’t trust your sister Arnav ji! You’re scared! You’re scared of her choices. You created an assumption that Anjali di is bad at choosing people just because the past love marriage of hers was a failure. You are scared of her choices and believe that whatever she chooses is wrong! And that’s why you impose things on her!”

Arnav looked at her and his hold on Khushi’s hand loosened. Nodding his head, he whispered, “I want her to be safe.”

Freeing her hand from his hold, Khushi moved backwards and whispered, “Don’t stand in front of her as her shield but support her from behind as a guardian! There is a hell lot of difference between both!”





The inhabitants of Raizada mansion assembled in the living room while Anjali stood in front of everyone.

“Anjali bitiya...who was that?” Nani asked in a stern tone.

“Who Nani?”

“Hello hi bye bye, Anjali bitiya....wo Arnav bitwa aur Akash bitwa saw you with a man at restaurant today afternoon!” Mami said and Anjali had her eyes wide as a saucer.

She looked at Arnav who was looking at her with a stern expression on his face.

“Chotte....” Anjali began when Arnav asked directly, “Di, are you dating him?”

Anjali looked down and sighed. She then looked at everyone and said, “I’ll tell you all about him!”

“Di, matlab you love him?” Khushi jumped in and asked.

“I’ll tell you Khushi ji...” Anjali said calmly and everyone sat on the sofa and Anjali sat beside Nani.

She began,

“Nani...Chotte....he is Siddarth...Siddarth Mehra, my boss!”

“Boss? He is the head lawyer of Mehra law firm and why was he feeding you?” Akash interfered.

“Usse bolne to do...” Mami said and Akash shut his mouth.

Anjali continued, “We met 1½ years ago when I joined Mehra law firm. Err...we’re good friends! He is a friendly boss! And I...I really bond well with his daughter....”

“DAUGHTER?” Everyone screamed.

“He is a divorcee. His wife left him for another man. Ruhi, his daughter was just two that day. It’s been 3 years and Ruhi is 5 now. She is...uh what can I say? She is a very good girl! Cute, bubbly, chirpy....she is an angel! And do you know how I met her?” Anjali said excitedly.

Everyone smiled seeing Anjali’s excited happy face as she told them,

“I was so tensed that day because I didn’t complete the work Shaan...I mean Siddarth told me. I walked to his cabin scared because even though how friendly he is, he will be ferocious lion if the works are not done properly. And as expected, he was very angry and shouted at me when an angelic voice said, “Papa....please don’t scold this beautiful aunty!” When I looked to the left, there she was, sitting on the couch with a cute and innocent face clutching her Barbie doll in one hand and Barbie’s comb in another hand. She left the doll there and came to me and said sweetly, “Don’t be sad aunty. Papa is a jerk who doesn’t know how to behave with ladies. Do you know, he scolded me today morning because I refused to brush my teeth?” She asked with a cute pout.”

Everyone smiled hearing about Ruhi and Anjali said,

“That was the beginning. After that whenever Ruhi comes to office, she will run to me. We used to spend hours and hours talking. And via Ruhi, I became more close to Siddarth. I started feeling for him but I was scared to admit that. I was scared if he would be another Shyam!

We two, that’s me and Ruhi, started meeting more frequently. On holidays she comes to office to meet me and on Sundays I go to their house to meet her. Gradually we became inseparables. By meeting Ruhi more and more I became a part of her life...not only hers Siddarth’s too...and they both became a part of my small world! I started liking him more and more and my mind got convinced that he is a very good man...in fact a perfect man!”

Anjali took a pause and looked at her family who was looking at her. She continued,

“Two months before, on Ruhi’s birthday, Siddarth proposed me in front of Ruhi. He asked me whether I’ll be his wife and also Ruhi’s mother. I agreed happily because by then both father and daughter had become an important part of my life without whom I found it difficult. Every day without seeing Ruhi, I became restless. When she became ill, when Shaan became ill, I felt a part of myself being weak! And I agreed to his proposal!

That was the best birthday gift for Ruhi! She squealed in happiness and hugged me tight calling me Mamma!”

Anjali said in tears. Wiping her tears, she said in quivering voice to Nani, “I love him Nani...I love Siddarth...I love Ruhi...and I cannot live without them!”

Nani wiped her granddaughter’s tears and said, “I want to meet Siddarth!”

Anjali nodded when Arnav said, “NO! No need of meeting him!”

Everyone looked at him.

Arnav looked at his di and said emotionlessly, “You won’t meet him or his daughter afterwards!” And he stood up.

“Chotte...” Anjali called out in disbelief and stood up. Limping towards his brother, she said , holding his arm, “Chotte...I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you before. But please...please don’t tell me that I cannot meet them! They are my life Chotte! I love them.......”

Arnav shoved her hands and walked away while everyone stood rooted and Anjali slumped on sofa crying with Khushi holding her shoulder tightly.

“Khushi ji...please tell him na...Please...” Anjali cried and Khushi nodded and hugged Anjali consoling her.







Here you go! She calls him Arnav when she is extremely angry and his wife’s red face and spitting mouth told Arnav that she is indeed very angry!

“Do you remember what we talked at evening?” She asked angrily, “Don’t take decisions for her! She is capable of doing that. You needn’t be so over protective over di Arnavji! She is very much capable of looking after her!” Khushi shouted.

Arnav ignored her words and walked away when Khushi called out, “DI loves him and her daughter! No matter what you say, you can’t change that truth!”

Siddarth Mehra! He said in his mind.

I should meet this guy who made his di fall for him!


“Arnav...I love Anjali! She too loves me! Ruhi wants Anjali to be her mother and Anjali too wants Ruhi as her daughter! Before using your good for nothing arrogant mindset, please remember, your one decision may break three lives! I’ll withstand it but my daughter will not. Please don’t break my daughter’s happiness for your sister’s happiness!”

Arnav turned and looked at him who said,

“If your sister’s happiness is important for you, then for me, it’s my daughter’s happiness!”

Arnav looked down and heard him saying, “I love her Arnav. If you believe me, then believe this too....I WILL NEVER EVER HURT HER!”


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May 31, 2016

Character Sketch (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 27 times)


Siddarth Mehra (Sid)


Ruhanika Mehra (Ruhi)

Jun 2, 2016

shot three (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 89 times)

Shot 3


It was night 8.30 pm and Arnav banged the door of some house.

After lot of bangs the door opened revealing a small 5 year old girl with a carrot on one hand.

Biting the carrot, she stared at him and asked, “Who are you?” Then she closed her mouth and then said, “Oops! Sorry, may I know who you are? Wo kya hai na, papa says we have behave well with people. SO may I know who you are?”

“Can I meet Siddarth Mehra?” He asked rudely.

Not liking his tone, the girl said, “Papa is cooking. What do you want?”

“I need to meet him. Call him!” he said.

“Arrey, I told you na, he is cooking! I can’t call him now!” The girl said in her cute baby voice.

“Who is it Ruhi?” A voice came and Arnav looked up to find a man in black track pants and maroon tee coming to them.

“I’m sorry, I was in kitchen!” He apologized with a smile, “Err...may I know who you are?” He asked politely.

“Arnav Singh Raizada, I need to talk to you, Mr. Mehra!” Arnav said in his authoritative voice and it dawned upon Siddarth. Its Anjali’s brother!

“Yeah, come in!” Siddarth told and then turned to his daughter, “Ruhi, go and eat your dinner. It’s ready!”

“Okay” Ruhi squealed and ran away while the men sat on the sofas of living room.


“So Mr. Raizada, what brings you here?” Siddarth asked as he gave Arnav a cup of coffee.

Sipping the coffee, Arnav said, “Mr. Mehra, I want you to be away from my sister!”

Siddarth chuckled and said, “Why?”

Arnav placed the cup on the table and looked at him with anger. “Just listen to what I’m saying. STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!”

“Mr. Raizada, I’m just a humble lawyer of Supreme Court, not a rapist who is a threat to a sister!” Siddarth said with a smile.

Arnav pointed his index finger and said, “Just. Stay. Away. From. My. Di. I don’t want her to go through heartbreak...again!”

Relaxing back on the chair, Siddarth asked, “Who said that I’ll break her heart?”

Arnav sighed and counted 1 to 10 to control his anger. This guy is testing his patience! Why doesn’t he understand simple language? Not allowing Arnav to speak, Siddarth asked,

“Why are you against our relation? Wo....let me know the reasons!”

Arnav sighed and said, “I want my sister’s happiness!”

“And what if her happiness lies in me?” Siddarth asked with a chuckle.

“My sister doesn’t need a person like you to be happy! She has me, a big family and she is happy!” Arnav said firmly.

“She is not happy Arnav” Siddarth said slowly but audible for Arnav. Arnav looked at him and Siddarth said, “I know her for only 1 and ½ years and you know her since your breath. But more than you, I have seen Anjali crying! Although she is over Shyam, she is independent, she is successful in career, but she is lonely! Very lonely!” After a sigh, he said, “Arnav, as far as I know Anjali, she is a person who longs for love and care!”

“Her family loves and cares for her!” Arnav shouted.

Siddarth sighed and said, “Some people cannot be changed! You’re one among them! No matter what I say or shout, you won’t believe my words! So arrogant huh? This much anger is not good for your health!”

“Now don’t act as my wife!” Arnav hissed in anger.

Siddarth laughed and said, “Really? Your wife says this! Oh god, I pity that lovely lady who adjusts with a jerk like you!”

“Jerk? What the!” Arnav stood up and Siddarth laughed.

“Listen...you....” Arnav began when Ruhi came running, “Papa, papa, did you have dinner?”

Caressing his daughter’s long hair, he said, “No dear, I’ll have it later!”

“Okay...” she said cutely and then looked at Arnav. She didn’t like the man to a bit! How rude he is! She looked at her papa who was sitting and then at the man who was standing.

“Papa, did he scold you?” Ruhi asked her father.

“Arrey, why would he scold me? Do you know who he is?” He asked and Ruhi nodded no.

“He is Anjali’s brother, Arnav!” Siddarth introduced Arnav to her.

“Mamma’s bhai? Matlab mere mama!” Ruhi squealed and hugged Arnav, “Then I’m not angry with you. Mamma had told me that her brother is very arrogant but good at heart! Hello Arnav mama, I’m Ruhanika Mehra, you can call me Ruhi!”

Arnav smiled seeing the kid. For some reasons, he could not hate the little girl. Lifting his hand, he caressed her extra long hair and said, “Hello Ruhi!”

Siddarth was looking closely at Arnav who was had his hand on Ruhi who was hugging his waist.

He smiled and said, “Ruhi, now go and change to your night dress!”

“Okay...bye mamu...” Ruhi said and then signed Arnav to bend down. Arnav bent down and Ruhi gave him a kiss on his cheek and ran away.

Arnav looked at the running girl and then at Siddarth who was smiling.

Siddarth said, “So Arnav, I just want to say that, I won’t hurt your sister because no one better than me can understand her pain.”

Arnav looked at him who said, “I am an orphan. My only family is Ruhi! Ruhi was just 2 when my wife, Ayesha left me for a rich businessman. So, no one better than me can know how it pain when the person you love loves someone else. So don’t worry, I won’t let Anjali go through that pain, once again!”

Arnav looked down and Siddarth said,

“We won’t marry without your permission Arnav. I know how much you love her and how much she loves you. If you do not agree for this, then Anjali will not marry me because I know her, she won’t agree for a new life by upsetting you!”

Arnav looked up at him.

Siddarth smiled and continue, “Before taking any decision, let me tell you something Arnav! I know you only care for your di’s happiness. I know that! But before taking any decision regarding this matter, please, just for once, think about my daughter.

She does not have much memories of her mother. All she has seen is our fights due to her custody in which I won. She longs for a mother’s love which she got from Anjali. If you do not let Anjali marry me, I’ll somehow learn to live with that pain but Ruhi will not! She is just five. She will not understand that her Anjali mamma is no longer her mother!

So please...please think about that five year old little girl and then let me know your decision!”

Arnav looked away and then walked out but halted hearing Siddarth’s words,

“Arnav...I love Anjali! She too loves me! Ruhi wants Anjali to be her mother and Anjali too wants Ruhi as her daughter! Before using your good for nothing arrogant mindset, please remember, your one decision may break three lives! I’ll withstand it but my daughter will not. Please don’t break my daughter’s happiness for your sister’s happiness!”

Arnav turned and looked at him who said,

“If your sister’s happiness is important for you, then for me, it’s my daughter’s happiness!”

Arnav looked down and heard him saying, “I love her Arnav. If you believe me, then believe this too....I WILL NEVER EVER HURT HER!”





“What do you think Khushi ji?” Akash asked to Khushi as she came to his room for giving him his coffee that Payal had asked her to.

“About di?” She asked and he nodded.

She sighed and said, “Well I agree with Nani ji. I’m not saying to fix her marriage tomorrow but we all should talk with that man...err...his name?”

“Siddarth Mehra!” Akash said and Khushi said,

“Yeah, Siddarth! We can only take a decision once we meet him!”

Akash nodded and said, “I also favour that. But bhai...”

Khushi sighed and said, “He is behaving like a jerk! I’ll try talking to him. He is controlling di!”

“You’re right!” Akash said, “If di loves that man, we should give her a chance to prove her love. We should talk to Siddarth and should know about him. If he is a good man, then it’s good for di!”

“Hmmm.....let me talk to Arnav ji!” Khushi said and Akash nodded, “I’ll also try talking to him tomorrow!”

“What about Nani, mamiji, mamaji and Nanhe ji? Jiji doesn’t oppose this. She says if di loves someone then what’s harm in that?” Khushi said.

“Nani, Papa and ma are also saying that. NK bhai is already excited about her marriage!” Akash said smiling.

“Then what’s wrong with this Arnav ji?” Khushi muttered.

Akash smiled faintly and said, “He is scared!”

Khushi chuckled and said, “I know! He fears if his di will cry again like she did when she came to know about Shyam!”

Akash sighed and said, “Bhai still believes that di is still the same cry baby! She is not! She has changed a lot! Now see, she is sitting in her room buried in the some files as if nothing happened here in the evening!”

Khushi laughed and said, “I also saw that. Di is smiling and laughing! No one would say that her brother stopped her from meeting her boyfriend!”

Akash also laughed along with her.




“You know what saasuma? I think we should just meet this boy and his daughter! Anjali bitiya seems to love them a lot!” Mami said.

Mama also said nodding, “I have never seen her so happy. Did you notice her face when she said about Ruhi? She wasn’t this happy when she said us about Shyam that day when she met him at temple!”

Nani said, “I noticed it! But this Chotte...where is he? He went out at evening and didn’t return yet. I’m sure he must have gone to that boy’s house and must have beaten him to death!”

“But Nannav....what about him?” NK asked.

Mami said, “We should talk to Arnav bitwa!”

Mama said, “He is just protective over his sister. Any brother would have done that! Don’t worry, once he meets that boy, everything would be alright!”

“Hmm...” NK said, “I hope Nannav likes Siddarth and Ruhi! Di would he so happy and she would get her rajkumari back whom she lost due to that scumbag!”

Jun 5, 2016

shot four (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 97 times)

Shot 4


She stood in front of the mirror wearing her blood red heavy lehenga, specially designed by her brother! Wearing the jewelleries, she looked at her own reflection in the mirror.

Years before, she had dolled up like the same for her marriage. Her marriage with that scumbag! She sighed and closed her eyes. What had she seen in him that she fell in love with madly? She opened her eyes and said to herself, ‘No Anjali, don’t think about that ****! Today is your day! It’s your and Siddarth’s marriage. From today you’re officially his wife and Ruhi’s mother. Don’t think about that scoundrel and spoil your day!’


Anjali was fighting against her mind when she heard her bhabhi’s voice.

She turned and saw Khushi ji standing in a beautiful red saree and her hair left open.

“You look beautiful Khushi ji...” Anjali complimented and Khushi said laughing, “Not more than you di!”

She made her sit on the chair and said, “I’ll make your hair di!” Anjali smiled and watched Khushi combing and tying her long hair to a bun and adjusting the clips. Khushi took the red ghungat and placed it over the bun and fixed it with pins.

Holding her di’s shoulder and leaning over her, Khushi said, “You look like a fairy di!”

Anjali smiled and mumbled thank you.

Khushi kissed her cheek and said, “May you get all happiness in this world!”

Anjali looked at her and said, “I already got that!” Pulling Khushi’s cheek, she said, “My Khushi!”

Khushi laughed and said, “And now you’re going to get more and more Khushi. Bhai....Ruhi....di, aap Ruhi ki maa ban ne vaali ho!” (Di, you’re gonna be Ruhi’s mother!)

“She is already my mamma!”

Anjali and Khushi heard that voice and turned to see Ruhi standing before them dressed in a beautiful lehenga and her long hair left open.

“Ruhi!!!!!” Anjali squealed and widened her arms. Ruhi squealed, “Anju ma...” and she ran and hugged her mother.

“Mamma you look so pretty!” Ruhi said kissing her mother’s cheek and Anjali kissing Ruhi’s cheek said, “My Ruhi-Chui is also looking so pretty!”

Khushi smiled seeing the mother-daughter duo and recalled the past few days.





Arnav when came back had told the family about his decision. The family rejoiced that Arnav liked Siddarth and Ruhi and Anjali was happy. She hugged her Chotte and thanked him to eternity.

The very next day Nani demanded to meet Siddarth and he along with Ruhi came to Raizada house. Everyone liked him at the instant and Ruhi....she won everyone’s heart with her sweet antics.

Ruhi is now her Akash mamu’s favourite. It so happened that Ruhi wanted to wear a spectacle badly because her best friend wore one and when she stepped into the living room of Raizadas, she saw a tall man standing with a smile and with spectacles on his eyes. Holding her papa’s hand, she squealed, “Papa....look...that uncle has specy (Specs)...I want it...” and she ran to Akash and asked cutely, “Uncle, uncle, can you please give me your specy? I’ll give you my new Barbie set in return!”

Akash had laughed and lifted the girl in his arms. He removed his glasses and gave her. Ruhi squealed and wore it but soon pouted, “Why is everything so big? Yeh magnifying glass hai kya?” Everyone laughed and Ruhi returned the specy with a pout saying, “I never knew my friend is wearing a magnifying glass!” And everyone laughed again.

Siddarth is now everyone’s favourite. Nani ji got a person who has a great interest in her pet goat Laxmi. Siddarth had a pet dog which died last month and was looking for a new pet. Ruhi also grew fond of Laxmi and loves to caress her white hair telling, “Laxmi, Laxmi...I’ll massage your hair with oil so that you’ll also have long hair like me!”

Mamaji got a person who talks with him about the current affairs and thus he got a chance to open up his closed bag of knowledge making his wife and son gape at him wondering when their husband/father became such a good encyclopaedia.

Mamiji also loves Siddarth. Why wouldn’t she? He had complimented her when she wore her brand new pink saree and jewellery. He even gifted her new Lakhme makeup kit. But only he knows how he protected his eyes from damage seeing her glittering attire. *wink*

Siddarth is the ‘coolest bro’ as per NK. He is the only one who supports him during his noh-joks with Arnav and Akash and NK has promoted him to the ‘coolest dude on earth’ post. Siddarth and NK bond well. Once when Siddarth came to stay at RM, that was when all the ladies of house were away for some satsang and it was only boys at home, Arnav and Akash were busy in their business talks and Siddarth poked a bored NK and said something in his ears. NK smiled wide hearing his words and they both winked at each other. The next moment Akash and Arnav were both covered with ketchup and chilli powder and Siddarth had screamed, “Office works at office. Come on guys, it’s only we boys here and you boring dudes of earth are busy in office files? LET’S PARTY GUYSSSS!!!”

Akash joined happily dragging a grim and huffing and puffing Arnav. Well, NK had grown over a respect over this childish-yet-mature bro. Akash also respects him for his excellence in work and the love he has for everyone and specially for his daughter had increased his respect towards him tenfold.

 Khushi and Payal are over the moon on getting a brother to tie rakhi every year. Right from the day they met him, he never failed to make them laugh out their heart in his words. Khushi and Payal both realized how much he loves di and the respect for him increased moment by moment in their mind. And once day he had asked both of them, “I always wanted a sister to tie rakhi for me. So...err...if you both don’t mind, will you waste your time for tying me a rakhi next year?” And Khushi and Payal had hugged him tight and said, “We love you bhaiyya!”

Well, Arnav...

As you can expect, the great ASR had pulled Siddarth by his collar (much to his family’s shock, I must say) and had threatened him that if he see a tear in his di’s eyes he will kill him.

Who are you playing with ASR?

The moment she saw her Arnav mamu pulling her papa by his collar, the jangli billi in her woke up. “ARNAV MAMU!” Ruhi had shouted and everyone jerked hearing her shout, “LEAVE MY PAPA OR ELSE I’LL DIP THE WHOLE CURRY ON YOUR HEAD!” Arnav looked at the little girl in surprise and Siddarth said with wide eyed, “Ruhi...no!”

And the next moment, ASR had malai kofta on his head!

Siddarth had scolded Ruhi that day while Anjali supported her daughter. She glared at his brother and walked away with her daughter in her arms. Arnav glared at Siddarth who lifted his arms in air and said, “Don’t burn me into ashes ASR. I didn’t do anything!”

Arnav had to run around his di for 3 days to earn her forgiveness. The point to be noted is, Anjali forgave him only on the words of Ruhi who said, “Chalo mamma, koi baat nahi...Chotte hai na...maaf kar do...bache aksar aise harkathe karthe hai!” (Leave it mamma, forgive him. He is a Chotte na! Forgive him! Children often do such kind of things!) And everyone laughed out loud.

Although he never admitted, he liked Siddarth and Ruhi. The first meeting with him had brought a respect for him in Arnav’s mind. For some reasons, ASR in him trusted that man. His eyes weren’t lying; Arnav had heard his mind and heart telling him. Still, for the satisfaction of the brother in him, he had asked Aman to find out about Adv. Siddarth Mehra who gave him a wonderful report which contains nothing but good things about him. And Arnav had decided – his di will marry this man. This man will keep her happy...his daughter will give his di a new life! And he had happily (but of course didn’t show his happiness to anyone) agreed to the marriage.

What to say,

Even the Prakash brothers like Siddarth. The main reason is that when once their Arnav bhaiyya was shouting at them, Siddarth had defended them and shouted at Arnav using his law points. They didn’t know what those section numbers and fundamental rights and right of employees meant but they knew one thing, this new member of Raizada mansion can tackle Arnav baba efficiently. Even better than Khushi, I must say! Wo kya hai na, Khushi pacifies Arnav and Siddarth rebukes Arnav and thus both of them stops him from shouting!

So more or less,

The entire Raizada clan is now members of SFA (Siddarth Fans Association) started by NK.






“NK, for god sake, stop it yaar! You’re behaving like a girl!” Navya, NK’s girlfriend squealed seeing her boyfriend glued in front of the mirror.

“Shut up Nav, today is my di’s marriage so I have to look best right?” NK said spiking his already spiked hair.

“NK, for your kind information, it’s di’s and Siddarth bhai’s wedding, not yours!” Navya said.

“Well, thanks for the information. I was really unaware about it!” NK said sarcastically and started adjusting his collars.

Navya rolled her eyes and walked away.






“Hawwww...my Jalebi is looking so handsome in this dress!” Khushi said making her son wear a small black pant and white shirt.

“Today every small baby girl in the wedding is gonna drool at my Jalebi!” Khushi said kissing her son’s cheek who clapped his hands.

“Khushi please....don’t spoil my son!” Arnav said snatching Adi from her arms and gave him a watery kiss who giggled and clapped his hands saying “Dada....dada....”

“Arrey, how am I spoiling?” Khushi asked with her hand on hip.

“You’re teaching him immoral things!” Arnav said and Khushi had her mouth in perfect O. “You’re so mean!” She said smacking her arm and Arnav faked a yelp.

Hearing Arnav’s yelp, Adi looked at Khushi and pulled her hair with his tiny fist.

“Awww....Adi...” Khushi said holding her hair, “You’re hurting me my shona...”

“See, even my son is supporting me. Hai na Adi?” Arnav asked to his son who gave him a kiss on his cheek, “See, he gave me a kiss too!” Arnav said sticking his tongue out at Khushi.

Seeing his dad sticking his tongue out at mother, Adi also repeated it and Khushi laughed and lifted him from Arnav’s arms.

“Aww my Jalebi....I LOVE YOU!!!!! MUAAAHHHH!” She gave him a loud kiss who returned it at equal noise and Arnav laughed at the mother-son duo.





The marriage was over in a simple ceremony as Siddarth preferred so and the sacred ritual of tying the knot was done by none other than Ruhi!

The bidaai was done and everyone except the bride herself, cried. Arnav was really irritated seeing his sister standing emotionless while he was crying and NK had said aloud, “Di...you so hoora!” And Anjali had smacked his arm and said, “Hoora nahi NK bhai...boora.....and you all, I’m going to live in a house which is just 10 minutes away from here! So stop acting like I’m going to Kashmir for Indo-Pak war.”





 “Are you okay?”

Arnav was lying awake on the bed and heard his wife whispering. He shifted his glance to his left side where she lied with their son in between sleeping peacefully.

He nodded and she whispered, “Don’t worry...she is gonna be fine!”

He sighed hard and she asked, “You trust him right? Bhai will never hurt di!”

He nodded and said, “I know. Siddarth is the best man a girl can get!”

She smiled and said, “And Ruhi...she is the best daughter in the world!”

Closing his eyes, he whispered, “I wish di gets all happiness in the world!”

Holding his hand over Adi’s body, Khushi whispered, “She already have! She is now with the man she loves and who loves her! She has got all happiness in this world!”

He smiled and held her hand. And both fell asleep hugging their little son who lay in between holding Arnav’s t-shirt collar with his tiny fist, a genetic trait he had acquired from his mother!





Caressing her daughter’s long hairs, giving her a kiss on cheek, covering her with a blanket and lowering the temperature of AC, Anjali walked out of Ruhi’s room switching off the lights and closing the door noiselessly.

She opened the door of their room and saw him sitting on the bed engrossed in some files. She smiled seeing him frowning reading something and then hurriedly taking his law books and referring something in that. Without making any noise, she walked to the dressing table and started removing her jewellery.

She was trying hard to unhook a necklace when she felt his warm fingers holding her hand. She looked in the mirror and saw him standing right behind her. She took away her hand and he started unhooking the necklaces.

“Ruhi?” He asked softly and she said, “She slept!”

He held her hand and started removing her heavy bangles and planted a warm kiss on her cheek. She closed her eyes and he hugged her from behind.

“You okay?” He asked in a whisper and she hummed.

He made her turn and hugged her tight. Anjali closed her eyes and hugged him back. Soon they were lost in a world of theirs.


Jun 9, 2016

Last Shot (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 142 times)

Last Shot


“Arnav ji....calm down!” Khushi said.


“Mr. Volcano,” Siddarth said in a bored tone, “I really don’t see any reason for your shouting. Care to enlighten me with the actual cause of your infamous anger and then I’ll increase your knowledge on the consequences of it!”

“YOU....” Arnav was all about to bounce on his Jeeju when Khushi said, “Bhai is right Arnav ji! Why are you getting hyper on such a small issue?”

“Small issue? WOW, SMALL ISSUE!” Arnav shouted.

“Chotte please....stop it!” Anjali said exasperated, “What’s the matter?”

“Di, I’ll tell!” Khushi said, “Today Adi’s principal called us to her office!”

“Why?” Payal asked and every Raizadas looked at Khushi for continuation.

“Wo...Adi had played some mischief and....” Khushi said when Arnav cut her and said,


“He did what?” Anjali asked shocked.

Arnav nodded and said, “My 10 year old “baby” son threw ink on his teacher’s saree. The principal called me and threatened me that if Adi doesn’t stop his nonsense, they are gonna suspend him!”


Adi looked down and mumbled, “Papa....woh teacher, she is a bit irritating....”

“WOW....SHE IS IRRITATING AND YOU THREW INK ON HER! Huh, what else can you expect from you! You’ve totally gone on your mother!” Arnav said angrily.

“WHAT?” Khushi shouted, “Hey mister, half of his DNA are yours. He got this disobedient attitude from you only!”

“Oh really...” Arnav began when Siddarth said,

“Stop it both of you. For your kind information, we’re not interested in the chromosomes and DNA contributions of yours. We’re discussing about Adi!”

Anjali sighed and asked, “Adi beta, why are you so disobedient?”

Adi looked away and said, “I felt throwing ink on her and I did!”




“Then we’ll go to my house, and then I’ll ask you to get out from there if that makes you got out of the present scenario and get some fresh air. Can’t you hear what I said, GO OUT!” Siddarth shouted.

Arnav narrowed his eyes and Siddarth smirked and said, “Khushi is right Arnav. Adi got this disobedience attitude from you only. Look at you, not even obeying your brother-in-law who is 5 years elder than you!”

“Ha...” Adi said grabbing the chance, “Papa, you call Siddarth uncle as Siddarth, not as Jeeju. You call Payal maasi as Payal not as Payal ji....and you always scolds NK chachu! Papa, first you need to learn the meaning of obedience, not me!” After a pause the boy added,

“And also papa, you cannot shout at me like this. This is a democratic county and I have the rights to express my feelings. That comes under the fundamental right – Right to speech and expression. I expressed my frustration by throwing ink on teacher. That is a sign of protest. And in a democratic county we are free to protest against injustice.”

Arnav and everyone gaped at the little 10 year old boy and then at the Supreme Court lawyer.

“Siddarth....you....YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS SPOILING MY SON!” He shouted.

“What did I do? I just taught him some fundamental rights that everyone should know...well...I didn’t expect him to use it every time in his practical life. Err....yeah, after all, what can I expect from him? After all, he is the son of a JERK!” Siddarth covered up.

“SIDDARTH!!!!!!!!!” Arnav shouted when Adi said, “Papa, don’t you dare shout at Sid uncle. If he files a case against you for harassing him mentally and....”

“OK THAT’S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Arnav shouted and turned to his son, “YOU.....THE NEXT TIME I HEAR THIS NEWS, YOU’RE GONNA BE CANED! MIND IT ADITYA...I’LL CANE YOU......”

“Arnav ji....calm down!” Khushi said.

“Ha Arnav....calm down!” Siddarth said chuckling.

“YOU....I’M GONNA KILL YOU....” Arnav shouted.

“Papa.....killing someone is a grave crime. You’ll be hanged. You....” Adi began when Arnav groaned in frustration and Siddarth stood smiling like an idiot.

Looking at Siddarth, Arnav said, “If, after 8 or 9 years, my son announces that he’ll learn LLB, you’re dead!”

Siddarth faked shock and said, “OMG, then I have only eight years of existence! Nahi Arnav...aise mat karo...look if I die who will be there for your sister? And my children, they need me na...no Arnav, please don’t kill me....please...” Siddarth faked drama and everyone smiled and Anjali closed her eyes expecting the next move of her brother.

“SIIIIDDDDAAAARRRRTTTTHHHHHHH!” Arnav’s shout echoed the whole mansion while Siddarth walked away whistling as if the whole family is looking at someone else and Arnav shouted at someone else......






“Arnav ji.....” Khushi called out softly seeing her husband standing near the poolside looking at the moon.

“Is Aashi asleep?” He asked hoarsely and she could sense his bad mood. “Yes” she said softly turning back and looking at their 3 year old daughter Aashiya sleeping clutching her teddy.

Holding his shoulder, she asked, “Are you okay?”

He nodded and said, “Go and sleep Khushi!”

“You’re tensed about Adi.” She stated and he said sighing, “You are a very good mind reader”

She smiled and holding his hand led him to the bench at the poolside.

“What’s the problem Arnav ji?” She asked softly.

Arnav looked at her and said, “Can’t you see Adi? He is the problem! Why is he like this? Naughtiness and mischief are okay, but to this extent......he threw ink on teacher Khushi, you know what that mean! He is growing very arrogant and ill-mannered. He felt like throwing mud on his friend and he did that. He felt like throwing ink on teacher, he did that....it’s not gonna work!”

Khushi smiled and said, “Arnav ji....the reason why he is doing this is that he has inherited that quality from you!”

Arnav glared at her and she said laughing, “Don’t scare me to death! You always throws vase if you feel so. You take the car and drive away if you feel so. You shout at me if you feel so. Your son is seeing you as his role model and he learn it from you!”   

Arnav sighed and said, “He is becoming uncontrollable.”

Caressing his arm, she said softly, “We just need to talk to him. He is just naughty, that’s all! I know, he has severe anger management problems. We should make him realize that this much anger is not good! He is a kid Arnav ji. We need to teach him. He does what he sees. If he sees you shouting at everyone and everything, he will do the same. So first, we need to change ourselves!”

“But I do not shout much....as I used to do before!” Arnav said.

Khushi laughed and said, “If you shout like you used to, then Adi’s school principal and teachers would fall at our feet for taking him away from their school!”

Arnav chuckled and Khushi said softly, “He is a child! We’ll teach him how to behave and how to control his frustration! We have time Arnav ji....it’s not too late.”

Arnav sighed and nodded.

It was then the door of their door opened and a pair of sleepy eyes came in, “Dadddyyyyy.....” The voice called out sleepily and Khushi said rolling her eyes, “Here comes your princess! Tell her, her daily soap fairy tale, let me check my raja!” And she walked away by giving a kiss on the angel’s hair.

“Dadddyyyyy...” She climbed on Arnav’s lap who kissed her cheek.

Arnav made his 6 year old daughter, Angelina, also called as Angel, sit on his lap and kissing her cheek asked, “Didn’t you sleep angel?”

“You didn’t tell me fairy tale. I waited for you and then I slept on the chair!” She said with a pout.

“Oh, but then how did you wake up?” Arnav asked.

“Wo.....I don’t know. I woke up suddenly and I ran to here. Now tell me story!”





“Badi Nani........” Ruhi called out the next morning holding the thaal, “Where should I keep this?”

“Keep it near the photo bitiya...” Nani said and Ruhi did the same.

“Ruhi didi............”

Ruhi looked at her left and saw her 6 year old brother Eshaan running to her. “Ruhi didi....please tell mamma that I don’t want to wear sherwani....”

Ruhi chuckled. Eshaan is allergic to sherwanis. She had heard that her Arnav mamu also dislikes traditional wears. Not only this one, but Eshaan had inherited almost all the habits of her mamu. In her biology Ruhi had learnt about inheritance from parents and also from relatives, but this much of inheritance from uncle is something unbelievable.

“Do what mamma says...” Ruhi said and continued with her work.

“Ruhi didi!!!!” Eshaan whined and said, “Okay fine...I’ll ask Arnav mamu...” And he ran away and Anjali who had come there in search of him ran behind him with the sherwani.




“Uffo bhaiyya...this is not a wedding that you groom so much! We’re conducting a barsi here!” Angel said irritated.

“Chup kar Shaitan (devil)...barsi or wedding, we have to look presentable!” Adi said adjusting his white sherwani collars.

“Bhaiyya....you behave....like a girl...” Little Aashi said and Angel laughed, “You’re right Aashi...bhaiyya is a girl!”

“YOU BOTH....GET OUT OF HERE!” Adi shouted and his sisters ran away laughing.






“Ruhi didi....how is it?” a 11 year old Alankrita asked her 14 year old sister.

Looking at the arrangements, Ruhi said, “It’s good Kiya (Alankrita is also called as Kiya)! Now we should place her photo! Bring flower garland!”

Kiya ran to get flower garland and Ruhi placed her photo in the middle of the havan.

Tears rolled down her cheek seeing her photo and she caressed it over the glass. “I miss you so much...” Ruhi whispered.

Nani who was witnessing this whispered, “Wish you come back....for me, for Ruhi.....for everyone here!”





The havan started and everyone sat and prayed for her soul except Arnav who stood aside watching the family drama.

Khushi looked at Ruhi who was crying and Alankrita and Adi sniffing. It’s been 3 years......3 years before, she left them forever. But she still lives in everyone’s heart! She was trying to save little Angelina who was crossing the road. Angel’s purse fell in the middle of the road and she ran to it while none of the elders noticed it. It was she who ran to her and tried to push Angel. Angel fell to the other side and the car had hit her badly. She died.





Arnav stood aside and watched them.

No matter how much he hated her presence, he loved her. She had a special place in his heart. He couldn’t help but admit....she was cute and beautiful.....but she is gone! Gone forever!

Arnav watched how everyone was praying for her soul.

His lips curved into a smile.

He said to himself,

“I admit everyone here loved her. But to this extent that they organize a barsi pooja for her. Oh yes, this is Raizada Parivaar! Raizada parivaar = craziness unlimited!”

He smirked and watched his family crying and sniffing, doing the barsi pooja of their beloved Laxmi.

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