realisisation too late

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May 23, 2016

realisisation too late (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 31 times)

Friends i m gonna write a story on arshi

It is my first story on arshi so bless me to write good and please ignore my spelling and grammatical errors bless me and please read my story

thank u so much readers

May 23, 2016

prolouge (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 42 times)

friendzz this is your inspiration and thank u for reading my previous stories and helping me to improve

thank u soo much and i wouild follow your advices and keep commenting and give your feedback

this is based on my point of view on ipkknd what if it would have happened like that

A girl is shown walking lifelessly on the streets of Delhi  and crying

she boards a RTC bus to her home

everything is going well till akash and payals mehendi but suddenly

"stay away from my sister else yours sisters marriage will get ruined" are running in her  mind

In the same bus a man  aged (45-50) wearing a muffler covering his face  suddenly gets down the bus 

at the signal and starts running,police suspects him to be thief

suddenly there is a blast in the bus and all the people get hurt and some get out of the window

police catches the man who covers his face with muffler who is a sleeper cell

but he shoots himself


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needs improvement
May 23, 2016

family s tension (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 39 times)

thank you readers

I hope you guys liked it  I promise to post every chapter each day

all the characters are same as the show


and new characters will be introduced

arnav kushi payal akash are main leads

shyam manohar jha kicked out by raizadas as they have come to know the truth due to kushi

anjali also gets to know the truth and decides to forget sham amd move on in life

anjali and nani observe love between their chote and kushi ji and are waiting for them to confess

anjali respects kushi a lot due to the shyam s fiasco and respects her because of her her life is better

flashback is updated in the next update


place of blast:-


Due to blast most of the people died many were injured and people near to the windows were thrown out of the bus and soon the place was covered with blood and debris and dead bodies of the people

As kushi was sitting near the window she flew out with a force from the bus and bus exploded and there were everything covered with fire

she flew out to the highway which is below the flyover on which the bus is moving and she fell down from the flyover to the highway on a cargo boarding van got hit her head and fell down unconscious



Anjali:-  hello

buaji:-  anjali betia   its already 9 ask kushi to come home her phone is switched off

anjali:-kushi ji ....

buaji:-  what happened betia  ??

anjali:-  buaji i will call u again within 5 min dont worry

buaji:-  ok anjali betia

anjali calls everyone and informs them that buaji called to send kushi home but kushi left home before 3 hours

i dont want buaji to worry so i said i will call again where would she go

manorama:-  dont know hello hi bye bye  phati sari never goes like this i thing she eloped from home

nani glared at manorama

nani:-  but anjali betia try calling her phone

anjali:-  phone is switched off

akash:-  i think she is in temple

suddenly hp while bringing milk from fridge slips down and  falls on floor

and kumkum( saffron)  is mixed in milk on floor and becomes red as blood

arnav:-  dii dont worry I and akash will go and check

suddenly due to heavy wind the lights and diyas near the devi maas idol gets put off

anjali:-  what is this all   milk like this is a bad omen and diyas lighting off is something dangerous

arnav:-  di dont panic everything will be fine if buaji calls u inform us

thank u friends for reading


please keep commenting

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May 23, 2016

kushi missing ???????? (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 35 times)

thank u friends

please keep commenting and give me ideas

the story goes on like...................................................................................................................


buaji:-  why the hell that they are showing the terriorist attacks and victims of rtc bus blast on tv

garima and payal huging each other and crying

babuji is confident that his titalia would return home and is waiting outside

on road

akash and arnav searching everywhere and they could not find kushi anywhere

akash calls payal

payal comes to her room and picks up his call

akash :-  hello payal did kushi come home

payal-  no akash she did not come till now and buaji and maa are crying

please akash trace her phone find her please


all the family is tensed please

akash:-  i could not find her anywhere

payal:-  even i tried all her friends but no body said she came

akash:- could anyone kidnap kushi

payal:- please dont say like that

akash:-  payal dont worry if there is some news inform me dont cry

akash:-  bhai she did not go home even now i think we should give a police complaint

arnav who is already panicked on the news of kushi missing is visibly tensed

arnav:-  ok akash lets go to the police station


Indira Gandhi International Airport

The goods carrier in which kushi  fell is now connected to a plane flying to Abu dhabi

the airport authorities packaged all the stuff cargo etc and they connected the cargo to plane

kushi is bleeding and unconcious

the plane took off to abudhabi............................................


Arnav and akash reach the police station and they lodge a complaint on kushi being missing

inspector:-  from when the girl is missing

arnav:-  inspector saab she got out from our house 3 hours back

till now she did not go back to her house

inspector:-  can u tell which route she would have taken asr  ???

or did anyone kidnap her or something on the way

arnav:-  may be no  because no one had grudges on her she is a good girl and besides anyone in our and her family did not receive any calls of kidnapping and ransom till now

and even shyam is behind bars now

inspector :-  where is her home?? 

arnav:-  laxmi nagar  xyz temple street

inspector:-  ok give us time we will investigate and let u know

and waise bhi............

as u said asr before 3 hours

rtc bus from chandini chowk to rock church near laxminagar got blasted

is there any chances of her being in that bus

akash and arnav are shocked

inspector:-  asr and akash sont worry lets hope good  and till morning we would get her

dont worry we will search for her

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May 23, 2016

flashback (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 33 times)

thank u readers please keep commenting and give me ideas also please

the story goes on like.....................................................................................................................

arnav and akash shocked on the bus blasting incident and reach home and inform others

nani assures them that kushi betia is safe

guptas also get this news of their titalia missing and cry

they all have a sleepless night

where as kushi being gone to U A E in the cargo flight

arnav thinks it is his mistake


same  day afternoon  after payash mehendi       shyam manohar jha  calling and  torturing kushi to hell for stopping  aksh and payal marriage kushi  calls the whole family  and tells them the whole truth of shyam being culprit and he came to gupta  house as a pg and made his way to become kushis fiancee and they get to know the truth  and keep quiet for payal and shyam to change to a good human being but he is torturing   again

arnav akash nani mami are shocked

but only one in  raizada parivaar supports kushi which is none other than anjali

gupta family tells everything about shyams truth

gupta family:-  please believe us  shyam is a cheat we are not saying to break your family but to save anjali betia of evil clutches of shyam

anjali: i believe u all even i m observing sham ji from many days i m not a fragile wife of shyam manohar jha but a powerful women anjali singh raizada also 

when kushi ji told me about her fiancees name being shyam i got doubt then i began to collect proofs regarding shyam ji that he never goes to office and enjoying all raizada property and treats women as toys only for pleasure

but i m waiting for correct time for his exposure but u only exposed 

i m glad and thank ful to u for my whole life

and i even witnessed my husband attempting to kill shashi uncle and strangulating him to death

i took him to the hospital and shashi uncle told me the whole truth

due to him not only my life and kushi ji life is spoiled but also anothers life

nani: who anjali betia

anjali:-  parvati  shyam ji killed her and showed all of them proofs regarding the murder

but i m waiting him to return back from his secret goa trip and to send him to jail

arnav is speechless that his fragile doll his di his mother like di did all this investigation and gone through this much

arnav:-  di i will put him behind bars and now i m calling goa police and will arrest him

anjali:-  chote dont even alarm him about us knowing the truth

he is comming to delhi today evening  and lets act as if we dont know anything

and chote call police today evening and make sure that he ends his life in jail

i feel so sorry for parvati ji and her family chote

shyam ji killed parvati and her baby

anjali hands over all her proofs to arnav and tells him to make shyam arrest and get his punishment and  free me of the marriage with shyam

arnav calls police and a trap is laid

at evening shyam comes and is trapped and everyone made him confess his wrong deeds and police arrests him with anjali and kushi slapping him

all raizadas thank gupta family for their act

but then.....................................................................................................................................

?????? what would have happened then stay tuned to this story

thank u readers and please give me feedback

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May 23, 2016

flashback continues (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 48 times)

thank u readers

please bear my grammar and i promise i would improve

please give me ideas and comment please

the story goes on...........................................................................................................................

seeing anjali crying after shyam being taken away by the police arnav gets angry

gupta parivaar leaves and anjali thanks all of them

but arnav cannot bear anjali s tears and decides to control but couldnt

arnav gets kushi as a bait and slaps her

arnav:-  how dare u kushi to break my sisters marriage

kushi:-  arnav ji he is a bad person

arnav:-  shut up girls like u dont have any charater and get out of our lives i cannot even bear the sight of u  . u never mean anything to me

u r a dirt who tries to spoil others lives

u r a home wrecker and a gold digger and broke my di s marriage

i dont want u to be here anymore

and one more word never come back even to your sisters marriage with my brother

if u come back i wont let this marriage happen

kushi:-  with tears arnav ji what are u saying?? kushi was so chocked and shattered


arnav:-  kushi dont come to akash and payals marriage

u know what i m capable of

saying this he left

kushi too left eyeing raizada mansion for one last time

from then kushi is missing

end of flashback


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May 24, 2016

INTRO (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 36 times)

thank u readers and please keep commenting

please give me ideas  also

the story goes on like.................................................................................................................

kushi reaches Abu Dhabi  in the cargo and fuel carriers and the flight is landed and all the packages are

reloaded  and sent to different places kushi is in one of the cargo cariers which is boarded to Sharjah

(UAE) and the cargo carrier has a skeet on the road due to which bleeding kushi falls down on the sandy


mean while on the same road a man aged (45-50) years who is paralysed is in a car travelling in the same

road ie abu dhabi to sharjah  with 2 another men travelling in a BMW

One in the two men is his head engineer ayyan khan  and another one is an undercover agent + his friend  sharrif sidduque

the man in the car is armaan  farroq khan who is a billionare who owns kingdom construction company and

many malls in and out of dubai  he is also a under cover agent but 25 years back he lost his family in

bombblast  in taliban rule in afghanistan he injured too much and he became paralysed in the attack

he is a good samartian for good people and he doesnot like to be shown sympathy which is often

shown by ayyan and sharrif

he often changes his caretakers because they always show him sympathy and fake everything

he is searching for a good pa and a care taker

ayyan ahmed khan:-                                                          

head engineer in kingdom constructions aged 34

ruthless and doesnot like love

he used to be a canosava before but he became a stone hearted person now

he only bows in front of allah and his boss saif faroq khan and sharrif

he is also under cover agent fighting against talibans

armaan farroq khan

billionare in dubai owns kingdom constructions and many malls in and out of dubai

aged 48

basically from afghanistan due to taliban blasts he lost his wife and son in blasts

a under cover agent working against talibans

he is paralysed so he quit his undercover job and looking after buiseness

doesnot like sympathy

sharrif sidduque

lawyer  and legal advisor of armaan and a friend to armaan and ayyan

also a undercover agent 

aged 50

hates terriorists

theese 3 of them spend 1 month every year in canada in the social activities and defence corporation of secret meetings of under cover agents

they are about to hit kushi on road but applies breaks on time and see her

how is it friends?????

please keep commenting and please give me ideas

May 24, 2016

sorrow and realisation (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 29 times)

thank u readers silent readers pleae comment

i hope u like this update

share some ideas also

the story goes on like.....................................................................................................................

the trio are about to hit kushi but driver applies brakes on time

they come out to see bleeding kushi on road and they call her but she doesnt wake up

they take her and admit her in hospital

as she got a hit on her head she is in a dangerous condition


all raizadas and guptas are waiting for kushi

suddenly inspector comes to shantivan  and informs them about the blast and shows them kushi s duppata and mobile phone and her gold ornaments

inspector:-  asr we got this near bomblast accident area

arnav:-  this accessories and duppata is of kushi

inspector :-  asr come to identify kushi s dead body

family:-  no this cant happen

buaji:-  titalia is somewhere but not dead she is alive somewhere in the world

 i dont believe this news

inspector:-  we got her accessories and cctv footages show that theese are of your daughter and she died in the accident

buaji is in shock and feeling numb

buaji:-  i will never believe my titalia is dead

nani:-  calm down madhumati ji

buaji:- no my titalia is somewhere around but not dead and u people dont say that

payal and garima are crying

inspector:-  asr and akash come with family we will show the body

all family go to the pm room they see kushis accessories and keep crying

arnav is in numb and pale

anjali mami and nani console payal and garima

due to accident the deadbody cannot be identified

inspector shows them some deadbody and tells them this is kushis

but they does not accept

akash asks the inspector to recheck again and they say that is not kushi s body

the inspector shows them cctv footages in which kushi boards the bus and fies out of the bus getting

 hurt and falls outside o the bus

arnav faints there

arnav ;-  no kushi is alive

the whole family moves out from there and everyone is crying vigoursly

they console each other mami consoling payal


after being unconcious for 15 days kushi wakes up and the doctors inform armaan about this

kushi loking at her surroundings and a hand is approaching kushis

guess whom????

how was the story

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May 24, 2016

knowing her (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 32 times)

thank u readers silent readers please comment and give me feedback about how i m writing

the story goes on like.....................................................................................................................

as kushi has a brain surgery and her hand is fractured kushi s hair is made into a boy cut like

suddenly a hand is shown to be approaching

and some one pats kushi s shoulder

she sees armaan and gets frightened and shouts

and she sees ayyan and sharrif and gets scared

armaan :-  beta  who are u what is your name who are your family

u r unconscious from 15 days

kushi:-  15 days ???

i lastly remember i had an accident ie bombblast

thank u for taking care of me and my expenses

i would go home now and whre is my phone??


and starts searchin for her cell phone

armaan ayyan and sharrif find this fishy bomb blast in dubai when????????

in the meanwhile doctor calls them and they go leaving kushi with nurse

doctor:-  armaan i guess she had a major surgery on brain and she is unwell

she may be having hallucinations and memory loss

dont stress  her for anything

armaan:-  but doc who is her family and what about her

doctor:-  ask her without stress

armaan :- ok thank u doc

armaan goes to kushi s room

armaan(in mind);-  why whenever i see her i feel she is like my daughter

armaan enters kushi s room and asks

armaan:-  beta found your cellphone

kushi:-  no i did not get

armaan:- beta ehat is your name

thank u readers

sorry for small updates

please comment and let me know my feedback

how is it friends

May 24, 2016

bonding armaan ayyan sharrif and kushi (By Vandana_Srivatsav) (Thanked: 36 times)

thank u readers

please keep commenting and bless me to write well

the story goes on like.......................................................................................................................

armaan asking kushi her name

armaan:-  beta what is your name??

kushi:-  my name is kushi and please call my buaji i dont have a mobile now

armaan:- ok beta dial tell me yours buaji s number

kushi:-  buaji s number what is buaji s number

she thinks too much due to accident she cannot remember her buaji s number

i will dial landline number and dials it but it shows no landline is working on the number

she decides to memorize buaji s number but could'nt  as buaji newly changed her mobile

armaan asks her to sleep and get well and goes

in INDIA raizada mansion

akash:-  payal why

payal:-  akash ji i m sorry buaji is so shatterred with kushi s death and not speaking to anyone

so we decide to move out of Delhi  Delhi has many memories with kushi

akash:- let ur buaji and parents go  to hrishikesh u  can live in delhi naa

payal:- akash ji try to understand my family needs me now they are trying to cope up for the loss

nani:-  haa akash try to understand gupta family needs payal now

and  waise bhi pandit ji called and said as there is a maut in our house shadi should be delayed atleast

one year and payal betia u have to compensate the loss of ur sister

u should be payal and kushi for ur parents from now on

we will surely come every month 

akash:-  payal take care dont go to depression

free to call anytime 

mami:- hugged payal and asks her to take care

anjali:- payal ji dont worry we will come to hrishikesh too

payal hugs anjali and goes to home

payal trying to maintain a straight and calm face before raizadas but she gets out of shantivan and cries

payal in mind :-  payal u have to stay strong in front of my family buaji

i will not cry kushi u always wished me to stay happy

why did u go kushi no body is happy without u

u always mentioned buaji called u sanki titli etc but buaji loves u so much that she is not crying because tears take away our memories

agar ho sakta hai to vapas aao

please comeback

one baby walks towards payal and asks her not to cry

payal:- kushi i m not crying baby

baby:-  payal mami chocolate

payal:-  take kushi beta and  hugs and kisses her and leaves to GH to pack

the baby kushi is adopted by anjali

she is shyam s daughter whose mother(parvati) was murdered by shyam and anjali adopts her daughter and loves her as her own sry  more than her own ones

she is named as kushi as everyone miss kushi in raizada and gupta parivaar

arnav has gone to asr mode and stays very little in home

he always busies himself in work he feels kushi would have been infront of him if he had controlled his anger that day

he goes to office before anyone wakes up and comes down late after everybody sleeps

if he is in home he would be always apolosiying baby kushi

he thinks it is all his mistake and feels sorry

only baby kushi can calm arnav down

back in DUBAI

kushi missing arnav and curses herself

kushi in mind:- arnav ji i know u have power and u can do anything so i stepped out of ur life but i will srely attend payal jiji s marriage for sure

this is my promise

meanwhile she decides to go t GH as she sees the nurse sleeping

armaan chachu ko bolke jaana padega naa

she writes a letter to armaan

armaan chachu

thank u soo much for being there in my bad times

thank u for taking care of me till now

my babuji and buaji will look for me

i m going and i hope i will repay the debt soon


she tiptoed to see everybody sleeping and pulls her IV out and comes out of her room

she wonders everyone are speaking different language and different style may be old delhi it is

she comes out of the hospital and sees everything new

what place is it ?????

lifeline hospital

where is it

how to go home ????

she sees so many buildings in front of that hospital and wonders what place is it

theese many buildings which place is it

but everything is written in arabic and urdu

i dont know to read urdu and speak urdu and arbic

devimayya what is it

i hope it is not the yamuna river here

and she keeps walking

the other side armaan talking with sharrif and ayyan decides to check on kushi and leave to hospital

on reaching the hospital they inform kushi has been missing

armaan and ayyan check hospital cctv footages and get to know she just came out of the hospital

armaan:-  sharrif and ayyan she just came out it is just 7 min ago may be around here only lets go and check

they come to the parking area and see kushi walking out and they run towards her

a ambulance is comming into the hospital and armaan is been wheeled and sharrif and ayyan are running behind her

kushi saw them and stops and comes to them

she sees the ambulance approaching towards armman and rushes to save him

she pushes him from the way and she gets hurt falling down

sharrif armaan and ayyan takes her back to the hospital and gets her treated

armaan:-  kushi why are u eloping from the hospital

that too in the midnight it is very dangerous to roam out in the midnight

kushi:-  u said its 15 days  and i m going home

but this place is new

armaan:-  ok no problem if u get fine i will drop u to ur home k

kushi :-  ok

but it is  old delhi naa

armaan:- what??    shocked

sharrif and ayyan:-  old delhi

kushi:-  is it not????

armaan:-  no beta it is sharjah dubai

kushi :- falls on floor ????

kya  dubai

when did i come to dubai

no way i did not come here

i remember clearly i had an accident bus blasted i dont know

armaan:- what

kushi:-  i want to do job but i did not come to dubai

already i have too many problems and my parents will murder me if i m here

u r just pranking naa

armaan:- no beta this is dubai and thank god u r still in safe hands

kushi :- chachu please

armaan:- beta u will be discharged tommarrow and we will talk later

armaan:-  ayyan i think she is disturbed too much and lets take her

sharrif:-  she looks innocent may be someone exported her or something

armaan:-  no whatever mey be she is ill and disturbed and dont know her family

where would she go this world is full of vultures and eagles

i cant leave a innocent girl like this i would take her to my home tomarrow

sharrif and ayyan:-  ok lets go and excuse me nurse

sister:-  yes sir

sharrif:-  can u please be with that girl until tommarrow she is so hurt

sister :- sure sir we would look after her dont worry

next day kushi is discharged and armaan takes her to his  home

shows her room

Image result for big bedrooms for girls

kushi :-  omg devimayya this much big room ??

only for me chachu

armaan:-  yes bete u can live here

armaan gets happy due to kushi s chattering and uncontrobble talks

armaan shows kushi his house

Image result for inside the biggest houses

Image result for inside the biggest houses

Image result for inside the biggest houses

Image result for inside the biggest houses

kushi :- omg urs house is soo big

if a devil comes in ur house u have change more places to hide

armaan:-  bete hahahah

kushi:-  chachu aapko eh choot kaise laga

when did u get hurt paralysed

armaan:-  25 years back taliban and trrrorist blastings my wife and son died in front of my eyes and i got paralysed

listening this kushi got tears in her eyes

why are u crying bete its all my fate

kushi:- my parents also died in front of my eyes car crash

dont know why i survived

armaan:- dont tell like that beta u told u have parents and buaji

kushi:-  they adopted me 10 years back

from then kushi and armaan became friends

days began like that

armaan had already liked kushi  soo much as a daughter as a niece as a pa as a cook but now

he saw kushi s plan of flyover project

kushi and ayyan are quarrelling what should be the architechure

ayyan and sharrif also complemented her plan

it was just awesome and could barge international tenders

kushi searching for job

armaan:- kushi i will give u job

kushi:-  no chachu i dont wanna take because i want to prove my skills

armaan:-  shows some papers flyover design awesome

kushi:- this one is same as i

armaan:-  this is the one u drawn

kushi:-  u stole it

armaan:- yes but this design is so beautiful i thought of giving u job of jr engg

kushi:- without seeing my qualifications

armaan:- u r a civil engg studied in iit lucknow i know and ur skill is also exhibited here

kushi :- but that much tough job

armaan:-  if ur not acceting that i will give another

kushi-  what

armaan:-  will u be my pa

as ayyan could not have  any time due to work so he deceided to look after the mall in abudhabi

and sharrif also recommended u

armaan never wanted to be alone never left kushi alone

kushi:-  i want a good name

kushi:-  now i have left home i dont want anyone to suspect me that i m kushi kumari gupta

(kushi tells armaan about her payal shadi etc why left home)

armaan:- what name would u want

kushi:-  same as my neme but in arabic

armaan:-  muskan

kushi:-  muskan


armaan:- u want new name uwant a new life naa ok

kushi:-  muskan ok

arman:-  muskaan raza sheik how is it

kushi:-  raza  sheik

armaan:- its good now practice your new sign

kushi :- ok

kushi;- toh i will get a chance of roaming all dubai

armaan:- yes of course bete

kushi :- then ok

armaan:-  u also cook tasty food clean my house and even in desert u r trying to grow plants and

i m getting improved due to your psyiotheraphy

i can even run now

thank u so much bete

kushi:-  noo god s will

should i tell u a secret  about u being not moving for 25 years

armaan:-  because ur hands have jadooo

kushi:- i m growing plants in garden means

livng plants giving to living energy

purify o2 and also u have got confidence now to live ur life nicely

armaan:- oh wow really

kushi:-  really and winked

3 months have passed by kushi left to dubai

everyone in armaan s office and malls liked kushi

armaan never wanted to be alone never left kushi alone

and due to kushi so many international deals and tenders got approved and kushi planned everything very well

one day kushi came to know about a cheating in armaan s office and plan is removed and sent to armaan s competie

kushi herself prepared the plan on the time and helped armaan

armaan respected kushi due to this incident  armaan feels kushi as a mother

armaan made kushi learn english urdu arabic and

made her learn how to drive a plane

kushi never missed arnav in 3 months after her coming to dubai

she was very happy as muskan in dubai  and it was 3 months

kushi was a good aspirant and a true learner so she learned how to drive a plane  very quickly

kushi made armaan walk without stick and made him well and her physiotherapy worked well

armaan was walking running

precap:-  kushi finds something suspicious

armaan takes kushi to canada

what is it


ready for suspense guys??

how was it

please keep commenting and give feedback

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