Arshi os : Miracle Of Colourful Love

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May 19, 2016

Arshi os : Miracle Of Colourful Love (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 66 times)


"Are you sure, he is on the way, Payal" confired Khushi, hiding behind enterce of her class room side along with her friends.

"yes Khushi, you start counting from 10, he will be here when your count end" replied Payal

 "okay... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...... Bura na mano holi....... her words stuk at her throat, looking at drenched unknow figure... Her eyes hypnotized with that person chocolate brown eyes.

who is also busy in checking out shocked face, which had mischievous smile before few seconds, when she drenched him with bucket full of colourful water. With unwanted noises they come back to present.

 "OH MY GOD, principal, move fast Khushi" shouted her friends moving fast from incident spot.

"Miss Kushi Gupta, better, if you have explaination for your this stunt" order Principal looking at Khushi.

 "Happy..... Happy Holi sir" Kushi give stammered replied with puppy face.

 "Meet me at office now. I am really sorry, Mr.Raizada. I will arrange some cloths for you, come with me"said Principal while moving towards his office along with his guest Mr.Raizada. But, his guest is busy in checking out mischevious beauty.

 "Mr. Raizada, are you okay," enquired Principal looking at lost figure. which bring out him from his day dream.

 "Ya, sure" saying that both moved from there, leaving tensed Kushi behind.

 Principal Office:

"So Miss Gupta, why you and your friends celebrate holi, that also 6months before" asked Principal.

"Sir, holi is festival of colours, we should spread that colours everywhere, its like spreading happiness. I just spread that in your college." Kushi explained with cute smile.

"If you are done with your point of view, then give answer of my question" Order principal looking at smiling Kushi.

 All this are witnsing by third pair of eyes, who is none other than The Great Businessman Arnav Singh Raizada. who totally busy in watching Khushi's antiques.

"Sir, actually one of my friend suffering with some disease, we are just making him happy" said Kushi with slow voice.

 "ohhh, that is why, you celebrated. you should informed me this first only Khushi. Anyways Mr.Arnav, I am sorry for whatever happened today. I hope you can understand their situation." Principal requested to his guest understanding Kushi's words.

 "Thats fine sir, can I meet that Person, who is suffering from disease" Arnav asked looking at Khushi. Khushi lost in his voice and forget to give reply.

 "Khushiiii, call your friend" order Principal looking at lost figure .

"Yesssssssss, sir. Just give me a minute" replied Khushi, coming out from her lost land..

After some time.

"Akash, you are that person" asked principal looking at Akash who just entered in office.

 "yes" Akash replied looking at Principal.

"Dont worry son, everything will fine along with time. Today you celebrated holi. Tomorrow we will celebrate diwali, what says Akash." Comfort Principal with lots of sympathy.

"Akash, May I know, you are suffering from which disease." asked Arnav looking at Akash who is facing back to him.

 Akash turn back to say something, before he could say anything.. he meet with shock and heard weird news about himself from behind from his best friend.

"Sir, He is suffering with piles" khushi replied without thinking anything,WITH LOUD SHOUTS.

 Principal: whattttttt?????

Akash: Noooooooooo.......

 Arnav: You didnt informed us about your disease Akash. I will book ticket for filght today itself. USA is best place for your disease treatment.

Akash: Noooo noooo... bhai.. I am fine.


 Principal : Then why you said yes to my questions.

Akash: Khushi asked me to say yes to all your questions, so I said.

 Principal : Khushiiiiii.....

 Kushi: Sorrrrrrryyyyyy.... we were waiting for NK, but you both overtook him. So you should say sorry to floping our plan.

Hearing her words Arnav started to laugh out loudly shocking his brother. Khushi looked at him with wonder.

 Principal : Khushi, now tell me what punishment do you deserve for your stunt.

Arnav: Please dont give any punishment, its beautiful part of their life. Let them enjoy. and I am taking your leave.

 Principal : Sure, I will let you know about our decision about your offer on campus selection.

Arnav : okay, Akash come with me, you need a treatment for your. piles

Akash : Bhaiiii...

saying that both brother leave from principal office leaving Khushi there.

 Khushi: Sorry dad... I am really sorry .. My intension was not insulting you. I was unaware about guest visit.

Principal : Khushi, I know baby. But I was worried for you. You are not taking proper care of yourself and you know when is your.

Kushi : Dad let me live before, I close my eyes for forever.

Principal : Khushiiiii.... stop your nonsense talking. we are going US for your surgery and I am sure it will be successful.

Khushi: Dad, only 30% chance for me to alive and if my surgery complete successful then also may drip into coma and 70% chances for my..

Principal : stop it.... Khushi your mom is praying to god day and night for your life, cant you think postive for us. Miracle will happen and I am sure my baby will come back.

Kushi:Miracle?? Dad what miracle you are talking about?? that miracle which took your elder son away  from us and who is ready to take your daughter too..Some day will that miracle come true for me too before my end?' No idea dad..

 Principal: I know I lost my son, same disease snatched him from us when he was at your age but Baby please for us, belive on yourself. You can win this battel of your life for us.

Khushi : I wanted to enjoy holi with my friends before I leave for USA. They are thinking I am going USA for my further studies next week.They dont know about my stupid tumour which is killings me every seconds..... her words stop with, some noise from behind.

 Khushi turned only to witnse Arnav, who looking at her with red eye. the sound which occured from his mobile phone ring.

Arnav: I am sorry, I come back to take my bag which I forgot here. saying that Arnav took his bag and move out fast hiding his painful tears.

Next day at AR fashion House

 "Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada hai" asked angry Kushi at reception.

"Yes, he is in cabine but you have to take appointment to meet him" got replied from receptionist.

 "Thanks, but I dont have appointment and not even going to take also" saying that she move towards his cabine poor receptionist run behind her to stop her.

Khushi opened his cabine door with same anger without giving any glance to other presences along with Arnav in the cabine she started to shout at him.


 Receptionist : Sorry sir, I tried to stop her but...

 Arnav : Its ok, you may go now and please we will continue our meeting after some time.

 Clients: Ok Raizada.

Clients and Receptionist move out from cabine leaving Arnav and Khushi.

 "so where were we" asked Arnav looking at angry Khushi.

"Who the hell are you???" shouted Khushi.

"Arnav, your future husband" replied Arnav.

 "Just stop your nonsense, I dont need anyone sympathy. You asked my hand for marriage, so that you can get title mahan society will say, Mr. Raizada scarifies his life for a dieing girl." shouted back Khushi.

 "ENOUGH.. what sympathy you are talking about, that sympathy which lead me to blackmailed Akash to know about one particular girl from his group picture. To collect her pictures I made fb account and followed her every post day and night. The news that, she leaving India for some stupid further studies, which took my life out, which made me to visit your college for simple campus selection."

"If that feeling called Sympathy, then it is but for me it is love and please dont lie that, you dont have any feeling for me, I saw that spark of love in your eyes yestrday itself. if you dont have any feelings for me then you wouldn't be here and fighting with me, you are angry not because I want to marry you, it because you are thinking I am destroying my life by marrying you, am I right??" with each and every words Arnav took forward step and Khushi took backward which end at closed cabine door. Arnav pinned her to the door without giving any chance to escape.

 Khushi lost herself in his hypnotizing chocolate brown eyes and unsaid truth of her anger which he read from her eyes

 "But my days are counted already" Khushi said that in slow voice.

 "Nope, your days are starting from today and we will together face this phase of your life and I believe in my love which will.add another 30% chance of success in your surgery"

"Yestrday you asked to your dad about Miracle, Right. Do you know what is the Best Miracle?? It is Love. That love is calling you, just give your hand and just say yes to it. Miracle will happen in your life too, I promise.

 Her eyes welled up with fresh tears "Till yestrday love was alien feelings for me but after meeting with your eyes i felt someting new in my heart, your chocolate brown eyes filled with tears yesterday for me that unknowingly hurt me, if it is love then I Love You... I Love You..... Arnav... I fell in love with you from our first meeting Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. I want this miracle in my entire life" she hugged him tightly and Arnav enclose her in his protective arms.

After 6 months......

 Akash: Today is holi but I am not able to celebrate it. I am missing my bhai and Khushi.

Payal: Ya, without her, this college lost it life even her dad is missing his daughter. She hided her disease from us and made us happy with her bubbly nature.

Akash: Even Bhai left us with her. He saw her picture in my mobile from that second he fell in love with her after that blackmailed me to know about her and made fb account too. my bhai will ever believe on love after witnessing separation our dad and mom but today I can say, its was miracle and miracle name is Khushi. You know what, his room wall is filled with Kushi's pictures.

 Payal : I cant believe, it become 6 months that, she left us and the holi we played before 6 months still fresh in mind. she arranged that water splash for you and NK but end up with.... Her words end up with water baloon attack on Akash...... with lound shouts


Akash: Khushi ki bachhiiii...... When You come back from US.

"Just before some time we landed here Akash" replied Arnav.

"What you thought, I wont play this year holi with you all, then you are wrong. It is impossible to escape from Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada........ " said Kushi with evil smile, again attack Akash and Payal with a water baloons.

 All started to play real holi.....

Akash: Bhai, I missed you. I cant believe still now, you get married to Khushi and that also your confession day itself. went to US along with her for surgery. We got our life back when you informed us, about Khushi's surgery went successful. Anyways all went well, and this holi give us new colours... happy holi bhai.

Arnav: Ya Akash, colours of Love.... Happy holi Akash.

Their conversation disturb with again water baloons attack but this time victim was none other then Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.


 Yes, miracle will happen, when you believe on yourself and your love one beliefs.

 The end...." HAPPY HOLI MR.PILES"

Akash: Khushi ki bachhiiii...... When You come back from US.

"Just before some time we landed here Akash" replied Arnav.

"What you thought, I wont play this year holi with you all, then you are wrong. It is impossible to escape from Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada........ " said Kushi with evil smile, again attack Akash and Payal with a water baloons.

Akash: Bhai, I missed you.

May 19, 2016

Arshi os Miracle Of Colourful Love (By Nightangle) (Thanked: 19 times)

Little change to it.....Please peep in to know....Now I mention how Arnav came to know her feelings...hope you gyss happy...And one more thing please let me know its ok to edit os in this competition. .I just want to entertain my reader thats you all

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