TS:Punar Vivah

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May 24, 2016

TS:Punar Vivah (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 64 times)

Arnav and kushi are relatives in this story.

                     Arnav is happily married to jeevani few months back. They have a baby(ayaan) who is 3 mnths old while giving birth to his baby jeevani lost his life , since that time arnav is taking care of his baby along with his parents. Arnav's parents are pacifying arnav to marry a girl who will take care of his baby and also him. After a lot of pestering finally he agreed because even he saw his baby wants a mother's love.

                        Kushi has a feelings for arnav she thought of confessing her love to him but she couldn't because she came to know about arnav's and jeevani's love so she backoff but still some where she has a feeling for arnav. When arnav's parents came with an alliance to kushi's parents. They asked for kushi's hand to arnav but kushi's dad doesn't agree for this alliance by saying he is a married man he couldn't give her daughter to a married man.

                         But kushi is amandant to marry arnav so that his baby whom she felt d love for his baby when she saw the first time in hospital. Before marrying arnav wanted to meet kushi . thy are OK with this arrangement. So arnav came to kushi's home with his family including arnav's baby(ayaan). kushi's parents asked her to take arnav's to her room so that they can talk in private. In kushi's room.....

                         Arnav and kushi Sat in chairs, arnav is holding his baby in his arms..kushi is looking at their bond how arnav is taking care of his baby.. Suddenly ayaan started to cry in his sleep , arnav is pacifying him but don't know why today he is not listening to his words he is just crying crying and crying....

             Kushi.. Arnavji give him to me

              Arnav.. Itz OK kushi I will handle him Kushi ...

              Arnav ji Koi baat nahi hai dijiye uskoo

                    Arnav gave ayyan to kushi and kushi started roaming in her room and within a minute ayaan is wide awake and started giggling as kushi is tickling him by sitting on bed. Arnav felt happy by seeing kushi and ayaan.. He also gotup from his chair and sat beside kushi facing ayaan..

                   Arnav by holding ayaan's little hand and said to kushi.. This is the first time ayaan is getting mother's love kushi.. I feel happy by seeing him happy with u .. (Kushi by now facing aranv .. Arnav by taking kushi's hand and asked) kushi will u marry me??

                  Kushi by blushing said to arnav.. Yess arnav ji I will marry you but I have a condition

                  Arnav.. Boloo kushi Kushi... Will you give a chance for our marriage arnav ji??(hoping)

                   Arnav... Kushi u knw I still love jeevika(by listening kushi's face has fallen and by seeing kushi's fallen face he said) but I will give a chance to our marriage kushi I promise...

                    Kushi felt very happy by listening to his words.. They went out and said to their parents that tht r ready for marriage but kushi want that in a small affair in which they have agreed...

                     Arnav and his family thought to leave so, arnav went towards kushi and forwarded his hands to take ayaan but ayaan is amandant to leave kushi ... He is not leaving her by holding kushi's neck chain ..

                     Arnav tried to open ayaan's fingers from her chain but he couldn't do it..

                     Kushi .. Arnav ji wait let me do it...

                      Arnav stood and saw how kushi is talking ayaans hold from her chain and finally succeeded by doing that.. Kushi kissed on ayyans forehead before thy leave from her home..

                     Within a week arhi married and arhi shifted to Bangalore with ayaan as arnav has a job in Bangalore...

 Guysss wait and watch in the NXT post.... Till then byee keep smiling but yesss please


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May 25, 2016

Final Part (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 63 times)

Arshi they reached bangalore with ayaan....

Arnav stopped kushi in the front door with little ayaan in kushi's hands , he went inside to bring kalash (rice filled in a glass) .. By coming outside he said...

Arnav.: .. Kushi push this kalash and ya give ayaan to me (by forwarding his hand)

kushi by going back told arnav : no i will enter into our home with our baby arnavji (by looking at ayaan who is peacefully sleeping in his mother's arms)

ARnav felt really happy finally his baby is getting mother's warmth from kushi... And by listening to kushi's statement he felt some unknown emotion inside his heart after a longtime... He agreed to kushi's statement and asked her to push kalash with his right foot. After pushing arnav suddenly lifted her in his arms in which kushi squealed and asked ... Arnavji what r u dng?? Put me down..

Arnav:: kushi this is our tradition now keep quiet and hold ayaan tightly

kushi:: okay (by blushing)

with that thye both came inside, arnav showed kushi's room which is his room too ;) ...

Aranv: kushiii u can take rest for sometime

Kushi nodded her head and played down by adjusting ayaan beside her.. Arnav thought to go and take rest in other room by watching him going outside kushi asked him

Kushi... Arnav ji !!!! Whre r u gng? Come and take rest even u too travelled right .. (By sitting on bed)

Arnav .. Actually..!!! (Hesitated to say)

Kushi got that he is going to other room and said in a stern tone "Arnavji come and sleep here" but still he didn't move from that place ...

She sighed and went towards arnav held his hand and dragged him to other side of the bed, literally pushed him on d bed

Arnav.. What the..!!!!!(escaped from his mouth)

Kushi.. What .. What the.!!! Chup chap so jao (fake glared at him)

Arnav nodded his head by seeing her glare , removed his shoes and went back to bed beside ayaan.

Kushi also locked all d doors and slept beside ayaan ...

In between ayaan became cranky but slowly she patted him so that he can sleep...

After an hour kushi got up and saw ayaan and arnav is sleeping peacefully . she got up kissed ayaan's and arnav's forehead and went to kitchen to prepare dinner for them but before that she placed a pillow beside ayaan so that he will be safe on bed..

Kushi started to prepare dinner for them.. After an hour arnav also got up and saw ayaan is sleeping peacefully he kissed on ayaan's forehead lovingly .. Automatically arnav's eyes went to the other side of the bed and saw kushi is not there but a pillow...

He thought that she might be in d kitchen and thought to freshup ... He went towards his washroom to freshup..

He went towards d basin and saw his face shocked by looking at his forehead... There was a lipstick mark on his forehead.. Arnav wondered how did he got that and relaised kushi has done that..

Arnav.. What the ..!!! Ye kushi bhi naaa (by blushingly thought arnav)

After he got freshup he went towards kitchen and saw kushi is busy in cooking meal.. By listening a sound kushi turned around and saw arnav is standing near d kitchen entrance..

Arnav.. Kushii what r u cooking??

Kushi... Dinner arnav ji..

Arnav m.ummm..

Kushi... Arnav ji does ayaan eat celerac??

Arnav .. Yaaa But only a little.. Actually he doesn't eat more if he eat then he pukes immediately kushi...

Kushi.. Okay then I will boil milk for ayaan.. Is it okay??

Arnav ... Kushi u r the mother of ayaan..!!! U can take decisions whatever u feel best for him no need to ask me ..

Kushi elated and hugged arnav bys saying thank you.. Even arnav hugged her forgetting his surroundings.. Thy r like that untill thy heard a cry of ayaan's...

Arnav and kushi embarrassed thy came out of the hug .. Arnav said by stammering to kushi" I will.. A..nd see.. U.. Come.. With his milk"

Kushi nodded her head by blushing ...

Arnav went towards his ... Correction their bedroom and saw ayaan is throwing his legs and crying... Arnav went and took ayaan in his arms and started pacifying him ...

Kushi also came to the room saw arnav is trying to pacify him but no he is not listening .. Kushi went and taken ayaan from arnav..

Kushi... Ale alee mera beta kya hua(child voice) ayaan still whimpering ... kushi started feeding ayaan and talking in a child voice..

Arnav came and sat beside kushi seeing kushi's antics with a smile on his face...

Kushi... Alee mera baby drinking milk aa.. Why my baby is crying before.. Achaa baby miss mummaa hainaa ayaan.. Boloo..

Arnav wondered and said.. Kushi he is just 3 mnths old he can't speak and waise he is drinking nd how could u think tht he can gave into ur talks..(teasingly)

Kushi pouted and turned towards ayaan..

Kushi.. Dood Ho gayii baby.. Nd taken him on her shoulder patting on his back while roaming..

Arnav got a call from his friend and went to attend d call ... He came after sometime and saw ayaan us now sleeping peacefully on d bed with pillows surrounded by him....

Kushi called out arnav for dinner .. Arnav came out

Kushi ... Aranv ji come and have ur dinner

Arshi they had their dinner ...after dinner arnav went outside their balcony...

After sometime kushi came with a 2 cups of coffee and gave a cup to arnav... They r having their coffee nd immersed in their thoughts .. Arnav by breaking their thoughts and said

Arnav... Kushi....(called out)

Kushi.. Ummm ( smilingly turned towards arnav)

Arnav... thank you

Kushi(confused raised her brow) and asked for what??

Arnav .. For coming into my life and ayaans life

Kushi sighed and took arnavs hand in her said.." Arnav ji at first I should thank you for accepting me into ur life.. Not only that u also thought to give a chance for our marriage right (for which he nodded smilingly) then why all this tahnk you and all for me.. I'm just doing my duty as a wife and mother arnavji.. I know we got married 2 days back bit still I feel connection with both of you.. Fianllyy I like you arnav I really do (Lovingly)"

Arnav by cupping her face " even I feel d same kushi.. Some unknown feeling in my heart for u kushi.. This feeling I didn't even felt for jeevani..let us make this marriage work.. For you.. For me.. For ayaan.. For us..."

Kushi startled arnav by hugging him tightly.. Even arnav reciprocated with same intensity ... Arnav is the one who first break d hug ..

Arnav planted a kiss on kushi's cheek " come let's go and sleep"

Arshi went inside changed into some comfortable clothes... Aranv took ayaan and placed him in d crib.. Kushi asked why arnav said he doesn't feel comfortable in his sleep on d bed during night time ...

Kushi by nodding went and sat down in d left side of the bed while arnav went locked all d doors and switched off d lights...

Arnav came inside d bedroom and saw kushi is occupied his side but he went and lay down on d othr side of the bed.. 

Kushi by seeing arnav moved towards him and lay down on arnav's chest by taking arnav into suprise after he came out of the shock arnav hugged possessively by her waist and slept ... .

This is a story of arnav and kushi's punar vivah.. 

Sorry guysss if u have expected any romantic scenario of them.. I will try to write it in other story of mine....

Hope u all enjoyed this one....

Please Do vote and give ur valuable comments in d comment section...

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May 25, 2016

i will try for an epilogue (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 22 times)

Heyyy guyszzzz...

        I am really glad u all liked our story ....

                   I will try to write for an epilogue as u guyss are expecting that one......

                            But... It will try sometime to write that thing ....

                                        What about a new story of our arshi ..????

                                                   Whatever it's is itz gng to be rockszzzz....

             Tilll thenn I will take ur leaveee......

                         Bye and have fun......

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new story
May 29, 2016

Epilogue with some steamy scene ;) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 66 times)


Heyyy peepsss...

Here is the most awaiting epilogue of this story...

Hope u all will enjoy it by reading..

                     So, as the days rolled on everything is going on fine kushi is taking care of ayaan showering her love on him.. Arnav is also slowly growing dependent on kushi on his needs (nah baba nah not THOSE .. Duhh people aa) his daily things are arranged in an order as per his likings and what arnav most like in kushi is whatever the time he returns she always opens d door with a sweet smile of her.. Just by seeing her smile all his tiredness will vanish in a thin air....


                       Since day 1 after they spoke about their feelings again nobody dared to bring up the topic as kushi thought to give some time to arnav so that he can grow some feelings on her no just like ... Arnav is not sure about his feelings on kushi soo he also kept quite ...

                         It's just a normal day for arshi .. Arnav asuasul went to ofc, kushi after sending arnav to ofc she started doing her daily c****s .. So, after that she thought of sleeping for sometime as she is feeling some tired due to her period. So, she slept beside ayaan ..

 Around 2'o clock due to ayaans crackings she woke up and saw his baby is wailing ...

Kushi... Kya hua mera Bachaaa ..???

Ayaan ... Wahh ..wahh...


Kushi... Ale mera bachaa ko bukh lagraha hai .??? chaloo mumma aapko cerlac kilathi haii...

             With that kushi took ayaan to kitchen .. Prepared d food for ayyan and fed him.. Later they both played booh game as it's a fav game for ayaan.. After an hour ayaans eyes are dropping so kushi made ayaan to sleep ..

             Kushi saw d time and thought to take a bath. So, she went and  locked d main door as it's a time for arnav to return home. She went inside their bedroom , took her cLothes and kept it on her bed . she just took a towel and went inside d bathroom ;) and started to take bath ...

In the mean while in aranvs ofc...


             Aranv thought he can leave early as tomorrow is Friday as well as there is no work on his table. So, he informed his PA and started home.

Home one word just by listening to this word a smile appeared on his lips. Day by day kushi is occupying his thoughts with her care, innocent face, aah her smile how could he forgot her smile , her single smile is enough to bring butterflies in his heart. 

             With all these thoughts arnav reached home. He tried to open d door but couldn't so, he used his key to open d door. Aahh..!! Finally sweet home thought arnav.. 

            But mera babies kaha gayi???

Aranv opend his bedroom door and saw ayaan is sleeping peacefully on their bed. Arnav went and sat beside his son , pecked his forehead slowly so that he doesn't disturb his sleep. 

Ab kushi kaga gayi .. Washr... His thoughts are interrupted by d door opened by kushi.

Kushi haven't seen arnav is sitting beside ayaan. Kushi is in her world wiping her hair with a towel and a small towel is tied around her body which it reached just below her butt. 

Arnav is mesmorised by kushi's figure till now she covered her body with those sarees but ya he loved sarees on her because some times he can her waist with a small navel teasings (naughty raizada).. Arnav slowly walked towards kushi at that time kushi saw some moment in her way and lifted her head and saw arnav with some expression in his eyes coming towards her.

Slowly arnav coming forward kushi is going backwards   this game continued till she reached d wall. Arnav closed d gap in-between them now there is no space between them expct arnav's clothes and kushi's almost non existing towel .

Kushi.. Arnav ji.!!(tensed)

Arnav.. Kya kushi??(his eyes are glued on her lips)

K: what r u dng?(tried to place her palms on his chest but alass arnav didn't give any chance to her)

A:tuje kya lag raha hai??(took her hands in his one hand and locked her arms above her head)

K: aap.. Cutted by arnav by placing his finger on her lips

A: I can't stop now kushi..pleaseee 

Mature content ahead (18+) .....

With that he placed his lips on hers, it started with a soft kiss later it turned passionate one, by arnav's tongue is licking her lips and asking for an entrance in her sweet mouth , kushi by understanding his intention gave into his kiss and opened her mouth so that he can explore her taste . now thy r vigorously having a tongue fight . slowly aranv relased kushi's hands and her hands are now locked around arnav's neck , arnav's hands made his way towards d knot of her towel whras kushi's hands are shakingly opening d buttons of his chest.

Arshi didn't release when her towel is on d floor and arnav's shirt. After few minutes thy stopped kissing arshis forehead on each other and thy r taking deep breaths because of their action which has happend before.

Arnav's eyes slowly roamed around her body who is shamelessly gawking at her then kushi relased how is he and tried to cover her body with her hands but alas Mr.naughty is not yet ready for that. 

A: kushi (hoarsely)

Kusji lifted her eyes and saw arnav, asking him to continue

A:(with a teasing smile) lifted her in his arms and taken her to his beside room so taht no one can disturb them...

Arnav placed kushi on that bed he also popped on her and thy continued d act which was started a few minutes ago...

"'''"OK peepss rest of tht are ur imagination ;) ""'"

<<<<Completed mature content<<.>>>

After their love making arshi thy r cuddled in each other's embrace. Here and there arnav is kissing kushi whreas kushi is tracing some in different lines on his manly chest. 

Suddenly thy heard a cry of ayaan and both arshi came out form their love land .. 

A: u wait I'll bring ayaan..

With taht he wore his pants and went to bring ayaan near his baby. Kushi Sat by leaning on d headboard of the bed. Aranv came with a wailing ayaan who is asking for his mumma after his sleep.

A: the lo tumhara beta !!

Kushi took ayaan from arnav with a lovely smile

K:ayaan baby deko mumma yahi hai!!

Ayaan: wahhh.. Wahhh...

K:kya hua Bachaaa ? (Kushi took ayaan on her shoulder and patting on his back) after few minutes his wailing reduced .

K: arnav ji plz aap Jake muje mera dress layiye??

A:kyoom kushi.. I like this view more (with a wink) thn kushi relaised how is she.. In between all these pacifying kushi's dovet came down and arnav can see her round bossoms ;) ...by seeing arnav's gaze kushi adjusted herself and glared at aranv.

Arnav calmly but with a naughty smile went and bought his shirt so that she can wear that.

Later kushi fed ayyan his milk , now ayaan is playing with his father tickling game. Kushi also joined after she prepared their food...

Like this they all 3 lived happily in their smll world.. 

This is the story of arshis punar vivah..

Hope u all enjoyed this one...

Please do comment and hit on d thank you button

......THE END......

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