love between arnav and khushi

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Mar 26, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 28 times)

I would start the from after few weeks of arnav's and khushi's marriage.

Still khushi don't know why arnav forced her to marry him nor arnav know hat khushi lives him or anything about khushi's history.

Khushi was sleeping and she is dreaming that awful day

(flashback) Garima: you proved once again that you are not our blood.

Buaji: Good work khushi , good work you applied black ash once again on our faces.

Khushi got up from the sleep and cried silently and got up from the couch and went for a shower.

Arnav also got up from the bed and went to have a shower but it was locked and he got reallyy angry.

Arnav: What the , khushi come out .

Khushi: Hold on 5 minutes i am coming.

Arnav: What u are asking me to wait, u come outside now.

she quickly comes out side with her hair wet and arnav stares at her and went inside the washroom.

Khushi:(To herself) What the hell is this lard governor think of him self .

KKhushi's phone rang.

Arnav got suspicious of who is calling khushi early in the morning and stopped the water and silently listened to her conversation.

Khushi:(on the phone) OMG samraat you??

Samraat: Yes me , even after being a wife of business tycon you forgot your best buddies as well.?

Khushi: Who told you all this stupid stuff yaar , i know that all of you must be thinking that i am married but there is a different side of it samraat.

Samraat: Different side??

Khushi: Actually forget it , i will tell u later. Now tell me how are you??

Samraat: I am fine but missing my sweet best friend.

Khushi: Missing me ha?? Shut up yaar you called me about after 2 months and telling me that you are missing me...

Samraat: No khushi i am not lying , i really miss you.

Khushi: Ok Ok i miss you too yaar , i really hope you were here for me last few weeks.

Samraat: why? is there any problem?? come on khushi tell me...

Khushi: its not a one single problem samraat , it seem to like a whole question paper.

Samraat: okay tell me one by one and i promise i will solve them for you like the way i solved your fiancee shyam's problem.

Khushi: This problem is not likee that my ex-fiance shyam's problems yaar but i feel he is the reason for all these problems.

Samraat: Oh god khushi please dont tell me that he making your married life miserable.

Khushi: There is nothing more to be miserable in married life yaar it was,it is and it will be miserable all the time.

Samraat: Khushi you have to tell me every thing khushi. dont hide anything from me.

Khushi: You know samraat since childhood we never hid anything from eachother. so dont worry i will tell everything.

Samraat: so come home for dinner na.

Khushi: Dinner ? Okay i will come home.

samraat : that's like my khushi.

Khushi: okay i will see you ha.. Bye

samraat: Bye khushi

Arnav was listening all their conversation and thought who is this samraat. Khushi talked with him as a very close friend.

Arnav out side the washroom:

Arnav: Khushi get ready we are going out for dinner tonight.

Khushi: No i won't be able to come.

Arnav: why

Will khushi tell arnav that she is going out for a dinner with samraat or quietly go with him....

Mar 26, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 26 times)

Arnav: why? why cant you come for a dinner with me?

Khushi: because i dont want to and i have to go somewhere tonight.

Arnav: where? (he knew everything but acted as he dont know that he going to dinner with samraat because he wanted to know who is samraat and what is between them.)

Khushi: i don't think i should tell you..

Arnav: explain khushi and explain.'

Khushi: I don't owe you any explanations in fact you owe me explanation about why you forced me to marry you.

Arnav: In that case Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada i dont owe you any explanation as well.

Khushi: you forgot something, my name is Miss Khushi Kumari. Its not kushi kumari gupta or khushi arnav singh raizada. Maybe you forgot that this is a 6 month contract marriage so i can't use your surname and the day i got married to u i lost my surname as well, i got disowned by my family.

Arnav: Ypu have to come to a dinner with me tonight.

Khushi:No way i have to go somewhere.

Arnav: Tell me where you want to go then i will cancel my dinner plans.

Khushi: u are not my real husband so u have no rights to ask me questions.

Arnav: Okay then i won't let u go out tonight.

Khushi: Fine i am going out with a friend of mine.

Arnav: which friend?

Khushi: Samraat, Samraat shergill...

Arnav: Shergill???

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Shergill and mehra industries??

Khushi: He is the son of the chairman of shergill and mehra industries and he loks after my papa's business as well.

Arnav: what business?

Khushi: Look arnavji i dont think i have to answer your questions so please stop asking them.

Arnav: You got to answer me khushi................

Khushi: Kabir uncle and my papa were business partners.

Arnav: Who the hell is this kabir uncle..

Kushi: Mind your language Mr Raizada.

Arnav: sorry who is this kabir uncle.

Khushi: Kabil Shergill , chairman of the shergill and mehra industies. Any my papa is Abhay Mehra. I hope i answered all your question and can i go now??

khushi walking towards the door.

Arnav: Wait., So you are the daughter of Mr Abhay Mehra?

Khushi: Yeah any doubts?

Arnav: Then y don't u use the surname mehra?

Khushi? Its non of your business. I dont share my personal stuff with anyone except for samraat.

Arnav : So you share your personal stuff with someone and not with your husband?

Khushi: Husband ? which husband?

Arnav: Khushi stop it. I want to meet this samraat. anyway is he more important to you even more than me.

Khushi: ofcourse he is.

Arnav: Since when do u know him?

Khushi: Since the day i born. i dont have time for any of your questions so bye.

Arnav sat on the bed silently thinking is khushi Mr mehra's only daughter?

To be continued....

Mar 27, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 23 times)

Thank u so much for your lovely comments guys. I really won't be able to write this story daily but still i will continue this soon as i found some time. So here is rest of the story...

At samraat's house.

Samraat: Kushi y don't u join the company?

Khushu:uffo samraat how many more times do u want me to say that i am not interested with all this business and money.

Samraat: But baby one day you will have to look after this business na??

Khushi: I lost the interest for this business about 11 years ago , when my papa and mama died.

Samraat: Stop thinking they died because of this business yaaar , it was a car accident.

Khushi: I kno it was a car accident but they

faced that accident because they went to finalize a business deal right?

Samraat: Come on baby it was their fate, now u have look after your papa's business with me or ask arnav to take care of them as well.

Khushi: Please samraat dont talk about him here.

They finished their dinner and samraat dropped khushi in RM.

Khusi went to her room thinking that arnav must be sleeping since the time is 12:40 but she was surprised to see he is working on his laptop.

Arnav: So finally u came home?

Khushi: yeah i am sleepy and i am sleeping.

Arnav: So go there is the wwashroom , you know that right..

Khushi: i don't want to go there because i have already freshen up.

Arnav: what how, where?

Khushi: I went home?

Arnav: U r lying khushi, payal came from your home just 2 hours ago.

Khushi: when did I said i went there , i went to my home , my own home.

Khushi left. This makes arnav more and more surprised and curious about her.

Morning at arnav's room:

Khushi's phone was ringing and she was sleeping so arnav answered the phone.

Samraat: hi baby , i want u meet someone special today ...

Arnav: What, its arnav ,khushi's husband..

Samraat: Hey arnav , sorry i thought it was khushi.

Arnav: its okay

Khushi just wke up and saw him talking to some with her phone.

Khusi: Who are u talking to with my phone?

Arnav: Its your samraat , he called and u were sleeping so i answered it.

Khushi: u could have woke me up.

She took the phone from his hands

Khushi: Good morning samraat. i will talk to you in few minutes. Bye

This time khushi was talking in english and she was talking as she was an american person. Arnav was so surprised.

Arnav:you english?

Khushi: Yeah what did u think that only u can speak english?

Arnav: no actually ur english is really good.

Khushi: Thanks. she went to the washroom and freshen up.

after that arnav went to washroom and freshen up and they both went down and had breakfast.

Arnav went to office and khushi went back to rom since no one ready to talk with her. After arnav went to office he found out that he has forgotten some important files at home so he went back.

Arnav is at home and khushi got a call from samraat and as she was cleaning the room she put the phone on loudspeaker and talked. Arnav was near the door and listening to their talk once again.

Samraat: Hey baby , whats up ?

Khushi: Samraat u will never change will u.. Go and hit romantic lines to your girl friends.

Samraat: You are talking As if u didn't had any boy friends.

Khushi: Ofcourse I didnt had any.

Samraat: OKay okay u didnt had any , after all you are married now..

Khushi: Shut up , i am not at all married u will be stunned if u know what happen and how i got married..

Samraat: Comeon babes what are u talking about. Okay okay tell me... I will listen and ha plz dont make it boring babe otherwise i will fall on a sleep. If u dont mind can u say every thing in english because i really miss listening and talking english yaar. You were right hindi is really hard to learn.

Khushi: As u wish, (Talking in english) Sammy you kno about me and shyam right?

(As soon as arnav heard this he got really angry and so even he knew about her affair with a married life. He decided to listen to the whole conversation this time.)

Samraat: Yeah that bastard who cheated on u right?

Khushi: Yeah he is arnav's jijaji.

Samraat: u have told me that as well before yaar, tell me something new.

Khushi: Shut up samraat u got listen to the whole story. she told hime again how he met shyam at lucknow and she told him everything upto how he threated her after she found out the truth. She even told her that she did went tell anjali that shyam is cheating on her but her mangalsutra broke and couldnt say it.

Samraat: So what babes i know these stuff yaar u already have told me this earlier. Anyways u dont have to tell anyone anything noww because i am sure after he got to know he is going to be a papa he must have changed himsef and starts to live anjali.

Khushi: No samraathe hasn't changed at all, he is still after me..

Samraat: What , what kind of a man is he?

Khushi: Shut up and listen to the rest of the story.

Samraat: okay fine continue.

Khushi: I really dont know weather this love or not but samraat the truth is even after what arnav has done to me i cant hat him.

Samraat: OMG khushi u are in love?

Khushi: Shut up and listen, i have told u all the things which has happened beffore payal's marriage day right.?

Samraat: Yeah yeah ,, your kiss and teri meri song dance. A on your mehendi ,,Right khushi...

Khushi: Yeah even u told me that day i am in love with arnav right? and u said even he must be in love with right?

Samraat: Ofcourse baby u r in love.

Khushi: No samraat i might be in love with him he doesnt love me.

Samraat: It cant be possible yaar i am sure he loves u...

Khushi: No smaraat, on wedding day he told me that wants to talk something important with me and when he is going to talk someone tookhim saying akaash has called him. After that i saw some writing on a mirror with lipstick saying "meet me at up stairs.' and i went there thinking it was arnav but it was shyaam. She told everything happened with shyaam and khushi that night.

Samraat: Then what happened? ABout what did arnav wanted to talk about.

Khushi: after some time i met arnav downstairs and he dragged me near poolside. She told every thing to himeven about their 6 months contract.

Samraat: What the, How can he even to something like that. Specially with you? How dare he to do something with kushi kumari mehra?

Khushi: Forget it yaar. However now i have u here my bestest friend. and yes i need a little more help from you.

Samraat: Anything for you..

Khushi: There is only 4 months , 3 weeks and 6 days to go to end this contract then i want to go away from everyone's lives.

Samrrat: why do u have to wait for that stupid contract? does he even know who u are. Khushi come out i am coming pick u now.

Khushi: No samraat no i want to kno the reason why he married me and then anything after that.

Saamraat: Which means u will join the business. Woww that great we can go to office togrther and i won't be bored as well. Anyways papa wants u to join this business soon. U always made some or other excuse to stay away from it.

Khushi: No Samraat i dont want that business nor money from it.

Samraat: U know what khushi their will be stocks of money on your account now and ypu havent even spended a rupee of that thinking this business caused your parents death.

Khushi: Yeah samraat if they didnt go to finalize that deal that day they won't face a car accident.

Samraat: Shut up khushi u r really stubborn. U r leaving all this comfortable life behind and having a what kind of life khushi.?

Khushi: Whatever I am i am happy. I hate to study further so i stayed home after i finished school.

Samraat: yeah right , how many times did i asked u to come to london and stay with me, but no u didnt want to leave you maji and babuji and your jiji. Look at u now khushi u have no one now. At least now listen to me and come home. This is our home khushi. Anyways this marriage is not worthfull of living so come home today itself.

Khushi: no samraat i promised arnav that i will live with him here for 6 months. Anyways he was the first love of my life and he will be the last one as well.

Samraat: love reminded me why i called u..

Samraat: Dude its Aisha's birthday tomorrow and i havent planned anything for her.

Khushi: You are gone samraat. At least think of something now..

Samraat: plz yaar meet me for a coffee today so we can plan something ..

Khushi: okay i will text u the time and place in few minutes.

Samraat: And yes please think about Mehra industries...

Khushi: Shergil and mehra industries.

Samraat: Okay okay think about yaar .. if u stay away from it who will look after that??

Khushi: ofcourse u..

Samraat: u r kidding me right... plz yaar come na baby... I dont want to office alone , it is such a boring place yaar.

Khushi: Bye

Samraat: See ya

Arnav's phone rang and kushi looked behind and saw arnav standing behind her.

What will happen next???

Mar 28, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 24 times)

Khushi: Arnavji thum? i mean aap?

Arnav: At the phone u called me arnav and when i come face to face u call me arnavji? And u can say thum if u want to..

He walked away.

Khushi: what ? what did just happened...??

Arnav while washing his face:

What the hell was happening. So that shyam has double crossed both of us. he has lied to me that khushi loves him. even khushi has same feeling for me.

He went outside and when he went near the door , khushi's phone started to ring again. he hoped that she will putvon loudspeaker again and speak. everything happened the way he wanted as khushi was cleaning the cupboard he put the loudspeaker again.

Samraat: What is it khushi? After u married ur love u forgot me??

Khushi: oh no no i am sorry in another 2 hours at red rose cafe. i will meet u okay ,, happy??

Samraat: ofcourse. By the way i forgot to ask u did u got married according to the law or is it just a traditional wedding? Becauuse if u don't have wedding certificate then its better............

Khushi: i think we do... I mean it happened in both ways ..

Samraat: Bth ways?

Khushi: Yeah we are lawfully married. and he did put sindhoor on my head infront of god.

Samraat: What the hell is wrong with that man?

Khushi: Stop it samraat i already told u to stop talking ill about him..

Samraat: What is with u Khushi, dont tell me that u still love him...

Khushi: Love ?/ I dont know. Maybe i still do but not sure that i will be able to give that love to him.

Samraat: Stop thinking much khushi...

Khushi: okay okay.

Samraat: but u will be okay na...

Khushi: Ya u kno what i decided..

Samraat: what?

Khushi: i will go back to london and live with my mama and papa's memories ...

Samraat: Even i was thinking of settling down with aisha in london...

Khushi: thats good.. i won't be alone then..

Samraat: No way can u remember how we went school, how boys came to come after ypu..

Khushi: Ha ha yes but that khushi was different..

Samraat: Uffo not again, u r still the same khushi.. u havent changed at all.. Anyways i am going london next month because of some business work so do u want to join me...?

Khushi: Maybe u forgot i cant go any where for 6 months?

Samraat: Oh yes, actually are u sure that u want keep on living that life..?

Khushi: yes it is only about few months, then i will be free...

Samraat: then?

Khushi:then i will book a ticket to london on the name khushi mehra and will settle down there...

Khushi and samraatg kept going talking.

Arnav was thinking: what khushi is not weak as i thought, she is rich , top it all i did injustice with her.. What if she leaves me and go london as she told samraat. I have to talk to her..

oh god plz dont take my khushi away from me...

What wwill happen next???

Mar 29, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 25 times)

At arnav's room:

Arnav: i misunderstood what is between u and shyam and that is y i force u to marry me..Now i know it so i want to ask forgiveness from you..

Khushi: What ? how can u even think so cheap about me??

Arnav: sorry khushi i thought u are a gold digger..

Khushi: Its not me who is a gold digger, its ur jijaji shyam?

Arnav: Shyam and gold digger..??

Khushi: yeah he came after ur di for her wealth and after she found out that who i am then he came after my wealth as well..

Arnav: But khushi i thought u n him together are decieving us..

Khushi: no arnavji y would i ever do that, that too with the person i lov.... (she stops her sentence in the midway)

Arnav: That too with the person u do what khushi??

Khushi: forget it... Dont worry i will go from ur life as soon as this contract ends and ur jijaji went to jail..

Arnav: Khushi i said sorry for that contract as well...

Khushi: Dont worry i will go away from your life besides i have so many unfinished work to do from last couple of years.

She left byt forgot her phone on the bed and arnav saw it. He quickly saved samraat's number on his phone and called him..

Arnav: Hello

Samraat: Hello who is dis??

Arnav: i amArnav Singh Raizada ...

Samraat: Oh its u who my khushi loves so much,, i mean we have talked today morning as well isn't arnav?

Arnav: Yeah i want to meet u is that possible...

Samraat: actually arnav tomorrow is my fiancee's birthday and if i dont plan her something big, u kno how girls are... just like khushi she never get impressed by some normal surprises..

Arnav: i understand but its quite urgent...

Samraat: Umm okay khushi and me are going to meet in another 2 hours and u can come with her...

Arnav: No samraat, she shouldn't learn about our meeting.. Please can u meet in another 10 minutes at the RED ROSE CAFE?

Samrraat: okay..

Arnav: Bye...

Samraat: see ya...

Khushi: are u going anywhere now?

Arnav: i am going to meet a client..

Khushi: Best of luck.. (she said it as if she doesnt kno how to speak english.)

Arnav: U dont have put on with that drama inffront of me , i know u r not a villager and ur english is really good...

Khushi: how do u kno?

Arnav: I will tell u after i return...

Arnav left ..

Arnav has waited for 25 minutes but samraat hasnt turned up.. Finally he turned up and said

Samraat: Sorry yaar i am 30 minutes late arent i??

Arnav: Yeah Mr Samraat Shergill..

Samraat: Oh just call me samraat..

Arnav: okay samraat , y were u late...

Samraat: u kno this too na , i just had a little fight with her and all that and it took a bit of time time to placate her.. So what is ur urgent work with me..

Arnav: Umm I want to learn about khushi's past , present and everything..

Samraat: Y??

What do u think ,, Will samraat tell arnav everything about khushi or not???

Mar 30, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 24 times)

Samraat: Dude maybe u r forgetting that khushi is ur wife then y dont u ask her.?

Arnav: Samraat plzz tell me because i know that u know everything happened between us....

Samraat: U r talking about the contract marriage right?

Arnav: Plz samraat i want to rectify my mistakes.

Samraat: Oh god another flashback... U kno today morning even khushi gave me a such a big flashback i am still confused..

Arnav: Can u come to the point please...

Samraat: Calm down dude.. okay listen.. khushi was borned in london to MR and Mrs Mehra. They looked after her as a princess u dont believe she didnt even had scratch on her body... She lived such a happy life but she wasn't spoilt oh she didn't showed off her power. She was so kind, lovely and bubbly. Everyone around her loved her infact even i was in love with her when i was little. But later i realized its not actually love its true friendship. Actuallyy i didnt realized , khushi made me realize it... Boys came after her like OMG... atleast two boys will flirt with her in a day... She loved that but stll she wasnt a girl like that kind of. I know she is not looking indian or dressing like a indian girl but still she love that indian food,, umm what do they call it??

Arnav: Jalebis

Samraat: Yeah

Arnav: U made a mistake she is totally indian looking not western infact she is uncofortable with western dresses.

Samraat: U r mistaken u dont believe one day we had a pooja in our house and she came to that wearing jeans since she did not know how to wear that salwar kammez.. It was so dam funny...

Arnav: When was that?

Samraat:About 7 years before... Before her parents died...


Samraat: Everything was perfect before her parents met with an accident, she totally changed after that . she decided to go and live in india with some relations of her mama... After some days she got so close to them that she accepted them as her own family. She changed her surname in to gupta since Mr sashi gupta wanted her to do so.... She is such a nice girl with so much courage in herself. She distributes her money to people who is lack of them every month. She don't even use a penny of her money because she thinks that money caused her parents death.

Arnav: How did money caused her parents death?

Samraat: Actuallyy there had been a important meeting with a client so they both had gone to finalize it and n their way home they met with an accident and now she thinks if they didnt go to finalize that deal then they won't met an accident.

Arnav: Okay..

Samraat: She is really stubborn. She didnt knew hindi much before coming to india but after coming here she learned that very easily.. And yes she learned some stuff about hindu culture as well with he payal jiji... She is such a sweet girl who has a smile on her face everytime..

Arnav: I think khushi will be here any moment so i must go...

Samraat: Okay arnav see ya....

Arnav: Bye...

Arnav didnt go but he hid somewere from where he can get a clear view of what happeng and can hear their conversation well..

Khushi came to the cafe and looked for samraat an finally she found him..

Khushi: Samraat...'

Samraat: OMG khushi hiii.

They hugged eachother..

Arnav was feeling burning hot jealous.. He was thinking how can she hug him...

Samraat: What happened to ur dressing style and ur sense of fasion?? U were the most prettiest girl i knew and look at u now.

Khushi: oh shut up... Besides maybe u forgot that u r in india now so we shoild learn how to be indian..

Samraat: u didnt knew how to wear that salwar kammez and now u r wearing a saree.?

Khush: It was 7 years back ...

Samraat: but i must say u r looking so good on this saree..

Khushi: Yeah but before meeting aisha i must buy some good clthes otherwise she will surely laugh at me..

Samraat: No u r lookiing fine and so good besides u r a wiife now arennnt u??

Khushi: wife? wife my foot... No samraat usually in love stories there are two people but in mine there is only a one person and its me... It is just a one sided love which can never be fulfilled.. So Some weeks more and i am gone from their lives.

Samraat: No khushi i am sure arnav loves u ...

Khushi: if he loved me than he wouldnt have doubted me... I changed myself for him... U know i was thinking of returning back to london after payal's sangeet but i couldnt take that decission because i thought i was in love with him and he was in love with me but i guess i was wrong ... I changed myself completely for him ...

But forget it samraat...

Samraat: Okay okay u wanted to go shopping so lets go besides i want to buy aisha somethig and u can help me with that....

Khushi: ofcourse lets go..

Arnav followed them...

They went to a mall and samraat selected a good jeans for her..

Samraat: Khushi isn't this is ur favourite brand of jeans?

Khushi: OMG yes ,

Samraat: here try them on... and here u favourite colour orange sleeve ...

Khushi : U still remember everything ha?

Samraat: how can i forget all my time spended with u while shopping since i born .. So i can ...

Khushi: yeah right...

Kushi went to try them on and she looked so dam gorgeous with them and then she came out....

Samraat: OMG my old khushi is back , come on lets buy them okay ... They bought them went for a another shop to buy a bitrthday gift to aisha...

OOn the otherside arnav wasnt happy with khushi for wearing those kind of clothes..

Arnav: What does she think of herself? She weared some dtupid clothes and she even hugged that man...

He followed them again..

Khushi and samraat bought lovely gifts to aisha and even khushi bought a gift for aisha and then thay left to meet her.

Arnav is still following them.

Samraat: there she is sitting on the corner table....

They went to her and arnav again hid and watched everything happening over there...

Samraat : Hi baby.....

Aisha: OMG khushi you..?

Mar 30, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 16 times)

these clothes looks like just the way samraat bought for khushi in my imagination:

Mar 30, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 21 times)

Aisha: ONG khushi u??

Samraat: Thats not fair aisha i said hi to u first and u didnt even said hi to me... (making a sad face)

Khushi: I must tell u aisha that ur bf is so cute...

Aisha came and hugged khushi then samraat also joined them to make it a happy group hug.

Aisha: U r looking like a angel khushi... U still look the same ha.. No tradition vaditional dresses......?? lolz

Samraat: U should have seen her in a saree , shee looked fantastic...

Aisha: Saree and khushi ,,?? u must be kidding samraat..

Samraat: No i am not kidding ask her...

Aisha: Khushi dont tell me u wear sarees now...

Khushi: Actually aisha i am married now..

Aisha: What the hell ,, u r married but u told me that u dont believe in those stuff but now u have gotten married even before us.. when did u get married and where is ur husband ? By the way is it a love marriage or arranged marriage?

Khushi: Its a hate marriage, (trying put a fake smile on her face) guys now love birds are here so i will see u guys tomorrow ..

Aisha: I am sorry if i said something to hurt u.... I didn't know that....

Khushi: No u didnt hurt me... I am leaving because my naani has told if we disturb two love birds then someone or other will disturb our love story... All three together laughed and khushi went away. After khushi left samraat told every thing to aisha and she were feeling so sorry about her best friend khushi..

Khushi knew she cant go home in those clothes so she went to the same mall she bought these clothes and went to a changing room and changed her clothes back to the saree...

She went home.. Arnav was already at his room and waiting for khushi to come......... Khushi entered the room...

Arnav: where did u went today and what were u wearing.?

Khushi: cant u seee i am wearing a saree and i went to spent time with a friend,, any problem with that??

Arnav: Stop talking to me like that , u know i dont like it...

Khushi: u stop questioning me like that, even u know i dont like it.. besides u r not my husband right...?

Arnav: Khushi u r my wife , i know i put an contract of 6 months but i really love u please khushi forgive me n accept me as ur husband.. I will even allow you to wear anythung u like jeans shorts anything but plz forgive me..

Khushi: I dont wear jeans or shorts ...

Arnav came close to her ................................................................................ .....................

Precap: Arnav: Please khushi come and sleep on the bed....

Mar 30, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 22 times)

Arnav came close to her..

Khushi: what are u trying to do?? Maybe u r forgetting about our contract...

Arnav didnt listen to her but came closer and closer to her...

Khushi: Arnavji, Arnavji

Arnav took her handbag from her shivering hands and opened it took the jeans and the sleeve blouse out...

Arnav: If u dont wear jeans then how come they came in to your bag?

Khushi: I dont know .. I dont want to answer u...

Arnav: Khushi u dont have to hide anything from me about ur life. I know everything about ur life... plz forgive me i swear i will never hurt u again,.

Khush: How do u know that i wore them?

Arnav: arnav tell everything to khushi how he followed her and listened to her and samraat's conversation...

Arnav: I even know that u love me..

Khushi: What made u think i will love u even after what u have done to me?

Arnav: I know whatever u say u won't be able to forget me ..

Khushi: U r right i did loved u but the pain u gave me made me forget that love..

Arnav: Khushi please u very well know that i jump into conclusions without thinking much and i get angry all the time..

Khushi: I am going to sleep.............

Arnav: what bout dinner?

Khushi: u had dinner right ?

Arnav: so u care for me.??

Khushi: i dont care . i was just asking...

Arnav: Yeah i had my dinner...

Khushi; okay then i am sleeping....

Arnav: Did u had ur dinner..

Khushi: Yeah (Actually she havent had anthing).

Arnav: I know u r lying so go down and have something....

Khushi: No i am really fine..

Arnav: why are u sleeping on the couch?

Khushi: where else do u want me to sleep?

Arnav: Umm on bed with me.. At least i have the right to sleep with u right?

Khushi: No i want to sleep here...

Arnav: Khushi please sleep on the bed with me i promise i wont touch u even in my sleep...

Khushi: I want to sleep here tonight..

Arnav gave up and said okay as u wish...

They both went to their sleeping places and lye down but they really couldnt get any sleep...

Precap: Arnav is driving while thinking about khushi and suddnely a truck came infront of him and he couldnt control the car and his car crashed with that huge truck...

Mar 31, 2012

love between arnav and khushi (By Rashme) (Thanked: 22 times)

Some days have past and now everyone is happy with khushi and arnav's marriage. They all are happy together but khushi still avoids arnav and stays away from him...

Morning in the rm:

At the dining table:

Anjali: Khushi can u plz pass me that bread?

Khushi: Sure di..

Naani: Khushi bitiya dont u think our chotte has learned how to control his anger now??

Khushi: I dont know naani,

Akaash: What do u mean by i dont know,? office staff is always thanking you for changing their moody boss in to a normal person..

Payal: Khushi can turn any moody person into a normal person .. Afterall who's sister is she?

Khushi: (with a fake smile on her face)Yeah .. I have some urgent work in the room, i will be back..

Khushi left.

Arnav: I forgot some files in my room. I will go and get it..

Anjali: Files? what files?

Naani: its not about files anjali bitiya its about his wife...

Everyone laughs and arnav went to their room..

Arnav: Khushi even do u think that i am a less moody person now?

Khushi: How do i know that and i want to remind u mr raizada that we only have another 3 months to end this contract marriage..

Arnav: Please khushi don't do this u know that i really love u now..

Khushi: That line won't work arnavji..

Arnav: Please khushi give me a one more chance... (in a hurt voice)

Khushi left the room without even looking at his face..

Anjali: have ur finished ur urgent work?

Khushi: yes i have...

Payal: By the way khushi what was that urgent work???

Khushi: Umm woh um

They all saw arnav coming downstairs with empty hands..

Anjali: chotte u went to gett some files and now u have come down with empty hands..

Arnav realizes that his lie got caught.

Payal : I got ur urgent work khushi..

Khushi: There is nothing like that jiji....

They all laughed and Arnav left for office..

Arnav drived the car but he was lost in khushi's words.. He didnt saw the truck coming infront of him but when he saw it , it was too late. His car crashed down against that huge truck...

Truck driver wasnt hurt at all so he quickly came down and looked at the car driver(arnav). He was unconscious so he quickly took him to the hospital..

Truck driver: HHis car crashed against my truck..

REception: Do u know him?

Truck driver: No but i found his wallet and phone in his car..

Reception: Can u please look in his phone and inform his family because he is critical..

Truck Driver: Okay i will do it..

Truck driver found his home number from his phone and dialed it..

Khushi:(on the phone) Hello Arnavji u forgot something???

Truck Driver: Hello

Khushi: Who is this?

Truck driver: I am Mahesh.. Actually the person who this phone belongs to have met with an accident and now we are in the hospital..

Khushi: What , when , where??

Truck driver: Sorry ma'am..

Khushi dropped the phone and screamed out arnavji...

Everyone came down and saw that khushi crying on the floor and the phone is on the floor...

Anjali: Khushi what happened?

Khushi(sobbing) Arnavji. Di arnavji , he , di arnavji...

Anjali: what happened to chotte...

Khuhi: Di he accident..

Naani: accident how?

Khushi; I dont kno naani someone informed me on the phone while ago that arnvji is critical and he is in the hospital..

Akaash: Bhai..

Maami: Arnav betuwa

Anjali and payal trying to stop their tears and consoling khushi..

Anjali: Nothing will happen to ur arnavji..

Payal: Yeah khushi nothing is going to happen...

Khushi: I want to go to him.. I want to see him now ....

Akaash: Okay bhabhi dont cry lets go..

Everyone left to hospital except for maami and naani...

Will arnav's accident make khushi realize her love towards him??

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