Under The stars... ;)

May 14, 2016

Under The stars... ;) (By Amrita_Sweetu) (Thanked: 4 times)

Pooja has got a call from her parents in the morning. She spoke usually with her mother, said about her new life with arjun in Bangalore as her parents live in Vizag along with arjun's. After she spoke suddenly she realised that how much she missed her parents nd brother especially her mother, She sat quietly.

  Arjun who came from his jogging saw his love sitting silently nd crying suddenly he realised that she is crying nd ran towards his wife and asked "what happend baby?"

Pooja saw arjun and hugged him and said "arjun I want mummy (crying) "

Arjun now understood why she is like that suddenly gave the idea "pooja..!!! Why don't we go nd meet ur mummy " (wiping her tears)

Pooja (jerked from his arms): really..!!! But (sadly) ur office ??

Arjun: I can take leave u know for few days (lovingly) anything for my wife.

Pooja heard what arjun said and hugged him by saying thank u. And said " arjun we can also visit ur parents even I miss them "

Arjun said OK ...

Now after 2 days they started journey towards their parents.


It's a surprise for pooja's parents as they didn't inform thy r gng to come to their home.

So early morning whn thy reached pooja excitely rang the bell while arjun is chuckling beside pooja by seeing her excitement.

Irritately pooja's brother opened the door and saw his sister is standing with his jiju, pooja hugged her brother happily and Pooja's brother Ram also reflected the same. Here arjun felt left out as these siblings thy completely forget about him (not fair seriously). Arjun cleared his throat and that startled pooja and ram.

RAM hugged his jiju and in the mean while pooja went inside to check her parents. Here Jiju and jija started talking their usual talk about ram's placements, friends ....

Pooja saw his mom is in the kitchen preparing her morning tea. She ran and hugged her mom by shouting "mummaa" (loudly), her mother startled and saw her only daughter infront of her eyes.

Catch U soon.....

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Love :)
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