Helping them...We too did it

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May 19, 2016

Helping them...We too did it (By Blackandwhite) (Thanked: 44 times)

At Night 8:00PM

Two girls was running through the deserted road as fast as they can.One was in a bridal attire.Other was in a simple salwar.They were Payal and Khushi.They are running from a marriage.Payal’s marriage.

Payal Sharma is from ahighly rich family.Her parents died at her younger age. Her Chacha and Chachi looks after her.They are just behind her money. Because of money now they are going to make Payal marry to an old man.Payal didn’t liked it from first.But they blackmailed her both emotionally and cruely. Finally she gave up.

That’s when on the marriage day her best friend Khushi Gupta came. Payal felt Khushi as her saviour at the moment.Khushi made Payal understand that there is still chances left for her too live her life with someone she loves. But Payal loved someone at her college days. She was feared to confess it to him.To Akash Raizada.Khushi encourged and gave a mew hope to Payal.

So as a result they both are running away from the marriage. But things didn’t get into as they hoped.Now the goons and the groom of Payal, Anant are behind them. They need Payal at any cost.

So now back to the scene.

Khushi and Payal are running hand in hand.Khushi looked back.They are still behind. They ran faster. Seeing a jungle nearby.They two went inside.After a long running they themselves got stuck in the jungle. Now the goons were not behind them.They stopped for a bit. Paanting heavily.

Payal:Khushi,You said they won’t come for us.Seeing the bride run away, the groom will feel embarass and they will held the marriage at the correct time with another bride to get a clear image infront of society. But here everything turns around.Now what to do??

Khushi:Payal.What is this??I too thought the marriage will be held with another bride.bUt how will i knew that old man is so much hungry to get you..

Payal: Okay..Now what?

Khushi:Till now.It was my idea.Atleast now please you think  something for escaping from them.

Payal:Ok...Hm....Railway Station.We have money.We will go to Delhi. I will search for Akash there.How is it?

Khushi:Zero out of hundred.


Khushi:We have money but how will we reach Railway staion from this jungle.

Suddenly they heard the sound of a horn.

Khushi:Means road is nearby.

They started to run from where the sound was heard.They reached the road.They saw a car coming from away. Khushi stood in the midde of the road and yelled.

Khushi:Lift please...Please stop.

The car was stopped.They both run upto the car.

Khushi : (Panting)Sir...Lift please...Can we enter.

She opened the door and sat inside.


Payal was also shocked seeing Khushi sitting inside.Because the man didn’t said anything.Hearing What the Khushi looked at him.

Khushi:Please Sir...No What the..Please say YES..Its a life problem. Can we sit in your car.

Man:You are indeed sitting.Okay now you too get in.

He said looking at Payal. Payal too entered,The man started the car.

Khushi:Thank you,Thank you,Thank you..You are so good.

He looked at her who is sitting beside him with an unbeleivable expression.

Khushi: Sir..Where are you going?


Khushi: Sir..Actually,We want to say you where we want to get down.

Man:Railway station.

Khushi:Wow...Actually we also want to go there.Cool..By the way whats your name Sir..I am Khushi and this is Payal.


Khushi:So Arnavji can you please drive little more faster.

Arnav:Its my car.Not yours.You two had asked for a lift.Clear!!

Khushi:Arnavji..Actually...See her.I told you na her name is Payal. She is running for her life. If we reach there slowly, then her life will fly away.

Hearing this Arnav applied break suddenly. Arnav looked at Khushi in wonder. And at Payal. Khushi looked at him in cofusion.He asked to Payal.

Arnav:Is you ife lying on the speed-o-meter of the car?


Arnav:(to Khushi)And you..I have never seen such a crazy material in my entire life.Its my car damnit.Tell me the truth are you running away after a theft.

Khushi:What??Its not me mad.Its you who is mad.Can’t you see her with so many ornaments and bridal dress.She is running away from her marriage.

Arnav looked at Payal.

Khushi:And i asked yoou to increase the speed and you stopped the car.Are you deaf or something?

Arnav:JUST SHUT UP...I am ASR.I pity on you both and you.

Payal interupppted them.

Payal:Sir,..I ask for forgiveness on her behalf.Please help us.Please try too understand. My family wants me to marry to an old man.They just wants money.But i love someone else.I don’t even know whether he loves me or not. Indeed Khushi was saying right i am running for life. The goons of the groom are searching for me.I need to go to Delhi as fast as I can.I am sorry..Please help.

Payal through her eyes indicated Khushi to ask sorry.

Khushi:I am also Sorry.I was so nervous...

Arnav just nodded his head and started.Indeed he felt sorry for Payal.At the moment he saw a girl infront of his car he was mad at anger. First of all he didn’t got air tickets to Delhi from this Lucnow and now a girl,he thought.But the moment he stopped the car the girl moved to him and started to ask something. He felt some unknown pull towards her eyes.He felt some sort of magic.He forget to speak.He had never felt anything to any girl till now.But when she sat inside the car he was taken aback.Till now she is surprising him. Her name was Khushi,he is feeling so Khush after meeting her.

Breaking his thoughts he thought to speak to them.

Arnav:Payal..You are running away from your marriage.I can understand. Then what about Khushi?

Khushi looked at him.She looked at him with a smile.There was something in his eyes.She liked him.She never felt like this before. An unknown attraction in his eyes.Maybe magic or miracle of... something.She don’t know.

Payal:She is helping me.She is my friend from childhood.

Khushi:How will Payal manage alone in Delhi?She don’t even know where he lives?

Arnav nodded..They told everything about Payal to Arnav.About her love.But didn’t said his name.They reached railway station.They were sitting inside the train facing each other.

Khushi:Thank you so much.If you didn’t come at that time,Only god knows what would have happened?

Arnav:I understand.What is his name?


Arnav:Tell me his full name and address.What if i could help you in finding him?

Khushi:Akash Raizada.Right Payal?

Payal:Yes he has one brother and a sister.Yes..Anjali is the name of the sister.His father,mother and Nani all are settled in Lucknow.

Arnav was beyond words.He was shocked to react.He couldn’t beleive that his promise had completed.Actually he came to lucknow in search of the girl whom his brother Akash loved.He couldn’t believe that,now he is helping her to find Akash.

Khushi:What happen Arnavji?

Arnav came out of the trance.

Arnav:Khushi please come.

He stood up and moved to the door.Khushi also go with him.He told everything to her.Khushi was also happy.

Both Khushi and Arnav make Akash and Payal marry.

In all these,both Arnav and Khushi become closer.They didn’t tell each other.But they started to love each other. An unknown magic played between them.Without saying..Quite unexpectedly.....

After the marriage Khushi was about to go back to Lucknow.Arnav came to drop Khushi.

Arnav:So...When will be the next time you be back?

Khushi:Next time i will be back with my parents.

Arnav:Indeed next time i want to meet your parents.

Khushi smiled and Arnav too smiled.Both were sad for the seperation.

Arnav:Come back soon.

Khushi:No..I will take time.


Khushi:This is the last time i am going to Lucknow as Miss.Khushi Kumari Gupta.So let me enjoy.What if next time my surname will be changed to


Khushi:It was just like a mi..


They both placed foreheads to each other and smiled.

“If two people liked each other,its almost a miracle...

Someday that miracle will come true for each.....

For some unexpectedly...For some in a most unexpected way...."


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