Dard ...!!!!

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May 30, 2016

Dard ...!!!! (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 24 times)

Hey peepsss...!!!!!!!

KAise ho aap log????

        I am soo happy with the response of urs for my punar vivah's story..

                Glad u all liked that...

                       OK..!!! Here i am with the another story of mine...


          In this story arshi they met in online..!!! aa aa but before that they met in arnav's brother's marriage via Anjali arnav's cousin ... Anjali and kushi are best friends .. kushi has a huge crush on arnav so when she got d opprtunity she utilsed it and met arnav.. But she didnt think this is the huge mistake she has done in her life...

  Find out the information via this story...

Till then Ta Ta.. Bye Bye..C u...

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Dec 30

Dard_Part-1 (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 19 times)



Kushi nd Anjali are in d 3rd year now bdw thy r studying engineering in Mumbai...

One day after d class Anjali was talking about her cousins marriage which was happening in Mumbai... She is soo eager to go to their wedding as her cousins are going to gather there.. By listening to her kushi also expressed her thoughts to go with her as she also wants to meet all her cousins...

So when kushi expressed her thoughts Anjali is so happy as she knew kushi has some tiny winy crush on Arnav her big brother .. But she is not that much close to him but still close.. (Wierd right)

So, they both shopped till thy hit d bed. Finally d day has arrived for her cousins wedding. Kushi and Anjali went for the wedding.. Their kushi met all her cousins especially arnav Singh raizada...


When thy arrived at the wedding Hall, Anjali's cousins are sitting in a corner talking with each other along with Anjali's mother and arnav's mother.. These two always went with youngsters sometimes thy also feel that thy are youngsters along with them...

When kushi was talking with samar(one of the cousins of Anjali) , she felt a gust of wind and she turned and saw her crush is coming in a dashing way along with one other guy.. Arnav felt someone is staring in his way and saw a girl in red lehenga is looking uhh staring at him ...

Arnav also joined them , kushi is finding a way to speak with arnav.. Later on when its time for the group photo with bride nd bridegroom.. Arshi stood beside each other , a wave of current passed through them when their hands were touched .. Immediately kushi was taken her hand back and arnav smirked by seeing her..

Later on, with Anjali's insistence arnav went to drop kushi. They slowly started talking with each other in their way.. Kushi's place has come before kushi make a move..

Arnav asked : kushiii

Kushi.. Ji

Arnav ... May i knw ur numb??

Kushi was like wht the!!!!! My numb.. As she was waiting for this opportunity she gave her phone number quickly which earned a little chuckle from arnav..

And now they started talking with each others in phone, fb , what's app... Kushi's feeling are growing but she doesn't know about arnavs feeling..????

So why will be the arnav's feeling?????

Jan 10

Dard_Part-2 (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 17 times)

No proof read..!! Spare me for the mistakes I made...

Enjoy the story.... :) :) 

They used to speak a lot over the phone.. Daily their proximity level is increasing so as kushi's feeling.. But she doesn't dare to say her feeling towards arnav to him..

One day when thy were texting , he suddenly proposed her.. She doesn't know wht to say..

Ar: u know what I fell in Love vth you.. I love u kushi..

K:(no response)

Arnv: tell me kushi.. Do u love me?

K: arnav I .. I..

Arnav: tell me kushi.. Don't u love me??

K: its not that arnav.. U know in my family all these things are not allowed and also I dnt think thy will agree for our marriage or not

A:u leave that to me.. First u tell me do u love me or not?

K: yes ( by blushing)

A:thank you kushi .. (jumping internally)

Kushi blushed to his words.. But poor kushi she doesn't know where she is getting herself into...

Their love story continued like this with phone calls, picture sending, texting...

Even Anjali knows what's going on between them.. She felt happy that her bestie and brother are in love...

After a year kushi shifted to Delhi due to her job and Anjali is in Mumbai ...


Kushi: ufff finally I am in delhi

Kushi called arnav to pick her up.. He came and picked her up and asked where is she staying.. She said the hostel address , he dropped her and went back..

After few months...

One day..

Arnav called kushi and asked where she is, she said she is in hostel .. Arnav asked kushi to come to his flat where he is staying.. Kushi said no .. But Arnav insisted her to come so she finally agreed and came...

Armav's flat...

K: arnav why did u call me?? See if anybody sees us then it will be a problem for us..

A: no problem baby.. I will manage u dnt wrry...

By saying that he hugged him, by smiling she hugged back.. But that normal hug became a passionate one.. Later on things got heated up and .... (Blush.. ) and thy made it a passionate night...

After math...

K: arnav I love you(by hugging)

A: he smiled back..

K:by d way why there was no one in your room???

A:actually my friend went to his home town.. He will be back by tomorrow night.. If u want u can stay here (naughtily)..

They started watching a movie , when suddenly there is a passionate love scene going on in that movie.. Slowly slowly feeling are rising in their bodies.. Arnav started to lean forward till his lips find kushi's .. A slow kiss started and it became a passionate liplock... Their liplock became a passioante encounter of Arshii ??????...

Their night continued with their encounter..!!!!!!


Asuaual Arnav left kushi at her hostel.. Arshi day went on normally with their talks in between the break..

After 2 months..

Everything has changed in these 2 months.. Arnav avoiding kushi.. When kushi calls arnav he avoids her by saying work or some new project .... Kushi felt very sad because of this , whenever she felts like that she used to call to Anjali and speak .. Anjali used to give her some motivational words may be bahiyaa seriously busy with that project like that... But deeply even she felt he is lying to kushi.. But why??

Arnav finally succeed... (Idiot) in his plan.. He doesn't love kushi but he wants her.. Finally he got what he wanted.. So , he started avoiding kushi.. But he feels something is missing in his life.. 

One day when kushi called arnav to speak , arnav was fed up with explanations and all .. So, he finally said he wants break from kushi..

A: (over the phone) stop it kushi.. If I can't beelive me then its better to split


A: yes, I want break from you

K:arnav how could you say like this?

A:I can't give all these explanations to u everytime

K:please ,, I am sorry arnav (crying) please don't leave me

A:(didn't say anything)

K: I love you arnav please don't leave me.. Whatever happend between us doesn't mean anything to u??

A: (felt slightly bad) no


A: leave me kushi.. Bye(kept the phone)

K:(shocked) and started crying for her foolishness...


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